Announcing Siesta Summer Bible Study 2013

Hey friends! Just a quick update! We’re getting a lot of questions in the comments about logistics of how everything works like how the video driven study works, where you can purchase the videos, how much they’ll be, if you need to to the study alone or in a group, how to purchase the book and etc. Be looking for a post soon on each of those details! I promise we’ll do our best not to lead you astray. In the meantime, purchasing your workbook is top priority! You can find a link to the LifeWay website right below the video. Until further notice, I hope that helps! We’re so grateful you’re excited! And we’re excited, too!

Announcing Siesta Summer Bible Study 2013 from LPV on Vimeo.

You can order your workbook from LifeWay by clicking here. Or you can purchase it at your nearest LifeWay location!


238 Responses to “Announcing Siesta Summer Bible Study 2013”

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  1. 51
    Bev says:

    Super excited!!!!! Ordered my book and will be ready to go!
    My hubby has even asked if he can “audit” the study with me πŸ™‚

  2. 52
    Karina says:

    Our God is the God of details. He goes before us and knows exactly what we need. I am looking forward to this study! Priscilla and Beth are my top 2 speaker sisters. I have learned so much from them in the last 12 years of Bible study. They have made me fall in love with God’s Word. I now feast at His table everyday! His Word is alive. Let’s dive in siesta sisters!

  3. 53
    Kathy Hawkins says:

    Whoa! I just this evening prayed and asked God to send me another bibke study! I shared that with my husband moments ago too. I said “I wish I new where a Beth Moore study was hosted or wish I had the funds to host one myself” and just gave it to God to work on…then opened my email to this webcast announcement. Ok Lord, Gideon it is! Can I do alone or do I need a group? I have limited funds, and can only order individually.

  4. 54
    Marie - Indiana says:

    Beth, I am really looking forward to the Gideon study. The elder’s wives and pastor’s wives at our church had decided to do this study a week ago. Many of us are in need of God’s word in this area of weakness. I have wrapped you in prayer this week as you tape the new study of 1 & 2 Thess. God bless you and the team. hugs Marie

  5. 55
    Cary says:

    I have been so looking forward to doing the Gideon bible study ! I can’t wait !!

  6. 56
    donna says:

    i have a group of ladies and don’t quite understand how this works…do we HAVE to do it on a Tuesday, or is it recorded and we can do it any time together during the week? Please explain…I can’t sign everyone up until I understand how it works! Thank you!!!

    • 56.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Donna! We’ll have more details coming soon. For now, we just want to make sure everyone can secure a workbook. But to answer your question, Priscilla’s video sessions are already recorded, and you purchase those from LifeWay as well, so I don’t think you’ll be limited to Tuesdays. Blessings!

      • Annette Correll says:

        What is the cost for the video series? I see the book cost…but want to have a good picture of that when inviting ladies to the study.

  7. 57
    Terry says:

    Would love to participate in this study!

  8. 58
    Tanya Anderson says:

    Midland, TX

    Sounds Exciting!!!!! Would love to find other
    women to meet with in Midland!!

  9. 59
    Joyce Grimes says:

    This is my first year with all y’all! So excited. I’ll be doing the study with Jesus, so looking forward to it!.

  10. 60
    Dawn B says:

    Yay! Super excited to do another summer study with all you siestas πŸ™‚ One of my favorite things to do in the summer is eating lunch outside on our deck while spending time with Jesus and ‘you’, Ruth, Nehemiah, and now Gideon. Thanks so much, Beth, and team for bringing us together again this summer. P.S. – Praying for a great finish to your big week in TN … with Jesus all things are possible!

  11. 61
    Betty M says:

    Dear Beth,
    YOU GO GIRL!!!! From one who prays!!! See you in the next Bible study if not before!!
    Love and Hugs from the Heartland!
    Betty M

  12. 62
    Bitsy says:

    Beth and Lindsee;

    Quick question…. I want to do the summer Bible Study for Gideon, but I cannot plan for the June 11th start date…. (I will likely be getting a kidney transplant around that date….) Will the videos be on your website, or Priscilla’s??? And will I be able to access them on my own after the start date for just the six weeks or so??? I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just go on and buy the leader kit….. Any help you could give here would be great!

    Also, prayer would be appreciated as I wait… Things are getting serious now…



    • 62.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Bitsy, we’ll have more details to come in a later post, but the videos Beth is referring to are all on LifeWay. You purchase each of them seperately, so the timing is up to you! I hope that makes sense and helps. Blessings!

  13. 63
    vanessa says:

    I think my Bible Study group in Tampa is doing this one! We are still trying to select one but I believe this is the front runner! How neat is that!? πŸ™‚

  14. 64

    Yay! And I laughed so hard over the gluten thing! Hopefully, Josh will be able to get me the workbook. I am not yet allowed to have money in any way shape or form on me, EVER! So, he’ll either have to buy it for me or actually trust me with a little bit of money for a change and honestly I don’t know if we have the money. I’ll be going to camp with my family this summer, so I’ll probably be doing it alone.

  15. 65
    Janet in Russia says:

    I’m currently living in Moscow – the Bible study I’m in is nearly done and the summer was looking long and bleak. I haven’t done one of these summer studies before and am excited about joining in – and will try to get a few cohorts to join me.
    I just need to know – is the video available at any time or only a specific time for watching? Being 10 hours ahead of TX means I’m usually sleeping when the US is awake!

  16. 66
    Sheryl charlotte NC says:

    This is my first summer bible study with y’all. I’m new as well! Looking forward to it!

  17. 67
    Jackie UK says:

    Hi Beth, Lindsee,,

    I did the study last year and loved it and I want to do this year’s. However, the cost of the workbook with p and p to England from Lifeway is about 54 dollars. Can I get it on kindle or from another source? I don’t understand why it is so expensive.

    Amazon doesn’t seem to have it and I got Nehemiah from them last year. Would appreciate some advice.

    Thanks Jackie

    • 67.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Jackie, that’s really a LifeWay question, so you might have them help you out since we don’t do the distributing. But you also might check Christian Book Distributors online. I’m not sure about Amazon either. Again, LifeWay would be a bigger help to you. I’m so sorry you’re having problems getting the book. I hope that helps a litte!

      • Jackie UK says:

        Hi Lindsee,

        I have contacted Lifeway and Amazon.

        Eden.Co.UK are Christian booksellers and supply the book with free delivery. The book has now cost me Β£10 instead of 59 dollars. I hope this helps other women in the UK and it may be a less expensive option for the women in Canada and Cape Town.

        I have also suggested to Lifeway that the studies are available for download like the videos – so much easier!!

        Love Jackie

        • Lindsee says:

          Jackie, you are the best! Thank you for sharing this information. I was stumped! I will spread the word! Thank you!

  18. 68
    Crystal Wilson says:

    Doing the happy dance in Dunn,NC. Looking forward to doing the bible study this Summer. This is my first Siesta Bible Study and I have to say I am looking forward to it.

  19. 69
    colleen says:

    Hello Lindsee
    Please help! I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and am trying to get a copy of Gideon for the Summer Bible study(my winter lol). The distributor I usually use says he doubts it will be here before July and I don’t see it available on Amazon. Can you assist me at all or do you have any suggestions? I was able to participate in Nehemiah and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    Thanks so much

    • 69.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Colleen, do you typically order through LifeWay? Another place you might check is CBD, Christian Book Distributors. Those are the two that immediately come to mind!

      • colleen says:

        Hi Lindsee

        CBD are the ones who told me they didn’t think the book would arrive before July. I am more than happy to order direct from Lifeway – but will the book arrive in time? Do you have a contact e-mail for me at Lifeway?
        Thanks for the sterling work you all do!


        • Lindsee says:

          Hey Colleen, thanks for the heads up. I, unfortunately, don’t have a contact for LifeWay at the moment. If I find one I’ll let you know. I would assume, however, that you could also maybe try calling them and they would connect you with the right folks to get that boon in your hand. Again, I’m so sorry this is more work for you. I will see what I can figure out!

  20. 70
    Danielle says:

    Yay! So excited about this study. First time here with y’all, can’t wait to see what God has in store through this.

  21. 71
    Jaime says:

    Super excited about this study!!! Can’t wait!

  22. 72
    Julie says:

    Can’t wait to get started studying the Word this summer! Praying today for you Beth while you’re in Tennessee – sending prayers for strength and clarity.
    Thanks for offering the summer Bible study! Also looking forward to Living Proof Live in Atlanta in a couple of weeks!

  23. 73
    Kim Dot Joy says:

    Purchased my book from Lifeway yesterday and am so looking forward to this study! Thank you LPM for ALL you do in ministry.

  24. 74
    Alicia Keswani says:

    this. is. awesome!!

    I may invite a girl I hang out with once a week to join me. We haven’t “gone there” much in our friendship when it comes to talking about our walks with the Lord. It would be neat to use this as a way to do so! πŸ™‚

    Gosh, y’all serve us so well. Thanks for all you do!

  25. 75
    Debbie says:

    I am excited about this study! This is my first Siesta Bible study! I love Priscilla and I’m looking forward to being in the Word. Since I have started back working full time I have not been able to participate in my Tuesday morning mom’s Bible Study, so I’m just thrilled to be able to be apart of a group to do a study.

  26. 76
    Michele says:

    I’m in!!! Looking forward to it!

  27. 77
    Michele says:

    I was so glad to hear we were doing a summer Bible study, this time around, even though we’re memorizing too! I NEED it!!!!!

    Yeah, Mama Beth! I was so hoping it would be Gideon!! Can’t wait!

    Anyone near Kenosha, WI that would like to “meet up” for a samll group?

  28. 78
    Suzy Adams says:

    Suzy, Wheelersburg, OH – This is the day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it. Psalms 118:24 NIV

  29. 79
    Laura Deibel says:

    I just finished Seeking A Heart Like His and feeling lost without a structured lesson. This is an answer to prayer! Workbook ordered! Can.Not.Wait.

  30. 80
    Shelly Elston says:

    Count me in! I’m so excited to do this study!! I picked up my workbook the other day because I was hoping this is what the clue “G” meant. πŸ™‚ Love to you, Beth!

  31. 81
    Brandy Young says:

    This is my first time participating in the Siesta Summer Bible Study! I’m very excited to be a part of this. Praise the Lord for Living Proof Ministries! Stay prayerful, ladies!!

  32. 82
    Denise Untersee says:

    HI! I recommended this study to our head of Women’s Ministry to do for our summer study and WE ARE! So I will do it with that group and with you!!! This will be my fifth study with you guys and I get SO EXCITED EVERYTIME!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

  33. 83
    karen says:

    I’m super excited about this! I’m just wondering if I’ll be able to be involved and work around my work schedule. What time on Tuesdays…or are the videos available for a 24 -hour period for viewing? Thanks!

    • 83.1
      Lindsee says:

      More details will come, however, typically, we’ll just post the blog for that Tuesday early Tuesday morning, that way you can use the questions, or do it whenever you get a chance. However, the videos are through LifeWay, so they are available to you at any time!

      • karen says:

        Are the videos a download or do we receive them in the mail? If they are a download, can they be saved to my computer and viewed again and again as “I” need a refresher?

  34. 84
    Barbara says:

    I am looking forward to this study on Gideon! Having my two most favorite Bible Study speakers and authors together is thrilling! I am expecting to have a closer and stronger relationship with Jesus!

  35. 85
    Christie Shelton says:

    Yeah! I look forward to this study. Our Women of Purpose group in Austin will be doing this study this fall. We are doing a character study this upcoming ladies study starting with Daniel, then Gideon, David and then Samson. As a group leader, I am very excited to start this study so that I can be prepared this fall for my group!

  36. 86
    Laura says:

    OK, I’m still not understanding how the video part of this is going to work. Is it going to be something we have to pay for every week? I am a single mom and can probably manage to get the workbook but I need to make sure before I do that I’m not getting into a financial commitment to then purchase 6 weeks of Bible study videos. Can someone explain this to me please?

    • 86.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Laura, we’ll explain more details in a blog post to come! The biggest thing now is just getting your workbook to participate. Regardless of whether you purchase the videos, the workbook will be the most important part of the study. But yes, the videos she is referring to are $5 a piece on LifeWay’s website. I hope that helps! Be looking for more details soon!

  37. 87
    Michelle says:

    Count me in!! Looks like a great study!

  38. 88
    Cindy Cannon says:

    So excited to be joining in on this study! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

  39. 89
    Renee says:

    Boy am I excited!! I started this study a week and a half ago and started to think it might be picked for our study!! It is that amazing! If you can, get the videos; they are phenomenal!!

  40. 90
    Melissa says:

    Woohoo! I’m so excited πŸ™‚ And….the vimeo announcement was just too fun; I loved the suspense. I was trying to look on Beth’s desk to see if I could sneak a peek at the book! Can’t wait to start!

  41. 91
    Andrea says:

    What a hoot! Our family has been planning a wonderful vacation/celebration for about a year now, and I am getting those pangs as it draws closer…”what will I look forward to when we come home?” I knew I needed some things lined up to get me excited for the plane ride home at the end of our adventure. I just read your post about the Bible study today – our vacation ends June 11. God is such a blast!!

  42. 92
    Dawn says:

    Doing Bible study with Jennie Allen right now called ” Stuck”. Someone had a great idea and made it an e-workbook. You can make your notes, highlight ect! They have a Lifeway reader that down loads the Bible also. They need to do this with Beth’s & Priscilla’s studies. So convenient to have your workbook and Bible all on one little device!
    Have already bought my Gideon workbook and ready to go!

  43. 93
    Kimberly Bock says:

    YES! You keep picking the exact one that I know Jesus picked out and literally I have it in my kitchen in basket waiting just like last time!!!!! I LOVE that He is always so consistent in His message to us!!!! SO excited to do this with sisters in Christ since I am a stay at home mommy to 3 adoptive babies. YEA! You made my summer!!!!!!!!

  44. 94
    Michelle says:

    Hi there,
    I would really love to participate in this bible study (would be my first… I’m a newbie around here, and loving it!
    I live in Canada. Is there an international shipping company that I should be going through? Lifeway seems to only ship at a reasonable rate to the States.
    Thank you for any advice you might have!
    πŸ™‚ Michelle

    • 94.1
      Tamara says:

      Hey! I’m in Canada too. I’ve found other companies that seem to have reasonable prices for shipping in Canada.

      I’ve tried or in the past. But I’ve usually had the most luck with contacting the nearest Christian bookstore to have them get it for me.

      Just some options that might help you to get the book.

  45. 95
    Chelle says:

    I did Nehemiah last summer on my own. It was an incredibly tumultuous painful time in my life and I couldn’t wrap my spirit around anything. I’m alone once again but I’m stepping out and I’ve pulled together some sweet ladies and one 19 year old girl who I just seem to have a heart for. I’ve been leading two of these women in Bible study but now add the young woman and I’m just so excited to be a part of this. I’m praying to be completely consumed by our precious Jesus and to just serve these beautiful women in His name. Prayers would be so appreciated! I need them so badly. I’ll be praying for all of you Siesta’s!

  46. 96
    Nancy says:

    I’m so excited that you decided to do an on-line Bible Study in the “off” year! I haven’t jumped onto the Scripture Memory Verse wagon this year and really regret it. This is really what I needed!

  47. 97
    Dawn says:

    Looking forward to staying in the Word this summer! Going to be a blast!!

  48. 98
    Julie Nelson says:

    I just heard Priscilla Shirer for the first time yesterday on ‘Focus on the Family’ and was telling my husband over dinner last night how awesome she was. And now God has invited me to be blessed by her teaching. Our God is so cool. Very excited to dive in to Gideon with all of you Sisters!

  49. 99
    sl says:

    My group will buy the bks at lifeway. Is there a cost for the videso Beth talks about? Thanks. Looking forward to this study. I love Priscilla’s study!

  50. 100
    Melanie Beam says:

    Picked up my workbook today ~ looking forward to the study πŸ™‚ Many thanks to Beth for always keeping us “in the Word”!!!!!

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