Women of Faith

So, who’s going to be at the pre-conference in Phoenix? Bethie and half of our girls are heading out today.

We have something kind of cool going on at LPM right now. I can’t really share details, but please pray for my mom and dad and our leadership to be wise and to know God’s will.

To end this very random post, my Wising Up group finished last night. (We skipped the three sessions on marriage and motherhood since most of the girls in my group are only 18 or 19.) We had a really enjoyable semester together. I know I am biased, but I loved the sessions. I am ready to do a homework study again next semester. Thankfully, there’s a new one out! More to come on that…


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  1. 51
    connorcolesmom says:

    I have prayed for the WOF conference constantly since Thursday God even woke me up on Friday to pray (I went to bed at 8pm b/c I have been sick).
    I look forward to the update.

    Praying for wisdom in the area of leadership at LPM 🙂
    Much love

  2. 52
    Jean says:

    I can’t wait for the next study! And your other exciting news.

  3. 53
    su says:

    I am also currently doing the Wising Up series. It is perfect for women who are at a very busy time in their lives and don’t have time to do homework. I miss the homework but it has been a great study. We have four weeks to go.

    I’ve been doing the Jesus 90 day devotional and I think of you doing it too. It is a good time with God, isn’t it?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Amanda. Will you be with your folks and Melissa, or with Curt’s parents, or just the 3 of you? I’m thankful for you, Siesta!!

  4. 54
    Chris says:

    So…I logged on for a little Siesta nightcap, to bring a peaceful end to a not very peaceful Sabbath…and now, I’m going to be up all night trying to determine what big hair, cactus plants, out-of-state bagels, and LPM could possibly have in common.

    I’ll be praying for our sweet Jesus to give you discernment and to cover the entire situation with his presence and power. And if it is His will, to bring it to closure quickly, so Beth can rest and you can spill the beans to your Siestas.


  5. 55
    thesandbox says:

    hi amanda-at revolve with my girls in ptld fri night-prayd for “bethie” & gals in phx. thought what a night…God & his girls!
    lovin life in Him!lisa

  6. 56
    Jen says:

    I had seen LP Live event last Dec in PHX. and that was my first time seeing Beth live. I was blessed to see her and the team at the pre-conference. After all the studies I’ve done with Beth I could really tell the LORD was speaking something so exciting to her! She was PASSIONATE and that got my attention so I really listened! I asked God to plant those seeds in my heart and to keep me from just eating them!

    I felt humbled to go and be served in such power and love. I give thanks to the whole LP team and the others with the Woemen of Faith conferene. It was WONDERFUL!!

  7. 57
    Julie Bee says:

    Can’t wait to hear what’s up. I will be praying for wisdom and vision! I missed Phoenix, but I know Beth loves us out here in Arizona, so she’ll be back! Hee hee! Julie B. Tucson, Arizona

  8. 58
    Anonymous says:

    I was blessed to be able to go to Phoenix all the way from NC (along with my mom who is my closest sister-in-Christ)! I had never seen Beth live before… what a blast! She has more energy than I have words to describe! We were so truly blessed by the Lord through Beth’s teaching – and of course – through Travis & gang’s singing… WOW! Thanks to all the LPM team for sacrificing your time and talent to the Lord for His use in the ways that He chooses! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Amy – Kings Mountain, NC

  9. 59
    jan in nc says:


    Here’s wishing you and all the Moore’s a brimming over Thanksgiving! We all love you out here in Blogland.

  10. 60
    Anonymous says:


    I am keeping all in DAILY prayer!
    The HOLY SPIRIT has had your entire family on my heart lately!
    Enjoy that precious Jackson as you eat a bountiful harvest on this day of Thanksgiving.
    With “Heaven Bound” Blessings,
    Kim Safina~ Cayucos
    [email protected]

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Ok what is King ranch chicken cassrole ?WEher in th eworld are you to have snow. that would be great were just neededing rain.got a little PTL.I told JESUS this morning when I went to let my freinds dog out(I do this for a few people from my church) thanks for just doing what all he did, being born, growing up, preaching, doing mircles, getting beatten, hang own that cross comeing down from heaven all just for us. Thats what I am thankfull for.JESUS I all so thanked him for my turkey dinner because I didnt have the money to get stuff turkey brest & so own & with the money for the dog wattching I was able to have it.PTL. God bless love sister in Christ Victoria from NC ps I dont ask for money but they pay me or I cant watch there dogs so they say, I dont work out side the home & this is my litttle very little busness & I love it.This weekend was 2 golden retivers, one yello lab, all the same home, the other home beside it has a jack rusell, I have a black lab 4 months old, & a cocker 11 years& a 8 year old cat.oh I will be clebrating my Annv 40 years Sat the 24th PTL & PTL now get home safe all of you that are traveling

  12. 62
    Jenn says:

    what “pre-conference” in phoenix??? i went to your sites and could not find a conference listed in phoenix!!! I SOOOOOO would have gone! i am so sad :o(

  13. 63
    melissafield says:

    I was in Phoenix for the pre-conf. I flew in from the Los Angeles CA area to spend the day with Beth.This was my first experience of Beth in person, I was SO blessed by the teaching. BTW, she was so on fire, she actually looks CALM in the videos! I just finished the updated version of “A Woman’s Heart…God’s dwelling place” I will NEVER look at the tabernacle the same way again!

    Beth is one amazing teacher! I got so much out of her teaching Friday, WOW!

    Thank you Thank you for Beth and her ministry to women. I am Blessed!

    And, dancing to “Shakles”….it was a hoot. Who knew a Bible Class could be so much fun!

    I became a Christian April 28 2002, I have studied under Beth since then. God has used her to UNDO so much bad theology, I truely am blessed. I cant wait for the next study!

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