Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014 Gathering 4!

Hi Siestas!

I love you girls and am so thankful for you. I just saw a whole room full of you right after Living Proof Live Lubbock and you are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. What an honor to serve you.

We are sailing through our study! I’m praying that you are able to carve out time for your homework and that whatever you are able to accomplish is speaking clearly and personally to you. His Word does not return to us empty. My biggest hope is that you have a deep sense of walking out these eight weeks side-by-side with Jesus. That is everything. That is the goal.

2014 Siesta Summer Bible Study Session 4 from LPV on Vimeo.

Can you believe that we are already at our fourth gathering? Only one more to go and we’re finished! Here are the bare bones of your instructions in case you are unable to view the video:


Today, for our small group discussions and solo responses, get out your workbook with me and turn to pages 120 and page 121 for discussion from Week 5.  At the bottom of page 120, I just love Eugene Peterson’s translation of I Thessalonians 5:4-8 from The Message. You would have read in your homework:

But friends, you’re not in the dark, so how could you be taken off guard by any of this? You’re sons of Light, daughters of Day. We live under wide open skies and know where we stand. So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others. Let’s keep our eyes open and be smart. People sleep at night and get drunk at night. But not us! Since we’re creatures of Day, let’s act like it. Walk out into the daylight sober, dressed up in faith, love, and the hope of salvation.

With that in mind, glance at the question in the middle of page 121. Your discussion question from Week 5:

  • What one event in your life shook you to your most awakened state?

If you’re willing and it’s not too painful to share, please tell us about it.  If you feel a little lulled to sleep in this present season, then discuss that.  Talk about a way that you really need the Lord to awaken you with His Spirit to His Word and to His presence and His activity in your proximity.
Our discussion for Week 6 takes place on pages 142-143.  I’m so anxious to hear from you about this week of study because it’s all about mobilized ministry. I am hoping that you have written your name in the blank in the statement on the middle of page 142. You have a God-ordained ministry, Sister!


Notice the words on page 143: No one else can fulfill your calling. Other people can do what you’ve been called to do, but they cannot be you doing it. Maybe you know someone with the exact same gift mix. Fabulous! Be great friends with them and rejoice in the camaraderie, but keep in mind that each of you bring something unique to the mix. They cannot be you! And you cannot be them!

  • Did you get any insight in your calling for this season? If so, what? Share that in your comment to this post, and with your small group if you’re taking part in one.
  •  What do you look like when you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? (page 145)  What do you want to do most when you’re filled with that holy fire?


I can’t wait to read many of your comments! I love to see women step further into their God-ordained callings.


Now for our memory verses!

Memory Verse for Week 7:
2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 (ESV) – Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word.


Memory Verse for Week 8:
2 Thessalonians 3:3 (ESV)- But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.


So your homework for this next few weeks is to finish up the final two weeks of study, Weeks 7 & 8!  Our video greeting next time will be our wrap up!  Get after it!


I’m nuts about you.


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  1. 1
    Marla Jensen says:

    1. I think I was the most awakened about 1.5 years ago when my husband unexpectedly lost his job when we were expecting our first child. We lost insurance and our home two months before our son was born. But during that time there was an incredible amount of peace and trust in the Lord that he would provide. And He did.

    2. The week about my calling/ministries was frustrating. I wish I could ask questions and get answers back, but I’m doing this alone. Alone is what sums up my life in the last year. My lovely son was born a year ago but we have been in a state of transition for that long with my husband and I moving several times. I wonder how my calling fits in with staying at home and being a mom, which I love, but is isolating. I haven’t made new friends in a over a year and my old friends are far away. My husband is wonderful, but we are both missing a Christian community and long term friends. We just haven’t been in one place long enough to have that. Before having the baby I was a teacher and where I don’t miss teaching in a traditional setting I do think that my gifts tend to lean towards teaching. I pray for community and a place to serve.

    • 1.1
      amybhill says:

      Whereabouts do you like Marla? Maybe you can connect with some Siestas…

      • amybhill says:

        *live* sorry – typing w a ten month old baby climbing on me – LOL 🙂

        • Marla says:

          Well, right now for the summer we are in Wisconsin for hubby’s summer ministry job. But in a month we will be in Montana, which is where we have lived before in different places around the state.

          • amybhill says:

            I wish Wisconsin or Montana were close to me but I’m in NJ :/ Can any Siestas out there direct Marla to a good community of believers?
            I am sorry you feel isolated. I am a stay-at-home mom too so I totally get that. I think its hardest with your first one when they are really little like your son. I think it got a little easier as my oldest child grew and we had more places to go and more moms to meet. I promise I will pray for you. xo

  2. 2
    amybhill says:

    What one event in your life shook you to your most awakened state?
    When I became a mom, I was suddenly AWARE of my mortality, the brevity of my life, my going-through the motions as a christian, my whack priorities, and my alarming vulnerability and powerlessness. I was full of fear. T’was grace that taught my heart to fear. And grace, my fears relieved. There was no more messing around. I was at a crossroads and I dove for the shadow of the cross. For many years, I would sob/cry every time I considered Enoch (Genesis 5:21-24) who walked faithfully with God after becoming a father. It wasn’t a tragedy. God used a tremendous blessing to draw me intimately under the shadow of his wing.

    Did you get any insight in your calling for this season? If so, what? On page 141, Beth wrote, “Your life has great significance and perfect timing.” I wrote in the margin, “Exactly what I needed to hear.” Lately, I’ve really been struggling with feeling insignificant. I’ve wondered out loud to God if I have less favor than other christians who He seems to be using more powerfully. After wasting so many years on myself, I remember praying like the prodigal son who considered the servants at his father’s house, “I don’t care what you want me to do. I want to be your servant. I will clean toilets for you so long as I can come home to you.” But somehow, I guess I’ve turned into the older brother. “Hey I’ve been at this for awhile now. Where’s my party? When are you gonna kill the fattened calf for me?” My attitude is wrong. And God is showing me that. Still, I struggle with feeling insignificant. This was like a sweet hug from my Father.

    • 2.1
      Marla says:

      Amy- thanks for your encouragement. I have been blessed with many friends in different seasons of life but this season has just been different. I know what it is like to have close friends so it is hard, but I know I will appreciate the friends I make in the future even more so. This summer has been good as I have gotten to visit with a few old friends. Thanks for the prayers

  3. 3
    Betty M says:

    Betty M solo on the plains of the Dakotas (north) to be exact)!
    1. Beth, it was just afew comments you made in the Daniel study, don’t even know which lesson but it was about giving til it hurts!! You probably don’t even remember you said that, but, that is what I took from it!! We can never out give God and until we give sacrificially we will never quite get the blessing! I decided I need to give alot more of myself. It was also reinforced at a convention of our church ladies in Peoria Il afew months later that we need to step out on the edge daring to do more for Jesus!! It fired me up!!
    2. My calling seems to be to teach and write. Sort of like you but in a microscopic measure!
    3. When He rekindles that fire, I just want to tell the world, words just float off my pen (or keyboard)!
    Not sure how this writing thing will pan out I have this conversation daily with God! In the mean time I am still teaching little ones in weekly Sunday school and gona start facilitating a much larger Bible study this fall me who never spoke up at Bible studies before am now facilitating!!
    I am impatient with His timing His time clock is so different than mine!
    Love Ya,
    Betty M

  4. 4
    Fareen Doss says:

    1. Almost two years ago, I found myself deep in sin, just swimming in it. I was as asleep as someone could get to His presence. I was happy in my flesh, walking along oblivious to what He was trying to tell me and then one day it was like I was hit with a freight train, I was wrong on so many levels. It was in that moment, He filled me so deeply that I could not ignore where or Who it was. I could see again.

    2. God called me back to school after 10 years and I thought I knew why. I realized this week that I had attached my own goals to His calling, I was making it mine. He gave me a glimpse of why I was enduring this task in school. I do not know why or when, I just know that I have to keep moving, to keep going, because this is what He has for me. It is beyond what the goals I had set for myself and I am unable to contain my excitement about it!

    When I am filled with His holy fire, there are not enough books in my possession to quench the knowledge I wish to seek. I want to know more, be more and find more. I am in constant conversation with Him and it shows. Even parking spaces are no match for my prayers!

  5. 5
    Sue Elise says:

    1) I was at my most awakened state about 9 years ago when my husband, who was 37, was diagnosed with cancer. I was 33 and we had 2 small children. Throughout the diagnosis and treatment I felt the presence of Jesus at all times. Many people would ask me how I was so strong – it was not me! It was Him – praise Him for his mercy and grace! Because His presence was so close to me during about a 9 month span I was very awakened to Him. In contrast this past year has been a time when I was deceived within a church and in the aftermath of that I have felt a lull or a distance between God and I that I do not like. The betrayal was so difficult and still causes me many tears and confusion over what really happened and why that I think I didn’t want to feel things so I distanced myself from Him. This study has been exactly the thing I needed and I am getting back on track, not only because I am in the Word more, but because the subject matter has been right on target.
    2) I am getting a sense of what my calling is – I have always felt it was teaching since I am an educator, but also that it was in leading. My experiences in my old church have led me to feel that I should stay away from leading. However I feel that when I am loving God with my whole being, I want to serve others and exhort them as we hold each other accountable. I have been hosting Bible study in my home with a small group for over 5 years and that is one thing that energizes me. I also really related to the video session on prophecy – because I honestly did not know that prophecy included those things that God may put on our heart to encourage others – this happened to me 2 days before I watched the video session and I realized that in that way we are being an instrument of His love and grace, as long as we know the prompting is truly coming from God.

  6. 6
    Sharon Quevreaux says:

    Sharon, Solo, Mineola, Texas
    This study has been so needed because one week dealt with grief and we recently buried my father in law. I feel stuck in my ministry and in my life spiritually. I’m still doing the usual, teaching JR High girls, ministering to my Wednesday lady group, but exhaustion can do crazy things to your mind. Amen

  7. 7
    Darcy says:

    Darcy – Daleveille, AL
    1. There are two times I recall in my life that shook me awake, so to speak. One was in college, when I went through a season of doubting and questioning of my faith. It shook my foundation, it shook everything. It was the darkest time in my life, but God used it to open my eyes to His love and grace, truly, for the very first time in a very personal way to me. Since then, my faith and my relationship with Him has been personal and real. The other time was a few years ago when my dad suffered a near life-ending heart attack at age 51. During that time I was never more aware of the urgency to pray and the power of a praying community. I saw God so much during that time.
    2. During this season of my life, I believe my calling is to be a faithful, biblical wife. My husband and I were married nearly 2 months ago, and since I haven’t found a job yet, I’ve spent these last 2 months serving him and fulfilling the roles of a wife at home. It has been far more fulfilling and enjoyable to me than I imagined it would be. God gives me great joy in doing it, and it blesses my husband. I don’t know how long this season will last, but I enjoy it so much.
    3. When God has revealed something to me in his Word and I am just lit on fire by it, the first thing I want to do is share it. I feel so excited when I can share what God has taught me with others! I also have always loved (and been gifted with) the ability to write. I have felt for some time that God is calling me to share His revelations to me to others through writing. I have no idea what that will look like, but I pray that God gives me boldness and courage to take the necessary steps to find out!

  8. 8
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    Michelle Baylerian, Waukesha, WI

    1. The event that shook my life was the break up of my friendship with my best friend in Aug 2005. I learned about what true forgiveness looks like. It has been my life story and He keeps reminding me that forgiveness is an ongoing thing in the life of a believer!

    2. My God-given ministry right now is serving others with medical issues. Going to doctor appts,etc. and being their advocate (RN). Giving financially especially to the poor in my sphere of influence. Meeting unspoken needs that the Lord puts on my heart.

    3. What I want to do most when filled with Holy Fire is to mentor young adult women. To be able to impart the learned wisdom He has given me through the years. I was never discipled so I have always felt behind the eight ball. My learning has come bit by bit but not in an “intentional” way. Beth, God has used you mightily in this process!! I’m forever grateful for that. I’m meeting tomorrow with dear friend & Christian speaker to discuss more about this. Thank you God for using God to fan that flame that you began speaking to me over past year!

  9. 9
    colleen says:

    Colleen, Cape Town, South Africa

    What one event in your life shook you to your most awakened state?
    The revelation of the abuse I suffered 23 years ago. For 20 years I kept it a secret believing that I was complicit and experiencing all the guilt and shame that went with that. I was just surviving and definitely not living the abundant life. When I shared it with my husband 3 years ago, the fallout was horrendous but amazingly I felt so close to God at that time, as if I had a heightened spiritual awareness. When I discovered the truth of the abuse I was set free, completely free – no more guilt, shame, unworthiness. I began to live! Such truth in that, “the truth will set you free.” That also was the beginning of a healing in my husband and our relationship. In the process I learned so much – about God, myself, my husband, my marriage, being the woman I was created to be, living the life I was created for.

    Did you get any insight in your calling for this season? If so, what?
    I believe that my God-ordained ministry is to bring healing to women like me and to raise awareness and accountability in church leadership and congregations. How that is going to play out I am not quite sure but the insight that I got from week 6 was confirmation that I do have a God-ordained ministry and I must not resist it even if it seems too big for me. I read once that if your dream doesn’t scare you then its not big enough. Well I feel that way because this thing that I want to do is too big for me but that also gives me relief because I can’t do it, only God can so I can rely on Him to bring it to fulfilment. In the meantime I work in an environment with mostly women who need a listening ear, compassion and encouragement which is a perfect training ground for the much bigger vision.

    What do you look like when you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? (page 145). What do you want to do most when you’re filled with that holy fire?
    I found this question difficult to answer but I think what I want most is to share God with other women, particularly young, married mothers. I picture myself teaching them God’s word and encouraging them so that they learn their self worth and become the women God created them to be. I have such a desire to make a difference in a life! To see someone having an “Aha” moment.

  10. 10
    Kristy says:

    I became my most awakened when I was going through some very painful earthly circumstances, and God orchestrated a series of things to impress upon my soul that we are just passing through & this life is so temporary & then the real life in Heaven begins. My soul had been so saddened when God made my eyes fixed not on my earthly circumstances but on Heaven. God truly removed a thin veil for my eyes to be fixed on the hope of Heaven. I haven’t been the same since & haven’t dealt with things the same since. No matter how my circumstances are from day to day, I live with hope and peace knowing where my future lies.
    As for callings/ministries, I’ve been isolated from going/doing all the time as I did at one time because of a special needs child. God is using his life to minister to others as he truly is the “pure in heart.” People feel encouraged that if he can smile/laugh, they can too. I feel like if people see the hope we have in a hard situation, that encourages them. So hopefully, encouragement would be my ministry. Also, because I can’t go places so freely, it allows time for God to speak to my heart and lead me to the places/people He would have me go.
    God bless you, Beth! God has used you and your studies to help me immeasurably.

  11. 11

    While I was in college, I experienced a falling away from God. It was a time where I broke away from the umbrella of protection that came from family, church and God. Many trials developed as I did. Some were terrible in their consequences. I call it the beginning of a decade of utter darkness. It ended with me seeing with much clarity just how much sin I am capable of committing when I chose to walk my own way. With my awakened state, I intentionally RAN back into the arms of Christ, fellowship of believers and into the scriptures. I am so thankful for the revelation of my own darkness, for it is that revelation that brought me to humility and dependence.

  12. 12
    Heather, Lanark IL says:

    What one event…? The death of my 31-yr-old sister-in-law 8 years ago. Her death was a shock but it was what followed that had the most profound impact. Seeing how fragmented my family was, not as a result of Gena’s death but of much earlier life evenets, and our inability to relate to one another, to grief together, to simply be with one another, eventually drove me to seek help. With the help of a Godly counselor, the growth that came with learning to study the Bible, God reached out and awakened me to His faithfulness and relationship.
    Insight into my calling…. No, to be honest, I didn’t. I long to be involved in ministry again, to give to others, to be involved in others lives’. I am in dialogue with God again to bring healing, and if not, to show me how to live like this and still be of use to others.
    What do I look like when I love the Lord my God…? I love the utter freedom to be honest on this blog. It’s been so long since I have ‘teemed with love for the Lord my God.’ I don’t know who I am these days, I don’t know what my future looks like. I want a passion outside of myself. I want to be flooded with divine affection.

  13. 13
    Marta says:

    1. The one event in my life that shook me into my most awakened state took place at the age of 11. Although I had been raised in church, It was not until then when I was visiting for the first time a particular church and the pastor was preaching on what it meant to be “lost” and what the consequences of this was. I had gone to church all my life but that day I realized I was among the”lost”. I raced down the isle to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and the feeling of love and belonging was overwhelming. However, It does require purpose to keep it new every morning. I thank the Lord for His word and these Bible studies that keep us accountable every day!!!

    2.The insight I received in my calling for this season is to never put limits or boundaries on what the Lord can use me for. If I believe He is God and He can do what He says He can do then I must be a good branch and abide in the vine so that the vine can produce as much fruit in me as He desires. Always with the knowledge that he uses others as well to encourage and direct. We are not meant to walk alone. We were left here to direct and encourage others to the Savior!!! Praise the Lord.

    3. When I love the Lord with my whole heart, soul, and mind, I look like the person He really wants me to be the one that loves him with every particle of my being and at that time what I want most to do is PRAISE!!!!

  14. 14
    Sue Bragg says:

    Sue. Kingsport, TN Solo
    1. I am so blessed in the present time. I guess the most awakened I have been was during my mother’s cancer fight and winning the victory of Heaven. During this time, my daddy went to Heaven, too. I was able to tell both my patents it was okay to go when God called. My mother said, “When He calls, I’m going!” This doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them desperately! My daughter got engaged this weekend, and I felt the tug at my heart knowing my parents can’t be involved.
    2. Insight currently, I have a very sick friend. I had lost touch with her, but I’m trying to be there for her now to pray and ask for God’s mercy on her. She has become somewhat dependent on me, and I feel I am called to love and listen. She’s been given two to three weeks to live unless her counts go up so she can again tolerate chemo. I ask for your prayers for her and her family.
    3. I feel my job is a calling from a God. However, I cannot verbally witness, so I pray God’s Holy Fire can be demonstrated in the ways I live my life.

  15. 15
    Leanne says:


    1)I first thought of divorce. My parents divorced when I was 8, then the year I was planning my wedding my brother divorced, then 5 years ago my sister-in-law divorced. It has all effected me in different ways. I know for a fact that my home church is what got me through my teenage years. It is still very hard to live with a split family. I have to rely on God. Then when I was 12 my step-father died. I don’t remember much of that time but I look back now and I KNOW God was there. These childhood things still effect me but I don’t remember them at the time shaking me to an awaken state even though I was always in church during these times. Now as I am married the 2 things that stick out the most to me that has caused me to change my prayer life and my Christian walk is going through years of waiting on a baby and then deciding to change churches. The baby experience is something I thought would never happen to me. It has caused me to awaken to encourage other women. I always think I did but I honestly couldn’t get on their level. Deciding to change churches 3 years ago was one of the best decisions for my marriage. We are teaching together and going to church 3 times a week together. It is amazing how in the dark I was that we were not in God’s will. I was wanting the big church with all of the friends and I wasn’t doing what I needed for my husband.
    2) I know I have the gift of encouragement. I don’t want to ever get too busy to text, call, e-mail, send a card, visit, take a meal, etc. I think this lesson just showed me again that I know that is my gift and there are people in the church that have that same gift. We can work together and do more for people. I always seem to think of a gift having to be something big but I know it isn’t.
    3)I know I am filled the most when I am in church, in a study, working the children, encouraging others, being a good wife, being a good co-worker, being a good friend. Life is not always perfect but I can always find something to smile about.

  16. 16
    Terri A. says:

    Have you ever been asleep yet aware that you are asleep and trying to wake up from a nightmare but you feel like something is physically holding you down and you just don’t have the strength to even get out of bed. That’s what getting over my divorce has felt like. A gradual awakening to the truth of my marriage and struggling to get up. Owning my own contributions to the failure and seeing how God has faithfully redeemed it. I’ve changed dramatically and grown over the last 3 years since the divorce. God drew me close and said it is time to let go and let God.

    As to a ministry, I feel called to develop some sort of mentorship program. We all need godly support – the We, You, and They lesson. I’ve been fortunate to have godly women in my life to teach, encourage and support. As Mike Slaughter would say there’s a “BHAG” Big Hairy Audacious God Purpose for me – for all of us. I can’t wait to find out just what it is.

  17. 17
    Martha says:

    My most awakened moment came when years ago the police arrived at our door with a search warrant. It was scary, then they separated my husband and me. We couldn’t talk to each other or make a call. We found out a false accusation had been made. We had to spend money we did not have for an attorney. After 5 years the time limit for any charges was over. There was no outcome but there were no charges filed either. There were no apologies from the one who made the charges or the district attorney who started the process though she had to know from the beginning the accusation was false. We learned to rely on The Lord and were thankful for pastors who kept the confidence of the issue. We finally shared the details with our care group a few years ago. The main thing we learned is: God is faithful. We could feel His presence. We could only ask for prayer from the few we confided in.

  18. 18
    Debbie says:

    Wow~~Four years ago my little grandson was born 3 months early and he spent the next 5 & 1/2 months in the NICU. I have not a clue to describe how intense was my need for God’s grace at that time. For my daughter, son-in-law and our precious baby boy. My little granddaughter was 16 months old at the time and it was a very traumatic time in her precious little life also. Through it all, the bad days, the good days, the nightmare times, and there were many of those, I always knew that God was in total control and that His love for this baby was more than any of us could fathom. Seeing Him at work was amazing…we had to trust His wisdom. Watching our little guy struggle was so hard…watching our daughter and son-in-law struggle and not be able to ease that struggle was so very hard.Their faith was amazing. They never despaired…. It was the most difficult time in my life…BUT! God awakened my heart to my need to give it all over to Him and TRUST that He knew the plans He had for this precious child. I could do nothing but lift them all up in constant prayer….and He answered…over and over again in that 5 & 1/2 months and over and over again in the years after he came home. My sweet little boy is 4 now~~all dimples and all boy!!! He has ongoing issues but he is here and we praise our Father for His Grace.~~Again, Beth, thank you for this study. I am growing and loving His word and your guidance as I feed on it. God Bless you, Sister!

  19. 19
    Mary says:

    1) The most awakened I have been is at a time when many things around me were not how I had pictured they should be. This is when God got me to a point to realize He alone is all I need and made me think about will I love and trust Him even when things are hard are only when they are easy.

    2) The way this study has presented callings and how to figure them out has been helpful I feel like I am always missing something, but now feel confident that I probably am not. I feel very energized from sharing with others what I learn in my study. I use this in Bible study facilitator role, and teaching first grade sunday school. I also love being a mom and am thankful for the impact that role has and the responsibility as well to show authentic Christian life to my son.

  20. 20
    patti Cocchi says:

    this is the second time I have no sound on session 3 and 4…does anyonelse have this problem?

    • 20.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Patti, I would make sure all your settings are un-muted. If this doesn’t work, you might try clearing the history on your computer and your cache and see if it resets this. I’m so sorry you’re having issues! The beauty is that the questions are all written down for you in case you can’t view the video!

  21. 21
    Heidi says:

    1. There have been a couple of times of awakening. One is too painful to go into detail, but suffice it to say, I had NEVER known I could be loved like that by any human being, let alone Jesus. It shook me to the core and I still marvel at it today. The others were when we lost my husbands job and all my earthly security was shaken. And I haven’t really felt sleepy since then.
    2. I think God has called me to teach and exhort. This has been confirmed over and over by people in my church. I’ve had to learn a lot. Like KILLING pride, because I thought at first I was a good teacher. That had to die. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but God keeps bringing me back to it. I know now that every word that is taught is just retelling things God has taught me. He is the teacher and I am always the student.
    3. When a person is over the moon in love with Jesus, other people want it too. That’s because they sense Jesus. It’s contagious. These people don’t overwhelm you, they show you how to have what they have by their humility and kindness. They are extremely approachable and show you kindness and mercy. It flows out of everything they do, they don’t intimidate you with their “spiritual ness”.

  22. 22
    Tammy Kron says:

    1. The thing that shook me the hardest was when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Fear and depression settled over us both. What the enemy tried to use to destroy me was the very thing Gid used to awaken me. I hit rock bottom and had a breakdown. The Lord met me there and brought me out of the darkness and into the light. Bible study and memorization became my lifeline and restored my sanity. My walk with him today wouldn’t be what it is had I not gone through that season. He has been so good to me. AND, He healed my husband and has done a work in his life too.

    2. In this season, I believe God is calling me to share my time and life with others as never before. I am to be an encourager. I am to assist others in their walk and in their ministry. I have a greater urgency to see others come to Christ. I want to see everyone saved and believe I am to pray more.

    3. I see loving Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength fleshed out by daily seeking to do His will and not my own. It is daily remembering who He is and what He has done. It is daily praying and asking Him to use me to be His hands and feet. It is desiring more if Him. It is this and so much more.

  23. 23
    Linda says:

    Thinking over: the area where God is calling me this season ~~ I’m not sure. Seems I’m in a wait time ~~ His door will open I know. Currently I delight in intercessory prayer and meeting the needs of my family. Thank you for this study, Beth ~~ it is helping me awaken my spirit to hear His still quiet voice!

  24. 24
    Sandy says:

    Durant, OK
    Small Group

    1. One event that shook me awake was the death of my Father-in-law, at age 57, 17 years ago. I was already walking with the Lord, but that event made me realize how fragile and temporary life on Earth is, and it also made me aware of the love from our Christian friends.

    2. Yes, I did get an insight into my calling. I have already felt, for a few years, that I am at the place of my calling, teaching in a church based week day preschool. When I was at G.A. Camp, I surrendered to Missions. Then, when I grew up, I thought I was fulfilling my calling by being a Special Education Teacher and volunteering in church. And during all those years, I believe I was where God wanted me to be to lead up to now.
    I have always been familiar with the verses about us all having different gifts and using them together, and that each of our lives have significance and perfect timing.
    The fresh insight that I received was encouragement to train and mobilize others with my own adaptations of similar concepts.
    “If you are effectively serving, then you are called to help others do likewise.”
    I teach 2 classes, and have 2 new assistants. One is 75 year old, and taught in this program for many years, before she had to quit to take care of her husband. I am excited to be mentored by her.
    My other assistant is in a 30something wife and Mom. In her interview, she said to me, “You and your husband have raised 3 great kids, so I hope maybe some of that will rub off on me.” That was like an alarm to me, telling me that God wants to use me.

    3. When I love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, I am smiling, feeling His love and wanting to share it with others. I want to help young high school girls find their identity in Christ and disciple them. I want to, in some way, encourage them to live a pure life.
    I also want to minister to young couples, encouraging them in their Christ centered marriage.
    I want to minister to families with young children, helping to begin their Christian education in a positive way. I want to be an encouragement to the parents, and a positive influence on the children.
    This Summer, working in the church office, I want to help everyone that comes in asking for help. I can’t help each of them physically, but I always pray that I can still share the love of Christ.

  25. 25
    Keri Lee Robbins says:

    1. I really woke up to the presence of God a few years ago when He opened my eyes to a sin in my life and allowed me to be covered by His forgiveness. He protected me and then immersed me in His Word to cleanse my heart and mind. His kindness and compassion drew me into an unbroken companionship with Him that has kept me awake since. I never want to be asleep in this life again and pray regularly that He will keep me so focused on His Word and His calling on my life that I won’t have time to get drowsy.
    2. Yes I did get some insight. He confirmed His calling on me to teach and mentor women. I have known for a while that was the case but have often felt that with so many women out there who do the same thing that there was nothing new or unique I had to offer. This has confirmed again that He has given me something to offer and I need to be brave and step out!
    I recently taught my first women’s retreat and in each session I felt the presence of God in ways that I had never felt before. It was so powerful to be used in that way. When I am loving God with all of my heart I want to be studying His Word and telling people about what He has shown me! There were several moments in the teachings where I felt His power on me to speak with authority that was His alone, I know I am not strong enough to speak that way without Him. It was AMAZING!! I am looking forward to stepping through whatever doors He opens. #bebravekerilee

  26. 26
    J says:

    God is using physical pain to shake me out of my slumber. I am still in the process of waking up, and sometimes I still nod off, but there in my need I’m drawn back to my knees. Pain is a very unpleasant, but effective, reminder of my need for Jesus.

    You sure were sneaky with this whole week on callings. 🙂 I kind of thought I was “safe” from the subject when I picked up the study on 1&2 Thessalonians. ha! God can be so persistent over a LONG period of time. My answer – “probably using words to glorify Jesus.” Not sure exactly which gift it translates to for me, but it doesn’t matter. My biggest takeaway is that rather than run from God, I need to give him my mouth and trust him. His way is a way of peace, therefore I need not be so dang anxious and afraid.

  27. 27
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Katie g; Knoxville, TN; solo

    Thinking back, I would say that the one event that shook me to my most awakened state was my first short term mission trip. I went to Ocean City, Maryland with my church youth group. I was about thirteen, and I had not been a Christian for long. Spreading the Gospel and encouraging Christians brethren was a task that made me feel alive, like I was making a difference with the life God had given me that would last for eternity. I knew I had somehow been shown and given true life, and I was so grateful for it. I knew there were still many others out there that needed hope and light like I had so desperately needed it.
    I did get insight towards my calling as a wife and a mom, possibly of quite a few children in my case. I have often felt like I wasn’t able to do things like I used to when I was single, or just married with no children, and it was discouraging to me. On top of that, I know I fall short of an ideal mom, but am wanting to be grace enabled and Spirit filled daily. But, since God has given me children, and possibly a handful more to come, I am acknowledging that motherhood with the intent to raise my children in the fear and admonition of The Lord is a big calling on my life. It has far reaching eternal implications as well.
    I had to think about these questions quite a bit, even since I read the lesson . I definitely display more of the fruit of the Spirit in my life when I am loving Him like that. That part of me that seeks to spread Truth, and encourage others becomes a growing compulsive urge. I love to inspire others with God’s Word after I myself have been inspired by something He brings to my attention in His Word. In my mind, Truth, pure and freeing, was meant to be shared! People need hope. People need salvation, forgiveness of sin, real hope, and redemption.
    Blessed day to you today, Beth:) Love you, Sister.

    • 27.1
      Melissa says:

      Katie, so many of our wake up calls are painful events in life. I had a smile on my face as I read your positive wake up call- how wonderful!
      I’m glad you see your call to being a Jesus loving mom as a calling with “far reaching implications” – yes, you make a huge difference.

  28. 28
    Cindy says:

    Cindy, St. Louis – #1. working for an employer (no longer here) in a very stressful situation. The situation drove me to the Word in desperation & God finally broke my will & showed me His will is best and I fell in love with scripture for the first time in my life! I have not forgotten that lesson as it was learned the HARD way. One of the best things that could have ever happened to me.
    #2. Just confirmation that HE has gifted me to teach. He keeps confirming that.
    #3. I look alive and like I am partcipating in my life.
    #4. want to do the most? TEACH – STUDY – TEACH – STUDY -TEACH AGAIN!!!!!!!

  29. 29
    k says:

    K, Texas
    I “woke up” fully when I read emails my husband was sending to a woman. It was clear he was pursuing her. Obviously, I had been sooo sound asleep I had to experience an earthquake to wake me. I had recently cashed in a large amount of my inheritance in order for my husband to have an opportunity to begin his career again after he stole money.

    The Katy Perry song “I’m Wide Awake” was popular at that time and the lyrics described my situation perfectly. I had many opportunities to “wake up” over the past decades, my enabling and co dependency were my sleeping drugs.

    I usually love God best heart, mind and soul when I am still and quiet in his presence at least twice a day.

    I think I want to acclaim his glory when I experience his holy fire. It is usually when I am observing something in nature.

  30. 30

    p.121 the event was the return of cancer — It did awaken me to the need to work for God now, no more delaying, and to deepen my relationship with Him. I am now cancer free!

    An area I am drowsy or too content in, is staying at home where it is comfortable and safe. Because of health issues, I don’t go out as much as I should, so I don’t talk with people as much as I need to. I have been pushing myself out into new territories.

    p.142 My calling is teaching. I already knew that, but this study showed me that there are many ways to teach. I should not restrict teaching to just writing or just speaking. This was very freeing to realize. I was teaching when I kept my faith through years of cancer battles, kept going to church and Bible studies, and kept praising God.

    p.143 When I am loving God all out, I cry, I praise Him, I encourage others, and share words of faith.

  31. 31
    Joan A. says:

    1. While going through Family Nurse Practitioner Program, I was so awakened (scared, anxious, feeling insecure) that I had to surrender and rely on my Lord Jesus and trust that if it was His will for my life, He would give me the security, knowledge, wisdom to apply it. It was during this season 17 + years ago that I started morning devotionals and intensified times of prayer. My faith grew tremendously as I saw Him in every detail.

    2. God seems to be shifting my calling in this season to a more focused ministry to my family. He decreased my hours at work (not my doing) and brought prison ministry to a holding pattern as the door was shut to our ministry 1 month ago at the correctional facility. I clearly see why since my husband was diagnosed with cancer last week. I pray and know God will use this mightily in our lives to refine and grow us in spiritual wholeness with more love and devotion for Him and our Lord Jesus. That God would show me how to love and support my husband through this. Over the last 6 months, our hearts had been cooling toward each other but He is softening our hearts through this. That my husband would fully surrender His heart to the Lord and be on fire with the Holy Spirit. I also have more time with my grandchildren in summer and do the Lifeway VBS program with them. We all love it so much and they are falling in love with Jesus.

    3. This is my fervent prayer that I love the Lord with my whole being and live and move and have my being in Him. This looks like me having more courage to start conversations with others I never met before (stores, waiting rooms, etc.), offering to help others if I see they need something I can provide, encouraging and coaching others to higher levels of physical wellness by caring for their bodies that were bought at a price, seeing Him in every detail of life, praising and thanking Him in all circumstances, and always wanting more of His Word (study of scripture).

  32. 32
    Kristen E says:

    1) What one event in your life shook you to your most awakened state?
    I think for me it’s been a slow prodding of events, time after time, God pushing me out of my comfort zone and doing something amazing. It all centers for me on speaking out about my disease, learning that I can’t hide anymore, learning to let people in knowing that they may hurt me, and learning over and over again to lean not on my own understanding, but to come to the foot of the cross daily.

    2)Did you get any insight in your calling for this season? If so, what?
    No insight, but definitely some much needed encouragement. I battle feeling like I’m good enough to have a ministry or to be loved or accepted or that I’m good enough to be a teacher, encourager, and leader. Much needed encouragement, like I said.

    3)What do you look like when you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? What do you want to do most when you’re filled with that holy fire?
    When I am loving the Lord with everything, I am pouring into others, through writing Bible studies, leading Bible studies, leading worship on Sunday mornings, giving of my time to those who need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen, even when my schedule is full. When I am truly loving the Lord with everything, I am not complaining or arguing (as I am apt to do) and I am shining His light to a very dark world. I want to just love people when I’m filled with that holy fire, and to draw them closer to Him through what I do and say.

  33. 33
    Sandy Bowers says:

    Insight into my calling……this has been my biggest stumbling block in my relationship with God. I am almost 56 years old and I’m still trying to discern my calling. A few things that stood out for me in my Week 6 homework were: 1) “What I have been called by God to do is beyond my natural abilities.” That was a big eye-opener for me. I think part of my problem is that I am trying to figure out what I do good enough that it must be a calling from God. And being the perfectionist that I am, there are very few things that fall into that category. (Is perfectionism a gift from God?) 2) “To be thoroughly equipped to do every good work….I must stay in the Scripture.” This also says to me that if I spend regular, consistent time in the Word, God will show me where he has called me….or at least I will be more open in my everyday life to discerning my calling. 3) “To find your niche, go meet some needs.” Wow, did that one hit home. I use the excuse that I don’t know what my gifts are; I don’t know where God has called me; so instead of getting out there, I continue to try to figure it out on my own. I need to just start saying “yes” to opportunities to serve. “God will not let me miss what He put me on this planet to accomplish.”
    I also wanted to touch on something else you said, Beth, about how you “cannot fathom how it can be healthy for believers to be detached from any local church, especially in an area where many exist.” Since my husband was appointed as Assistant District Superintendent , we have not had a church home. We still live in the area where he had been the Senior Pastor for 14 years. While he was busy traveling over the past two years to the 130 churches in our district, I started off going with him. But I felt the need for a church home. The church we last served did not really feel too welcoming (it’s a boundary thing) and our small town just doesn’t seem to have what I’m looking for. So I gave up and tried to find my church family on-line. Obviously I need more. Now that my husband is officially retired, we definitely need to find a church home. It’s so easy to just put it off…..your statement gave me the kick in the pants I need to get out there and see where we are needed. Thank you!

  34. 34
    amber says:

    these 2 weeks have been amazing! First off my answer for the first question has actually changed. During this week of study I was so engulfed in the word and feeling so “high” in the Lord. I had a dream. this dream was of my father and sister and I running from the devil. I never saw him but could sense him. Then this horrible dreadful feeling swooped down and took my dad. I knew it was him. I opened the door and my dad was hanging upsde down with his hands crossed and eyes closed. I woke up at once and could feel this pressed down horrible feeling that it was the devil. I proclaimed the name of Jesus and kept saying I am a child of the light child of the day not of the night or darkness. The feeling then left. I have been shaken and wide awake in the Lord since!
    Second I felt the Lord was pressing on my heart to contact my childrens minister to dicuss family ministry that has been layed on my heart for some time and I emailed her!!! 🙂 so a great 2 weeks full of the Lord. amen!!!

    • 34.1
      bethany says:

      Amber, I had a dream this week too that was disturbing. It was the first time that I called on the name of Jesus in such a situation true to His word, those spirits of evil had to flee. I am amazed by how quickly the Lord put me back to sleep!

  35. 35
    Elisabeth says:

    Houston, TX

    1. My current awakened state is a result of two LPLs. The first was my introduction to Beth. I kept writing in my notes “I don’t know who this big-haired southern chick is, but she glows like she’s IN LOVE with Jesus. I don’t get it, but I want it.” That woke me up. The Lord then began to redeem a totally destructed life. Along the way I began volunteering with Lifeway at a LPLs. 5 yrs (TO THE WEEKEND!) after that first night, Beth walked up to me, gave me a hug, and simply said “I couldn’t take my eyes off your face tonight. You are glowing in love with Jesus. You have so much authority about you. Go walk in it.” My mind instantly awakened to the moment 5 yrs prior when I told Jesus I wanted to glow because I was in love with Him. And I realized she was right about authority. I went home, left my career, and began traveling to Africa for my church. I now work for a anti-trafficking ministry that’s housed in a former brothel and requires MAJOR authority to kick down some walls of evil.

    2. Yes. I got major insight. I know I am called to teach. Teach others about justice. About walking in the Spirit. About believing God. About being a part of something MUCH bigger and more mind-blowing than any of us could imagine starting out.

    3. When I’m loving God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, I look like a woman who’s theology matches my reality. I’m functioning in my promised land. And when I’m filled with that fire I just want to go show everybody what they can have. The authority and victory they can live in. The wild and crazy things they can partner with Jesus over.
    It just doesn’t get any better than this!!

  36. 36
    Carol Bruntlett says:

    Albuquerque NM

    1. In the event- pg 121 what shook me wide awake was how short life and precious life is and that God gives us each breath of the day was when my sweet mama went in her Heavenly Father Arms 2 months ago my world was shaken and it shook me wide awake , not to take one moment that God gives me here on earth and waste it but to use each moment for Him and to run hard after Him. It was an earthquake that has shaken me and I am still having after shocks sometimes it’s unsteady but the Dear Lord is using it for His glory .

    An area where I feel I have fallen asleep is memorizing scripture verses and putting them to heart
    I am memorizing surely but slowly God is awakening those verses in my heart.

    Pg 142- my calling is to minister others thru my hurt and brokenness and to encourage others and to love on them and to speak words that will build others up and to pray for others

    Pg 143 – When my life is high on God and I love Him the way that He wants me to , I start praising Him and want to shout it from the mountain tops and let everyone what a loving God we serve, want to share with others what God has done

  37. 37
    Karen Todd says:

    Karen, solo, Beech Island

    1. What shook me awake was when my 8 year old son was shot in an hunting accident. My husband and I had drifted from church. Our son begged to go bird hunting with his papa, so we let him. I never forget that phone call in 1991 when I was told to go to hospital William had been hurt. Nothing on how, how bad, just go. Of course your mind goes crazy. I left my twins with mom and went to hospital not knowing what I would find. I prayed the whole way begging God to let him be ok, and nothing was better than to see him sitting up. He had been shot in the right eye and neck. He eventually lost his right eye after 18 surgeries but praise Jesus he is alive and well,and 30 years old and is the father of my two beautiful grand babies. Through it all God provide faith builders when I needed them. He showed me in ways that I still remember He is in control. Today My son is very active in our church and has grown into a wonderful man, husband, father, and of course son. Our twins was 4 at the time and it changed their life too. We all went back to church, to God and our family is stronger today than ever. Oh yes the doctor who came on the day after thanksgiving to do the surgery, was a great Christian doctor who got on his knees and prayed with us before he took my son in for his first of many surgeries. I eventually went to work for him and he told me if I knew how close that shot came to being life threatening it would scare me. He said he was going straight for the brain then took a turn and went down, I replied that was the finger of God. God strengthen my faith and my family’s and we praise Him for His love and protection for us.
    2. My calling is missions, going on mission trips, mission education and speaking about Jesus and His love for the world. It has been hard because just this past couple of weeks I operated on fear and failed to go on a God given trip, however God being the giver of second chances (and endless do overs) is allowing me to go on the next trip. These lessons has help me to lose my fear and to live my calling. Nothing is as hard and miserable as not living your calling that is placed in your heart.
    What do I look like when I am loving God with all my heart soul and mind? I have a smile on my face as I go telling the world about my Saviour who saved me from pits of hell and Oh how He loves me and them. there is nothing no better than that. Today i am learning again to operate in faith and love because loving God with total heart, soul mind drives out fear every time. Believe me, God has reminded me of this just this past week!!! My testimony has a new page that I pray can be used for Gods glory to show how even the most mature Christian can allow fear to paralyze you from living your calling. I love Jesus!! Thank You Jesus for loving and saving me, a horrible sinner but one who is saved by Your grace!!!

  38. 38
    Karoletha says:

    I feel like I have so much material to choose from as far as my events that shook me. I have been looking back on them with the help of my counselor. God has saved me from many addictions and cancer.
    God is also leading me out of comfortable places,away from my agoraphobia. My calling is teaching young children. Especially music. I taught for 25 years & then abruptly quit. God is calling me back.

  39. 39
    annette ford says:

    Annette, TX

    Due to the medical situation of a loved one, I am not ministering outside my home at the present time. (I am available by phone and at home for prayer ministry but no longer available on the weekends to travel and pray at healing conferences.)I did not realize how sad I was about it until I did the homework. As a result of sadness, I am kinda on autopilot. I so appreciate the awakening I had about it because through prayer and with the love of Jesus, my sadness will turn to joy.

  40. 40
    Jackie Diamond says:

    #1. The event that shook me was the death of my mother. I went through all of the emotions of grief and finally came out the other side discovering I needed God in my life. He literally propelled me to the church I still belong to 17 years later.

    #2 When I am loving Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind and strength I want to share that with everyone. Encourage. Love. Share. I’m still not sure how this relates to my calling but I am encouraged by Beth’s words on page 145.

  41. 41
    Janet says:

    In January of 1984, I was a Christian, a wife, and a mother of two young daughters, ages 3 and 10 months. My husband and I sat in a neurosurgeon’s office and listened to the results of an emergency CT Scan I had just had done on my brain, “You have an unidentifiable mass in your brain and we think you should go immediately into the hospital for a biopsy.” WOW! When you live in Houston, TX and are sent by your general physician downtown to the Medical Complex (top-notch best in the world:) for diagnosing and they tell you they don’t know what it is or what to do or what your future looks like, you draw close to the One in control Who does have the answers! Closer than you’ve ever been before!

    I believe I have been given the gifts of teaching and giving!

    When I love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, I believe it is reflected in my obedience to Him, my spending more time with Him, and my love for ALL of His people!

  42. 42
    Tangila Webb says:

    1. The one event that shook me to the core was the day that my husband announced to me that he was returning to the religion of his youth at the urging of his mother and that I was of the devil because I did not believe what he did. That was the beginning of the “holy war” that took place for over ten years in my home. During that time, I grew in my faith because I was forced to defend it.

    2. My calling involves teaching and exhortation and this day’s study put a “name to the face” of the feelings that I experience when engaged in my calling. It also reminded me of the magnitude of God’s love with regard to the gifts given.

  43. 43
    Linda says:

    Linda, Bartelso,IL
    1. What woke me up was a young man at my door, when we finished our business he gave me a track, and invit to church. Those words were a wake up call I need to open my life to God.
    2. I don’t really know my calling, it seems to be in the area of helps, I help at the food bank, help out at vbs, and teach preschoolers. Praying for a clear word that would show me the right direction to go.

  44. 44
    Susan from GA says:

    My shake-up event was my husband’s loss of his 34-year job and soon afterwards his kidney failure leading to living on dialysis. I’ve leaned on the Lord so much more than ever before and I cling to Ephesians 3:20 and God proved (and is still proving) that He is able to do immeasurably more than we can imagine.
    My calling is still to teach children about Jesus as I have done for more than 35 years. It is a passion that keeps stirring in my heart and in which I am most satisfied. I pray He will always open doors of ministry in this area until He calls me home.

  45. 45
    Tami Walkerl says:

    Auburndale, FL

    1. My husbands nervous breakdown was the first incident and the 2nd was when I was legally disowned by my family.

    2. I have been feeling that I am not serving God in the way that he wants and through the study I was shown by God that I am serving him through being a Guardian Ad Litem to the Circuit Court for Chris. I am having to help this abused child with his circumstances that could result in a Termination of Parental Rights.

    3.When I am serving the Lord by doing His work i have wisdom that I have never experienced and I physically glow with his love. It is a high like no other.

    This study has effected my life more than any bible study that I have done in a long time.

    Love ya Beth!

  46. 46

    Let’s try this again – Got deleted the first time, boo:)

    Insight into my calling:

    The Lord steadfastly offers encouragement from the Body of Christ confirming my call into ministry, I am so thankful for that. The track of teaching His Word He put me on at 16, He has kept me on. As I’ve grown older and become I wife and mom to three under five the Lord continually impresses that they are my first callings, every other ministry endeavor bends around the first things. And I am the happiest when it is just that way.

    What do you look like when you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? (page 145)

    God’s Word sets me ablaze. I am near wordless to express how much I delight in seeing the LIGHT come on when someone opens it up for the first time. I am teaching the OT book of Joel to College/Late High School girls right now, just started last night in fact. We started with the overview of the storyline of the OT. And slowly but surely the little lights are clicking on I think. Will hammer that storyline again next week Lord willing… I tossed them into the deep end with studying Joel but prayerfully they will see the treasures of truth found there and how its prophetic teaching bleeds into the NT and the present/future times too. Teaching is where love for God and others explodes for me. So glad He revealed Himself so beautifully in the Word, that He placed it in our hands. My favorite students are my kiddos though, without a doubt.

    What do you want to do most when you’re filled with that holy fire?

    Teach God’s Word and share His sweet Gospel.

  47. 47
    Angela says:

    Greenville Ohio.
    1 Two things in my life have shaken me awake. One is to painful to share. The second event was when my daughters adoption almost fell through. I was honestly never so desperate and in need. But God is faithful.
    2. I believe God is calling me to work with our children’s ministry at our church. I love kids and they need the help. It is funny because I have been so blessed with the children’s ministry teaching my daughter. The lady running the ministry stoped me in church and I hinted I would love to work with kids. She informed me she thought I should be a teacher.

  48. 48
    Zoe Poston says:

    Gosh Beth, I am quite nuts about you too! When I am completely transparent, I must say that the event that most shaped me to what has now become an awakened state did not awaken in me as much in the time that it happened as it does today, but isnt that exactly how things are during our walk? We dont know that our present may hugely impact our future. My husband and I have both been married before, however I was not a Christian before I met him. He led me to the Lord when we were dating. Very young in my salvation and our relationship he was struggling with so many things and I remember him pacing and talking about God in a way that made God such an integral part of his decision making. I remember thinking that I never knew people thoughtfully included what God may want to what decision they would make. And my husband always knew what God expected of him, it was such a huge factor. I was so surprised by it. Now I understand that yearning. That wanting God to be glorified in the way I live my life is of utmost importance. I also began about 3 years ago to ask God to create a passion for study in me. I believe this was a prompt from Beth if I recall, and it has been the greatest blessing in my life. God has granted that prayer request and I have been on fire from the Spirit to love the study of His word. Praise You Lord!!! I absolutely adore You.

  49. 49
    Susan Whitaker says:

    Piscataway, NJ

    1. The one event in life that shook me to my most awakened state is the birth of my first child, my son. I conceived after a journey of infertility and at 42 years old gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Oh the joy. For the first time in my life I felt that I was doing exactly what God would have me do. I was so in love with him that I felt as if I was reaching into heaven for months on end. I was blessed with my second healthy son two years later. A second miracle. And again felt completely fulfilled.

    2. My calling for this season is to be a mom to my 3.5 and 5.5 year old sons. I do help at church where I can and I do have responsibilities at church. I get up early in the morning to do my scripture study and have my time with The Lord. After completing this day of study I was feeling a little bad that I was not more involved in my church community, and then when I was taking my shower after I had completed the study for the morning, it was as if God spoke to me right there in the shower, my laser focus at this season go my life is in my mothering to these two boys. What do I look like when I am loving The Lord? Most of the time I am so exhausted that I can hardly see straight. But in all seriousness, I am so full of love that it overflows and washes over my children. I want my boys to see Gods love reflected in me, and feel HIS love, to know what it feels like.

  50. 50
    GOTTEE says:

    I had a bi-lateral mastectomy and that was not as painful and awakening as months later having the loss of a significant relationship in my life. That broke me~that drove me to the end of myself~that awakened my desperate need for a relationship with God and His word which was dormant for many years
    I keep thinking I should be called for “bigger things” at this time in my life but it seems that it is the smaller less significant opportunities where I am doing my best “work”. Loved memorizing 1 Peter 4:11 Do you have the gift of helping others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies. Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Christ Jesus.
    I am not sure what I look like when I am in “my sweet spot” but I know I feel complete with a sense of energized peace.

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