Thinking Again This Morning About That Faith Thing

I’m sitting out on my back porch this morning watching two squirrels fight over one of my birdfeeders. When Sunny’s had enough, she’ll charge through the middle of them and they’ll learn their lesson for a pair of minutes. Beanie’s out of town with Keith. They have serious stuff to do this time of year. A birddog can’t be bothered with snuggling during hunting season. She’s Keith’s dog for about five months a year, watching every move he makes until he says her favorite words, “Load up!” And to the (front seat of) the truck she flies. The rest of the year, however, I am a big contender for her favor and all fifty-six pounds of her transforms into a lap puppy. That’s when Keith refers to me as “Absalom” for trying to steal the heart of his dog.

Women who aren’t hunting widows (no, I’m not a hunter. Hate it. But love him.) ask me from time to time how I put up with Keith being gone as much as he is this time of year. Three ways: 1) This is the way it’s been since we dated. He came straight from the deer lease to our wedding. I had the gall to schedule it during the coldest part of the year. 2) He is a mighty big handful and he’d probably tell you the same about me. We have a very “on” relationship and require no little attention from each other. These times apart give us just a tad of a break and make us so glad to see each other when that couple of days is over. 3) After he’s been with what he calls “nothing but a bunch of *hairy, *stinkin’ men” he comes home thinking I am darling and I get lots of attention. Sometimes *presents. After twenty-nine years of marriage, that’s pretty fun. (*I shave my legs. *I wear deodorant. *I can be bought.)

But that’s not why I’m writing you today.

I’m writing you today because I was thinking again this morning how brilliant God is. How perfectly, in His unfathomable wisdom, He set up the system. My devotional this morning was on faith and, as I stared into the distance and meditated on it, I thought once again what a bright idea God had when He called us to it. What if we could figure it out? Him out? What if what we saw was all there was and that was that? We’d have long since gotten bored and moved on. Instead, God called us through Christ to an adventure that never ends. To seeks answers that are never fully satisfied. Not here on earth anyway. You and I were given restless hearts so that we’d only be satisfied with a wild ride. Some of us try to find it elsewhere because we’ve reduced our relationship with God to a neatly compartmentalized religion we pay regular homage to. We keep our faith to ourselves because we haven’t got that much to spare. We expect little and get little. This way, we don’t have to let it get to us much. But if you engage in the real, live walk of faith with the real, live Jesus Christ, it’s GOING to get to you because HE’S going to get to you. You will get your feelings hurt at times because you’re close enough to be vulnerable. Faithful enough to put yourself out there. Because sometimes walking by faith and not by sight creates as many questions as answers.

But isn’t He brilliant? Would we really have wanted a God we could figure out? Or wouldn’t that have made us His God instead? Isn’t the unknown the very thing that keeps this life an adventure? Some of our destructive lusts for the strange and new in human relationships (inability to commit; addiction to romance novels or steamy TV series; continual fantasies about someone different; or maybe more than fantasies) erupt from unknowingly trading in a holy adventure with God for a feel-better-few-minutes with man (real or imagined) that only ends up feeding our dissatisfaction. The result is even deeper despair that pounds with every beat of our injured heart, “Is this all there is?” The answer is a resounding, “NO!” The innate human desire for something new isn’t what’s unhealthy. The need for adventure was sewn within our souls by divine hands so that deep would call out to deep and we’d drive our insatiable selves straight to the One and Only God who can sustain it. His mercies are new every morning and treasures are inexhaustible every day.

Christ: the perfect blend of security and mystery. He’s security because of all we really can know about Him. Count on about Him. Believe unwaveringly about Him. But He’s also mystery. Someone we can’t conquer. Can’t explain. We know He’ll show up (security!) but never know how (mystery!). I love that about Him.

He was right to set up this system called faith. It’s what makes the whole thing a wild ride. The very thing that drives us the craziest now will be what we loved most about earthly life when we look back on it in His Presence. The drama is the exact thing that will make our stories, told from Heaven’s perspective, so thrilling. And every single one of them will come complete with musical scores. The songs of deliverance that surrounded us at our most faith-defying times. (Ps. 32:7)

Without faith it really is impossible to please Him. That’s why I’m a broken record about it. Our greatest call to encouragement is to exhort one another to the pure practice of faith. To flat believe God. He didn’t set up the system out of egocentric tyranny. As surely as He cannot be pleased with faithlessness, neither can we. Without faith it is also impossible to please our restless souls. God knew what He was doing. The system is no accident. He knew that life in the lowlands would strain its neck for something high. And – don’t make me have to say it again – there ain’t no high like the Most High.

“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and how fathomless His ways! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been His counselor? Or who has first given to God, that God needs to repay him? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:33-36 NET


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  1. 151
    leighton says:

    I am a new blogger and quite unsure if i belong here( I am picturing a few disapproving headshakes from my former college professors). Anyway, just wanted to comment on that agitated restlesness that seems to plague us all..I came across a song that speaks to this very topic, on some many is by Colin Hay and the song is called waiting for my real life to begin

  2. 152
    M&M says:

    Amen, as I walk in faith and strive everyday to lean on that faith.. God is the amazing one because He is always faithful, I mean everytime we rely on our faith in believing God, on what we cannot see with our eyes, God utlimately meets us there, and even surpasses that. God is great and great is His faithfulness, if only we could be so faithful all time!

  3. 153
    Kathleen says:

    way to go..

  4. 154
    joyful heart says:

    Dear Miss Beth, It is just like you to see it clearly, tell it plainly, and bless us all. I began to think about our fickle selves as I read this- of course we would grow bored if we saw and knew it all. Faith is a blessing and I believe its what other see in us when they know we’re different. Its a Christ confidence that sets us apart. How I love our Jesus for these precious gifts. Thank you sister for following hard after Him and encouraging us to do the same. I finished “Breaking Free” last week and wrote a covenant letter today. Please pray for me. My prayer for myself and my family is for us to be God honoring and Christ centered in all we say and do- relying solely on the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your life lessons encapsulated in a journey we can all take (through the Bible study) and relate to through our own experience. I love my Jesus so dearly and thank him for your yielded, sanctified heart. Love in Jesus, Kim

  5. 155
    lynda says:

    Boy, Heidi! God sure has a way of getting His message straight into my heart through you! I have been on a “FAITH” adventure for the past several months and God has brought me to a new place of desiring to please Him with my Faith and also testing it. I have prayed for Him to increase my Faith and to show me how to please Him. Is HE ever doing it! My husband and I surrendered yesterday before our church family to Serve Him on the Mission Field, somewhere! I think this might be one of those “Wild Rides” you talked about! Thank you for writing about “FAITH” this day. You’re always right on it!

    By Faith,
    lynda m.

  6. 156
    Amanda Cash Geidl says:

    Thank you. This girl needed that right now.

  7. 157
    salty sister says:

    This is my Christmas present from Jesus and Beth!

    Thank You Beloved Friends

  8. 158
    Just Call Me Grammy! says:

    Great post, so encouraging as always. Also, the link from LeighAnn for the elfyourself is too funny!!!

  9. 159
    mary anne says:

    It’s cool you are talking about Faith.My husband has left for Iraq for the 3rd time.It’s been a very emotional week for my family.I have so many people ask how we get through a 15 month deployment. My daughter and I look at each other and say Faith and our awesome GOD. That’s the only way besides my siestas here and my friends and family. But GOD first and foremost. Beth, thanks so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement always. You have been such an inspiration to me and will continue to be. I love ya lots. I’ll continue to be here for the next 15 months and always. Love ya’ll, Mary Anne

  10. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Oh, Beth,

    I just had to write. You need to know this. I just finished watching week 4 from Stepping Up. I saved my Lifeway gift cards from my birthday in March to be able to buy the DVDs for myself. My Sunday School class is going to do the study in Jan., but I couldn’t wait so I have been doing it by myself. I will do it over again with my class.

    Tonight, just blew me away. I wept tears of joy like I have never wept before. Like you just said in your post, God is brilliant, a God we can’t figure out and never expect. Well tonight when I watched the DVD I saw that brilliance again. He provided me with just the words I needed at just the time I needed. You said in your session tonight that when Lifeway approached you to do videos you didn’t see how it would work. But God made it work. This word tonight was at exactly the time I needed it. If I had been there in the audience, in real time when you actually filmed it, it wouldn’t have been the time I needed it. I needed it today, December 3. And while I am sure I would have enjoyed it had I been there, God used it to speak to me in such a stronger way tonight. I just wanted you to know how much the videos work and how grateful I am that you share your word from him this way with us.

    Of course, the strongest tears of joy came when Travis sang, Forevermore. That music has touched my heart in so many ways.

    With gratitude to my awesome LORD, Jesus Christ for his special word to me, through my dear Beth,

    Karen Milligan
    Jefferson City, TN

  11. 161
    The Wilson Family says:

    Beth- I have to share a funny story. About 6 months ago our church’s ladies ministry showed your Loving Well series. My mom and I were previewing it,and my 10 year old daughter was apparently also watching. It was the one where you could only wear one earring because of the microphone. Well, last week I was watching TV and flipping channels and saw you speaking and continued watching. My daughter came in and I told her that I was watching Beth Moore. She looked at me funny, like she did not believe me and said, “I thought she could only wear one earring!”

  12. 162
    jazzy j in tyler says:

    beth, thank you so much for sharing with us about faith. i struggle with worry/anxiety at times, even though God has proven Himself time and time again! He has never failed me! Great is His faithfulness!….

    also on a lighter note, thanks for sharing the little blurb about being a “hunting widow.” my mom has been a “football widow” for the last 28 years that my dad has been coaching. she has been such a great example to me and other young wives of supporting my dad, “holding the fort down” when he’s not there, and welcoming him home with open arms (and some fresh lipstick) when he gets home! he has told me before (and it’s very obvious) that her support means everything to him!

    have a great week! i’m loving the “david: a heart like his” devotional!

  13. 163
    Laura says:

    Amen sister.

  14. 164
    North Carolina Gran'Ma says:

    In a season when I’m trying to figure out what God wants with me and where He wants me, and yet not having any peace about it and feeling that there is nolonger joy in what I am currently doing, this was so good for me to read. Faith is the real issue here. We are a restless people, and I had never thought about it that way, and we will search to find that satisfaction in other things when all along it has been and still is right in front of us…Jesus. And while I still ask God to continue to direct my path, to show me what He wants me to do now (maybe nothing), still I must have the faith that He will see me through. And guide me and help me make the right decisions…. and not make careless mistakes.

  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    For Calypso
    (posted at 11:31, Dec.1)
    I am agreeing with you in prayer in the name of Jesus that your husband will believe the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. (Romans 1:16)
    P.S. I tried to go to your blog, but I don’t have an account so the computer wouldn’t let me. If you will leave your husband’s first name only and yours as well in a comment, I’ll be glad to add both of you to my prayer journal.
    Love and blessings,

  16. 166
    Gena says:

    Like everyone else, I just want to thank you for putting this into words. I don’t know why I’m always so blown away by God’s timing – how it always sounds like the preacher is talking to me. You would think I’d be used to it by now. Anyway, thank you for this encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. Thank you for sharing God’s love with us – with me.

  17. 167
    Becky says:

    Thank you again for your wonderful words on FAITH. If I had the time and space to tell you and the siestas of all the times that God has showed at just the right time (HIS TIME) in my life. Being a single mother for the last 10 yrs all you have to walk on at times is faith. There has been times when I would freak out about a situation and my sons would remind me of the times God had and has brought us through. Some people would think I am crazy but I thank him for those times as much if not more than others because it has taught me about faith and it has strengthened my faith and walk with him. Thank you GOD for the security and the mystery.

    Thank you Beth for the encouraging words that you have shared with us.

    Your siesta in Christ
    Attalla, AL

  18. 168
    Sherrie W says:

    Thanks for the faith lesson. I struggle a lot with faith but the Lord gave me a great husband that has more than enough faith for both of us. Also, he came from shooting at a big deer and missing him to our wedding. My husband and my son are big hunters but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It gives them time together that they might not have otherwise. Thanks to God for always allowing you to have the words I need to hear.

    Sherrie Watson
    Oak Ridge NC

  19. 169
    dm says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you so much for encouraging me today! God has been working my faith issues out lately and I am so thankful for that.
    I love you!

  20. 170
    Mattie from Amarillo says:

    I love the devotional. I wish so much that I could get into the habit of a morning quiet time. The mornings are physically difficult for me…but I will keep trying.

    I too am a hunting widow. 🙂 A friend bought me a plaque that says “We interupt this marriage for hunting season”. My anniversary is November 1 (what was he thinking!) and my kids b-days are Nov 5 & 27. So, Nov is crazy around here. But I also know the joy of him being gone for 3 days and coming home to a clean wife & home. And, I know the joy of cooking dinner that my man shot the day before. 🙂

    It makes me smile to have this little part of life in common with you.

    BTW, my study group is just finishing “A Woman’s Heart”. Thank you so much! It was wonderful!!

  21. 171
    Anonymous says:

    Dearest Beth-
    By God’s divine providence your blog was on this Faith Thing.
    I had a very restless night wrestling with the Faith Thing, God’s Sovereignty & excercising wisdom in extremely difficult circumstances.

    A girlfriend shared marital counsel from a pastor that floored me. She is in an abusive marriage with a clinically diagnosed bi-polar husband who refuses to take his meds. Off the meds he is a raging, controlling, angry and manipulative person. He says things that cause serious concern for the safety of her and the kids. On the flip side he can be a charming, loving husband. She is a strong, mature beliver who loves the Lord. He is a new believer however the conversion may have been a “spiritual” manipulation. (Of course only God know’s the heart of this man)

    In summary the counsel was to stay put trusting in the Sovereignty of God. When she questioned what if he really harmed her? The response was that this would also be covered under God’s Sovereignty. The pastor doesn’t believe in mental diseases such as bi-polar thus refuses to acknowledge it’s impact. He questioned her about her Faith saying obviously it isn’t strong.

    Is this a “Faith Thing”? Should Faith be blind? Where does Faith colide with God’s Sovereignty?

    My heart breaks for a dear friend. She respects the pastor though concerned with his counsel, has strong faith, loves the Lord and wants to be obedient but is really confused. The confusion is based in the multitude of counsel vs leading of the Holy Spirit.

    I don’t think that she should exchange her Faith, Holy Spirit leading and knowledge of God for anyone elses including a pastor. Christ alone is our Saviour. We must travel the rode that God has purposed for us not by consensus but led by God.

    Desperate for Godly Wisdom.

  22. 172
    Anonymous says:

    I know you have over 200 comments, so I don’t know if you will see this, but I just had to share this…It is so good that words cannot express…

    from T.D.Jakes:

    Click on Sunday, Dec. 2nd message

    WOW, he says it so well!!

  23. 173
    kat says:

    I want to thank you for your blogs I stumbled upon them by accident or rather divine purpose, I was just thinking about making this recipe but had lost the recipe, but the kicker is the faith article WOW it hit me at the right time.
    Thank you
    Kat p.s. I sent it to my sister (the article)

  24. 174
    katie from ND says:

    Thank you for such encouraging words. Thank you for sharing your heart for God! I read your blog every day and it continually is an engourager for my heart! Thank you for serving our Lord!

  25. 175
    Anna says:

    Beth, we just finished session 4 on the revised Tabernacle study. It was SUCH a blessing!! We’re a small group that meets in my home, and each of us are running on empty right about now. What you taught on the DVD tonight ministered to us SO strongly! I just wanted to thank you!

    Oh, and I also wanted to add… =) I had to get a new Bible right as we started this class — and the timing was perfect! Thanks to all our “flipping around” I’ve broken it right in! =) Ha, thanks for that!

    Hope you had a wonderful meeting in Houston!

  26. 176
    Jackie Sue says:

    Amen and Amen. I don’t know all the answers, but I do know the One who does and for me, that’s how I get through the stuff I don’t understand. Thanks again for challenging me to take Him at His word and believe Him. I’m so thankful that to please Him that’s ALL I have to do…believe Him. God Bless!(p.s. I’m on my last weeks study of Daniel!It has been the hardest of your studies yet, but well worth the journey!)

  27. 177
    Angie says:

    I read through tears when I opened this post on Monday morning. It was just what I needed to hear. Thank you for being God’s vessel and tool.

  28. 178
    Anonymous says:

    Beth –
    I need this reminder of unfailing faith today. I thought I had a contract on my house yesterday, and I was sure that this was a “God thing”. He knows I sometimes need a 2 by 4 to the head and I was sure these people were genuine, and maybe they were, Anyway, the contract wasn’t forthcoming and I began to question and doubt but your blog reminded me this morning that my faith was strong before I thought I had sold my house and it should be strong now. I know the Lord has plans for me and that He will reveal them in good time – in His time, not mine.
    Let us pray and keep the faith for all those in need and keep the “Christ” in Christmas!


  29. 179
    1sam712 says:

    “Christ: the perfect blend of security and mystery.”
    How awesome is that!

    I am on the last pages of Believing God… Praise God for how life has changed during this study. I never want to go back to where I was – and, glory to His Name, I won’t be able to now. What I know of Him now can never be taken away.

    Thank you, Beth, Amanda, and Melissa for so faithfully ministering to our lives.

  30. 180
    SJ says:

    Thanks for sharing that with us, Beth! It’s exactly what I needed this morning. I try to get up before the kids and have some quiet time. This morning I just finished Chapter 8 – Restoring the Creator-Creature Relation from “The Pursuit of God” by Tozer. (Thanks for recommending it in your Believing God study!)

    Anyway, as I read the chapter I was agreeing and thinking “yes!” but when I got to the end…to the prayer…I stuttered, stammered and hesitated all the way through it. I dont like being vulnerable. I like being in “control.” Many people of great faith from the Bible went thru great pain and hardship…but of course came out way ahead. I just struggle with the “posibility” of the pain and hardship part that “may or may not” come first.

    Thanks for your reminder of faith. By taking the “cautious” route I’m missing the great adventure. (And how much pain and hardship do I go thru needlessly by *not exercising faith?) I need to trust that His plans are perfect and what was that message in Philipians 3:7-11…The little I know is worth everything I lost.

  31. 181
    cherylf says:

    I can’t help but recommend the book by Mark Buchanan, “Things Unseen: Living with Eternity in Your Heart”. Beth, Amanda and Melissa have all been referring to our longing of heaven and how we so want to see Jesus. This book really opened up my thought life as to how and why we have that longing to know heaven and what we are missing. If you get a chance, it’s a good read. LOVE the blog!
    Cheryl Foltz

  32. 182
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Amen! Thank you so much for this message. Although, I got to tell you I’d like to know a little more than he ever tells me. I like to know all the details of things before they happen. Not a big fan of surprises, cause sometimes I don’t like them much.

  33. 183
    Monica says:

    Oh Beth –

    I just had to write to say, “I’m Speechless!!!” Wow. Praise Him.


  34. 184
    Roseanna says:

    Dear Beth,
    What a great word. Thanks for being such an encouragement to me for quite a few years now. I am new to the blog and would love for you and the other sisters to please pray for my 23 year old daughter who so needs to recommit her life to Jesus. She has had a few years recently that she has been choosing counterfeit adventures instead of the Holy One!!! It has been such a painful thing to watch as a mom, but God has taught me a lot about forgiveness and trust. I so covet all your prayers.
    Agape, Roseanna from Bloomington, Indiana

  35. 185
    Shelly says:

    With a full and overflowing heart,

    You CAN say it again 🙂 “There ain’t no High like the Most High…”

    He is my drama 🙂

  36. 186
    Melanie says:


    I rarely put comments on here, but I couldn’t resist today. I LOVE the topic. I have stuggled most of my adulthood with trying to “figure out” God’s purpose for my life. I did figure out that he obviously didn’t have the same plans that I had. I never would have believed 10 years ago or even a year ago that I would be a single foster parent and loving it at the age of 30! To me it is such a comfort to know that God does know the plans that he has for me. Also, I was at one of your conferences one time and you said that boring lives don’t make good stories. The more I thought about it the more that I knew that you were right. Anyone can have faith when they have a perfect life! I walk by faith every day in my journey and your blog was extra special to me today. I just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks for all you do and I pray blessings on you and your staff.

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    lol…it just struck me reading y’all….I’m here flat out on my back (most of the day today) with a combo of …ahem….’womens issues’, gallstones and arthritis. Well, there was I feeling sorry for myself , but what better position to be in to try some flat out faith?!……..thanks for the giggle and the reminder….flat out is a good position for looking up from, ladies!

    love Ruth x (Massachusetts)

  38. 188
    Jackie (A Raleigh Girl) says:

    Beth & fellow siestas- As always, no one can articulate like you can, Beth, the awesomeness of God – He IS so in the details of our lives and weaves the most intricate webs as He teaches us about who He is and IS TO COME. Our bible study group just finished “A Woman’s Heart” yesterday. What a finale that God has planned for us! The study was just wonderful and deeply profund to discover the meaning of God tabernacling among us…
    As the leader of the group, I often work in songs each week to tie in to each lesson. Here’s some of the playlist if you want to sing along!
    In the Sanctuary (Travis, of course)
    King of Kings (Michael W.Smith)
    Shine (Salvador)
    Made Me Glad (Travis)
    How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin)
    Shout to the Lord (Darlene Zsech)
    Only the World (Mandisa)
    The First Noel (A Star in the EAST…) (BeBe and CeCe Winans)
    O Come All Ye Faithful (note: 3rd verse!) (Josh Groban)

    Thank you for your life-chagning studies, Beth – they just keep getting better – GLORY!

    With much love,
    Jackie Craig
    One of your Raleigh, NC girls

  39. 189
    Sun says:

    SO true – and such a great reminder. The faith journey is touted as being able to know the how as well as the Who sometimes…so it is refreshing and encouraging to be reminded that He cannot be figured out in terms of His how but boy you can bank on Who He is! Praise God – much love – Sunshine

  40. 190
    Sun says:

    Sorry to post another comment but I was just writing a post on my blog about “the Nativity Story” movie I saw and it struck me that God sent His Son as promised but NOT as expected. When I typed that I thought of this post and how true the words that you have typed are. Thank you again for the call to faith and the reassurance of one walking beside us through life! Sunshine

  41. 191
    MakingJesusKnown says:

    Ms. Beth!
    Ok so this is way of the blog subject! But I was watching Life Today and I finally just have to ask where in the world do you get all your adorable jackets?? You have always got the cute darnedest jackets I have ever seen! You always look absolute hip and cute!

    the devotion rocked as always! I love the way you get me thinking about things!

  42. 192
    Gayla says:

    This was wonderful. I have been totally struggling with “praise.” I am not sure how to praise the Lord. I know that sounds odd, but in the midst of bad circumstances I am not sure how to praise His holy name. I don’t want to just say, “Oh, thank you Lord for not killing both my parents, or for not making him suffer…” That sounds lame to me for two reasons… One, sometimes both parents die? Sometimes people do suffer, and then what do you say about that? and two, if a very bad boy burns down a house, we could say, “Oh, thank you for not burning down two houses.” See.. that’s not the praise I think the Lord is wanting, but I’m so not sure what is. I want to know what Paul and Silas were singing…. I just don’t think they were saying, “Thank you for not jailing us sooner,” or not even ‘THanks for not killing us.” What do you think about this?

  43. 193
    twinkle says:

    Beth, your words were so full of peace. I read them right after you posted this encouragement and my heart was filled with a deep peace as I read through. Your words are so full of life and excitement but this post was different for me. It was all about contentment and resting in our MIGHTY GOD’S sweet hands…

  44. 194
    Joanne says:

    My husband and our dear friends who are married are doing ‘Believing God’ together. This post hit home for me. Perfect timing.

    I often wonder how many daily adventures I have let pass me by for fear of the unknown.

    Lord help my unbelief…I don’t want to miss a second of what He may have for me.

    Warmly, Joanne

  45. 195
    Little Bee says:

    Just beautiful.

    With tears and huge hugs,
    Debbie Blendermann, Wexford, PA

    PS DEARLIES? What are Dearlies? Someplace that Keith goes, but why the feminine name? Then my sister from TX visited and mentioned her ex going to the Deer Lease. OHH!

  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Good morning Siestas!

    Ok, so this week has been a rollercoaster ride. I have checked in several times to try and read this blog, and each time my 3 year old…yes I love him beyond words…decides it is time to ask me how his tractor can do a million different things. I
    Thank you Beth so much in advance, because I have yet had time to read all of this entry. I just thank God for You Beth! You are faithful to what the Spirit puts in your heart. Your faithfullness is one of the ways our Dear Father teaches us, bathes us in his love, and answers our prayers. Thank you dear siestas for always posting your comments and being so transparent. It is by you all that I learn and receive many blessings from Him!!!

    Guess what???!!! I received my wrist bands for the Seista Fiesta in San Antonio. 8 more months and I can put your sweet faces to your sweet names! I can hardly stand it. God sure has blessed us with an amazing family of Siestas!!

    Believing Him,

    Kate in Charlottesville

  47. 197
    Candy says:

    I’ve been reading for a couple of months but I haven’t commented. This post has drawn me out. I am also on a grand adventure and I’m loving every minute of it. God really is brilliant! It makes me somewhat crazy when I come across someone who thinks they have God all figured out. The day that happens I better hit my knees and slam my face into the carpet. Come to think of it, I could probably use a good dose of carpet burn even now. Thank you for your words today. I loved them.

  48. 198
    Anonymous says:

    Heb 5:8 Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; Luk 7:23 And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me. Gayla So time we in our human flesh can’t understand the things of God ! How to give him the praise he alone is worthy of. This is were trust come in when we can’t understand. God makes no mistakes! God is the I AM, the first, spoke and it was so. Filled us with the breath of life. God called my son home 10 yrs ago at 20 years of age. He had felt God had called him to the mission field to serve and was in Christian Collage to accomplish God will. When God called him home it was such a mystery as to what God was doing. It called results, after God took our son home to walk with him in those heavenly place my son , I’m sure calls it home. God called at least five young men to the mission field that we know of they changed there major within a week of my son going home . I know of two who are serving on mission field my son heart was burdened for and prayed about in God will to serve. Yes, there is pain for our family loss no doubt always will, that kind of pain you learn to live each day out with. But God’s result is for the purpose/result of glorifying God and the furthering of his kingdom. I have praised God for given me a son who had a heart desire to serve him above all things.For the time he gave him to us for as our sonthe gift from God . For the results we continue to be shown that even though our son is at home with the Lord he is being used. We had a visiting preacher in our church a few months back , he was specking of our sons testimony. Praise God my son is still being used I believe this to be his mission field. By the way he the pastor had no idea that we his parents were in attendance till our pastor told him we were their. God is good and worthy of praise even when our heart hurts beyond what we can imagine we could ever in the flesh live through. He will be that strength to carry on in our purpose . We Praise him for he is worthy to be praised ! Celie

  49. 199
    Kristen says:

    So very beautifully, eloquently, and thoughtfully well put. Sometimes I think your words sound like Godiva chocolate and mine sound like 3/$1! Ha-ha! I just love you to pieces.

    I also loved the pictures of Jackson at the playground. Darn if that kid isn’t just soo cute! My daughter Faith has those same big blue eyes…I’m such a sucker for those all the way around! Keep those darling pictures coming!

    Love all you Moores/Jones and have a great weekend! Here’s to keepin’ the faith!! God is so good!

  50. 200
    jesusrocks says:

    I thank God for you…….you always have a way of giving me goose bumps.

    love an peace

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