LPL Toledo (Simulcast) Recap!


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  1. 1
    Courtney B Burnside says:

    701 Chicora Rd.Holy Toledo, God shed His grace on thee… thank you all Toledoans for hosting the lpm team, what a blessing this simulcast is to all of us!!! Love and Prayers, you are a wonder, woman!!! xoxo love&prayers xoxo cb

  2. 2
    Vickey Hammer says:

    I walked out of LPM simulcast impowered. Thank you for reminding me of so many things that are important to cultivate in myself. Thank you. There is a place where I can be refreshed.

  3. 3
    Lyn says:

    Will we please be able to get a copy of the commissioning?

  4. 4
    Karen says:

    I would love a copy of the words Beth had us say to our partner at the end of the day! They so perfectly captured what we had learned through her sessions and I would love to have them to say to my daughters who were not with me for the viewing. My spirit was renewed and I appreciate everyone at LP for all the work and prayers that went into this event.

  5. 5
    Janice Barber says:

    Janice W Barber, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

    Psalm 51:18 NIV

    May it please you to prosper Zion,
    to build up the walls of Jerusalem.

  6. 6
    Debra Savage says:

    I would like a copy of the commissioning as well.

    Thank you!

  7. 7
    Kimberly Wilder says:

    WELL WELL WELL My table of ladies were truly blessed not only from Beth’s teaching but from the always fabulous Travis Cottrell and his Worship team. Please add me to the list of ladies requesting a copy of the commissioning. My table ladies and I are also looking forward to discovering the new country FLORDIA. haha

  8. 8
    melissa says:

    I was blessed by the simulcast and would love to have the words to the commissioning.

  9. 9
    Karen Wade says:

    Please send me a copy of the commissioning. THANK YOU. KAREN WADE

  10. 10
    Jill Smith says:

    I too would like a copy of the commissioning. Thank you so much to all of you who work so hard behind the scenes. It does not go unnoticed

  11. 11
    Carolyn says:

    Please send me a copy of the commissioning. Thank you

  12. 12
    Debbie says:

    This was so meaningful to me. I am re-watching it to confirm the insights. Thank you so much for the hard work that went into preparing for this event. And thank you, Toledo!
    If it’s not too much trouble, I would love the commissioning also. Such great words to live out in the coming days.

  13. 13
    Sonna Evans says:

    Sonna, Modesto CA. “So then, those who had received his word were baptized; and that day there were added about three thousand souls.” Acts 2:31 NASB

  14. 14
    Teresa says:

    I was at the morning session then had to go to a wedding.. Will be watching the entire event through Lifeway simulcast. Thanks so much for pouring yourselves into Toledo..we have been truly blessed through the whole experience and a little more changed by our Lord Jesus Christ! Would you email me the commissioning please? Thankful!

  15. 15
    Judy says:

    Please send me a copy of the 2017 simulcast commissioning. Always blessed by all that Living Proof puts into your work, thank you for making yourselves available to the Lord for His purposes. Blessings to you all!

  16. 16
    Desiree says:

    Hi, I would love a copy of the 2017 simulcast commissioning.

  17. 17
    Tammy says:

    May I please get a copy of the Simulcast commissioning? Thank you so much

  18. 18
    Ann Edlund says:

    Can I get a copy of the 2017 simulcast commissioning?

  19. 19
    Tammy says:

    Would you please send me a copy of the Simulcast commissioning. Thank you so much.

  20. 20
    Carla says:

    Could I please also get a copy of the commissioning? Thank you.

  21. 21

    My husband Daniel and I are from France. We moved to the US three years ago and live in Crossville, Tennessee, close to our son Oliver and his family.
    I watched the Simulcast at home but myself. It was a wonderful experience! I have been watching them for several years, with others when I could join a church, or by myself when it was not possible. I even watched them several times from France.
    Could I please receive a copy of the commissioning? Thank you very much.

    • 21.1
      Media says:

      Hi Francoise! We’re so glad you were able to join us for Simulcast this year. And how wonderful that you’ve even watched from France! A copy of the commissioning has been sent to your email.

  22. 22
    Sallie Russ says:

    The Simulcast from Toledo was excellent! Thank you for all the preparation and hard work you all put in so we on the other side of the screen in South Carolina could view it. Could you please send me aa copy of the ending remarks Mrs. Beth had us speak with our partners/friends at the closing? Thank you so very much!

    Love, Sallie Russ

  23. 23
    Maria says:

    I too would like a copy of the commissioning please. Thank you so much for loving the Lord outloud ! I’ve been blessed for many years by your ministry. Thank you.

  24. 24
    Courtney Bethany says:

    Thanks Team LPM, for the Toledo Event, please send me the commissioning, Blessings to you! love&prayers xoxo cb

  25. 25
    Sissy says:

    Good morning, could I please get a copy of the commissioning also. I would love to read it to my adult daughters. Please be in prayer for our family. We are feeling a shaking up of everyone. I know as their mom that it is needed and okay I just want healing for everyone and us all to stay connected. Thank you

  26. 26
    Stephanie says:

    Could I please have a copy of the commissioning as well? Thank you so much! The simulcast was a very enriching time!

  27. 27
    Rebecca Krebs says:

    I had a BLAST today viewing the Toledo simulcast at my church!!!!! Could I please get a copy of the commissioning prayer?

  28. 28
    Stephanie says:

    Can I please get a copy of the commissioning from the captivated simulcast from September 16, 2017? Thank you

  29. 29
    Kathy Freshwater says:

    Revelation 21:2 (NIV)

    I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

    Vonore, TN

  30. 30
    Cheryl R says:

    Good morning
    Can I get a copy of the Commission please.
    And thank you for all the prayers, love and hard that went
    Into simulcast .

  31. 31
    Sarah Kortright says:

    A small group of us from around Eglin AFB in FlorDIA want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And… could I please get a copy of the commissioning?

  32. 32
    Christy says:

    Thank you for a wonderful simulcast once again. Would love a copy of the comissioning as well! Thanks so much!!!

  33. 33
    Amanda says:

    I would like a copy of the commissioning, please.

  34. 34
    Wendy Karabensh says:

    Wendy from Vero Beach:
    do not be foolish,
    but understand what the Lord’s will is.”
    Ephesians 5:17

  35. 35
    Connie campbell says:

    I couldn’t be in Toledo but am looking forward to viewing the simulcast with a small group of ladies from my Bible study tomorrow. I have a collection of commissionings from previous LPL events and am sure I will want this one as well. Plus I would love to send it home with my friends at the end of our viewing.

  36. 36
    Leanne Hermann says:

    What a wonderful word from God! Just finished watching the 2017 simulcast! Perfect! Would love to have a copy of the commission. Thank you, and may the Lord continue to bless LPL ministry! See you in Boone, NC, March 2018!!!

    • 36.1
      Media says:

      Hi Leanne! A copy of the commissioning has been sent to your email. So glad you will be joining us in NC next year!

  37. 37
    Cher Goeder says:

    As a member of the Toledo event prayer team, what a joy it was to watch what God did to bring so many women together to worship Him and sit under the teaching of His magnificent Word through Beth. I’d like to publicly say, “Thank You, Lord, for answering our prayers prayed for over a year in anticipation of what You would do in our city.” We know it was no accident that Beth chose to come to Toledo and we yearn to be known as Holy Toledo once again. Thank You, Beth, Travis, & your team for coming to our city. Please come back again! Praying for the LPL event in California this weekend – as we did for Toledo – “God,May You do more than we can even think or imagine to ask. Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence and all the wonders You will choose to reveal. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and help us not to miss a single evidence of You. Help us to represent You well to those You bring alongside of us on our life journey.” Cher Goeder, Toledo, OH

  38. 38
    April Henderson says:

    I would love to watch the simulcast. I saw on Beth’s Facebook page a link to watch it with a digital pass. How would i go about getting one? Or whats the best way to watch it now?
    Also may I have a copy of the commissioning?

    April Henderson

  39. 39
    Staci Minneci says:

    Our church just showed the simulcast today. Would it be possible to get a copy of the commission still?
    Thank you so much,
    Staci Minneci

  40. 40


  41. 41
    Sandy Bowers says:

    I would love to have a copy of Beth’s recitation from the Simulcast. It was so beautiful. Is there a way to get it? (Not the commission we spoke, but the reading Beth did.)

  42. 42
    Kelli Mewborn says:

    Loved seeing Beth in Toledo. May I get a copy of the Commissioning?

  43. 43
    Barb says:

    Thank you Ms. Beth and everyone who made LPL Simulcast happen, it has been my morning worship time for the last week and so hit home, right where I needed it!! I would appreciate a copy of the commissioning if possible!! Thank you!

  44. 44
    Trisha says:

    Can I also get an email with the Commissioning. Thank you!

  45. 45
    Kim Detwiler says:

    May I also have a copy of the commissioning from this year’s simulcast?

  46. 46
    Amy says:

    May I have a copy of the poem Beth read at the end of the September 2017 Simulcast?

    • 46.1
      Media says:

      Hi Amy! We apologize for the late response. We just received approval to give Beth’s poem from Simulcast, so be watching for a copy to come to you soon via email. Thank you for your patience!

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