LPL San Diego Recap!

Happy Monday to you all!  And thank you, Rich Kalonick, for this excellent recap.  Let us hear from you if you were in San Diego this weekend.  It looks like it was not only a powerful weekend, but a fun one as well! Glory to God!    (P.S. Watch to the very end!)

Living Proof Live | San Diego from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.


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  1. 51
    Deborah Mott says:

    May we RISE as CHRIST was RAISED TO LIFE, now in HIM we LIVE! We will stand a new creation baptized in the blood of CHRIST. No fear of condemnation by faith we are justified! Loved the song and loved the ending WHO is the MAN? JESUS!!!!

  2. 52
    Deborah Mott says:

    What a song! I went back and listened and wrote down some of lyrics as it is a praise of revelation of the glorious GOSPEL in song! May we truly have revelation of CHRIST CRUCIFIIED AND Now hear my absolution: forgiveness for my sins My shame beneath the waters that Christ was buried in. …
    … and RISE AS CHRIST IS RISEN and stand to testify, I was dead in my sin, I will rise I will rise, now in Him, now in Him I Live, ….I will rise I will rise as Christ was raised to life, now in Him now in Him I live
    I rise as You are RISEN declare Your rule and reign my life confess Your lordship and glorify Your name.
    Your Word it stands eternal, Your kingdom knows no end, Your praise goes on forever and on and on again. No power can stand against you,….

  3. 53
    Denise Copeland says:

    Dear Beth and everyone,I’m still on the mountaintop from LPL San Diego.I was soo blessed to be an “encourager”I know our Lord was glorified.Oh the praise and worship to the King of Kings!!!Territory taken from the enemies grasp,chains broken,and prisoners set free.He is so good!I’ve called the friends in Montana to go.I pray for health ,strength,and the power of the Holy Ghost to be upon you all.Praise His name.Love in Jesus,Denise.

  4. 54
    Laura Hauser says:

    Greetings from Montana.
    I attended the San Diego weekend.
    So much confirmation from the Lord!!! At the end, Beth had us stand up and repeat something at the end. Is there anyway you could post that? I would love to see it in written word for my keeping. Those words were very powerful.

    • 54.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Hi Laura, We are so happy your were able to attend. I will ask our Resource department to share the Commissioning with you via email. Blessings!

  5. 55
    Robin Gillmore says:

    Whoo Hoo! This is my first blog moment!! Had a wonderfully blessed weekend with my very best friend. We have journeyed together in God’s Word for years. Since she moved away we have made Living Proof Live events little getaways for us. San Diego – We both keep spiritual keep-sakes in our Bibles and as we sat quietly in our seats during a break we started to thumb through them. She pulled out a letter a teenage man wrote to her. The letter was a heart felt thank you to her for sharing the Gospel with him and leading him to Christ. It was nothing like he had ever heard before and he was very detailed about the impact Christ had on him. This young marine was shipped out not long after that and due to certain communications she knows he is struggling in the environment that surrounds him. She finished reading me the letter and through our tears I said, “You’ve got to send him back his letter – but make a copy first!” Please pray he will return to his first True Love!

  6. 56
    Sandy K says:

    I’m still reviewing my notes regularly and making an effort to stop and pray with people rather than saying “I’ll pray for you” so that we can pray symphonically! I too would love to receive a copy of the commission via email. Looking forward to next time!!!

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