The State Fair of Texas

We are now approaching the State Fair of Texas. You can see the giant Ferris wheel that I will never get on.

This is Big Tex. He waves his hand and talks.

This is the Cotton Bowl. It is a football field that houses the Red River Shootout between t.u. (University of Texas) and Oklahoma every year during the fair.

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. This is the real deal.

We tried not to let the heat steal the joy of our battered and fried hot dogs. Thank God for Dr. Pepper.

The Chevrolet Main Stage. Notice that the stage is decorated with Chevys. Only in Texas.

If you ever went to a school dance in the 90s, you probably slow danced to a Boyz II Men song. And the last dance was most likely to “End of the Road.” Here are the Boyz Now Men.

They sang all our favorites and some classic Motown hits, which my mom and dad would have loved.

We had never been so hot in our lives. Here Curt is splashing some water on our little guy who was a CHAMP that day.

Little Hands on the Farm

Little Farmer Jones and his daddy got to feed chickens, milk a cow, plant carrots and harvest them, pick fruit, shear wool, load it all in a tractor, take it to market, and make a buck. It was all pretend but it was so much fun!

Jackson is buying a treat with the money he made as a farmer.

Bless her sweet heart.

I took this picture for mom because we both love baby donkeys.

130 pictures were taken at the fair on Saturday with my camera. This is one out of three that I appear in. Here I am telling Jackson that a donkey says, “HEE HAW! HEE HAW!”

Big Bird bit a girl’s finger only seconds before we took this. That’s why my boys are way off to the right.

What a fun day! We might have to go back for round two when it gets cooler. My mom was inspired by Big Tex to write this last year. Check it out. I think you’ll be blessed.


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