Living Proof Live Simulcast Roll Call and Prayer!

Hey, Darling Things!

I bet I don’t have to tell you the one big thing that is on my mind this week. No weekend event on my annual calendar looms any larger in my mind than a Living Proof Live Simulcast. It stays on my radar from the time the LifeWay event team tells me it’s scheduled until the last song of the final session. At this point, I’m thinking about it every waking moment, praying, studying, and believing God to invade every single host site and every single screen. Please pray with me to that end. Only Jesus can do what we want to see done. Only Jesus can make it worth the time and effort for anyone to attend.

As I picture our “class” out there on the other side of that screen this coming Saturday, I have great comfort, joy, and even a unique peace in imagining those of you from this community who may be among them. Out of His great mercy and purpose, God fashioned my heart to love women – of all sorts of ages, sorts, denominations, backgrounds, colors, vocations – and I am graced immeasurably to get to serve a single one. You, however, are the closest community I have out in the public sector and a tremendous source of joy to me. I would love to get a general estimate of how many of you Siestas will be participating in the simulcast and the location of your participation, whether in a group or solo right in front of your computer screen. [For individual/small group registration, Lifeway can set you up here.]

I think you also might love knowing that information on one another. You may have a Siesta tuning in only 15 minutes from you and you could both sit in front of the same screen or engage and interact via text, Twitter, or Facebook. It’s a blast just to know who’s out there and exactly where and it might make some of you who are going solo feel more connected throughout the day.

SO, let’s take a roll call! And let’s give our information in this order so that the cities where we are attending will appear first:

City and State, Name, whether in a Group or going Solo, and, if with a group, Where. (Not the address, of course, especially if it’s a private location. Just the name of the church or public place or if it’s your friend’s home, just say that much.)

Mine would look like this:

Charleston, West Virginia (the host site where it will be taped live), Beth Moore, group, Charleston Civic Center.

Your turn!

After you sign in, please pray for us. Please pray for many lost women to attend and for every single one of them to be FOUND in Christ. With the Holy Spirit’s infiltration, we will give a clear presentation of the Gospel. Pray for God to also perform miraculous works of deliverance and for the entire paradigm of faith to shift for those in desperate need of Truth. Pray for every person in attendance to hear dramatically and clearly from God. PRAY BIG.

My coworkers each prayed Scripture over me Monday at our staff meeting and gave me their prayers on index cards or pieces of paper. I have each one in my notebook and I was profusely built up in my spirit and in my faith over them. Sabrina prayed out of Psalm 85 (Vv.4-13) and the words seemed so perfectly suited for our event on Saturday that I thought I’d add them into this post for your intercession. I wonder if you would agree with us in prayer that God would do exactly what these verses request and MORE!
Restore us again, O God of our salvation…revive us again,
that Your people may rejoice in You.
Show us Your steadfast love, O LORD,
and grant us Your salvation.

Let me hear what God the LORD will speak,
for He will speak peace to His people, to His saints;
but let them not turn back to folly.

Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him,
that glory may dwell in our land.

Steadfast love and faithfulness meet;
righteousness and peace kiss each other.
Faithfulness springs up from the ground,
and righteousness looks down from the sky.
Yes, the LORD will give what is good,
and our land will yield its increase.
Righteousness will go before Him
and make His footsteps a way. (ESV)

Isn’t that powerful? I think God would be so pleased for us to come around that segment of Scripture as diverse people of unified mind, turning it into prayer for His great glory to be revealed this coming Saturday.

You, Sisters, are treasures to me. My walk with Jesus would not be the same had you not come along.


*** Siestas! We also are so happy to tell you that for any of you that cannot afford a ticket to the live site in Charleston, WV, we have 20 tickets to gift to those of you that funds are just too tight to come on your own. The Siesta Scholarship Fund is set up for things just like this, and we are honored to share them with you.ย  Call us at Living Proof Ministries [1-888-700-1999] and ask for Susan or K-Mac. We are open 8:30-4:30 Central Standard Time. Leave a message if we miss your call, and we will get right back in touch with you.ย  We love you!



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  1. 451
    Sadee says:

    Christ Community Church in Winter Haven, Florida ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 452
    Suzie Vosler says:

    Tampa Florida,Suzie Vosler,group,South Tampa Fellowship

  3. 453
    Dawn Wright says:

    Bakersfield, CA, Dawn Wright, group, Valley Baptist Church

  4. 454
    Christy Jones says:

    McComb, MS; Christy Jones, group, FBC McComb

  5. 455
    Jo Ann Julia says:

    From Columbia, Missouri attending in Kingdom City, Missouri, Jo Lillig, group, at The Lighthouse

  6. 456
    Leslie Holliday says:

    Northport, AL, Leslie Holliday, group, Northport Baptist Church

  7. 457
    Melinda Fowler says:

    Arkadelphia, Arkansas — Melinda Fowler — Group — Ouachita Baptist University Campus

  8. 458

    Mooresville, North Carolina – Leah DiPascal – solo
    Praying the roof off for you, Beth & the entire LPL team!

  9. 459
    connie Kempf says:

    Albany, OR Connie Kempf will attend simulcast at Eastside Christian Church with a friend.

  10. 460
    Julie DeTemple says:

    Charleston, WV, Julie DeTemple. LIVE and so excited!!

  11. 461
    Julie DeTemple says:

    Charleston, WV, Julie DeTemple. LIVE and SO excited!!

  12. 462
    Tracee says:

    Morristown, TN, small group, Tracee McFarland, Manley Baptist Church

  13. 463
    Robrenna says:

    Lincoln, NE, Robrenna Redl, Calvary Community Church. Pray God gives us all a fresh word to see His love and mercy through Christ Jesus. That the Holy Spirit is overflowing in through Beth’s message. God’s presence is felt by all! Amen. Thank ya Jesus

  14. 464
    Pat W says:

    Charleston, West Virginia, Pat Wilfong , Charleston Civic Center

  15. 465
    Barbara Moran says:

    Celebration, FL, Barbara Moran, Group Host @ residence

  16. 466
    Denise Eldridge says:

    Dearest Beth, I want you all to know that I am agreeing with you in prayer for this Sat. in Charleston. The perfect scripture that you have chosen for this event is what I am also praying for the event that will take place on the 27th and 28th in my beautiful city, Tulsa. I believe there is much work to be done in this area and I am so grateful that you will be coming here. Many of the small town churches in our area are struggling just to keep the doors open. I am praying that God will do a mighty work in the hearts of the women of this state that will renew our passion for the lost and suffering world around us. I am praying that His Spirit will be unhindered in every way and place you serve. His protection and patience, His mercy and grace will cover every step you take in His Great Name. My heart could burst over the lost that will be found and the hardened and broken hearts that will be made new. I praise Him for the work that He will do because of His great Love and for His Glory. I thank all of you in the Great Name of Jesus. Amen!

  17. 467
    Sharon says:

    Lindale, TX, Sharon Cox with my mom, Community Christian Fellowship.

  18. 468
    denise says:

    Asheville, NC, denise-solo

    praying for you & team; praying for MY word from the Lord and for everyone else to get that personal word they are desperate for.

  19. 469
    melanie says:

    Edina, Minnesota, Melanie Hylok, solo

  20. 470
    Sammy Diehl says:

    White Plains MD, Sammy Diehl , group:South Potomac Church

  21. 471
    Jane-Carrollton KY -solo says:

    Carrollton, Kentucky – Solo and Praying, praying for all!

  22. 472
    Barb says:

    Barb Barnes, Spring Tx Solo

  23. 473
    Annette Baal says:

    Pickering, ON Canada, Annette Baal, group, Westney Heights Baptist Church

  24. 474
    Ann Hallam says:

    Austin, TX, Ann Hallam, Group, Riverbend Church.

  25. 475
    Jennifer T says:

    Fairfax, VA, JenniferTricarico, solo ( even via mobile as I’m able).

  26. 476
    Barbara says:

    Midland,Texas Barbara Dunton in my home. My daughter and my Mom are joining me.

  27. 477
    Carol Houghton says:

    Cashion, OK, Carol Houghton, solo

  28. 478
    Renee says:

    Cambridge, MA, Renee Cook, group, hope fellowship church (

    CANT WAIT!!!

  29. 479
    Lynn Walters says:

    Wetumpka, Ala. Lynn Walters, group, Thelma Baptist Church. I can’t wait to see what HE has for us!!!

  30. 480
    Anna says:

    Glen Allen, VA, Anna Thomas, solo, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church!

  31. 481
    Terry says:

    Washington, IL; Terry; solo; my living room ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 482
    Ellen says:

    Albuquerque, NM. Ellen Hollenshead, group, First Christian Church.

    We are dealing with a flooding situation in our area – please pray my friend and I will be able to make it safely to the simulcast on Saturday morning! Thank you

  33. 483
    Sally Cronin says:

    St. Paul, MN, Sally Cronin, solo (well, kinda solo…my 3 sons watch with me on & off…they get a kick out of Beth when she gets passionate!!! You go girl!!)

  34. 484
    Karen Oh says:

    Cottonwood, CA, Karen Oh, solo.xo

  35. 485
    Becky Burrow says:

    Waco, TX, Becky Burrow, solo

  36. 486
    Linda says:

    Chester, VA, Linda Neely, group, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Colonial Heights, VA

  37. 487
    Amy says:

    Birmingham AL, Amy R. solo

  38. 488
    Patti says:

    Patti, Illuminate Church, Kissimmee, FL (Private Home)

  39. 489
    Kris Minneti says:

    St. Petersburg, FL, Kris Minneti, solo, home

  40. 490
    Joyce Davidson says:

    Big River, Saskatchewan, Joyce Davidson, Solo, At home.

    Question (silly question perhaps!!??)…Will I be able to rewatch the simulcast at a later time? Praying here!!

  41. 491
    Dana Stout says:

    Duncan, SC, Dana Stout, group, Bellview Baptist Woodruff, SC

  42. 492
    Laura K in SD says:

    Spearfish, SD, Laura K in SD, watching solo, in my home.

    Grateful that we can participate in our own homes! Thanks!!!!

  43. 493
    Vickie Steele says:

    Hamilton, Montana, Vickie Steele, Group, Hamilton Assembly of God.

  44. 494
    Melissa V.L. says:

    Chicago, IL; Melissa V.L., solo on my cozy couch!

  45. 495
    Rhonda L says:

    Bolivar, MO. Group. Eudora Baptist Church ladies group

  46. 496
    Tara says:

    Wake Forest, North Carolina. Tara Dew, group, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  47. 497
    Stacy says:

    Mims, Florida, Stacy, solo

  48. 498
    aimebelle says:

    Centreville, VA, Amie Boncher, solo

  49. 499
    Chris Dorman says:

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL; Chris Dorman, group Christ Fellowship Church

  50. 500
    Judy Fleetham says:

    Judy Fleetham September 14th from Long Island, NY, private home group.
    My prayer is all of us watching feels Gods presence and are blessed.

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