I’ve got to tell you guys something. God has done an amazing thing through this ridiculous blob. (please see story below) He is blessing me with CONNECTION! You have no idea how huge this is. My biggest battle with the growth of the ministry in the last five years has been the isolation it caused. Many of the events grew too large to even make eye contact with numbers of people in the audience and I certainly could no longer hang around afterwards and hug people’s necks like I used to. My prayer is that God is greatly glorified by more and more women seeking Him through His Word. I want His goals reached. Not mine. At the same time, I am a dyed-in-the-wool people person and the growth left a vacuum. My worst nightmare is to lose touch with real people with real lives and real stories and a VERY REAL GOD. They incite a Spirit-riot in me that I love and NEED. Many of the letters that come in our official correspondence here at the ministry are too long for me to get to handle and my precious, capable staff has to help me but I can handle these one-paragraph-long notes of yours. (Let’s try to keep them fairly concise so I can keep up! Please!) I can also respond generally instead of writing each one back. These entries only take me a few minutes so I can still tend to what God has called me to do. Meanwhile, this little form of interaction back and forth has come as the most amazing, unexpected gift. Amanda, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to do this by promising you’d do it with me so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. I am so filled with joy, I could dance. Thanks, partner.


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