Thinking Again This Morning About That Faith Thing

I’m sitting out on my back porch this morning watching two squirrels fight over one of my birdfeeders. When Sunny’s had enough, she’ll charge through the middle of them and they’ll learn their lesson for a pair of minutes. Beanie’s out of town with Keith. They have serious stuff to do this time of year. A birddog can’t be bothered with snuggling during hunting season. She’s Keith’s dog for about five months a year, watching every move he makes until he says her favorite words, “Load up!” And to the (front seat of) the truck she flies. The rest of the year, however, I am a big contender for her favor and all fifty-six pounds of her transforms into a lap puppy. That’s when Keith refers to me as “Absalom” for trying to steal the heart of his dog.

Women who aren’t hunting widows (no, I’m not a hunter. Hate it. But love him.) ask me from time to time how I put up with Keith being gone as much as he is this time of year. Three ways: 1) This is the way it’s been since we dated. He came straight from the deer lease to our wedding. I had the gall to schedule it during the coldest part of the year. 2) He is a mighty big handful and he’d probably tell you the same about me. We have a very “on” relationship and require no little attention from each other. These times apart give us just a tad of a break and make us so glad to see each other when that couple of days is over. 3) After he’s been with what he calls “nothing but a bunch of *hairy, *stinkin’ men” he comes home thinking I am darling and I get lots of attention. Sometimes *presents. After twenty-nine years of marriage, that’s pretty fun. (*I shave my legs. *I wear deodorant. *I can be bought.)

But that’s not why I’m writing you today.

I’m writing you today because I was thinking again this morning how brilliant God is. How perfectly, in His unfathomable wisdom, He set up the system. My devotional this morning was on faith and, as I stared into the distance and meditated on it, I thought once again what a bright idea God had when He called us to it. What if we could figure it out? Him out? What if what we saw was all there was and that was that? We’d have long since gotten bored and moved on. Instead, God called us through Christ to an adventure that never ends. To seeks answers that are never fully satisfied. Not here on earth anyway. You and I were given restless hearts so that we’d only be satisfied with a wild ride. Some of us try to find it elsewhere because we’ve reduced our relationship with God to a neatly compartmentalized religion we pay regular homage to. We keep our faith to ourselves because we haven’t got that much to spare. We expect little and get little. This way, we don’t have to let it get to us much. But if you engage in the real, live walk of faith with the real, live Jesus Christ, it’s GOING to get to you because HE’S going to get to you. You will get your feelings hurt at times because you’re close enough to be vulnerable. Faithful enough to put yourself out there. Because sometimes walking by faith and not by sight creates as many questions as answers.

But isn’t He brilliant? Would we really have wanted a God we could figure out? Or wouldn’t that have made us His God instead? Isn’t the unknown the very thing that keeps this life an adventure? Some of our destructive lusts for the strange and new in human relationships (inability to commit; addiction to romance novels or steamy TV series; continual fantasies about someone different; or maybe more than fantasies) erupt from unknowingly trading in a holy adventure with God for a feel-better-few-minutes with man (real or imagined) that only ends up feeding our dissatisfaction. The result is even deeper despair that pounds with every beat of our injured heart, “Is this all there is?” The answer is a resounding, “NO!” The innate human desire for something new isn’t what’s unhealthy. The need for adventure was sewn within our souls by divine hands so that deep would call out to deep and we’d drive our insatiable selves straight to the One and Only God who can sustain it. His mercies are new every morning and treasures are inexhaustible every day.

Christ: the perfect blend of security and mystery. He’s security because of all we really can know about Him. Count on about Him. Believe unwaveringly about Him. But He’s also mystery. Someone we can’t conquer. Can’t explain. We know He’ll show up (security!) but never know how (mystery!). I love that about Him.

He was right to set up this system called faith. It’s what makes the whole thing a wild ride. The very thing that drives us the craziest now will be what we loved most about earthly life when we look back on it in His Presence. The drama is the exact thing that will make our stories, told from Heaven’s perspective, so thrilling. And every single one of them will come complete with musical scores. The songs of deliverance that surrounded us at our most faith-defying times. (Ps. 32:7)

Without faith it really is impossible to please Him. That’s why I’m a broken record about it. Our greatest call to encouragement is to exhort one another to the pure practice of faith. To flat believe God. He didn’t set up the system out of egocentric tyranny. As surely as He cannot be pleased with faithlessness, neither can we. Without faith it is also impossible to please our restless souls. God knew what He was doing. The system is no accident. He knew that life in the lowlands would strain its neck for something high. And – don’t make me have to say it again – there ain’t no high like the Most High.

“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and how fathomless His ways! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been His counselor? Or who has first given to God, that God needs to repay him? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:33-36 NET


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  1. 101
    Chris says:

    Ladies, I am a faithful reader who rarely has time to respond…but tonight my children have actually stayed asleep for awhile and there’s a football game on, so my husband is content to lie on the couch. Woohoo! Beth, I loved your post, especially the part about being vulnerable with God. What a wonderful reminder that our relationship with Him needs to be as active and nurtured as our dearest human relationship. That He is a Person, alive and present, and waiting for our attention. How lovely that He wants it!

    How hard it is to be “faithful enough to put yourself out there– because sometimes walking by faith and not by sight creates as many questions as answers.” One of my dear friends was talking tonight about “blindly following” God, and how she’s trying to cultivate the attitude that she wants to be just exactly where God wants her to be, even thought she can’t tell where He’s taking her. Isn’t that an encouragement? That’s what I want, too.

    One day at a time, one day at a time…God bless you, girls!

  2. 102
    Anastasia says:

    Beth, wonderful topic to see. I had this “faith” conversation with some one last night. The funny thing is I find myself riding my bike here in Colorado and looking up the hills before me, I start to dread. One day the Father said to me, “Where would you rather ride?” He has shown me that where the challenge is, the results are, VISTAS incomprable. Every future scenario that I dread, He is in the results and starting to embrace every sceanrio results in His presence all along the hills. I have learned to praise at the bottom and at the top and when I can’t, I ask Him to help. He hems me in with that little mustard seed. OH I LOVE HIM SO!

  3. 103
    kathy armstrong says:

    Beth, I read your Dec. l blog again this evening before I leave for a contemplative prayer retreat with the wonderful monks at St. Benedicts in Snowmass- Father Keating ecourages us to allow the divine healer, Christ himself, to work with us as we are quiet and available in his silent prescence allowing for his grace to “dig deep”. That period of time in the silence with our Chirst is a remarkable challenge for those of us attracted to the “active” aspects of our spiritual journey. To be able to release the “ego” or “false self” and surrender to our Lord’s love and redirection is radical. Your Dec.l blog illustrates your on going dive into the depth of our Lord’s love and promise. Thank you for igniting and encouraging each of us who have been honored to participate in your ministry. Your honesty, healing and the results demonstrate a radical hope for each of us. God Bless you,your loved ones staff this wonderful and joyous season. Kathy Armstrong

  4. 104
    Anastasia says:

    Dear Beth, I had a faith conversation with a sister last night. I realized this summer that I dread going up hills on my bike in Colorado. The Lord confronted me one day by asking where else would I rather be? He showed me the result are where the challenge is. The result is in praising Him at the bottom of the hill, all the way up the hill and enjoy the vista with Him at the top.I am learning to praise Him when I see a hill and let go of doubtful scenerios, let Him pull down the strong hold that exalts itself above Him and fall deeply in love with Him again.OH I LOVE HIM SO!

  5. 105
    Stacy F. from Arkansas says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome reminders and the encouragement you constantly give me!
    Love ya bunches,

  6. 106
    Healed By His Grace says:

    Dear Beth,
    You are so right….that Faith thing is what keeps me going every day….because I know the Lord will be faithful to me even when I get caught up in worldly things. Hallelujah! He is an awesome God, and His grace, love and mercy for me are a lesson in overwhelming humility and gratitude, and He grows my faith every minute.

    Today is the first day of Advent…and of course, communion. Our young associate pastor is so very gifted and he was in charge of The Lord’s Supper today. I closed my eyes and I could almost believe that what our young pastor was speaking were the words of Jesus Himself. As he read, the God-breathed Words from the Bible took my breath away and left me in tears of repentance. And I knew, as well as I know my name, that with confession and repentance, I could take this bread (Jesus is the Bread of Life) and wine (His blood poured out for me) and I would be washed clean of all unrighteousness. I wanted to bawl, but managed to just weep instead. How I do love the Lord. Amazing Grace…every day He pours out His grace and His mercies are new each day.

    May your week be full of His grace in all you do! I love all of you LPM ladies!

  7. 107
    Teresa says:

    “The very thing that drives us the craziest now will be what we loved most about earthly life when we look back on it in His Presence.” Reading your thoughts, this one sentence just stopped me.I have always heard and have seen it live itself out as truth in my life, that the very things we love the most about our husbands when we first meet them are the things that will drive us crazy once we are married to them. With God that is reversed? Hmmm, what are the things that drive me the craziest now relative to my faith? One would be when someone obviously needs God in their life so desperately, but won’t have any part of hearing about Him. My faith requires me to hand that person, that situation over to
    God through continual prayer. Okay, in His presence I will be able to see His grand plan and it will be good and with a great soundtrack and an amazing happy ending I could conceivably enjoy it. I’m trying to wrap my brain around this thought and I have to admit, my first reaction is, “nope, can’t imagine loving those things”, but I’m beginning to see some possibilities. If not loving them, at least being able to marvel at the twists and turns and the “ta-dah” endings revealed in heaven. How strange to imagine a lifetime of emotions from the other side, when it all will make sense! Thanks for giving me something to really ponder. Trying to grasp some inkling of this life from a heavenly perspective sends me down a path that looks a bit more peaceful and relaxed. That is a really good thing! Teresa

  8. 108
    Anonymous says:

    The Journey Continues!

    To God be the glory forever! AMEN

    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim Safina~Cayucos,CA.

  9. 109
    Profbaugh says:

    Usually, I’m posting and saying “amen” to what you post, Beth. But I’ve gotta say that today I’m struggling with your post. I’m not saying that I don’t agree, just that I’m struggling. And I’m not sure that struggle is about faith. It may well be or maybe it’s about the “mystery” or the “questions.” All I know for sure is that the more I think I know, the less sure I am about it!! So say a prayer or two for me Beth and my dear Siestas as I move forward not knowing the “how” or the “why” but trusting in the Master Planner!

    Much love,

  10. 110
    Megan says:

    Oh, Beth, we’ve met over hundreds of cups of coffee (mine, not yours) for what must be hundreds of mornings over the years, deep in the Word together. Now, through your blog, you’re ministering to my tired self at 2 am while I nurse my baby! It is so incredible that our God can be everything solid and secure we need, and also be such a thrill to follow as we so rarely know what’s next with Him. He is trully the solid Rock and the exciting Romancer that our souls long for!

  11. 111
    Leigh Gray says:

    Mrs. Beth – thank you for posting the part about hunting and how you are able to see him go, etc. I live in Southern Illinois where I “hear” the deer are famously huge. I know plenty of wives that are having a tough right now because of an absent husband. Now their lives are bit different with little ones running around, but this does give them a bit different perspective to think on. Thank you!!!

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    God has been pursuing my heart through countless ways to believe Him. He has asked me to have a faith in Him that will believe He can do anything. He has blessed me with His presence daily in ways that has made me ache for heaven and to get giddy over just being with Him in person. This week my “faith walk” has led me to really be vulnerable and yet bold about what I believe God can do. It did not have the results I hoped for and last night I was truly lower than a snake’s belly. Tempted to think I heard God wrong, tempted to return to many old comforts. But as confused and disappointed as I was, I read this post last night and knew God was reminding me to keep keepin’on. This morning I told Him that no matter how messed up I feel right now, I still choose Him. Thank you Beth for reminding me that He is worth it and I can believe Him.

  13. 113
    Room for Grace says:

    Wow, just wow.
    Thanks again. So very true.

  14. 114
    Stephani says:

    All I can think about is faith these days. I am doing Believing God, and you are sharing a WORD! Thank you!! PS–We made King Ranch Casserole last night, the husband and the kids loved it–especially my 2 year old! Love, Steph

  15. 115
    Susan B. says:

    God is so good! This morning in my devotion I read Romans 1. I saw verse 17 with fresh eyes which talks about a righteousness from God revealed from faith to faith. (KJV)God reveals Himself to us through faith and that in itself strengthens our faith and causes it to grow. What a miracle of God! I pray for stronger faith each day…faith to trust and not doubt…faith to love and not hate…faith to serve and not ask to be served.

    I must add that I, too, am a “hunting widow” during this time of the year. It’s been that way for almost 25 years of marriage now. There were times when I could not understand it, but I see this same love and respect of nature growing in my son, a certain peace of soul that comes from being in the woods, for both my “boys.” And I praise God that He is present everywhere!

  16. 116
    t says:


    Thank you so much for the reminder of how great our God is. Even though i know that, sometimes when things in life are not going our way we get down and forget GOd is great and with is in the good and the bad.


  17. 117
    Leslie Young says:

    Thanks for this! I’m teaching a group of junior high and high school girls and want so much for them to embrace their faith adventure at this young age…to understand that the life of faith is NOT about what we ‘can’t’ or ‘don’t’ do…and that God didn’t mess up when he made them with a heart that longs for adventure — He just wants to BE their adventure! I love you and appreciate your encouragement!

  18. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this posting. It really speaks to me after a dismal weekend. Keep my eyes on Him and not the things of this world.

    He is wise, He is mighty, He is my Prince who will come again on a white horse. He is the Great I Am.


  19. 119
    It's All About Him says:


    He is truly glorious isn’t He? And He does show up…let me tell you what He’s done this time. It’s always something, He absolutely positively blows my mind. I have felt for probably the past 2 years straight that I needed to contact a former college friend who is Jewish. (I, like you was saved as a child, always had a heart for God but was a victim of childhood abuse which sent me into the most horrific spiral as a teen and young adult. I was a mess and this friend from college wouldn’t even begin to recongnize the person Jesus has transformed me into at this point). Anyway, I felt like God was laying it on my heart to find her and I had not a clue how to do it other than to possibly contact her father who is a doctor here in town…and ?leave a strange message with his secretary? Somehow that seemed odd and so, dragging my feet like I can sometimes do, I have been “pondering” it for two years…ACTUALLY LOOKING HER FATHER’S OFFICE NUMBER UP MONTHLY AS IF THAT WAS GOING TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING! Well, lo & behold, after 14 years of not seeing this family…there they sat at the next table at Chile’s yesterday after church (they hadn’t been to church obviously, but we had). I can hear God now, patiently after 2 years saying “OK, let’s try it this way…” Bless Him, Bless Him. It was such a God moment, I experienced God and I wasn’t the same all afternoon! (Then a lost bird hunting dog showed up at my house…if I still had every lost animal that has come to my house, we would have over 2 dozen pets by now! Why do they keep doing this? She is the sweetest thing and I may just have to keep this one!) Pray I can build a bridge and witness to a real live Hebrew! 🙂 I do plenty of witnessing, but never to date a Jewish girl! My husband tells me she isn’t a rabbi so I can calm down. He is such an encouragement and so stinkin’ funny! God is so good and I love those “God moments” that leave you speechless astounded…because, you said it (again) there ain’t no high like the Most High! Praise you, Father!

  20. 120
  21. 121
    Debbie says:

    One of my favorite quotes from Beth Moore – “you can either believe in God or Believe God”. I choose to Believe God and pray for my faith to increase, just like the apostles in Luke 17:4-6. Thank you Beth, thank you LPM, for walking beside us during our pilgrimage here. Blessings to all of you!
    Debbie in Tennessee
    P.S. Amanda give Jackson a big hug and kiss from the siestas!

  22. 122
    Cathy Davis says:

    Amen and amen!

  23. 123

    Oh, Beth,
    You and I sound like 2 broken records 🙂 I tell the “girls” I work with (don’t these women just get younger and younger?!) “you’ve just GOT to get into the Word and believe GOD; not the god you think you know, or the god that people have told you about; the One True GOD — and total, all-out submission to Him, believing Him, is the ONLY way to live!”
    By the way, when my man gets back from hunting, or deployment (when he was in the military), or even from a pastor’s conference (he “retired” to the pastorate, glory to God), I do look awfully cute to him, and I’m ready for him to be back 🙂
    Love you, Beth; I’ll be in Vancouver, BC with all of my daughters — coming from AK, OR, and WA — and we are meeting up to share a weekend with you!

  24. 124
    Becky says:

    Your thoughts on faith blessed me this morning. I have also been thinking about “that faith thing” this weekend. Thinking about how mysterious God can truly be. After reading your post I started to think about how God remains a mystery to us because it draws us to him. The greatest part is that he doesn’t remain completely mysterious…he reveals parts of himself to us and gives us a taste, a morsel, of heaven that keeps us coming back for more. Satan would have me quit looking. After every glimpse He tries to tell me that that is all there is, or that it is just for my eternal life and doesn’t pertain to my earthly life. He promptly tries to distract me from the eternal hoping I’ll forget what I even tasted. But God tells me there is a feast to be discovered. When I pursue Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to me in new ways He never disappoints. What a joy to have a hunger that is only satisfied with heavenly food. Praise God for the faith that tells me I AM FILLED! Even as He fills me up he creates more spaces in me for Him. Praise God that we can experience bits and pieces of heaven on earth!

  25. 125
    Anonymous says:

    Precious siesta, Beth, you are SO loved! Thank you for, as always, a timely word. Yes, a walk of faith often leads to more questions than answers. I think the key to a kingdom life is in learning to live the questions. It does help soothe the restless heart to let go of the need for answers (that control thing) and makes the faith adventure all the greater.

  26. 126
    Abby says:


    you can be my broken-record friend any time.

  27. 127
    Ashton says:

    Dearest Beth,
    Thank you for sharing. I will reread again what you wrote. Someone shared this with me about grace:
    “As much as we may think we have found the narrow gate of trust in Jesus, we lapse into self-effort frequently. Once saved by Grace through faith in Him, we try to live by effort through faith in ourselves. We try to work for God, rather than letting Him work through us. We try to obey Him with a belief that we actually can, rather than submitting in our weakness to the Spirit who works out obedience in us. We aim to be righteous, rather than trusting Him as our righteousness. But the narrow road always leads away from ourselves. EVERYTHING in the gospel is about HIM. It’s never our burden, and always of GRACE.”

    And then, I think of the faith of Elijah and Peter and yet the heavens declare His glory as you so rightly put it and and His word to believe. Nothing more. Allison

  28. 128
    genalee1 says:

    Thanks for putting to words something I have been thinking for a long time!
    How right you are and how bored, I’d be if I had God all figured out. Then again sometimes I LOVE not having it all figured out and no reason, logical or otherwise – just faith.
    Kind of like telling my kids “because I’m the mommy that’s why!” no other reason needed.
    I need to be a better of child of God and just do as he says “because he is the Father, that’s why!” Doesnt have to make sense!

  29. 129
    California Girl says:

    Thanks Beth for your insight into faith. I truly enjoy how you challenge my thought process like a coach challenges an athlete to think things through to another level, then finding that I am living life in freedom. I do love an adventure but at times my fear gets in the way and I have to remind myself that “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”. Ahhh another step of faith and so life goes on…be blessed today.

  30. 130
    Shonda says:

    Oh so well said Beth. What a beautiful gift the Lord has given you with words. I love it, “Christ: the perfect blend of security and mystery.” I’m walking by faith and my hope is in the Lord! Praise be to His name forever and ever, Amen.

    Blessings in Christ–

  31. 131
    BEBE says:

    WOWZA!!! Beth – I will have to read this over again to catch all the facets you pointed out!!! It IS Faith that draws us and holds us tightly to Him, knowing that He has all the foreknowledge and promise to bring to pass ALL that He wants to acomplish in us and through us! Life can throw us such hard roads and keeping faith is far easier said than done! Thanks for encouraging us and allowing Him to speak through you.

  32. 132
    sheila jp says:

    The back porch blog was like a time of visiting with you Beth. I have wondered what it would be like to be your face to face friend and just visit in a quiet moment. Thank you for our visit. I thoroughly enjoyed it.It was wonderful food for thought. I loved the pictures of Jackson as well. Thank you Amanda.
    Sheila JP

  33. 133
    Anonymous says:

    I too have a man who loves to hunt, fish & be “out there”. We have been graciously married for 43 years & I have grown to love the outdoors only in a different way-like going out to go into the mall!! Seriously, I love that when we are apart, we have learned it is so good to be back together again.
    Even more so this year we have realized how important it is to “Walk by Faith”. With the illiness of our son, the daily time in prayer seems to have taken on even a new dimension. My time with God each day is the MOST important time of the day. Our God so wants us (his children) to look to Him, come to Him & Ask for His blessings in our lives. Oh, how good it is to Praise Him for all the blessings & know beyond a shadow of doubt that our “daily bread” comes from the Saviour. God’s Word tells me He is a rewarder of those whose mind is STAYED on HIM….How precious are those promises.
    I want to also let you know that the scripture prayer cards are such a blessing. The Word must continually be in our heart so it can flow out of our inmost being.
    So important to have the Word in our hearts and His praises on our lips…
    May God bless you & your family at this time of year & keep you encouraged so that we all can excersize our faith diligently..


  34. 134
    Melody says:

    Wow, this was great. My favorite was “We know He’s going to show up…we just don’t know how.” I’ve been discovering that more and more lately, and have found myself thinking, “I wonder how He’s going to do it” rather than “I wonder IF He’s going to do it.”

    Oh, and I too enjoy the short breaks during hunting season! He misses me so much that he doesn’t even care what the house looks like when he gets back! LOL!

  35. 135
    Georgia Jan says:

    Beth – Once again, your thoughts are so refreshing, reviving, revealing, and just plain real.

    As a hunting widow I “get it,” and you’re so right! I too love the times apart because the homecoming is sweet (especially if he gets a deer or hog or rabbit or quail or dove). We’ve been married 30 years and you’re so right – it is fun!

    FAITH and Christ’s security and mystery – we KNOW HE will show up, but we don’t know how! WOW! You are so good, girl.

    ANd just LET me just me say it again: “Ain’t no Beth like Mrs. Beth Moore.”

    Georgia Jan

  36. 136
    Mary Watkins says:

    Our God is amazing. His plan has been perfect right from the start. Thank you for your insight on why faith is so important. Without faith it is impossible to please God.
    Your words are so true, for me at least:
    “What if we could figure it out? Him out? What if what we saw was all there was and that was that? We’d have long since gotten bored and moved on.”

    “Christ: the perfect blend of security and mystery. He’s security because of all we really can know about Him. Count on about Him. Believe unwaveringly about Him. But He’s also mystery. Someone we can’t conquer. Can’t explain. We know He’ll show up (security!) but never know how (mystery!). I love that about Him.”

    Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts.

    I am in a Bible study on Friday mornings. There are just four of us and we meet at 6 a.m. We have been inching our way through your study, Believing God. It has been different from the other two times leading a large group. In this group we are able to share with each other how God spoke to us each day in our study. This small group allows time for us to expound on what God is calling us to do, by faith, today. God has blessed us beyond measure. One thing He has clearly shown me is that He wants me to hide His word in my heart. The 5th statement of faith convicted my heart. I could not say it because God’s word was not alive and active in me….it is now! Praise Him for this word. Thank you for teaching this important lesson.

    I love you, dear friend.
    May your heart be abundantly blessed today,

  37. 137
    Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) says:

    LOVE THIS!!!

    I’m reminded of that old song “Is this all there is?”. (I think that’s the name…) My dad used it as a sermon illustration one of his first sermons at one particular church. Played the whole song right before he stood to preach. Once the shock of a secular song being played in church on SUNDAY MORNING wore off, people got it. It was pretty powerful.

    I’m learning that this walk with God is one wild ride. I feel like at times I’ve got my arms wrapped around his waist hanging on for dear life! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even in the wildest parts, He brings such peace, such comfort.

    What a God we have.

    Anticipating HIM!

  38. 138
    danne says:

    Beth your faith is contagious!! God is AWESOME and you are PRECIOUS!!

  39. 139
    Rhonda says:


    Thanks for sharing about “That Faith Thing.” I agree, that’s sometimes what drives us crazy about God, having to trust Him when we can’t see anyway out of a situation. But then again, it’s what makes Him so amazing. Showing up just when we need Him to. I’ve experienced that many times. Thanks so much for the reminder.

    p.s. I always love you’re stories!

    Many blessings to you and your family!

    You’re Siesta,


  40. 140
    fuzzytop says:

    Dear Beth,

    Your comments about hunting cracked me up! My hubby lost his best pal hunting dog several years ago, and I know he misses that companionship and time so much.

    Your post resonates so deeply for me…. There are so many days when I wish I had figured this all out, but I realized again, when I read your post, how ultimately unsatisfying this would be. I’m praying for my faith to be stronger.

    My dad forwarded an email from my uncle this morning. My uncle has liver cancer, and has decided to decline available treatment options (which have a very low % chance of actually helping him) and just enjoy the time he has left. His faith is so strong, and in my uncle’s email he wrote:

    Anne and I are, however, very much at peace in the situation. We owe the very great blessing of my present “good” health to the Lord’s kindness and the prayers of so many friends and family. We see the need for a number of changes to be planned and made, but, as always the details of what lies ahead are unknown, except that the Saviour, who walks all the way with us, will call us from this life to everlasting life in his heavenly city. He is utterly dependable as regards that future and in the care he takes of us along the way.”

    I find myself moved and inspired by his faith and trust. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Love and hugs,

  41. 141
    Gathered Chick says:


    I visited your blog this morning to see if you might have a bit of encouragement. And, boy, did you ever!

    I have what may be an ugly confrontation today with my boss. Long story short – she wants me to continue working for her after she retires on December 31. I feel that God has clearly shown me that this is not a level path for my feet (Prov. 4:26). She does not know Christ as Savior and I love her so much but cannot keep working for her.

    I h a t e confrontation. But, your words are so true – “We know He’ll show up (security!) but never know how (mystery!).”

    I’ve got my prayer cards on fear that I made this morning while I searched the scriptures. And I am growing my faith as I wait for Him to show up in His time, not mine. HE is my stronghold — what can man do to me?

    Our God is such an awesome, amazing God! Thank you for doing so much to point us all to Him!!


    ~ Heidi

  42. 142
    Melissa says:

    Wow!! I just read this entry Monday morning and it’s “my word”. You are the vessel that God used to speak to me after a weekend of wanting to take things into my own hands. I have to “be patient and wait on the Lord”. Have faith, have faith, have faith…. oh, that I could please him so.

  43. 143
    Anonymous says:

    I think it was in one of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books, it was said of Aslan, He is not safe but he is good, I think that applies.

  44. 144
    zoom says:

    Fabulous post about faith. You hit the nail on the head Beth. Smack dab on the head.

    We are not a boring bunch are we Siesta’s??

    Thank you Beth for sharing this amazing ride with us. WHEEWW HOO!!! Giddy up!

  45. 145
    Nicole says:

    Just wanted you to know that I am passing the link to this entry onto my dear aunt who is struggling right now with some very dark times and trying so hard to cling to faith in a just and loving God.

  46. 146
    alice says:

    I love Acts 5:20 when the angel comes to the prison to miraculously free the apostles and tells them: “Go, stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life.” This life. I love that!

    It is such a life with Him, isn’t it?!

  47. 147
    Anonymous says:

    Pretty powerful! I loved and enjoyed reading this post. Thanks, as always, for sharing with us. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Love you-

    Sarah, TN

  48. 148
    karina268 says:

    Hey Mom,
    That’s just like God. I have been completely overwhelmed w/ this whole faith thing. My preschool job came to an end in May of this year. It was bought by a church and the program was discontinued. I lined up a job to be an administrative assistant for a couple I was introduced to. I may have written you some of this. Anyway, they were not ready for someone to work w/ them even though they led me to believe otherwise. So, it fell apart. I let go of my other options. I spent mid-June through Aug. looking for a job. I lived on a severence I received from the Preschool. I found a job a Pediatric Dentist Office and Last Monday I was laid off. The female dentist is pregnant with twins and is on bed rest. So she’ll be out for 6 or more months. So the male dentist downsized the staff. Here I am again for the second time this year. I can’t believe it. I thought that I believed God. I’m struggling with not knowing how He wil come through more than knowing He will. How do you reconcile these two? This not knowing hurts soooooo much. I feel like I have been on a field trip w/ the Lord for months. Why can’t I learn in the classroom? I’m just so tired. In every way, shape , and form, I am tired. Feel free to share your wisdom w/ me. I need some motherly advice. Sorry this was so long. Love you and miss you.

    Love in Christ,

  49. 149
    Anonymous says:

    I have been reading the “Blogs” for a few months but never commented. I could not contain myself today. About three years ago, I led “Believing God” 3 times. I was so intrigued. I had never been taught faith. I asked God for something so big that only He could do it. My daughter was dating a Jehovah Witness. God told me to just love him. I asked God to help this young man know Jesus and to understand grace. He DID!!! He is now my son-in-law and really loves the Lord. Then I asked God to make me a woman of faith. That was three years ago. You wouldn’t believe my life if I told you! Hard….right now; worth it….always! I am still learning to trust Him every minute but He is bringing my family and me through a huge ordeal. I am still “in” the ordeal but He has got hold of my faith and “not turned loose” (thank you Jesus)! Thank you for your faith as a great example to me.

  50. 150
    Patti says:

    Thank you Beth for a timely post. Of course, God’s timing is always perfect.

    (For we walk by faith, not by sight:) 2 Corinthians 5:7

    Have a wonderful week. Patti

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