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My mom has been tucked away in her favorite mountain range for some concentrated time with her new b.f.f. Esther. She’s only had dial-up Internet there (gasp!) and for some reason she hasn’t been able to get to the blog. Oh, the horror! Thankfully, she’s on her way back to civilization today.

Our intention for this blog is not to promote products, but a couple of people have asked how they can access the lessons where Beth talked about the husbands survey. Beth used the results in two sessions of her Wising Up Bible study: “How Wisdom Looks on a Wife” and “Wisdom for a Woman’s Sexuality.” Wising Up consists of Parts One, Two, Three, and Four, each on separate DVDs. Each DVD contains three lessons. So for all of you who, like me, hate math, that’s twelve lessons total. (Right?) The set has been packaged in such a way that you can buy each DVD separately. Part Three is the one you’re looking for. It contains the following lessons: How Wisdom Looks on a Wife, Wisdom for a Woman’s Sexuality, and Wisdom for Moms.

I’m really excited about this series. I’m planning on using the twelve lessons this fall with my college girls. It does not have a workbook that goes with it, so I think it may interest some of our students who are in over their heads with school work and can’t commit to 45 minute lessons every day. Although I have been amazed by how willing they are to do the studies.

I’m also thinking about inviting some of my married girlfriends over on three separate nights to watch Part Three. Or we might get a little crazy and go stay in a fun hotel somewhere and have our own little retreat! We can watch the three videos in between games of Uno, shopping, and sleeping. That sounds heavenly to me!

If you’d like to get your hands on one or all of the DVDs, you can find them on our Living Proof web site in the online store. They’re located under “New Products.” This is what they look like:

I promise you won’t hear me talk about a product again for a while!


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