Sunny and Simulcasts

You guys are so wonderful. I could not believe how sweetly you responded to my worries about Sunny. Even those of you who weren’t dog freaks! Now, that’s true sisterhood! No doubt due to your prayers (I actually didn’t have the guts to outright ask for them), that little dickens rallied a tad. (God probably responded most to the prayers of the sister who said she had never prayed for a dog before. You guys have no idea the kinds of things we’re asked to pray about at LPM. And we do, grinning ear to ear at times.) Sunny smiled so much yesterday and today that she nearly looked like a cartoon character. Then, when I threw on my walking shoes this morning, she danced around to show me she wanted to go. The vet won’t let us take her on our three mile walks anymore because of her arthritis so I took her on a pseudo-walk for only about five minutes. The weather was so beautiful in Houston today that I also stayed home to write from my back porch so you can imagine she was in dog-heaven. Beanie, our birddog, came home today with Keith after both of them had been at the hunting lease for a week. Our young girl always helps bring our old girl back to life. Honestly, Sisters, I wasn’t just overreacting. Sunny has been so lethargic and out of character that I thought I was going to find her lifeless every time I looked for her. I think maybe she’s back for a while. I’ll keep you posted (if you can handle it.) Thanks for humoring me with my dog loves.

And about the simulcast in February, I am so thrilled to hear from some of you who are going to participate! I do not take lightly the opportunity to serve you. Amanda helped me decide on Green Acres Baptist in Tyler, Texas for the location. We had a list of big cities the publisher had given us to choose from with all these familiar big-name churches (many of which I love dearly). Amanda and I scrolled down the list where we found some of the smaller locations, and she said, “How can we resist Tyler, Texas?” And I said, “We can’t.” Anyway, let me tell you something, Sisters. Towns like Tyler, Conroe, Eagle Lake, Wharton, and Victoria supported this ministry with invitations for all manner of luncheon and banquet for a mighty long time when nobody else could stand to hear such a thick accent. It’s only fitting that God would sustain a very soft spot in my heart for Texas towns and tug me back to my roots. This is where I started and I have little doubt this is where I’ll finish out. No matter where you call home, however, I am looking so forward to serving any of you at the simulcast. Travis Cottrell, our dear friend and co-laborer in the Gospel, will lead the music so you will undoubtedly be blessed by him. That’s enough for now! I am enjoying our blog relationship! (Which reminds me, one of our LPM staff members responded to something funny that happened the other day by saying, “Beth, you need to put that on our blob!” As serious as a heart attack. We died. Suffice it to say, this mode of communication is new to some of us.)


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