Last week I got a package in the mail from Diane, our lovely and wonderful resource manager at LPM. When I opened the package I was so excited to find Mandisa Hundley’s new book, Idol Eyes. Most of you probably know that Mandisa sang on the Living Proof Live praise team before she became a contestant on American Idol. I started reading the book on Saturday and Curt had to rip it out of my hands to get me to do anything else. I finally got to finish it last night. I loved it! Here’s why…

Every question I had, she answered. I’m not a big American Idol fan (although I was while she was on the show), but when I’ve watched it I’ve always wondered about the behind-the-scenes process. Now I feel so in the know!

Mandisa took the opportunity to be very transparent about her life and her walk with the Lord. I imagine it wasn’t easy to open up about her deepest struggles, disappointments, and traumas. However, she is going to be rewarded with some major plunder! (Breaking Free, anyone?)

The pages are peppered with Scripture and filled with things God was showing her throughout her journey. I was challenged, blessed, and built up reading so much truth. If I were not yet a believer and I picked up this book, I would come face-to-face with God’s love and care for me, with the fact that He undeniably answers prayers, and with the message of His salvation. She communicates her faith gently and thoroughly.

I got to marvel at the wonderful works God has done through our sister Mandisa. It was so exciting to see how God numbered her steps toward American Idol and how He’s using her now. It reminded me that God has a plan for me, too. And whatever that plan may be, the highs and lows are designed to bring Him praise and to develop His character in me.

Thanks, Mandisa! Please excuse me now, I have to go find my “Mandiva” t-shirt.


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