Happy Thanksgiving, Siestas!

Happy Thanksgiving, my Beloved Siestas! The Moores and Joneses greet you from our mountain hideaway where the cabin is more stuffed than the turkey and the fellowship is sweeter than the Texas sheet cake disappearing in my kitchen. Between the time change, the altitude, a twenty-one-month-old and the fear of missing a single moment together, mornings start early around here. The Lord, however, put a spirit of slumber on the cabin and allowed me to have a few quiet moments with Him. I could hear the familiar sound of my man sawing logs and of my grandson starting to stir. Melissa was sound asleep in my bed and somehow looked about five years old. We are a fiery family of folks who rarely keep an opinion to ourselves but we are so crazy about each other. I was overcome with gratitude for the kindness and redemption of our God. One of my memory verses right now was perfectly fit for today. I have to peek because I don’t have it down yet. It’s Psalm 40:5.
“Many, O Lord my God, are Your wonderful works which You have done; and Your thoughts toward us cannot be recounted to You in order; if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.” (NKJV)

Among the thanks I give my God through Jesus Christ today, I thank Him for you, our cherished online community. Recently my ministry director, Sabrina, and I were preparing our annual employee reviews. As we discussed AJ, Sabrina said to me, “Beth, I can’t think of any addition that has been made to the ministry that has had a greater impact than the blog. That community has become maybe the single most important thing that happens on our website. What Amanda has done is huge.” She is so right. I know I’ve told you this before but, just in case you weren’t part of our community at the time, God has used you to provide something in my ministry life that I needed so badly. So many of you have become familiar friends and sisters in Christ to me and I look tremendously forward to your input. I also notice when someone signs on with a screen name that is new to us and I rejoice in a new connection. As silly as this seems, I just love this. Thank you so much for being part of it.

AJ has helped me include a few picture highlights from our holiday week together and here are a few random things that have gone on in our house this Thanksgiving Day:

*Jackson and I had our milk and coffee together early this morning and watched the sun come up, played cars, and pestered PawPaw until he finally rolled up. We also danced our legs off when our favorite program came on Noggin. I was a little sore from the gosh-awful-est hike several of us took in the snow yesterday so I needed the stretch. (We hiked for over two hours and, when we made it back to the trail head, Keith was waiting there with his hands on his hips and looking stern like we’d better not scare him like that again. I told Melissa he’d think we were gone too long. We nearly got in bad trouble but he decided to get over it pretty quick AND we were mighty thankful not to have to walk the last quarter mile to the house. FWI: we were so happy not to have to worry about bears then, lo and behold, we saw wolf prints – first I’ve ever seen them – that I measured from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my little finger as wide as I could get my hand stretched. So freaky!)

*Keith made a King Ranch casserole to take to our lunch down at the ranch where we’ll celebrate with many good friends. He was asked to bring a native Texas dish of some kind so there you go. Melissa’s love, Colin (we love him, too, and, yes, it’s serious), and I cut a turkey out of a corn tortilla and used a red pepper from the salsa for his waddle. We laughed our heads off and thought we were brilliant.

*Melissa, Curt, and I quizzed each other (AKA: competed) in Greek for a solid hour then got into a good theological discussion. A blast to the three of us and a bore to everyone else.

*Amanda and I are watching Steel Magnolias for the umpteenth jillionth time and have hooted a ton and already cried. It’s a holiday must. Curt even sat down and got interested in it. He’s trying to act like he’s reading something but I know he’s watching the movie.

Well, everybody else is showered and looking darling and I’m still in my jammies and looking – well, like a woman who needs to get ready. Siestas, Happy Thanksgiving!! May God remind all of us all day long of even the little things we forget to thank Him for. Like a family enjoying each other so much that they’re liable to wake up the baby. Remember this holiday when “together” seems like “too-much-gether” to let people off the hook easily because you’re not dependent upon them to affirm you. Christ does that for you. Make a choice to laugh things off instead of taking an offense. Have a blast because God is good. Show Him how grateful you are with your joy. I dearly love you.

Sunrise at the cabin.

A closer view of the Tetons.

Bibby is in the mountain spirit.

Melissa and Beth in the kitchen.

King Ranch Chicken Casserole with a decorative tortilla turkey.

Jackson and his daddy going down the driveway on a makeshift sled.

Jackson is loving the snow.


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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    This has truly been a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was very pleased to see this message, it warmed my heart.
    This season of giving thanks reminds me to thank you all at LPM … you became a part of my life when thngs were really down. My Mother passed away just last December and my emotions have been a roller coaster since. In January, I began my first Bible Study EVER… Breaking Free … now how appropriate is that? Boy did that open my heart to His love and grace. I was then asked to take your sister/aunt to the hospital to be with your father/grandfather before he passed. To see the strength that you all had filled me with the disire to know Him even better. I wanted so much to have a relationship with HIM! Being in your presence truly filled me with a hunger and thirst for Him.
    Yes, life can be a roller-coaster of emotions but when I allow myself to give it all to Him in prayer and meditation, read scripture, sites such as this, and daily devotions … life is never as bad as I thought. When I ask for guidance of His will for me and how I can be of service to Him and others … the answers come.
    When meditating, I take myself to the Tetons where my husband and I spent our 10th anniversary. There on top of a mountain ledge is where I meet with Him to comfort me and hold me close. Thank you for the pictures … it brings me even closer to that place of comfort.
    Our Bible Study group just finished A Woman’s Heart … whew!!! wow!!! Really, really deep … touched my heart beyond belief. Next will be Proverbs … I sat in on a few of the Houston tapings of this … can’t wait to go through it from beginning to end. LPM you are a big part of my life. Beth you have truly been blessed a thousand times over with your daughters following in your footsteps. You and Keith must awake each morning filled with thoughts of all your blessings. Thanks for helping me through the rough ups and downs of life. I continue to pray for our family members that are still out there suffering. Through His love and grace we shall all be healed.
    In His Light,

  2. 152
    Michelle says:

    I also am so greatful for this blog. I can’t tell you how much it inspires me to see that such a great woman of God is so ordinary just like me. I am truly blessed by this blog. Blessings to all of you.


  3. 153
    Jenn says:

    oh happy happy thanksgiving. I am just now joining this community– and i wonder well i mean there must be so many comments on this blog why right one. But I have a blog site http://www.reachsuthasia.blogspot.com where i write about my journey as a 25 year old single women working for God here in nepal and I pour over the comments that people write and erad them again and again.. so i thought why not leave one. Beth it brought such tears to my eyes to read of your family thanksgiving. This was my first thanksgiving to spend all the way on the other side of the world from my family since I answered God’s call to be a career “m”. I really missed my family on thanskgiving– but I also had a great first one here. I had 16 people over at my house.. from 5 different continents, and several hindu friends so we turned it into an evangelistic event. No turkey or homemade dresssing for me, but we did go out and slaughter a pig and have some darn good ham cooked in a toaster oven, and sweet potatoe casserole that i died with food coloring because sweet potatoes here are white. Our God is soo good isn’t he! So the more I am around those in bondage here to serving over 3 million dead gods the more i realize everyday is thanksgiving day for us as christians no matter where our family is.

  4. 154
    runner1 says:

    Love, love, love the tortilla turkey 🙂

    I’m new to posting on this blog, but I am not new to reading it. Thank you Beth and AJ for this blessing! When I see a new post, I can hardly contain my excitement.

  5. 155
    PK Holli says:

    I’m so glad that God blessed you with snow. it looks like you had fun.
    Love and Laughter!!

  6. 156
    This is the day to rejoice says:

    All the lovin’ that’s going on in that cabin just shows that God is right inside ya’ll.

    I’m sitting here with tears and conviction after church this morning. This has been my most unthankful-Thanksgiving. My first Thanksgiving since I lost my little sister – and dad. The grief and depression are sucking me up – the people I’ve lost become idols in my life – how can I live without them?

    In my mind I believe that regardless of what I have or don’t have I can be thankful for Who God is – but in my heart I’m so desperately longing for my sister.

    I choose God…this is the day He has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. So take a walloping sled ride down that hill with Jackson – throw your head back and let out a Yahoojah all the way down!

  7. 157
    mrs. owl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! This is my first comment but not the first time I have read the great blogs! I am so grateful for Living Proof Ministries and Beth Moore. In the last 3 years I have completed and enjoyed 5 of your amazing Bible studies. I am currently in the middle of A Women’s Heart. It comes at a time in my life were I have really needed the reflection into my own heart. God has blessed me so much through this ministry…thank you all! I pray God pours out his love upon you this Christmas season and the coming year! GOD BLESS. PS..Beth I recognize the bag of coffee on the counter…did you pick that up for me? HAHA. Love, Sherry

  8. 158
    Anonymous says:

    The Moore and Jones families are among the many blessings I thank God for! Thank you for making us all feel like family. I mean, I know we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, but even so, you are so gracious to go the extra mile. Thanks for loving on us Siestas so lavishly. We love you too!


    p.s. Loved the Tortilla Turkey!! It WAS brilliant!

  9. 159
    Lauren says:

    Love that last picture of Jackson. It could be a postcard. 🙂

  10. 160
    Kim says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! So glad you are all having such a wonderful time. I always tend to get a little stressed about all the togetherness around the holidays and much appreciate your words on the matter, Ms. Bethie.

    Loving the pictures. Oh, and your new memory verse is wonderful, thinking of making it mine as well.

    Love to you all,


  11. 161
    Maddie & Jakes Mom says:

    Just popping in to say that I am thankful for all you do!

  12. 162
    jean says:

    Beth and Amanda,
    I have been reading your blog for a long time now. This is my first comment.
    Thank you dear ones for your intimacy with us. You have touched my life in countless ways. Beth, I had the awsome experience of seeing you in Washington last summer. You came right to my seat!
    My relationship with Jesus has been strengthened by your teachings. I have learned so much from you.
    Amanda, you are every mother’s dream. Bless you and your dear family. Thank you so much for setting up this blog!
    May our sweet Lord richly bless you and your family!
    Love to you all, Jean

  13. 163
    Pam F. says:

    I love to read about your family and what’s going on in ya’ll’s life. I also appreciate the transparency and love that you put into each entry. This is the first time I’ve posted, but I’ve been reading the blog for a while now. I feel like I’ve gotten close to you and Amanda just by reading your blogs! I’m homeschooling my two children for the first time this year and I’ve had to be creative about sneaking in my quiet time and Bible study. Your online lessons have helped me tremendously. I just wanted to let you and your entire staff know how truly thankful I am for LPM!

    May God bless you all,
    Pam F.

  14. 164
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving. With me and my husband’s families that’s all there is is all the other junk. They don’t enjoy each other’s company at all and make it impossible for anyone to enjoy them. They make a big issue out of everything, so Josh and I decided to spend Thanksgiving this year at a local church having a Thanksgiving dinner with our extended family. It wasn’t at our church but it’s a small community, so we knew most of the people there and my recovery program is part of that church. Today is the first day I’ve gotten on here. Friday and early Saturday morning we were busy cleaning house and then Saturday morning into Saturday afternoon Christmas tree hunting in the woods with hot cocoa on hand as is traditional for us. We got it up last night went to the movies. Went to church this morning of course and now my husband is making lunch and then we’re going to decorate the tree.

    Beth, I very much appreciate the more personal connection this blog allows me to have with you and your family and I’m glad you enjoy it too.

  15. 165
    Missy M. in SC says:

    I’m just reading this today (3 days after Thanksgiving) but I looked the night before Thanksgiving to see if anything was posted and it wasn’t and I knew y’all would be at the cabin so I didn’t expect anything until much later! Even though I’m just reading it, what a delightful surprise! You are SO right..this blog has been the single greatest thing you could have done. I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for sharing with us about your time there and the pictures. It means SO much to us..truly it does!
    2 things: I want the receipe for Keith’s King thing, and..
    we want more scoop about Melissa’s Colin!!!! Haha. 🙂 Tell her I’m so excited for her!!!
    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of my family and a wonderful family reunion on Saturday! God is good!!!!

    Love you all!
    Missy in SC

  16. 166
    tootles says:

    Dear ones,
    This is my first post. I have been an avid reader for months. How I have been blessed, beyond words. During this time of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful to YHVH for this gift. I needed to let you all know.
    with Joy !

  17. 167
    Claudia says:

    I have been so blessed by this blog…what a cool idea. I have done nearly every one of Beth’s studies and am always looking forward to the next one…I moved from South Florida to North Carolina 2 years ago and have had a rather difficult time adjusting to a new place, not knowing anyone, not having a church, etc. etc…..am still ‘shopping’ for the right place for me but have found a couple of places that have women’s bible studies and have jumped in with both feet….and have been blessed by doing so…well, if I am not careful, this could become a “novella”, so I’ll end now with a thank you for sharing your love for God and your family with so many … God bless you richly….Claudia

  18. 168
    OneoftheWomacks says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the goings-on of the Moore clan. Thanks also for the reminders of thankfulness to God for all things. He is so good and so faithful.
    Yes, the blog has been a blessing to many and I’m so thankful that y’all are happy to put in the work to make it happen!

  19. 169
    bunny h says:

    What a treat to see your family have a chance to get together for this holiday. I am so glad to see it, Beth because we all know you put a lot of time into your ministry, writing and traveling so much. How tender it is to see you guys having joyous and tender thankful family time together!! Jackson is growing so fast!!!
    Thank you for sharing your family with all of us who feel that we are your girlfriends uh I mean your siestas!! 🙂

  20. 170
    Ashton says:

    (hope this gets posted) This blog to me has made you Beth more real, humble, touchable. I think that is the most wonderful thing and I appreciate you keeping a humble heart before God and people and not high minded, because you could. And yes this blog as reached, so many people because of you, because of Amanda and Melissa who keep reaching and touching those woman never met. Thank you, thank you. allison

  21. 171
    Cindy Beall says:

    I absolutely love this blog. I’ve been reading for months but never commented. Amanda, you are absolutely wonderful. Beth, you’ve been a mentor to me for over a decade. Thank you for pouring into my life.

  22. 172
    Sherrie W says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. Thank you for reminding me to just take things in stride, enjoy family and realize that only God can affirm me. My mom, sister, my daughter and I are going to Biltomore house on Saturday and sometimes it is really hard for me to be with my sister because of issues so I’m praying that God will give me patience and help me to enjoy and keep my mouth shut. Thanks for sharing your family. It is just wonderful.

    Sherrie W

  23. 173
    Julie Bee says:

    Hey girls, and Keith and Curtis, and Jackson and Colin….
    Thanks for sharing your stories with us! Looks like you had a super time! What is King Ranch Casserole?…sorry, Non-Texan disease. Speaking of recipes..Amanda…how about a Christmas cookie recipe exchange? That would be fun.
    Hope you all are refreshed as you jump back into the crazy season siestas! I will pray for all of you out there!
    Julie B. Tucson

  24. 174
    Debbie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of your family too! Even though we were unable to celebrate at our home, because of a remodeling nightmare, we went to my sister-in-law’s house and had a lovely time. We spent the night at my mother-in-law’s house where I almost committed the unpardonable sin. Her dog Benji needed to be let out early on Friday morning and I thought I would do that no problem. It was early, still dark, I did not put on my glasses and hooked him up to the nearest link I could find that she kept by the door. I proceeded to let him out, go about my necessary business, and come back to get him. When I opened the door, he was standing there with his walking leash attached, not his roaming leash that is secured. Horror, thankfully, he must have assumed he was tethered to something and did not wander off. I did not tell my mother-in-law. He was just so use to being let out with a clip on his collar he did not test the limit of his area. Hallelujah! She loves her son and me, but the dog – well you get the picture. I am sure Beth, there is a good lesson in here about being conditioned to perform in a set way. I will let you figure that one out. Love and blessings to you all! Thank you for sharing. Much love, Debbie in Tennessee

  25. 175
    Corrie's Blog says:

    Oh how I love it and it makes me miss it up there! I want snow here! 🙂 You are lucky! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pics with us and welcoming us in! Jackson looks so cute! Not anything like the wrapped up boy in the beloved movie, the christmas story! 🙂 Happy Belated Thanksgiving blog siestas! And BETH, I just returned from Israel for THanksgiving and got you a gift that reminded me or your Psalms and Tabernacle study! Thanks for helping make the Holy Land come alive to me before I ever even went! 🙂

  26. 176
    Abby says:

    and we thank Him for YOU, BibEE!! (more than you know…)
    thanks for the family reminders…saw that at exactly the right time 😉

    wish i could hug your neck…grab one of those sweet ladies in your office and tell them i said to hug you for me…any one will do…whomever will give you the best hug 😉

  27. 177
    Anonymous says:

    Good morning, Siestas. I am just returning to work this morning after 4 wonderful days of Thanksgiving r&r. I thought it a wonderful affirmation to what the Lord had spoken to me in my early morning Bible reading today. I read the same passage that you quoted, Beth, Psalm 40. Verse 5 stood out to me so much that I was prompted by the Lord to write to my sister to share with her. I was joyful to see that this same verse had ministered to you. I am one of the blog siestas that has previously written anonomously. However, I would like to go by Miss Dee as I am known by my co-workers. Thank you for sharing with us the intimacies of your family life. I so enjoy this manner of sharing with my unseen friends.

  28. 178
    fallingforward says:

    Hope all of the Siestas had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had warm weather here in sunny AZ and enjoyed visiting with family from Denver. One of the highlights of the day was watching one of the grandparents participate in American Idol Karaoke on our game system! I had my camera with me over the three days and was able to take enough photos for an album for my sister. Made my first digital photo album and couldn’t believe how easy it was! Blessings to all Siestas here as well as the Moore family.

  29. 179
    Cathy Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing your family’s holiday. I always love hearing what’s going on with y’all and especially seeing all the pictures. I’m so happy Amanda got this whole blog thing rolling because I get to see different sides of LPM! I will also know to look for an Esther taping with spittle…I’m loving each of ya like a big dog!

  30. 180
    KristenRea says:

    I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks Steel Magnolias is a holiday classic!!! 🙂 Blessings to you and yours as we celebrate all of the great things our God has done.

  31. 181
    Shannon Pate says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!What a beautiful spot to spend it and glorify God for the mountains He made. We had about 80 members of our extended family and we rented a gym and had the annual family dance, we call the Turkey Trot. We then had the Granny’s Cup Golf Tournament and Granny’s Family Walk. How thankful I am for a family that loves the Lord. Blessing to you! Shannon

  32. 182
    Andrea says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVIG!! I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I spotted a bag of Starbucks coffee! I bet Beth will have a Starbucks up in the mountains before we know it! Y’all look like you had a GREAT time! =)

  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your fmaily moments with us! And I see from your picture, you didn’t forget the Starbucks either! Glad to hear your day was great!!
    I love you all!
    Amanda (Mom 2- 5)

  34. 184
    Prairie Rose says:

    Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with us through this blog… it makes us see you as a “fellow pilgrim on the journey” rather than some perfect person who hasn’t a clue what it’s like to walk in our shoes. And I know I am far more likely to accept “hard teaching” from someone who has already been there and learned the hard way than someone who has never walked this road (or who pretends they never have!) So thank you for not only letting God use your own difficult experiences for His good, but for your openness and honesty about them so we can learn from them too. So thanks for the blog, and thanks too for your ministry with Life Today — I don’t watch tv or even own one, so when I recently happened upon the website and discovered the archive of Wednesdays with Beth… wow, what a treasure trove. I’m working my way through sequentially and will be disappointed when I catch up and have to wait an entire week for a new one!

    Thanks again for everything.

  35. 185
    Laura Smith says:

    As we reflect on thanksgiving, my mom and I are so thankful for you and the “Breaking Free” bible study we just finished last week! God is so smart! Although this is an older study (evident by hairstyle :)) it spoke perfectly to my life! It was amazing. We miss it already and especially the time we spent together studying and learning. We are so thankful for our intelligent Father, who sends us just what we need…often times through your words! Thank you so much for helping me see God’s desire for me to be free!
    Love, Laura Smith

    *We also are thankful for finding this blog and look forward to reading it each evening!

  36. 186
    Darlene R. says:

    I am a little behind on my blog comments!
    How fun to hear about your day at the cabin. We enjoyed all of the time that we got to spend with our family this week.
    I think I’m going to be trying that King Ranch chicken thing… or I should be totally honest and say my husband will probably be the one making it! We love Rotel tomatoes!
    BTW, the tortilla turkey was awesome! loved it!

    I am also very thankful for this blog. This is where I got started in the whole blogging world. I have had the best time “meeting” some very wonderful people! Thank you!
    much love,

  37. 187
    Tamika says:

    I just wanted to let you know how awesome I think it is that you all have a blog. I love reading it. I have been truly blessed by your ministry. I am glad that you had such a great Holiday. May God continue to bless and enrich your lives!

  38. 188
    A Place For Ministry Wives says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Moores & Joneses. I loved everything about this post…especially the tortilla chip turkey.

  39. 189
    Monica says:

    Hi Beth –

    Love you SO MUCH!!! And, though it’s now belated – Happy Thanksgiving right back to you!! I’m thankful for my sweet, sweet Savior and all the wonderful saints He has put in my path to train me, love me, lead me and live transparent lives in front of me. Beth, Amanda, Melissa & Keith – you all are regulars in our house. My husband gets an earful every time I come home from Bible study, and after all our Wednesdays with Beth. We love that you are a part of our family, and thank God for the blessing of your ministry and the work He has done in our lives because of it.

    I wrote to Living Proof about a year ago desperate for a mentor in ministry, as I have for a while felt a similar call on my life. When I received a form letter back along with a note from Nancy, I felt let down – as if I didn’t get the response I had hoped for. Nancy told me just to follow Him with all I had and let Him write my adventure. In the time that has since passed, I now reflect on those letters with great appreciation because had you answered differently, my eyes would not be fixed on Him alone and I would have missed the blessings He had in store for me. So, in the end, I did get the mentoring that I needed and thank you ALL for living this thing right. I’m sure Nancy knew when drafting that letter to me that it probably wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the time, but it was what I needed. So, THANK YOU for being faithful, for doing what He has called you to do, for making the hard but right decisions, and for being a tremendous blessing and source of constant encouragement. Praise God for you all. I love you dearly!! Hugs.


  40. 190
    North Carolina Gran'Ma says:

    Y’all definitely know how to do Thanksgiving up right! Looks like you have so much fun! We too had a great time together as family. Just being thankful how God has truly blessed us and continues to do so! I love Thanksgiving time so we can all be together!

  41. 191
    mburkum says:

    What a wonderful holiday! My family had a blast, too! My little one summed it up on our long drive back from my parents’ home – “We sure had fun at Grandma Sallie’s and Papaw Jerry’s, didn’t we? I sure loves them. Can we see them tomorrow?”

  42. 192
    Mindy says:

    YOu all are an inspiration to love my family more!!!!!
    THANKS for sharing yourselves so honestly with us all.
    In HIM –

  43. 193
    Anonymous says:


  44. 194
    Kate says:

    Wow, I’ve been gone a while, but I was enjoying my own family and friends for the thankful holiday, so I don’t feel too bad.
    I am so glad you had such a happy time for Thanksgiving. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the first picture posted…the nice mountain hue would look awesome on my bedroom wall. I am so jealous, I practically live in the mountains year round and have a hard time catching the mountain glow.

    Anyway, I too am so grateful for this blog. I have learned a lot, and met some truely wonderful people. I have also been asked to begin a blog for a ministry I am involved with. I’m really excited about that ’cause I didn’t know a thing about blogs until I came to this one. So, thanks. You all are very special to me and I really enjoy the connection here.

    Much love,

  45. 195
    Georgia Jan says:

    Oh Beth and girls: I are so thankful for you! Yes – the LPM Blog is one of the best things ever and is so precious. I keep a yellow sticky note on my computer that says “LPM Blog” as a reminder, but my heart reminds me more than the yellow sticky note!

    I loved reading about your Greek competition 🙂 My husband and oldest son are both Pastors. When they “get started” like that, my younger son and I always just start clearing the table or doing something else – they have so much fun and we enjoy listening on the sidelines.

    My heart is so thankful for your lives and ministry. May God bless all the staff at LPM, and thank you Beth for being so precious and transparent and FUN FUN FUN!

    Because He Lives,
    Georgia Jan

  46. 196
    Kerry says:

    So, Wyoming winter walkers, where did your two hour hike take you?

    If you haven’t. . .and would like to experience Jehovah Tsuri {Mt. Moran}next time you’re in Moose {Signal Mt.}Wyoming—-

    I had a fearsome happening with my
    God on a trail while climbing Signal Mt., Thanksgiving Day 2005

    Would be happy to share the climbing directions with the Moore girls.
    Be advised. Anticipate a speechless, week-kneed experience.
    Jah arise!
    My rock and my redeemer.

    Sheridan, Wy

  47. 197
    GratefulBambina says:

    I’m sooo sorry to post my comment so late, but I’ve just returned from Thanksgiving festivities.. I wanted to say a huuuge THANK YOU for sharing these precious, precious moments with us!! it felt as warm and fuzzy as when I wear my flannel pajama and wooly socks, sippng my favorite hot coffee and whipped cream in front of a roaring fire!!!! I love you Beth!!!!!
    maria cristina

  48. 198
    Wendy says:

    Beth- Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. I have to share with you that I have three young boys (9, 7, and 5 ) and they have nicknamed you “the yelling girl” 🙂 When they see your photo or hear your voice…”she’s listening to the yelling girl again” Yell on, sister!

  49. 199
    momof5 says:

    I so enjoyed reading about the special family time you had. I am the mother of 5 children ranging in age from 3 to 16. Your family has been a model to me of the family closeness I hope to have when our children are grown. My family background has not been so great as far as that goes, but I hope to start something new with this generation! In fact, we had been with my family on Thanksgiving, and it ended up being a hurtful time. Your reminder that no one can change who I am in Christ was very helpful and went along with what I felt God trying to tell me in other ways.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!!

  50. 200
    Erin says:

    Oh Beth, tears are running down my face. I loved this post. It’s been a while since I last visited the blog. This is a great community. But I have to tell you that your description of family time warmed and broke my heart at the same time.
    My family has been torn apart this year. Last year at this time, my husband and I moved from Colorado to Virginia with our son, Jackson. We were looking forward to a new adventure. In April of this year, my husband told me he was thinking of leaving me. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe he would really do that. I felt so alone and abandoned…because he did leave. Then in June I found out that I had gotten pregnant in April. Yeah…totally scary. I was clinging to God, but I was still scared to death. At 20 weeks, I lost my baby due to a chronic bleeding placenta. His name was Griffin Jacob. 3 days after I left the hospital, we moved back to Colorado.
    Truthfully, I never really thought my husband and I would divorce. I knew God could heal our marriage, but he clearly needs two willing parties. I have been emotionally and verbally beat up and know that God wants better for me.
    So the hearing for our divorce is scheduled for January 7th. I’m sad about it, but God reminds me regularly of his promise of restoration.
    But, Beth, I am so afraid that I will miss out on a big, happy, loving family. It’s what I want so badly. My son and I share precious time daily and I love the moments we have. He is an amazing child…so wise and mature for his age. He desperately wanted his little brother, as did I. He asks me about once a week when we’ll have another baby. It breaks my heart.
    I have been blogging since May and it is a wonderful outlet for me and has been a way for me to encourage others and also to be encouraged.
    I would love to know your perspective. If have time, please pray for my family.
    Thanks Beth.
    You rock on girl.

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