Moline LPL – Siesta Scholarship Ticket Giveaway

Good Thursday morning, ladies. This weekend Living Proof Live is traveling to Moline, IL and we have 20 tickets we’d love to give away. If this scholarship ticket would you give you the opportunity to attend the conference that you otherwise could not attend because of finances, please let us know. You can call our office toll free at 1.888.700.1999 during regular business hours (8:30 – 4:30 CST) and ask for Kimberly Meyer. She will get you squared away and good to go! Again, these tickets are just for those of you that financially cannot afford it at this time.

Thank you so much in joining us through prayer this weekend! Pray that the Lord would land on Moline in a way they’ve never experienced. We are so thankful for you, ladies! You are loved.


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  1. 1
    Rochelle says:

    How neat that you guys offer this!! My mom, sister-in-law, me, and groups from our churches are all VERY excited to be going to this event!!!! I can’t wait! 🙂 Praise God for all that you do at these events and on this blog. I don’t actually write very often, but I really love this blog and the ministry that you all have here and the way to connect. Many blessings to you!

  2. 2
    Janet says:

    I am going to Moline!!! My sister and her family have lived there for 3 years. Her husband is a pastor there. Cant wait to spend the weekend wit my sister and BETH MOORE!!!!!!

  3. 3
    Melissa says:

    I’m not able to attend (even though it’s relatively close to my home in Iowa) but I will be praying through this weekend! God bless y’all and your ministry!

  4. 4
    denise cross says:

    Dearest Living Proof Team:
    I cannot begin to express the joy in my heart as Friday night approaches to see/hear you all. Beth, you and your team have been prayed over and over. GOD has something special to say to all of us in Moline. I just finished Breaking Free the updated version. OH MY>> I cannot begin to express what God has been doing in my heart.. you are going to be blessed immensely for setting this captive on the road to FREEDOM.. Thank you for listening to our God.. and for teaching us how to be FREE.. I will be sitting there fri/sat thanking God for you. I am emailing the whole God confirmed i was to do Breaking Free. thank you thank you. IN HIM denise
    p.s. i am bringing my daughter Cara and her friend angela. to be blessed too..

  5. 5
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    So VERY exited to be going this weekend with my daughter, her BFF & her mom. Been praying that Lord would give Beth a powerful Word for all of us. Thank you Beth, LPM staff, Travis & worship team for giving away your lives for the sake ofthe Kingdom. We are truly blessed indeed!!!

  6. 6
    Warm in Alaska says:


  7. 7
    Natalie says:

    I am going with some friends from church. It is about 2 and half hours from my home.

  8. 8
    Pamela in Rock Island says:

    Beth – we are all excited to have you here – the Iwireless center will be filled with the Holy Spirit this weekend and praying for revival for the Quad Cities. Also, praying for protection and safety for you and your team. Denise (above) and I are Yadah Prayer sisters and both are blessed with bringing our girls with us! Love you girl!

  9. 9
    Kim Oldfather says:

    I would love to come but it is just not going to work out we live like 6 hours from you. I would love to see you sometime in person Beth. I have lost a daughter and I did your study on Believing God which was really hard but I was put in that study for a purpose. I am currently finishing Wising Up then next I will be doing James…. Beth you are such a God loving woman and I hope I can come to love him like you have. I have baggage also and God has taking it away but I am still dealing with an Anger problem. I am seeking counseling for guidance but it is hard fighting the GOOD fight but I wont give up.. I cant i have 3 little girls that God wants me to raise in his name…Praise be to God that we get a due over sometimes… Love you dearly

  10. 10
    Christa says:

    SO very excited that I will be spending my birthday (Saturday) with the 2 most influential women in my life – my mom & Beth at the LPL in Moline, IL. 🙂

    • 10.1
      Jodi Carosone says:

      It was my birthday as well on Saturday and I was SO excited to spend it with such an AMAZING group of women! Hope your day was happy and you have an “energized” upcoming year!

  11. 11
    Sandy says:

    I’m so excited to hear what God has for us to hear in Moline this weekend! Our church van will be pulling out in an hour for the trip. God is so good.

  12. 12
    erika says:

    This isn’t the right place to put this comment/question, but I am going to ask something. I was having my Quiet Time this morning and was reading in 1 Samuel about when the Lord called Samuel in the night while he was sleeping. 1Sam.3:7 says, “Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD…” I found myself wondering what “know” meant. (After all, he was living in the temple. But, was Eli not faithful in teaching Samuel who God is?) I looked it up in my Keyword study Bible but was still confused due to my lack of Hebrew knowledge! It occurred to me that it would have been nice if I could have asked Melissa 🙂 Has she ever considered an “Ask Melissa” side of this blog? As a homeschooling mom to seven and wife of a man in full time ministry, as much as I LOVE to study my Bible, I don’t have the time to get into all of the ins and outs of the Hebrew and Greek. Just a thought 🙂

  13. 13
    Betty Watson says:

    Hi Beth! I was one of the 5000 to praise our Jesus with you in Moline. You were extrodinary! My daughter and I lead our Women’s Ministry, GIRLFRIENDS at a little church called Browns Valley Christian in Browns Valley, Indiana. We brought 33 ladies ranging from the teens to the 70’s on a 5 hour trip (which should have only taken 4…but I did say there were 33 women!) to see you and your team and to get a fresh Word from our God. We sent a HOT PINK T-shirt back stage to you which we all signed with love. One of the girls also sent a couple of braclets she made. Being small in number but big in faith, we raised our gas money by hosting a Ham & Bean Dinner. My daughter, Hope, said we couldn’t say it was for gas, but I said if people can’t have a little humor they need to get some. The preacher couldn’t hardly announce it with a straight face & it DID get a big laugh. We also made homemade frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to Go to also sell. All in all we made $957 dollars…enough for gas plus T-shirts (which we had not even dreamed we could do). Ain’t God grand? His hand of blessing was all over us to get us to Moline. May God bless you and all your team members. I have prayed for you often over the past months. Thank you once again and we are already planning to see you again in Springfield in 2013. The Girlfriends are so energized now. We would love to have you come to Indianapolis and see us in our home state. Maybe someone could even arrange a ride in an Indy 500 car for you. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Keep on keeping on. Your sister in Christ – Betty

  14. 14
    Susan says:

    What an annointed time at the Moline conference!!! The group of ladies we talking on the way home and it was mentioned that it would be so nice to have a written copy of the words we spoke in “twosomes” at the end of Saturday mornings’ session. It would be great to be able to remind one another of what was spoken over each other!!1 Thanks!!!!! God Bless!!!

  15. 15
    Okie Murray says:

    Hi, all you sweet Girls, who have not gotten to go to a LPL LIVE BETH MOORE EVENT,Beth is coming to Charleston, SC, August 24,25,2012. If you have never seen Beth in person this will be your oportunity! Call,1-800-254-2022 or go on line,and get a ticket and then come give us a Siesta Hug. We’ll be in the pink shirts!

  16. 16
    Beverly says:

    Great to be with you all the past two days in Moline. We are wondering if you can send us what we repeated with a partner at the end of the conference? Thanks so much, you all are a blessing and we loved having you in Moline!

  17. 17
    Mary Bein says:

    I went to this awesome conference! After the Friday session, I watched the Olympic torch lit by 7 teens. The lamps were in a circle that lit the other lamps like dominoes. From the air, it looked like a giant flower. then the whole thing stood up to form the torch. Sat. I thought how the lamps of Zech dream were similar: the 7; the “eternal flame”–ours really is eternal!; how the lamps light each other and burn brighter when gathered and lifted up–believers lit by the Holy Spirit light others’ faith and burn brighter when we meet together like at the conference. Thank you for an amazing spiritual weekend!

  18. 18
    Sandi Mueller says:

    I was at the Moline-Moline-Moliiiiiiiine event on both dates and have to tell you I HAD to be a note taker. I was in such awe of being in the same place with BETH MOORE, I could not tell you what she even said!! (yeh–really kind of true!!) It was soOoOoOo inspiring and heart wrenching at the same time.She is to darn beautiful to be a stupid woman!! What an inspirational teacher. I have done the Stepping Up study and fell in LOVE with her then. Thank you for all of you who take the time and effort to do this. The music is fabulous, the speaker is out of sight…… just doen’t get any better. I am so blessed!

  19. 19

    I was so “blown” away at the teaching this weekend from Ezra and Zechariah. God’s Word is so Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you, Beth, for crying right along with us! Love the Spirit in you. My favorite LPL yet! Things are a-changing with me as of TODAY! We are already making our plans to join you all in Springfield next year. Beth, I love the way you say Moline Deere! Lol!

  20. 20
    Diana says:

    I was in Moline too….along with 17 other ladies from our church. What an awesome time! Such a blessing! What a great message — thanks Beth! What great music — thanks Travis! I need a new Exodus; I need God to blow a fresh word into my ears! The sad parts? having the conference be over and missing meeting with my other Siestas! We were all so excited and filled with the Spirit leaving that I got all the way to our cars before realizing I had forgotten to go to section #102 to meet the Siestas! By then I could not hold up the other ladies and go back. Maybe we will all see each other in Springfield, IL in October 2013 (we need to wear something so we can find each other). We are already planning to be there (where I first saw Beth in 2009!) with a bigger group than this time!

  21. 21
    Lisa says:

    We were also saying on the way home that we would LOVE to have the words spoken in “twosomes”.
    It was powerful and ‘energizing’. Would love to be able to hear it again.
    If any one has it and could post it, that would be Beautiful, Beautiful!

    Had an amazing time, Beth is so inspirational! Can’t wait to see her in Springfield!

    God Bless

  22. 22
    karenlfries says:

    I and a sister in the Lord were at the conference in Moline. It was our first time. We came from Wisconsin near the Madison area. We were both truly blessed. Everything went so well, We had no problems finding anything. The praise was uplifting, and the word timely. I was so impressed when Beth shared how the whole team went into the wireless center before the meeting prayed over it, for those of us who would be present. Our group of ladies who have been meeting for bible studies. We just finished the James study and this fall will be doing the one on the fruits of the spirit. You can see how each sister has grown in the Lord. It been such a blessing. Karen

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