Happy Thanksgiving, Siestas!

Happy Thanksgiving, my Beloved Siestas! The Moores and Joneses greet you from our mountain hideaway where the cabin is more stuffed than the turkey and the fellowship is sweeter than the Texas sheet cake disappearing in my kitchen. Between the time change, the altitude, a twenty-one-month-old and the fear of missing a single moment together, mornings start early around here. The Lord, however, put a spirit of slumber on the cabin and allowed me to have a few quiet moments with Him. I could hear the familiar sound of my man sawing logs and of my grandson starting to stir. Melissa was sound asleep in my bed and somehow looked about five years old. We are a fiery family of folks who rarely keep an opinion to ourselves but we are so crazy about each other. I was overcome with gratitude for the kindness and redemption of our God. One of my memory verses right now was perfectly fit for today. I have to peek because I don’t have it down yet. It’s Psalm 40:5.
“Many, O Lord my God, are Your wonderful works which You have done; and Your thoughts toward us cannot be recounted to You in order; if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.” (NKJV)

Among the thanks I give my God through Jesus Christ today, I thank Him for you, our cherished online community. Recently my ministry director, Sabrina, and I were preparing our annual employee reviews. As we discussed AJ, Sabrina said to me, “Beth, I can’t think of any addition that has been made to the ministry that has had a greater impact than the blog. That community has become maybe the single most important thing that happens on our website. What Amanda has done is huge.” She is so right. I know I’ve told you this before but, just in case you weren’t part of our community at the time, God has used you to provide something in my ministry life that I needed so badly. So many of you have become familiar friends and sisters in Christ to me and I look tremendously forward to your input. I also notice when someone signs on with a screen name that is new to us and I rejoice in a new connection. As silly as this seems, I just love this. Thank you so much for being part of it.

AJ has helped me include a few picture highlights from our holiday week together and here are a few random things that have gone on in our house this Thanksgiving Day:

*Jackson and I had our milk and coffee together early this morning and watched the sun come up, played cars, and pestered PawPaw until he finally rolled up. We also danced our legs off when our favorite program came on Noggin. I was a little sore from the gosh-awful-est hike several of us took in the snow yesterday so I needed the stretch. (We hiked for over two hours and, when we made it back to the trail head, Keith was waiting there with his hands on his hips and looking stern like we’d better not scare him like that again. I told Melissa he’d think we were gone too long. We nearly got in bad trouble but he decided to get over it pretty quick AND we were mighty thankful not to have to walk the last quarter mile to the house. FWI: we were so happy not to have to worry about bears then, lo and behold, we saw wolf prints – first I’ve ever seen them – that I measured from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my little finger as wide as I could get my hand stretched. So freaky!)

*Keith made a King Ranch casserole to take to our lunch down at the ranch where we’ll celebrate with many good friends. He was asked to bring a native Texas dish of some kind so there you go. Melissa’s love, Colin (we love him, too, and, yes, it’s serious), and I cut a turkey out of a corn tortilla and used a red pepper from the salsa for his waddle. We laughed our heads off and thought we were brilliant.

*Melissa, Curt, and I quizzed each other (AKA: competed) in Greek for a solid hour then got into a good theological discussion. A blast to the three of us and a bore to everyone else.

*Amanda and I are watching Steel Magnolias for the umpteenth jillionth time and have hooted a ton and already cried. It’s a holiday must. Curt even sat down and got interested in it. He’s trying to act like he’s reading something but I know he’s watching the movie.

Well, everybody else is showered and looking darling and I’m still in my jammies and looking – well, like a woman who needs to get ready. Siestas, Happy Thanksgiving!! May God remind all of us all day long of even the little things we forget to thank Him for. Like a family enjoying each other so much that they’re liable to wake up the baby. Remember this holiday when “together” seems like “too-much-gether” to let people off the hook easily because you’re not dependent upon them to affirm you. Christ does that for you. Make a choice to laugh things off instead of taking an offense. Have a blast because God is good. Show Him how grateful you are with your joy. I dearly love you.

Sunrise at the cabin.

A closer view of the Tetons.

Bibby is in the mountain spirit.

Melissa and Beth in the kitchen.

King Ranch Chicken Casserole with a decorative tortilla turkey.

Jackson and his daddy going down the driveway on a makeshift sled.

Jackson is loving the snow.


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  1. 51
    Nicole says:

    Will you give out the recipe for the King Ranch Chicken Casserole? It looks so good and the turkey is too cute! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. 52
    BethAnne says:

    Sounds like the perfect family Thanksgiving. Here in east TN we were in the high 70’s at the first of the week, but has a few flurries today. That white stuff at your cabin sure did look fun. And that sweet little boy is definitely a cutie pie. My family spent the whole day with us yesterday (my father is still here). What a blessing to have so much fun and fellowship with our families – a little glimpse of heaven right here on earth. I tell ya, people who don’t love to fellowhsip ain’t gonna like heaven!
    We might need the recipe for that King Ranch Casserole thingie—-the turkey was hilarious!!

  3. 53
    dm says:

    Dear Beth,
    I am so thankful for you and your ministry. I can’t tell you how much God has used your books and Bible studies to change my life. Thank you for sharing your life with us(and the adorable pictures:) Yesterday, I asked God to search my heart, almost begged Him to, because I have no doubt there are no words to describe how thankful I am to Him for the life that He has given me. A wonderful, godly husband and a two year old that is so amazing….how can you say “thank you” enough for that???
    Enjoy the snow!!

  4. 54
    Mama C says:

    Dearest Beth and Amanda and family- Happy Thanksgiving! It looks like it was just that for your family. I pray God’s continued blessings on your wonderful family!


  5. 55
    Steve and Jessica Otto says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful time with your family! One Thanksgiving I was recovering from jaw surgery, and since I couldn’t eat anything, I was forced to pay more attention to the people, needs and conversation around me. In other words, I couldn’t be so self-centered! I learned a powerful lesson that day, and want to remind myself of that! And, you are so right about the blog…it helps us feel more connected in what can be an “unconnected” world. Thanks to all of your family for sharing your lives with us!

  6. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Bless you and your family this day. I know just how you feel, waking up with all your loved ones together again. Us too! I’m so grateful with joy that we get to be your on-line friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. 57
    su says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Beth. I really enjoyed your post. I agree that this blog is wonderful. Hearing from you and Amanda (and now Melissa) ministers to me. It’s fun because of the variety. We never know what to expect. And it’s so nice to hear from you in such personal ways. We get to watch Jackson grow and Melissa graduate and now we have Colin! I know that it’s a sacrifice to be so transparent. Please be assured that we are grateful and I sure hope that you’ll get lots of benefits from it as we do.

    I loved your last paragraph about looking to Jesus for affirmation and making choices to let things slide rather than taking offense. I especially need to be reminded of the affirmation-thing.

    I love being a siesta! That’s something to be thankful for!

    Oh, one more thing – for the first time in my walk with God I am experiencing what you have said about your quiet time – that you can’t afford to miss it and that relationship happens in your QT not when you’re behing a podium speaking. I am finally having more QTs than not. And what a difference it makes. That’s something else to be thankful for!!

  8. 58
    Ruth in North Idaho says:

    It’s a great pleasure being your on-line friend! I feel just as you do about having family around and being crazy about it. Thank you too for the reminder of giving grace in tight quarters! It’s a time to remember the joy we have together, not the ‘other stuff’ that families have! :o) And…as you so amply stated…our affirmation and security comes from Him. Thank you for sharing your family with us.

  9. 59
    CrownLaidDown says:

    Tears…over the precious-ness of it all. Sometimes, I can barely take it in…the love of God, how He puts us lonely ones in family…and brings an over-flow through our Sisters and Brothers in Christ. He is enough, and then He just comes and give us More… And Moores and Joneses, whom I love dearly!

    Praying for continued graces to fall upon you sweet Siesta, Beth!
    Love you much in Him,

  10. 60
    Christina Larsen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us.
    Your blog is such a blessing to me and I look forward to a fresh word from you. God has used you to bring such blessing to my life. I have learned sooooo much from you and the way you teach God’s word. It is amazing how the information that I share with others comes from previous teachings from you. Just last Sunday in community group, I shared about the 4th man in the fire, from your Daniel study. Thank you for teaching in a way that is exciting and easily grasped. God Bless you and your ministry.

  11. 61
    Household Executive says:

    Jackson is absolutely adorable. My 18 month old son has that same shirt. 🙂 I love your inspiration of family time together. I am so thankful to be with my husband, kiddos, parents, sister, and her boyfriend in Colorado. We have had a rough year and we are on the other side of some tough circumstances. It is such a joy to be in God’s beautiful countryside! I enjoyed your pictures…and you might have to post Kieth’s recipe!

  12. 62
    Terry says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! One of the things I am thankful for is this blog.  You cannot possibly know what it has meant to me.  I am sure you are well aware of how ministry can get you down sometimes and this blog provides a HUGE amount of encouragement and sometimes just plain old fun.  I have facilitated all of your video studies with the small Women’s study group in our church.  Thanks to your caring heart, over the years of study it feels like we have become friends– thanks so much!

  13. 63
    krdakota says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Moore family. We had a lovely Thanksgiving,too. All my kids were home and we played games and ate and ate, some more. It is a blessing from the Lord to have them all under one roof for a brief time. Thank you for your blog. It is a joy to share with you and your girls.

  14. 64
    Chris says:

    Beth, I join you in being grateful for Amanda and her steadfast efforts to bring together this amazing community. A.J.–we love you! You all, and our Siesta community, are among the blessings I am counting this Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Siestas!


  15. 65
    Linda says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Beth. It looks like an idyllic way to spend the holiday.
    We were in little cabins too – in Bastrop State Park. We fried our turkeys and cooked the rest of the dinner on the little stoves in the cabins. And we were so thankful. It has been a difficult year and an extremely difficult week leading up to Thanksgiving. Our youngest son was diagnosed with a very serious illness. He is a young father, pastor and precious son – and we are so thankful that we can trust in the One who loves Him completely.

  16. 66
    Anonymous says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll too! and much love from a Louisiana Sister.

    I got to go see my Parents Wednesday and just overjoyed my parents are in their new home from Katrina. Two long long years of us being in the same house . I know it sounds crazy but I miss them. But Thank God Our family has our home back.

    I am so grateful this Thanksgiving that I’m alive and my Husband and Children are safe and sound and we had a nice Day!

    I love the pictures of the mountains I love them so much. But since Hubby is not a snow Boy! I’ll have to enjoy the mountains during the Summer.

    Lots of Love,

  17. 67
    fallingforward says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Siestas! This blog is a safe, quiet place that I anticipate coming to. Just think, twenty years ago, there was nothing like this available to connect people in a community. Thank you AJ for creating this place!
    I am thankful for the time with family yesterday. We jumped on the trampoline, laughted, ate, and topped the day off with some American Idol Karaoke. We had wee ones all the way up to grandmas participating in the fun.

  18. 68
    Sarah says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll,
    This was our first Thanksgiving in Washington State, away from all our Southern buddies, it’s not the same here and we sure miss Southern hospitality. Looks goreous there, love all the photos and glad ya’ll could just go hang out and have fun. Beth – are there any stores near your ranch, because you are missing out on the biggest shopping day after thanksgiving – Black Friday. I was thinking today that you are a women who loves good sales. Hey! a shopping tip for Christmas this year is a new video camcorder – called Flip video they fit in your pocket and take good videos for those family moments.
    WE has a good thnksgiving and I’m off to eat more turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, that could be my staple diet. Cool turkey very creative. Well stay warm and and from the wolves.
    Blessings Sarah – Prayer Warrior

  19. 69
    Gayla says:

    You know you aren’t going to get away with showing a picture of that casserole and not giving us the recipe, don’t you? Yes, that’s right, Beth. It isn’t enough that you share the gospel!! You have to share the recipe!!! Oh, I loved your post. Our first Thanksgivings without our daddies…. It just isn’t the same, but it is going to be good in the Lord. I love you guys and am enjoying day two of the new Jesus Bible Study. I finished David last week. It took me more than the three months because I’m just slow that way… but I have reaped such a huge blessin’ from you, Beth!!! Take care.

  20. 70
    Kristen says:

    Awwww, Beth! Thanks so much for that sweet posting. It sounds like y’all are enjoying each other so incredibly much! What a great reminder, too, to have a sense of humor and to give people the benefit of the doubt. God is the only one we need to affirm us and to please. And as I’ve heard you say before, it’s a whole lot easier to please God than man!

    The military has just moved us to Hawaii, but I got to spend Thanksgiving with some new “extended family”, the other military families in my man’s squadron. We all still had a great time and enjoyed the comraderie (and TONS of good food) that can only be found with others who share similar lives!

    I must admit…I was so excited to hear that Melissa has a serious beau! SO exciting but not so surprising! SHe is so beautiful and smart…I knew someone must be in the picture!

    God bless y’all, and I am so thankful for YOU!

  21. 71
    Debbie in CA says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! What a blessed time it looks like you are having! (love the tortilla turkey! too funny! sounds like Colin will fit right in!)

    My family was able to have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving together as well, there is nothing like getting family together. This year inparticular though was so much healthier in everyway for my family. (spiritually, emotionally and physically)

    I finally got myself to a good godly christian couselor 2yrs ago. I remember her telling me what a difference one person getting healthy in a family can make, I didn’t believe it at the time. Your books and bible studies Beth, have been a big part of where I am now. And now, two years later, my life, my marriage and my children stand as a testiment to God’s healing power. We are so thankful!

    Last Saturday my 10yr old son asked if he could use my laptop and I said that would be fine, he sat down and wrote this poem that could have only have been Holy Spirit inspired. He is a very typical 10yr old boy, but this is, imho, and that of my families, not a typical poem. I just bawled because it was like God said, “See Deb, the healing wasn’t just for you, it was for your whole family”

    Here it is: ( I haven’t changed a thing, including the typos, it is just too precious to me!)
    For my heart like an engine, and my mind like a holy worship alter. My arms are lifted high at the sound of your precious voice. You my god overflow my body with your presence. When I am focused on you I can put my mind on nothing else. One can make only sweet remarks about you father.

    But how can I stand up to you lord when I am just a peasent to a king. For who am I to say I am perfect. For many people remark they are better than me, but I only know 3 better than me. Those people are my father, my mother, and my precious hevanly father. But who am I to stand up and yell, “I am Christian!”

    In this world there are millions of ways to describe you but I present one word and that word is HOLY. For my god protects me, watches over me, and helps me in times of need. For you can not even describe the power that god holds over you. For I am gifted by the lord for all of my special abilitys. And my heavnly father is responsible for all the good things in my life.


  22. 72
    gigetgirl says:

    2 Corinthians 9:12
    Carrying out this social relief work involves far more than helping meet the bare needs of poor Christians. It also produces abundant and bountiful thanksgivings to God. This relief offering is a prod to live at your very best, showing your gratitude to God by being openly obedient to the plain meaning of the Message of Christ. You show your gratitude through your generous offerings to your needy brothers and sisters, and really toward everyone. Meanwhile, moved by the extravagance of God in your lives, they’ll respond by praying for you in passionate intercession for whatever you need. Thank God for this gift, his gift. No language can praise it enough! The Message.

    **** We are all gathered here in NOKOMIS.FLA. having 3 generations,football GALORE! and jagillions of fresh seafood to celebrate. We are blessed and happily thankful to our Great Lord for all HE is and does. No shopping today-it’s football on the beach and the grill. We love you all. ***HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM FLA. ***


  23. 73
    Shalene says:

    Those pics are too cute!!! I’m a newbie to your blog, and I enjoy it soooooo much!!! All three of you write, just like I would imagine you talk. (Beth, I know what you sound like, from your video bible studies. We’re doing one in my church right now- Your revised first one.) I love getting an even more personal glimpse of your life. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of yourselves with all of us. Blessings to you this season! Forever In Him, Shalene

  24. 74
    Krissy says:

    Just thought I would post a comment as I am one of your newer readers. I love reading the blog, and am studying “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place” at our local church, and it is really helping me balance my life as I have 6 month old twins and am a new mom. Thank you for the blog, and the great work that you and your staff do!

  25. 75
    Anonymous says:

    You make me feel blessed with your wonderful entry….

    “While overseas, I had to go to the market to order my turkey in Ukrainian- this many kg, no head, no guts, no feathers, and no I don’t want to watch you kill it here.”

    America, we are so blessed and take it for granted so much. Thank you God for our many blessings AND allowing us to take it for granted. We love you and praise you!!

  26. 76
    ROBIN COTTON says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Moore Family. I am truly blessed through this blog. Thank you Amanda for all you do with it. I have to share this with you guys, I have a close friend who adores you Beth, she teaches your bible studies all the time. She was talking about your past visit to Atlanta and how much she enjoyed seeing you , I began sharing personal comments about you, like how pretty your backyard is, how darling Jackson is, Amandas new front door, Melissa being with you now. My friend just started staring at me , see she didnt know you had a blog and she was beginning to be a little perturbed that I had never shared that you and I were such good friends. How else would I know all this stuff about you . I got a really good laugh out of it and she did too and I am sure she now reads the blog too. Bless you for being so intimate with us . I love you and your family. Robin

  27. 77
    Anonymous says:

    So glad you’ve had such a beautiful Thanksgiving vacation. We shared a lovely Thanksgiving meal yeasterday with our son and new daughter-in-love along with all of her family. My husband and I have raised two sons so we are thrilled to finally have a daughter.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, and while we’re on the subject…am I the only one who scrolled down the page to see if there might be picture of Melissa and Colin?

    Seriously, you’re very kind to share what you do of your life and in doing so, you’re a blessing to many. Thanks so much.
    Blessings to you from Florida,

  28. 78
    jamie b says:

    Happy Thanksgiving (yesterday!) to y’all too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and pictures.

  29. 79
    The Barfield's says:

    Thank you for the reminder to show my thankfulness through my joy. I’ve just had my first Thanksgiving without my sweet hubby since I met him back in 1992. He is a chaplain in the USAF and is currently deployed. He left in August and SHOULD be back by Christmas. Now THAT is something to be thankful for! I also have 4 girls that keep me busy and often frustrated, but very humble and thankful. What blessings they are! Anyway, thank you for this blog. I check it daily and always have that moment of ‘awww’ when there isn’t anything new! So, thank you for going another extra mile and being a blogger. I love it! Gotta run check on the girlies…It sounds too quiet!!

  30. 80
    salli says:

    Thank you for sharing some beautiful pictures! It looks like the Moore/Jones families had a blast!

  31. 81
    Marla Taviano says:

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

    Ooooh, Melissa! Do we have to wait ’til you’re wearing a ring for the juicy details??

    Curt and Colin. Now, isn’t that cute? Smells like something God cooked up for your family…

  32. 82
    Julie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

    I’ve been reading your blog since January, but this is my first comment. I don’t know what I waiting for. : )

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I’m ever so thankful for your ministry. I’ve learned a ton, but more importantly, I’ve grown to love studying God’s word. It draws me in and the learning is addictive! Thank you, Beth, for you being such a contagious teacher!

  33. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to thank Amanda for the recently posted Haystack recipe. I made a batch almost every day this week! I made a test batch that my husband & I went through in no time. I made a batch for his co-workers, another batch for his family’s Thanksgiving get-together, & yet another for my family’s Thanksgiving get-together. Yum!! I’ve never been a big Haystack fan, but no one that I know adds Peanut Butter…that was the ticket to an awesome Haystack! These will be a new Thanksgiving tradition for us thanks to Amanda “Crocker”.

  34. 84
    Nicki says:

    Happy Thanksgiving back to you sweet Mrs.Beth!! I just loved reading about your family fun together!! I LOVED that tortilla turkey!! How funny!

    I needed to read that…..”let the off the hook b/c you don’t need their affirmation” part, because I had tears in my eyes on my way home from my mother’s last night, again. But, I know that the Lord is not done with her as He is not you or I either…….but it still hurts……for a moment. But I am so thankful for the affirmation I have found in my sweet Lord!

    Warm Hugs sending your way!!! Looks chilly where you are!! It was oh…70 something here in Charlotte yesterday!! =)

    Much Love!

  35. 85
    Teri says:

    144 comments and counting! Just wanted to say that Mr. Jacks looks like he is enjoying the snow! That last picture would be the perfect Christmas Card photo! What a doll!

  36. 86
    Alicia Beth says:

    What an awesome time you guys are having 🙂 Thanks for sharing some of it with us. I would have loved to have been in that Greek/theology discussion and on the couch with you and Amanda watching steel magnolias.I love that movie and quote it often !
    Thanks for reminding us of what family is all about.Not all of us have such a godly example and we learn from families like yours. May God continue to bless you all !!!!!

  37. 87
    Tealady Tammy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving a little bit late. I am so thankful for this blog and all my siestas here. I am blessed and never have I realized it more than this week as we miss my dear sister in law who is dancing with the LOrd. Thanks to all of you for sharing your lives with us.
    Love you all

  38. 88
    Anonymous says:

    Your post was a blessing to me today as I sit here suffering from “too-much-gether” time as you so aptly put it. I felt the Holy Spirit breeze through my heart with your words of not taking offense and getting our affirmation from the Lord himself!! Thank you for your timely words and listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit! Thank you!! Kimberly from Northern Michigan

    PS As a true midwesterner, I must confess to being at a total loss for what a King Ranch casserole is. Please provide a recipe and or more info!!!

  39. 89
    jen says:

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving Moore and Jones families! I love you girls to bits and you have all blessed me tremendously through this amazing blog-land! I hope you have a wonderful time in the mountains!

  40. 90
    mamabear says:

    Ohhh, don’t you love the Grand Tetons area. It’s where we had our honeymoon many, many, many moons ago!
    Happy giving of thanks to you all.
    Thanks for sharing your week with us.
    We were so blessed cause my daughter did NOT have to work as we thought she would – and our famuily had a wonderful time finishing our “what we are thankful for..” poster that we each had added to every night and then some time to worship and eat and laugh and play games. It’s like you said – We have so much to be thankful for!!
    We love you too – and so enjoy this blog also.
    who finally had helped figuring how to log in with her blogger name instead of anonymous!

  41. 91
    kathy says:

    Thanksgiving is a thakful time and I am indeed thankful that I tunred on my oven for the first time in sevan and a half years (yes, it’s true!) and am so thanful that my dishwaher that was on the blink Monday was fixed just in time for Thanksgiving.

    Mostly I am thankful and grateful to God for continuing to see me through this diffiuclt year.

    My sisters and I lost both of our parents this summer and a favorite cousin as well. My darling 6 and a half year old niece, Allie, is very concerned about me being in this place wihtout any family. She said to me for the second time as she was leaving “Are you going to be fine by yourself, your’re all alone”…..I am o.k I reassured her..until she says things like that.

    I am love that darling little girl and I am thankful that she was just “Bapatized” last month and I was privileged to be there.

    May I ask that all my siesta’s continue to pray for me as my parents left outstanding medical bills of $30,000 and I cannot pay them.

    Yes, Amanda, this blog is a blessing. Thank you for taking so great care with it!

  42. 92
    Kristib says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! This blog has meant so much to me. It has been such a great way to connect. Sometimes the messages seem like they are meant just for me.
    Also I have met some amazing women. May the Lord richly bless you and your family!

    Thanks for all you do!
    Love ya

    Kristi B.

  43. 93
    Kelli says:

    I just wanted to say what a blessing you all are. I look so forward to reading your blogs and I’m in the middle of the “Daniel” study and absolutely loving it. Even though I’ve never met you I feel like we’re the greatest of pals. I too have a little 18 month old rascal and feel like I can relate to so many of Amanda’s stories about little guy. I just wanted to say thank you for all you are and all you girls do. You have truly been a blessing to my life! Love you to all 🙂

  44. 94
    Karen says:

    Your memory verse, Psalm 40:5, is such an awesome verse! I think I need to start memorizing it also!!!
    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with just our family (me, hubby, and our children) and then went to a family Thanksgiving get-together the next day (yesterday). My family has had many struggles. Yet I have so much to be thankful for. We are so tremendously blessed with this little blessing growing in my womb – a wonderful little girl! She is a gift from God and we all can’t wait to hold her in our arms and love on her!
    And as far as the little things, let me just say that God blessed us with a free rocking recliner yesterday! I am just ever so thankful for that as I now have a rocker to rock our new little one in when she arrives! We have so much more to be thankful for but this comment is already long. But I do want to mention one more. I am thankful for you Beth and for your ministry. (Okay that was two things…) Your ministry has been such a blessing in my life. God has used your lessons and your teachings to help me grow spiritually and to encourage me. Your transparency has been an inspiration to me. I can’t thank you enough.
    May God bless you!

    I am such a proud momma that you can see a picture of our little girl on my homeschool blog. Here’s the link:

    You may have to scroll down a little to get to it.

  45. 95
    Michelle says:

    And a happy thanksgiving to you too!

  46. 96
    Sandee says:

    Thank you for sharing you Thanksgiving…especially the pictures. What a blessing. Mine was far different than yours. A single mom, with three little ones (9,7,4) after cooking a turkey, they ate a bite and asked for the pumpkin pie.

    So, although my house was not full of the tall types of folks, it was still full. I praise God for my family. He puts the lonely in families and where would I be without my babies?

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  47. 97
    Angie says:

    Well aren’t you guys all just the FUNNEST?! I think if we got all you girls together with my mom and sisters and I, the laughing would never stop. I live right off of I-25, so please swing on by on your way home. If nothing else, I’ll wave from the side of the road. Exit 229 to be exact. 🙂

    Thanks for the pictures and the stories. I feel like I was there!

  48. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! Thank your for sharing your day. We had a joyful fun day too and my husband, bless his heart, cleaned the kitchen for me! My family and friends howled in laughter at the game of Catch-Phrase. God is so good to give us these times. And we’ve been praising Him for the beautiful sunshine. Your pictures were amazing, that sunrise WOW. May God’s refreshment and overflowing joy continue through this weekend for you and your family. In Jesus’ Love Kathy Knoblock

  49. 99
    amber says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to your family! Would you be willing to share the casserole recipe? It looks delicious.

  50. 100
    Melinda says:

    Even though I’m a relative “newbie” as Siestas go, I don’t think there is a blog that I enjoy more than this one…and that includes my own! :o)

    You bless us all by making us feel like we’re part of the family…or, at the very least, like I could easily bump into you at the grocery store and hug you warmly like an old friend. Thanks for that. And thanks for always interjecting a little bit of Texas…man…Texas sheet cake and King Ranch Casserole! I lived my first 35 years in Plano and my husband and I like to say that we’re working our way back home…we’ll rejoin the ranks in about 12 years! Can I hear an Amen? (or at least a yee-hah??)

    Isn’t hanging out with family grand? In stark contrast to your snow, we just got back from spending Thanksgiving at Disneyworld with my two girls home from college! Oh, the laughter! It has been, and continues to be, a precious time.

    Blessings beyond measure to the Moores and the Joneses (and Colin, too!!)

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