Some Folks I Really Love

Hey, My Sweet Siestas!
A few days ago I received this picture that someone took in September at the Deeper Still conference. I thought I’d share it with you because it’s got some folks in it I severely love. That’s me and my buddies, Lisa Whelchel and Priscilla Shirer, in the forefront. I am wild about both of them. Priscilla was on the program with Kay and I that weekend (I so wish Kay were in the picture with us!) and Lisa had come to participate, receive a word, and show support for her friends. She, truly, is one of the best friends to people I have ever seen. Priscilla, Lisa, and I are pretty close. (With me that’s a relative term because…well, because of a lot of things, schedules mostly. Quit trying to get me off track here.) We stay as in touch as we can with our crazy schedules. We pray for one another as we travel and speak and usually know what city the other is serving in. Lisa and Priscilla live in the same area and get to be together a lot more than all three of us do, but they embrace me as their buddy and make me feel loved and included in their journeys with Christ.

That fellow in the background of the picture is certainly not in the background of my life. That’s my man and I don’t have to tell you how crazy I am about him. He’s not with me at an event very often because he makes me danged nervous. For the most part, I’ve settled the issue about not needing the approval of a group, but I still struggle with wanting his. And I have it…but sometimes it’s just awkward to have him sitting on that front row and if he says the least critical thing afterward, I’m promptly devastated. You keep getting me off track. Anyway, Keith calls Priscilla, Lisa, and me “Prissy, Sissy, and Missy” and it always makes me laugh.

And, quickly, about that last post on the fashion news: You guys are so much fun. I got a huge kick out of your responses. I’d like to say a three things in response to your responses:

1. I was really moved by the homeschooling mom who asked us to pray for her and said, “I still haven’t figured out if homeschooling is one word or two.” If you happen to be reading today, I just wanted to hug you to pieces. And tell you that you are some kind of woman. Siestas, pray for homeschooling moms today. They have a tough and important job. (If you’re thinking about homeschooling, check out this page on Lisa Whelchel’s web site.)

2. Speaking of being “some kind of woman,” I’d like to respond to our beloved sister who wrote in and said that she was a tomboy and just trying to get a little more comfortable with her own womanhood. As much as I tease about lip gloss and shoes, I want you to know that if you have two X chromosomes, I am your servant. You don’t ever have to put on a pair of capris as long as you live and you’ll still be a real woman to me (far more than that, to CHRIST who created you) and I’ll still feel called to serve you the Word if you’ll let me. To tell you the truth, Christian womanhood is hard for all of us. That’s why we’re doing this thing together. You are welcome here and I love you dearly.

3. That brown jacket several of you asked me about in “Loving Well” was from the store “Forever XXI” (which, of course, we’re not) and you’ll be pleased to know that it was also a steal. BUT, it’s a few years old so I don’t think you’ll find it on the shelf any more. I surely would let you borrow it if I could! I got it in green, too.

Stay in the Word!!! I love you profusely.


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