That Beautiful Word “Immediately”

Good morning, ladies! Just a quick disclaimer: We recorded this video a week ago Tuesday and are getting a few emails and phone calls about conflicting dates. Just so we’re all clear, Daytona LPL IS this coming weekend, the 8th – 9th and it is sold out! Originally you would have been watching this video last week, so the timing would have made more sense. We are so sorry for any confusion, but hope that helps. Thanks so much for your grace as we are far from slick. Blessings!

That Beautiful Word “Immediately” from LPV on Vimeo.


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  1. 1
    colette says:

    I receive His Peace! Immediately!!! Thank you Jesus!! And thank you Beth! I NEED His peace today especially! He knows that and when you prayed for us I instantly felt His Peace! I love how He is with me ALWAYS! Even when I don’t always think He is very near! I love Him so much and you too Beth! I pray to you and all of us Siestas! I am so thankful for our connection! 🙂 To God and to each other!

  2. 2
    Deborah Mott says:

    WOW thank you! Praying for an immediate answer to whether can get a ticket to sold out Daytona Beach event! Been a gray area for me for weeks and have been praying. Thought had a Youth For CHRIST ministry involvement. Been released from it. Now can go and no ticket! Need LORD’s fork in the road! Which is it LORD? Thank you for this timely word in many ways need it! I do not believe He is closing door to both!

  3. 3
    Deborah Mott says:

    Looking to buy a ticket from anyone having an extra on not going to use the ticket they have to LIVING PROOF DAYTONA THIS WEEKEND.

  4. 4
    Joy French says:

    Thank you Beth – your immediate obedience to The Lord spoke to and blessed me this morning:)


  5. 5
    Jill Tracy says:

    God is so good! I have prayed for a door to open with a different job that would allow me more time at home…for focusing on what God truly wants and for more time with my precious little family. I have even joked that God is probably tired of hearing that same prayer and he is probably wishing he could yell down to me that he will open it when he sees fit! That door opened and each detail has fallen into place almost IMMEDIATELY after finding out the news. And I certainly don’t find it a coincidence that your message was on such a thing…he knew. He even knew that I would need that word today instead of last week when you filmed it. God is just beyond amazing!

    • 5.1
      Karen Oh says:

      I wrote the words that God is amazing in my Bible study this morning. His timing can leave you speechless! How He works in even the smallest of details. It is not a coincidence. Rejoicing with you 🙂

  6. 6
    Kathryn Blum says:

    My bible study group can’t wait for Daytona this week!

  7. 7
    Alta Lynn Blake says:

    I agree with you that the Spirit was moving so mighty in Springfield. I prayed before we left that God would do a work and give us a fresh word…He did! Today’s message just gave it to me as fresh…today I nail my faith to it. Immediately! Get up and move in the direction of reconciliation and repair the breach and restore the path of righteousness. Unity in the Body of Christ!!! I will protect this word and satan will not steal it from me! I believe God is fulfilling His Word. Thank You Beth for being the voice of God today and speaking a word in due season….fresh.

  8. 8
    Crystal says:

    Siesta mama.

    Sitting here in hospital waiting for my 5 year old to get out of 3 hour surgery. So needed that word today! Praying for his immidiate healing and no more surgeries. Tears steaming down my face as I watched. God is able to do it!!

    Love u and thank u for sharing!!

    Btw. Love ur hair!!

  9. 9
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Siesta Mama Beth, this video is timely for me and I am glad to have watched it today. Where I may feel weak, He really is strong. I was reminded of that today. Wherever He has me right now, His grace is able to meet me there. I am reminded of that today too. I am praying for you, and am very glad to hear that the Lord showed up Glorious at the last Living Proof Live:) I pray that this weekend may be just as amazing, and that He would feel so welcome!…Priscilla once said in one of her videos with one of the studies she did, I don’t remember which one, but I remember what she said. She essentially said that we as believers have access to a big ocean of God’s grace. While ya’ll are at Daytona, I pray that you would experience that:) Love you much, ((HUGS)) always.

  10. 10
    Tanya says:

    Thanks. I’ve not seen many immediates in my life but I have seen immediate release from sin when I would confess it. If I would ask God for help to obey in a particular matter immediately there is a way by which it can be done that would not have seemed possible. Miracle that make life possible. God is good. If we would choose to see. Thanks for the word. And the lady with the child in surgery. Can life be sooo hard? I ask God immediate peace, enduring strength and miraculous work in a physical little body that such a young one would not need to endure more.

  11. 11
    Joyce Bailey says:

    thank you for sharing things to pray for you about this week…i will jot them down in your very own column in my prayer journal. i pray for you regularly but it’s nice to have specifics. rejoicing with you that our God immediately forgives us when we sin because He SO desires fellowship with us…and is the God of Restoration.

  12. 12
    stephanie solomon says:

    Thank you Beth! The Lord and I made an agreement back in April but now I’m experiencing doubt due to circumstances. I prayed for clarity, understanding, and wisdom in the area today. I just watched your video on immediately and I’m praying for immediate understanding. I love Jesus, He is so faithful and I believe and trust Him. I just don’t know if it was truly His voice or my mind. I’m praying it was His sweet, tender voice. Beth, you were an answer to my prayer-thanks again. Also, your study on Godly women who do ungodly things is also an answer to my season. God has used you so in my life for the past few years, I’m so grateful and appreciative. God Bless you and I’m praying your editing goes smoothly and you pen the exact words the Lord wants on paper. Love, Stephanie

  13. 13
    Betty M says:

    Dear Beth,
    Am asking immediate peace for my son and his young crew of coworkers who put up power lines in the oil rich Bakken country. This am a tragic accident took the life of a 25 yr old young man. Scott (our son) tried to revive him with everything from mouth to mouth ro resusitators. In the end his skull was chrushed in a tragic accident. Scott our son was covered in blood but had to drive 80 miles clean up buy new clothes and go tell his young wife. Was he a Christian? Scott shared his faith with the young man but so many feel they have til old age to worry about eternal life. This young man never realized when he walked out the door this AM he would not hug his young wife tonite!!
    Scott needs the comfort of immediate peace and rest. It was such a tragedy!
    We never know!

  14. 14
    Eva says:

    Such an encouraging word! I have been laid off from my job after 17 years. I am amazed at God’s timing and I am also looking forward to what He wants me to be doing next. Thank you for all you do in serving Jesus!

  15. 15

    Hey mama beth and all-

    I don’t think Daytona Beach LPL became real that it is this weekend
    until seeing this video(I may have gasped a little)…my momma is coming with me, and my heart
    just doesn’t know how to take it…and only God knows how deeply meaningful
    it is for me on my weekend of turning 33. God likes to do some things that whiplash me
    it seems before I go to a conference, and this last one was the knock out of my life,
    it’s hard to sometimes let The Lord have the enemy sift us and I should say I pray it doesn’t
    happen to anyone else, but I pray it does because my heart is different, my reflection in
    the mirror is different. And I get what you said about finding the peace in the chaos…the chaos
    is the scary journey we go on, it’s that valley, but God is at our side, and we take the focus off
    the chaos and just picture Him.

    I wouldn’t normally do this but I wrote a blog post about a deep revelation God
    gave me through the past few months, hard months and I want to share.

    Please pray for my mom to stay well this weekend, and that she experiences Jesus, and for all of us. I am already feeling the stirring to that The Lord is going to whiplash everyone with a Word.



  16. 16
    Amanda Cross says:

    I have felt like that paralyzed man for awhile. I’ve felt paralyzed when it comes to leaving home and traveling. The very thought of it has brought fear and trepidation. God’s Word continues to push me to overcome though and not settle for four walls. It hasn’t always been this way. I used to drive, go grocery shopping and also went to Mexico for missions, but my somewhere I got stuck. I pray that in the days ahead, I will go wherever I need to go and even get back to driving again. This is not bigger than God, but I have allowed it to be.

    • 16.1
      Cassia Glass says:

      Dear Amanda – I can relate some to what you are going through. I got stuck somewhere, too, and have wondered where that audacious, brave girl went. Just want to encourage you that I have seen God working with me this year to free me from my fear of driving, especially on highways, and some other fears as well. He gave me Ps 142:7 as my first memory verse of the year – “Set me free from my prison, that I may praise Your name. Then the righteous will gather around me because of Your goodness to me.” Praise God, I drove myself downtown Houston this year for a conference and home again! Sometimes I do still take the back roads instead of the freeways, but with Him, I can at least keep going as He continues to heal me. God bless you and may you have an “immediately” kind of moment of release.

  17. 17
    Terry Bobbitt says:

    This Word, and your message spoken so beautifully was an immediate blessing to the start of my day! Thank you dearly. My prayers are with you this weekend in Daytona, and as you continue in your writings for Bible Study. I thank God for LPM! Much love to you all!

  18. 18
    StacieHope365 says:


  19. 19
    Heidi McClain says:


    THANK YOU!!!! You cannot know what this word means to me today. I cannot go into details, but please know that this word was EXACTLY what I needed today! Every single time you illustrated an immediately it was for me. Especially the last one, about satan trying to steal a word from God.

    I felt his hand on me as you were speaking, going down into some deep places to set me free. The more you spoke, the deeper his word went. In Jesus Holy name, I receive it.

    Love you, Heidi

  20. 20
    Donna says:

    Hi Beth–thank you so much for this word. I pray so often for healing from anxiety and this tight feeling in my stomach. Sometimes I think the Lord is trying to teach me patience; other times I think that no, I suffer from depression and religious scrupulosity (a form of OCD) and he wants to heal me now. I don’t know why it isn’t always instant. But last evening I read something powerful and experienced Christian hope that He will not let me go, He will not let me lose my soul!

    God bless you in your work and on your weekends, and yes, I love your hair too!

  21. 21
    Lisa DeCarlo says:

    Thank you. While the spiritual and emotional chaos has been swirling around my family recently, I prayed with you and received immediate peace.

    It’s been really wacky lately….so that even others can recognize that my family has been continually required to stand firm. So that I am not like the lepers who did not thank Him, I praise and thank my Lord Jesus this morning for immediately meeting my need for peace.

  22. 22
    Kim Safina says:

    “Immediately I listened To Your Encouraging Words While Sitting Here In Heavenly Valley South Lake Tahoe Enjoying A Blessed “31” Year Anniversary Trip With My Amazing Dave.

    Thank You For Such A Touching, Educational, Energetic VideO!

    Harvest Hiking In Heavenly Valley
    Kim & Dave Safina

    Prayed For Your Travel & Safety For The Weekend.

    We Just Praye For Your Weekend Travels & Safety.
    You Are Loved!

  23. 23

    Shorten your work? That is the cutest thing I’ve heard from you, Beth Moore! I totally understand, but I could never get too much from my Siesta Mama! And as a writer, I can’t tell you how much knowing that sweet fact has encouraged me. I had a person once tell me that I was too wordy! ha!

  24. 24
    Warm In Alaska says:

    Hey Beth! Loved the word from the Word. I don’t have an “immediately” yet to share (since I just now listened). But you can know I will immediately be praying for you while you edit. I think editing requires such a didn’t level of “verve” than writing; so I’ll be praying an Editing Verve for you this week.

    Best, Warm in Alaska.

  25. 25
    Kristin A. says:

    Beth, I can’t tell you the delight I find in your videos for us. It is so precious to sit down with you. I have my tea and a view of the snow outside my window. I want you to know that IMMEDIATELY upon you sharing your prayer request that you might be anointed, not only in writing Children of the Day, but also the editing down, I prayed that for you and will continue to in the coming weeks. May you hear the Holy Spirit as He points to what can be pared down or removed and what must stay as is. Also praying that your editor would hear the Holy Spirit as well as to if your word count needs to be adjusted. That this editing wouldn’t be legalistic, but would be for the glory of God. The minute you said you had to edit down, I am sure I groaned, because my time with you in Bible study blesses me beyond measure and I will take all the words you feel the Holy Spirit has for us!

    Praying for an immediate work in all of us and as you prayed that we would have eyes to see it and hearts to recognize it so that we can give God all the praise He deserves for His immediate good work! He is so good and worth all the praise!

    I’ve mentioned this before, but the reason I don’t comment too often is because when I do I make my comment too long! I hear you on word count, Siesta Mama!

    P.S. I know you’re super busy, but when you feel up to it, can we get a fun post? You know what I mean. Just the girlfriends chatting kinda post. I always love it when us siestas can just hang out together, you know what I mean? I truly believe our fellowship blesses God. Love you!

  26. 26
    Mary G. says:

    Hey there Beth,
    Thank you for a wonderful word! I’m going to be watching and waiting for my immediately and will be sure to share it with you. Of course I would love to pray for you – it is always my great pleasure. Blessings to you! Love, Mary

  27. 27
    theHarborMom says:

    I love the sense of urgency this shows regarding Christ’s desire to build his church and each of us an individuals. He is always right on time!

  28. 28
    alice says:

    I was at LPL Springfield and so grabbed by the word “immediately.” I lost my mom three years ago and in the meantime have been helping my dad, who is battling dementia. He had a terrible accident at the beginning of the summer due to it; then, at the end of the summer, my husband and I were asked by a family member to adopt her baby boy. It’s a very messy, heartbreaking situation. So I am working at both ends of the spectrum–seeing my dad through the end of his life and beginning again with a precious baby boy. Did I mention I am 44 years old? And exhausted? Both of these are situations that cannot be resolved immediately, but I prayed for immediate JOY in the midst of them. The day after LPL/Springfield, I was driving alone and had Travis on my iPod. He was singing his rendition of “Praise to the Lord.” The words “Ponder anew what the Almighty can do / if with His love He befriends thee” struck my heart and tears of JOY began to flow. Immediately!

  29. 29
    Andrea S. says:

    Oh how I love this! That is one word God has been breathing over me for the past few months…immediately. God kept bringing the story of the disciples in the storm, when the storm is raging on their boat and they keep trying to fight it off, and finally they cry Master Master! And Jesus stands up and the storm is calmed. He has shown me that he doesn’t want me to bail water until I’m too weary to even cry out for Him, he wants me to come to him IMMEDIATELY, and to seek Him IMMEDIATELY in all things! So yes- love this lesson on immediately! I also know what it’s like for Satan to snatch that Word right out from our hands. Satan wanted me to feel such a stronghold of fear with this one…the Oh Lord, what are you preparing me for??? Something bad is going to happen. But God just showed me that he just wanted me to have that sweet reminder that he wants me to come immediately before his throne, above all else! Love that!

    Immediately bring healing to our church Oh Lord, we are in a time of deep turmoil and transition. I pray that this last week as we’ve had a team in assessing our church that your truths would be spoken over each one of us, that your direction would be clearly given, but that we would have IMMEDIATE healing from the hurt and heartache that has plagued our congregation for the last year! Lord- I love you so much and I know you love this church far better and more than I do, I trust in you to heal us! Amen!


  30. 30
    Renee Kim says:

    Dear Beth, I was one who was privileged to sit under your teaching and to worship with you in Springfield, IL. I live in a small town about 2 hours north of Springfield and worship in a very small church that has been blessed by God in many ways, but not with large numbers. I appreciate you and your team traveling and preparing for these large gatherings. It is very encouraging to be able to worship and praise God in such a magnificent crowd! To me, it is a brief glimpse of heaven. Please pass my appreciation to your entire team and your family, especially your wonderful husband. I am grateful, too, for how personally you all treat your listeners and am one of many who feels so close to you, even though we have never met face to face. There are many people in my life whom I look forward to praising God with in heaven and you are certainly one of them. I pray for you and your team and family frequently, and since Springfield the praises of Isaiah 52:7 have been on my lips for you all. (BTW, my mother is from Little Rock, and I grew up in St. Louis, so to me, the plural of “you” is not quite “y’all,” but “you all.”) Your feet truly are lovely on the mountains as you bring Good News of peace and happiness and announce salvation and say, “Our God reigns!” Please be encouraged!

  31. 31
    Michele says:

    Springfield was what I expected. I had been praying for an earth moving experience. Having attended the last Deeper Still in Louisville and LPL in Moline, IL last year I can say that Springfield was more. Not sure how to say it another way. God was there beyond my wildest dream. I brought my BFF Annette who had never been. She loved it!! Funny thing is I am attending a Believing God bible study right now and it just connected with this LPL!! Another person from my bible study was there but not with us and we spoke the next week about how it was just so perfectly entwined with our study. God did show us His glory. praise the LORD!! I had actually been praying for that the week before. He did an awesome work that weekend. I can’t wait to see what blooms in me!

  32. 32
    katie moon says:

    Beth, thank you for this video. I needed a word as I was collapsing into bed last night. So with 4 week old baby on one side of me, and precious husband on the other, both snoring, I quietly listened to half this video till I passed out. And finished it this morning. As you said, I am in a time of P.R.O.C.E.S.S. I’m doing the long term mother thing. But God has also called me to the crazy life of seminary at the same time. Because I have tiny kiddos (3 boys) at home, He has me pursuing my M.Div. ONE class at a time! What should be a 3 or 4 year process tops will take me 8 more years at this pace. Seriously! I can hardly stand it some days. I want to get on with training so I can get out and DO what He’s calling me to (teaching, not pastoring). But patience is the name of the game for now. And perseverance. I don’t get to take naps when Baby takes naps. I get to do homework. All year round. Even in the summer. But I’m so overjoyed by it I cry almost every time I get to thinking about it. I LOOOVE this training. ANYWAYS, sometimes I need me some “IMMEDIATElies” and so this really blessed me! THANK YOU for obeying our Lord fiercely and so full of faith. I learn from you constantly! GOD BLESS YOU PROFOUNDLY! I love you dearly!

  33. 33
    Tracy says:

    Whoa. Just Whoa! That this was filmed over a week ago and saw this TODAY: November 7. 2013 @ 9:30 am when I needed this Word. Sitting at a desk in a treatment room in a small rural hospital catching up with my e-mail at work… Such a God-timing-moment. My husband is in a meeting, right now, with a Christian therapist and he needs an “immediately”–spiritual healing, restoration, to see horrible sin for what it is and how that has effected those around him. I need an “immediately” on how to proceed in my dealings with him. I need an “immediatley” in some fincances. BUT, the reminder that God IS there and STILL working when I don’t see the “immediately” because the “ultimately” is sooo worth the wait! I love y’all so much and thank you for being faithful to love us and speak to us! Praying for all of you today. Much love and great big hugs!

  34. 34
    Hilda Simmons says:

    I have a ticket for Daytona LPL that I will be unable to use. If you live in the Orlando area and could use this ticket please respond to [email protected].

  35. 35
    september owens says:

    I need 1 Daytona ticket for CONFERENCE..904-742-9121 … I WILL BE IN DAYTONA AT CONFERENCE….out front with sign.. need 1 ticket
    sincerely S.Owens

  36. 36
    Jill says:

    I cried thru the prayer . I received God’s help Immediately in 2 areas .
    I also wanted to tell you that I have Loved your Monday teaching on the radio for years ! I am loving this part of Romans and really receive the word. Also I am SO looking forward to the siesta memory celebration. Someone asked if I was worried about going alone , I said ” No , those are my people ”
    Loving Christ together,

  37. 37
    Tasha says:

    This is a random question: I am going through the sacred secrets Bible study and I’m wondering what kind (company and version) Bible Beth is using in this study ???

    Thank you.

  38. 38
    Carol from Coopersburg says:

    An hour ago was my opportunity to listen to/watch this video, all the way through the prayer, and I thought “God, You are so good to me everyday through thick and thin, it isn’t necessary that You immediately bless me”. Guess what, He chose to anyway…twice! All hail the power of Jesus name!!!

  39. 39
    Mary Ann Roach says:

    I was listening on my phone. At the end – when Beth invited us to join her in prayer on our knees. AS SOON AS MY KNEES HIT THE FLOOR – I got the email I had been waiting for!! I can hardly contain myself – His unmerited favor is overwhelming!! Jesus is Lord and He sees me!!
    Thank you for being obedient to His Word…overwhelmed by GRACE!!
    Mary Ann

  40. 40
    Nancy Dytrich says:

    Nancy D., Round Rock, TX

    “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”

    (John 3:30 – NLT)

  41. 41
    Shelley says:

    I have a ticket that I cannot use for this weekends Daytona Event. 🙁 Family emergency. Maybe someone reading this would like it.

  42. 42
    september owens says:


  43. 43
    lynda rickey says:

    I have been in such a long holding pattern in a certain area of my life and this is not to say that I don’t have a blessed life because I do – way blessed. However I am going to claim that immediately for myself. I know that this doesn’t mean that I’m going to get what I have been praying for suddenly but rather the immediate peace that only Jesus can bring as I wait on Him. I love you Beth for continually shining the light on our Savior Jesus.

  44. 44
    Ana Izabel Herrera says:

    God helped me. When talking with Him during the beginning of this video, i called Him “Love”. A Boy to whom i am attracted to is seeing Someone. God has helped me to know that it is not right to act on my attraction, and that He can be love.

  45. 45
    Melissa says:

    I’ve meant to respond to this post ever since it went up! I’ve been looking for work and haven’t found anything for a few months. I was starting to get very discouraged. Things haven’t been going well for a long time. (The Rhode Island teaching “on the edge” was oh-so-exactly-where-I-am. The day after I listened and prayed with Beth I received several phone calls- two for job interviews, two for freelance work. Going through interviews and I did complete the freelance jobs. The money is allowing me to keep surviving. More importantly, I am reminded that God sees and hears and answers prayer. I don’t think I’ve ever had an immediate answer like that.

    Thank you for sharing this teaching!

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