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  1. 1
    Shannon says:

    I was at this LPL and it was life changing for me. Is there any way that we could get a copy of the final benediction that Beth had us say over each other? Thanks!!

  2. 2
    Meagan says:

    What a great weekend in the word! Thank you, Beth! And I love the ending to the video, precious!

  3. 3
    Fran Plott says:

    Love love love this and cannot wait to be a part of LPL Mobile soon!

    I couldn’t quite make put the comment that was so hilarious at the end, “I love how you —–”
    I thought she said teach, but that couldn’t be right….what was it?

  4. 4
    Dana Abee says:

    Thank you to every single person who has anything to do with Living Proof Ministries and Lifeway Women’s Events. It was a weekend to remember. My heart and mind are so full. I’m still studying and digging deeper. Our siesta mama has taught me how to do that, and I am forever grateful! My daughter and I made a girls’ weekend…we had the most wonderful time together. We worshiped and laughed and cried – saying the commissioning looking into my daughter’s eyes – oh my. I could just sob at how blessed I am.

    Thank you all so very much!

    You all are doing such a huge kingdom work.

    I cannot wait for you all to come back to Nashville, but until you do, I’ll keep praying for every single Living Proof Live you all do.

    God Bless You All,


  5. 5
    Dana Abee says:

    PS – Can you please post the commissioning. Thanks so much!

  6. 6
    Elaine Johnson says:

    Please tell me what that little girl said. I could not understand her.

  7. 7
    FAYE says:


  8. 8
    Brooke Shrum says:

    I just wanted to say this was my first LPL event and I LOVED it!! I was in the overflow room and the spirit that was there was just amazing. I was so excited to see you Saturday morning. Thank you for sharing God’s word with us.

  9. 9
    Theresa C says:

    What an amazing weekend it was! There are so many things that go on at a conference like the Living Proof Live With Beth Moore event my sweet sisters and family just attended that people don’t even see. But God let us have the blessing and I want to acknowledge them here. From all the people who prayed over the event, to the many workers, to those who volunteered – like our friend who led us to our seats, to those who passed out programs and literature, to our friend new friend Lizzie who sat is in our seat……oh there are stories with each of these. So here I am still with my ankle in a pink cast in a wheelchair and our first sweet friend is leading us to reserved seating for those with special needs. Suddenly we are stopped by Lizzie and she points us to seats right next to the stage and says you can sit here. Now she was radiant and such a sweet spirit it was like she knew us – like we had been friends forever. Once 6 seats are secured with me on the end, Laura comments about it being funny that the 2 hearing impaired people in her family weren’t with us – because that’s who the seats were for. We were within watermelon seed spitting distance from the stage. A monitor to see the stage, piano near us, a monitor showing transcription of almost every word that was spoken or sung and the beautiful sign language interpreter signing for us. Watching her hands and face at work – it was a blessing as we learned some signs we want to learn and use not only for Aubri but our kids at church too. It was also an incredible blessing to see a family (at least that’s what we assumed they are) a mom and dad with their deaf and blind daughter, signing and when needed writing on her back, switching every 15 minutes or so, the whole time – teaching from Beth and also during the singing – and to see their child’s face – as one friend said, she was not left out! When we returned Saturday our same friend greeted us and thought she had to give us bad news – that we couldn’t sit in the area where we were as it was reserved for hearing impaired-when I explained about having two such members in our family, you could tell she knew God had allowed us those seats for a reason. And everyone who came with hearing impairment themselves had a seat if they needed it. Lizzie again greeted us as we arrived-and grabbed me a chair so I could keep my foot elevated. So we may be filled with gratitude from the message brought by the teaching of God’s Word and the powerful worship music, but the addition of these extra unique “story within a story” memories prove to me that God knows everyone and their situations and cares about ALL the details. So blessed!

    • 9.1
      Media says:

      Hi Theresa, thank you for sharing! We are so thankful to hear how the Lord ministered to you through all the details of your LPL experience. All glory and praise to Him!

  10. 10
    Barb Rowe says:

    LPM ladies. I enjoy the recaps. I love, love, love, Beth’s ministry. But am really missing the wisdom and personal touch of heart felt words of encouragement or challenge the Lord uses flowing from Beth or one of the girls, or even other staff members. ) OR what about some of the praise team members writing as well?

    The “contact us” link is not working so this was my only place to mention it. God Bless.

    • 10.1
      Media says:

      Hi Barb! Thank you for your input, and for alerting us to a potential issue on the website. we’ll check that out!

  11. 11
    patty swinford says:

    Dear LPL Ministry – three of my friends and I traveled to Nashville and it was incredible! The praise music, the message, the notes, the prayer, it was every bit what we needed. Thank you for all the work you put into these conferences so that God will be glorified and we followers will be challenged to keep walking it out.

    We were in Nashville in 2007 to see you as well. I believe Kay and Priscilla joined you then.

  12. 12
    Kathy Burrus says:

    Thank you, Beth and Team for all the hard work you put into LPL! I was one of the blessed recipients this past weekend. One of my favorite takeaways (according to my memory):

    “If you think you want to teach, but don’t want to study, you don’t want to teach. You want to talk!” Whew!

    “If you want to write, but are mostly concerned with getting a book deal, you don’t want to write. You want to be published.” Ouch!

    She was bringin’ it!!

  13. 13
    Deborah Mott says:

    Thank you. Great to hear worship of our LORD and sense The LORD at work in and among His people through this wonderful recap. Thanks.

  14. 14
    Patricia says:

    I love it!!! “I love how you teach!” You are the best Beth! All the lives you touch and the many hearts you turn to Jesus is amazing! The Lord is sure proud of you!

    Love you Girlie!

  15. 15
    Lynn says:

    I loved the Nashville event. The Lord spoke mightily through Beth. Our group was in the overflow and enjoyed getting to see Beth up close. Just wish there had been a few photos of the overflow in the recap.

  16. 16
    Lorraine Starksss says:

    WoW! Just completed listening 2 AUDACIOUS. IM SO THANKFUL for the teaching of Beth Moore. She really has blessed my life!

  17. 17
    Linda Quilici says:

    Dear Beth,
    I just finished your book “So long, insecurity”. I have seen it in the Christian book store several times and I finally went on line and bought it. I have dealt with insecurity all of my life as well. For the past 5 weeks I have been agonizing over our marriage. We have been married for 21 years and both are saved and regular church attenders. My husband became attracted to a new lady that came to our church. He has made a commitment to stay away from her and he has admitted that he allowed himself to get too close emotionally. Since that declaration he has failed in that attempt once and “chatted” to her for 5 minutes at church. He says he is sorry I was hurt but he feels I make it sound like he planned it. This is the 7th time in our 21 years together he has had an “attraction” or an “attachment” to another woman and most of the time they are younger than I am. I am 9 years younger than he is. And of course this feeds into my insecurities and I start the self pity route to “I am not enough”. When I asked him what happened he said when he first met her she seemed pitiful and he wanted to encourage her and make her feel like she belonged. Then it was pleasant talking to her, kind of like going on a date. So of course, I told him he forfeited dating when he married me 21 years ago. Just one more example of the painful darts the enemy used to hurt me with. Several months before this incident, I overheard him telling our insurance lady that although they had talked he has not met her but he saw her company picture on the Christmas card we received and that she is a very attractive lady. I asked him what he was “trolling” for. He said as soon as he said it he felt funny and she didn’t say anything to that remark other than silence. So I think I married Nabal and I am going to rename myself as Abigail.
    So on to your wonderful book. Did it help me, you bet it did. I have to admit to being wounded and betrayed and unloved. I am ever so grateful the Lord saved me 30 years ago and made me His beloved because I certainly don’t feel my man’s beloved.
    I have only been to church 2 times in the last 5 weeks. I am very involved in ministry. I am one of the 3 Women’s Ministries Bible teachers. Thank God our Pastor’s wife is teaching the next session that starts on Tuesday. I know God heals our hearts and binds up our wounds and I am trusting in Him now. Your book has been so very helpful. I have finished it in 5 days, prayed and meditated on all your chapters. Thank you for sharing your pain and your gain with us.
    The Lord has healed many wounds in my life including sexual abuse and incest, cheating husbands and an alcohol addiction, immoral life style and rebellion towards God and His ways but that is all behind me now. I press on like my favorite apostle.
    I think in January when it is my turn to teach I am thinking about the Insecurity Work Study. I will have to get the work book and check it out.
    Thank you and God bless you and continue to use you.
    P.S. I don’t know what a spammer is, I am not very computer savy.

  18. 18
    Debbie Farrell says:

    Wonderful time amazing time. Can anyone tell me the name of the song we close conference with? Thank you 🙂

    • 18.1
      Media says:

      Hi Debbie, thank you for sharing! For questions about the worship, you will need to get with Travis Cottrell. Find more info at traviscottrel dot com. Blessings!

  19. 19
    Lee Ann says:

    Would it be possible to get a copy of the commissioning from the Nashville event? It was the first event for several of my friends and we were all wishing we had a copy. How blessed we were to hear God’s word! Thanks so much!

    • 19.1
      Media says:

      Hi Lee Ann! So glad to hear the Lord used the Nashville LPL to bless you! Be watching your email for a copy of the commissioning. Blessings!

  20. 20
    Jenny says:

    This was my first time seeing Beth teach in person. There were so many things that I needed to hear that I know came straight from God. Thank you to Beth for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Thank you to everyone who had a part in LPL Nashville for making it possible. I was blessed! Like the others, could you please send me a copy of the commissioning?

    • 20.1
      Media says:

      Hi Jenny! Thank you for sharing. We are so glad you were able to join us in Nashville. Be watching your email for a copy of the commissioning. Blessings!

  21. 21
    Tabitha says:

    JAMES – Mercy Triumphs– WOW!!! This study is amazing! We finished up in June and it has been on my mind to send a “Thank You” for sharing the book of James and the in depth approach with us. I went through one of the most difficult challenges of my life while this study was happening. In the last couple of years, I can say that my relationship with my Heavenly Father has grown tremendously. This study helped me to grow even more and had it not been for the homework that went with it (the Bible readings and passages) I may not have handled what happened so well. I was mad at myself for not being mad at the person that hurt my heart so much, but all I could do was thank God for showing us the way and for the message he was trying to get across. I thanked him for taking something so BIG and so hurtful to get our attention and to change our lives for good. I made sacrifices that I thought I couldn’t do (which I couldn’t had it not been for the mercy and strength God gives to us) and I know that he is just preparing me for what’s ahead. Sometimes our biggest burden become our biggest blessing and I am so thankful for God’s word and his salvation. I am thankful for his Love and companionship, his constant presence and his consistency. In the study, one of the questions was did we feel like we were in a drought– I raised my hand. God saw it that day because just a couple of days later– I was flooded with answers to several prayers (definitely not how I pictured the prayers should be answered– there’s that control factor again), but oh my how it brought it all together and got my attention. From now on– I may be hesitant to raise my hand. (smile). His never ending love is amazing and I hope that I can share with others someday the testimony he gave to me during this study. Your gift to spread the word of God to others is life-altering. My prayers are with you~

  22. 22
    Tara says:

    to quote that sweet little lady in the video, “I like the way you teach!”. What a wonderful weekend!!! I would also love a copy of the commissioning that Beth gave at the end. Thank you Living Proof for all that you do!!!

    • 22.1
      Media says:

      Hi Tara, so glad you were able to attend the Nashville LPL! Be watching for your copy of the commissioning to come via email! Blessings!

  23. 23
    kathy white says:

    Please email me a copy of the Nashville commission.
    thanks so much
    kathy white

    • 23.1
      Media says:

      Hi Kathy, be watching your email for a copy of the Nashville commissioning! Blessings!

      • Jessie says:

        Do you know when you will be sending the commissioning statement? I don’t want to accidentally delete it! 🙂

        • Media says:

          Hi Jessie! So sorry you haven’t received it yet. If you still have not received it by the end of next week, feel free to give us a call at (281)257-3344. Blessings!

  24. 24
    Deb Mott says:

    Nothing on Mobile Alabama LPL yet? 2 days away! Planning on attending and very excited!

  25. 25
    Tina Spannbauer says:

    My sister and I met in Nashville for this event. What a blessing it was and how special the commissioning at the end! It literally brought us both to tears as we have dealt with family struggles from both sides this year-parents and children. I,also,would love to get a copy and be able to share it once again with Teresa.

    • 25.1
      Media says:

      Hi Tina! What a wonderful experience for you and your sister to share. We are so thankful to hear how the Lord used the Nashville LPL to bless you. Be looking for your copy of the commissioning to come in your email. Blessings!

  26. 26

    Will a video of the conference be for sale?

    • 26.1
      Media says:

      Hi Caroline! Unfortunately, a video of the conference will not be available for purchase. However, the message from Nashville will most likely be broadcast on our TV show on TBN sometime in the future. When it does, it will also be available to watch on our free app. I hope this helps! Blessings!

  27. 27
    Ashley Jennings says:

    This was my first LPL event! I attended with my mom and my aunt, and it was such a blessing for to hear Beth together. What a wonderful experience! Could you please email me a copy of the commissioning? I would love to share it with them. Thank you so much! Blessings!

  28. 28

    Come to Memphis! 🙂

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