Goodbyes and Strong Ties

If I could write a post to list my favorite things about serving with a houseful of women at Living Proof Ministries, it would be the longest article in Siestaville history. And you who have been around a while and tarried over posts that scrolled down three feet long know that’s really saying something.


My least favorite part about serving with this staunch group of women only takes me one sentence to convey. I don’t have to mull it over. I don’t have to weigh it alongside other difficulties. It stands alone. My least favorite part is ever having to say goodbye, even when I know God has something better for that mighty woman of God. I love my coworkers like my own flesh and blood. I see them day in and day out of every single workweek. I have lunch with them and laugh with them and cry with them and serve with them and seek Jesus on my face with them. They are family to me.


With tenderness and tears we hugged our beloved Lindsee goodbye this week. We knew when she came, as young as she is, that this would be a pause on her path rather than God’s ultimate objective for her work life. Her dearest loves and biggest passions are singing/co-leading worship and girls’ ministry. Living Proof is a hustling bustling busy, busy place for women’s ministry: college-age to the grave. But we are unable to develop a girls’ ministry (middle school and high school) the way that it deserves to be built. It truly needs its own complete attention instead of adaptation which is what we were trying to do.


Thankfully, because we are so crazy about her, many of us on staff will continue to see Lindsee on a regular basis because she is in our lives and hearts and not just in our ministry. (I get to stay in ongoing touch with my beloved Michelle who served LPM for 2 years and that thought encourages me greatly right now.) Lindsee and I serve the same body of believers at church and we are personal friends and sisters. I don’t just love Lindsee at LPM. I love her anywhere. I say that with a smile.


The sad thing for our blog community, however, is that you won’t see her on an ongoing basis here as you have for so long. (You have a letter from her below mine.)  She has worked her tail off on this blog and told me that, when all was said and done, it had been where she’d learned and grown the most. She loves you tremendously. I do not have a big enough font or bold enough letters to express my extreme gratitude to her. She has kept this big boat afloat for three solid years.  Oh mercy, I am so thankful for her.


The blog will continue going because this community is one of the dearest things about Living Proof to me personally. I will be the primary (and only permanent) contributor so that means that posts may not go up as often but they will go up with much love as God impresses various things – both of a serious nature and just plain silly – on my heart. I will also have some guest posts here and there (a fun one on Monday from my friend of 34 years)  and we certainly have plans for SSMT in January.  We keep Melissa very, very busy with technical research, writing, and with Greek and Hebrew but maybe she will also write some blog articles again.


We also have a fun idea for some video blogs I’m going to do with questions and answers. Hopefully you will see more about that coming up very soon. Within the next week, I’ll do a post where you get to register questions and they can be ridiculous or serious. I think we will end up having some interesting conversations out of it.


For now, however, I want you to have an opportunity to say thank you to a young woman who has served you so well and who was thrown headlong into very large and deep waters here on this blog. She served diligently here, and courageously.


Lindsee Eddy, I will love you forever. Thank you so much for stopping by this big house full of women for three solid years. With everything our hearts have to give, we bless you in your journey and ministry and send you forth with loud cheers and the strong fragrance of anointing oil. We will miss your gorgeous face underneath this roof but we will see it many times in our personal friendships and relationships and church-lives with you.


May the Lord continue to make His face shine upon you. You are loved ferociously here at Living Proof.




From Lindsee to you:


Yesterday I sat down with my computer, opened up a blank Word document and tried to put into words what I am feeling in my heart. Usually, the written word comes easily to me, but not so much yesterday. I struggled to write, because I’m struggling to say goodbye to a community I have fallen in love with. You can’t invest your life and your love somewhere for three years and walk away without ALL THE FEELS, as I sometimes like to say. So, today, I will try and convey ALL THE FEELS without, as Beth said, taking up five feet of blog space. As I’ve heard one wise woman say, “You don’t have to say everything to say something.” I kind of love her. If you know what ‘her’ I’m talking about. Grin.


A few weeks ago during our Monday staff devotional, Beth literally got us up off our feet and marched us to our downstairs lobby where she had set up a row of chairs. We were told to pick a chair, any chair, and sit in it. For you visual folk, just imagine a line of 10 chairs long, each chair facing the back of another. Our fearless leader then went on to talk about rowing, as in, row, row, row your boat. This hypothetical boat was our boat, the Living Proof Ministries boat.  A boat that we all have the honor and privilege of rowing together, not alone, and serving woman from all over. And occasionally even singing a few boat songs together along the way. (Of course I’m going to talk about singing songs. It might be my favorite part. Grin.) (And also, how many times can I use the word boat.) As usual, it was a good, convicting and edifying word that we all received very personally. The visual of acting this out was so powerful because we’re all in this boat together. We need each other and we’ve got each others’ backs. Needless to say, it resonated with us. With me.


Like Beth mentioned above, my heart beats for people in general, and women, but the Lord has given me a unique love for high school girls. Yes, they may be an anomaly at times, but they’re fascinating and so stinking funny if you really get the chance to just listen to them. I often say as young girls come in and out of my home, that if while they’re there I can get them at least thinking about Jesus, then I feel like I’ve struck gold. Because you talk about what you think about, which means if they’re thinking about Jesus, they’ll talk about Him.


And that right there is my heart. To see girls at a young age fall in love with the person of Jesus Christ.


I don’t know of ANY ministry that serves women of all ages like Living Proof Ministries does. They are trailblazers. They work hard. They pray hard. They play hard. And they have a leader that loves Jesus and loves people like no one else I’ve ever known. I’m forever grateful that the Lord allowed me to row the boat with this group of women for three solid years. I’ll look back on these years for the rest of my life knowing that wherever God takes me, He could not have taken me there without planting me here first.


But this I know right now, He’s asking me to walk on the water. Into the unknown, where I know for certain, if my eyes are on Him, He won’t let me go.


And if I know and have learned anything, I know I’m not alone. He’s inviting you out onto the water as well.


With a lump in my throat and tears on my face, I want you to hear me say thank you, dear Siestas, for letting me serve you for such a time as this. I will love YOU forever. Your faces will forever be engraved upon my heart. And your kind words will carry me for a long time. This isn’t goodbye, it’s just “see you later”!


I love you all so dearly.


I love Living Proof Ministries so dearly.


But most importantly, I love Jesus Christ so dearly.


P.S. This isn’t everyone, but this is our most recent picture. I love this Village so much. Forever in my heart.



156 Responses to “Goodbyes and Strong Ties”

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  1. 101
    Bekah says:


    On more occasions than I can count, I’ve hollered an AMEN!, grinned in agreement, and hit forward on your blogs. From what I’ve gathered, you’re a year (maybe 2) ahead of me on this journey of life, but I feel that we are such kindred spirits. The Lord has used you in SUCH a mighty way in my life…oftentimes as a reminder that someone else is in my boat too. I, too, am single and left my job of 3 years at the end of August to pursue my passion of seeing teenagers understand the Gospel and live their lives for something much bigger than themselves. It was a leap of faith but the Lord has floored me at every twist and turn. Nothing beats walking in obedience to Him as painful as it may be at times. I’ll be praying for you, Sister. Transition is never easy but, when the Lord goes before you, it is a blessed thing!

    Thank you for your faithfulness and the passion with which you served women like me for the last three years. I am confident you will be met by a whole host of friends and Siesta Sisters when you get to heaven. You have invested your time wisely and I have no doubt you will continue to do so. I pray you’re encouraged as you step into this new role. Hugs from Charlotte, NC! I’ll leave you with my verse for 2014 that seems fitting for you too.

    “May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands.” [Psalm 90:17]

  2. 102
    Emily says:

    Lindsee, Thank you for your willingness to serve at LPM and wherever God leads you next to serve those young girls. You are a great role model for them. Your more serious blog posts had such insight in them and the lighthearted ones were so fun. You will be missed and prayed for. Keep seeking Jesus 🙂

  3. 103
    Ruth says:


    You are so loved and will be so missed! I wrote to you on Twitter because I was afraid I wouldn’t get a chance to write here… I read the blog on my phone, but it’s not convenient for posting. I hate that I didn’t comment on here more often because your posts always resonate with me and touch my heart! It so often seemed we were going through similar things spiritually, so I have felt very connected to you… Plus we have VERY similar taste in music 🙂

    Please know how much you are appreciated and kept in prayer as you follow where the Lord is leading you. Thank you for blessing us so much, and I know you will continue to be a blessing to others at each step. Hugs!!

  4. 104
    Cheryl says:

    Thank you, sweet Lindsee. You’ve taught me so many things about our Saviour’s character. You are a beautiful courageous child of God and I’m so excited for you and your sold out walk with Him. Thank you for being an extension of God’s love to me. Blessings galore.

  5. 105
    ceffie says:

    Lindsey I have truly enjoyed your posts but I have marveled at God’s beautiful creation through the pictures you have shared. God BLESS each and every day.

  6. 106
    Cindy says:

    I will miss your insights, Lindsee! God will bless teenage girls through you, no doubt.

  7. 107
    Connie Feight says:

    Blessings, blessings dear Lindsee! It has been such a gift to read your posts. It has been encouraging and hopeful for me,as a mom of a daughter of your age. Jesus uses you beautifully,because you are such an available, devoted heart. Thank you for shining for HIM!!! I pray for you, dear one, to soar in HIM!
    Connie Feight

  8. 108
    Vanessa says:

    Lindsee, It has been a blessing to see your post and pictures through the years. We have been blessed by you. The young ladies of Houston are lucky to have you as a friend and mentor in their lives. We will keep you in our prayers as you continue on in the next journey of your life. Hugs from TN!

  9. 109
    Michelle C says:

    Lindsee – thank you so much for your wonderful blog posts and pictures that you’ve shared. What a blessing you will be to the high school girls that you will serve!

  10. 110
    pamela mcdonald says:

    Dearest Lindsee,
    Thank you so very much for all the beautiful writings you have posted on here. God has blessed me through you! You are such an inspiration, and I know God is going to use you mightily in this new calling. You are a wonderful role model!! Will continue praying for you, and I know many young girls are going to be affected by the love of Jesus that shines through you. God bless you.

  11. 111
    Mariposa says:

    Lindsee may God continue to bless and keep you. You have been such a blessing here and we will miss you, but know that you are following His will for your life. Blessings.

  12. 112
    Tara says:

    Lindsee- – Thank you for everything you have put into this blog. Even though we may never meet, you have shared your heart in a way that I feel like I know you. You have been such a source of encouragement to me and have clearly touched so many lives with your optimism and candor. So many blessings go out to you today! 🙂

  13. 113
    Selena says:


    I don’t know if you’ll ever know how much some of your blog posts have meant to me. I’ve even copied and saved a few to my computer so I don’t have to search for them when I need them. Thank you for investing you time and love into us. Thank you, too, for being willing to follow the call God has placed on you. It’s an encouragement to all of us. God bless you!

  14. 114
    Audrey says:

    Lindsee, my husband and I are in ministry and have been in different churches for 1, 3, 6 and now 4+ years. We have loved those in each church God has stationed us at with as much as God gave us to give-and it has been SO hard to say goodbye. Every. Single. Time. I am so grateful for your service to our Great King and your obedience to His calling you elsewhere in this season. May you continue to press into Him and follow where He leads–which is always life for us. Thank you for loving us here so much and for sharing what The Lord is teaching you with us. And for making us laugh. I praise God for laughter! May. His face shine upon you always and may He ever be your heart’s desire.
    Love, Audrey

  15. 115
    Patrice Mixon says:

    Lindsee, I have enjoyed your posts and seen you grow in the Lord so much since you joined LPM. I have two teenage nieces in Arlington that are very active in their church and I see how important it is to reach out to girls that age about the Lord. Blessings on you as you move forward in your life and find the place you need to be to nurture this group of girls!

  16. 116
    mongupp says:

    I will miss your posts Lindsee!

  17. 117
    Jennifer T says:

    I’m not allowing myself to read the new post until I tell Lindsee Lou how excited I am for her next steps in ministry to young women and how grateful I am for how well she’s treated us on the blog for her stay @ LPM! God bless you and the sweet young ladies who have the privilege of seeing more of Jesus through you!! And posts about cereal are among my fave. Love that kind of reality. I raise a bowl of Lucky Charms in a toast to your next adventures!

  18. 118
    Barbara says:

    Lindsee, thank you so much for your wonderful posts over these past years. And thank you for being a bright example right now for stepping out in obedience into the unknown. May God keep on blessing you!

  19. 119
    theHarborMom says:

    Thank you for serving so devotedly, Lindsee. I’ve been blessed by your faithfulness.

  20. 120
    Susan says:

    I have only been connected to this blog since early this year. But I have thoroughly been blessed by your words on it. I have been doing Beth’s Bible studies since 2010, and have wanted something for my daughter with that much thought put into it. My daughter has been to LPL events and has watched some of COTD this year with my small group. But there is still an element missing for her age, 16. My prayer is that you, having heard the call for this age group, will lead us all in our discipleship of our girls. I hope we will hear from this blog and from you how we can be connected to your discoveries and leadership.
    God Bless You and Keep You in your Endeavors!
    Sister loved by God, go forth and listen to Him.

  21. 121
    Susan B. says:

    God’s blessings to you Lindsee. What a wonderful ministry that is so needed. You will be missed here on the blog. I know you will do great things to the Glory of God!

  22. 122
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 3 years! Thank you, Lindsee, for all the work you did for us! We love you & pray God’s continued blessings on your life & ministry. See you later! Joan

  23. 123
    Karen Shivar says:

    Lindsee…I think it is awesome that you are stepping out in faith to see where the Lord will lead you. Your passion for high school girls is such an area of need today. I know your years at LPM will always be a blessing that the Lord will use many times in your life. You have been a blessing to those of us on the other side of the screen, as I am sure you have to those in the LPM offices. May each step you take bring you closer to the Lord’s best for you.

  24. 124
    Pam F says:


    I have enjoyed your blog entries so much. I use the one about comparison stealing our joy with ladies and girls so often. That was a really profound statement and so true. I pray the Lord blesses your ministry as you “walk on water” with Him!

  25. 125
    Jennifer says:

    You will be dearly missed but will continue to pray for you. I can only imagine the wonderful things God has in store for you! Ministry is a wild ride, but so amazing to be a part of! I’m not too much older than you (cough-34), ok, a little older 😉 & my husband has been in full time ministry for 12 of our 13-yr marriage. I know how scary change can be, but I’ve also lived and am currently living the blessings of a life in ministry. I’m excited to see what God will do in your life & will be praying for you!! OK, Enough rambling from me…

    God Bless you!!!

  26. 126
    Shelly says:

    Thank you Lindsee!

    I have grown to love and look forward to your posts! I have tried the music you have suggested and loved hearing about your family and vacations.
    Thank you for following your Blessed Master’s lead—-He will protect and reward you for your faithfulness.

    You will be missed!!
    Shelly in Indiana

  27. 127
    Melany says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your heart at LPM and on this blog! As a fellow single woman, I have prayed for you more than you know. I will continue to pray for your journey ahead. You will be missed, but I know God will use you in a mighty way in your future ministry. Thanks for all your great posts!

  28. 128
    Sheri says:

    Thank you for sharing your joyfulness and wonderful words of wisdom in LPM blogs – will miss you!
    Wishing you MANY blessings on your journey to minister to teenagers. You are a GIFT from God!
    xo Sheri

  29. 129
    GJ says:

    Lindsee – You are very special to me in so many ways. You took care of four women from Georgia at the Inaugural SSMT in 2010 and I’ve never forgotten your hospitality that included introducing me to the guacamole at Pappasitos and then wonderful cupcakes too! Houston is not easy to navigate and you were so kind to help us. You have a sweet, kind heart.

    May God bless you and keep you in the days ahead. Sharing one of my favorite verses from the Psalms.

    Psalm 18:30
    As for God, His way is perfect;
    The word of the Lord is proven;
    He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

    Love to you,

  30. 130

    May God our Father richly bless you as you move forth in and on your journey.
    God bless you Lindsee.

  31. 131
    Angela says:

    Dear Lindsee, God is so good. He blessed your parents with you and we had the pleasure of getting to know you. Thank you for your time here. Teenage girls surely need your leadership. Continue to follow Him. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

    God bless you,

  32. 132
    Lisa Braun says:

    Lindsee dear, it’s been an inctedible blessing reading your blog posts and having your share your life with us. I’m incredibly privileged to have met you in person this past January when I flew to Houston for the SSMT celebration and to take part in the first Bible study night of Breath. I treasure that time there in Houston. ♡ I will treasure our picture together as well. 🙂 I know that God will equip you and do a great work in you through for young adult girls…you will be such a blessing to them!! Big big hugs to you my dear! God bless you and make you a blessing! Love you sister!!
    Lisa Braun – Saskatchewan Canada

  33. 133
    aura says:

    Thank you Lindsee!! you are and will be a breath of fresh air wherever you go!! Love your heart for the high school girls. They are a precious tribe for sure!! God bless!!

  34. 134
    Heather says:

    This makes me so sad. But I must join in the chorus: Thank you Lindsee! As a single I connected to this blog because of your post. I came back again and again to be refreshed with your real honesty (iPhone dumbs were a favorite!). And then while I was visiting I would read a post from Beth & be convicted (LOTS of my scripture memory verses have come from this blog). Not to say that Lindsee didn’t convict me too…! Thank you for vulnerably sharing your heart and your struggles. It has sent me running to Jesus more than once.

    I will try to be excited for your new chapter, but right now I’m selfishly sad.

    Many blessings,
    Fellow Texan living on mission in Memphis, TN

  35. 135
    Joretta Windham says:

    Dear Lindsee,
    On more occasions than I can count, your sharing on this blog has touched my heart and my life.

    Thank you for your faithfulness – for pouring yourself and your love into the ministry that has changed my life!

    I’m grateful for you and look forward to seeing God use you mightily in years to come.

    Go with God,

  36. 136
    Stacey says:

    Wishing you all the best! I love your heart for girls and I’m certain lives will be impacted for God’s glory because of you! I will miss your blog posts!

  37. 137
    Esther says:

    Thank you Lindsee! You have indeed been a glimmer of the love of Christ to us. A sweet taste of what our hearts desire more and more of till heaven. Our hearts were often filled for our present journeys by the sparkle and raw authenticity in your words to us. You will be missed!!!! I am confident the Lord’s blessing will go with you and to all those he leads you graciously toward.

  38. 138
    Carla says:


    Blessings as you go! You will be missed!!

    Take good care!

  39. 139
    Karen says:

    Dear Lindsee,
    I will miss reading your posts. When I first started reading the blog, I wondered who this young person was, that Beth trusted enough to let write on her bog. I quickly found out: a honest straight-shooting sister in Christ, who though the age of my youngest daughter, shared wisdom from the Holy Spirit. You also have become dear through sharing your life-the fun & the struggles. I pray for you like I do for my daughters, and will continue to.
    Sincerely with love & also tears,

  40. 140
    Valerie says:

    Thank you! You’ll be missed for sure. Prayers and blessings on this new phase of your life & ministry.

  41. 141
    Julie Bauguess says:

    Oh Lindsee ~ How could I have missed this! Blessings upon blessings to you! How I admire your willingness to follow the Lord’s calling on your life. Being a mother of a now adult daughter (who STILL benefits from other’s mentoring her) I can not thank you enough on behalf of all the other mother’s out there for POURING yourself and showing JESUS to these young girls. As a young girl, I was one who benefited from other’s mentoring me while my own mother did not yet know the Lord. Whether being raised in a Christian home or one without God and hope….He will use everything you offer up…THANK YOU! Our young girls need to see others farther down the road who love Jesus…who follow Jesus and who are passionate about seeing others fall in love with Him as well! Please know that you are ungirded with many prayers and best wishes for all that He has for you and know that it will be THE BEST! Thank you for giving of yourself, your honesty and being so transparent. You are immensely loved!!
    p.s. Please make “guest appearance” for all of us Siesta’s who are not in the Houston area and FOR SURE we hope to see you Lord willing at our next SSMT Love Julie

  42. 142
    ceffie says:

    What a great group of people. I know God is the only one who could convince you to leave them. I have truly enjoyed your pictures and the interesting posts you have made over the last 3 years. God bless and Good luck.

  43. 143
    Kristi says:

    Really going to miss you. May God develop and bless your new work richly. Love to you, Kristi

  44. 144
    Sandie says:

    Thank you for the word and joy you have shared with us. I know you will enrich the lives of those girls as you have enriched ours.
    God bless!

  45. 145
    Michelle Ochoa says:

    Lindsee, you are a DOLL. I was so geeked out to meet you at the last Siesta Celebration my sister and friend would not stop teasing me. You are the kind of girl who could have saved me from ME as a teen (not you, but Jesus through you!). I am confident that you will be used mightily and so many girls will count you as mentor, you will lose count. I pray for you and those like you, gifted to build up young adults. May God continue to Bless and lead you!!

  46. 146
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Oh Lindsee – look what happens when I skip dropping by the blog for a couple days – you leave!! I hope you’ll check back on this post so you can hear me shout from way up north:

    “Lindsee ~ Thank You! You were so much fun! You are wise for your age! You have an amazing writing gift! Your heart is beautiful! May God direct with clarity the next steps you’re to take! If you’re walking on the water, you’re going to get wet! That’s a good thing! Go be amazing with all the love God has for you and will pour through you! Best! Cheers! Ciao!”

  47. 147
    Tammy says:

    Dear sweet, precious Lindsee….what a beautiful gift you have been in my life thru Living Proof. I praise God for the way you have fed into my life and countless others. I am so thankful, so very grateful for the blessing you have been and will continue to be: “May the Lord increase you a thousand times and bless you as He has promised.” Deut. 1:11 (and thank you for introducing me to Audrey Assad…I listen to “Good to Me” nearly every day!)

  48. 148
    Mickey K says:

    Lindsee, Thank you for being so transparent. You are so wise for your age, and have such a gift for words. To where ever the Lord is sending you, God-speed! And where ever you end up, I am sure you will do good work. Blessings! You will definitely be missed.

  49. 149
    Lacy says:

    Lindsee, Thank you for your heart and love for the Lord and His people. They have been so very apparent by what you have shared on this blog. Many times what you have brought up has lingered in my mind and reminded me of important truths to grab hold of and walk into motion in my own day to day life. You have such a joy and yet down to earth, one of us, ways about you. 🙂 May God bless you with His presence, leading, and courage as you step out toward Him!

  50. 150
    Hannah H. says:

    Thank you, Lindsee, for all your fun, faith-filled, and fresh posts on this blog. You have been a huge encouragement to me and I will miss hearing from you. God bless!

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