Finally, A Moderation I Can Do!

I’m so excited! I moderated! Amanda will be so proud! Believe me when I tell you that moderation has never been my strong suit. Keith and I always say there’s a reason why our last name is Moore. Maybe I’ve finally found a moderation I can actually do! I think I accidentally lost a few posts in my learning process but most of them made it! If yours didn’t, please forgive your well-meaning, much lacking Siesta.

Newest update: Today the executive director of Camp Bigs took every single camper she had (registration: one) on a field trip to a mall that has a preschool play-yard. We had the most fun! Most of the kids were older than Camper so he tried to act extra big in order to fit in. He ran as fast as his little legs would carry him and climbed as high as Camp Director would let him and talked in his own toddler-speak as loud as he could as if everyone could understand him. (I could use the granny gift of interpretation this week.) He was so darling, I could have eaten him for lunch but he and I both were too full of Sonic. He was so worn out when the Camp Bigs bus pulled out of the parking lot that I couldn’t keep him awake. Since Camper never takes a nap if he’s had the least wink in the car, his afternoon nap consisted of twelve minutes. It’s liable to be a long evening. Grin. Then again, that’s what grandparents are for.

It’s just about time for camp swim time so I better get going. (That means the temperature in Houston has dropped below 120 degrees in the shade.) Now I wish I’d had time to get a new spray-on tan yesterday. Last week’s is fading a bit but have no fear. Tomorrow’s a new day and a new tan. By this time, I bet Camper’s mommy is getting a real live one on the beach! Thanks for doing life with us, Siestas! I so enjoyed your comments. I love loving Jesus with you! More from Camp Bigs tomorrow!


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