LPL Albuquerque Recap!

These recap videos always make me tender to know how God moved!  Do any of you that were able to be at the conference this weekend want to testify to what God did?  Tell your story!

Albuquerque Living Proof Live 2015 from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.


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    Kristi Dunkle says:

    AMAZING TRANSFORMATION! Thank you so much for this wonderful conference with Beth Moore. I was changed! I am a single mom from Oklahoma City, OK and came to this conference at the request of my best friend from Durango, CO. We met up in Albuquerque together to attend. As soon as Beth started speaking about a person that was in a wrong relationship and being deceived I knew without a doubt that is why I was there! I was struggling with ending a 2 year relationship that began as an affair with a married man. I believed the lie that it was okay because I was single, lonely and he was in an unhappy, unloving marriage. Even after his separation and pending divorce I kept telling myself it was okay because now we could be together free of guilt. NO IT WAS NOT OKAY! This relationship has absolutely dominated and destroyed my life for the past 2 years. I have gone back and forth through depression, anxiety, guilt and shame. On Saturday morning at the conference, I found the strength to end that relationship. Without waiting I ended it by text during the conference and erased his phone and all contact information. I said goodbye once and for all PRAISE GOD! I feel redeemed and free! Thank you for making these conferences available. I felt such a huge presence of the Holy Spirit the entire weekend. BEST THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!

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      Shaci says:

      I am praying for you!!

    • 1.2
      Brandi says:

      Way to go sister!!!! Very proud of you for ending this relationship. keep on fighting the good fight sister.

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      Kimberly says:

      What courage! I don’t know personally… but I can only imagine the amount of courage it took to be obedient to what you knew the Lord was impressing upon you. Well done! I don’t know if this a God nudge… I don’t often leave tons of comments… but I want to encourage you to stand in the light with a sister near you. I’m cheering you on through the computer screen…. as I sense many are. I just know in areas where I have struggled with a deep issue that it has been so pivotal to be in high accountability and strong light. I am pausing this very minute to pray for you sister and am still smiling at your courage! He is So So good!

    • 1.4
      Lissa says:

      Praying for you, sweet sister. May God shower you with love and grace over the days ahead. Know that he has far more planned for you than you can possibly fathom. Being a single mama can present us with choices and catch us in snares that we never expected, but in the same way the Lord has unique blessings waiting for us when we fight the good fight. Keep your chin up and your feet on the Rock, girl!

    • 1.5
      Lydia says:

      You have begun the victory walk! God bless you my sister

    • 1.6
      Pam says:

      Praying for you and so proud of you to act on the Lord’s will for your life!
      I have been the wife on the other end of an affair, peace does comes after the storm!

    • 1.7
      Kelli Ferguson says:

      Hi Kristi – I sat to your left over the weekend and you have been on my heart and in my prayers since we said hello to one another. Not knowing the circumstances of your struggle, I just felt the Holy Spirit telling me to pray for you. When we parted on Saturday afternoon, I thought about asking you for your email or if you wanted to keep in touch and then I saw your post! I am sitting here back home in California just awestruck by the goodness of our Lord. I am so happy that the Lord gave you the courage to make this decision. I know He will see you through the coming days and I will continue to pray for His strength, wisdom and peace to guide you. I will keep you in my prayers and who knows, maybe one day when I’m traveling on I-40 through OK City, we’ll get the chance to see one another again. Blessings to you and your family. Please say hello to Pam for me!

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    Shaci says:

    I went to the conference alone and was absolutely blown away by God and his love and mercy for me! I had some friends that had come down separately and it was so awesome to worship with them! We have not stopped talking about it! ☺️ God showed me my prayer life has to increase!!!!

  3. 3
    Carol Bruntlett says:

    First of all I want to thank you and your team for coming to Albuquerque NM
    I am so thankful that I was able to attend the conference
    The words pierced my heart deeply
    My season that I am in has been currently ruff and dry and the words you spoke were refreshment to my soul .
    In April of 2014 I lost my sweet mother and at that point and time I felt like my world was crumbly all around me , like the foundation was being shaken .
    You see when you mention no two people are alike , I took care of my sweet mama for 8 yrs her and I never had a relationship I was the wayward child .
    God interviene and restored hers and mines relationship thru the time of taking care of her it was rocky during that time but the last 2 yrs of her life we never had a harsh word to say to each other things were healed , relationship retstored .
    I miss her dearly each day .
    Then in March of this year I had to put my doggie down of 16 yrs
    So I felt I had more than I could handle with all this going on .
    The enemy tried hard to attack and keep me from coming to your conference , but God was faithful and God showed up Mighty .
    I felt very broken inside ,I feel restored and I have thought about every word you said
    That I am here for a reason and not just to take up space but I am here to generate , I am here because God has a plan for me .
    Learning to appreciate what God has given me to generate , that I have stuff to bring to the table that no one else can , and that I have a great story .
    The enemy was trying to get me to fall into deception to destroy me and my living testimony
    Because I was falling into a pit of deception , I do not want to wear that I want to be a Mighty Warrior and fight the good fight
    And I will be an overcomer
    I want to be who God has called me to be and I want to be a light to those around me ..
    Thank you Beth for your ministry and thank you Travis and team .
    And LPM

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      Lissa says:

      Yes, mighty warrior, He does have a plan for you. Thank you for sharing about your mother and how God brought such healing to your relationship through the care you were able to give her. Please keep shining his light and sharing your testimony!

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    Beth showed me where I am generating already (I believed I was not) and helped me see areas I need to get into my life what I need to generate and get some stuff OUT! I left with a clear vision and fire for prayer. I am a quiet person, but will be praying boldly. I would love to know if it is possible to get the words we spoke in the commissioning at the end. Waiting expectantly to see prayers answered from Saturday. Thank you!

  5. 5
    Helen says:

    “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:1-2 NIV

  6. 6
    Audrey says:

    So exciting! I so hope our church can host the simulcast in a few months and draw our community churches together…and I’m definitely looking forward to the SSMT celebration!!

  7. 7
    Paula says:

    I don’t know if this will show but it is the 5 Generation picture we took this last Thanksgiving. I loved the theme of generating. I know that the faith of my grandmother, my mother and me will flow through to that of my daughter and granddaughter.

  8. 8
    Terri Fullerton says:

    Driving back. On a break in Amarillo. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.TO.SHARE. If only that Beth could teach. : )

  9. 9
    Mona Jeffries says:

    I can’t wait until you return to N.M.I am from Gallup, N.M. I have a lot of your books and have done a lot of your bible study’s but to be there in person was so awesome!!!!! I left with a feeling that I had have not had in a long time.. Everyone pray for my marriage of almost 50 years. I know the Lord is always with me and will always be there for me. Since I got home everything seems to be going very well. God bless you Beth Moore and everyone with you to make it a very special in my life. Thank you for sharing the word with me. Mona

  10. 10
    Rod says:

    My wife, Rose Silva-Smith, served as the prayer director for the event, so for the past several months Beth Moore has invaded our home [flyers and study guides strewn hither & yon]. I witnessed lots of meetings and prayer leading up to the event.

    Honestly, I was looking forward to the weekend of the event so I’d have a little quite time. So much for MY plans:) Rose asked me to bring a friend who had flown in from California to the event, which was fine. Then she suggested that as long as I was there, I might just as well stay and check our the event. Okay.

    Friday night at the event I thought my heart was going to EXPLODE. The worship music was dynamic – Spirit-infused to the MAX. Then Beth spoke. I’ve heard lots of “Beth-teaching” at home, since Rose has done several Beth and Priscilla Shirer and other LifeWay studies. But when she opened her mouth to speak, I was totally blown away. My heart was SO ALIVE in response to the Word of God Beth was teaching–as only Beth can teach it.

    If I had known how impactful it was going to be, I honestly would have brought my buddies and brothers to experience it for themselves [and I would have warned them the ladies had commandeered all the men’s restrooms]. I’ll bet the tears would have been flowing down their faces just as they were flowing down mine.

    Rose and I have talked for hours since the event, and we’re asking God to lead us into opportunities to share the POWER of knowing God, and the PURITY of living authentic lives, and the blessing of living in the PRESENCE of the Spirit of God….from generation to generation.

    Thank you, Beth Moore, and the entire team of talent and treasure who made it all possible, and may the Holy Spirit of God continue to fan the flame of His passion within us! Blessings!

    • 10.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Thank you so much, Rod! What joy to hear from you…from behind-the-scenes to front lines. Praising God for the work He began this weekend in the women and the few brave men. Grin.

    • 10.2
      J says:

      It blesses my in-some-ways cynical heart to no end when I see confident men who aren’t ashamed or threatened by sitting under the teaching of a woman. Makes me respect a man so much. I am so glad this is becoming more and more the norm that talent (gifting from the Spirit of God no less) not sex, is the determinant of a person’s role in building up the church. I myself am not a teacher but feel very passionate about churches giving women the space to use their gifts.

  11. 11
    Mary G. says:

    I wasn’t there in person, but in Spirit. Praying for Beth and the team and all those precious women. I can’t even begin to tell you it blesses me to see all the beautiful faces that I was praying for. Also to see that my prayers were answered so above and beyond, because that’s just how Jesus is. Jesus, you take my breath away..

  12. 12
    Lynne Lovato says:

    Powerful! I thanked Beth Moore as she left after meeting with Siestas. My road to LPL was rough. I didn’t know if I should have to leave where I’ve been staying since November on the Monday before. I stayed, but Wednesday night my 17 year old, who’s lived with her dad since November, had to flee his apartment.She was still in transition to her Uncles home Friday night. Yet, I put it in God’s hands and was renewed this weekend. I’ve been inspired to pray fervently and dive in to scriptures. I was so touched by the love and though I isolated myself most of The conference, by the end I was so renewed by the prayers. Today on the way to work I prayed out loud as Beth had encouraged us to do. I arrived to work moved. My friend was returning “Praying the Scriptures as Iv was giving her a copy of the same book I bought there. I couldn’t find my copy at home Ave was tempted to hold on to it, but God led her to bring it back as I was led to give her a copy. Then, I’d prayed for a coworker who had made life difficult. I arrived to work to find she’d been replaced. It was as if God was saying, “See, I had this all along, you just needed to call on me. ” So, yes the Holy Spirit is definitely moving me to generate. Thanks again!

  13. 13

    Hey, LPL Admin. would you please, please tell Beth thank you for taking the time to take a photo with the Siestas? I know she was short on time. I had the really big 5 by 7 spiral. I don’t have great vision. And I sometimes doodle.

    The photographer took a photo of her with the women who brought spirals. Is there any way to get a copy of this?

    Also, could someone find out the name of the solo Travis sang in session 3? It was BEAUTIFUL.

    Also, would you please pass on what I just wrote about what God did for me in Alb with Nancy? She has been praying for me.

    Thank you.

  14. 14
    Heather Z says:

    I know this is about the memory verses, but I didn’t want to comment on there directly. I am just moved to comment anyways. I went back to school this year after 17 years to get a degree and become an Accountant. I had started the memory verses out strong and was gung-ho to do all of them. Near the end of this semester I was just getting over done and felt I needed to stop the verses as they were becoming a ‘thing’ instead of a blessing. Well.. I just finished my last exam last night and now waking God I have felt God happily lay it on my heart to get back into it and try again. I have time now! God willing I will be able to pick back up and please Him alone in the process. God Bless you Living Proof for the encouragement and opportunity. I might not have gotten them ALL.. but I will be still Glorifying God and getting SOME in my heart!

    • 14.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      That’s wonderful, Heather! Jump right back in where you started. Indeed it is about the relationship we build with God through His living Word, and not just a ‘to-do’ list. Praying the fullness of power from the Holy Spirit on you! Rom 15:13

  15. 15
    Cathy Morris says:

    I left some chains in that auditorium!!! I don’t know exactly what they were but I feel like I am more ready to fulfill whatever God has for me to do for Him!! I am giving a “Call to Worship” at my church on Sunday where I will tell some of my fabulous story!! Women don’t usually do this in my church but I asked and the elders said yes – God is at work in my life!!!

  16. 16
    Kimmi Giglio says:

    I have yet to see you live and in person, I can’t wait for you to come to Southern California… I just love women blessing other women. Makes me full of joy! Be blessed!

  17. 17
    Diana says:

    Wow! This video was powerful. Thank you for sharing. I want to go to a LPL so bad but it is not in the budget. My spirit needs renewed. I have an alcoholic husband that got his third DUI and continues to drink and drive. I don’t know what God is leading me to do in the situation. Please pray. Thank you.

    • 17.1
      Alyssa Molina says:

      Diana, I am praying with you for your husband. Praying that God give you direction and wisdom. Praying that the chains of alcohol be broken FOREVER! My close friend was an alcoholic and found freedom through AA. Praying for a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit. Have you read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp? It got me through some rough times. Also, Max Lucado’s book You’ll Get Through This. Praying for you and your husband, sweet sister!
      *** Also, if the cost of admission is a problem, you can contact LPM, I think they have some scholarships available.

  18. 18
    Cindy A says:

    Such an amazing weekend – sharing from generation to generation. To generate we have to communicate and we each have a story to tell. We are challenged to share our story and to be truthful in doing so. What we possess we will pass on. So many chains were left in that auditorium. Amazing praise and worship, sharing testimonies and prayers for healing, both spiritual and physical. God bless Beth Moore and the entire praise team.

  19. 19
    Ana says:

    Hi! Does anybody know the name of what I believe is a poem that Beth quoted about Jesus’s bones not being able to be found (as opposed to Mohamad’s or Buddha’s because he is alive) and that ended in “a gospel story too great not to participate… No sinner he cannot consecrate…. If we have Jesus we have no reason not to celebrate”? I would love to keep it handy, it was so moving! Thank you! And may God bless you all and this Ministry!

  20. 20
    Miriam K Nikkila says:

    Kearney NE

    “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.” Galatians 6:14

  21. 21

    A lot of the teaching is still churning inside of me. One thing that I have had trouble verbalizing is that there was such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It just fell on me. It was a huge gift to me and I am so thankful to God. I have never experienced anything like this before. It is empowering, humbling, inviting, scary all at the same time. God also opened my eyes to some ways I am called to generate faith. One is with my daughters since they became adult children. I have felt somewhat “silenced” by their strong opinions. This chain or spirit was left in Alb. I still need discernment in how to share my faith with my family, as well as children I didn’t birth. On the way home I thought a lot about how my view of God has been too small. Beth’s teaching that the same God who parts seas, brings life from dry bones, heals the sick, renews our mind was convicting. I often see others with great faith and think “I want there God to be my God”. And it was like a stone was rolled back in my heart or soul and the truth came in that God IS with me like he has been with others. I DO have the same God. It isn’t about which gifts I have been given or much big the talent is. It’s about whether I believe He is the same God. Beth said this piercing statement that we “never live mightier than we pray”. I also wonder if this is true–we never live mightier than our view of God or our love for God and for Jesus Christ. This is a radical change. The teaching on getting backbone in our prayer life was just what I needed to hear and put into practice.
    God also spoke to me through her teaching on how we all have a story to tell. I had never thought before that no one else can tell our story. “You have stuff to offer that no one else can bring to the table.” God has reminded me of this several times. This is where God wants me to step out of the boat and not look at the storm or the people still in the boat. The visuals about this Fri night were stunning and really set the tone for anticipation.

    • 21.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Terri, we pray all the time, for each Living Proof Live, that God will pour out the Holy Spirit in power. So this is a very specific answer to prayer that you are sharing! Stand strong in prayer! Ask for wisdom and He will give it. So encouraged!

  22. 22
    mary garrett says:

    You reminded me God is still with me. I tend to think I’m defective and even though I know God loves us, I find it hard to personalize it. Thank you for saying he is with me! He is with each of us. God allowed my daughter to be there and Satan tried hard to keep me from coming but God triumphed!

  23. 23
    Judy says:

    I so want to go to the one in Tampa or Greensboro; Alabama is a long way from any of the other places.
    We, the women at our church, are nearing the end of our second Women’s Bible Study with Beth. The first was A Woman’s Heart-the Tabernacle; and this one, praise the Lord, is Daniel. Praying that God makes a way for me to attend one of the live events this year! Praying for LPM and Beth and all her staff. God Bless and Keep you all!

  24. 24
    Laura says:

    I have been blessed with being part of Beth’s bible studies in Houston for years. I have been feeling a bit bummed out this spring, because I have missed her so much. I see now how important her tour is and I am so grateful she has had this chance to spread God’s word with all of you. I will continue to pray for many more blessings. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25
    Yessica Monarrez says:

    Beth thank you for the wonderful message from God such timely word I cant bare it. I cried the whole time my soul was quenched. I saw the video and it brought back all that anointing and writing my story to mind. My heart was set into hearing from God my mind was set in doing his will fallowing and waitng for further instructions I believing he would like me to write a book about my life and my encounter with him. My problem is I dont know where to start please be praying God would guide me and teach me how. I love you Beth in our Heavenly Father Jesus

  26. 26
    Celta says:


    So inspiring watching the Recap of your events and seeing the growing number of women from various places attending. Such beautiful, joyful expressions on their faces.
    Nice praise song!

    Thanks for sending the additional links as well. Rebekah Lyons especially moved me and I plan to read her book, A Freefall to Fly.

    Thank you for what you share and all you do to keep us connected and up to date with your inspiring ministry.

    With love
    In Christ,

  27. 27
    maryann Olguin says:

    Thank You Beth for coming back to Albuquerque. I was a volunteer and yes I did attend all of the conference. I almost backed out and did not go. And I am so grateful that I decided to attend anyway. I am shy and did not want to go alone, but, I needed to do this. I was so excited when I walked in there to take my seat knowing that in a few moments you would be in there. I almost started crying. This is how much I love listening to you Beth! I am married 27 years and yes one of those with no children. But, I have come to accept it and its okay most of the time as I am way too old now. 59. But I did pray for those girls who stood up who were without also. I faithfully follow your studies. And I have been struggling in my marriage. But, as always Beth you always say the right things to make me feel I am just as special with or without children. Thank You and I WISH SO MUCH I COULD GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST HUG. You have help me in so many ways that you cannot imagine. I am going to write my story cause I do have much to say. May God keep on Blessing your ministry and Bless you with much more in life than you can ever imagine. LOVE YOU MY SISTER IN CHRIST. Thank You! 🙂

  28. 28
    maryann Olguin says:

    Oh I was there in 2009 and never walked away feeling like I did this time around even tho it was also amazing. But this time around it just felt so different in a good way. To see all of those women of all races and ages come together. And knowing we are all in this together. As I did walk away also knowing I too am just as special and God has a plan for me to. I was feeling lost and not feeling I felt needed by anyone. As sometime I feel so alone even tho I am married. But again thank you Beth and everyone who prayed over all of the different problems. And all of her and her team as well. The music is soooooo amazing also.

  29. 29
    kerry says:

    thank you dear Yeshua, King Jesus, Messiah. So many years of faithfulness in my regard. You knew way back what would draw me and then propel me to find intimacy with you. I am so grateful to You for burdening my heart with concern for LPM and the myriad of prayer needs over the years. I have felt so included in what You were doing, It is so wonderful to be included.
    Prayer warrior is a welcomed duty dear Savior.

    from Wyoming

  30. 30
    Marilyn Baker says:

    I was the designated driver, more or less instigator of our small group. I purchased the tickets, reserved the rooms and footed the bill on my charge card for transportation and eats. I will be reimbursed by the church so I am no Mother Theresa. On Friday upon leaving there were only 4 out of 7 tickets used with 2 that may have been given away leaving one unused. I gave it to the will call table for whoever needed it.

    I am not sure why I was there. I really felt like I just needed to take a group from our small church and I did. However, the blessings I received were being able to reaffirm much of what I knew already. Of being able to reach out to the young 20 something girl to my left. Of getting to fellowship with the ladies in our group, of hearing and knowing that young women of today are seeking and believing in God’s promises, of feeling the chain of hopelessness that had invaded my spirit about the younger generations drop away and being challenged to keep on doing what is unique to me within God’s will.

    As a side note and to prove that Satan is alive and well upon arriving home a horrible stomach bug attacked and for the next two days of recuperation a spirit of defeat and depression almost consumed me. Feeling overwhelmed and hurt and having harsh words with my husband has again convinced me that Satan can and does strike at our weakest moments. Praise God for an understanding husband with the patience of Job. Now if I can find the humor to make us both laugh all will be good.

  31. 31
    Mary Merrell says:

    I attended LPL Albuquerque without any idea of what to expect, my life has been changed in a profound way! 5500 women worshiping together was powerful, I could feel the Holy Spirit in that huge arena. Beth’s teaching was very personal for me, and God has been reminding me and sort of knocking me over the head since then! Thank you for coming to Albuquerque, and thank you Beth for your teaching. I won’t soon forget any of this, I am still trying to sort it all out. I do know that now when I pray, I definitely don’t want Jesus to yawn! Thank you God for all of you at Living Proof, and my prayers are with you all..

  32. 32

    I posted a recap post about what I got out of the Beth Moore conference this weekend in Albuquerque. I cannot tell you how much I needed to the hear the words spoken to us and to have the worship music work over my heart. I learned some disappointing news on Friday hours before I arrived at the event, but once I left Friday night I felt at peace. The prayer over the 25 and under women was much needed by me too! Thank you so much Beth for coming to New Mexico!

  33. 33
    Terri Fullerton says:

    Kristi , I have been praying for you. Your decision on Saturday (and your courage and obedience) will have ripple effects (good ones) for years, maybe decades and generations. Proud of you!

  34. 34
    Z says:

    Beth mentioned a few times during the conference that some in the room had a spirit of seduction and were even involved in adulterous relationships. She went on to say they were so close to loosing everything. I wanted to confirm that I sensed the same thing in the room as she spoke this. I want to further encourage that if are in this to stop it now. Over 10 years ago I committed adultery on my husband. We have two children, I lost everything. Praise the Lord He saved me and I gained Christ. To this day, the divorce is painful and my ex-husband now, our children, family, friends, all suffer from my selfish choices. I stand to tell you it’s not worth it. Fight for your marriage. No one will fulfill you the way Jesus can. He is for your marriage not for divorce and you to move on to the next person. He sees it all but He loves you and wants to heal you. Beth, thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit and what He was speaking over the weekend. I have to also encourage those who have already gone down this path, that there is forgiveness in Jesus and He can still restore. Confess your sins and be healed. The Lord gave me a promise over 8 years ago through His word, that He would restore my marriage and family. I have been praying since then and waiting upon the Lord. All things are possible through Him. His heart is restoration. 1 Corinthians 7:11. First to Himself and then to others we have hurt. Don’t give up. It’s not too late. Please head the warning of Beth and of myself speaking to you from one who has traveled this path.

  35. 35
    Sharon Cox says:

    Sharon Cox, Aransas Pass, Texas
    April 22, 2015
    “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.” Psalm 33:12 NIV

  36. 36
    Deborah Mott says:

    Beth said “To generate we have to communicate. Every one of us is called to be a Christian communicator….some teachers, some preachers but ALL ARE TO SHARE OUR FAITH. Like be a GENERATOR TO COMMUNICATE: GOD IS GOING TO TAKE ME/US TO A NEW LEVEL OF COMMUNICATION/TO TESTIFY!” When she said this I stood amazed bc just recently I had gone to the altar for prayer at church and a women who did not know me or anything about me prayed over me….she prayed almost the same exact words that Beth had just said! She then asked me do you write? I said Yes, I am writing a book at the leading of the LORD! LORD YES, PLEASE TAKE ME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!. If He brought me from Florida to New Mexico for this alone I would be thrilled. As it is HE GAVE TO OVERFLOWING IN MOST EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE! May my life testimony bring forth MANY MANY SALVATIONS! Revelation 12:11! WE WILL OVERCOME! THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY AND NOT LOVING OUR LIFE UNTO THE DEATH. Help me live this, as YOU LEAD…Please LORD!
    Psalm 71:18…help me tell the story of Your wonders…what YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!
    Psalm 40:5: May I recount the GOODNESS OF GOD…I have a story to tell that shows God’s Grace and Glory. (We all do!) Help me/us tell of YOUR FAITHFULNESS to me/us! The You Lead confirmed multiple times to me the need to finish the book I have been writing to tell the STORY OF REDEMPTION through my life story.
    My story is horrific and I have not lived authentically until about 2010. Since then I have not felt like I “BELONGED” anywhere. If anything I feel I fit more with the world than I do in the church. I sat down in the pew at the conference Friday night and opened the little brochure given to me when I arrived. The first words were: “YOU BELONG HERE! (I began to cry! Tears raced down my relieved face and I felt the LORD’s pleasure.) The brochure went on to say: “That’s the first thing I want to say to you in this welcome. Showing up is all it takes to qualify as the perfect attendee for LP LIVE.
    No matter what you know or don’t know,
    No matter where you’ve been,
    What hardship you’ve endured,
    What happened before you got here, or
    The present state of your mind and heart,
    You are the exact person God wants sitting in your seat.”

    I WEPT, I belong here. I have been invited and told I BELONG! I want to be here and receive all God has for me … And receive I did! Thank you Beth Moore! Thank You LORD!
    I thought of opening of You Lead… Kaye Hurta so anointed n challenged us to develop ministries that her mom could have gone to….! I thought that is what JESUS ALONE DID at Samaritan Well. Disciples were not in on it. The challenge to developing ministries of JESUS that welcome ones like me….this is what LPM is to me. A “Barnabas” to the likes of me!

    From LPL booklet: … “insight into why You brought me to this gathering and how it fits into my life journey…..God knows the exact path I have been on and the one I will take….He knows what HE HAS CALLED ME TO DO and how HE HAS DESIGNED ME TO BRING BENEFIT TO A BROKEN WORLD….This event, like all others He appoints for you, will have its sovereignly ordained place in my story.” YES, I agree. AMEN!

    I loved Psalm 78 read by Beth, Amanda and Annabeth. Modeling of very thing teaching! I loved Melissa reading of Psalm in Hebrew. Brought such joy to see and hear this! No greater joy than to see our children walking in the Truth. Beth your own children and grandchildren are and so many of those you have “generated” are too! Thank you, I am one you have sown into!

    What a joy to see you at the airport and actually speak to you for a few brief moments. ! really appreciate you. That flight was a rough one. 2000 pounds over weight limit and then rough airspace. I wondered if THE LORD was using a plane instead of a boat to show us to come walk on the clouds during a storm…I guess that is what prayer is in a way? Lol. Storms show us what we are made of for sure…faith or flight. I prayed for you on and off through that flight. I would love to be able to serve you somehow. I have committed to pray for you more. Thank you again. It was a real joy to meet you. I pray GOD redeems the deception of that women in 2009 at Albuquerque. May my story be part of that redemption, be it THE LORD’s Will.
    Praise to the LORD for great answer to prayer! Had MRI of brain yesterday and dr appointment today to review results: MRI showed NORMAL cerebral spinal fluid flow so don’t have to have brain surgery! I did have Chiari Malformation confirmed for 3rd time. (Big change from January tests/appointment that had said: CNS diminished flow…possible brain surgery. needed) Yesterdays MRI granted me a stay!!! No surgery for now!!! And I pray for good! SO THANK YOU ALL WHO PRAYED!!!! RELIEVED GRATEFUL TO GOD! Thank you LPM!
    Thank you for the prayers at the end. I could have stood for most every one of the 4 or 5 categories. Although I am not physically pregnant…this book is like a birthing spiritually. I feel infertile in it sometimes but know GOD has given the INCREASE to the next level twice! I must live from the NEW BLUEPRINT and not the old. I so desire to serve the purpose of this generation Acts 13:36 as Beth said! I also am beginning to eliminate what I do not want to generate and to increase or possess for first time what I do want to generate! ESP committed to increase PRAYER! (Great to see Beth will be in WAR ROOM MOVIE with Priscila as preview showed us participants.) To validate and appreciate what is pleasing to LORD to generate and go about generating with thanksgiving! To practice His Presence for HE IS I AM and IMMANUEL! To pray like I believe this! Thank you for the prayers to break deception. I believe that has had RESULTS BEYOND WHAT I ASKED, COULD IMAGINE…even with my medical situation! Thank you! Gotta go for now. I thank you again. The conference was a tremendous blessing to me!!!! Thank You!

    • 36.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      This morning, 4/23/2015, been reviewing Children of the Day as a friend in recovery asked me to go through it with her. Reading 1 Thes. 4 in Message:

      “Oh, we’ll be walking on air

      and then there will be one huge family reunioun with the Master. So reassure one another with these words.”

      How cool is that! I thought of walking on air as opposed to Peter walking on the water while the storm rages. With GOD there is always a “higher way” than what we have heard of or known. GOD is amazing! His ways are always above our ways! He is Jehovah!
      On (p118 Children of Day) read “Christ offered a powerful meter to gauge the general timing: “As the days of Noah were, so the coming of the Son of Man will be” Matt 24:37.

      The storm of the days like Noah are upon us…we are to bring people into the ARK OF GOD’s COVENANT through the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. This is our biggest GENERATE! A great blessing of Christ to the world is HE WANTS TO SAVE NOT CONDEMN! O may we all generate and live as Noah calling people into GOD’s SAVING ARK!

  37. 37
    Vickie biggs says:

    My life has forever changed! I was one of the two people Beth called out for having written letters to her before the Albuqeurque Live Event. God had done some much needed preliminary work before I ever got there. Beth said, “You will be redeemed this weekend.” I HAVE BEEN REDEEMED!! My life will never be the same again. I had told my Aunt about what had been happening in my life prior to the event and she said I should write Beth. I tried for weeks and weeks but to no avail. I kept thinking she gets thousands of letters, she will never read your letter, so I would wad it up and throw it in the trash. I had to resort to hand writing as every time I tried to type it on my computer it would disappear. Long story short I finally got it done and put it in the mail about a week and a half before the event in Albuquerque. I received a nice letter from her correspondence personal saying Beth is unable to read and answer all her mail, as she is busy with her writing and events. There was tucked in the letter a card from Beth. Obviously her staff had told her of my letter. God is able to do above and beyond what we ever expect or think. He is is Lord, He is my Lord!!! Believe!

  38. 38
    Wendy says:

    Was so blessed by the weekend. Drove down from Colorado Springs with a friend…that I didn’t even really know that well, but God laid it on my heart to invite her to come. She is going through rough times right now. We were both so blessed by the teaching.

    Beth’s final words as we were praying at the end of the conference were to please hold HER up in prayer, as doing these things takes a mighty toll on her, her family, and the enemy of our souls just loves to reek havoc once it is all over. I never really thought twice about that after I spent my few minutes praying for Beth on Saturday.

    And then we got back…and four days later…he struck! Not to give him any more credit than the creep is due, but to share my blessings through the trial. The moment I figured out what was going on, as both my friend and I suffered attack on the very same day at our place of work…after having griped it all out to my husband, and in front of my son, and finally retreating to my quiet room to cry myself to sleep over the events…it was as if a light came on in my room and Jesus was holding out his hands to say, “Let me take this one…forgive and move forward!” I could hardly stand it. And then it happened…the word GENERATE was almost written on the wall in front of me.

    I got up. Went in and woke my 16 year old son. Sat on his bed with him and recounted the weekend and how important it was for him to learn something before he went to sleep that night. We had a really long talk about how we often learn something new, and the enemy hates when we are absorbing God’s Word, and how he knows how short his time is. I explained to my son that the events of my day were most likely a direct result of the teaching I had received and the time I had spent with 5500 women praising the name of our Lord Jesus Christ together in Albuquerque. I explained to him the principles as I understand them of spiritual warfare. We talked about how to recognize attacks of the enemy and how to defeat him with prayer and study of God’s Word.

    My prayer today is that I can keep this “revelation” forever before me so that if (and it will) another attack shall come, I will respond instantly and know from whence it came so that it will not take me back to the struggle again. Thank you Miss Beth for your wisdom, your commitment, and your care for all us “western girls!” It was so good to be in the Word with you again this weekend!

  39. 39
    Denise says:

    My husband said when I left for LPL to come back with a WORD! Boy, did I! Thank you Beth for allowing God to use you to tell me some very important things. Just as Beth was beginning her message she asked if anyone was expecting a baby… Well I’m not, but my husband and I just found out that our 19 year old daughter is pregnant 3 days earlier. She is not married and this wasn’t exactly something we would have “planned” for her. We were kinda numb still and when Beth said that, all my friends that were with me just looked at me! The whole weekend on generate and generations was exactly what I needed to hear. This wasn’t a planned pregnancy but God is still giving us a precious gift to be able to generate faith to another generation. We can be excited about that even when others may wag their heads and say “tsk, tsk”. Beth also asked “Who are our children we did not birth?” I had 3 with me in Albuquerque, 2 didn’t come with me but were there. What a wonderful reminder of passed ministry and how those young women still love The Lord and are ministering where their at. That was especially good for me to hear in light of our disappointments in ours family. Thank you again, Beth for being used of God.

  40. 40
    Lin Hardesty says:

    17753 W Port Royale Ln Surprise AZ 85388
    This conference was a early Mothers Day gift from my daughter Kristen who I attended with. As a result… I was led to continue my Bible study teaching in my local church without taking the break I thought I needed. The passing of knowledge of God’s word is never in need of a break as we teach the younger women. I was in my class of girls on Thursday the 23rd and was able to share Beth’s visual with the balls and living rock demonstration for them as our discussion opened up to families and frayed relationships within. God wastes no time and not a moment is ignored by Him to continue to lead and teach us.I bought some beautiful polished stones and wrote 1 Pet.2:5 on them as I placed one on their Bible as I spoke. The results were God gently touching their hearts and thanking Him for their families. Thanks Beth Moore, your touching lives is deeper than you will ever know. In Christ, Lin Hardesty

  41. 41
    kathy says:

    God Bless you for doing “this”!

  42. 42
    Deb Mott says:

    Another part of conference that really resonated with me is “Digging wells like Issac and running into ESEK…strife, arguments, contention… and often somehow the well gets filled in with dirt by the enemy using people like Philistines…that teaching out of Genesis 26 struck a deep cord in me….(It is as if the fire of the Holy Spirit is active and alive and someone comes and throws a wet blanket over it instead of joining with the Holy Spirit! ) Sitnah wells that get filled in by accusations from people or….from the devil. Horrible especially when falsely accused! When really very little if ANY sin to accuse in a particular situation! O how I long for that place of the Rehoboth Well is one I am praying for …where the LORD makes room and brings the increase! I pray there is room for me in the BODY of believers. MAY THE LORD INCREASE THE HARVEST…deepen the wells… I continue to pray and step up my prayers to a higher level and believe GOD will bring more Breakthrough. I struggle to feel like I belong. Even on this blog. Sometimes I really feel like I am wasting my time. Yet as Beth said…GOD gives us all we need to be victorious…do not give up…get out there with the bow of our prayers and shoot the bow PRAY…I love that Joshua (SALVATION) and Samuel were both Ephrahites….
    May we keep God’s Covenant and live by His abundance and promises and let His Living Water wash and enliven us… It is a call to courage and action, A CALL TO WAR! (WAR ROOM movie stars on this blog: Beth and Priscilla!) I must live out the Gospel and know I am forgiven and don’t let any take GOD’s GRACE from me! I love that Beth said this and NOT TO LET OTHERS CONDEMN ME FOR I HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN! I loved the poem Beth wrote at the end of the session. Would love a copy someday…PSALM 86:5: For the LORD IS GOOD AND READY TO FORGIVE, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon Him! Let us be calling on Him continually!

  43. 43
    Renee Williams says:

    What an amazing weekend! Thank you so much for your obedience to our Lord and Savior!! I know what I don’t want to pass on, I feel renewed in so many ways but the big thing was while you were praying for women, you prayed for women with degenerative bone disease…. Who does that I ask? My head snapped up and I thought I know who needs that prayer Lord, it’s my friend Kris who JUST had surgery to sort out the mess in her back from degenerative bone disease and more than 20 surgeries. She has been bed ridden for months. I said “I receive that healing for Kris Lord”. When I saw her on Sunday after the 1st of 2 long surgeries she was talking – no slur – and doing amazing! She had the 2nd surgery last Tuesday, I saw her on Sunday and again she is doing amazing. I believe God is going to restore quality of life to her and so much more! She was so encouraged to know you prayed for her!! I am looking forward to what her life will look like this time next year! I will keep you posted!! Thank you Beth! P.S. I am certain we could be BFF’s

  44. 44
    Cathy Petnsteiner says:

    Cathy Pernsteiner Clarkston, WA “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.” Ephesians 4:31 NIV

  45. 45
    Lori Pannell says:

    Lori Pannell, Houston, Texas
    “…may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ…” Ephesians 3:18 NIV

  46. 46
    Sandra Hicks says:

    Sandra Hicks, Houston Texas
    “Let us, therefore, receiving a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken, offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship, with modesty and pious care and godly fear and awe.”
    Heb. 12:28 AMP.

  47. 47
    Vickie Reynolds says:

    Vickie Reynolds,Houston Texas
    Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Luke 12:25NIV

  48. 48
    Gail Lobenthal says:

    Gail Lobenthal Bloomington, IN
    Psalms 34:18 NIV The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

  49. 49
    Sabrina Shivley says:

    Sabrina, Bryant AR
    My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor. 12:9

  50. 50
    Ginny from Henderson says:

    “The commands to fear the Lord are right and endure forever. The judgments given by the Lord are trustworthy and absolutely just. Psalm 19:9 NET

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