Goodbyes and Strong Ties

If I could write a post to list my favorite things about serving with a houseful of women at Living Proof Ministries, it would be the longest article in Siestaville history. And you who have been around a while and tarried over posts that scrolled down three feet long know that’s really saying something.


My least favorite part about serving with this staunch group of women only takes me one sentence to convey. I don’t have to mull it over. I don’t have to weigh it alongside other difficulties. It stands alone. My least favorite part is ever having to say goodbye, even when I know God has something better for that mighty woman of God. I love my coworkers like my own flesh and blood. I see them day in and day out of every single workweek. I have lunch with them and laugh with them and cry with them and serve with them and seek Jesus on my face with them. They are family to me.


With tenderness and tears we hugged our beloved Lindsee goodbye this week. We knew when she came, as young as she is, that this would be a pause on her path rather than God’s ultimate objective for her work life. Her dearest loves and biggest passions are singing/co-leading worship and girls’ ministry. Living Proof is a hustling bustling busy, busy place for women’s ministry: college-age to the grave. But we are unable to develop a girls’ ministry (middle school and high school) the way that it deserves to be built. It truly needs its own complete attention instead of adaptation which is what we were trying to do.


Thankfully, because we are so crazy about her, many of us on staff will continue to see Lindsee on a regular basis because she is in our lives and hearts and not just in our ministry. (I get to stay in ongoing touch with my beloved Michelle who served LPM for 2 years and that thought encourages me greatly right now.) Lindsee and I serve the same body of believers at church and we are personal friends and sisters. I don’t just love Lindsee at LPM. I love her anywhere. I say that with a smile.


The sad thing for our blog community, however, is that you won’t see her on an ongoing basis here as you have for so long. (You have a letter from her below mine.)  She has worked her tail off on this blog and told me that, when all was said and done, it had been where she’d learned and grown the most. She loves you tremendously. I do not have a big enough font or bold enough letters to express my extreme gratitude to her. She has kept this big boat afloat for three solid years.  Oh mercy, I am so thankful for her.


The blog will continue going because this community is one of the dearest things about Living Proof to me personally. I will be the primary (and only permanent) contributor so that means that posts may not go up as often but they will go up with much love as God impresses various things – both of a serious nature and just plain silly – on my heart. I will also have some guest posts here and there (a fun one on Monday from my friend of 34 years)  and we certainly have plans for SSMT in January.  We keep Melissa very, very busy with technical research, writing, and with Greek and Hebrew but maybe she will also write some blog articles again.


We also have a fun idea for some video blogs I’m going to do with questions and answers. Hopefully you will see more about that coming up very soon. Within the next week, I’ll do a post where you get to register questions and they can be ridiculous or serious. I think we will end up having some interesting conversations out of it.


For now, however, I want you to have an opportunity to say thank you to a young woman who has served you so well and who was thrown headlong into very large and deep waters here on this blog. She served diligently here, and courageously.


Lindsee Eddy, I will love you forever. Thank you so much for stopping by this big house full of women for three solid years. With everything our hearts have to give, we bless you in your journey and ministry and send you forth with loud cheers and the strong fragrance of anointing oil. We will miss your gorgeous face underneath this roof but we will see it many times in our personal friendships and relationships and church-lives with you.


May the Lord continue to make His face shine upon you. You are loved ferociously here at Living Proof.




From Lindsee to you:


Yesterday I sat down with my computer, opened up a blank Word document and tried to put into words what I am feeling in my heart. Usually, the written word comes easily to me, but not so much yesterday. I struggled to write, because I’m struggling to say goodbye to a community I have fallen in love with. You can’t invest your life and your love somewhere for three years and walk away without ALL THE FEELS, as I sometimes like to say. So, today, I will try and convey ALL THE FEELS without, as Beth said, taking up five feet of blog space. As I’ve heard one wise woman say, “You don’t have to say everything to say something.” I kind of love her. If you know what ‘her’ I’m talking about. Grin.


A few weeks ago during our Monday staff devotional, Beth literally got us up off our feet and marched us to our downstairs lobby where she had set up a row of chairs. We were told to pick a chair, any chair, and sit in it. For you visual folk, just imagine a line of 10 chairs long, each chair facing the back of another. Our fearless leader then went on to talk about rowing, as in, row, row, row your boat. This hypothetical boat was our boat, the Living Proof Ministries boat.  A boat that we all have the honor and privilege of rowing together, not alone, and serving woman from all over. And occasionally even singing a few boat songs together along the way. (Of course I’m going to talk about singing songs. It might be my favorite part. Grin.) (And also, how many times can I use the word boat.) As usual, it was a good, convicting and edifying word that we all received very personally. The visual of acting this out was so powerful because we’re all in this boat together. We need each other and we’ve got each others’ backs. Needless to say, it resonated with us. With me.


Like Beth mentioned above, my heart beats for people in general, and women, but the Lord has given me a unique love for high school girls. Yes, they may be an anomaly at times, but they’re fascinating and so stinking funny if you really get the chance to just listen to them. I often say as young girls come in and out of my home, that if while they’re there I can get them at least thinking about Jesus, then I feel like I’ve struck gold. Because you talk about what you think about, which means if they’re thinking about Jesus, they’ll talk about Him.


And that right there is my heart. To see girls at a young age fall in love with the person of Jesus Christ.


I don’t know of ANY ministry that serves women of all ages like Living Proof Ministries does. They are trailblazers. They work hard. They pray hard. They play hard. And they have a leader that loves Jesus and loves people like no one else I’ve ever known. I’m forever grateful that the Lord allowed me to row the boat with this group of women for three solid years. I’ll look back on these years for the rest of my life knowing that wherever God takes me, He could not have taken me there without planting me here first.


But this I know right now, He’s asking me to walk on the water. Into the unknown, where I know for certain, if my eyes are on Him, He won’t let me go.


And if I know and have learned anything, I know I’m not alone. He’s inviting you out onto the water as well.


With a lump in my throat and tears on my face, I want you to hear me say thank you, dear Siestas, for letting me serve you for such a time as this. I will love YOU forever. Your faces will forever be engraved upon my heart. And your kind words will carry me for a long time. This isn’t goodbye, it’s just “see you later”!


I love you all so dearly.


I love Living Proof Ministries so dearly.


But most importantly, I love Jesus Christ so dearly.


P.S. This isn’t everyone, but this is our most recent picture. I love this Village so much. Forever in my heart.



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  1. 51
    lori prince says:

    Sweet Lindsey, you are filled with a precious love for Jesus and He will continue to favor you as you spend time in His presence. Each day He reveals His glory to us and causes us to even believe in Him, even more still! Jesus is the “stairway between heaven and earth” (John 1:51) You, sweet girl, are chosen and loved by God. May He bless you as you set out on purpose to follow Him. Thank you for your time with us over the past 3 years. you have increased our faith and given us so much encouragement as you share your love of Jesus with us. Your humbleness and willing to serve God will draw young HS women to you! Grace and peace be with you from this day forward! ox

  2. 52
    Anne says:

    Sweet girl! I will be praying for you as you begin a new adventure with Jesus! I tell people all the time that you can be sure of this, you will never regret obeying God. I know he is going to use you greatly for his kingdom. I am sure that this is not the last time we hear from you and I look forward to seeing and hearing of how he uses you. As I tell me kids in kids church, Play Hard, Pray Hard and Have Fun!
    PS I will miss your sunsets!

  3. 53
    Victoria says:

    You will be missed. Especially your great sky pictures. I have loved getting your insights into LPM through your posts. It’s so neat to see the team daily. You could not have built a stronger foundation for your own future ministry desires and I am confident The Lord will honour your choices and give you the desires of your heart. Will keep googling to see where you land. God bless you.

  4. 54
    Jen says:


    Funny how I don’t know you at all but i feel close to you because of Jesus!
    You are a sweet and honest soul and surely God’s plan is to prosper you !
    Recently I came across the wisdom that there is not growth in comfort.
    I love being comfortable 🙂 don’t we all?!
    Best of blessings on your next calling from God.
    I can only imagine the goodness God has in store for you, as you are the apple of his eye.
    Hopefully the blog will live on as you have helped make it a refreshing place for us!
    Love in Christ,

  5. 55
    Laura Proctor says:

    You were a blessing. I’m sorry to see you go. Please know I will be praying for you wherever you go. I know you will be a blessing to those high school girls for you are a sister loved by God.
    Love in Christ

  6. 56
    Shannon says:

    I know sometimes when we pray for the BIG things (country, community, schools) it’s not always as easy for me to see Gods interaction in those things. Can I just say Wow!!!!! You are the answer to one of my BIG prayers!!! I have a daughter and son in middle school and I have noticed these children are not growing up in the way we did. For goodness sakes, they don’t even want the kids to sing Christmas carols in school anymore that mention God or Jesus!!! There is a disconnect with this age group. Make no mistake it is spiritual warfare between people saying no Jesus and people saying Jesus is everything. Please please pray for these children that they may know and walk with our Savior!!! Thank you Thank You Thank you for stepping out on the water!!!! I love you for it!!! Put on your armor girl and let’s go get some precious children!!!! Forever grateful!!!
    At His feet, Shannon

  7. 57
    Patsy says:

    Thank you so very much for your service to this community of women. You will be missed for both your words and your pictures. You are much appreciated!

  8. 58
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Oh Lindsee, I am going to miss your presence on the blog, but I am happy for you that God has led you to such an incredible ministry opportunity to reach high school girls! Your perspective on here has been a true blessing to me. I soo appreciate your transparency and realness. I pray the best for you as you walk out on that water. Much courage and perseverance to you, Lindsee, my Sister!:)…and Beth, I am soo excited about what is coming up on the blog! All that sounds great:):)

  9. 59
    Cynthia Evans says:

    Dear Lindsee,

    May your next step on this path lead you to greater vision for the purpose God created you! Thanks for being so real and loving us out here in cyberland. See you in heaven, maybe a pumpkin spice Latte at Beth’s mansion?

    Keep seeking FIRST Him!


  10. 60
    Katie Morris says:

    Lindsee I will miss you, but what a great thing you are doing. As a high school teacher, I can tell you that your calling is MOST needed! Praise God that you have a heart for ministering to an under-served over-burdened generation. I will be praying for you!

  11. 61
    Redeemed says:

    “And that right there is my heart. To see girls at a young age fall in love with the person of Jesus Christ.”

    That quote right there sent chills down my spine. Boy, does this world need more women who are answering that call! In an age where girls are bombarded with “wrecking balls” *ahem!* to their purity, WE NEED YOU! Go, dear Lindsee, with the grace of God and the energy and strength He provides! Bless you!

  12. 62
    Julie Reynolds says:

    Thank you Lindsee for all the love, time and prayers that you have poured so willingly into this Siesta community. I have loved reading your insights that have sometimes stepped on my toes as well as being a part of your twenty-something adventures that make me tired just to think about!! 😉
    I will be praying for you as God stretches you and moves you into this new ministry which is so needed! God bless you for your obedience. You will be missed and prayed for here in Siestaville!

  13. 63
    Kelly Copelan says:

    Lindsee, what a blessing it has been to receive encouragement from you over the last few years. Thank you for being obedient for this time and for your move into the future. Like you, my passion is to see high school girls fall in love with Jesus! I have the privilege of teaching HS girls every Sunday. I believe this is about year 16. It is such a privilege and yet such a difficult journey at times. Genuinely a roller coaster. But God is faithful and He has not told me to stop yet. So as you enter this phase of your life, I will pray for a great planting of seeds and a strong harvest, and that God keep his hand on you along the way

  14. 64
    Patsy W says:

    God Bless you in this journey. High school aged girls, God Bless them, are a group who need all the love and direction you / we can possibly give them. So many things in this world dragging them under. Prayers being said for you on your next adventure. You will be missed.

  15. 65
    Amanda says:

    So sad to hear that Lindsee will be leaving! Your words and sharing your heart here has been such a blessing and a joy to me! God is going to use you to do amazing things for the kingdom! thank you for sharing life and words with us!


  16. 66
    Michele says:

    Lindsee, THANK YOU for posting and serving! We are gonna miss you and we’ll be praying for you as you ‘venture forth’


  17. 67
    Joelle Roibal says:

    Blessings, Lindsey! I wish you all joy and peace as you trust His lead! You’ll be missed!

  18. 68
    Colette says:

    Lindsee!! I will miss you!! I loved your young perspective on things AND your random posts AND iPhone dumps!! Maybe you could surprise us every so often and just visit!! 🙂 God has an amazing plan for your life and I am thankful we had you for the last 3 years!! You are a special women and will be successful in your next endeavor!! We will miss you but know you have so much to offer the world!! So go out there and be a blessing to the younger girls!! I will be praying for you!! 🙂

  19. 69
    Shannon says:

    I have really enjoyed your seems like yesterday when you were sharing about your first day on staff at LPM. I remember you talking about the fast at lunch on Monday’s due to prayer and teachings and you were starving. Bless it, that stuck with me.

    I can’t wait hear where God has appointed you in your next step. You will be a blessing where ever!
    Much love

  20. 70
    KariB says:

    Sweet Lindsee may the Lord bless all that you put your hand to! You will be such a blessing to those girls, as you have been to all of us. It really blesses my heart to know that you are following the Heart of God and being obedient to His will. May His face shine upon you and give you much peace and wisdom for this new endeavor. Stay strong in the Lord, be of good courage and do not fear. He is with you always and loves you sooo much.

  21. 71
    amybhill says:

    Lindsee! I just want to give God some praise and you a virtual ((hug)) for stepping out in obedience in this call. I’m sitting here thinking if I were you, I’d be really tempted to just stay put in the familiar, loving surrounding you’re in at Living Proof. Beth Moore as my boss, yes please! But you’re not doing that. You are believing God for the unknown, this special call on your life, and you are stepping out on the water. Hallelujah! I’m gonna say a quick prayer for you here, and I hope you will receive it with a full heart: Dear Father, thank you for my sister Lindsee and her obedience to you in this call. You alone know what is in store for her and I pray that as she walks this road in faith, she will be fully equipped in You to handle all that is to come. Lord, I pray many blessings upon her beautiful head as she carries the good news of Jesus Christ to the next generation of young women you are raising up for a time such as this. Sing over her, marvel at her faith, and use her for greatest call known to a woman – Your glory. We love you Father. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray, Amen. So much love to you in Christ, Amy 🙂 xo

  22. 72
    Valerie Geib says:

    Sweet Lindsee-God bless you and we will miss you! I hope we will get to hear about the adventures the Lord is leading you in! You are loved!

  23. 73
    Kathy Cooper says:

    My heart is so happy and sad all at the same time.

    Lindsee, I am so grateful for you and your sweet honesty that you have shared on this blog for the past 3 years. It is one of the only blogs I have ever replied to. I will pray for your new ministry. As a grandmother of teenage girls, my heart is also drawn to the deep desire of having them truly be in love with Jesus! I co-teach our Wms. Sunday school class but have this gnawing thought to lead some type of girls group. Then I think they would not want to listen to a grandmother and really have no idea what that would even be, so I am praying. I would love to hear about your new adventure with the Lord in wherever that leads you! If you are writing material or know of some great resources out there I would love to know what that is.

    Beth, I will forever be grateful for you! I would not be who I am today without the way you have taken me into God’s Word and encouraged me to memorize God’s Word. Even though I have never touched your sweet face or held you in my arms, you are a sister to me! You keep writing and I will keep studying!

  24. 74
    Kendra says:

    Blessings on you as you step out of the boat onto the water — your words on this blog have been a blessing to me personally numerous times over these last three years. Thank you for faithfully serving Him and for following the heart for HS girls He’s given you. Thankful for you and to have *known* you here for a season.

  25. 75
    Cary Valdes says:

    Dear sister,
    I have a lump in my throat as I read this blog. However, I was thrilled to hear of your obedience, which is of GREAT pleasure to our Lord.
    I wish my daughters would have a Lindsee like you.
    GOD richly bless you and your new chapter written by your Husband & Maker.It’s going to be such a good chapter! 🙂
    Thank you for your words all these years (and pics!).
    Can’t wait to hug you in heaven! So many of us sistas will get to say thank YOU for giving to the Lord!
    with love & gratitude,
    From Florida

  26. 76
    Rachel says:

    Goodbye Lindsey! Thanks for all your blog posts of the past three years! This blog will be a different place without you! I pray God blesses you as you follow this new path!

  27. 77
    christina says:

    You’ve done a great job here, Lindsee! God bless you in this new season. Please do come back as a Siesta and bring your high school girls with you. (SSMT 2015 maybe?) Thanks for your hard work, good attitude, and following God’s lead.

  28. 78
    Janine says:

    Thank You for your faithfulness and Bless you on your future!

  29. 79
    Linda says:

    Lindsee, though I have never met you in person, I feel like I know you. I’m a mother of sons, so missed out on the triumphs & trials of having a daughter, but always thought that I’d love to have a daughter like you. Your insights, random thoughts, and iphone dumps will be missed. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself these past three years. Sweet blessings are prayed for you as you travel down this latest road. (Maybe you can do a guest post every now and then so all of us Lindsee “moms & sisters” can stay in touch.)

  30. 80
    Rebecca McLemore says:

    Lindsee, your writing has inspired me in so many ways! I joined the blog community in 2013 doing the SSMT and I came to wait with great expectation to each blog post. 2013 stretched me in ways personally that were painful and hard, but I found solace in those posts and it felt like I had friends and sisters in Christ that I hadn’t even met. 2014 brought opportunities I would’ve never done without being first stretched by God – teaching a women’s Bible study and writing on our church blog for four weeks. God was preparing me – and still is – for His work. You are a very talented writer and have a way of making strangers feel right at home. Grin. (See – we catch on fast!) I am so excited for your next adventure – young girls need strong Christian women to lead them and encourage them. Thank you for your transparency and deep love for Jesus. May he continually be your Guide and Sustainer!

  31. 81

    I am so sorry that your smiling face won’t be here anymore to talk with us and stand behind the camera for Beth’s videos. I am sure that working at LPM has shown you what high school girls can become when they love Jesus. You have had many role models, and now you can share all that you have learned, and share your love of Jesus, with many girls who will become women of the day, believers in Christ.
    God is blessing you today and every day!
    Let your light shine!

  32. 82
    Jennifer Edwards says:

    I have come to love your posts! I think it’s important to listen to others as they share their experiences and knowledge..most important of all their faith in God. I’ve learned so much from you! You’re a blessing to us all. Years ago in a leadership class at work, I shared that when I retire I want to help young women. I don’t think we know our true worth. We don’t know who we are in Christ. Well, here I am 7 years later because I realized it’s not later that I need to be helping. The time is right now! I have volunteered in Children’s Ministry for several years now and I know He’s using me for something greater than I’ll ever understand.. children are so much fun and they learn quickly. It makes my heart happy to see young women in Christ! You know Him at such a young age. God bless you. You’re smart,fun,kind, and have a great heart. I’m thankful for you and others who are willing to answer God’s calling. Our daughters need to see you! Praise God for you! Praying for you and all He’s doing and will continue to do in your life.

  33. 83
    Vickie says:

    Dear Lindsee..thank you for all your great posts. They have made me smile, cry an laugh and and made me know how much you love our Jesus. May God continually direct your steps as you launch out into even deeper waters. God bless you and I know you will be greatly missed.


  34. 84
    Elaine says:

    Oh Lindsee!!!! Who am I going to get my music recommendations from now? Can you please “guest post” on here every now and then? Otherwise, iTunes is going to think I’ve closed my account!
    Seriously, Lindsee, you will be missed here in Siestaville! You have been a joy, a treasure and a delight over the past few years.
    I know it wasn’t an easy decision for you but I am confident you are following God’s plan for you. So go after it, girl and I’ll be waiting to see what music it involves [grin].
    Blessings in your new beginnings.

  35. 85
    Diginee says:

    There are many of us who should have followed our hearts way back when – THANK YOU Lindsee girl for doing just that —— soar girl, soar!

  36. 86
    Joni says:

    I hate to read of your going and will miss reading your posts, Lindsee. I don’t often comment, but your posts were always insightful or funny. Sometimes both. 🙂 I hope you continue using your gift of writing wherever the Lord leads you. May God give you wisdom and discernment as you step out of the boat and onto the waves. May He richly bless you as you have richly blessed this community.

  37. 87

    Lindsee, may God bless all your coming efforts in His service!

  38. 88
    Leslie Crawley says:

    WOW Lindsee – you and your writing will be so missed! BUT – thanks for stepping out – thanks for believing God for the next thing! I so want to do this too – thanks for being an example in this for me! Sometimes I lack so much courage in this scary world we live in today – thanks for being courageous with Jesus! Pray I can do the same! YOU are such a blessing to us all! I know that where ever God is leading you – it will be blessed! Thanks so much for serving us with our words and heart for Jesus!
    In His love and gratitude for you,

  39. 89
    Debby Sawtell says:

    Many many blessing sweet Lindsee xx. Your calling is very needed.

  40. 90
    Cindy says:

    Embrace your new journey sweet lady. Trust and run joyously to the next chapter of your story. God bless you all…

  41. 91
    Laurie O says:

    Hello Lindsee,

    Thank you for serving so faithfully and cheerfully. Thank you for serving with skill and enthusiasm. May God’s fullest blessings follow you everywhere you go. May high school girls find you, journey long with you, and may God use every one of those relationships for His glory.

  42. 92
    Sue says:

    Thank you! I realize that GOD is calling all of us to a place to serve HIM. I think you are brave to actually step out of the boat. I am still in the boat, waiting to see where HE is going to send me or push me out 🙂
    So thank you for what you have done at LPM and thank you for how you will be serving HIM in the future!

  43. 93
    Sharon J. says:

    Dearest Lindsee
    You are taking a piece of my heart with you. I have enjoyed you being you. I will miss you Lindsee girl. God has blessed me greatly through you and your words. I feel like you are our Timothy… we will hear great things you are doingfor the LORD. GO WITH GOD girlfriend! The only people who know what its like to walk on water are those who get out of the boat. So proud of you but it doesn’t keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks in a torrent. You are loved! You will be greatly missed. Cannot wait to hear what God and you accomplish!

  44. 94
    Donna says:

    Oh Lindsee,
    What a joy it was to read your blogs over the past three years. You always had such love and hope in them. The Lord always moves His loved ones when He needs them in other places to serve. I’m thankful for you; that you’ll not be far from these dear ladies you’ve have served with for the last three years. Know that you are in the prayers of so many…. the Lord will show you the way in every step you take, (He’s really wonderful at that!) Lord richly bless you and thank you!

  45. 95
    alice says:

    God bless you, Lindsee! Thank you for your writing and ministry here. You will be missed, but it is exciting to see you move forward with Jesus. With Him–Oh, the places you’ll go!

  46. 96
    Colleen says:


    I will be praying for you as you move forward into other ministry opportunities. Each sweet young woman God puts in your path will be better for the encounter, just as we are for having such a window into your heart for the last few years. Thank you for sharing with us.

    God bless the work of your hands. Even on days when it feels like you’re trudging through a desert, He will be with you and you will lack no good thing. Deuteronomy 2:7

    Much admiration, Colleen Daigle

  47. 97
    Christi Hudson says:


    Thanks for serving so faithfully for the last three years at LPM. I have enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your heart on the blog and for teaching us so much through your writings.

  48. 98
    Pat Bozeman says:

    Dear Lindsee – I appreciate so much what you have shared here. Thank you. I have four granddaughters right around the corner from me (two in high school…9th and 10th grade and two younger 4th and 6th) and the Lord has recently been impressing me to get involved in a very specific way with them and some of their friends. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone but I have been encouraged that He is the One that will meet all the demands. Thank you for your testimony. It is such an encouragement to all of us. The Lord be with you every step of this journey and hope we hear news of you and ‘your girls’ from time to time.

  49. 99
    Heather Joy says:

    Lindsee, Thank you so much for your investment. My heart is in middle school and high school ministry too. 🙂 Blessings to you as you continue in your next stage.

  50. 100
    Wilma Mansfield says:

    Dear sweet Lindsey! I am so excited for you! I admire your willingness to step out in faith to go where the Lord has called you to go. I know it has taken so much prayer and discernment. My first thought was “what will Beth do without her Lindsey??” But God promptly answered that question with “she will let her go because I need her.” God will bring another unique person, not to fill your shoes, but to walk in their own. My prayers go with you! Thank you for making yourself a part of my life.

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