A Word from Camp Bigs

The summer session of Camp Bigs (the official name of Camp Granny) 2007 is off to a great start. Just a few of our camp activities are as follows: Hide and seek with lots of squealing when we find each other, chase around the kitchen and the den, swimming in the baby pool (or the dog water depending on whether or not the Camp Director remembers to pick it up quickly enough), singing songs (my latest was a rousing rendition of “That Jackson Has Some Dirty Pants” to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”). Camp Counselor Melissa put in a full day with us yesterday and we expect her sometime soon today. Camp Cook Keith is sure to do a great job as soon as he returns from his fishing trip tonight. He dropped by the Kroger and got a kitchen full of groceries on the way home from his golf tournament last night.

We only heard from Camper’s mother five times from the airport. They’ve done much better since they reached the resort. Apparently a lot of parents had their little campers with them at the airport inadvertently causing some temporary emotional flair ups.

Some have asked about how much it costs to go to Camp Bigs. This is how Camp Bigs is paid:
1. In as many slobbery kisses as the executive director can talk out of her camper.
2. In cackling laughter because the camper thinks his grandparents are so funny.
3. In happy mornings because the executive director thinks nothing on earth is cuter than a toddler in his jammies.
4. In oodles of cuddles when the camper accidentally falls asleep in the executive director’s arms with his blanket.

Yep. The first annual session of Camp Bigs is off to a tremendous start. The executive director is going to try to keep you posted if her camper will let her. They are busy bees but they will hopefully occasionally come in for a landing.

PS. I have never moderated comments before but I’m going to try as often as I can this week. Camper’s mom left me written instructions and Camp Counselor Melissa is going to help me on break time. I was very amused by the addendum to Amanda’s instructions: “Mom, don’t post critical or ugly comments. That’s not what we’re doing on this blog.” Critical or ugly comments from my very own Siestas???? Surely NOT! Those could only come from Siesta posers! Real Siestas encourage one another and laugh and cry together – even when they don’t see eye to eye – because they know all the while that the other is very imperfect and weak in her natural self but that she gets beaten up a plenty by this world. This blogspot is a great spot for taking a Siesta from the ways of this mean world and finding a little happy shelter in the storm. Thank you for being that for me so many times. You have made me laugh and think and smile and tear up over and over again. I’m absolutely crazy about you. Well, Camper got up a tad early this morning and may need a little time in his bunk. Oh, man. I am so in love with the little dude I can hardly stand it.


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