Living Proof Live – Jacksonville, FL

May God be praised!


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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    I was there in Jacksonville, and I just have to tell you how awesome God is. I’ve been struggling with jealousy over minstry (NOT proud of that!) with a good friend. And when you said #2 jealousy– and could be someone sitting right next to you (and it was)you could have picked me up off the floor. God spoke, I confessed, she forgave, He healed. Praise Him and many thanks to the servant who brought the word!!

  2. 152
    AmySue73 says:

    God is revealing himself to me more and more every moment! Thank you so much for encouraging me in my faith Beth. I know now that I must be bold and ASK HIM for what it is that I need! Only HE holds the key to my salvation. I will no longer fear feeling ashamed to ask for his help for ANYTHING! Thank you for opening yourself up so that GOD was able to reach me through you. You are a beautiful example of being God’s “hands and feet”! Praise be to The Lord GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!

  3. 153
    Odum04 says:

    I’m new to the LPM blog so I have been looking back over past posts today. I have laughed so hard, teared up a litte, and had the best time. I’m glad I am a siesta!!

  4. 154
    Joleen and Michael says:

    My heart has been touched forever. God is truly working through my friend Beth. I invited my sister-in-law Rana to go to the Jacksonville conference with me. Monday she text me saying, “I have a new outlook heading to work today.” She is transforming before my eyes. She is excited and inspired to serve God. Happy Days!!!! I am recently married and we are in the process of becoming Missionaries. I ask God everyday… “God MEEEEE?” He keeps opening the doors as I take the next step I wonder what I have that others need? I have had concerns, I have two teenage boys from a previous marriage. We have prayed and prayed for Gods guideness. Beths message this weekend gave me the confort I have needed for a long time.
    May the blessings of God keep spreading, Joleen Springer of Brandenton, Fl.

  5. 155
    LindaFromIllinois says:

    Beth, I have to share this….I live in southern Illinois, just outside of St Louis, MO. For years, my two daughters have listened to my “Beth stories,” and have accepted that I count you as one of my dearest friends! Imagine my surprise when they arranged “LPL” tickets, flights, and hotel rooms as a surprise birthday gift! The three of us were in attendance in Jacksonville, and laughed, prayed, and cried together! Is that a blessing or WHAT???
    Linda Noland

  6. 156
    melony says:

    Thank you, THANK YOU!! I was in a very overwhelmed frame of mind when I arrived at the conference. one obstacle after another had just been being thrown at me and try as I might, I couldn’t get beyond the “stinkin thinkin” mentality.
    When you started talking, on sat, about hardships and (I hope I can quote this adequately) how “We can be eaten alive with bitterness, whatever suffering we are asked to go through, It is NECESSARY to help our ministry to complete our calling, so we don’t end up suffering in vain with our bitterness!” I felt like you had directed the comment at me! I can’t Thank you enough, Beth. I think I lost part of the next several minutes after that though as I was so fixated on what you had just said. Do you guys have cds of the conference to buy? I would LOVE to buy one!

    Your siesta in Christ,


  7. 157
    Adrienne says:

    I was at the Jacksonville event (so blessed to be stationed at Tyndall AFB and have the option to drive to Jacksonville to attend!) and it was absolutely life changing. God spoke so specifically through Beth and changed my heart in a way I had been praying for.

    Thank you, Beth, from the bottom of my heart…for “listening” and following, even when it was the last thing you wanted to do.

    Your ministry has changed me in so many ways. Glory be to God!

    In His love and word,
    (Tyndall AFB/Panama City, FL)

  8. 158
    Anonymous says:

    God was AMAZING this weekend! The Lord has apprehended me!

  9. 159
    Anonymous says:

    God must really have wanted me to attend the Living Proof event in Jacksonville. First, a co-worker left a ticket on my desk that her daughter was unable to use. I spontaneously left work early to travel 2 hours to Jax,where I found the venue and parked so easily! Then upon entering the arena with 15,000 other women, I providentially bumped into four other people from my workplace, including the one who had left me the ticket. After the event, when I worried that I might not find a place to spend the night, I was blessed to get a room that had just had a reservation cancelled the moment I walked in. (Those ahead of me and behind me were turned away.) I knew that I was really supposed to be there. What a powerful and personal message!

  10. 160
    TammyGirl says:

    Jacksonville, FL sounds like it was just as amazing as all the other LPL Events that I’ve attended. I first found out who “Beth Moore” was when I attended in Kentucky with a group of ladies from church. Needless to say, your event was used by our Father to start a transformation in my life. I was truly blown away! I have since done many of your bible studies and attending your events in Birmingham, Knoxville, Bossier City and then I was scheduled to be in Jacksonville with my “GRACE” Girls! Nine of the ladies flew in, while I drove the 9 hours with my pastor’s wife, Mama Hilda, (who’s daughter was to be induced on the following Monday) and my 7 1/2 months pregnant sister, Joy. What an adventure! But sadly, after driving all day and checking into our hotel at 12:30 a.m. and laying our weary heads down, we received the call the our pastor’s daughter was in labor, so we jumped back in the car and made it home by 5:30 a.m. (with a ticket to show for it) and in time for the delivery of the 11th grandchild, Noah Wesley. BUT, I heard all about the conference and I am thankful that our God uses amazing people to spread His Word to so many. You are helping transform many lives – Thank You! So, I suprised my sister with tickets for her birthday to the Deeper Still Event in Atlanta this summer. And she and I will be attending with 8 weeks old baby Bryce. We are excited to hear the Word that the Lord has prepared through you. But, Joy is worried about bringing the baby with us, and it being a problem. She wanted me to check and see if it is okay that the baby comes too. I assured her that I’ve seen others with their babies at your events, but she wants to be certain. So, the question is….Are infants allowed at the LPL Events?!?!?! I will continue to lift your ministry up in my prayers – God Bless, Tammy

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