Just a Silly Update on all things Moore, Mainly for You Diehards

Just ramblings here today, my beloved sisters! If you’ve got something better to do, do it! It had just been a while since I’d said, “This is what Keith’s up to, what Amanda and Curtis are up to, what Melissa is up to…”


And a basic little devo at the end.


Felt like putting something up that was mostly just personal and across-the-table-from-you-at-Starbucks-ish. But I couldn’t resist throwing a word in there at the end. That’s all that really sticks to our ribs anyway.


I think about you guys continually and love you so much!


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  1. 101
    Beverly says:

    Thank you! I always love listening to your words of encouragement and exhortation. They’re always so helpful and such a blessing! And I had to say that you look fabulous. You look so young and vibrant! God bless you, your family and your ministry!

  2. 102
    Catie says:

    Thank you for this Word! I needed to hear
    This today!

  3. 103
    Cheryl Anderson says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words and for praying for me. It is so uplifting and amazing to hear someone praying for me. Thank you and keep up your good ministry. It is effective.

  4. 104
    patti says:

    Oh my stars, Beth. Tabitha was part of my devotional last night and I was so intrigued and wanted to learn more about her. It’s just like God to direct me to your blog this evening. Had no idea that there would be a video post about Tabitha. How cool is that? Thank you for the reminder to do good and help the poor. It must be something that God is working in me. To hear/read the exact same message two days in a row. Not a coincidence!
    Peace & Joy to you and your family!

  5. 105
    julia anne hill says:

    Thank you for your words, I temporarily am residing abroad now in Broken arrow OKlahoma!

  6. 106
    Lisa Curtis says:

    Please pray for a friend of mine, a Tabitha, that ihas had an accident with a serious brain injury and her prognosis is very grim. She is a woman of God and full of life to give to many.

    • 106.1
      Annette says:

      Lisa, I am praying for your friend for a healing, for Jesus to lift her head to wholeness, and for comfort as she goes through this journey. And through it all, to His great glory. Amen.

  7. 107
    Joan A. says:

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. You have poured so much Godly wisdom and instruction of the Word into my life as I have walked with the Lord 30+ years. The prison ministry I was part of for 6 years came to an end last May. My husband was diagnosed with cancer 1 month later and had surgery in August. God’s was merciful through it all and I see his timing in it all. My husband and I are now back to work and praising God for His merciful healing. My first grandson is also in 3rd grade and my granddaughter in 5K. I can so relate to how much fun it is to be part of their lives. Thursdays are our main day with them from getting them on bus at 8Am, their brother at 12:45PM for 4K, then dinner together and off to kids Bible program called Truth Trackers (formerly was Awana but now trialing Truth Trackers)at their great church with 100+ kids. High energy night! Seeking God’s direction for when to leave our paid jobs ( I dislike the word retire) and what God has for us to do in the future. Thanks for pouring your life out into all of us. Joan

  8. 108
    Nancy says:

    Thanks for the visit Beth. It was good to catch up. God bless you!

  9. 109
    Hidy Ortiz says:

    Thank you for your passion & ministry! Your prayers and encouragement are always a breath of fresh air. It always seems that you know exactly what is going on with me ( by now, I do know who is the one that works through you). I recognize Him!
    Thank you for being the vessel. Keep letting His wind to guide you! Blessings to you also!
    Thanks for keeping it real!

  10. 110
    Kadi says:

    I love that you always end your blog posts by saying that you love us, that you love me. It is wonderful hearing those words, and many times they have helped me get through the day. If it weren’t for people like you loving like Jesus, so many would still be lost. I am so thankful for His love, so perfect and pure, and that He chooses to love me, even though I am completely unworthy of His love. His perfect love gives me peace, joy, hope, and the ability to love others. I have faced much less than perfect things in my life, but God has set me free! In fact, I developed a stronghold of cutting that ruled my life, BUT GOD set me free of that just this past Sunday, and I haven’t even wanted to since. This has been a long fight for freedom and healing, but things are finally working out! Beth, you have encouraged me so very much! I want to love Jesus with as much passion and as much joy and desire as you do! I hope that someday, either on this side of eternity or in heaven, I get to meet you. I think we could be great friends!

  11. 111
    Annette says:

    Remembering you often in my prayers, my friend. We are in a crazy place right now, a fun place of lots of family living with us and adjustments to country living out at the ranch. Mike still comes in to Houston every day and I come in on Tuesdays to babysit Lindsay’s sweet Riley Grace. Sure would love to see your face again in person. Hope you do a Bible study at HFBC in the spring. Blessings and hugs! Annette

  12. 112
    Wendy says:

    Thanks for the Word, Mama Beth! I needed this today. It was good to catch up with your family and great to know all is well in the Moore household! Praying for you and thanking you for your continued prayers for all of us.

  13. 113
    Joyce Bailey says:

    Appreciate the update on you and your family…so that I can pray for you some more. Full plate for me right now with a 91-yr. old mom recovering from a broken hip; me in car accident that totaled my jeep cherokee (bent the frame)and I walked away with whiplash and lower back issues; my husband having a toe amputated (diabetic-related) and my son in the middle of a divorce. God’s faithfulness to me this last month has been SO evident. He continually equips me to deal with all of it. Your video indeed made me feel as if you and I were at coffee sharing our lives. I feel better now. Love you, Beth.

    • 113.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Oh Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about all you are facing in your family right now. It is a full plate, indeed!
      So grateful that you know our Strong Tower, and Faithful friend. My prayers join yours to let healing and faith arise!

  14. 114
    Angela says:

    God is good! I am looking forward to posts by Melissa whenever she has time. May He continue to bless you and your beautiful family, Beth.

  15. 115
    Andreea says:

    Thank you for sharing! You are awesome!❤

  16. 116
    Fran McCurry Plott says:

    Hi Beth,
    I enjoyed hearing about your family and all y’all are upto! My family is doing very well, too! I get to see my darling 22 month old granddaughter Annie next weekend, so this Mimi is happy about that!
    Your message was a good one…reminded me of week 6 of “Children of the Day”, “Mobilized Ministry”. Thank you for clarifying that we need not compare ourselves!! Just get out there! And by all means, help the poor.
    My other friend Beth and I lead the Beth Moore studies at First Baptist Opelika, AL. We are in our last week of “Children of the Day” and we have so enjoyed our small group of 10 on Wednesday mornings. We have women from 25-69 with every decade in between represented, so it really seems like a group Beth Moore herself would have put together!


  17. 117
    Pam Burkham says:

    This is Pam Burkham, TRA New Braunfels, Texas
    Your Children of the Day series is such a blessing! My daughter (Melissa) and I are taking it together through our Church. God has been urging me for more – this is a common theme I am hearing – I want more – I have returned to serving our Church through the Prayer Ministry as a result of this bible study. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom. WHEN THE LORD JESUS IS REVEALED! Blessings

  18. 118
    Andrea Porter says:

    Thanks for taking the time to visit with us, it means so much because I know you are busy. BTW your coffee smelled delicious 🙂 I always get stuck on doing something BIG for the Lord, instead of realizing that I am not letting the Lord down by doing a Bible study with a small group of women, two nights out of the month. I did copy you on one thing, we meet on Tuesday night, I just couldn’t resist. Thank you for your encouragement on pursuing my calling, trying a little of everything and I will find my purpose fulfilled. That is my most heart felt prayer, to be guided to what God wants me to do to glorify Him and to turn myself over to his care and continue to seek him with all I have, Amen. I LOVE to research the Bible and wish I could be in Melissa’s group learning Greek. I have a Word Study Dictionary that I just LOVE. Looking up words that intrigue me or just catch my attention. I am a nerd, but I love to share what I have learned with my group and find that I could talk to them for hours about what I have discovered. I came within inches of buying the LOGOS software at Women of Faith in Philadelphia. It just wasn’t in the budget, but it is on my radar and maybe now that I am working again, I can save my $$ and buy it and just get lost in he Word. Also your reminder to help the poor. Thanks for that, I have to remember that helping the poor can be done in so many ways, it does not have to be some grandiose amount of cash. Maybe it is a listening ear, or guiding someone in what they would like to do, a hug, conversation, looking them in the eye and acknowledging that they are there and they are not to be ignored. I am going to run out of space if I don’t wind this up now. God Bless you and keep you safe, still praying a circle of Angels around you for protection. Please let precious Lindsee that she will be missed, but I am so excited she is getting to fulfill her purpose with the ministry that has chosen her. XO, Andrea

  19. 119
    Darla says:

    Thank you, Beth! What a blessing. 🙂
    I am a single adult who recently took a mission trip to Moldova – the poorest country in Europe. The most precious time of the whole week was teaching the women. Such beautiful and precious faces–and like you said, I was so energized by the experience. I spoke on Titus 2 and our need for each other as women, and 2 Cor 1:3-4 and how we should comfort others through our own trials. We spectated on how Elizabeth–who was stigmatized her whole adult life— might have ministered to young Mary, who would now be living a stigmatized life. We also wondered what Rahab might have said to her new daughter in law, Ruth. We women need each other deeply, which crosses all international boundaries. I’d shared my breast cancer scare last summer, and after lunch one of the older women leaned over and opened up her blouse (umm….awkward!) but was showing me her mastectomy scars. She told her story through an interpreter and my heart was so touched. The funniest moment? I said something like, “We need to be very careful not to stigmatize those around us, because we have no idea how God will use them through their circumstances. I’m sure you don’t do this here, but in the States, we’re really bad about backbiting each other.” And one of the women hollered out – in English – “Oh we do that too! Sin is everywhere!” Ha 🙂 Thank you for investing in my life so that I might – in Christ – invest in theirs. Love you all!

  20. 120
    Jill says:

    Hi Beth,
    If we were at Starbucks today we could have compared notes on the new Taylor Swift song ” Shake it off ” I think it is a cute catchy song and I really enjoy it. I was also thinking weather she knows it or not Shake it off is a Biblical concept , as in Shake the dust off your feet. In her cute little music video she also shows her self trying to be what she is not and then at the end she finds her friends and just has fun dancing as herself . God is the ultimate artist.
    Your sister in Christ,

  21. 121
    Ellen Husel says:

    Beth, I just watched your blog this morning on Tabitha, and you have no idea how timely this was for me this morning. I have a”guts in your throat” (to quote a speaker I just heard) desire for women, to lead them to a freedom and strength in Christ that they didn’t believe is possible. Last night I got caught up in a distracting issue going on in our little church and I awoke feeling so convicted so guilty and so carnal. I had to repent deeply and ask God to set a seal on this mouth. it is so like the enemy to distract us away from the beauty of His presence and friendship and leading. I covet prayers that I might truly do good and help the poor, to keep my eyes fixed above and not on the waves around us. Thank you for your heart. I hope to see you live in Seattle in February. Ellen Husel

  22. 122
    Janene Ashley says:

    Thanks so much for bringing the word! I am clinging to every word I can get! I just finished your book, Get Out of That Pit. I have picked up this particular book many times over the past couple of years, but didn’t feel led to read it until this week. That’s a “God thing” right there! My husband of 22 years left in August. I am struggling with letting God be in control. I want to fix it and feel like God is telling me to get out of his way. But…I am thankful for the women, the “Tabithas” that God has placed in my life and my prayer is now that I
    can be a “Tabitha” to someone else! I am trying to “count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations” James 1:2. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

    • 122.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Dear Janene, I am so sorry to hear you are facing this rough season. So thankful we have a God who sees, hears, and feel our pain.
      Psalm 34:18 (ESV) The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

  23. 123
    Dee Dee says:

    Beth-Thank-you for your diligence to encourage, teach, and exhort me(us) to the finish line!! I just prayed this morning and have been praying that God would show me what I am to be busy about for Him. I am in a weird season as my youngest left for college in August and I felt like the Lord telling me it was time to step down from teaching high schools in SS. It’s like I’m in between the rains-very dry and even lonely but don’t want to rush as to make the wrong thing happen. All that said this was a good word for me and thanks for the prayer as well!!
    Much Love,
    Dee Dee

  24. 124
    Amy Beth says:

    The thing I love most about you is your family. You all are the type of people I want to have spaghetti with on Saturday night and invite to my foster children’s birthday parties. I love the silly updates. 🙂

    PS – We just took our foster daughters on a surprise trip to Disney World. My heart cannot expand any further than it did when I rewatched the video of us telling them they were going to Disney World.

  25. 125
    Anna Isbell says:

    Beth, I am a 21-year-old college student in Jackson, TN. In the course of the last year, I have read When Godly People Do Ungodly Thing and Believing God. I just now began reading Breaking Free, all of this, courtesy of your free e-books on Amazon last Christmas. In August, I went to my second LPL in Memphis, TN. You had all of the women there 21 and under stand to their feet and prayed an intercession for us that we would love the scriptures and our Lord forever. It was a life-changing experience. A few weeks after returning home, I purchased Children of the Day and have completed the first couple of weeks of it. Additionally, I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to serve in a new capacity. I went back home and signed up to teach 5th grade girls Sunday School at my church. It has been such a wonderful experience! The Lord has truly used the words He has given you to set my heart aflame for the Word of God. My daily prayer is much like one I heard you voice at a Passion conference one year: that I would supernaturally love the Word of God, and that I would never be able to get over it! I have never felt more alive, nor more free. My whole being praises the Lord for it. And I thought some thanks were in line for you as well. It is so clear to me that the Lord called you to this ministry for reasons just like I have stated in my own personal life. While I of course have never met you, I count it such a privilege to be a generation behind you, and absorbing your God-given wisdom. It has been such a joy of mine to have your materials and your words to help me in my walk with Christ. I can honestly say that I am undone. I will never be the same. Truly the biggest desire of my heart since returning from LPL is to make Jesus’s name famous and share my story of redemption. So great to hear your family is well. Thank you and the LPL team for answering the call to serve our Lord. I am one young woman who has benefited greatly from it. Words could never express my gratefulness for this ministry, for I would not be who I am today. It has given me innumerable resources to grow in Him, and for that, I am ever-thankful. May the Lord’s favor rest on this ministry always! You ladies have so inspired me to follow my dreams to study God’s Word, write, and teach. It would seem that there would be no greater honor.

    Thank you.

    In love,


  26. 126
    LaDonna says:

    Thank you, this did encourage me. Like you said just the simplicity of it. I want to be like Tabitha as well!
    My house hold is going great! I’m married to a hunter as well. So there will be a lot of traveling to MS these next few months sometimes I go but with a 4 and 2 year old it’s hard. Our church is doing wonderful and I can’t help but sense God is up to something. He has done a lot of healing and molding these past two years and I’m looking forward to the next season. Much love!!

  27. 127
    Deborah "twinkle" says:

    Beth and LPM ladies, GREETINGS!

    So wonderful to hear you today, Beth, and see the LPM ladies encouraging all of us when they comment to our posts. Encouraging one another, I guess more than anything else that’s the blessing of this community. If I had an hour or two, I would catch you up with details on my life…but for just a minute update…I am an Overcomer in Christ. Things meant to destroy me, Jesus has used to reveal His great love for me and His passion to bring me to a place of His design. I am so happy. My life is fully touched in every area by the Lord.
    If any of you feel destroyed, SIT DOWN AND LOOK UP! Wait upon the Lord. Sing to Him. Be still in His presence and linger with Him. He knows our past. He knows our now. But even more precious, He knows our future and He has a PLAN and PURPOSE for each of us. Let Him be your life, your breath, your everything as He carries you through to VICTORY. He is Able.

  28. 128
    Teri says:

    I’ve “fallen in the ditch” as you lovingly put it in your closing prayer and so much appreciate the Word in this post. Praise God for you and the sweet video He spoke to me through! Thank you.

    My family and I just moved from Corpus Christi Texas to Memphis Tennessee area this past year has been filled with many enemy attacks; it’s been a tough transition. I miss my Texas friends and comfort zone of Corpus Christi; the kids are adjusting to the new school, but it’s also been challenging. The Lord is ever so faithful and teaching me/us through this rough time.

    I’m re-igniting my time with the Lord (since I have recently drifted) and am back on LPM blog to see if there’s any information about Siesta Scripture Memory Team for 2015. (?) I’m starting back with memory verses on my own, but there’s nothing like the accountability of our “SSMT”!

    Thank you for your love and prayers for all us sisters in Christ. I Love You All, LPM! God Bless You <3

    • 128.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Oh, those moving transitions can certainly be tough, Teri. I prayed Acts 17:26 for myself several years ago in a similar change, and I pray it is an encouragement to you. God is all about our places and the people He puts in our path.

      And, yes! We look forward to SSMT next year and should announce it and dates in the coming weeks. Blessings to you!

  29. 129
    Andrea Porter says:

    Thank you, I so needed to have a visit with you today. I miss you and the blog so much, but I have a full time job now and it just eats my time up. However, God has been so faithful to me. I was sure I would never work again when I was diagnosed with MS, but I am and am so thankful and humbled by his grace and mercy. I wanted to also tell you that your hair looked MARVELOUS and I loved your blouse too, I just had to let you know. Also talking about Tabitha was just what I needed to hear. I am teaching a small women’s group which I LOVE and get so darned excited when I am getting ready to share the Word with them and I am always digging deeper and trying to expand on what we are studying and sharing it with the group, that is when I feel the Holy Spirit the most. Also it gave me perspective on helping the poor, I realized I am doing that for two precious girls that lost their mother, my best friend, to breast cancer three years ago. They are now both on their own, one just had a baby and isn’t married and one is working full time and trying to get by as best as she can and of course they live in New Mexico and I live in Pennsylvania. I am so privilege to help them financially when they need it and they hate to ask, but I PROMISED my friend that they could depend on me if things got overwhelming. LIGHTBULB! Tears, that is the reason why God has allowed me to go back to work, to be able to help these precious girls that lost their mom too soon. I would love to do Children of the Day study, is that one I could do on my own without the DVD’s? I will have to look into that, because I know I am being called to something, but it isn’t clear yet. I trust him though I have faith that it will come clearly to me one of these days. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and all the Siestas. Love You Back. <3

  30. 130
    Lori Willey says:

    Amazed by Jesus. I was doing a search find the acronym for Children of the Day’s “TRA” because I am about to make a sign for our ladies that are taking the study right now. I have 70 beautiful daughters of His about to view Session 8 this evening. I wound up finding this blog/video in that acronym search. Crazy, huh? I confess, I read a comment where someone mentioned the Word at the end so I buzzed back to that. The prayer at the end was divinely from Him. Thank you for being His instrument in ways you have no idea about!
    The other Jesus amazement was the photo I Tweeted to you of my grandson Ezekiel with your study. It was taken back in Aug. I was “nudged” to send it to you these months later and then you indicated publicly that it was the two year anniversary of writing your intro to that study. Know you were lifted with fervent prayer as you proceeded to Thessalonika and carried out what He sent you to do there. I am blessed that He gave such a sweet Sister to pray for and be prayed for by as you. It is His glorious way.

  31. 131
    Jenny Phillips says:

    Thank you so much for this!
    I am 35 years and just recently God called out family to move from kc to Fort Worth area. Not sure why yet. I’ve been praying about my calling and this spoke to me big time! Hearing that Melissa is a researcher for you opened my eyes. I’ve literally said for years,” if I could just get paid to study the bible”. This is what I absolutely LOVE!! Didn’t know I could do it for someone. Now to find that someone :).
    Thank you for all of your studies. I have learned so much from you. Moving to texas I have been without my study and my girls now for a couple months so excited and waiting for God to show me my next group.
    Love you and bless you!!!

  32. 132
    katie says:

    YES PLEASE!!! I’m DYING to learn the original languages!! I’d LOVE to see/take a dvd series by Mellissa—a WOMAN–teaching Greek and Hebrew!!! Oh yes please!!

    Loved this video! Thank you!!

  33. 133
    Amy says:

    It has taken me almost 2 months to be able to watch this video – its been in my email inbox for that long, and now I know why. I needed to hear this message from you Beth tonight. The Holy Spirit prompted me to do the Children of the Day study this summer with everyone, which then prompted me to step up in my moms group. I asked for a role that would help the women in our group grow in their faith. I spoke at one meeting about a time I had to rely on God to change my heart, and how to pray. And I started a Bible Study for them. But all of this has left me tired. And I needed to hear, that doing what I am meant to do may be exhausting, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fill me up.

    I truly love Tabitha’s story, and can’t wait to share it with others. How absolutely right – we have no idea how she started, but we know how her mission truly was fulfilled. She is an inspiration, when I needed it this night.

    Thank you for all you do, for all the prayers for us and me. Merry Christmas!

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