For the Love of Bible Study

This could be the shortest blog post of my life because I’m in my pajamas, face washed, on the bed, ready to call it a day, and needing to get up way before dawn in the morning. But a tidal wave of grace hit my heart this evening and I want to try to put it into words right now at the tall foamy crest of it. I’ve gotten so many tweets from women starting Bible studies over these last 3 days. It’s, of course, because September is such a great time for getting back to some of our disciplines as summer has come to an end. As I’ve scrolled through the feed, a number of women are giving shout-outs about starting Children of the Day this week. Another sister told me on Twitter earlier today she’d just started Beloved Disciple. Another Stepping Up. Someone brand new to the whole concept asked me where she should start and I told her, among our own offerings, Jesus the One and Only.



A different woman told me yesterday she was starting A Woman’s Heart. The mention of that one always brings me close to tears because it was my maiden voyage into a life of study that by God’s unfathomable kindness and grace I, to date, have never gotten over. I almost couldn’t get up off the floor over that one. I fell so in love with Jesus and into such awe over His Word in that journey that it was nearly painful. Each study means so much to me because it overlays a stretch of my own personal life –  miles of ups and downs and hopes and dreams and disappointments and detours and uncertain destinations – upon the life of Jesus, the Holy Son of God, on the pages of His own Word. I hope you could describe something similar when you spend weeks of a Bible study series with Him. Our imperfect, insecure lives converge with the fullness of the holy Christ right there on the page through the work of the Spirit and the result is transformation.


I want to say something to you girls. It has been and will continue to be, God willing, the honor of my ministry life to serve you in Bible study. One woman I heard from today has done all 15. Another one was starting her first one. I was overwhelmed by the grace of it. In February LifeWay and I will celebrate 20 years of Bible studies together. We never had a single thought that there would be a second one. We begged God early on to grant us diversity of reach in the Body of Christ so that we could see women’s Bible studies invade barriers and make heavy investments of heart into unity. He has done it. You are from all sorts of churches and backgrounds and denominations. Many who are coming into Bible studies in these last few years have no religious background at all. First generation Christians.


We have studied hard together and graced each other where we didn’t necessarily see eye to eye. We’ve given each other the grace to be different. We’ve esteemed each other as equally cherished by God, saved by the cross of Jesus Christ, and invited to the dining table where divine words become the feasts of queens.


I just want you to know I am sitting on the bed tonight deeply moved and with tears in my eyes. God has been so merciful. What grace to have gotten to be part of your lives though Bible study journeys. Thank you. I don’t even know how to say those words with the volume and force that my heart feels them right now.


Thank you.


It has never gotten old to me. I have never taken it for granted. And my past is too bad for me to take any credit. I know what a mess this woman was in and I know the miracle He did in me with His Word. He completely bathed and reworked and rebooted my brain until I was a completely different woman. And He keeps doing it because I keep needing considerable help. That drive – believing with all my heart that if He can do it for me, He can do it for anybody – keeps me in it every single day, even when days get hard.


Someone asked me in the last post if “Breaking Camp” meant I was saying any personal goodbyes. Not one single one, Sister. Not that I know of. Not unless somebody kicks me out. Smile. I don’t agree with everyone. But I will dang well serve anyone. I’m so thankful right now in my life not to feel enclosed and cramped in a camp. Just blessed by gracious communities. To see women discipled in God’s Word is the passion of my life. The air in my lungs. My partnership with LifeWay through curriculum  and women’s events has been in an environment of truest community just like my church and LPM. I am blessed out of my mind.



So, anyway. That’s all I wanted to say. That I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude tonight. If God should ever decide to sweep me home suddenly, I’d have wanted there to be a place somewhere in public record where I just said these words:


Sisters: Feverishly following Jesus with you has been the greatest adventure of my life. THANK YOU.


So grateful to serve you and honored beyond words to serve this generation of women with other Bible teachers and communicators like Priscilla Shirer, Kelly Minter, Lisa Harper, Jennie Allen, Tammie Head, Jen Hatmaker, Christine Caine, Sheila Walsh, Angie Smith, Kay Arthur, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Anne Graham Lotz, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Ann Voskamp, Lysa TerKeurst, and other stellar women I could name and write about all night. Great things are happening in women’s discipleship all over the globe. GREAT THINGS AMONG OUR YOUNG WOMEN. Great things among the seasoned and all those in between. Most of us don’t care whose Bible study you’re in or if it’s even a formal curriculum. We just want to see women with their faces planted into that Book so their feet will be planted on that Rock.


The gorgeous, glorious, breath of God on the sacred page.


Maybe this is a great post for you to tell us if you happen to be in a Bible study of any kind (by anybody! share the wealth!) or just diving into the Scriptures on your own this September of 2014. It would be so much fun to have you share it and somebody undecided might get an idea for her own pursuit of Scripture this Fall. Let us hear from you if you get the chance.


And thanks for listening. It wasn’t short after all. Why couldn’t it just ONCE BE SHORT????

I love you,





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  1. 251
    Brenda says:

    Just finished Children of the Day a couple of weeks ago…. hope to begin Jesus the one and Only on Monday…. different group of ladies. Enjoy having a different group for time to time… fresh ideas and perspectives. You really get to know people, share prayer request. Love morning studies best! great start to the day! Love you and your team! Love, hugs and prayers for all of you!

  2. 252
    Johnnie says:

    No, thank YOU, Beth Moore for being a special “virtual” mentor to me. I had no Christian role models growing up and your first study, A Woman’s Heart, introduced me to in-depth Bible study. I have never gotten over that one either…it holds a very special place in my heart. I have done almost all of your studies, and facilitated quite a few, and am grateful for your service to the Kingdom in our generation.

    At this present season, I decided to go “back to basics” and work through Kay Arthur’s, Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days. I am in Week Two and have started delving into the book of Jonah. What a marvelous book! A small book (Only 4 chapters) but huge on teaching us about God’s grace and mercy — Salvation belongs to the LORD! (Jonah 2:9)

    Stay in the Word, ladies…it is life and breath to us!!

  3. 253
    GOTTEE says:

    I did the summer study with you and many others solo but with out seeing the videos.(and that coaused a disconnect in the study) I am doing Children of the Day with my church this fall. I cannot wait to see the “texan outfits and hairdo’s(clip no clip)” but am really excited to hear your encourgement and insight in the videos

  4. 254
    Shirley Tait says:

    Beth thank you so much for this encouraging entry. I have loved, laughed, enjoyed, cried through and devoured each study of yours that I’ve done. They are powerful, heart changing, thought provoking and have left a profound stamp on my heart. I am looking forward to doing many more. Thank you big time!

    Much love in Christ!

  5. 255
    Ann says:

    Beth, it so warms my heart with every post you do whether long or short! Everything comes from your heart and I just love you and every one of your studies I have done; just finished doing Children of the Day with you this summer, but the 1st one I ever did in a small group was A Woman’s Heart – it is my very favorite and touched me in every way! Keep them coming. This fall I am co-hosting a small group and we are doing The Grave Robber by Mark Batterson. I wish you the best always and hope you come close to Birmingham soon. I also hope to be able to watch your telecast next weekend. God be with you always!

  6. 256
    Judy Ray says:

    Our Bible strong ladies group just finished “Children of the Day”. What a blessing to do this study. We each had a long list of where we wanted to take the word this week. We are going to do “Moses” with BSF International which will be a study of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and will end in May of 2015. You shared such tender moments with us about your family and it gives each of us great hope to persevere as we finish strong for the Lord. Love you, Sister.

  7. 257
    Priscilla Woodward says:

    Our group will be starting “Children of the Day” this coming Tuesday. We are starting with about 25 ladies and as our winter visitors begin coming in the number will rise. God is speaking, and our lives are being changed. His Words are affecting our hearts and actions. God’s not dead, he is alive and active.

  8. 258
    Tshaka says:

    My first women’s bible study was Daniel by Beth Moore. I have never been the same since that study. It stirred in me a desire and hunger to go deeper in the word. The word went from being logos to rhema. I was thankful the Lord led me to that women’s study with that particular group of women. I have grown and continue to grow in my relationship with Christ. I am thankful for Beth’s obedience to answering the call of God to teach and reach a diverse group of women across the world. I pray that the Lord will continue to pour into your spirit, refilling and refreshing you as you continue to pour into women all over the world. May your vessel never become dry.
    I am currently studying The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans and I am co-leading The Miracle of Life Change by Chip Ingram for my military women’s bible study group (PWOC–Protestant Women of the Chapel).

  9. 259
    Deborah Mott says:

    Thank you for ALL your Bible studies and books! I have done all of them at least once. Some like Believing GOD and Breaking Free, A Women’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place, James and Children of the Day I have done 2-multiple times either by myself or leading a group. I have read most every book you have written and attended many conference, traveling long distances to attend. I listen to most of your broadcasts through ONE PLACE and Wednesday’s With Beth and through LPM CD’s/DVD’s etc. I have a large library of LPM materials that I share with anyone interested. BY GOD’s GRACE I have been discipled by you from a distance physically but spiritually GOD has unified us by HIS SPIRIT and taught, changed, BLESSED me through your life.
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! THIS IS A SHOUT OUT TO THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR BRINGING FORTH A FERVENCY OF LOVE FOR JESUS AND PASSION FOR HIS WORD and the reality of transformation through RELATIONSHIP with JESUS and His “First Importance” Work in 1 Co 15 becoming reality in my/ our lives! THANK YOU BETH, I love you like a big sister and mentor! Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  10. 260
    Deborah Mott says:

    Currently I am doing Ephesians by Lifeway and a third time through Children of the Day! Plan to go through Galatians on my own being GOD TAUGHT!

  11. 261
    Debbie says:

    I will be starting “Believing God” in 2 weeks (2nd time around). Thank you, Beth, for your passion for God’s Word – it is contagious!

  12. 262
    Laura P says:

    Beth, Thank you so much for Children of the Day. I’m in week four, and the love is so apparent in this study. What a blessing! I have done several of your studies, and I can say I have grown along with them. Thank you, Thank you and the Lord of course! I was able to come to the SSMT celebration in Houston this past January, Living Proof Live in Biloxi, and Living Proof Live in Memphis. You were a blessing! I’m sad that I will not be close enough to attend a Living Proof Live this coming year, but I will be praying for you and the whole crew.
    Sister you are truly loved and chosen by God.

  13. 263
    Angie Columbus,Ohio says:

    Done all your studies some twice and some three times. I have been so blessed because of being in our small bible study group and doing your studies they are the best

    Thank you

  14. 264
    alta blake says:

    Beth, I am so very thankful for you our sweet Bethie. Have loved you from the beginning starting over 10 yrs. ago bringing your study Jesus One and Only to our church. Crossroads Women’s Ministry Bible Study. We have done them all and blessed with doing revised one’s as well. I am staring this week with some sweet young ladies (I am 65) but love these Babe Chics. We will be doing Children of the Day. Can’t wait to see what God and you dear have for us.

    Love and blessing, you are the best 🙂

  15. 265
    Pam says:

    Hello! Please pray that I find a study soon! I’m not really involved with a church and really want to be in the Word! I’ve done BSF for years and just want to be in a smaller group. I live in the DFW area, so if you know of a small, intimate Beth Moore study, please email me or text me! 469-556-1402. Thank you!!

  16. 266
    Kiva Roussel says:

    Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your book, “Believing God,” truly changed my life. I think I sobbed at the end of every single chapter! That book, along with your video bible study, “Living Beyond Yourself,” really launched my faith into a new dimension it had never been before. From that season of my life until now I have grown closer to the Lord in a way I never dreamed possible. Thank you for encouraging me to love God and love His Word.
    Big hugs, Kiva

  17. 267
    Janet Marie says:

    Thank you for being so honest and real. God has used your testimony and bible studies to reveal things in my life and past that I had buried or ignored. He has dealt with me and I am so much better for it. When you teach the Word, I get it better than with any other. I have loved all 12 of your studies that I participated in. I find I have to be in a study to be in the Word regularly.

    I just started One in a Million with Priscila Shirer (love her too 🙂 )at my church, But I may do Children of the Day with a girlfriend who cannot go with me during the day and wants to be in an evening study. Who says you can’t do two at once?! Love you so much

  18. 268
    LadyJ says:

    Miss Beth, i am glad you are in a moment of reception of the Grace of God and HIS FAVOUR and LOVE Lavished on you in such a way it has persistenly pursued you in life and in every page of everything ever written by hand and heart.

    I started with Believing GOD. then i went right into when Godly People Do UnGodly things. then i did Believing God the updated version. Now, i’m about to finish A Womans Heart. To which i have to decide if i will take on Stepping Up or Living Beyond Yourself.

    But for me, i make the most of the study, by not limiting to the time of a weekly study…but often i take it in months…when i have the time to dedicate it fully – and i really sink in for an hour. but something seems to happen everytime i do. Not in a distracting manner – but how one random verse look up will lead me on to another 2 hour revelation of God i had yet to discover or a divine disection of my faith and personal checking is required. often it’s just one verse, but with God it speaks VOLUMES.

    so please forgive me, – sometimes it takes months to finish a book, but it leaves me with months of moments and memories with God that would not have been otherwise experienced if a path was not laid before me in the structure of a study by an honest genuine woman of God. that at times human life and embarrassements can become the embelishments of God’s Goodness. But oh, Has He been faithful, and Good, and a Healer, REstorer, TEacher, Deliever…i could go on and on. I have seen God in a shade of colour not yet known by any other way but through your studies. Thank you for every hour , every prayer, every pain, every pleasure that even in those moments did not seem much, but most often, seeds do.

    Thank you for being you. Being real. and wearing frosted pink lip gloss like a woman can!!

  19. 269
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    My wonderful neighbor & I did “Children of the Day” with you over the summer, but I only posted once. This week I will start a study with Community Bible Study. This year we are doing Daniel & Revelation. Also, towards the end of this month I am doing, “The Best Yes” on-line Bible study with Lysa TerKeurst. I am excited to stay in the Word & see what God is going to teach me! We very much appreciate all you do for us, Mrs. Beth! Love you! joan

  20. 270
    Beth Herring says:

    My first study was A Woman’s Heart in 1998. I was 36 years old and have never been the same. It ignited a passion for God’s Word in my heart that is all consuming. Thank you sweet Beth for your obedience to His call and the sacrifice that you make to do all you do in His Name! I am doing Children of the Day and that will be my number 15 when I finish in a few weeks. I have done several of them more than once! I am overwhelmed at His grace and mercy in my life and never want to be satisfied with my spiritual walk.

  21. 271
    Amy says:

    Thank you for those words, Mama Beth. Blessed me on a night when I was needing some lifting up.

    This summer I co-led a Bible study doing Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah study. Loved. It.

    This fall I am co-leading a women’s group studying Living Beyond Yourself. 🙂 I did that study with two dear sisters way back when it first came back but felt drawn to do it again this fall. I need more of that fruit in my life!! 🙂 We begin in 2 weeks but I have been previewing the videos and enjoying them!

  22. 272
    Amy says:

    I wanted to add, I have also done Breaking Free, A Heart Like His, Jesus the One and Only, The Patriarchs, Stepping Up, Believing God (3 times through, actually ;)), Living Free, So Long Insecurity, and When Godly People Do Ungodly Things, with several different groups of women … and I have been so blessed by each of them. God has truly worked through your studies to change my life.

  23. 273
    Lori says:

    In two weeks I will be starting “Children of the Day” at a local church and I can’t wait! In addition to COTD, I’ll be studying “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst via Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies.

    My first Bible study (“Jesus the One and Only”) was 5.5 years ago and I’ve been studying ever since. Beth, you will never know how much you have blessed my life. Love you!

  24. 274
    Debra Rhodus says:

    I’m starting “Children of the Day ” this week!

  25. 275
    Shirlea H. Caswell says:

    Oh Beth! I just logged in after several days of off computer and read your Sept. 3rd post. Awesome!! As always! You have made such a difference in my life over the last 10 years. Your teaching and guidance makes me THIRST and HUNGER for the Word!

    Please help me find “Annette” who replied from Floyd, VA. Our recent move to the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains happens to be very close to Floyd. It would be a direct gift from the Lord for me to find a group of sisters meeting together to study God’s Word in Floyd, VA., a beautiful little town, by the way, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Annette, if you’re out there and read the LPM blog, please contact me. [email protected]

    Thank you, Beth, for serving women. Loving women. Mostly, for loving our God.

  26. 276
    Melonie, from Denver says:

    Thank you for your words of gratitude. They are certainly beautiful and shine the radiance of our risen Savior! Thank you for your faithful years of service and your dedication to the Word. I have been deeply impacted over the years and the different studies I have been involved with. I am looking forward to starting Children of the Day this week with fellow women serving in ministry. I believe God has a powerful word for several of the women who are in the exact situation you mention in the 1st session! I love how God’s timing is so perfect and His way is gentle with our tender hearts. I covet prayers for our study and what the Lord wants to do is we are taught by God. through His beautiful and faithful servant Beth. I am praising our Father with you in advance for the good works He will do!
    Thank you and May God Shine Bright! Melonie

  27. 277
    Rosalye says:

    “The gorgeous, glorious, breath of God on the sacred page.” I love that!!
    I believe I have done all of your studies more than once! On my own and with a group. What a blessing you and others you listed have been in my life! Thank you for allowing God to use you
    So powerfully!
    Explorer’s Bible Study is also one of my passions. We just began “The Early History of Israel-Exodus through Joshua”
    Be Blessed, sweet one!

  28. 278
    Dianne says:

    My church will start Children of the Day in about an hour – Sunday night and also on Monday mornings.

    Thank you!


  29. 279
    Gina says:

    I am heartbroken. I understand that it is just my time to be heartbroken. For doesn’t that time eventually come to all of us who dwell here? But I can’t think it away, and I can’t pray it away, and I can’t study it away, I can only feel it. For now.
    So what does any of that have to do with your Bible studies? I am grateful for the 15+ years that I have had to be a part of them. I am grateful for the wonderful teacher of the Word who took the time to gather young women about herself and used your studies to pour the Word into us, into me. It is that knowledge of Him that now sustains me.

  30. 280
    Beth Morgan says:

    We do a fall bible study every year. I’m so excited to start Children of the Day tomorrow night. Perhaps I’ll listen to my new Travis music as I do my homework this week!
    We have done Priscilla Shirer & Tony Evans for the past couple is studies. So excited to be doing another Beth Moore.
    James was my favorite study of all time.

  31. 281
    Deborah Jurgensen says:

    Starting Children of the Day tomorrow morning!
    Can’t wait! Bless you Beth!

  32. 282
    Jenny says:

    Sweet Beth,

    I love all of your Bible studies. Breaking Free did a work in me that only Jesus knew I needed. I am still working through Children of the Day. I try to do a study for summer when the kids are home….it helps me tremendously to stay in the Word. I am so grateful for your willingness to let the Lord use you to write. I know that they have all been hard won battles. So thankful for you, Beth. Praying for you and your family!

  33. 283
    Judy Rowland says:

    Hi Beth, My best friend and I did Children of the Day with you this summer! And now we are doing Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst with my daughter, another good friend, AND my youngest son’s fiancee’!!! It has been sweet so far…glory!!! My Best friend and I LOVED Children of the Day so much and we really got into memorizing Scripture (although we didn’t participate on the blog we followed along on your bi-weekly videos and kept right up with the homework!! Loved it so much we will probably try to get these young girls to do it with us and do it again!!!

  34. 284
    Sandra Mauldin says:

    Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver.

  35. 285
    Elizabeth says:

    Beth, Thank you for being the amazing leader God has allowed you to be! I am 27 years old,and I can say without any hesitation that your books and bible studies have helped me mature spiritually in ways I didn’t know were possible. Your honesty and pure love of the scriptures has been not only inspirational, but also refreshing. Thank you for every late night, every cup of coffee and every moment spent in prayer while writing these wonderful studies. You have helped me and you continue to help me through the hardest seasons in my life. Thank you!

  36. 286
    Nikki says:

    We are honoured to have you serve and equip us, Beth. God bless you.

  37. 287
    Sandra says:

    Hi Beth,

    I am so excited to dive into Children of the Day. I have the privilege to study along side my daughter and daughter-in-law. We started with a church group I have studied with now for 14 years. It is so refreshing to start anew. Thank for your work to make my life better.

  38. 288
    Karissa says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you so very much for stepping into this ministry and leading us on deep pursuits after God. I first started your studies with a special group of women to me just out of college in 1998. We loved digging into scripture and found your studies so nourishing. After so many years, we are in states spread across the country, but have that sisterhood bond. I feel like you are a part of that even though we haven’t met. Thank you for guiding us through many studies and being a mentor for women desiring more of Christ.

  39. 289
    Jami Johnson says:

    Hi there!
    My heart is so tender in your sweet words from God at this time in life. I was so blessed to be able to see you live in TN a few weeks back. I tried many times to get to you somehow just to hug your sweet self. But the girls with me would stop me. haha! Your story is so real to me. And hits me right in the soft spot. It is almost as if every word you say should be coming out of my mouth. How precious you are in His love. Oh how I wish I could share my mess of a story with you. Not that you need or want to. Just that you get it! It is crazy to feel such a love and connection with someone we don’t know! I just can’t help my self…I just want to love on you. lol One day I will hug your sweet neck and just say a simple thank you! What a joy you are. Be blessed Ms.Beth!Hope to hear from you. 🙂

    In His Love,

  40. 290
    Diann says:

    I am a homeschooling mom of 5 (very soon to be 6!)who is finishing up the study on Daniel: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy. This has been my fourth Bible study so far. When the group of ladies I have done my previous Bible studies with decided to take the summer off, I determined the summer was too long for me to wait until the next Bible study. So, I prayed about it and God lead me to the Daniel study. Let me just say, it takes a hunger and a determination that can only come from God to commit to an 11 week Bible study on your own over the summer with 5 kiddos (their ages are 6,5,3,2,& 1)! I am SO thankful for the hunger God has placed in my heart for more of Him and more of His Word. I just can’t get enough…and I love it!! I have learned so much with each study…so much about my God, about His Word, and about me. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be taught by Him through these studies. It’s funny how easy it is to think you’ve learned so much about God and His Word after a lifetime of growing up in church, and then He comes along and lovingly reminds you…you don’t know one iota of what there is to know about Him! I’m thankful that He graciously serves us some humble pie when He knows we need it. 🙂 I’m excited to finish up the Daniel study and I am looking forward to the next study with my small group(though, at this time I cannot for the life of me recall what our next Bible study is going to be…pregnant brain, I guess!). I look forward to learning more and more about God and His Word each day.

  41. 291
    Juley Metcalf says:

    I LOVE a “Beth Moore” in-depth study like no other! I have been slowly working through “Stepping Up” this summer and am still determined to finish it up, Lord willing. But last Wednesday, our community Bible study began: “Joy of Living’s” study of Isaiah with other Old Testament books also covered. It is going to be a lot of material crammed into a few months time but I can’t tell you how nice it is to be in a small group again! I just love the diversity and how God knits us together and gives each one of us insights another might need. We are blessed for the freedom to study the Word and I can’t wait for this year as I “get to” know this new group of sisters in Christ!

  42. 292
    Darla says:

    Thank you Beth for your steadfastness and following God’s journey in your writing Bible studies for us to learn so much about our Heavenly Father. The love you have for Him reaks through the pages that you write. I am finishing up Children of the Day that I have done on my own and at a slower pace than you did here online. God Bless you and all that God has in store for your life! Love your sister, Darla