The Creative Creator Let Loose Through our Works

Hey, Everybody! I think we may be on the verge of some fun in this post. My good friend, Angela Cottrell, and I were talking recently about how cool it would be to hear women testify publicly to the creative ways God has used them to serve people.

All of us who have received Christ as Savior have a divine calling and the spiritual gifting (1 Cor. 12/Roman 12/1 Peter 4:10-11) and the Scriptures to equip that calling (imperative! 2 Timothy 3:16-17).

But one reason many of us may struggle to find our stride is that we shortlist limitless possibilities into categories we could count on three fingers of one hand. We assume that to serve God effectively, it must look like __________________ or be similar to ________________________ or maybe ______________________________. And we don’t feel like those are a fit for us. Or perhaps we don’t have opportunities to serve like that. So, what happens? We sit down bewildered and unsatisfied and feeling lame.


But what if we gave God credit for more creativity than that? What if we realized that there are as many ways to minister in the name of Christ as there are needs out there?


No matter how familiar Ephesians 2:10 may be to you, read it again:


For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 ESV

The same God who created the galaxies in their vast array, the seas in their unsearchable depths, the beasts of the field with spots and stripes, who landscaped the horizon with pines and cedars and sequoias, and set in motion some 37 trillion cells in the human body…

…This same God created us in Christ Jesus for good works.


His creativity did not come to a screeching halt on the Sixth Day.


He is never uninspired and uncreative in His work. The primary way He spreads His broad hands throughout this needy world is through gloves made of warm human skin.


All of us have opportunities and they are as diverse as the people trying to leave their footprints in the loose dust of this passing planet.


If all our works in Christ’s name look exactly the same, something has run amok. Massive populations and types of people become invisible in our shortsighted vision.


I love the wording of Acts 10:38 – “…God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.”


Since His ascension to the right hand of God and the coming of His promised Holy Spirit, each generation of Christ-followers is anointed by Him to go about doing good and to see Jesus heal multitudes oppressed by the devil.  And behold, Jesus says, I am with you always, to the end of the age. (Matthew 28:20)


Shine your flashlight on the less familiar wording of these two segments from The Message, holding it right up close to the catch words of creativity:


Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.  Galatians 6:4-5


Why would you ever complain, O Jacob, or, whine, Israel, saying, “God has lost track of me. He doesn’t care what happens to me”? Don’t you know anything? Haven’t you been listening? God doesn’t come and go. God lasts. He’s Creator of all you can see or imagine. He doesn’t get tired out, doesn’t pause to catch his breath. And he knows everything, inside and out. He energizes those who get tired, gives fresh strength to dropouts. For even young people tire and drop out, young folk in their prime stumble and fall. But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.  Isaiah 40:27-31


If God has shown creativity with the way He has used you to serve people OR if He’s done something off the beaten path with your life as a benefit to your sphere of influence, testify! You don’t even have to sit and analyze whether or not your example fits the category of “creative.” Do you get chances to go about doing some good in Christ’s Name?


Then share how!


And may a whole world of ideas and possibilities open up to some very willing sisters out there.


I am so anxious to read these! So much love to you!


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  1. 51
    Cheryl says:

    LOVE this…never thought of myself as a creative type but now realize I was using the wrong measuring stick. :o) I use my creative eye behind a digital camera to take photos of tours we go on and share them with my fellow group members and they appreciate it so much. I’m able to see things they don’t or would otherwise miss. I’m also good with the written word and am learning how much people value a hand written note or letter. We can be so creative with even the note cards or stationary we select to make someone smile. I used to envy the creative gifts of others but I’ve learned to be thankful for the unique gifts God has given me and the amazing way He shows me how I can use them to edify others and glorify HIM.

  2. 52
    Jenn Nahrstadt says:

    God showed me six years ago that He had given me the gift of encouragement through my job serving coffee daily at Starbucks. He has shown me how hungry people are to be known, and whether or not they ever know it, I am doing what I do in Jesus’ name.

    He also gifted me to write, so I’m doing that too.

    Humbled and thankful to be used.

    • 52.1
      SherryLPM says:

      Dear Jenn,
      That is so beautiful! What a tremendous gift to people to have someone notice them and love them with the love of Jesus. What you do is treasured!

  3. 53
    Tracy says:

    In 2001, I won a trip to Europe. As I prayed and thanked God for such a blessing and a dream come true, I asked Him to use me on this trip.

    Then I began booking the reservations. Our prize was a flight to Venice, Italy and a suite in the sponsoring 5-star hotel, but I quickly learned that the airline didn’t fly into Venice, so I had to fly to Milan where I would take a train the rest of the way. And because the flight was given by way of points, I had to take numerous legs, rather than a direct flight.

    So, the journey looked like this: Atlanta to Los Angeles to Paris to Frankfurt to Milan, then train to Venice, and boat to hotel. The return journey: Boat to train to Milan to Frankfurt to Chicago to Atlanta.

    EVERY step of the way – and I do mean every single leg – some odd “something” happened that caused a need for immediate prayer over the people involved. A pregnant woman fainted as we boarded – she was dehydrated so we prayed and gave her bottled water; a man vomited mid-flight in mid-plane, disrupting almost every seat; someone lost luggage; another lost a purse and passport; a little boy fainted in the heat of the day. Every leg was unusual and unexpected. Oh – and the return trip home was unexpected too – we left after seven days instead of ten, because of family issues. Every leg of that was on standby and we never had to wait.

    We returned to Atlanta 40 days before 9/11 happened.

    All the different numbers didn’t escape my attention.

    God was definitely our travel agent!

  4. 54
    Deborah Mott says:

    Among some of the more unorthodox ways I have had the privilege to minister and PREACH CHRIST: Water sports camps for youth with YFC, snow ski trips with youth group at church, day camps on the water jet skiing, swim lessons where we pray and come against fear and share Christ. Worked with teens that have been abused,*BROKEN GIRLS”) even some who as teens declared themselves gay or bi. I loved them purely with CHRIST’s LOVE and care and did my best by HIS SPIRIT to show them TRUE unconditional love of GOD. Kept verse as do to the least of these I did to CHRIST in my mind in hard moments. Talked to them when they ran and when they were deep in sin and shared TRUTH. Met weekly for sharing and did regular life with them…included them in as family to family events and activities when could. Shopped for clothes with them, or other needs, took to summer camp and church and youth group. More orthodox but unique to the individual: Prayer on the phone with different people, email ministry to shut ins, MENTORING INDIVIDUALS on a regular basis, meeting for meals, Bible studies, FUN outings, Conference trips together, Couples dinner out followed by couples prayer time….most recent: BACK TO SCHOOL PRAYER NIGHT where invite families to come eat a meal, swim and then pray over their children (Father and mother of child being prayed for prays first) and then each participant prays as led. Glorious night! young children’s discipleship group:share KNOWING CHRIST, pray, share dreams and talents, purpose created for…plans to worship dance, sing, share poems and writings, cooking, crafts, outings, service ministries, skits, students plan and do some teaching…TO THE LORD BE THE GLORY: MAKE JESUS KNOWN AND LOVED!

  5. 55
    Lori says:

    After I read Undaunted by Christine Caine I had a really strong prompting to sponsor a girl in Albania through World Vision.

  6. 56
    Sharon says:

    When I “retired” several years ago, I took up the fun hobby of making quilts. My favorite quilts to make are baby quilts–I give them away. I’ve given them to restaurant servers, to expectant mothers who have many children but have never had a baby shower, and one was sent to the daughter of a missionary friend who serves in the Dominican Republic. My friend was not able to be in Wisconsin when her granddaughter was born, but that quilt was sent in her honor. I never knew what joy small pieces of fabric can bring to both the receiver and the giver.

  7. 57
    liz says:

    I’m an IV/PICC nurse at a large University Hospital where everything has to be politically correct and tolerance is the name of the game. Praying with people isn’t frown on, but praying in Jesus’s isn’t really encouraged(actually discouraged) ( heaven forbid if we should offend anyone) It is amazing how many times I’ve been in situations where God has put me in places where people want/need a prayer or simple words like God loves you He knows you are here and you need him…In Jesus name Amen : )

  8. 58
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    For me, God has used my passion for volleyball to GO to Poland for the last 7 years where I’m able to not only teach/coach volleyball but I’m able to share my love of Christ as well. It’s an amazing opportunity and my heart is always so full when I return home.

  9. 59
    Jody Noland says:

    The Lord has given me an usual calling…to teach and equip people to write letters of encouragement and affirmation to those they love. I am sharing this message to both Christian and secular audiences. And when I lead workshops, I can often see in people’s eyes the ache of “I’ve never gotten a letter like this from a parent…and now it’s too late…or my mother/father/husband, etc. would never write a letter like this to me.” The author of the Father’s Love Letter gave me permission to include that beautiful piece in my book and I can tell people that even if they’ve never gotten a letter from an earthly father, they have a Heavenly Father who has written a beautiful love letter to them. Here’s a link to a beautiful, 4-minute story that NBC in ATL did on my work

    • 59.1
      Linda N says:

      I love your story! I just recently made a personal goal to hand-write a note/letter to at least two people a month. Lindsee recently tweeted that she hoped handwritten letters nevergo out of style. I agree 100% with her on that & am so glad you are actively encouraging what is becoming lost. Handwritten notes are special gifts we give each other. I wish my husband had been able to write notes to our sons before he passed. I can only begin to imagine what it would mean to have his love for & pride in them in his words. I would love to take your workshop. Do you schedule trainings around the country? (my email is [email protected])

  10. 60
    Crystal says:

    Like one of the other women posted, I am 50 never been married and won’t be having any children of my own. God uses me in my secular employment and in public all the time. Once while in Trader Joe’s a stranger came up to me and asked me to pray for her. This sort of thing happens to me often.

    This year I had the awesome privilege of serving as City Coordinator for a Living Proof Life event. I was the only one out of 19 coordinators that is single. I got to hear women’s heart and hurts and encourage them. I am open to whatever God has for me.

    • 60.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      I admire you for your boldness and servant heart. Reminds me that Paul said ” 1 Corinthians 7:7
      I wish that all of you were as I am. But each of you has your own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that. I think singleness is esteemed by THE LORD when HE calls you to it. HIS Blessings….

  11. 61
    Kathy says:

    I felt a call to missions as a college student, but at the time I didn’t adhere to that calling. Instead, I got married and then got busy with life. Now, twenty-ish years later, I am in a church that is on fire for missions. We’ve sent teams of people all over the world. I’m now raising two children and I haven’t felt the Lord lead me on those trips. But instead, He’s used me in a very creative way! He took all of my experiences (a heart for missions, a teaching degree, a passion for writing curricula…) and has me writing the mission curriculum for the trips! We used to just re-use VBS materials. I feel like I’m getting to be a part of missions, but am doing it right here at home! Recently, the Lord led me to write a curricula for folks right here in the US when our church decided to do some local missions Bible Clubs in various communities and parks. It’s called Jesus is my BFF and highlights God’s character as a friend verses father. In our country today, so many children grow up either without a father, a father that has proven untrustworthy, or maybe one that is harsh and unapproachable. If kids have this mindset, they may not get a true picture of God’s character. It’s been interested to see the thread that God has been weaving to get me to this point. I’m grateful and hope that He gains the glory for anything good that comes of it.

    • 61.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      JESUS IS MY BFF, I wrote that yesterday to some youth in a mentor letter….Any way to get your teaching?

  12. 62
    Angie Sarich says:

    A year ago I picked up a paint brush and painted scripture on canvas, but it was only for a physical way of atonement to the Lord for His forgiveness of my sins, and my true appreciation of it. And from there I just started to paint more and more, and then people I knew would come to mind, and now I pray before I give a painting to someone. Something crazy, when I was at LPL Daytona God brought ” Isaiah 42:16″ to my heart, and then I painted it on canvas, and then gave it to my associate pastor who was moving, later to find out they were given that scripture at a dinner party the night before. God has shown me in this creative way that He showed me a message of promise and hope that I can share with those I love in my life…And in complete honesty I never have tried to paint before in my life, and this urge to paint does not always happen, that is why I know if is a gift from God, it is the Spirit working through me to do His good works, for His good pleasure 🙂
    I am also a blogger, and like to encourage a message of hope there also…and with my church, I am learning how I fit…working towards working with membership and encouraging others to develop their gifts…still seeking some clarity in other areas…prayer, teaching etc…
    And I guess you might be able to count my job…I am in telecommunications, and talk to customers about bills, services etc…but there is just something about taking care of an issue for them that makes me feel complete…and also being given favor to have relationship with upper management and encouraging them through my painting and cards…
    And I love to write to others, I don’t care who it is, if I have it on my heart to write you…I am going to 🙂
    Mama beth, you may know that about me 🙂

    Thanks for this post, its a lovely thought!

    • 62.1
      Angie Sarich says:

      I have an update on this….I was asked to be part of member care this week…my ministry will be writing cards of encouragement etc…SO EXCITED 🙂 God knows my heart truly!

  13. 63
    Connie Salmen says:

    Some years back I started a summer Bible Study with 6 women in my home. Now it has grown to 150-200 Women and we meet at a church with many different churches represented. I have been blessed to lead one of your studies each summer (CHILDREN OF THE DAY this summer). But, what I have seen through these studies is: hurts healed, relationships with God have grown and been strengthened, friendships formed, bonding through praying for each other and time spent in rich study of His Word. I have considered it a privilege to lead these women and have seen God accomplish so much good!

  14. 64
    Cara Kriz says:

    I serve in many ways in my church. I serve my family. I home school my three kids despite it being something I never thought I’d do. I take none of those as little things to do but not always the most creative feeling.

    You asked about a creative way God has allowed me to serve though. I’m not sure this is what you mean but it’s the first things that came to mind as a time God used something out of the “norm” for me to serve another person.

    Several years ago as a way to earn some extra money I started working for one of the companies that takes
    the calls for many of the infomercials you see on tv. Like infomercials selling make-up or cooking stuff or any of those other “as seen on tv” products you can by at Wal-Mart now. I would always choose the late night shifts because the kids would be asleep. I started receiving less than appropriate calls at that time of night though. I prayed about it because we really needed the extra money but not if that was going to continue. With young babies and a military husband often deployed I needed a creative solution for work. Literally, and I do mean literally, right after I prayed I received a call from a lady who had dialed the wrong number. She was calling asking for prayer. She poured her heart out and asked if I would pray over her and her situation. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I paused for a moment unsure of what to do because those calls are recorded. I did pray for her though.
    So God used it as a way for me to serve her and I never once had another inappropriate call.




    • 64.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      So amazing! Thank you LORD! thanks for sharing! What the LORD will do to help one person! He Died and Rose and still orchestrates LIFE for those in crisis!

  15. 65
    Erin says:

    My parents, my husband’s parents, and my husband and I are farmers and ranchers. My dad also owns a cattle salebarn. Both these arenas provide opportunities to come in contact with people who may not know Jesus and often have “lived hard.” It’s a unique opportunity and I am so grateful he has provided us with a love for both agriculture and Jesus. When I was younger I felt as if I had to choose between my love for agriculture or my love for The Lord, as agriculture can often be a rough crowd. After years of struggling this out with God I now realize it was not wrong to have a passion for both areas but designed by God in His wisdom. This provides my husband and I opportunities to love a crowd we may not see on Sunday.

  16. 66
    Kristetta Miller says:

    I love order and organization. The Lord has allowed me to be the director of our church’s Upward Soccer for 10 seasons. I know nothing about soccer. I do know how to gather volunteers and do the behind the scenes work. God uses those gifts to reach 300+ kids each year.

  17. 67
    Trace says:

    I always struggle trying to figure out what my gifts could possibly be, but I do know that I care about people. So I guess I would say that my way of serving others has been to give them a place to live when they need one. We’ve had at least half a dozen different people stay with us over the years during difficult times in their lives. This summer we had a woman from our church staying with us, and since she had already taken one of our children’s rooms (so the children were sharing a room), we were out of space in our house when we heard about a man who had no place to go and was sleeping in a barbershop in town. So someone from our church offered to buy a used vacation trailer and it was moved to our yard for him to live in! At least he has a place of his own to stay until he can get on his feet again. I’m thankful that God has blessed us with our home and our large piece of property to share with others!

  18. 68
    Mary T says:

    Beth, I was so excited to see this post! Couldn’t wait to share what God has been doing in my life blessing me to serve children and families, especially children with challenges or special health care needs; and my community! I am a Special Education teacher assistant. For 33 years God placed me in the lives of so many…I volunteer whenever andwherever needed…I am the head coach of our local Special Olympics team of 75 athletes and 30 volunteer coaches, the secretary of our local Special Education Advisory Committee, the board chair of Volunteers of Warwick schools, the President of my Union which represents almost 400 school support staff. In each and every role God has brought me to, He has given me not only a voice but opportunities for action, allowing me to serve His most challenged and fragile children and support the families by His Grace and to His Glory and Honor! Most of all, God was teaching me all my life how to save, care for and teach my grandson. Andrew was born 6 years ago with an extremely rare genetic condition and given 3 days to live. I told them that we would just see what God had to say about that and thus began the greatest challenge I would ever face! But I knew I was not alone and put my faith and trust in God and His plan. God had blessed me with His knowledge and wisdom to advocate for Andrew, I was clothed in His robe of righteousness and knew what doctors and interventions to seek. Through prayer and His confidence, 103 days later, Andrew came home! At the age of 3 he entered my class and having completed Kindergarten, he will attend first grade fully included in his neighborhood school. Quite an accomplishment for a little boy who can only move his head and his eyes, communicating with an eye gaze computer with voice output, and is trached and vented. The greatest blessing is that I will be going to first grade with him! I thank God every day for all He has done in my life and for His gifts to me of service to those in need! Thx for giving me a place to share my story…Praise God!

    • 68.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      How incredibly wonderful and so loving and uplifting!!! Thank you so much for sharing! To have such a positive attitude and self sacrificing life shows CHRIST. Surely it isn’t always easy but wow amazingly like CHRIST, it seems to me.

  19. 69
    Naomi says:

    After leaving a cult only 18 mos ago, the Lord is only beginning to give direction for larger steps of ministry in my life. Until now it has been a lot of study and prayer. It has been a journey to trust that God will use this – this very strange past – to minister to others, but He will. Most of all, I hold His word so highly because I have seen the devastating effects when people treat it without the respect it deserves. When they use it for their own purposes. So God is whispering to me about renewal and the ministries I am beginning to step into, one of which is writing blog posts to encourage other ex-cult people. It is difficult to learn to walk after leaving something like that.

    God has been laying my neighbours (all around!) on my heart. I don’t know what He will do but during the summer I felt to buy some potted flowers for my very sick neighbour next door. I resisted, but a day or two later at another flower nursery I was stopped in my tracks by a huge hanging basket of bright pink petunias. I felt THIS was what I was supposed to buy, and I did and left them on her back deck with a card, not wanting to disturb her. A month later I saw her outside in her wheelchair and she and her husband greeted me so enthusiastically, and she told me that they were her favourite colour (Go God!!) and they had made her day. Because she can’t take care of them I have felt it was part of my mission to water them for her, and this has made a way for us to have two in-depth conversations where I believe I have been an encouragement to her in her devastating circumstances. I am waiting on what more God will do for her. I am so excited.
    Another small thing this year was when I felt “led” to have a garage sale (who is “led” to do something like that?!) but a few days before the sale was to happen, God reminded me of the believers in Acts who sold their possessions to help other believers, and then asked me to give my “possessions” proceeds to a missionary I had been praying over fundraising for. Sneaky. 🙂

    Speaking of a creative God, I love your story, Beth, of brushing that elderly man’s hair in an airport! I wonder how much training you must have had to be willing to do something like THAT!

    I LOVE reading all the comments here. What an amazing God and what a bunch of obedient, beautiful women.

    • 69.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      I agree, I love reading these too! Led to have a garage sale….I was too and there were so many GOD encounters with people and The LORD showed me Acts 1-4 too! COOL!
      Glad you are IN CHRIST’s LIGHT and helping/encouraging other ex-cult people! Reminds me of the verse: Acts 26:18 to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in ME: CHRIST.’ Thank you for sharing. Also, Loving your neighbor as yourself is HUGE! thanks!

      • Naomi says:

        Thank you Deborah, God has certainly done a great thing!
        (and I also had those same types of encounters during my garage sale weekend, it was really an adventure!)

  20. 70
    Kathy says:

    As a retired teacher, I like to do things that relate to the local schools and education.
    After my husband retired from his research at a chemical company, he got his teaching certificate and instructs at risk high school juniors and seniors in all of the required science and math subjects on the local alternative campus. I go there a couple of times a week to see the 18-21 year olds.
    I answer any and all questions truthfully for them, and I give out lots of hugs. Many of these students have been on their own for a couple of years already, have one or two children, and are supporting themselves while trying to get their high school diploma.
    I am their cheer leader, the lady whose shoulder they can cry on, the one whose ears hear all kind of confessions without condemnation, and the one who brings them silly pencils and chocolate candies.
    If they ask for help (physical, mental, educational, spiritual, or judicial), I try to find someone who can steer them in the right direction.
    With all they have going on in their lives, they are surprised that my husband and I have been married for 40 years and still love each other, are very happy, and share all household duties. They constantly ask questions about our married life, our children (who are now 30 and 37), our value system and beliefs, and our religious beliefs.
    These young at risk adults crave non-judgmental conversation, and I am more than happy to give it to them.
    They are a blessing to us. They keep us on our toes and constantly remind us of the important things in our lives.

    • 70.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      Living the GOSPEL OUT LOUD!!!! Love it! Thanks! It attractive LOVE and may the LORD use this mightily for salvations!

  21. 71
    Ronda Hawkins says:

    A year ago while at a tennis tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio, my husband and I saw a tennis exhibit as we entered the park of individuals with Down Syndrome learning to play tennis. The program is called Buddy Up Tennis, and I teared up as I watched the coaches, buddies and athletes having a great time learning a game I have enjoyed for so many years. I just play tennis recreationally and although I do not have a child with Down Syndrome, upon returning home to Tennessee I simply could not stop thinking about the program or the kids. So I prayed and asked God if He wanted me to become a part of bringing it to Tennessee, and I became exited that perhaps that was exactly why I had stumbled upon it in the first place. So, I contacted the founder of the program, Beth Gibson, and she was more than happy to help me launch a Buddy Up Tennis program here in Middle Tennessee. Our first clinic was held on April 12th with five athletes in attendance and we have now grown to ten athletes.

    I am in awe that God would use me to share my time and His love in this way. The smiles and hugs from my athletes, the joy and enthusiasm of my volunteers (“buddies”) and coaches, as well as the gratefulness of the parents is affirmation that God has given me a great opportunity to be other centered in a sometimes selfish sport and world. I would not have done this without His calling and I could not do it without His equipping! I am so glad He draws us out of our comfort zones and weaves all our talents into something He can use for His glory.

    One last thing- I am excited to see you in MEMPHIS this weekend. I am bringing my two daughters (19 & 21 yrs old) with me to celebrate my 50th birthday, and I cannot think of a better way to leverage hitting my year of jubilee! Woohoo!

  22. 72
    Sandy says:

    Having kids has opened new and fun avenues for giving out a quick word about Gods love to lots of people. Our boys are now 10 and 6 years old but we have been a “Mario Bros” family for a long time. We have given out homemade little cards with a verse about loving others and a picture of Mario or Yoshi, when we have given money out the window to someone asking for help. We’ve made bookmarks with Skylanders or Mario with verses to fill goodie bags for classmates be it Easter or Christmas or Birthdays- children can give gifts that incorporate Christ in to schools where adults have to tread so carefully in public education. One Christmas we gave Bible Comics to friends and other times held real “Christ” Christmas parties to raise change to donate to charity or used toy drive instead of a gift exchange to give to a shelter. My fondness is with horses, When there was a school fundraiser, we put together horse baskets of goodies and there was definitely a sign or a magnet in each that gave God credit for His masterpieces. When having my coffee card filled up to turn in for a free drink, I love doodling on the back with a cross or a “Jesus loves you” quote with a quick horse head sketch or smiley face. I try to give my kids, and myself too, lots of choices in ways to help that they (we) will enjoy and I tailor what we make or do based on what they are excited about at that time. God is surely creative and kids are such a great way to have an excuse to use the creativity God has blessed them with-and all of us in a million different ways. :). Blessing! Sandy

  23. 73

    First I love these responses. Soooooo beautiful. I agree God is creative and good to use us all in His ways- from raising precious children, to writing, to loving on people in your own family and at your place of work. We just never know who needs what but God does! I was so encouraged to read all the precious hearts out there being Jesus in so many different ways! Praise God for all of you!

    With Love, Lindsay

  24. 74
    Tiffany says:

    I am PTO president for my daughters middle school. At first glance that might nit seem like serving God but when I realized God had put me here in this position I became aware. I have the unique opportunity to pray in my PTO office each day over these students and with other volunteers, parents and teachers without reserve because I am not a paid state employee. I am serving this school with my time in the name of Jesus.

  25. 75
    Beth Andrews says:

    I can’t say what I do is as creative as most of the ladies in these comments. But I am doing what God gifted and called me to do. Since I was very little I have wanted to write. Crayon scribbles on Big Chief tablets became poems and short stories in high school and now, for the past year and a half, I’ve been writing a devotional blog: http// I also teach three Bible study classes in my community, and have written materials for several studies. I have had opportunities to teach at a local senior retirement facility and a women’s homeless shelter. God has given me such a passion to study, write and teach that I recently left my job of 17 years and am a Seminary student. I am looking forward to what God has in store for me.

  26. 76
    Meg Ebba says:

    I see true things in a situation and can speak them aloud. And now that I’m alsmot forty, I’m not such a jerk about doing it, either! I pray more, mostly 9 out of 10 times I’m praying about the thing instead of mentioning it, and feel like I am definintely a stagehand for the Lord, not the main event which is good: stagehands get the good eats after a show. Also I’ve written a couple of novels, and I like to hope that my Christian Fantasy Romance genre is going to entertain and edify someone besides me!

  27. 77
    Dawn says:

    I have been blessed with many Titus 2 women in my life, and one of the ways I am able to give back to them is what I call a Christmas tree ministry. Theses ladies are no longer physically able to put up a tree, lug boxes and climb ladders, but I can. Despite the fact that I’m not a gifted decorator, it is my joy to help bring joy into their lives as they don’t have to give up many years of memories and celebrate Jesus in their homes.

  28. 78
    Susan says:

    Retired 8 years but in the 7th year found myself serving in a Christian clothes closet for homeless men and women also for low income families. Days are different yet the same because as the clothes are placed on hangers I think about the person who may wear them and pray for them. Later when someone comes for clothes praying again and thanking God for my opportunitiy to serve God and others. The homeless are always grateful and brings me back to serve again. Now I’m bringing other believers with me and now “happy hands days” are a blast! Studying God’s word and praying made the best difference in my life!

  29. 79
    Joy Rodriguez says:

    A year ago my daughter in Ft Worth, Tx asked me to take her wedding gown and redesign it into tiny burial gowns for premature infants through her nonprofit organization NICU Helping Hands. She had seen how parents at the time of the huge loss of their precious babies were left to try and find a garment that would be suitable in size and beauty for their babies. More about this program is available at their website. As I prayed about this, God blessed me with His beautiful Word found in Isaiah 61:1-3, to comfort all who mourn and to give them a garment of praise instead of a heavy burdened, failing spirit. Because of a recent television news broadcast out of Dallas this program has grown to huge proportions with approximately 3500 plus donated wedding gowns and 500 plus seamstresses all over the United States, and hundreds of tiny baby gowns being sent to hospitals to comfort the hearts of these moms and dads. I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that Retirement would look like this, but have found that as I pray and sew for these that mourn God blesses with creativity in design ideas, and these little gowns become beautiful expressions of His love and mine. I am truly blessed to have a daughter who saw a need and asked me to be a part of this unique ministry. Go to for more information on the angel gown program. And Angela and Travis, you guys know my daughter Lisa.

  30. 80
    Heidi says:

    By profession I am a graphic designer. I never knew that God would use that MANY times for his kingdom. I can tell you time after time, he has given inspiration for various projects used for my local church or various ministries. Even doing secular work for people, when I’m stumped for an idea, he has many times given me inspiration or the germ of an idea to execute. While studying the tabernacle with Beth, I was introduced to Bezalel and his gift from the Holy Spirit for doing all kinds of artistic things for the temple. It was an eye opener.

    In this season of my life I am teaching art to elementary and middle school children. Teaching them art from a biblical perspective has been an unexpected blessing from The Lord. Looking at fine art and seeing how God influenced people has again profoundly affected me. He has used art to bless me. He has used me to bless others through my art.

  31. 81
    jami says:

    At 52 and after teaching music in the same elementary school for 16 years, I will be moving to teach music at an intermediate school.
    I will also be leading a “Girls on the Run” group with a dear friend at this school.
    Can’t wait to love on these 5th and 6th graders.

    I’m so glad that God keeps us on our toes with anticipation about how He wants to use us.

    • 81.1
      Deborah Mott says:

      Thanks for referral…Girls on Run….going to share this…Just Googled it…a friend of mine is looking to start a running group at a local Christian school…she may be interested. NO point in reinventing the wheel so to speak! Thx!

  32. 82
    Laura says:

    Several years ago I started sending an email each week to our Sunday School class that I teach. At first it was supposed to be a head’s up on the lesson, but I usually shared some kind of encouragement about how God had shown up in some goofy part of my life. I don’t know how or why God could ever use my experiences, that seem kind of silly sometimes, to encourage people, but He does. I am humbled as the email list has expanded because people would forward the email to friends or co-workers and eventually they would ask to be added to the list. I pray all the time, asking God to help me just touch whoever He wants to reach and to speak HIS love and encouragement to the weary and the doubting hearts. I attended the She Speaks conference in 2013 and after much prayer, I started a blog. Again, I pray each day…listen….type…publish and think, Lord, who on earth would benefit from this? I know I have to stay close to His heart and just speak what He tells me to speak. Whether it is teaching Sunday School, writing, sending notes of encouragement or just being available to the people He puts in my path every day. He wants to speak through His vessels – each of us has a sphere of influence. The thing I fight the most is, I keep praying we just keep this small…haha!! and I have to keep handing it over to Him to say, whatever You want Lord — whether few or many, let me be your vessel today!!!! Thanks for reminding us that it is His living water that pours out of these jars of clay!!

  33. 83
    Amanda says:

    Hi ladies! I am a RN, but I have stayed at home since I got married in 2012 and moved to Houston 🙂 The enemy tried to make me feel worthless in the beginning since I was not out there saving lives lol. I know I am not in contact with many people these days, but the few I do are important to me and especially to God. In May we were blessed with our firstborn son, and I like to share his testimony with anyone who will listen. My husband was very close with his grandfather, and he just past away 2 months before our son was born. We had trouble picking between two names. Should we name him after his grandfather or his father? We asked God to choose for us. We wanted him to be born on his grandfather’s birthday if we were to name him after him. Possible, but not likely right? God kept us in suspense until our baby boy was finally here. He was born at 12:34 AM on May 29th. If you guessed that is his great grandfather’s birthday then you are correct! We are so touched that God would take the time to listen and answer are request to name our little boy! God is faithful, and eager to partake in our daily lives should we just simply ask 🙂

  34. 84
    Tracey Knight says:

    my mom made me take “Home Ec” in high school (that’s home economics to you young ones). I learned to sew & have had a love for fabric since then including a love for old quilts.
    which led to me to self-taught quilting (this is a loose term).
    which led to my involvement with project linus to justify my purchase of ALL THE FABRIC. 🙂
    which led to a connection to our local DHS as a place to donate these fun blankets.
    which led to coordinating Christmas gifts for our local foster children.
    which has now led to service on the leadership team as we begin THE CALL in our county – a way to recruit, train & support Christian families for foster care (see and this will include providing comfort blankets for these kids.
    this could get a little crazy but I’m all in.
    all b/c my mom (& Jesus?) made me take home ec. 

  35. 85
    Kelly says:

    I have always been a connector and I love music. I often found my giftedness to be odd and not helpful. I worked in public school off and on since I graduated from college. Then one day, I decided that if my husband agreed, I would quit my job to start a business. He agreed and off I went. I thought my business would go a certain direction, but it has taken on a life all its own. God has blazed a trail that I have enthusiastically followed. He has opened doors and done things that I could not have imagined. I get to use my passions to help others achieve their dreams, all while loving people who don’t know Jesus. My cup runneth over!

  36. 86
    Kay says:

    I was able to sing – in Spanish – in a worship service in Guatemala City! The people were surprised and it was so fun to see them understanding the song, so we could really worship together!

  37. 87
    Anonymous says:

    When my mother died unexpectedly, I received many comforting cards and emails. The flowers and food people brought didn’t last but the cards were an ongoing reminder that I was being prayed for. Some contained Scripture references that had helped the sender through a rough time. I sensed God leading me to begin a card ministry. I started sending cards to my church family who were ill, bereaved, laid off, etc. I also sent cards of appreciation to the pastors and support staff.

    Then I learned that the ex-husband of a woman at church had taken his own life. They had been through a very nasty divorce and custody battle 20 years earlier. I barely knew her and decided it would be inappropriate to send a card. But I couldn’t get her off my mind. She had never remarried and her children, who were now adults, lived elsewhere. After praying about it, I sent a thinking-of-you card. She later telephoned me, in tears, to say that I was the only person at church who had reached out to her. I felt so humbled, because I almost didn’t send the card for fear of offending her.

    • 87.1
      Angie Sarich says:

      Wow…that’s so beautiful. Always, always choose faith over fear when it comes to sharing your heart to encourage someone and let them know you think of them and love them…fear likes to say we encourage and love too much…and Faith says that we can never share encouragement or love too much….I was reminded of that tonight actually.
      Blessings! And keep doing it!!

  38. 88
    Gigi Smith says:

    Beth, this could cause a spark of controversy, but the town I live in just opened up a winery and a group of our ladies have been meeting together occasionally. We have had a new gal come into our church. She is going through a divorce and has been through a really rough time. She came with us to the winery and opened up and we now have become her support. We have God conversations to the point of it feels like church. It is an area of freedom that we are using for His glory! We have invited the owners to church and they know we are believers. It is not typical but we believe Jesus would have been right there with us! Thank you for letting us share!
    Love to you in Jesus name!

  39. 89
    Cheri says:

    My son suffered a brain injury as a result of a drug overdose. He is in a wheelchair. We go to a pool for swimming and therapy that has a lift to help him into the water. One afternoon a young man swam up to me and asked me “what happened?” My first thought was “ruuuuuuude.” I kind of blew him off but he returned and sat down on the side of the pool beside me while my husband and son did their thing in the pool. He actually sat uncomfortably close to me and my husband gave me our “do you need to be rescued” look. For some reason I motioned that I was okay. I talked to the young man for about forty five minutes answering his questions and telling him our story about our son’s injury and God’s amazing grace and healing power. What started as a pure annoyance turned into a beautiful conversation with compassion and patience flowing out of me. I felt this unexplainable tenderness towards this curious, less than tactful, young man. I knew it was a God moment.
    Later in the day, I was driving to the store thinking about my time with the stranger. I prayed and asked God if I had been bold enough. Had I given this young man what he needed? God responded with the following words. “That time wasn’t for him. It was for you. To give you an opportunity to tell your story and to remember all I have done.” I remembered how discouraged I had been when we had gone to the pool that day. Days have turned into months and months turned into years and my heart was heavy while wondering if we would ever see God work again in our son’s body and in our family. The loneliness of being a caregiver clouds your sight as to what God is doing in the quiet and isolated moments. Telling my story reminds me of all God has done and gives me the strength to keep looking for what He is doing now.
    I recognize most faces at the pool. I had never seen this man before and I haven’t seen him since.
    This happens over and over again. God just literally throws people in my path. He uses a beautiful young man, with a gorgeous smile in a wheelchair I hate, to peak people’s curiosity and to give me an opportunity to remember. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not His benefits. Ps. 103:2

  40. 90
    Cathy S. says:

    Oh, how I love this. I used to fill in those spaces with committee meetings, ministry work, organizing and taking meeting minutes until a year ago. Then, I took a sabbatical from church work to figure out how God could use me and my passions. I wanted to be like a bullet, single shot and sure rather than birdshot, scattered and ineffective. Within a few months, God led me to develop a mission statement: “I am created and called to express my faith through love, especially by telling true stories that encourage and glorify God and by helping others see God’s handiwork in their personal lives and develop their own stories of faith.” Now, I can say no to the pressure of doing church work that is out of my mission statement. Instead, I am spending more time writing, helping our pastor write devotionals and book reviews, writing two Christian historical novels that have been published through Amazon and keeping my blog active. Sometimes, I feel like the creative side of me is not as important as the doer side of me and I have to remember that God gave me these gifts to use for His glory and that they are just as important as the other pressing needs that others might want me to do because it is more convenient for them.

  41. 91
    Denise says:

    Good morning ladies! After being married for only a few months, God worked in me and did a massive transformation, making me a woman following passionately after Him! This quickly changed our marriage from one end of the spectrum to the other. I believe that He created me to be a strong witness to my husband and to love him through Christ’s love. To me, this is a creative way that God has called me to show His love. Definitely not what I expected!
    I also work as a mental health therapist with soldiers and I pray every day that God will use me to be an encouragement to at least one person and that His love will be reflected through me in this job.
    God bless!

  42. 92
    Valerie Robertson says:

    I serve at a local women’s recovery center called Renewal run by a wonderful ministry here in Greenville, SC, called Miracle Hill. This is a minimum 6 month program for ladies with drug and or alcohol addictions. They can house up to 24 women at a time and they come from all over the country.
    Currently I am leading a Bible study there with the level 3 ladies, but the other thing I do there is transport ladies who have appointments with doctors, etc. That’s where I really get to know them and can share my story and listen to theirs. This is a small thing but is so rewarding and has blessed me tremendously.

  43. 93

    I love this post, Beth and the timing is amazing! I’m taking a big leap of faith in my business TODAY and God has been SO faithful every step of the way to encourage me and build me up thru His Word. I marvel at His creativity and timing.

    I love to sew and several years ago – after leaving the corporate world in NYC – I decided to make myself a fabulous Book Tote. From there I designed a BIBLE TOTE for myself because I had fallen completely in love with His Word and carried it with me just about everywhere.

    I’m now serving (and hopefully encouraging) women – like myself who love His Word and have a heart for study and a passion for reading – by making beautiful Bible Totes & accessories designed to help them carry God’s Word into their everyday life. Today is a BIG day in this journey and, here I am reading your blog and knowing it is ABSOLUTELY another confirmation from Him to never turn back and keep sewing!!

    Thanks so much for this awesome – timely – post.
    You are wonderful and I dearly love to hear you TEACH! God has SO richly blessed you and I’m all the better – and wiser – for it.

    All the best to you, Beth and thank you for YOUR creative service!

    Penny Bennett

  44. 94
    Bitsy says:

    Hey, Bethie!!! 🙂

    Our creative God is using me to run an online ministry to young widows! Mourning into Dancing is a Facebook group, reaching more than 200 women across the globe. I never thought that God would put me in such a weird place. For my day job I am typically working as a music teacher in our church’s music academy and a freelance musician.

    Tell Angela hello from me… We were friends back in the day at Two Rivers and were in the same Sunday School class! Wish I could be in Memphis with ya’ll! It’s sure to be fun!!!

    Lots of love and prayers for an AWESOME week and weekend!

  45. 95
    Brenda Powell says:

    I LOVE your post! And my life is an amazing testimony of what the creativity of God can do in a life that is hungry and willing to be used for His Kingdom in ways COMPLETELY foreign to her!!You know how God often uses those that through their own abilities cannot do the very thing He calls them to do? Well, that’s me.
    Three years ago, I stepped out in faith to start writing a series of children’s books that God impressed upon me to write. Through the adventures of a pony and his playful barnyard friends, children (and adults) are taught the importance of walking in God’s love. Joyce Meyer’s teaching were a HUGE influence and encouragement to me that actually helped give me take those first steps of faith and to keep going when the going was very rough! The first book should be out by January or February 2015. I have also written and composed a song that will go along with the book. God has also been pouring out praise and worship lyrics and music from me and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for those songs too.
    Please understand that my career is in sales and I’ve never written books or songs, but these are a result of the creativity of God in me and my determination to believe BIG things through Jesus Christ. I believe that these books and songs will sow many seeds of God’s love into the hearts of all who read the books and listen to the songs. I will be using a portion of all proceeds to sow into helping those that are in need.
    God is so good and so very faithful. I’ve learned to not sell yourself short, and by being obedient to what God asks you to do, the sky is the limit! Praise the Lord!!

  46. 96
    Kim Eshelman says:

    The two Beth Moore Bible studies I facilitate have sent Get Well/Thinking of you cards for the last several years. We’ll last spring I had an idea… because I enjoy the website Snapfish and have and continue to make many cards using photos I haven taken. I have all the Bible Study ladies photos and with their permission made cards with all of us on the front of the card, with an area that says “YOU” are in Our Prayers.” We all then write short notes on the inside. There are 28 of us, so now recipients of these cards can see faces of those praying for them.

  47. 97
    PatriciaM says:

    In the unfortunate occupation of paralegal to a divorce attorney, I have countless opportunities to encourage, comfort, and pray for people going through a very difficult time in their lives. Still don’t believe this is all God has for me to do, but we must always serve where we are. Amen?

  48. 98
    Kathy says:

    I ‘retired’ 7 years ago from working at the school district after my daughter adopted ‘my’ granddaughter. I was smitten to say the least, and they gave me the privilege to care for her while they had to go earn money to pay for the adoption. Low and behold, my other daughter got pregnant, then 6 months after the adoption the birth mom called and said she made another ‘mistake’. He was born 11 months after his sister. So within a year of when I ‘retired’ I was watching 3 babies, 13 months apart. Not what I signed up for, but they have been the joy of my life and my new ministry. Not only do I get to minister to them in Jesus Name, I have had the opportunity to minister to other young moms in the activities we’ve done together. Now 7 years later my daughter who adopted received a miracle baby she could carry in her own womb. I now get the 3 older ones to school and watch my newest grandson 2 days a week. I have the best ministry in the entire world.

  49. 99
    Lisa Morris says:

    I am a pharmacist by occupation and manage a pharmacy with a dozen employees. After my children got through college and I was no longer involved with various groups of people through the sports they played and the business of their lives I wondered what my purpose was and how I could serve God. I suddenly realized it was right in front of me. I encounter many people everyday from all walks of life at my pharmacy counseling window. My prayer each day is to be able to look into their eyes and see them as God does and be able to offer some type of love and comfort to them as we speak. I love my job and my staff and pray for them daily and minister to them in whatever fashion God puts in front of me. God gave me the gifts of management and organization and also the circumstances to be right there in front of a hurting world for 9 hours a day. My prayers daily are to serve those people with God’s love.

  50. 100
    Jill says:

    My husband and I each own and operate a small business and over the last 20+ years we have had number of employees. We welcome Christ into our businesses and freely talk and share Jesus with them. If the conversation isn’t welcome then we back off and keep praying. It’s been a source of joy and amazement to see Him at work. We have seen families rediscover their faith and come back to church/bible studies etc. We have seen unbelievers begin to believe even to the point where they have called us at home and asked for help to get started in their faith. We have had part time summer college help and believe that seeds were planted in those lives. Its sad when an employee leaves us but also exciting because we believe that God is opening a spot for the next person to hear about Him.