Praise the Lord for hotels with WiFi! We made it to my mom’s hometown – Arkadelphia, Arkansas, this evening. It was so fun driving through town and searching for all the landmarks I had written down on my list. We found both of my mom’s old houses. I wished for her when we were there because I wanted to know which window was her room and how big the tree in the front yard was when she lived there. It really made me miss my Nanny to see the homes where she raised her family. One of the houses was right across the street from the old high school. Mom and Aunt Gay used to run home during their lunch period and watch As the World Turns with their mom and grandma. Female bonding at its best. We drove down Main Street and saw the building that once housed my grandpa’s movie theater. My mom told me that, of course, her dates always wanted to take her there. I pictured my Uncle Tony working at the ticket window as a preteen. Finally, we made our way to the First Baptist Church, where my mom fell in love with Jesus. There were cars outside and it was apparent they were having their Sunday evening activities. I took the opportunity to wander through the halls for a minute and grab a bulletin for a souvenir. I saw that they were about to have some sort of fellowship meal and I kind of wanted to crash the party! A sweet lady greeted me warmly and I thought it must be a very dear church. There was a Cracker Barrel not far from there and it did not disappoint. My only regret is that I didn’t buy an Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt for Jackson in the gift store. My grandparents would have been proud. When we pulled up to our hotel I told Curt that I still can’t believe I’m old enough to take random trips like this without getting permission from my parents! I’ll be 28 this fall.

I did get to talk to my mom for a few minutes this afternoon. She visited Matthew today. For those of you who don’t know his story, Matthew was on his deathbed when she met him and his mother two years ago in a malnutrition clinic. He was starving, malnourished, and dying. By the time he arrived at the clinic, he was too far-gone to be helped. My mom prayed with him and pleaded for his healing. You may have seen footage of it on LIFE Today. God did a HUGE miracle, to the praise of HIS glory, and Matthew was completely restored! My mom said he just turned five years old and was running all over the place today. I know she had a sweet time with his mother, who believed without a doubt that on that day two years ago, God raised Matthew. We serve one awesome God! Be encouraged as you believe Him for your own miracles, sisters!


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