For the Love of Bible Study

This could be the shortest blog post of my life because I’m in my pajamas, face washed, on the bed, ready to call it a day, and needing to get up way before dawn in the morning. But a tidal wave of grace hit my heart this evening and I want to try to put it into words right now at the tall foamy crest of it. I’ve gotten so many tweets from women starting Bible studies over these last 3 days. It’s, of course, because September is such a great time for getting back to some of our disciplines as summer has come to an end. As I’ve scrolled through the feed, a number of women are giving shout-outs about starting Children of the Day this week. Another sister told me on Twitter earlier today she’d just started Beloved Disciple. Another Stepping Up. Someone brand new to the whole concept asked me where she should start and I told her, among our own offerings, Jesus the One and Only.



A different woman told me yesterday she was starting A Woman’s Heart. The mention of that one always brings me close to tears because it was my maiden voyage into a life of study that by God’s unfathomable kindness and grace I, to date, have never gotten over. I almost couldn’t get up off the floor over that one. I fell so in love with Jesus and into such awe over His Word in that journey that it was nearly painful. Each study means so much to me because it overlays a stretch of my own personal life –  miles of ups and downs and hopes and dreams and disappointments and detours and uncertain destinations – upon the life of Jesus, the Holy Son of God, on the pages of His own Word. I hope you could describe something similar when you spend weeks of a Bible study series with Him. Our imperfect, insecure lives converge with the fullness of the holy Christ right there on the page through the work of the Spirit and the result is transformation.


I want to say something to you girls. It has been and will continue to be, God willing, the honor of my ministry life to serve you in Bible study. One woman I heard from today has done all 15. Another one was starting her first one. I was overwhelmed by the grace of it. In February LifeWay and I will celebrate 20 years of Bible studies together. We never had a single thought that there would be a second one. We begged God early on to grant us diversity of reach in the Body of Christ so that we could see women’s Bible studies invade barriers and make heavy investments of heart into unity. He has done it. You are from all sorts of churches and backgrounds and denominations. Many who are coming into Bible studies in these last few years have no religious background at all. First generation Christians.


We have studied hard together and graced each other where we didn’t necessarily see eye to eye. We’ve given each other the grace to be different. We’ve esteemed each other as equally cherished by God, saved by the cross of Jesus Christ, and invited to the dining table where divine words become the feasts of queens.


I just want you to know I am sitting on the bed tonight deeply moved and with tears in my eyes. God has been so merciful. What grace to have gotten to be part of your lives though Bible study journeys. Thank you. I don’t even know how to say those words with the volume and force that my heart feels them right now.


Thank you.


It has never gotten old to me. I have never taken it for granted. And my past is too bad for me to take any credit. I know what a mess this woman was in and I know the miracle He did in me with His Word. He completely bathed and reworked and rebooted my brain until I was a completely different woman. And He keeps doing it because I keep needing considerable help. That drive – believing with all my heart that if He can do it for me, He can do it for anybody – keeps me in it every single day, even when days get hard.


Someone asked me in the last post if “Breaking Camp” meant I was saying any personal goodbyes. Not one single one, Sister. Not that I know of. Not unless somebody kicks me out. Smile. I don’t agree with everyone. But I will dang well serve anyone. I’m so thankful right now in my life not to feel enclosed and cramped in a camp. Just blessed by gracious communities. To see women discipled in God’s Word is the passion of my life. The air in my lungs. My partnership with LifeWay through curriculum  and women’s events has been in an environment of truest community just like my church and LPM. I am blessed out of my mind.



So, anyway. That’s all I wanted to say. That I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude tonight. If God should ever decide to sweep me home suddenly, I’d have wanted there to be a place somewhere in public record where I just said these words:


Sisters: Feverishly following Jesus with you has been the greatest adventure of my life. THANK YOU.


So grateful to serve you and honored beyond words to serve this generation of women with other Bible teachers and communicators like Priscilla Shirer, Kelly Minter, Lisa Harper, Jennie Allen, Tammie Head, Jen Hatmaker, Christine Caine, Sheila Walsh, Angie Smith, Kay Arthur, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Anne Graham Lotz, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Ann Voskamp, Lysa TerKeurst, and other stellar women I could name and write about all night. Great things are happening in women’s discipleship all over the globe. GREAT THINGS AMONG OUR YOUNG WOMEN. Great things among the seasoned and all those in between. Most of us don’t care whose Bible study you’re in or if it’s even a formal curriculum. We just want to see women with their faces planted into that Book so their feet will be planted on that Rock.


The gorgeous, glorious, breath of God on the sacred page.


Maybe this is a great post for you to tell us if you happen to be in a Bible study of any kind (by anybody! share the wealth!) or just diving into the Scriptures on your own this September of 2014. It would be so much fun to have you share it and somebody undecided might get an idea for her own pursuit of Scripture this Fall. Let us hear from you if you get the chance.


And thanks for listening. It wasn’t short after all. Why couldn’t it just ONCE BE SHORT????

I love you,





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  1. 151
    Fareen Doss says:

    First off, I’d be disappointed if any of your posts were short. I look forward to finding them in my email!!
    I did children of the Day with you this summer and I memorized James with you. I am looking forward to memorizing Thessalonians starting this month!
    Unfortunately I’m in a season where I can’t be in a community for bible study just right now. I’ll enjoy some time with God on my own doing your John study! I got it for Christmas several years ago and I haven’t got a chance to do it! I’m taking this down time to do it! I’m so excited! Love ya girl! Thank YOU for teaching this first generation Christian how to follow Jesus and follow hard after Him!

  2. 152
    Dana Nichols says:

    I am working through Children of the Day on my own right now. This is my 13th study I’ve done with you. Some in groups, some on my own. All a true blessing. All floored me with the presence and grace and love of God as He spoke to me through those words. I’ve done the happy dance, I’ve fallen on my face before Him, I’ve cried my eyes out, I’ve laughed ’til I cried… it’s been a marvelous journey! THANK YOU! And THANK GOD for using you!!

  3. 153
    Sue says:

    Started “Children of the Day” in May with 2 friends. We still have 2 sessions left! We tried to meet every other week, but had MANY summer interruptions. Since it’s just the 3 of us, we gladly acommodate each other. All 3 of us have done all of your studies, Beth. Like you, each one represents a season of our lives. We love you so and are eternally grateful for how you’ve helped us love Jesus and His Word more!!!

  4. 154
    Janet says:

    I recently moved back to a town where we lived 20 years ago. One of the things I had been concerned about and praying for was a group of women to study God’s word with. While trying to connect with a friend from all those years ago, I mentioned that desire. She had the same desire, and so did another friend from that time. So, on Monday, the three of us are starting Children of the Day together. I am beyond thrilled to study with these precious women who I’ve not seen in 20 years, but, through God’s grace, feel so connected to after all these years. I have done many wonderful bible studies through the years, but your studies always speak to my heart and challenge me in so many ways. May God bless you and keep you always.

  5. 155
    June Wright says:

    We are a bible study called JOY SISTERS!
    I am always amazed when God changes our direction. We bought Children Of The Day, the first day it was available with plans to study it in our fall bible study session.
    Two weeks later Priscilla Shirer’s book “One In A Million” crossed my path, three weeks later it crossed my path again. Three weeks after that one of our Discussion Leaders came to bible study and handed me the “One In A Million” DVD series with workbook included.
    She said, her daughter had been staying with her and had left the series in the closet of the guestroom and she wondered if I might be interested in previewing it.

    She did not know that I had already had two encounters with the bible study.
    The following week when we were setting up for bible study (last spring) on the day before bible study, I took the DVD set of “One In A Million” to ask everyone to pray with me about God’s direction and plans for our fall bible study.
    We all began to pray with our hands on the DVD’s and in one accord everyone said, we are to do “One In A Million” in September.
    I had never heard of the bible study before and assumed it was a new study that had just come out.
    When I started working through the study I became aware that the study was written in 2009 which shocked me because the Joy Sisters bible study has been meeting together for 15 years and I always look for new studies and am aware of what is being published by Lifeway. We have studied all of Beth’s bible studies several times and always with wonderful results. Many changed lives!
    Through the summer I have been preparing… first studying for our fall session and also studying Children of The Day to prepare for our Spring bible study session.
    Our “Children Of The Day” bible study is being used by another group this fall and we will be sharing it with our Joy Sisters in the spring.

  6. 156
    Nancy says:

    Thank you for spurring me on….always. Not ready to give up on the Siesta Summer Study! I love Children of the Day, fell behind, and have just a little further to go, a few videos to watch, and saved blogs to enjoy…..I just really never want it to end!! Thank you , thank you.

  7. 157
    Anne says:


    Your studies profoundly changed my life and have made me an addict of Bible studies. I have cared for my mom who has dementia for over 5 years now and my Bible studies are tonic to my soul. They encourage, comfort and strengthen me. I have done all of yours and many of them multiple times and have done many of the ones from the wonderful authors you mentioned. I am so thankful to live in this era where we have so many great studies available to us! Like you, I have a passion for others to live the victorious life and encourage them to get into His Word through Bible studies. I so appreciate all the research and background you provide that helps us to understand His word so much better.
    I did your Children of the Day this summer and am helping facilitate a group of 40 doing it now. Love it!! Thank you again for your passion and fire for us to know and love God and His word!!!

  8. 158
    Debbie says:

    The Story — our church will be going through it this year.

  9. 159
    Jodi says:

    We just finished Jesus, the One and Only….my favorite to date! In a few weeks, we’re starting The Inheritance.
    Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego next month! Woo hoo!

  10. 160
    Nila says:

    Beth, September 9th our tiny little group of six women will begin a study published by Navigator Press, Becoming A Woman of Freedom by Cynthia Heald.Our group spent one year studying and pouring over and being blessed by your study of Daniel. We always take our time in order to dig deeper. I have been blessed to complete several of your studies, A Woman’s Heart, Living Beyond Yourself, Jesus the One and Only, Believing God, James-Mercy Triumphs, Stepping Up, and Daniel. I look forward to completing all of them. I am so thankful for you faithfulness and that God led us to your studies. I pray your life continues to be blessed. Thank you! You are dearly loved!

  11. 161
    Betty M says:

    I am a relatively new comer to your teaching following you since about 2009 but in that time I have done probably at least 6 of your studies.
    I was never really in a pit unless you’d say 13 yrs of severe mood swings with suicidal tendency is a pit I guess it is. I have been a Christian almost since I could walk I don’t know a time in my life I did not know Jesus but I have not always been right in step with him.
    When our neighborhood started the first study of yours, I did not know what to think of you!!! You were totally different than any thing I had seen before. You see I became a Confessional Lutheran when I married and we just don’t do ecumenical really well. I was a Baptist girl and the change was huge. I think the doctrine is very correct in the churh I am presently in but evangelical they are not, for thier own reasoning. They as a church body can not be on equal terms with a church body which okays abortion or same sex marriage etc and I respect them for that. I wish we could all be one united under Christ here on earth, it probably won’t be here but someday we will be. So, as it is, I respect the church body I belong to but I do support interdenominational stuff as well.
    I have to credit you with igniting a new passion for Bible study in me. I totally love studying the Word. I am having a real problem trying to ignite more gals with the love of the Word. This Fall I am doing a Dee Brestin study that I am not really keen on but the neighbor hood wants to do it. I did your new one this summer on my own and loved it I am going to chose an indepth LCMS one on my own this winter and I am not sure which one at the moment. I am also starting a ladies group in my church and we are doing one by Donna Pyle.
    I barely spoke up at Bible studies before I got involved with your studies and now I am leading them. That in itself is a miracle.
    Yes, I probably don’t agree with you on every study I have done with you, I feel the church divisions are of Satan but as long as we are the church militant here we will have this. The main thing is that we belong to a church body that teaches the Word in it’s purity and try to reach out to others.
    There is nothing wrong with organized church bodies in this world as that is where we receive instruction in the Word as we grow. It is where we do our mission work on a local and world wide scale but we must never become so loyal to a body that we never see the error in it’s teaching and be unwilling to leave it if it is teaching falsehood.
    I for one am really living for the day we are all one as the church triunphant and there will be no more bickering and fighting etc. I sure see alot of that and I know it grieves the Holy Spirit as this is not what our Lord had in mind for us.
    We still are united in our love for our Savior however we worship Him and someday we will all be one!!
    Thank you Beth for making my Christian walk exciting agian. I look forward to seeing you maybe next year when you come to Fargo ND. That will be the closest you have even been to my home in central Dakota!
    Betty M

  12. 162
    Christy Pond says:

    So excited to have just started my very first Community Bible Study this week! We are covering I and II Corinthians this year, and they have a homeschool program, so my 3rd and 6th graders with be studying right along with me! Thank you Beth for inspirational and inspired studies, and for the Scripture memory challenges!!! Amen to your epitaph!!!

  13. 163
    Gina says:

    I began my journey into bible study in April 2013 with “Breaking Free.” After that study, I was hooked and will forever be changed. Since that time, God has put a hunger in my soul for His Word. I can’t get enough of it! I can never express my heart and how grateful I am to you for sharing your love & passion for the Scriptures. With each new study, I learn & grow so much. Each one has literally been life to me, over the last many months. I thank you and I praise God for your obedience to serve our Lord. I am about to begin the “Stepping Up” study. Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store!

  14. 164
    Brenda says:

    I was forever changed by A Woman’s Heart and it will always be my favorite, but I have truly enjoyed every study and I think I have done them all! I just got my new study, Children of the Day, and I just love the feel of a new Beth Moore study in my hands! I’m so excited to do another study, it’s been a couple years. Thanks so much for taking us all on these journeys of growth and change that make us better moms, sisters, friends and witnesses for Jesus Christ.

  15. 165
    Bitsy says:

    Bethie –

    Thanks so much for this great post. I’ve been toying with working my way through Believing God again. I keep getting tripped up about half-way through — not because I am not serious, but because I have ended up having a major health issue that kept me from finishing it… The last time was a kidney transplant! Praise The Lord that I am back to normal now, and maybe this time I can actually finish the study on my own this fall during my devotional times. I will probably have to take it in bite sized chunks thanks to my schedule. But I am determined!


  16. 166
    Cara says:

    I’m so thankful for the studies you have done. The first one I ever did was Daniel. It was not only the first one of your studies I did, it was the first study I’d ever done. At the end of it I learned I wanted what you had. I wanted to know Jesus like that. And I saw the Bible for the first time ever as more than a history book or a list of do and do not. I realized from Genesis 1 to the end of Revelation it is the story of Christ. It completely changed me. I’ve done several of your other ones but the other one that will stay with me in a way I didn’t expect is James. I’ll remember it for teaching me to persevere. It carried me through one of the hardest times in my life.
    It was in doing your studies I also realized God was stirring something inside me that I wanted/want other
    women to realize the joy of being in God’s word.
    This summer for the first time I led our women’s Bible
    study group through Children of the Day. I know
    leading is where I’m suppose to be but was still so unsure all at the same time. Then I went
    to your Biloxi LPL. I shared with you and 8000 other ladies how God used your message to show me how I was looking in the wrong place for some longings to be fulfilled. In the days after though something else
    you did said kept coming to mind – that God created
    me with my longings. I’m exactly where I know God wants me.
    So this September my group will be doing The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh. We’ve never done one of her studies but the way I knew it was the right one is a cool “God story”.
    Thank you for your faithfulness and always pointing us to Christ and His word.


  17. 167
    Fran Plott says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thrilled to know you never get tired of writing a Bible studies, for I never get tired of studying with you. I am co-leading “Children of the Day” at Opelika, AL First Baptist. I have done almost all of yours and led many since 1992. I love to see the “newbie’s” fresh enthusiasm and the “veteran’s” unquenchable thirst for more!
    COTD is proving to be another divine appointment for me, as well.
    I love you!

  18. 168
    michelle f. says:

    our small group study just finished up “Daniel” for the second time. the first time was six yrs. ago and it always amazes me how powerful it is the second time. my wed. nite gals (we call ourselves ‘Bible Beauties’) will be starting margaret feinberg’s “Wonder Struck” next week and then when we finish with that one we will do your “Children of Day”. my ‘Bible Beauties’ only want to do your studies but i insist we change it up that way we really do appreciate them more. thank you and we continue to pray that God blesses you mightily in all you do.

  19. 169
    Donna Timmons says:

    Precious Beth,
    Oh how I love you sweet sister!! Over the last year I have been and still am healing from tremendous loss…and struggling with anger and confusion and lots of questions for God…I feel like you were talking directly speaking with me in this blog…I don’t know you but I feel like I do…heart to heart…the arms of Lord in the flesh..I nnded to know in my deepest soul that it is ok and that He is on control….I did your study on Esther..and loved opened my heart and soul to what love truly is….pure and unconditional…hugs, blessings, and so much love!!!♡♡♡♡ Donna

  20. 170
    Courtney vinzant says:

    Beth, unfortunately I have not had the chance to meet you YET….but I pray that I will! You have such a heart for The Lord and wanting to experience the Lords love and presence daily! Which I totally want to everyday! I have done a little bit of your bible studies and I definitely want to do more. So many have read the book so long insecurities and I would like to read that. I feel there are things in that book that could help me but I know I need to read and rely on Gods word more daily. Thank you Beth for loving and caring about us all! I really really wish I could meet you! It would just be wonderful to get to sit and talk with you and pray with you! I know that you are planning to come to San Diego this October with Travis cottrell and I would really love to come to that but I’m afraid to ask for the time off. Thank you for doing so many bible studies….like I said I would really love to do one of them again….I did Esther and the ending of Daniel….and I ordered breaking free and my best friend and her family who just recently to moved to Texas she has the breaking free book and DVDs so I have asked her to do this with me….I’m hoping it will arrive sooner than it says.

    Thank you for being like a friend to us all and I’m so glad that you are my sister in Christ that I can open up to.


  21. 171
    Courtney vinzant says:

    I was gonna add that I have not been able to join a group bible study for awhile because of work and I feel that is actually something that God wants from me right now….I guess that it just isn’t the right time. But I am like I said gonna do the breaking free to study and I ask for prayers through this study please! Especially since my best friend lives in another state and I’m gonna be calling her for talks about this study and what she is learning and what I am learning.

    Thanks again Beth….you are such a kind and lovely lady! I have the ministry iDisciple on my phone through Family Christian stores and I can watch your videos on what you to teach so that’s just awesome!

  22. 172
    Dee says:

    Bible study. YES! Saved at 6. Surrendered at 20. Studying for 27 years and JUST since last Fall learning to live by GRACE. I finally PUT DOWN the STUDY part and just started reading some of your book as just books because the despair at failing to live up to my own expectations (I had some help from the enemy, at trying to attain a standard)left me desperately grasping for breath! All those years of knowledge and trying to hit the mark through reading The Word and behaving accordingly, and it’s just now becoming beautiful fellowship with a Father I am finally learning to trust and love. Phew! I will continue “reading” books that help me experience lives shared with Jesus until I hear a call to go back to studying with Strong’s and Eerdman’s, etc. I am enjoying the freedom to need Grace! Bless you (all)!

  23. 173
    Laura says:

    Beth, I am beginning bible study at a church in a nearby community next Tuesday. It is a large church where I only know a couple of women who have invited me to join in. I am grateful for the opportunity to join a group of women who like me desire to “Break Free”. This has been a very painful season of life for myself and I know that it is time for me to leave it behind and move forward. I am trusting the journey to my Saviour. Laura

  24. 174
    Cathy Gibson says:

    Thank you for saying yes to our LORD! Thanks for the memories!! Thanks for studying and teaching us!!!
    Just finished Children of the Day. Wow, nothing unusual about my life when I began the study but apple turnover in just a little over nine weeks. The timing of the study got me through /all glory and praise to Him!
    I am now completing Believing God the devotional journal. Thanks again!

  25. 175
    Jennifer Mosher says:

    Thank you, Beth! Women’s lives are being changed at our Bible study (we hold the same session morning and evening on the same day so shifting schedules might still work), and both groups are completely different, yet growing and learning, laughing and praying. Some are learning to pray aloud for the first time ever, finding their way around the Bible (hallelujah!). We have done some of your studies, but right now are nearly done with Gregory Frizzell’s RETURNING TO HOLINESS. I thank God for you, and pray He’ll continue to bless and lead you. (Has it really been Lifeway and not the Sunday School board for well over 20 years????)

  26. 176
    Marsha Bauldry says:

    Beth, I have since so many of your Bible studies and I have learned so much from you. My favorite study was Daniel and I have done that one twice! Next week I am beginning my ninth year in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and it also has taught me so much. This study is done all over the world, men, women and children, and everyone is studying the same thing. During these nine years, I have done one of your studies many times along with BSF . I thank you for being the blessing you are to so many women. May God continue to bless you, your family and your staff!

  27. 177
    Beth Andrews says:

    Beth, I have also been privileged to walk through every Bible study you have written, and I have facilitated almost all of them. Your ministry has had such a tremendous impact on my life. The passion I have for God’s Word was birthed sitting in a Beth Moore Bible study. Now I am in seminary, digging deeper into the treasure chest of Scripture than I ever imagined.
    Today I begin leading a group of ladies in “Children of the Day” at Tallahassee Heights United Methodist Church, in Tallahassee Florida, and on Sunday will launch the same study with another group of hungry Bible students at Crawfordville United Methodist Church in Crawfordville, Florida. I am so grateful for the mercy and grace of God in my life, and grateful for the good Word I have learned through you and many other godly teachers and writers. To God be the Glory!

  28. 178
    Beckie Potterfield says:

    Beginning Children of the Day Sept 15th – classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings. Our ministry – Community Learning Ministry – invited all of the ladies who would be leading this study in September to be participants during the summer. It was such an awesome experience to be in a group of Bible study leaders. I know you know – being a leader puts a whole different spin on a class. It was wonderful to allow all of the leaders to be participants. We did not watch the videos. The leaders are so excited now to redo/study homework, lead discussion and then get the teaching from the videos.

    On Monday evenings, we also provide a men’s Bible study and a Young Girls Bible study. I lead the Young Girls and we will be studying the Fruit of the Spirit. So riding in my car this summer, I have listened and learned from the CDs – Living Beyond Yourself. I can’t wait to begin this study with these girls ages 3rd-8th grade. Sounds like a huge gap I know. But it works. The older girls love it when they get to help the younger girls.

    Tuesday evenings we are starting something new with a Teenage Girls class. We ask the moms to sign up their daughters. Then the moms go to their class and the teenagers go to their own class. They will all be studying Children of the Day. We are praying God will bless this new class with a flock of teenage girls. Please pray with us on this new adventure.

  29. 179
    Dana says:

    I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father has gifted you and so many others to share His Word and help us to really dig into His Word and develop that love walk with Him! I just finished Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. What a timely study for me and incredibly challenging to me. I am in a tough season of life grieving the death of my mom in June and the death of my marriage to an abusive, unhealthy man. I so desperately need God EVERY DAY to take the next step and to begin to heal. God has used your teaching over the past several years to reinforce to me how DAILY our relationship is. I need Him every minute of every day. I can’t just get a “God fix” on Sunday and expect any really growing relationship. That old hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour” is so true. Thank you for being willing to be used of God – He has changed me as a result of your obedience to Him!

  30. 180
    Robyn says:

    Dear Sister, your teachings have touched me so deeply and inspired me to know Him more; I am so grateful. What began my journey was your study “Patriarchs” Thank you!

    This summer I co-facilitated a small group and we studied “Gideon” by Priscilla S. Our church burned down last December and Priscilla’s message on how God is long suffering, patient and how we can do with less was so timely for me. I also am re-reading “The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children” by Stormie Omartian and have seen many prayers answered miraculously for my son.

    Next Wednesday, we begin the “Life of Moses” study at Bible Study Fellowship and our church is starting a evening study on Isaiah. Looking forward to studying “Children of the Day.” Thank you, Beth, for being genuine and making Scripture come alive for us.

  31. 181
    Mary in NH says:

    Beth – I’ve done many of your studies as part of a small group at your church, as well as some “Siesta Studies” on my own during the summer when our small group takes a break. Each one has been a blessing to me! Thank you, thank you. Your work has taken me from a struggling mess of a baby Christian 13 years ago, to a maturing woman of faith. You have been a blessing to so many women and a personal inspiration to me. Keep at it as long as the good Lord leads you!

  32. 182
    Mary Beth Marion says:

    Beth – we at Dunwoody Baptist Church in Atlanta are starting “Children of the Day” on September 16, and are very excited to be taking another journey with you. We have worked through all of your studies over the past ten years … some of them twice! We have been so blessed through your sharing of your gifts, and what we have learned is changing more lives than our own. We are thankful for you (and all of the other women whose work we have studied), and we pray for you. You keep writing, and we’ll keep reading and studying. Thanks, Beth !!

  33. 183
    Robin in New Jersey says:

    I was so excited to see your name! I only read here when you write something. Our small ladies Bible study is going to do Crazy Love this fall.

    You really had me worried that you were going to stop writing. I have missed your words of wisdom. Keep the faith!

  34. 184
    cheryl phillips says:

    Thank you, Beth Moore for the talent God put there to inspire us beyond our own doing. I am blessed by Gods work coming through your ministry . Lately have done a few by Lysa Terkerst (sp?) She is like you….do dependent on God also….I relate with that…. thanks…..Cheryl Phillips

  35. 185
    Kim Kuneli says:

    Precious Beth! I’ve been studying with you for many years now and I so appreciate your love of the scriptures and passion to minister to a woman’s heart. This summer I was privileged to take the summer study with you “Children of the Day’ and although I usually do it solo, I put an email out to invite some friends and 7 joined me. What an amazing time we had together! (can’t wait to do it again next year)This week I will be teaching Hebrews by Lisa Harper in our ladies’ SS class and so looking forward to that. I’ve also been on the search for a more in-depth devotional for my QT each day and I found Search the Scriptures which is a 3 year journey throughout the whole bible with readings each day and thought provoking questions to stimulate a real understanding of each passage. So good so far! Love you siesta!

  36. 186
    Kimmygirl says:

    Like everyone else who has commented here, your studies that I have done really have changed my life and my relationship with Jesus.
    My first one was Breaking Free, back in 2005, I think. Amazing!
    Many others after that one, studying with a precious group of ladies that I call my Wednesday Girls.
    I lead the class now after ‘co-teaching’ last year, (health issues of my dear co-teacher- Big shoes to fill!) and I am humbled by each lady who chooses to walk through the door!
    Next Wednesday we will be starting one of the new Lifeway Explore the Bible series, on Hebrews, and THEN we are doing Children of the Day later in the fall. Can’t wait!

  37. 187
    Sheri Beersman says:

    Right now I am reading The Cross of Christ by John Stott and listening to the book on CD Mended by Angie Smith. Both are challenging in different ways. As I approach the five year date of my acceptance of Jesus as my Savior, I am in awe of Who I am finding Him to be!! He makes my heart beat faster…and He’s all I want to talk about. Meeting Him saved my life five years ago–in every way possible. 🙂

  38. 188
    Denise B says:

    I am in a group study in the book of Jonah with Priscilla Shirer. It’s the right study for me at this time! Normally, I am not a runner in the physical sense, but it’s becoming aware to me that I am a runner spiritually. Very eye opening. As always, Jesus is so patient with me as I am going through this season of my life. He is patiently working on my heart!

  39. 189
    Barbara Menefee says:


    I want to take this moment to thank you. You have been instrumental to my gaining a firm footing in my life in Christ. Your encouragement to study and MEMORIZE the Word has been life-changing for this stubborn, sin-prone gal. I wish you were sitting here at my kitchen table with my right now, sipping coffee, so you could see the tears streaming down my face as I type. I love you, and I’ve never met you. God is so good.

    As for my Bible study this fall, I am charging into a 22-month adventure that my church offers called “Thoroughly Equipped. Developing Co-Laborers,” or DC for short. It is an intensive curriculum that equips you to serve others better. The homework and memorization required would be daunting, but after all the “Beth Moores” I have done, I think I am well prepared! Thank you, my friend!

    I pray God’s continued blessing on you and your ministry.


    Barbara, Prospect, KY

  40. 190
    Monique says:

    My small group will be starting Children of the Day next Wednesday morning. So looking forward to studying with you again, Beth!!

  41. 191
    Britt says:

    I’m looking into finding a study this fall. I’m hoping to defeat the enemy’s tricks when it come to my schedule. I often feel guilty when I’m not with my little ones after working all day. So I’m praying to find the right study.

    I know Bible study is essential. I’ve been to many in my past. God does amazing work when I’m in His word more. Please say a prayer that I find the right one. Most of all thank you Beth for all your studies and Living proof live. Looking forward to the upcoming one in September. Thanks again!!

  42. 192
    1⃣gleaner says:

    I am leading 15 ladies in Jennifer Rothschild’s Missing Pieces Bible Study. The very first introductory video brought tears as she mentioned someone whose cancer had returned and someone who had a stillborn child and it fit the situation in two of our ladies’ lives right now! Oh how He loves you and me!

  43. 193
    Michelle says:

    You are truly a humble child of God…….I believe He smiles often (chuckling at times) as He watches over you and the LPM team.

    My girlfriend (Renee) and I are starting Children of the Day tonight (I spoke with Lindsee last Tuesday about the summer bible study videos-please tell her thank you for being so helpful).

    Thanks for all that you all do at LPM, changing lives one heart at a time. With much love, Michelle O’Neal Chesapeake, Virginia

  44. 194
    Natalie says:

    starting Children of the Day on September 22 with some pretty wonderful women excitedly waiting to get back into Bible study this fall.
    My first study of yours Beth, was Believing God. I was in the middle of a crisis at the time and I believe this study was very instrumental in helping me navigate and get through it; while also deepening my faith and beginning the journey of changing me, a whole new journey with Jesus. Your contagious joy I saw on that tv screen that first week, made me want to dig into the Word and dig into myself. You had something I wanted, and needed .. that joy deep inside that just bubbled out, and I found it while doing this first study.
    That Sunday women’s class could not come fast enough each week. Which by the way, I did not know anyone when I first entered that study group. I was invited by a Christian bookstore manager who I only knew by visiting her store; she attended another church and just out of the blue invited me to this new Bible study they were starting. I walked into that church, up into that classroom, all by myself, making one of the best decisions in my life. That was a God invitation for sure. That store manager is now one of my best friends.
    I am so thankful I pushed through my fear and got there. Sometimes you don’t realize how hungry you are till you start to eat. I found a God I thought I knew, but oh there was so much more ..what a journey it has been. I have not stopped studying since, I have done each of your studies; each one God ordained and planned for the season, circumstances I have been in, they have all been so timed perfectly. Can’t wait to get started on Children of the Day .. thanks sweet sister .. for not quitting .. for not giving up on us … for your perseverance, your devotion to the Word, your love for the Lord and love for the women of the world to experience the joy and closeness you feel with our Lord … it has truly been a life changing journey for me and I am forever changed. I would echo Monica’s comment .. ” you are my mentor even though we haven’t met yet” ( ) hugs

  45. 195
    Elizabeth says:

    I am starting a Fall bible study next week with the women’s ministry team at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. The study is called God Seeker by Kristen Sauder.

  46. 196
    Joanna says:

    Beth, You have inspired me, more than anyone else I know, to love and pursue God. I have done many of your studies, some twice, and I have loved every last minute of them…even the homework:) I am even dabbling into writing a Bible study myself. Oh my gosh, such hard work. It makes me appreciate you even more. What I have loved the most about your studies, in particular, is they lead me to Jesus, not just more knowledge. I have been transformed each time, looking a little more like Him, and loving Him so much more. Thank you, Beth.

  47. 197
    Lauralee Courtney says:

    What a sweet post. I am so grateful for your ministry and Bible studies. I have not done all of them but working on it : )
    My small group is beginning COTD next Tuesday night. I did it in the summer with y’all but repetition is good for me. I am looking forward to see what dynamic my ladies bring to the study, they are pretty awesome.
    You, Beth, and your ministry have led me to change so much about my relationship with Jesus and how He loves me. What a gift you are to this world, I thank you.
    Lauralee Courtney
    Austin, TX

  48. 198
    Beth says:

    I am bursting at the seams to get back into bible study with my group of friends. We have been together studying and growing for close to 12 years now. We’ve done so many of your studies and have loved them and learned so much. This fall we are doing Believing God. It will be my second time. I did it at FBC with you the first. It never grows old. I am so grateful God placed me among these sweet sisters who love Him and take this journey with me. And for you, Beth–for answering God’s call to share His grace and truth. I can’t wait to start again!!
    I love you, Beth! Thank you for loving us.

  49. 199
    Angel says:

    Beth, love your studies and heart for Jesus. Getting ready to start an area study with Children of the Day! Thank you for your service to the Lord. Surprised you mentioned Joyce Meyer among the women you did. I do not recommend her at all for many reasons.

  50. 200
    Velda Bartel says:

    After reading this entry I felt compelled to write and thank you for your humble service to the Word of God! I know that you are humble, as you should be, because you never take credit for what our Savior does through you. Let me just tell you though, that through what He does through your studies I have come to love The Lord! Like you I was a miserable sinner. Nine years ago I began to get my act together and in around 2010 a group of ladies at our Church started studying Esther. I had never experienced anything like that in all my 50+ years! Since then this little group have faithfully studied one Bible study of yours or others (Priscilla Shirer, Lysa Tuerkherst, and a few others) at least three times in a twelve month period. We have studied 10 of yours and will start the newest one this month. I also had the pleasure in coming to your event in Rapid City, SD a couple years ago along with my three grown daughters!!!!! Beth thank you and your team. I pray for all of you and your family including that husband of yours. He’s the cutest thing ever. I hope to see you in another live event with my girls some day. Until then may God Bless you all!