A Glimpse of God in Omaha

Oh, my gracious! Thank you so much for praying for us as we gathered in expectation of a Jesus-show in Omaha, Nebraska. (I had prayed this acronym over Omaha after I arrived: Omnipotent Merciful Advocate Here Appear. I believe with all my heart – despite human frailties and inadequacies – that He did.) I fell head over heels in love with those women and their lean-forward and grab the seed out of the air attitude. I challenged them to memorize a (hard and wordy) verse and they screamed it out with holy passion over and over. Now, that’s my kind of group! (I never have a group I don’t end up crazy about but this was one of those that came to meet with Jesus and wasn’t leaving without a revelation.) I don’t know about the 6000 others but this woman right here had her own personal God encounter. I came to this event with a battered heart from an onslaught of hurts and God had profuse mercy on my sad soul. (Please don’t get distracted by that. All of us have hurts. You might just say a prayer for me and for my extended family then leave it to our faithful Father. You and I have plenty of others to pray for who are hanging on by a thread.) I’ve already seen several requests for the commissioning we did at the conclusion of the event so I’ll include it below. I often get the ladies in pairs at the very end, ask them to look each other straight in the eye and call each other to faithfulness as we prepare to take on our worlds once again. The commissionings are always different because they reflect the Scriptural subject matter. This one was based on our three sessions out of Philippians 4:4-13. Even if you weren’t there in Omaha with us, you might read those verses then grant me the privilege of speaking these challenges over you, Darling One. I love you dearly.

Beloved, in the Name of Jesus
I commission you
To rejoice in the Lord always
And again I say rejoice.
Stop worrying about everything!
Dump your anxiety
And start praying like mad.
Start thinking about
What you’re thinking about!
Start feeding your spirit
And stop feeding your flesh.
Never forget the true Secret:
Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!
You, Dear One, have the supernatural CAN DO!
Now, believe God
And turn your CAN DO
You are NOT a wimp.
You are a warrior.
In the Name and power of Christ
Go out there and act like one.


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