Day One

I was so excited to get to talk to my mom today. Those of you who have been to Israel know that the security setup at Ben Gurion Airport is rather challenging after a long flight. My parents hadn’t slept and sadly looked upon the long line they were going to have to wait in to have their bags searched. Then they noticed someone who was there to escort some lucky person out of the line into a private security area. The escort was holding a sign and before long they realized it said “Keith and Beth Moore.” Want He more praise? They were thrilled, to say the least.

The slept briefly and then headed out for a day of work. I think they did more preparation than actual filming. They ran into several Bible study sisters who were on pilgrimage in Jerusalem. That was probably a lot of fun. When I talked to her she was getting ready to get a good night’s sleep. They should be waking up about 10 p.m. our time to get ready for a day of filming. She does not have a female assistant with her to make sure she has every piece of her wardrobe, hairdo equipment, and other necessary things, so please pray that God causes her to remember to bring everything she needs without packing the whole hotel room. Maybe the anointing for that will fall upon my dad.

I wish I had more details for you, but we spent a lot of the time talking about the fact that today was Jackson’s first day at Mother’s Day Out! He’s in a class with children who are a little older than him, so we were eager to discuss how he would do with them. I mean, they sit in little chairs to eat their lunch and they take naps on the floor! My baby has never done those things! But his teachers said he did great and was happy the whole time. There was a little note in his bag telling me what all he had done today. (Even what time he’d had a dirty diaper. That is thorough, people!) I was ridiculously proud and happy reading that he’d had a great day. That’s going in the baby book for sure!


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