Day Two

Ladies, the Lord is answering your prayers! Day two was a success. They were able to film 5 out of 7 sets of intros and outros for Psalms of Ascent. It was huge that they were able to knock so much out. It will give them some breathing room in case something unexpected happens later. It was also important because the Sabbath began at sundown. Pretty much everything shuts down until it’s over. When I went to Israel with my mom ten years ago, I saw that the elevators in the hotel stopped on every floor so that you wouldn’t have to press a button and do work on the Sabbath. So yeah, the Sabbath is serious business.

Day three will be spent outside of Jerusalem where they will be able to get more done. They will start filming for Esther at the start of the the Feast of Purim (sunset March 3 – nightfall March 5). I didn’t realize it, but they planned the trip for this exact time so they could be in Israel during this feast.

Their guide is actually an important and very well-loved person in the Israeli army. Mom said being in his company makes people think they are diplomats, which is very amusing to me. Do diplomats carry twelve pink lipsticks in their purses?

One cool answer to prayer is that my very claustrophobic dad did well when he had to go with the crew into some kind of ancient tunnel. When I was a kid he took me to the Sonora Caverns in West Texas and, bless his heart, he had to leave halfway through. So this was no small feat! You would not have known to pray for that, but the Holy Spirit did!

Mom asked me to tell you that she loves you very much and she thanks you for your intercession. It has been several hours since we spoke and I can’t remember the exact words she used, but I think they included sweet, darlin, precious, and beloved. Know that you are loved!

By the way, there are 2,000 of you praying for this trip. What an army! What does God have in store that He enlisted so many people to pray?


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