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A Word from Camp Bigs

The summer session of Camp Bigs (the official name of Camp Granny) 2007 is off to a great start. Just a few of our camp activities are as follows: Hide and seek with lots of squealing when we find each other, chase around the kitchen and the den, swimming in the baby pool (or the dog water depending on whether or not the Camp Director remembers to pick it up quickly enough), singing songs (my latest was a rousing rendition of “That Jackson Has Some Dirty Pants” to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”). Camp Counselor Melissa put in a full day with us yesterday and we expect her sometime soon today. Camp Cook Keith is sure to do a great job as soon as he returns from his fishing trip tonight. He dropped by the Kroger and got a kitchen full of groceries on the way home from his golf tournament last night.

We only heard from Camper’s mother five times from the airport. They’ve done much better since they reached the resort. Apparently a lot of parents had their little campers with them at the airport inadvertently causing some temporary emotional flair ups.

Some have asked about how much it costs to go to Camp Bigs. This is how Camp Bigs is paid:
1. In as many slobbery kisses as the executive director can talk out of her camper.
2. In cackling laughter because the camper thinks his grandparents are so funny.
3. In happy mornings because the executive director thinks nothing on earth is cuter than a toddler in his jammies.
4. In oodles of cuddles when the camper accidentally falls asleep in the executive director’s arms with his blanket.

Yep. The first annual session of Camp Bigs is off to a tremendous start. The executive director is going to try to keep you posted if her camper will let her. They are busy bees but they will hopefully occasionally come in for a landing.

PS. I have never moderated comments before but I’m going to try as often as I can this week. Camper’s mom left me written instructions and Camp Counselor Melissa is going to help me on break time. I was very amused by the addendum to Amanda’s instructions: “Mom, don’t post critical or ugly comments. That’s not what we’re doing on this blog.” Critical or ugly comments from my very own Siestas???? Surely NOT! Those could only come from Siesta posers! Real Siestas encourage one another and laugh and cry together – even when they don’t see eye to eye – because they know all the while that the other is very imperfect and weak in her natural self but that she gets beaten up a plenty by this world. This blogspot is a great spot for taking a Siesta from the ways of this mean world and finding a little happy shelter in the storm. Thank you for being that for me so many times. You have made me laugh and think and smile and tear up over and over again. I’m absolutely crazy about you. Well, Camper got up a tad early this morning and may need a little time in his bunk. Oh, man. I am so in love with the little dude I can hardly stand it.


Five Years

I should be packing right now, but I’m stopping in to say Hasta luego! This weekend Curtis and I are dropping off Jackson at Camp Granny and then we’re off to a Mexican beach for five days. Why, you ask? On June 15 we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary! Praise God!

I think we’re more excited about this trip than we were for our honeymoon. And needless to say, we were very excited about that. Maybe it’s because we’re not planning a party for 600 of our closest friends before we go. We have been working out and trying to eat right since January and now we get to enjoy being as beach-worthy as we were willing and able to get. And I do not plan on dieting on my vacation. Thank You, Jesus!

So if the Lord brings us to mind, pray that Camp Granny will be really fun for camper Jackson, camp director/camp cook Pappaw, head counselor Granny, and co-counselor Melissa. We are praying for great weather and for no crises to pop up at home while we’re gone. We’re also asking God for a really fun and meaningful time as we just concentrate on each other and celebrate how far we’ve made it in the marathon of marriage. Not far compared to many of you, but you have to pass five before you get to twenty!

My mom will probably have some good stories to tell next week, but your comment moderator is going to be far, far away from a computer. When your comments don’t show up, that’s why.

And I didn’t tell you this, but someone you love very much has a very special birthday on the 16th. Shhhhh. Don’t let on that I told.

Curtis and Amanda – June 15, 2002



These are the only two pictures I took at camp. My child is a hunter and gatherer of pens. He was oblivious to the ink in his mouth. But when I took the pen away, an F5 tantrum blew through the room. At least it helped me get a good shot of his mouth.

Beth and some of our LPM girls are on their way to the Women of Faith pre-conference in Ft. Lauderdale today. She will do five of these before the end of the year. Since our Living Proof Live friends are not involved, I’m not sure what kind of recap we will have for these events. We might have to adjust our expectations. Rich set the bar pretty high with those videos!

*Edited to add: Ironically, it looks like all of our YouTube videos have disappeared. I have no clue what happened but I will try to get it figured out. Pray for me!


A Camp Do-Over

Don’t you love it when God gives you a do-over? He has graciously given me MANY do-overs, and my most recent was at camp last week. This camp was for the church I grew up in – where I got saved, where I got married, where I interned in college, and where I served with my husband for our first year of marriage. Last year we kicked off our summer with this very same camp. Curt had been invited to be the camp speaker and we were so honored and excited. Since college, I had been at that camp as a co-counselor and then as a counselor with my eighth grade Sunday School girls. I was used to running around with my middle school girls, getting really muddy on the rec field, enjoying worship and the Word, and getting to witness God’s work in the hearts of these kids. Some of my favorite memories happened there. I always left with a new picture of God in my mind and joy in my heart.

When I returned last year as a nursing mom of a three-month-old, it was just a little different! Now my eighth graders were all grown up and old enough to be co-counselors. The baton had been passed. It rained the entire time and Jackson and I were largely confined to our room. It seemed like just when the sun came out or something fun or meaningful started to happen, it was time to go back to my room and feed him or let him nap. I was still very new to motherhood and my insides were still grasping for my old freedoms. That is a frustrating time for new moms. Once that dies it’s a lot easier. I was also struggling with being around old friends with my new baby for the first time. I wanted to look like I had this motherhood thing down. Ha! Even if that were true, I was so thrown off by the rhythms of camp that any semblance of having it together was out the window.

Needless to say, camp was a struggle. Isolation and self-pity set in and I became what I hate most in myself…the needy wife. Just what every camp speaker needs, right? Gross! I’d been defeated.

When Curt was invited back this year I was determined not to go with him. I had one of my best friends praying for me because I was having such a hard time with the thought of going back. God worked on my heart and I eventually changed my mind.

I’m so thankful that God gave us the opportunity to go back this year. I still didn’t get to play on the rec fields, have meaningful conversations with kids, or experience much of worship and the Word, but my heart was different. I decided to enjoy fellowship with old friends rather than use that time to “prove myself.” I decided to let my husband be free and not make him feel guilty for having fun when I had to be in the room. I decided to take advantage of Jackson’s nap time and early bed times and catch up on sleep and some good reading. God gave me victory over self-pity, over the desire for old freedoms, over isolation, and over being a needy wife. He redeemed the personal failure that last year was for me. I walked away with joy and not shame. Praise be to our God who loves to redeem, who loves to get glory through second chances.

To our delight, my parents got to swing by camp on their way home from the Life Today taping. The 400-something of you who commented on the PMS post might be relieved to know that they seemed as happy as ever. He must have called. And Mom’s probably getting really excited about her own do-over in a few weeks.


Comments Galore

Hi ladies! I’m back from camp. We had the best time! I wanted to tell you that when I checked the blog comments yesterday there were over 400 of them. It will take me a while to read them all, so if you don’t see yours right away don’t be concerned. Thanks for your patience. I’m disabling comments for this post so that I can catch up. Have a great Monday!