What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I rocked with my daddy on the porch at the Cracker Barrel in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

I found out that I love cornbread.

I saw the church where Granny grew up. The Lord gave us a rainbow that evening and you might be able to see it in on the left hand side.

I saw one of the houses where Granny used to live. Granny says that their house before this one was the size of a Cracker Jack box. Eight people lived in 1200 square feet. There was much more room in this house and Nanny made it very lovely, but they were house poor.

I saw her old high school.

I saw a sunset she would have loved.

I saw the old movie theater that my great-grandpa ran. It’s no longer a movie theater, but you can tell what it once was.

I played in the rocks and dirt at camp.

Even after I got a bath, the dirt came out of my nose.

I played with basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and baseballs to my heart’s content.

I made a new friend. And he liked putting pebbles on my head.

I picked out the pebbles stuck between my toes.

I rode in the car for many, many hours but I was very good.

I saw Mommy smile when she got her first cup of tea in a week. It wasn’t that good (the sugar settled at the bottom), but it was better than nothing.


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