Hurry Up and Wait

And panic.

A week ago I had jury duty. I realize that it is my civic duty, or rather, my civic honor as they kept explaining to us, but it felt more like a duty and less like an honor. While I went to college in the land of prisons and criminal justice, I’ve never had the burning desire to be put on a panel of jurors, so to me the whole concept makes me sweat bullets.

You may have heard my sigh of relief when, after four hours of literally doing nothing but waiting, I was finally released to go home. No jury for me. At least this time.

Anyway, the entire day was a hurry up and wait kind of deal.

For instance, you have to be there at 8:00 AM or they’ll shut the doors on you, lock them and throw away the key. However, when I arrived at 7:15 in a slight panic not knowing what the day would hold, I made my way to the jury courthouse, got checked in, found my seat in a frenzy among 1300 other jurors, then proceeded to sit there until 8:45 AM when they actually shut the doors and locked them.

You see what I mean? Hurry up and wait.

And in my case, panic and sweat for fear the day might not end up in my favor.

When all was said and done, my state of panic was worthless. Thank you, Lord.

However, it stirred up in me something greater.

I don’t know about you, but that is how I always find myself waiting.

I wait in a panic.

A few summers ago during one of the Siesta Summer Bible studies, one of the questions on the first evening was to go around and share one word that describes the current season you were in. When it got to me, I didn’t even think twice before I blurted out the word “waiting”.

Nearly two years later, if asked the same question, I’d be inclined to share the same word.

Because I am, after all, in a season of waiting.

I’ve said it before and I’’ll say it again, waiting is the one thing God has used in my life to make me more like Him. The relief that statement alone brings me makes me thankful for the way He holds me in places that makes me more like Him. Far from easy, and even sometimes lonely, but at least I know He has a purpose for me in the waiting. I didn’t always think like that.

Since I get the joy of moderating the comments that come through this blog, that means that on SSMT days, I’m seeing a lot of scripture. It is impossible for me to read each and every one, or I’d be here for days, but on those days I’ve become a pro at skimming them. However, on this last SSMT post, at the top of nearly every page moderated, Psalm 27:14 popped up, “Wait for the Lord;
 be strong, and let your heart take courage; 
wait for the Lord!” It wasn’t the verse I’d chosen, but I took it as a sweet reminder from the Lord.

That as He keeps me in a season of waiting, it’s not to bully me, but to strengthen me.

I’m no scholar, but I do see a theme in scripture when the Lord speaks of waiting, He often speaks of strength.

“Have you not known? Have you not heard? 
The Lord is the everlasting God, 
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
 He does not faint or grow weary;
 his understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint,
 and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary,
 and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
 they shall mount up with wings like eagles; 
they shall run and not be weary; 
they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:28-31

I think of a bride getting ready to see her husband at the end of the aisle. I’ve not yet been a bride, but I’ve been in my fair share of weddings and I think we all know the length of time it takes for the wedding party (particularly the girls) to get ready for the ceremony, and rightfully so. We spend all day primping (while the guys play golf and then get ready in 30 minutes tops!), then, about an hour before the ceremony, all of the sudden everything comes to a complete halt and we sit, and wait. And often have a moment of panic. All of our hustling and hurrying and scurrying around all day, to sit and wait. That hour before the ceremony is the hardest hour of the day, in my opinion, but the expectation of what’s ahead brings unspeakable joy. She waits with expectation.

Often times, I’ve noticed my weariness in the waiting comes when I am tempted to manipulate things to go my way. I get lonely, so I try to replace that with busyness. Then I get burned out. Or, I get antsy, so I try to manipulate relationships, only to watch them fall apart. Or maybe I need a job so bad I take my first offer, only to realize it was a terrible fit, instead of just trusting in God’s perfect provision. My timetable looks terribly different than His, so when I try to push my timing on others, whether it be people or things, I’ll always end up selling myself short. The moment I lose sight of the true prize, I fall.

But most times, our waiting is much longer than any of us like to think or wait, but if we only knew what He had in store for us, we know the waiting would be worth it.

My sweet coworker KMac said it best, “We wouldn’t appreciate ANYTHING without a little delay and anticipation.” And all the people said amen.

That’s why in the waiting we wait with hope.

We wait with expectancy.
We wait in patience.
We wait in prayer.
We wait in strength.

Most times, the waiting really isn’t about the waiting, it’s about becoming.

“And therefore the Lord [earnestly] waits [expecting, looking, and longing] to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you and show loving-kindness to you. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are all those who [earnestly] wait for Him, who expect and look and long for Him [for His victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship]!” Isaiah 30:18 (Amplified)

Those who wait win the prize.

But know that even when you become tired in the waiting, the Lord is still working out every little detail.

“Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.” Romans 8:26-28 (The Message)

You and I are waiting on the Lord to move in different ways, provide different things, and surprise us along the way. Instead of growing weaker, let us grow stronger. If you find yourself in any kind of waiting season, find things that stir your affections for Christ and pursue those.  Maybe the Lord’s given you a gift you’ve let get dusty, pick it up and start practicing that craft. Whatever you do, don’t put your life on hold. Panic and worry do nothing but drain us of any energy or hope we may have had.  This may sound harsh, but is there anything more unfulfiling that becoming selfish and living for yourself in our season of waiting?

And lest you think I’m writing this to preach to you, I’m writing this to preach to myself.

I recently saw this quote, on twitter of all things, by Charles Spurgeon, “The Lord’s “quickly” may not be my “quickly”; and if so, let him do what seems good to him!”

Expect, look and long for Him, dear Sister. At the end of the day, if you wait on God, no matter the outcome, I’m willing to bet by His promises alone, that the odds will always be in your favor.


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  1. 51
    Tabitha says:

    Oh sweet girl! How God has used you today! I needed to hear this so bad! Right now my husband and I are praying to make a way for me to be able to stay home with my two girls. Either by finding a part-time job or being able to afford one income. It’s been a season of waiting since my first was born 3 years ago. I trust in His divine timing and pray everyday that God would let His will be done. Thank you thank you thank you for these words and scripture!

  2. 52
    Tessa Pierce says:


    All I could think of as I read your blog(heart) is Lamentations 3:25
    “The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him.”
    Rejoice that you are seeking and He is good. All the time. To us.



  3. 53
    Rachel says:

    We have been waiting for two years to adopt from Ethiopia so I have been finding myself in this season of waiting for a while. And being weary in the wait has been my song. THEN – I was in the middle of the James Bible Study with a group of women and Beth said something that has changed my season. In one small paragraph she said that we try to rush God or go ahead of Him we will always come back because we will be miserable trying to live beyond the blessing. YES!! YES!! YES!! That was where my weary and my discontent was coming from. I was trying to live beyond His blessing. Although I am still in the season of waiting I am living in the blessing.

    • 53.1
      Suzy Finigan says:

      Rachel, I’m praying with you that your blessing from Ethiopia comes about SOON! We have two friends who have adopted 3 precious babies from Ethiopia. What a blessing those babies have been to their new families and to our whole church.
      Continue to live in the blessing,
      Suzy Finigan

  4. 54
    Selena says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart so freely. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. My waiting has been much longer than I would like and sometimes it seems like it will never end. But I’m holding onto the hope that He has something amazing in store for me and that it will be more than I could have ever hoped or imagined. He is so faithful to send these words of encouragement just when they are needed and, quite often, He is using you to do it. Thank you for being willing to be used by Him to encourage others. You are loved and appreciated!

  5. 55
    Lauren Kelly says:

    I just love this, sweet Lindsee!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. 56
    Sherri Moore says:

    Excellent Lindsee! Amen sista!

  7. 57
    patti Cocchi says:

    Thank you for this word….my daughter and myself sooo need this. daughter waiting for 2 1/2 ys for healing. can not work and do anything…now we face loseing our home.
    She is sooo mad at God…”why has He not healed or protected us” her cry.
    I’ll pass this on to her this morning…blessings for listening to the Lord and writing this so timely message.

    • 57.1
      Angela says:

      Patti Cocchi, I was diagnosed with the worst form of MS and have been on disability since 2009…leaving a position with wages surpassing my expectations…but GOD asked me to trust Him. Disability only pays a fraction of that salary making my mortgage unaffordable, so I totally understand your daughter and will be praying for her too. GOD will not, can not fail us!

      • Beth says:

        Angela, this may not be the time or the place, but please look into upper cervical chiropractors. I feel like God sent me down that path, and it has worked better than anything. And believe me, I tried it all….Blessings to both of you women!

  8. 58
    Kathy B says:

    Whoa! Good word, Lindsee! Loved the Amplified version of Isaiah 30:18 and Rom 8:26-28 in the Message. Going to write them both in my scrips spiral. Many thanks!

    Historically not much of an aching sigher, I’ve done much of both this past week. My 19yr old son came home on spring break last week and enlisted in the Marines while I was out of town. Noble cause, to be sure. But it doesn’t look so noble from where I’m sitting.

    I’ve decided to let him live. But I ache. And sigh. All intercession is greatly appreciated.

  9. 59
    Suzanne in RI says:

    Well, you’ve got a sister right here! Amen

  10. 60
    Peggy says:

    WOW. Thanking God for the message He brought through you. I have been waiting since 2000, and I keep thinking, I’m not getting any younger waiting. . . But, God is faithful and I trust Him.

  11. 61
    Donna says:

    I’ll have to say I didn’t have time to read the entire blog… too many folks waiting on me right now. But it did reminds me of when I did cury duty years ago. A man was stilling from his company; it was the things he took and how he did it that was so funny we couldn’t help but laugh about it when we started to deliberate.

  12. 62
    Terese says:

    Lindsee, first of all you are a very insightful and wise young woman. God has truly blessed you. I enjoyed reading this as I too am in a season of waiting. I am growing a bit weary of the waiting as its been almost 2 years, however I am growing in my faith life like never before. I am using this time to learn more about Who God Is, His personality and He is revealing so much to me. I recently found an old journal from 1990: this was written in it and it is still pertinent today many years later. WAITING IS USUALLY THE RULE, NOT THE EXCEPTION. These were not my words but from someone else.

  13. 63
    Julie says:

    … “waiting really isn’t about the waiting, it’s about becoming”…very profound…i love the way “waiting” together makes it oh so much better 🙂
    Thanks Lindsee!

  14. 64
    Diana A. says:

    Did you peek into my journal???

    That word “W A I T”, has been placed upon my heart, my life…Who could predict that a simple Wait could be so used to teach, great and unfathomable things to me? Well of course our GOD did, but when I entered the wait, I can tell you I was one person, and now this much time later, I am different…praying to be Blessed in the difference, but for sure different!
    I love that the verses GOD placed on my heart, He has used once again here, to wink at me…W A I T!

    Thank You my sweet friend!

    • 64.1
      Diana A. says:

      OK Had to share, I just looked up Isaiah 30:18 on Biblegateway …

      “Nonetheless, the LORD is Waiting to be merciful to you …” (Common English Bible) that stopped me in my tracks … THE LORD is WAITING – I am so stunned in a graciously good way… Come LORD come and pour out to me! So instead of looking at a negative wait, understand the Compassion of His Wait upon His Children!

      “…and will rise up to show you compassion. The LORD is a GOD of justice; happy are all who wait for Him!”

      Happy Indeed!!!

  15. 65

    AMEN! Waiting is not a popular thing in our culture today concerning anything – including waiting on GOD. I just finished an amazing book called: SACRED WAITING by David Timms. He puts perspective on: “waiting ON GOD” – serving while we wait and worshiping while we wait!

    I have found in my own walk of faith – that waiting IS the sacrifice. There is JOY in the wait if we will – rest in the wait. Waiting is necessary to build character and every other quality the LORD wants to develop in us [or in another person]. Waiting for any promise of GOD [which the NT says are all ‘yes’ in Christ] is worth the wait in the end – especially the wait to see JESUS Face to face!

    I cannot WAIT for THAT DAY!!!
    [But I AM waiting for His perfect timing]!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    Psalm 126

  16. 66
    Anita Martin says:

    Waiting is still not my favorite thing, but I think I’m improving in the manner in which I wait. I always go back to: “Be still, and know that I am God”. It makes the wait more manageable, and many times, God grants me the insight to see the blessings along the way (wait).

  17. 67
    Tabby says:

    This so describes my season of life right now. Waiting, but not patiently. I’m planning to try and take your advice and look for how I can serve HIM! Thank you for your words here. They were a blessing to me today! :0)

  18. 68
    Nancy says:

    Waiting, waiting, waiting…I am beginning to think my middle name is “waiting”!
    I love when you said “The moment I lose sight of the true prize, I fall.”
    “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”. Galation 6:9
    Waiting with you, Lindsee, and giving a shout out prayer to God for all of us in this season that we continue to fight the fight and not grow weary!

  19. 69
    Grandma Jane says:

    I really needed to hear this today. I am waiting.

  20. 70
    Rebecca says:

    Wow Lindsee! Wow.

    Thank you so very much for this post. While I already know what the next stage of life holds, in fact it is already planned, I have to wait 100 more days for it to begin! What a beautiful reminder for me! Thank you so much!

  21. 71
    • 71.1
      Aleah says:

      The Lord used you to strengthen my “drooping hands” and “weak knees” today. I need to keep running this race even, and especially, on the days the promises seem impossibly far away. I guess it wouldn’t be much of a promise if it weren’t worth waiting for. Again, thank you!

  22. 72
    Sheila says:

    WOW! This couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for sharing and reminding me God is there always. It seems I have been waiting forever, but I know whatever He has in store for me is worth the wait! It is good because He loves me. That is all I need to remember. Thank you, again!!

  23. 73
    Tanya says:

    Get out of that pit was a book about waiting. I was in a pit. I rather think I camp on the very edge of one at most times.

    Lindsee–I admire you. I’m getting married. In July. My daughter is going to have just turned 8. And this month is my 7th year in my cyclic struggle between pits and victories in the thing called Christianity. I accepted Jesus as my savior 7 years ago.

    I’ve waited 7 years on the Lord. Its been the hardest 7 years of my life in ways. For many reasons besides that of faith. Someday theres a book coming out of this.

    You Lindsee–all I know of you…you remind me so of my matron of honor. Her name is Dawn. She waited on Jesus her whole life. She was married last year. She was 55 and a virgin when she said I do.

    I will be 32 and no virgin when I say I do.

    And God saw fit that two women made choices as they made them and waited as they were able. Two women who loved Him first. And we both do…Dawn and I do. Our lives are so interesting. And so complex. And so wounded. But Jesus is the common thread. And for you too–the common thread.

    You write well. And your smile is so very sweet. Keep waiting. And I’m gonna cry–keep waiting. Don’t give up. For at the right time–Jesus will honor

    1st Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

    James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.


  24. 74
    Bonnie Wallace says:

    This post reminded me of a life lesson that I often have to revisit …

    “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

    xo! Bonnie

  25. 75
    Terri Lovett says:

    Balm to my weary soul today. Thank you for this Word.

  26. 76
    lynda rickey says:

    All I’ve got to say is “Amen, sister!” Love ya, Lynda

  27. 77
    Pam says:

    I have never been able to patiently wait for anything (My husband & daughter actually bought me clothes for my birthday one year & hung them in the closet with my other clothes, because they knew I would search the house for wrapped gifts & couldn’t resist peeking-and it worked-I never found them!), so I hope my story brings a little hope to those of you in the midst of the waiting-

    About 22 yrs ago (yes,I said 22 YEARS-but please keep reading…), the Lord showed me a vision of a ministry very near & dear to my heart. Over the course of the next 22 yrs, I tried numerous times to make it work, but it never did. In fact, not only did that ministry not work, but everything else seemed to fall apart-our family faced the deaths of 6 immediate family members, financial ruin that left us homeless temporarily, several life threatening illnesses, infertility, and the painful separation from the church our children had grown up in that had supported us through some of those darkest moments. All throughout those days we were part of our church’s men’s, women’s and children’s ministry teams. Many people asked how we could survive so much & still have faith that things were going to get better, and I can tell you that many days it was simply by the grace of God. For the longest time, I felt like I was tethered just out of reach of something incredible; having glimpses of what God had in store for us, but never being able to reach it. What I didn’t realize was that every struggle, heartache, experience & emotion we went through was preparing us, testing our faith, teaching us to be empathetic & compassionate, and drawing us ever closer to the ONLY thing consistent through it all-our GOD.

    On Dec 6th of last year, I was awakened at 3am, and as I laid in bed trying to go back to sleep, the Lord impressed on me that I needed to get up & write down what He was saying. In a matter of a few hrs, the Lord had revealed to me every aspect of what this ministry would look like, even to the names of other people who would be involved. I always thought this was something that would involve our children, but as they got older & started college and their own careers, I began to doubt. I can’t even begin to put into words how humbling it has been to watch how God has revealed to each of them their unique place in this ministry. I can now see how EVERY experience we went through was necessary in order for us to be prepared for this. I am seeing & experiencing firsthand the scriptures we clung to come to life in ways far more magnificently than we ever imagined, and wait in eager anticipation for what He’s going to do next….

    Know that the wait IS SO WORTH IT, no matter how long it takes. Cling to the scriptures that bring you hope, hang on tight to the the Father who wants so much more for you than you even know to dream of, and try not to be as stubborn & slow to learn & grow as I am ;).

    Love, prayers & blessings to you all-

  28. 78
    Aimee says:

    Thank you for this! My part-time teaching job has become full time for next year, and my husband and I feel that God does not want me to take it so that I can spend more time with our two little girls (5 and 3). I am scared about losing the income, but God has been almost shouting at me to WAIT before rushing ahead of Him to try to fill the space with a different part-time job (or to take the full time job knowing it’s not His will.) Thank you for this- God knows I need all the reminding I can get as I am prone to think I should “help” Him do His job. Love this post and this community!

  29. 79
    Phyllis Swiney says:

    This post spoke so directly to me! Thank you, thank you! I have loved reading your posts, but just soak up things and rarely post comments ever myself on blogs, but just had to say this hit the spot:)

  30. 80
    Diana says:

    Lindsee, I want to thank you for this post! It has really spoken to me and given me a calmness during a trying time at work. I must search for a new job and have been upset, nervous and a wreck. I am praying for God to lead me where he wants me to be; serving Him according to His will. I know that God spoke to me through your words to show me He has a plan and for me to wait for it. You touch many lives! Thanking you and praising God, Diana

  31. 81
    Ann says:

    Lindsee thank you for the encouragement to keep living full on even while we wait.

  32. 82
    Nancy says:

    Bless you and thank you for this great reminder!
    Love you and all the LPM women!

  33. 83
    Elisabeth says:

    Okay. This seriously marks the thousandth time since you’ve joined LPM & Siestaville that I’ve said how thankful I am for a fellow “youngun” being vocally and actively involved in the ministry. I adore having a comrade my age(ish) around more than you could know. You make my heart smile. I’m so thankful for you. Thanks for this perspective on waiting. Perfect timing. As usual!

  34. 84
    Cindy says:

    Lindsee, i feel compelled to ask if you feel like you are wasting time waiting for whatever it is your waiting for? what if you spent your whole life waiting and came to your death bed and the desired thing never transpired? i feel as if we are to leave outcomes/desires at the lord’s feet. keep busy at the lords work. whatever he sets before you. nothing is ever a waste. we cannot focus on what we are waiting for and be distracted from the lord and his work he has asked us to do. i hope this doesnt sound harsh or judgmental for i do not mean it that way. our number one desire needs to be Him. wishing you well! cindy

    • 84.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Cindy, thank you for your honest question. I don’t mind answering that at all, simply because I can honestly say that at times I’ve certainly felt like I was wasting time and very distracted from the work the Lord placed in front of me, but other times I don’t think that at all, but the desire is still very much there and I’m reminded of the waiting. For me, that comes and goes. Does that make sense? Which is why, as you stated, it is very important that we lay our longings at His feet daily. Only He can fulfill them and bring them to fruition if He so desires! Blessings!

  35. 85
    Melissa says:

    Thank you so much Lindsee. As always God’s timing is perfect and this is exactly what I needed. I have been waiting for complete marriage restoration for almost three years but I am trusting and believing it will all be worth it!

  36. 86
    Tracy says:

    I am waiting to hear about the book give away from a while ago. Who were the winners? I was really hoping to be one, bit haven’t heard anything.

    • 86.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Tracy! That week I ended up just contacting the winner through email since the blog was so busy. So, if you didn’t receive an email, you probably were not a winner. I’m so sorry! But rest assured, we’ll definitely be doing more giveaways. Blessings!

  37. 87
    Melanie Toups says:

    Lindsee, I’m also in a season of wait in my career and have been recently memorizing portions of Psalm 37. My husband gave me a wonderful 3-volume set commentary on Psalms by Charles Spurgeon, and last night I read these words again on v. 7. In ‘Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him’, Spurgeon says, “Time is nothing to Him; let it be nothing to thee….He never is before His time, and He never is too late. In a story, we wait for the end to clear up the plot; we ought not to prejudge the great drama of life but stay till the closing scene and see to what a finis the whole arrives.’ Thank you for this post, Lindsee — it meant much to me!

  38. 88

    Wow! Such powerful reminders. Thank you. God def knew I needed these words.Our daughter is 11 months old and is developmentally delayed. She is in therapy and other various interventions to help her progress. Just yesterday I had a major meltdown. I was sick and tired of just waiting for her to progress and overwhelmed with it all. Overwhelmed with feeling inadequate and questioning how I can possibly continue to work with her in ALL the areas needed. Because there are a lot of areas.

    I love how you said. . .

    “That’s why in the waiting we wait with hope.

    We wait with expectancy.
    We wait in patience.
    We wait in prayer.
    We wait in strength.

    Most times, the waiting really isn’t about the waiting, it’s about becoming.”

    I’m going to focus on these words today and in the days ahead. 🙂

    • 88.1
      Lindsee says:

      Joy on you today, Sister. I can only imagine how tough that would be as a mom! Thank you for sharing.

  39. 89
    Val says:

    Sometimes when I read the blogs you write, I feel we are kindred spirits as Anne of Greene Gables says. 🙂 I am going through a time that God says “wait” on and it’s so hard. I love to fix things and try to fix myself, but God says “wait, I will fix it/you and it will work out.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  40. 90
    Emma says:

    Yes, I’m going to pull out the same phrase that many others have: “Most times, the waiting really isn’t about the waiting, it’s about becoming.”

    I pulled it out because it reminded me of something. A couple of years ago someone told me that we should think of our 20’s as a growing/learning/receiving phase which makes it feel a whole lot like waiting sometimes! This came right as I was graduating college and has been a blessing. Instead of focusing on “What should my ministry be?” “What should my career plan be?” “When should I want to get married (I have no boyfriend or prospects so this is especially funny)?” I got a job that gives me some good work experience and pays the bills but doesn’t require ALL of my time. I’m also plugged into a great church and a small group sent straight from heaven (inter-generational with various marital statuses) and am focusing on studying the Word and asking questions.

    Basically, I’m allowing myself to be poured into and asking the Lord to shape me into who he wants me to be and who I need to be to accomplish the plans He has for me instead of fretting that I don’t have “that special someone” or my whole life planned out.

    Blessings, Lindsee!

  41. 91
    Angie says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for that dear Lindsee.

  42. 92
    Jenn M says:

    Your post really hit home (more than you’ll ever know).
    Thanks so much for writing on this—helps keep things in perspective! 🙂

  43. 93
    Hope says:

    I love this – i feel like i’ve been in a state of waiting for the last 5 years…. and esp early on- it was really hard thinking, surely it’s going to change and I’ll get an answer- either Yes or No… just something definite b/c then I feel like I can deal with it and move on- well i’m still waiting. I was really discouraged and I heard this song by John Waller “While I’m Waiting” and it soon became my prayer- that in the midst of waiting- i will worship God, and be faithful and serve Him.
    John Waller – While I’m Waiting:

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord
    And I am hopeful, I’m waiting on You Lord
    Though it is painful, but patiently I will wait

    And I will move ahead bold and confident
    Taking every step in obedience

    While I’m waiting I will serve You
    While I’m waiting I will worship
    While I’m waiting I will not faint
    I’ll be running the race even while I wait

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord
    And I am peaceful, I’m waiting on You Lord
    Though it’s not easy no, but faithfully I will wait

    Yes, I will wait
    And I will move ahead bold and confident
    Taking every step in obedience

  44. 94
    Amy says:

    Lindsee, thanks so much for letting all of us “ladies in waiting” know that we are not alone!

    Just this week, my eye was drawn to my cube wall where I had put a printout of the following poem: WAIT by Russell Kelfer

    Such a great reminder that there is purpose in the waiting…

    Happy Weekend from St. Louis! =)

  45. 95
    Mel Ann Sullivan says:

    Mel Ann Sullivan – Millry, AL – Listen my dear brothers and sisters, has not God chosen those who are poor to be rich in faith and inherit the kingdom of God. But you have dishonored the poor. Are not the rich dragging you into the courts? Are they not blaspheming the good name of the One you belong to? James 2:5-6 NIV

  46. 96

    Thanks for this, Lindsee! I’ll try to remember as I’m being incredibly impatient (always!) that His timing is always perfect, even if I don’t think so!

  47. 97
    Marie Sirk says:

    Wow ! To say this jumped off the screen at me would put it mildly.
    I am going through such a difficult wait and am exhausted.
    I am trying to find a new job because of a severe chronic pain condition and my job requiring me to be on my feet for long hours. I have been crying and crying out and have grown weary in the waiting. Your post spoke right to me and I thank you so much for sharing it.
    I am a single mom and went thru a horrible divorce 1 and 1/2 years ago.
    I have to take care of my little boy and really need a job door to open.
    I have been in battle so long I have forget what feeling good is like.
    Would you please put me on your prayer list ? I would appreciate it.
    Thank you again so much for sharing !

  48. 98
    shannon conner says:

    Worship while you wait 🙂

  49. 99
    Pamela McDonald says:

    Dear Lindsee,
    What an insightful post! Thank you for sharing what is on your heart. This spoke volumes to me.

  50. 100
    Brigette Brock says:

    I’m totally unsure of which verses I have posted. I’ve got them all in my spiral and on my Scripture Memory typer app ( if you don’t have this app, get it, best memory tool I’ve found). Since I think I posted 1-3, I’m going to post ( or repost 4-7). And then I’ll have a special way to mark posted scripture in my spiral. I hope this doesn’t cause any problem for the SSMT.

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