Hot Off the Press!

WARNING: If you are in a super-serious mood or have totally conquered your superficial side or hate women who like half-prize shoe sales, please read no further…unless you want ammunition.

Oh, the delight that overtook me in my pale pink chenille robe, white fuzzy slippers, and HUGE bedhead this morning when I slipped my Houston Chronicle out of the clear plastic bag and it fell open to the fashion section with these headlines:

Pretty Sizzles, Sexy Fizzles

Get a load of this subtitle: Designers Get Away From Steamy Looks; Now Cute is In

Can I hear a shout of praise?

Here’s just a tidbit of the article: “…something strange has happened with spring 2008 collections: Sex has virtually disappeared. Retailers have used words like ‘pretty,’ ‘cute’ and ‘flirty’ to sum up the looks. ‘Steamy’ and ‘sensual’ have been missing from the lexicon…Cavalli – who has long championed tight leopard prints and plunging necklines – was among those leading the charge. Before his show, he said it was time to rediscover the ‘innocence of a woman.'”

How about that??? Some of us have been saying it for years and, at least for a season, a few designers might be willing to partly agree: we can still dress cute AND (not but) MODEST!

Hallelujah!! Thankfully, my personal Designer already helped me rediscover my innocence (1 John 1:9) but I am mighty glad somebody out there on the runway might have caught on…if just for a second.

PS. And don’t even try to tell me God won’t help you shop if you ask Him. (Thank you, Boomama, for your article on the hunt for Angela Cottrell’s jeans.) And sometimes He’ll help you even if you don’t ask. On the other hand, He’ll also help you leave that frock on the shelf at times. Like when you’re nearly broke or too full of yourself. I’ve noted that God is not always in the mood to go to the mall. But He was in the mood to go with me to Kohl’s discount department store last week. I got such a cute light-weight suit HALF OFF and wore it last night at Bible study. It was $44. What joy! I wore a jacket for $19 two weeks before that from Burlington Coat Factory and was so excited to share the sale with my Tuesday night group that I wore it with the price tag on it.

Okay. I’m done now. And I’m crouching really low because somebody’s going to try to smack me for taking up blog space with this entry and, frankly, I don’t want them smearing my lip gloss.

(If you’d like to see the good fashion news for yourself, go to and look for the fashion section of the October 2nd edition. The paper I opened this morning was actually yesterday’s edition because all I do on Tuesdays is Houston Bible Study! Of course, I’m not sure you can tell that from today. I tell you what. I’ll head back to Esther.)


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