I Say We Pray

Hey, girls! I am so excited right now because (A) It feels somewhat like a
fall day in North Texas! AND (B) My parents are coming to visit this
weekend! Mom has a taping at Life Today, which is not far from my house.
Jackson and I will pick her up from the airport in about 8 hours. But who’s
counting? Jackson is suddenly saying lots of words and I can’t wait for him to
show off for her. Maybe he’ll even say her name this time!

My mom wanted me to ask you if you’d please come alongside her in prayer this
weekend for the taping. She is still amazed over the grace of God to have the
opportunity to serve with James and Betty and is getting to do the very thing
she loves most: encourage people who may never have been to Bible study in
their lives to develop a hunger and thirst to know Christ through Scripture.
She also loves the size of the studio audience and the fact that she can
actually touch the women she’s getting to teach.

In the midst of all these innumerable blessings is a very challenging taping schedule. She will prepare and deliver five different messages in a very short span of time. She also is dealing with a cold that Jackson dropped off at her house a few weeks ago. After going through the rest of the family, it finally landed on her
over the weekend. Please ask God to release her cold, relieve her cough, and
show His glory through her. You can imagine how important that will be on
Friday and Saturday when she is working her throat so hard. Even in normal
health, she is usually a bit hoarse by the end of these tapings. Pray that she will be well, energetic, and best able to serve. Mom told me that the last audience they had at a Life Today taping was her best yet. Please ask God to bring her another group like that one – very participatory and eager to get a Word. May the Spirit fall on them in an incredible way. Thank you so much, sisters. You have no idea how much she loves you. She will be greatly encouraged to know that you are praying.

There’s one other matter of prayer that I’d like to mention. We have an
extended family situation that has been a huge concern for at least five
years. Right now a dearly loved family member is in dire need of
deliverance. It could be getting very close to a life or death situation. I
know the power of your prayers because when you all prayed for my grandpa
earlier this summer, he had a recovery that was nothing short of a miracle. It
was as if Jesus pulled him up off of his death bed and gave him new life. He has not been this strong and joyful in many, many years. He is a sight to see! Praise God! And he cannot stop talking about what God has done for him. All that to say, I
am eager to ask for your prayers on behalf of our other loved one, too. I know our whole family could use an extra portion of faith and peace in the matter. As you all know, it can be hard to persevere in long-term, faith-filled prayer. May He give us all some fresh faith over our circumstances, in Jesus’ name!

Thank you, sisters! Y’all are simply amazing. And isn’t our Father the best?


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