Thank You

Ladies, thank you so much for your thoughtful, honest, heartfelt responses! There were several times when I just had to stop and pray for all of us as I was reading through them. I’m sure many of you did the same thing. My mom just got home from the Women of Faith pre-conference in Washington, D.C., and she told me she can’t wait to read all of them. Now that we have passed the 400 mark, I’m going to close the comments. Thank you so much for participating!

I have some very exciting news. Today 11,000 women attended the pre-conference event in D.C. We were blown away by that! But that’s not the exciting news I’m talking about. Eight hundred and ninety-three women committed their lives to Christ! Praise Jesus! I cannot even fathom it! We praise God for how He’s using Women of Faith to introduce women to our Savior. I know my mom has been blessed to partner with them this year.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’m going to try to keep my laptop closed as much as possible for the next two days, so I’ll see you Monday.


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  1. 1
    Cindy in Ferndale says:

    Thank you Siesta Mama for the blessing over us, and I do want to say that I feel your pain when we have to retire our favorite pair of Jeans….Oh I know your pain!

  2. 2
    elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    The fact that they still fit after 5 years is a reason for joy, my friend! Give them a good burial. It’s hard to find a good pair of jeans and ones that hang with the changes of “shifting” seasons.


  3. 3
    twinkle says:

    I knew this one was stirring up my soul. God brought you into my thoughts to pray for you and this event at the strangest times. The beginning and towards the end were HUGE battles.
    It has truly been an honor to fight facedown for you, your team and those captives He sets free. He is a Mighty Warrior for His own. How Great Is Our God!

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Oooh I receive that blessing!

  5. 5
    fly baby in OKC says:

    Beth and all:

    It was MY pleasure entirely to have had the opportunity to lift you up in prayer. You have been such a blessing to me and my prayers were that God’s provisions be made abundantly clear to provide the way for you to bless countless others. Thank you for allowing me personally to help by being a miniscule fraction of the concerted efforts to finish the “Breaking Free” tapings. Be blessed and be well!

    GOD IS SO GOOD! :o)

  6. 6
    grayse says:

    GOD BLESs YOU BACK…siesta mama! Isn’t HE awesome? It’s such a priveledge and honor whenever we get to support each other in the family…SO YEAH!!!


  7. 7
    Kim @ My Journey says:

    What an honor it was to pray over this taping. So happy that you are home… must feel so good! And, now for some good sleepin’.

    Bet there were LOTS of puppy kisses too!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    I have faith that you WILL find a new favorite pair of jeans I am sure. I am so glad that you felt the prayers over you with all of your stress lately. I was on some steroids to help with some swelling after back surgery and sure enough I was up at 3 A.M. (because those darn things cause me not to sleep at night)praying then and you can be sure that you are always in them. Love all that you do dear Beth.

    Angie in SD

  9. 9
    pam in sandiego says:

    Praise God for the victory despite the battle and hassles during the taping. I’m so excited in my little southwest corner of the country…southern California, where we don’t have nearly enough Lifeway stores…but my “Esther” study came in the mail yesterday….yipeee I opened it and am holding a treasure, I can tell…can’t wait to start the journey in the Word. thank you Beth, Melissa and Amanda for your diligence in putting it together. you are loved and appreciated…blessings on you…Pam in San Diego

  10. 10
    Ashley Griffin says:

    we love you and it was a honor to pray for you

  11. 11
    Ang baylis says:

    We LOVE you SO much, Beth Moore and are honored to have the opportunity to pray for you! I know my unborn grandchildren will be thanking you one day! I hope you are finally able to get some much deserved rest now that you are done!!! I’m singing “Shackles” as I type this! I’ve never done Breaking Free and am looking forward to doing it in the near future! Thank you SO much for all you do! I’d love to take you shopping for some brand new jeans and get you a Starbucks coffee!
    Angie in Michigan,

  12. 12
    Jan says:

    Hootie hoo Bethie!

    What a privilege to pray for you, girlfriend. So sorry about the jeans. I had to buy a new pair yesterday at Belk’s yesterday. Half off!

    Get Miesta Keith to take you to the mall. Denim, chocolate and Starbucks. What a way to start the weekend.


  13. 13
    Go-Between says:

    Oh Praise God! Indeed what a powerful, liberating message! I almost felt guilty praying for sleep for you cause I thought – What if she needs to be awake?? :)Guess not!
    Praise God for His mighty love toward us!

  14. 14
    Devoted says:

    Oh, NO! Your favorite jeans! It’ll take months to find a replacement. Thank you for your blessing…but thank you more for your ministry! I know you blessed me the past couple of weeks as I have watched you on television. God bless and have a wonderful day of thanksgiving. ~Theresa

  15. 15
    Kelly says:

    It’s a TRUE HONOR to pray for you dear Beth!

  16. 16
    Casey says:

    and we love you. I am so glad to hear that you finished the series and with God showing up to show who was boss. Can’t wait to see them!!!
    great hair day BTW

  17. 17
    Pat in Kansas says:

    I pray you are getting some rest Miss Beth. May God greatly use the updated Breaking Free to defeat the enemy in many more lives.
    So sorry about the jeans–I’m in mourning with you…

  18. 18
    Holly says:

    You are so very welcome, dear Beth. You know I love you so much. And I receive the Isaiah blessing, yes–I am needing that one tonight!!


  19. 19
    Patty says:

    It is always an honor to pray for you, your family, staff and all the siestas!
    I am sorry over your jeans. We all have our favorite pair that we dislike saying goodbye to. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Much love,

  20. 20
    Fran says:

    Well…I must be teary bc your sweet words just meant the world to me tonight Mama Beth. I fought some tears. I don’t know…maybe its just a lot going on in my world so the scripture was straight to the heart.

    Its a complete honor to lift you up to our mighty God. After all you do for us….I just love praying for you.

    Be blessed~

  21. 21
    Cheri-Beri says:

    No, Thank You!! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your ministry through prayer. You love me?? Well, sister, you have no idea how much I love you.

    Sorry about the jeans. I can’t stand jeans so I guess I don’t feel your pain. Had you held up a nice pair of sweats, I might have been rendered speechless!

  22. 22
    Moose Mama says:

    Thank-you for the Blessing!

    Sorry about your jeans. Sniff.

    It was an honor to pray for you.

    I got so used to praying for you at 7am for those 8 days. I looked at the clock this morning at 6:55 and thought “Oooo, I gotta pray for Beth…Oh wait, no I don’t….but then I thought, OH YES I DO!!!”

    Melana in Wyoming

  23. 23
    Ann says:

    Wow, you’ve brought me to tears. I feel so humbled to have prayed for you all.
    Getting to participate in Houston’s spring Breaking Free with you was such an honor, it was the least I could do so this will go world wide once again!
    Rest now. You’ve done well.
    Bless you.
    God is great.

  24. 24
    HisTreasuredPossession says:

    So excited to hear the good news and I’m even more excited to see how the Lord uses this study in REAL people’s lives. May He continue to be glorfied in LPM!!
    Loving you back,

  25. 25
    Andreea says:

    Thank you for that wonderful blessing. You have no idea how much that meant to me. Breaking Free is absolutely amazing. And so are you!!


  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for all that you do to further the kingdom of Christ! And what a kingdom of Siestas it is! I personally can attest to the power that is in Breaking Free since I read the book this summer and I also have the Day by Day I tell you it is good. Our God is so good and thank you Jesus for setting us FREE and placing our feet on the Rock of all ages! You are worthy of praise dear Jesus and thank you Dear God for sending Beth too us and letting her minister to our needs. Praise YOU FATHER, Praise the Son, Praise the Spirit 3 in 1!
    Beth, thank you for making us smile and laugh I really needed that today and what a inspiration you are to each of us and a light to this world that points straight to the feet of JESUS! Saviour and KING!
    I also feel you pain over a good pair of jeans! Don’t jeans just make you feel comfy and down home ready to kick up something! Hopefully you can spot you a new pair maybe even on sale and get them worked in! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Blessings from a girl in SW MO!
    P.S. I just got the book “The Shack” yesterday and have it half read, I am dying to read the rest tonight. What a interesting book and a real eye opener to the wondrousness of our AWESOME GOD.

  27. 27
    Kara says:

    It’s good to see you Beth. Thank you for asking us/me to pray. I found myself praying for you at the strangest times, now I think I see why. I’m glad you’re back. God Bless.

  28. 28
    ForHisGlory says:

    Thank you for that!! I am so grateful you love us as much as we love you!! I was giggling for a moment and wondered if you would like some (awkward) applause as you intro-ed and outro-ed you video clip for us.. J/K just a little Life Today taping humor for you! Double blessings to you this day sweet Beth!!!

  29. 29
    Ouida says:

    Indeed an honor to be a prayer warrior. Thank you for the personal message.. brought a smile and a tear… like a good pair of jeans being retired.

  30. 30
    Abby says:

    hey mama beth
    i have been reading isaiah for almost 2 months now as part of a committment b/w me and the Lord and guess what chapter was today? MMMMM HMMMMMM. same one. love when He does that…

    and GIRL…i have me some hole-y jeans (not to be confused with holy) that i just can’t part with. i guess i’ll take advice from you when the tears and tatters attack THAT region, and retire them ๐Ÿ™‚

    love you to the moon…

  31. 31
    Ashton says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you so much for you and who you are, your transparency. Your Sanguine ways, I love it. You’re always reaching, teaching, helping to bring and encourage all the time. This blog for me does meet me.

    love and blessing to you always.
    (how is that sweet dog?)
    Love always, Allison

  32. 32
    Michelle Bentham says:

    Love you, too! Favorite Jeans are like a good friend, are they not…

    Blessings, Siesta Momma and well done on taking on a fresh Word in your life message. His story in your story… that is truly what it is all about!

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Siesta Beth,

    [Sorry to make this so long, Y’all, but I just can’t help it. The prayer section is so important to me!]

    It is my privilege to pray for you and your ministry !

    God had me busy over this past week, praying over Y’all this time, just because the Holy Spirit was pressing on me, at my “prayer time”, which was 10 p.m. However, there were so many times when I just felt Him hovering over me “telling me” to stop what I was doing right that minute, and pray for the Breaking Free tapings, and the intros and outros, etc. I had no idea why He needed for me to pray for you and your team, yet I knew that the Enemy must have “been on the move” down there.

    And, I know what your first Breaking Free study did for me … God used it in my life SO much ! The Holy Spirit made me work so very hard during those first 3 weeks, studying His Word with Himself with your sweet self [Beth] being my “fellow sojourner” and “guide” made this new Bible student want to learn about God and His Word. But, I realized that I needed to learn about myself, too. And, by the end of the 3rd or 4th week of studying, I knew that “something” was missing in my life, and it wasn’t my family [who lived here in Wisconsin then, too].

    And, shortly thereafter, I found sweet salvation in Christ Jesus !!!

    And, I had purchased the Beloved Disciple music cd prior to that time, and I finally figured out what most of the songs were talking about; especially one called “Saved to Worship”… And, whenever I listen to it, or the song “God of Wonders” on the radio, or otherwise, my hands just go up in worship of my precious Lord and Savior, Jesus. However, that doesn’t work so well when I am driving the car; so I literally have to either turn the song off, or ask the Lord to help me stay focused on driving safely.

    Love, in Christ Jesus,

    Jennifer O.
    Southern Wisconsin
    Prayers ~~

    Thank You dear Jesus, for helping Miss Beth write and pour Your Love and Your Spirit through her to work in my life the way that You did in the first Breaking Free study. And, I thank You for whatever it is that You must have done through this second BF study !!!

    We Love You so much, O Lord! We praise Your Most Holy Name! I so want to praise You for my new life in Christ, Father God! It has been a “roller coaster of faith”, with me holding on with everything that is in me at times, but I have felt Jesus’ presence within me throughout every teeny tiny hardship, and have been trying me very best to “praise You through the storms” of life… Thank You for helping me know that my dear Dad IS in Heaven with You, and that I can now be sure that I WILL see him up in Heaven again someday, by the power of Your blood and grace that You have poured into me through my teeny tiny mustard seed of faith…

    And, I personally thank You for being my Comforter and Prince of Peace over these past several months since You walked my dear Daddy Home to be with You and Father God~

    I want to ask a special blessing over Miss Beth and her team [each and every one of them- You know who they are, Father]… Please bring them all a great sense of peace and joy with this great accomplishment in Your Name. But, I want to ask You to please cover them all with Your most precious LOVE, and bless them for all of their hard work. And, last, but not least, O God, please grant each one of them a bunch of “Sabbath Rest” now, so that they may be refreshed by You, and Your precious Word, and literal sleep, as well.

    In Jesus’ Name, I pray these things, Amen

  34. 34
    Lesley says:

    You are the cutest!

  35. 35
    Jamie F. says:

    Oh, I’m sad for the loss of your favorite jeans. I understand that one! I praise God for His faithfulness to you and the entire crew affiliated with the taping. I’m praying even now that eternity would, in fact, be different for MANY in the coming generation as a result of what took place this week.

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Read this in The One and Only devotional journal today. . .

    Luke 11:22-23 When a strong man, fully armed, guards his estate, his possessions are secure. But when one stronger than he attacks and overpowers him, he takes from him all his weapons he trusted in, and divides up his plunder.

  37. 37
    jennyhope says:

    no weapon forged against that taping prevailed amen! It was so wonderful. I had been struggling in some particular areas and when I came back home from the taping the Lord had done a now work and changed my want to. It was only Him. Praise be to our Rock!! Thank you for being a vessel that God has used to point me to Jesus. I share in your “irritation” but not “tribulation” over those jeans. If I weren’t in the Spirit I might think it was a “tribulation.”

  38. 38
    Becky says:

    Thank you so much for the video and the blessing over us. It is truly up lifting at a time like this. I need to ask if you will keep me in your prayers on the 25th I have to go to the doctor to find out why I fainted in church two weeks ago. I have been feeling better so I know God’s healing hands are upon me.
    Thank you so much for all you do.

    Attalla, AL

  39. 39
    Lynann says:

    Hi Beth,
    I wanted to let you know that it has been an honor to be a prayer warrior for you and your team!! Keep on keeping on my sister. You have blessed me in so many ways, you will never know. So the least I can do is continue to pray for you and your team. The power of prayer is so amazing isn’t it!! I am so glad that the taping went good even though satan fought it all the way(who has the victory) not him. You all are always in my prayers!!!!!
    God bless,

  40. 40
    Taria M. says:

    You have taught us through your lessons that we can have faith during times in which the enemy is seeking to destroy us and our intents! You have shown by example and with love that when we come together to pray for one another, God not only hears us, but He makes things happen. You’re influence and love for all of us siestas is a blessing… and sometimes hearing your love might be the only love we hear that day. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’ll always pray for you… when you’re asking and when you’re not. We love you!

  41. 41
    Kristin in Austin says:

    Dearest Beth,

    Thank you for the “in person” expression of thanks! But honestly, I feel like I should be the one thanking YOU. It was nothing short of the privilege of a lifetime to pray for you as you taped the new “Breaking Free” sessions! I just finished your first “Breaking Free” study today, and cannot WAIT to do the new one!

    I had a dream last night that I was in a Bible Study that you were leading. We were in someone’s living room and it was only about fifteen of us. I know that because of the magnificent expanse of your ministry, this will probably never be possible in this lifetime. But when I woke up this morning, I thought, “Well, maybe someday in Heaven, we’ll get to have small-group Bible Study with Beth and be able to really shoot the breeze with one another!” And coolest of all, Jesus will be right there with us…

    Thanking God Upon Each Remembrance of You,

    Kristin in Austin

  42. 42
    Bridgette says:

    Thank you Beth! Sorry about your jeans! Can’t wait for it to come out. We’re finishing up Daniel this week. WOW! What an awesome God! I praise him for that study! We have learned so much and the ladies in the group..I’ve seen them grow in the last 11 weeks. Some of these ladies came and have never even done a bible study, but they worked so hard and I’m telling you, we have had an awesome time! I’m giving them a cake and ice cream party next week as we finish up! Praising God for you and the ministry team!

  43. 43
    Tara says:

    What a privilege to pray for you, Mama Beth! Praise the Lord that you felt our prayers and that Satan was cast down!

    And I do have to say that I am so sorry about your jeans… it is so hard to retire a good pair of jeans, but a hole in that spot, well a patch can’t fix that one!

    We love you so! Glad to have you back with us in Siestaville:) (We’ve missed your videos since our Summer Bible Study ended- It’s so good to see you face to face again!)

  44. 44
    Miranda says:

    Whew!!!!! God is sooo Good!!!! He supplies our every need according to His riches and Glory! Amen! Amen!

    You’re welcome!!! Blessings Ma’am!! Love ya!!!

    ***Did ya have the jeans on when you discovered the hole? Ha! Now Mrs. Beth.. you’re not suppose to squat or bend over too far in old jeans like that. Ha! *wink*wink*

  45. 45
    DeniseClaire says:

    Thank you so much for making a thank you video. I miss “seeing” you at Bible study this Fall. I cannot attend because of ill health. It is wonderful to hear your voice.

    I hear ya about the jeans. The one pair I’ve been wearing for several years is developing holes along the inseams and all I see in the dept stores are those awful “stretch jeans”. Can’t stand the way they hug so tight. Am gonna try our local ranch store for real 100% cotton jeans!

  46. 46
    Mary says:

    Beth — thank you for the blessing and the thank you from you. (Hmmm, does that even make sense?)
    Anyway, as one of the Siesta at the taping what an amazing blessing it was to sit through this taping and to relive this study with you. God truly used this time to prepare me for His plan and will for my life.

    I’m so excited I just want to Stomp!

  47. 47
    Laura Beth Fletcher says:

    Several years ago, one of my favorite pastors, taught me that ususally when the Lord brings someone to your mind, it's not coincedence, it's a prompting to pray for that person. It's a privelage to pray for you and LPM each time the Lord brings you to my mind!
    I can understand your sadness about your jeans, but on the bright side…I guess now you can go shopping for new jeans!
    During this season of gratitude & Always, I'm thankful for you and LPM!
    Love you too!
    Laura Beth

  48. 48
    Maria Cristina says:


  49. 49
    Karen says:

    And I thank you…for encouraging me to become more than I ever thought I could be. You have blessed me in more ways than you can ever know. Praying for you today…

  50. 50
    fuzzytop says:

    Thank you Beth! What a privilege it is to serve in prayer.

    Now you’ll have to find yourself a new pair of jeans (citizens of humanity???) and spend the next couple of years breaking them in. A siestas just got to have some comfy jeans, right???


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