Five Years

I should be packing right now, but I’m stopping in to say Hasta luego! This weekend Curtis and I are dropping off Jackson at Camp Granny and then we’re off to a Mexican beach for five days. Why, you ask? On June 15 we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary! Praise God!

I think we’re more excited about this trip than we were for our honeymoon. And needless to say, we were very excited about that. Maybe it’s because we’re not planning a party for 600 of our closest friends before we go. We have been working out and trying to eat right since January and now we get to enjoy being as beach-worthy as we were willing and able to get. And I do not plan on dieting on my vacation. Thank You, Jesus!

So if the Lord brings us to mind, pray that Camp Granny will be really fun for camper Jackson, camp director/camp cook Pappaw, head counselor Granny, and co-counselor Melissa. We are praying for great weather and for no crises to pop up at home while we’re gone. We’re also asking God for a really fun and meaningful time as we just concentrate on each other and celebrate how far we’ve made it in the marathon of marriage. Not far compared to many of you, but you have to pass five before you get to twenty!

My mom will probably have some good stories to tell next week, but your comment moderator is going to be far, far away from a computer. When your comments don’t show up, that’s why.

And I didn’t tell you this, but someone you love very much has a very special birthday on the 16th. Shhhhh. Don’t let on that I told.

Curtis and Amanda – June 15, 2002


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