Big Sisters and Little Sisters

I’m really ticked. I just ran into a beloved little sister in the faith on my way to work when I stopped off at a grocery store to grab a few things. She and her family are nearly being eaten alive by the enemy. Honestly, we stood right there in plain sight near the vitamin aisle and ratted on the devil and shook the family tree for some fresh truth. As big tears rolled down those cheeks, she said one thing so emphatically that it seared straight into my bones:

“I was just thinking about you this morning, Beth. And I’ve just gotta know: have you been here?”

Where exactly did she mean by here? In that place where the enemy seems to leave NOTHING untouched. Nothing unmangled by his crushing iron jaw. The scene of the onslaught. Where Satan seems to systematically and patiently and daily and hourly go for you – heart, soul, and body, and for everything and everyone you hold dear, and for all you know – that you know – that you know you believe. That season where you can’t seem to recover because every time you start to get back up, something knocks you down again. That season that you really do begin to believe will absolutely kill you…and, in some respects, it does. It kills the old you. If allowed to, it stones to death the Goliath within every David, one welting throw after another. Welcome to the sifting zone where Satan gets so much leash that he rips to bloody shreds everything he can get his paws on…but what is really real. What is really left behind when we are stripped bare of all our earthly security and fleshly confidence.

Have I been there, my beloved little sister?

Let’s see. How loud can I say this?? I HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOY, HAVE I EVER BEEN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And part of me survived. And part of me died.

And the part of me that died, as painful as it was, needed to.

And when it tries to resurrect it’s ugly, deformed, decayed head, I remind it that it is dead, lest it need another killing. Because I don’t want another killing.

I don’t mean my baffling tendency to sin is dead. I deal with that old nature everyday. I can still – almost out of nowhere – vacillate furiously between self-love and self loathing until I’m so dizzy I could regurgitate. But that joint victim and victimizer in me, that violent inner working nurtured at the breast of deceit and raised in sickness with a bent on self-destruction, took what still appears over many years to be a fair beheading.

YES. I have been there. And it was so awful I still well remember almost to the detail. And this morning I was glad I did because my little sister in the faith – a MIGHTY woman of God – needed to hear it.

I got in that car so mad at the enemy and at this brazen, hateful world that I made a bee-line straight to work and clicked the words “new post.”

Big sisters, our little sisters need some encouragement. They need to know we’ve been where they are. Even if they’re not in a season of hell on earth. Maybe their house just smells like one huge dirty diaper. Maybe they just need a nap. Maybe they need a job. God alone knows exactly and truly what they need from Him but this WE can know they need from us:  encouragement! And, by God (and I mean that), we are going to give it to them.

Here’s what we’re going to do today. You who are 39 and under get to tell us where you could use some encouragement. You who are 40 and older and willing are going to give it to them. Here’s how it’s going to look:

If you are 39 or younger, you’re going to start your comment with “Your little sister here: …”

If you are 40 or older, you’re going to start your comment with “Your big sister here: …”

Here are the ground rules: (I’m going to warn you. When I’m furious, I can get into a bossy frame of mind and I’m there right this second. But, look at it this way. I’m beside myself in your behalf so humor me.)

Little sisters, don’t snow ball with every irritating, annoying, frustrating thing or relationship in your life. Get pretty quickly to the bottom line. I’m thinking about someone I really do love so much and want to encourage and help when at all possible but her emails to me are so long and about so many things going wrong and so many people going awry that by the end of it, all I can do is throw up my hands and say, “I am so overwhelmed, I have no idea where to begin!” Try, as much as you know how to tell us, to articulate what is really wrong. The real bottom line. Also, please look throughout the post for encouragements that may help you and keep in mind that what the big sisters write to one, they extend to all. Don’t be offended if no one speaks directly to you. Every encouragement is meant for every one of you.

Big Sisters, today is for encouraging our little sisters and that’s all. I know you have problems because I’m about your same age and I have a truckload of them. But you and I have lived long enough to know that we’re going to make it and that God IS going to be faithful and He is INDEED going to bring beauty from ashes and He will most certainly, given enough time, work every single detail out for our good and His glory. No complaining from us today. This post is a N0-Whine zone for big sisters. Life and the devil are eating our baby sisters alive. Let’s GET UP in their behalf, encourage them, and draw out our swords and fight for them. As often as you can, make your comment to all of them instead of just in reply to one of them. There will be exceptions, of course, but it’s crucial that we edify them across the board. They could all use it. You can talk to them or pray for them in your comment. Both are so Biblical and so right.

Now, listen, Little Sisters. One more thing from Big Sister with the big mouth. Get your tails in the Word. I mean it. Get your tails in the Word. NO TIME OFF. Read it aloud when you can’t absorb it or concentrate on it. Get yourself some accountability. Call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised and so shall you be saved from your enemies. Every morning.

One last thing. I left my beloved little sister with an assignment this morning and with the accountability to let me know she’s doing it. I’m going to give you little sisters who are feeling devoured the exact same one: memorize Psalm 25. Every word of it. Don’t tell me you can’t. Yes, you can. Get it printed out, laminate it, and memorize it. Say it over and over and over again. Start today. We can cheer you on and we can fight for you but we can’t fight instead of you. This victory is YOURS. The battle is meant to bring plunder directly to your personal life and family line or God wouldn’t have allowed it. Get up and fight.

Psalm 25.

I mean it.

I’m going to be asking you about it.

OK. I’m sorry for the bossy tone but I am so mad on behalf of you, our baby sisters, that I’m bruising this keyboard.

Now get busy, Girls. I have to be out of the office for a little while several times today so if we go a few hours without any comments moderated, have no fear, I’ll get back to it and get your encouragements posted.

I love you.



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  1. 251
    Rachel says:

    A little Sister here… I am 28 years old and about to have my 4th wedding anniversary. A few years back my husband and I went through a crisis in our marriage that threatened to overtake us. We got help and have been working toward healing. I praise God today because I can honestly say that I can see the daily victories. “God’s mercies are new every morning.” I am still struggling though with my anger and feeling justified in my rage especially when I am hurt. I know this is wrong and want to change it but the growth is slow. Currently, my husband is experiencing alot of victories but I am not. It is so hard to be excited for him and yet feel yuck about your own growth. I know that the enemy is just discouraging me because I really have seen alot of growth, I am just working on a strong hold of anger here and digging up those deep roots are so slow. I await the day of complete freedom and I know it is coming! Thanks for all the encouragement. I am in prayer for the Lord to bring me strong spiritual sisters here in my home town but feel blessed by the spiritual sisters on the forum.

    • 251.1
      Kimberly Kyllo says:

      Rachel~ TOTALLY get the anger thing!!! My encouragement and not to make light of your to go and purchase some inexpensive plates! Find a safe place where you know you will NOT be inturrupted or…and smash those plates one by stinking one!! Anger is a real feeling…a STRONG feeling that needs to get out of your body. (I enjoy a good screaming while throwing! Like I said…make sure you are safe and alone! haha) For me…I like to run really hard or power walk…even if just for a few minutes. Be gentle with yourself. Growth takes time and is HARD! Know..please KNOW that you are madly loved and that He understands and sees your pain. He is crazy about you…anger and all! He wants you to be free, joyful and authentic. I think sometimes we are worried when our lives don’t look the way we think they should look. Or our feelings don’t feel the way we want them to feel. I know from first hand…if you don’t deal with feelings..they deal with you! Go buy some plates…you’re gonna love this! : ) Oh and I should know…I’m an “older sister”! BIG LOVES~

    • 251.2
      Beth Honnold says:

      Big Sister here…. I too have struggled with anger with my husband and difficulty loving him when I can’t get rid of the hurt- I have two suggestions for you! 1. Study the topic of LOVE in scripture( picture God’s love as vast as the ocean) and 2. Remember that love is an ACTION and not a feeling….the feelings will come in time and as you repent of holding on to the anger God will heal your hurt! Trust in him!!

    • 251.3
      Holli says:

      I have found that when I acknowledge that the bad thing that happened in my life was allowed into my life by God, on purpose, for His purposes, then I can more readily accept it and give up the anger.God is in complete control. Even if the circumstance was brought about by my sin or someone else’s, God allowed it into my life for a reason! Then I can focus on Him and what He has for me in the midst of it.

    • 251.4
      Cindy Jones says:

      Big Sister says… Several books helped me, Created to be His Helpmeet, (I threw this in the garbage several times before making it through completely), Power of a Praying Wife, (I finished this book several years ago,now I get up each morning and use one of the prayers and put in a few words of my own), Bondage Breaker, (this helped me to get rid of my “Fear and What If” tendencies, that is I quit worrying over what may happen, what had happened and how it made me feel). I found that you may not be able to trust people, even your husband, but you can always trust God, no matter if our worst fears happen. Staying angry only steals your present joy and prevents future joy. It may not be fair in the world we live in, but God’s way will produce an abundant harvest.

    • 251.5

      Big Sister here, and a personal reply beloved. A few years ago my husband and I had been married 11 years and went through a crisis that left me deeply insecure and wounded. But, it even more so left me resolved to fight for my husband and not with him. I was the injured party in this particular season, but if the truth be told there was plenty of blame to go around.

      As soon as I realized there was a problem that might leave me wounded I ran straight to God and confessed: I Don’t Know For Sure What Is Happening Here But I Need to forgive Him Lord and I Can’t. But! You Can, so Would You Forgiive Him for What I Am About To find Out and Work That Out in Me?

      Sweet girl, God is so faithful. He did just what I asked. I learned two very important things about forgiveness. 1) God’s grace is what it is-You can’t earn it, deserve it or out sin it. Even those who commit the most heinous wrongs may lay hold of it if their heart repents and calls on the name of the Lord. You can’t take advantage of something freely given. That means in my own strength, forgiveness is a partial, incomplete process that leaves me aching and often times pent up with hurt. But if I allow God’s grace to flow through me then I am not giving the person alicense to hurt me or a free pass. It is God’s job to forgive and to protect me. It doesn’t let them off the hook, just me. 2) forgiveness is a process. The first part is a choice, not based on feelings, but a conscious decision to let it go. It would be the judgment you’ve made about what happened and the feelings that it caused you-the pain you feel as a result. Learning to separate the offender from the offense is beneficial.

      For me I met with someone I trusted and poured the reality of my situation out to her. Then she supported me as I prayed, “Father, today I choose by an act of my will to forgive —– for —–(specifics, all of the ugly details that I needed to let go of) and when they did this it made me feel (angry, betrayed, unloved…ist every emotion the offense has cost you). As a result I judged them —– (name any judgments that may be harbored). But Jesus, You have earned the right to take what —- did and all this pain and put it on the cross. (For this I picture myself giving away what I have confessed to Him and physically move to release it, do what you feel comfortable with). ” IMportant: “Jesus, is there anything you want to give me in exchange?” the next part is receive.

      After that day our relationship still needed mending. Trust had to be rebuilt and earned. But anytime the fear and anger associated with pain threatened I ran to God and reminded Him I chose to forgive and to help work through what had been lost in the situation. For nearly a year I ran to God and sat with Him weeping in the closet over my broken heart, grieving the things that had changed. I. Had to be careful not to beat my husband down but to learn to see him thru God’s eyes, love him with God’s heart and pray for him according to what God showed me. I pulled out index cards and posted notes on the mirror reminding me Scriptures God gave me for my husband. I told my husband I needed to be able to safely address problems that came up but I didn’t want to focus on what went wrong. I wanted us to make our marriage better and focus on loving him well. I guess it took two years for us to broker heali g and peace in our life together but we got there.

      Be careful not to agree with the facts that may be the enemy’s way of pulling you away from your husband, focus on the Truth of God that will set you free & strengthen your relationship to your husband.

      By way of post script, I had a lot of confessing and asking forgiveness that I needed to do with both God and my husband. Your own growth and spiritual health has to be a priority in a season like this. Protect your husband and your marriage. Dig in hard with Hod and let Him deal with your husband while you also ask Him to show you where He needs you to grow. Focus on what you desire to see in your marriage rather than what you don’t. And love that man unconditionally. Value your differences and find the balance of intimacy and boundaries through a healthy relationship with God. My husband never changed or worked through the process I thought he needed to make amends. But as I got healthier I trusted God more and set healthy boundaries while pursuing an intimate new relationship with my husband. Today I can tell you that my husband is a different man. He changed not by choice, but by God’s work in his life, my life and our marriage. Praying for you dear One.

    • 251.6
      shannon says:

      Big sister here : 1st off i have been there. 2nd pray and ask God to change your heart. Now here is what works for me. “Whatever is good, whatever is lovely, think on those things…..then the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding will guard your mind in Christ Jesus. In otherwords, when the angry self defeating thoughts come (and yes i said when they come not if) plaster them like an ak47 with the truth of who God is and who you are in him, and what He is calling you to in Him. Don’t let up until the angry thoughts are gone or lost the steam. Do this over, and over,over and over. Guess what – your heart will change. Journal the “good and lovely” thoughts or scream them outloud if you need to. Picture it as you are sticking your fingers in both ears and saying to satan “i can’t hear you” 🙂

    • 251.7
      Kim says:

      Big Sister Here…. I too have dealt with a lot of anger and justification why I could be that way in my marriage. I am still leaning on God’s Word about forgiveness even on the days I don’t feel it. I remember what Christ did for me on the cross (forgiveness) when I didn’t deserve. So on my anger days I rely on the Word about anger and forgivness and do the Word in obedience.

    • 251.8
      Tina says:

      Big sister here, Rachel search your Bible for scriptures on anger. Then read them, pray, and read them again. I went through a similar time before. God’s word is what helped me. Write those verses down, carry your Bible around with you. Whatever it takes. When Satan attacks read those verses before you act. (((HUGS)))

    • 251.9
      Erin says:

      Your little sister here. I can use some encouragement as I feel overwhelmed by everything that has happened this year. My cousin’s daughter was brutally murdered in September. Words cant describe the grief my family has experienced at the hands of another human. My amazing grandmother passed away in May. Different grief over a life fully lived, but grief nonetheless. Sometimes the cloud of grief is hard to see through and it’s hard to encourage other family members. I know God is in control and shares out grief, but it’s hard to see him for the pain.

    • 251.10
      M.J. Macie says:

      Big sister here: The Word says to forget the former things and not dwell on the past. God IS doing a new thing and it’s springing forward right now. Open your heart and perceive it! Little sister, let go of the hurt each & every time it starts to well up by saying, “I’m not going there again. Lord, don’t let me go there.” God bless you, my little sister.

    • 251.11
      Barbara Crandon says:

      Big sister here…..I want you to know you are in my thoughts and I am on my knees for you…it is such a long process when you are there in your anger, and I have been there, wondering this is just not fair and at the same time realizing that God is working. When I felt overwhelmed, I would pray for that person that had hurt me. It was “kicking and screaming” prayers at first, but eventually my heart engaged and I began to feel that freedom – those chains broken. My heart and love goes out to you and stay in His Word. Know that I am here with you, praying. Love you, little sister.

    • 251.12
      Julie says:

      Big sister here…Praying for you. That sometimes is the most powerful thing to do and request of others.

      You are so far ahead of the game (so to speak) in battling this stronghold simply because you are able to recognize the feelings, get to the root and then allow God to breath His truth over you.

      Freedom does indeed come, it really does.

      Blessings and blessings some more.

      Your sister in Christ,

    • 251.13
      Fran Mccurry Plott says:

      Sweet Rachel,
      Two words in your post popped out at me, because I have so struggled with “justifiable anger”, just like you. I think it’s the justifiable tag that the devil uses to fuel our anger to a degree that is often too hot to cool! It is a trap; you know it, I know it, as well as the evil one knows it, so remember- we can’t believe everything we feel! The heart is deceitful above all things!!(Jer. 17:9)This verse has pulled me out of a lot of stinkin’ thinkin’, little sister! What we think- we say; what we say- we do…it is a vicious progression of hurt for us and all concerned. When I have a thought or feeling that is disturbing, I have been taught to stop and reflect: Is this thought from the LORD,from Satan,or from me?(2 Timothy 1:7-For God hath not given ME the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.)
      The Lord has certainly led me to a wonderful counselor and a psychiatrist, both Christians, who have helped me with my anger issues. You can conquer this, Rachel, with the help of the Lord and the people He sends your way. I have never felt weaker when I sought help, only stronger!
      Lastly, please remember that you are not alone, not unique in your problems. There is always someone who has been through the exact same thing. Jesus knows, and Jesus saves, for He walked among us.

  2. 252
    Connie says:

    Big sister here, Pray, Pray, Pray, Read, memorize, and Pray the Word!!! Find the attributes of God and praise Him! God’s Word is our weapon.This goes for both big and little sister.

    • 252.1
      Patty says:

      I agree whole heartedly with you Connie. I am a Big Sister here, who has gone thru a lot of what you have. And all I can keep saying is PRAY, PRAY, PRAY,and just go to all the great women’s program in your church or community that are related to Christianity. God’s words are our only weapon against the devil!! And just ask every close friend to pray for you each time you see them. Don’t be afraid to ask for prayer from your friends and family.

  3. 253
    Sonia Adams says:

    Big Sister here, I was so encouraged to see this blog which authenticates the moving of God’s spirit as Blossoming Vines Ministries (BVM) will be hosting a mother/daughter, mentor/mentee retreat for little sisters in August.

    I too want to let our little sisters know that I had several boyfriends, trials to obtain success, and longed for purpose and strove for it in many disastrous ways. However, I finally gave all to God. Also, once you fully surrender to Jesus, you begin to get a glimpse of your true identity and then you can stop looking for boyfriends, fame, success, and external things to fill the void in your life. Though it is a continuous process of growth, it helps to know you have purpose and you are loved by God unconditionally and no need for outside affirmation in an unhealthy way.

    I pray that you can learn from our mistakes and become all God desires for you to be and complete all He has for you to do. It takes the support of godly sisters to help you get there and a continued life of prayer and leading of the spirit. You’ll have some bad days but with His help and the help of others– your good will outweigh your bad.

    I love you all little sisters and pray for you daily!!!!

    Sonia Adams

  4. 254
    Marcy Stearns says:

    Big Sister here…I TRUST YOU JESUS!!! That is my mantra for this year, I trust him with my marriage, my kids, my bills my struggle with sin, my friends and their struggles – I just say it out loud when fear sets in. I TRUST YOU JESUS, even if you don’t believe it YET, you will see our God is faithful, kind, and on the job!

  5. 255
    Katy says:

    Little sister needs some encouragement. I am struggling with trusting the Lord’s provision and I feel like I can’t hear his instructions about our financial situation. He has provided so many other things…why can I not trust that he can provide for this? I just cried my eyes out in front of my sweet babies because I’m struggling so. Also, because we recently moved I don’t have a church home/body. I miss having people I could count on to cover me in prayer.
    Thank you siestas..

    • 255.1
      debbie K Summersville, mo says:

      Big Sister here…. God will provide, trust in Him even when it seems you don’t know where that next gallon of milk is coming from He will provide! Find a church I will cover you in prayer sister!!

    • 255.2

      Big sister here… you are covered in prayer by a host of angels and now, by one big sister. God’s provision is so far beyond financial… it is the joy that anticipates the next step, knowing that you will peek in your rearview mirror some day in the not too distant future and see the glory that He is working in your life today. You’ll see the path as it unfolded and will be ever so grateful for it. Whatever He takes away is a gift as much as is what He gives. Being sharpened is a treasure.. because you can know that He adores you enough to invest in your growth and maturity. Periods of have without periods of need… that’s not what we need even though it is what we want. Crave Him… thirst for Him… He is working something out and all the while… you are growing to maturity. James 1:2 “Consider it all pure joy my brothers (and little sister) whenever you face trials of many kinds… because the testing of our faith develops perseverance (I’m paraphrasing now because it is late for me and my bible is in another room… lame, I know)… but your perseverance leads to maturity and in maturity… you will lack NOTHING. NOTHING. IN HIM… you have everything because He is everything. God bless you young one.

    • 255.3
      kari says:

      Big sister here, recently God directed me to purchase Beths’ audio version of Praying Gods’ Word, breaking down strongholds. It ia all about scripture and prayers and through them breaking down the things that come up against us in life. My husband and I listen to it. I have listened 3 times now and now I am writing it all down in a journal, so I can begin to memorize it. We are in a battle girlfriends; I am about to retire from nursing and want to devote my life to helping sisters and making new sisters by Jesus and quilt till the cows do come home! Get her audio book, if you have an I Phone put it on that and LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!! God Bless you so much and hug those babies, these times are really the best days of your life!

    • 255.4
      Kimberly Kyllo says:

      Oh my! I hear and feel your pain!!! God is faithful. You MUST believe that. I can’t tell you the countless times my children have seen me cry and pray..”OH GOD!! PLEASE HELP!” I have seen God’s hand time and time again in my own life. Here is what I want to share with you. He is like manna. You remember that story about the crazy Isrealites and how they had no food, no home and were wondering around a dry desert?! WELL…..God sent manna….food. Good ONLY for that day! No saving it for later…”gather what you need for today and that’s it!” Go to Him every day..First thing! Thank Him for providing for you…you’re alive right?! Ask Him to provide for you THAT DAY!! One day at a time. THIS is the day! Why worry about tomorrow? Tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own! Seek FIRST His kingdom and ALL these things will be added to you! Seems too easy?! I KNOW!! Jesus said with His own mouth, “My yoke is easy! My burden is light!” Cry if you must…let your children see your need for Jesus! Than wait and see that He is good…you are giving your children something beautiful! GO KATY!!! He WILL provide! ONE DAY AT A TIME…MANNA!! BRING~

    • 255.5
      Janet Marriott says:

      Big sister here… I remember so well a time when my finances were such a disaster that it nearly consumed my every waking thought. After many months of struggling and not being able to share with anyone I finally turned to God and said, “I cannot do this alone anymore. I am giving it over to you.?” Within a very short time an answer was shown to me. It didn’t wipe everything away, but gave me the opportunity to get myself back on my feet again. Keep your chin up and trust in God and he will walk you through this. Know that you are never alone. Try attending different Church’s and see what is out there. You’ll know when you find the right one, because when you walk in you’ll feel like you just came home. I will be praying for you!

    • 255.6
      Konni says:

      It’s good to cry it cleanses the soul. I recommend crying in the shower it’s private & refreshing. Keep praying & know God will provide for all our needs. Next find a church where you feel @ home & fellowship with others. God Bless, Konni

    • 255.7
      Lillian says:

      Big sister here. . .I understand how you’re feeling about money-finances. What I can tell you–from experience in years and dollars, is that our God can provide. Like Beth says, read His Word, and believe what He says about providing. Do you tithe? I know, and again, I’m talking from times when I was saying, “Okay, God, I’m writing this check for my tithe, and You better provide for me, because if not, I’m standing on the street corner, with my hands raised in the air like one of those Old Testament prophets, yelling at YOU! You said You’d take care of me, and I’m trusting you!” I know that’s not the right attitude, but I believe God understands when we may not have the right attitude, but we’re trying to do His Will. He can provide–He will provide, but you do need to trust Him. I’m praying for you that you will feel His love, His EXTRAVAGANT love for you, and that you will feel and rest in the comfort of knowing God will take care of your needs, and that He has more in store for you than you could ever know.

    • 255.8
      Cindy Jones says:

      Big Sister says…
      I know loneliness, I’ve moved 23 times and working on 24 right now. I also know about finances, we’ve lost several businesses.

      About five years ago I went through one of the most difficult seasons of my life, it felt that God was striping away everything. He had my attention. It was at Beth’s re-taping of Breaking Free in New Orleans that I had an Epiphany, “God really does love me.”

      From that day on whenever I would doubt anything that he says, “I will take care of all your needs,” “I will never leave or forsake you,” I would say out-loud over and over again, “God LOVES ME, God loves me, God loves me.” I also have a hymnal that I will sing from, (I can’t hit a note at all and would never sing in public), but the act of praising God sends those doubts running. I’ve also asked for Joshua- Caleb faith, the kind that saw deliverance not destruction. I use index cards that I write one or two specific verses on that deal with what I am going through. I keep them in my pocket or with me all day saying them out loud. The word works.

      I recently had this same conversation with my sister. We have a rule in our house that I shared with her, “If you have a need, sow a seed.” If it’s money, give money, if it’s friendship, go out and bless someone. You get the picture. Well, she needed money. I gave her the same advice and she sent her last $38 to a young lady trying to go on a mission trip. The next day a man approached her. Her husband had done work for him some time ago and the man not only wanted to pay for it now, he felt he owed interest for being so late. He gave her a check for $1,000.00.

      So next time you feel like crying, get your hymnal, turn on some praise music and show your kids that you know the God of the universe, the creator of all things, the God that loves you and call you the apple of his eye, is gonna come through and then some. He always does more, you just have to believe.

    • 255.9
      Tiffany Mattson says:

      Go to the southern Baptist, assuming you are Baptist, Convention website they normally have on there a link to type in your zip code to find a church in your area. GOD DID NOT GIVE US A SPIRIT OF FEAR, but of POWER LOVE AND A STRONG MIND2 Timothy 1:7 My own sister in Christ had reminded me of that. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11
      Not sure what GOd has planned for you but you have to know it is going to be good.

    • 255.10
      Kim says:

      Big Sister Here… Hang in there. God will provide all things in his time. This is really hard to believe in the waiting times. Especialy when you have little ones and the providing may involve them. Remember that God has you engraved in the palm of his hand. He sees, He knows and He loves you. Crying in front of your babies is okay. What an opportunity for you to share tidbits of why mommy is sad and then say lets pray about or find a scripture for situation.

    • 255.11
      Cynthia M Evans says:

      Big sister here… You are exactly right, HE will provide, somehow, someway, perhaps (usually) as you least expect it. I am praying for you now. My heaven break through to earth and pour provisions over you.


    • 255.12
      Linda says:

      To say, “Been there, done that,” doesn’t seem so encouraging. However, having the age and life experiences, I can attest that God’s Word is true. All the time! My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory! When our large family had no regular income for almost a year and some large medical bills, I realized that I was so fearful that I couldn’t ever trust an employer again. Praise God!! I now had the freedom to trust God completely to proved. God, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills will meet your need. Keep trusting!

    • 255.13
      Anne says:

      Big sister here. I would encourage you to find a church body to surround you and cover you in prayer. I know life’s ups and drones are oh so difficult and trying. I know the feeling of not knowing what tomorrow will bring. He is faithful, he does not change His mind, He will provide all your needs according to His riches and glory. Trust Him my little sister! He loves you so much and will carry you through this trying time. In the mean time read the Word every opportunity you gave. Let your children see you in it, let them see you crying out to the Lord and than they will also see His hand in it and it will build thier faith. I will be covering you in prayer sister! Love you!

  6. 256
    Amanda says:

    your little sister here… I was feeling like I was drowning in to do lists and burnout. Then may 31st comes and I fall flat on my back causing a compression fracture to my spine, so the beginning of my daughters summer vacation is spent with restrictions such as no lifting and bending . I have had to sleep on the couch its the only semi comfy spot. Okay my point is not to whine. My point is almost daily I feel defeated and useless . I cant even pick things up off the floor. I have to sit and watch my house be a mess. I procrastinate even about the small stuff that I can do! Sorry didn’t mean to ramble! With 100 degree weather I have this back brace to wear wrong season to hurt my back!

    • 256.1

      Big sister here… sweet Amanda, I am so sorry for your accident your pain and your limitations, especially with your daughter. Feeling defeated and uselss is no way to lie there… perk up baby sister… we are all flattened out at one time or another. As for housework, there is always tomorrow. As for meditating on the word.. there is always today. I know that back pain is excruciating. When I am going through something painful (emotional or physical) I just ask the Lord to show me what He wants me to learn. I daily ask Him for mercy and compassion and with a clear vision of what He wants to work out in me. Psalm 31:7-8 “I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my afflication and new the anguish of my soul. You have not handed me over to the enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place.” He knows exactly what you are going through.

    • 256.2
      Lorie says:

      Big sister here
      Amanda, I am so sorry that you hurt your back. I hurt my back in 2000 and had three small children. It is tough!!! I still can not bend. You may already know this tip, but get you one of the “extended arms”. It will help you when you need to pick up something from the floor. (Of course, make sure it is ok with your doctor) You can buy one at Wal-mart, or drug store.I can remember way back when I was so discouraged over my back issue. I had dropped something in the floor, and as I looked down with tears, God spoke, “My grace is sufficent”. Please hang in there. It will take time, but your back will improve. God will help you. I am praying that your heart will be encouraged. Get moving on the small things that you are procrastinating on. Small victories. Make your list and mark it off. Also, encourage your girls to do all that they can for you. They will learn to serve this summer. Again, please know that I am praying for you.

    • 256.3
      Donna Kuykendall says:

      Big sister here. I well know the feeling of helplessness when you cannot do what you want. In 2000 a squirrel ran up my leg when running from my dog, (true story) and in trying to shake him off, I fell and broke my right ankle. I was praying out loud for God’s help and managed to scoot back into the house and call for help. The thing that helped me during those 10 weeks of recovery is praising God for the gratitude that I had only broken my right ankle and not my right arm or hand. You will feel better, I promise, just keep your eyes on Him and praise His name.

    • 256.4
      Ernestine Summer Bonicelli says:

      Big Sister here, and I can so identify! I am 79 years old and there isn’t much I haven’t walked through. At this time, I am dealing with sleep sickness, fibromyalgia, both of which drain all my energy and the fm gives me pain to boot, and I daily fight sleeping all day or lying on the couch, helpless to get up and clean or do laundry or anything that needs to be done. The devil will do it every time – tell you that you are useless, give you depression, and tempt you to procrastinate. I am on the computer a lot due to lack of energy and strength and sometimes, when I do feel a little better, I stay on the computer instead of getting up and doing something. I pray continually for healing, but what I need most is to be content and joyful IN MY CIRCUMSTANCES. That is His will for all His children. He sends or allows different things to different people but the goal is the same – to conform us to the image of Christ. His will is for us to accept our circumstances with thanks and praise. Our joy is in Christ, not in what we have or haven’t, can or can’t do. I still struggle, but I have much more victory than I used to and for that I praise His holy name. Things will not ever be perfect on this earth, only in heaven will that be the case. Let Him comfort and encourage you and give you a longing to be there with Him (when the time is right in His plan). Find Scripture that speaks to your situation and read it and pray it. Above all, praise Him and thank Him for your salvation and the many blessings you do have. If you must, list them. GOD BLESS YOU AND HEAL YOU AND PROVIDE WHAT YOU NEED. Our way to victory is to reckon ourselves dead, and the Holy Spirit within to live the life of Christ through us. Glory to His name.

      • Beth says:

        Earnestine, I am so thankful you are a Siesta! We need you! Thank you for chiming in and also setting us a fabulous example.

      • Bec says:

        Thank you Ms. Ernestine for your wisdom! I LOVE what you had to say about reckoning ourselves dead & the Holy Spirit within to live the life through us. Prayers your way for restorative rest and energy!

    • 256.5
      Cindy Jones says:

      Bless your heart!
      Big Sister Says…
      My sweet grandmother once said, “Dust and dirt will be around forever, but your kids will be grown and gone.” I took this to heart. Some times God has to allow drastic things to get us still. I just came through 18 months and three surgeries with two of my kids, NOT FUN. The house was a mess, my nerves shot, I gave up everything I was doing to help them, and I still felt useless. It’s a lie that satan wants you to believe about yourself to steal precious time. Don’t let him.

      If I were you, this is what I would do. Teach your daughter what it takes to be a good homemaker. Let her do chores and reward her for them, depending on her age of course. There are many things you can do and not move from the coach. Here’s a few we learned during the 18 months…

      Card games, we learned several new card tricks
      Simple crafts, we learned how to crochet, braid bracelets, made bookmarks for the local library, (water color paper and spattered water colors on them, wrote a scripture on each)
      We made a family tree book by taking family pictures and coping them, pasting them inside a hardback journal. We talked about the things we did as kids and how different it was when I was growing up.
      We made sock puppets and pretended to be annoying celebrities, (ok, maybe that wasn’t very Christian)
      We made up our own stories by starting out with a classic and giving it a spin, (Little House on the Prairie was infested by Zombies), (ok, maybe that wasn’t very Christian either, I’m seeing a pattern here.)

      My point is, there’s nothing you can do about your situation other than get better. Make up your mind that you will have a good attitude, pray God will turn this bad summer into one your daughter will look back on as the best. Nothing is impossible with God, He can do that.

    • 256.6
      Cheryl says:

      Big sister here : be encouraged . God so loves you and is healing you . Trust him to make
      this season fruitful . Each day in am thank him and every evening write down the sailing blessings . When I was ill . I read to my kids from the couch ,we drew , we talked .. I listened
      to the birds , read , prayed , wrote people , laughed and did my bible study . As long as you spend daily time listening and engaging your daughter , she will be fine . She wants you well.
      But your love for her , like God’s love for you will overcome the obstacles . Praying
      for a quick and full recovery

    • 256.7
      Diane A says:

      Big Sister Here…been there — trapped in a body that doesn’t work. Here’s what I did—I looked at it from the perspective that God just gave me time off. So I used that time to get really, really close to Jesus. When nothing else works, use your words. Write (journal or write encouraging letters to others), read (dig into the Word and grow), speak (God’s promises to yourself, to others, to anyone who will listen), pray (hang out with Jesus — it’s your time with just you and Him!), teach, sing, praise. Use your words. Before you know it, you’ll be back in full health and you’ll miss the quiet time you had with Jesus. Enjoy, Siesta!! Enjoy! You’ve been given a gift of time.

    • 256.8
      Becca says:

      Also a little sister here, but I just wanted to send some encouragement your way that I feel your pain! (well, I don’t literally feel the compression fracture pain, but I get where you are coming from.) Due in part to spuratic back problems, a neurological disorder, and just plain being prone to getting sick more easily than some I seem to find myself hindered quite often… and I am a “doer” that suffers from the self-imposed illusion that control and doing equal usefulness and value. Quite honestly I have been guilty on more than one occasion of giving the enemy far too much credit for his hand in my persecution when it’s highly likely that many times God has orchestrated my situation to flat out bust my illusion for his greater glory: to gain a heart knowledge of his sovereignty, to understand my worth to him, and to “be still and know that he is God” (Heaven knows I might not be still otherwise!) I have to remind myself that even if obedience means being still for a season, stillness is doing. And disobeying is undoing, even if it’s through putting forth a lot of effort. Ok, so maybe all that doesnt apply to you quite like it applies to me, but try not to fall into the trap of feeling defeated. The truth is, it’s a whole lot easier for God’s glory to show when it’s obvious our own greatness didn’t accomplish something… you just may be in the perfect position to do/receive something victorious! So rock your stillness in that sweaty back brace 🙂 If nothing else, you are not alone. Prayers for quick healing.

    • 256.9
      DeeDee says:

      Big Sister~God has allowed you a time of refreshment, and restoration. Be still and listen for Him in this time. Maybe He is allowing you to be taken care of now. This is a time to read, study, listen to music. Instead of wrestling just nestle in and feel our Gods’s love and provision.

    • 256.10
      Cynthia M Evans says:

      May this be a time of healing and opportunity to pray for others while on your back.

    • 256.11
      Linda says:

      Believing God, Beth Moore’s Bilble study! That’s what God used to speak to me when I was flat on my back. Apparently God had so much to say to me that I needed to release my Mom duties that I wanted to do that summer, I had to humble myself to not do all those things that we seem to think must be done . . .by us . . Now. Tired, frustrated, discouraged, defeated – lying on my back, crying from the pain. And then God, who is a so much more God (Romans) used those weeks to pour through Beth into my spirit, speaking life and peace into me while healing physically. Use this precious time to cry out to Jesus.

    • 256.12
      Marney says:

      Big Sister here. Please be patient with yourself, give yourself time to heal. You are NOT useless by any means. You are going to heal, and be able to do things again. Take this time to pray, read your Bible, have some quiet time with the Lord. Enlist the help that you need, do not let your pride stand in the way. You are probably someone that helps everyone else. Give them the opportunity to minister to you.
      Father, we pray that you will hold Amanda very close, strengthen her, heal her. Help her use this time to focus on You, ease every pain, calm every fear. In Jesus’ name amen

    • 256.13
      Patti says:

      Big Sister here. Use this “down” time to dig deep into His Word. Three years ago I was recovering from surgery…home alone, two visitors in 6 weeks and could count phone calls from friends on one hand. We were without a church, family and friends……but the most blessed time in my 40+ years as a Christian. God met me in my time and ministered to me as I felt like then He had the opportunity to say “Can you hear ME now?” Commit yourself to reading your Bible, prayer and seeking Him. God Bless.

    • 256.14
      Anne says:

      Big sister here. I know how hard it is to suffer back pain. When my sons were 5 and 2 I had a horrible bout of psiatica. It was severe! I had no health insurance, my husband was working 3 jobs at the time, my 5 year old was attending a school 25 minutes from our home and the pain meds that I was finally able to get didn’t touch the pain! Did I ever feel under attack!!! I woke up one morning, rolled off my bed ont the floor and instead of just crying I cried out to Jesus. I asked him to take it all away but if that wasn’t his will to use it to shape me into a better mommy and wife. Guess what happened!!! I was miraculously changed! No, my pain was not taken away but my attitude was. I forgot about having the perfect home, I swallowed my pride and asked for help, I spent tons of time hanging out with my 2 year old and the Lord showed me creative ways of being with him. My sweet little sister I do not right this to condemn you. I write this to encourage you to find your joy even through this trying time. Do not let Satan defeat you!!! The Lord is going to carry you through! He has a plan in all of this! I look back on that time in my life now, not remembering the pain but thankful that God stopped me and gave me a time that I could focus on my little guy. I teasure those memories and if I had not been going through the pain and I was able to drive I know I would have been to busy to have built them. Praying for you little sister!

  7. 257
    Amber says:

    Your Little Sister here…

    I am pregnant, due two days ago. Getting pregnant was a sin but I know God created this baby girl (Jewell Grace) for His kingdom. Right now, I am not able to work and have no sick pay. I get 6 weeks of leave that begin when I have the baby and I will be paid partially for that. The baby’s daddy has disappeared and is not involved. I don’t have any clue on earth how I am going to afford childcare on my Starbucks barista income when I go back to work. Thankfully, I have a lot of support from friends and family emotionally and physically, but the income is the part where they can’t necessarily help. There are a million other things but I will follow Beth’s rules and leave it at that. Psalm 25 here I come! 🙂

    • 257.1
      MrsRitz says:

      You are absolutely right – every child is a gift. Every. Single. One. I am so glad that you are already viewing Jewell Grace in this way. I want to assure you that God loves her even more than you do now and He loves her even more than you ever will. He is not bringing her into the world to abandon her. Here are my questions for you:
      1 – Are you a part of a local church? If not, find a great one and fast, and do not be a wall flower there. Get involved. Serve. Open up and share your story. Allow the Body of Christ to do its work in your life.
      2 – Get a Devotional Book geared toward mothers and keep it at the ready. In the days ahead with a newborn consuming your body, mind, and emotions – you will need to feast on the Word any chance you get. Someone gave me a book called God’s Little Devotional Book for Moms when I was pregnant, and I found the short entries and the encouraging words to be just what I needed during those 3am feedings.
      3 – Pray without ceasing. Let your God be your provider and the provider for your baby girl and expect Him to come through for you as you yield your life to Him.
      I will be praying for you. I’d love to see a picture of you and Jewell Grace sometime so I can have a visual reminder as I pray. – [email protected]

    • 257.2
      Debra says:

      Big sister has seen God move in impossible situations and He ie more than able to provide for you and your wee one in any way He sees fit. Trust Him! He never leaves the righteous begging for bread.

    • 257.3

      24 years ago I was in your boat. While I cannot see the whole of your tomorrows… I can tell you this. My boat didn’t sink.. and yours won’t either… not with Jesus in it. You are not in this boat alone! Sweet girl… your baby is a blessing and a treasure who God planned and He is fully aware of the days ahead, the challenges… the tears and the many many joys you will experience in your dedication to being a committed momma. Congrats. The days ahead of you, journeyed with Jesus… He will light your path. He already has. Faith and obedience… that is what I can encourage. Just make it a decision to know that you know that you know that He is right there with you and His children never lose. You have already won in His precious name.

    • 257.4
      Ja says:

      Big sister here…I have been where you are Amber and I’m pretty sure I know the million other things you are feeling but didn’t post. I had my son out of wedlock and got bound down by guilt and shame for that for way to long. First, little sister, let that go. Our God is so amazing that He can make beautiful blessings out of the ugliest of circumstances. That little life you are carrying is His precious child and He knows everything about her already. Psalm 139:14 says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Say that out loud little sister – I AM fearfully and wonderfully made – YOUR works are wonderful! You are wonderful and beautiful to God and so is your little one.
      As for the financial and physical side, it is tough. Again, I’ve been there. God will provide but it is hard as a new mother to trust in that. Everything in society, from parenting books to commercials on tv, is set up to tell us that “real” mothers have it all together all the time. That is just lies from the evil one. My son is almost 14 now and I have learned only one thing as a single mother – I don’t know it all but I know God does. Trust in Him to direct your path – listen for His quiet whisper to tell you where to go next.
      When my son was 9 years old, God directed me to return to college to finish my degree and teach school. It has been the hardest 4 years of my life but I will be finished in a few months by God’s provision. The money just appeared for electric bills, groceries, gas, etc. more times than I can even imagine. I have learned so much in the last few years by stepping out on faith and following but the MOST important thing I have learned is that God loves this flawed, single mother. He has been faithful even when I have not! Praise Him!
      Little sister, don’t get caught up in the lies of the devil and think for even one minute that you are not worthy or are somehow less worthy of His love and grace because your pregnancy was a sin. If you have asked for forgiveness, God has long forgotten that sin(Psalms 103:12, As far as the East is from the West, so far has he removed our transgressions from us)and is now begging you to look at Him and trust Him in all things. He will give you rest, peace, comfort, and yes even material needs. He will place it upon the hearts of His people to help you when you need it. He has moved on from that sin, loves you, and is ready for a new day with you. When you think about it, what better parenting lesson is there than that?
      Little sister, let God hold you in His arms and breath into you as your beautiful little child enters this world. Let your daughter be a reminder of how awesome God’s power and love is…that even from what we think is a dark negative God creates a gorgeous picture!
      I am praying this for you tonight:
      “Father, teach Amber to trust that You know what’s best for her and that You are holding her and her daughter in the palm of Your hand. Thank You for the peace that passes all understanding – the peace that knows her future is safe with You.” Amen.
      Many blessings to you as you begin this exciting new chapter in your life, little sister! 🙂

    • 257.5

      big sister here, age 53

      My heart is so tender for you little one. the LORD is your husband! I remember being pregnant with my first baby and our lives were falling apart. I remember crying to the LORD and telling him how weak and vulnerable I felt. We were in such a storm. I remember feeling the LORDs loving presence all around me. I was helpless and he knew it. and he comforted me. the LORD was so faithful, and he supplied all our needs. He longs to shower you with love and comfort. he will deliver you and care for you and protect your little baby. YOU are a family.
      And memorize Psalm 25. I did. it’s an amazing thing to burn into your head.

    • 257.6
      Kelly says:

      Sweet Amber,
      Your big sister here. My baby born out of wedlock is now 20. I want you to know that God is faithful above and beyond anything I could have imagined. He will be to you as well; He never changes. You are walking in obedience in giving life to Baby Jewell and providing for her, not to mention scripture memory, which is life and health. Motherhood is the most amazing journey. I pray for His provision for you in every way. You can do this!!:)))

    • 257.7
      Paige says:

      Big sister here…havent been through it but remember a time in my life when God literally gave me the thought that He had saved me bc He had great things planned for my kids…tomorrow my 16 year old daughter leaves on a mission trip to Costa Rica. Praying for you and a safe birth!

    • 257.8
      Delaine says:

      Big sister here:

      Though conceived in sin, that baby is precious in the eyes of God. This is no surprise for Him. Jewell Grace has a destiny already planned out by God. Bless you for choosing to give life and not take it. “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 4:19. God will meet your physical and financial needs. That’s who He is. That’s His nature. Believe it and hold fast to that truth. Bless you my sister in Christ!

    • 257.9
      karen lipford says:

      i was right in your shoes 18 years ago. there IS hope in the LORD when we follow Him! continue to follow His path and DO NOT lean to YOUR own understanding. bills will be paid, life will be taken care of if you just let Jesus take control. i went from dropping out of college with an hourly job to working a full time position (God’s provision) and then bought a house and then got married and continued to grow my family. now have been a stay at home mom for 12 years. God DOES have a plan for you and your sweet baby!!! don’t be afraid to ask for help. PLUG IN TO CHURCH and never let go!!! raise that baby to love Jesus.

    • 257.10
      Tiffany Mattson says:

      sweet young mommy to be, My own mom use to tell me after my dad had taken off to “greener pastures”. God is Father to the Fatherless. So most of my life I have tugged on My Heavenly Fathers hand . Tough times are inevitable, A Nurse at the hospital were my son was born gave me great advice about being a good mom, “Keep your sence of humor”
      Heavenly Father, you know this prescious girl, and her mommy, you know what this mommy needs I pray in Jesus name that you Provide for her above and beyond what she needs. I Pray you Bind this Family keep them safe, and strengthen them, Bind the absentee father my Lord, In Jesus name, I pray he feels remourse for his actions and returns to help support this child as a real man needs to. If not the two together then in agreement as two seperate parents to do what is right on behalf of this prescious baby who will be here soon. I pray over her family that they remain close to a Church family to raise the child up in Your House In Jesus name I pray Amen

    • 257.11
      Andrea says:

      Amber – Since I am 37 I think I am technically still a little sister (LOVE THAT!!!), but I wanted to encourage you. My husband and I let a young lady in your same shoes live with us a few years back. 8 years later, she is still trusting in Jesus. She will be getting married in a few months, and God has continued to provide for her and her children. It took a while to get completely on her feet, but God was and continues to be FAITHFUL. I know he will be faithful to you, too. Please use her story to help you know that someone has been there and is making it to the other side. 🙂

    • 257.12
      Kim says:

      Big Sister Here…. Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing your life with us. Isaiah 40:11b says he gently leads those that have young. (NIV) God sees you right where you are now. Pray that He will open the doors for your finances. He promised to supply our every need. Congratulations on your sweet baby Jewell.

    • 257.13
      aussie monica says:

      Amber, your baby is no sin! She is fearfully and wonderfully made! God will provide!!

    • 257.14
      Kelly says:

      Big Sister here:

      We only have THIS day in front of us. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Make a list of praises for today only…Give thanks “today”. Tomorrow will have it’s own troubles, don’t borrow unwanted troubles from tomorrow. God will not forsake you. I promise!

      When we run ahead of God, we fall into worry, sin, etc….fretting will only cause you harm….

    • 257.15
      Audli says:

      Big sister here…all i know is that our Dad has you in His sights. He alone knows your every need and He alone is able and willing to care for you and your child. Phillipians 4:6-7 tells us to be anxious for nothing–no thing–and take everything to our heavenly Dad, thanking Him all the way and then peace will take anxiety’s place and will guard our hearts and minds in Jesus. It’s a daily/hourly act of worship — trusting the One who knows us best and loves us most!! Keep pressin’ on.

    • 257.16
      lynn says:

      Big sister here, 28 years ago I was in your shoes, new baby, 20 dollars, 5lbs of peanut butter, a baby bed and a precious new baby. That was pretty much it. God did provide, we never went without he was there everystep. God’s got this and so much more in your life. Praise Him, and thank him Jesus is the best Husband and provider there is.

    • 257.17
      Marney says:

      Dear Little Sister
      Your Big Sister Marney here. God love you and your precious baby so much. We all can make mistakes. Our family has great grand baby on the way. My grandson is 19 and the mother is 18, they are not married. They are being urged to get an abortion, but they will not.
      Father, we pray that you will give her a healthy baby and safe delivery. Lord, we know that you are making a way for them,for everything that they need. Thank you Father for Jewell Grace, we pray that she will be a might woman of God, just as you are teaching her Mom to be a mighty woman of God. In Jesus’ name amen

    • 257.18
      Big Sister says:

      Beautiful Amber,
      Thank you for choosing to give your baby life! I am praying for you right now, and ask you to cast your cares on the One and Only! There is a lot out of your control right now, but it’s not hopeless! Please look for churches in your area that have a crisis pregnancy ministry. You and your Jewell will be fine. I’ll continue to pray for you!

  8. 258
    Jessica says:

    Little sister here feeling both discouraged and hopeful. Big decisions on the horizon and NEEDING God’s clear direction.

    • 258.1
      Lillian says:

      Big sister here—I’m praying that God will encompass you in His love and that you will know what He wants you to do. Lord, You know how Jessica loves you and You know that she wants to do Your will in all she does. Lord, we’re asking that You will just give her Your peace, that You will give her the gift of your discernment–that she will know what she needs to do and she will make the right choices in these decisions she has to make. Thank you, Lord, for loving us, thank You for the assurance that You care so much about us that You care about the choices we have to make that may seem small, but are big to us. Watch over Jessica, and help her to become the woman You created her to be. We love You, Lord, help us. Amen.

    • 258.2
      Patty says:

      Jess: Big Sister here…just be patient. Yes, we’ve all heard that but God does answer prayers in His own time whether we like it or not. Just praying for you here right now that you will have the patient’s to hang in there until he answers your prayer.

    • 258.3
      cindy Jones says:

      Big Sisters says…

      It’s ok to give yourself the freedom to fail. That’s how I approach big decisions. I remember laying facedown on my kitchen floor begging God to give me an answer, only I didn’t like his answer. But I followed through and it has become the biggest blessing of my life.

      I also remember making a huge mistake and thinking, “This will never be O.K.” But it was. The thing that I’ve learned is our hits or misses aren’t nearly as important as putting God first.

      You’re seeking him, you’re wanting his will, no matter what, you’re praying… God will show you. If it does not work out the way you thought would be best, you can rest in his providence. He will turn it out for your good.

    • 258.4
      Cynthia says:

      May God give you light to your feet (remember to step forward when you receive a light bit of light – don’t wait for a spotlight), faith will reveal more light.

    • 258.5
      Marney says:

      Dear Little Sister
      I have felt that way too. God has wonderful plans for you. Stepping out into his will can feel scary and thrilling at the same time. A season of great adventure, blessing and growth.
      Father, we pray that you will help her hold on tight, jump into your arms and let you take her where you want her to go. We pray that you will give her clear direction, give her favor and open doors. In Jesus’ name amen
      Your Big Sister Marney

  9. 259
    Heather says:

    Your little sister here:
    I am a control freak and know that the Lord is breaking every ounce of that in me and showing me that my life is better in His hands. I was living a super comfy life…teaching middle school, volunteering at church, living close to family. Then, a little over a year ago, God shook all that up by moving me to a new city and opening the door to work in full-time ministry. This has been such a stretching process as I am beginning to realize that this move is way more about me looking more like Jesus than me doing anything for my church. And the Enemy doesn’t seem to be happy about any of that because he has upped his game and thrown an onslaught of attacks my way…including doubting my calling, struggling to find my identity as a woman in ministry. Even though I find myself closer to Jesus than ever before, I feel like every day is just another battle and fight.

    • 259.1
      Jeannine says:

      Big sister here: He is God and I am not!!

    • 259.2
      Jane says:

      Big Sister here:

      To my younger sister: As one who worked in a church for about ten years, let me encourage you that your first calling and identity is as a daughter of the King. Everything else is just an extension of that. Bask in His word and in His presence, then everything else will unfold as He leads you. May His peace be with you.

    • 259.3
      Cindy Jones says:

      Big Sister Says…
      I was a control freak too, I’m 43 and still battle the impulses everyday. I’ve learned that the need to control comes from the fear to trust. If you come from a past of abuse, neglect, abandonment, uninvolved parents, and so on, guess what, you are a prime candidate for being a control freak.

      Now that you know that give yourself a break. To get rid of the doubts you have to know that God loves you as you are, if you never do another right thing ever. He loved you and others at their worst, in their unbelief. And that, little sister, is the root of your problem. You need to believe that, don’t get into the belief that you must earn your way to God’s approval. You can rest that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing if you only love God. You don’t have to do another thing for his approval. Your life isn’t about doing, it’s about being and you’re already there. You’re a child of God, end of story, close the book, it’s all done, you’re the cupcake.

      Anything else you do in life is only the icing.

    • 259.4
      Anne says:

      Big sister here!
      Sweet little sister, the Lord is going to be right there with you in the raising of your baby girl. The riches he is going to pour over you will be in abundance!!! 16 years ago my sister was in your exact situation. The Lord provided for her and my niece in an amazing and abundant way as only the Lord can. He loves you and your sweet baby girl more than you can even fathom! Jeremiah 29:11 would be an awesome verse for you to pray over you and your precious ones lives. He has a purpose and a plan. Praying along with all your other big sisters! Love you and Jewell Grace. Anne

  10. 260
    Iris says:

    Big Sister here:
    So many issues little sisters, so many issues. “Coma all who are heavy burdened and weary and I will give you rest.” (That is the gist of it). Our Lord loves every single one of you, you are the Apple of His eye and there is a scripture that says when the apple of His eye is hurt He rises up. Some time just reading the word is a challenge all by it’s self. We want it to be deeper more meaningful less dry, then suddenly boom we read the same passage 2 months later and we wonder why it suddenly settles in our aching hearts. I have no reasonable explanation for any of that or any of the suffering written out here, I just know God is God and we are not. I also know that as we confess and speak out our struggles they hold less power over us and the enemy can’t use them to smash away at our already weak beings, keeping us ashamed and in the bowels of his dark plans and will… So continue to speak them out and then claim God’s power over your life, it may seem endless, it may seem pointless, it may even seem useless, but it is important and it works. God is not up in heaven wringing His mighty Holy hands in worry muttering, “oh dear, oh dear oh Dear…” nor is He smacking that radiant forehead saying aloud “Oh my goodness I wasn’t expecting this, what now?” No, He is calling out to our hearts minds and spirit man, He is angry for us and He is aware how we all feel,no little sisters He is standing there yelling for us to get up keep calling out to Him and His son Jesus he is encouraging us either with words directly spoken to us from some one with skin on, or into our holy spirit deposit or through that well proven word He divinely inspired people with skin on to write out for us to have in our hands when we couldn’t touch Him.
    This big sister is of little consequence to any of you really, but she has some life behind her (Literally as well as figuratively) and she promises it will change and He is faithful and He is carefully guarding the “Apple of His eye.” God’s love to each of you from my heart to yours.

    • 260.1
      Natalie says:

      Iris big sister, thank you from hearing for the Lord. This spoke volumes to me! Little sis, Natalie

  11. 261
    Freddi says:

    Big sister here, 58 year old pastors wife, mom, grams, nurse. I too am amazed how we big sisters aren’t quick to respond. Little sisters, we’ve been there, and sometimes it’s hard to remember the bittersweet details of 24/7 life. It does pass quickly, but what you need to hear today is this. God sees, hears, feels, hurts every pain, every joy. But mostly He is there in your midst. Talk to Him, seek out a big sister, unfortunately most won’t reach out on our own. Big Sisters, make yourself AVAILABLE!

    • 261.1
      Manda says:

      What are you supposed to do when you do not have any big sisters to reach out too? I want to badly, but no one wants to ‘deal’ with me… So I bottle everything up and just wait for the day I break and relapse to all the bad coping habits and addictions I’m still barely getting over…..

    • 261.2
      Suey Caldwell says:

      Hi Freddie said it best.God sees everyone and everything.

      Big Sister Suey here. I was always the little sister but we
      grow up only in Jesus Jesus power and Holy Bible.

      A pastor used to tell me, Holy BIble, Holy Tithe, Holy
      Day(Sunday) Holy Marriage,think Holy.
      Mark 9:29 only some spirits leave through prayer and fasting. hope this is clear little sister.

  12. 262
    S... says:

    I know this is so cliche but, I really needed to read this blog today. I was going to tell my husband that I was leaving when he got home in an hour. I realized that I never considered talking to my friend who has been married longer than I’ve been alive. I’m about to send her a to-the-point email and set up a time to meet with her. Thank you Mrs. Beth.

    I was struggling silently with a smile on my face saying one of the biggest church lies, “I’m OK” whenever I’m asked how I am. Again, thank you so much!

    • 262.1
      S... says:

      By the way, I’m a little sister.

    • 262.2
      Patty says:

      Yes! You no longer struggle in silence and that’s wonderful. Pray that all goes well for you.

    • 262.3
      margaret says:

      big sister here: i want to tell the little sis who almost told her husband that she’s leaving that it really can get better!!! i’ve been to that point a couple of times in our marriage and we worked on it and did a few marriage retreats (family life, and marriage encounter) both really work pretty nicely… but i just wanted to say that you can be at the very end…or what seems like it’s definitely the very end..and God can resurrect it. he really can. he’s done it for us a couple of times and we just had our 24th anniversary. i remember one time just praying myself for god to help us bc we just couldn’t fix it on our was like my last ditch effort- i finally asked god for help…i know how you feel!! it can get better!! i’ll be praying for you!!! i’m in nj…praying for you…just remember that!

      • S... says:

        Ms. Margaret, thank you. It really helps to know that others have walked in the same places. I know deep down that it can get better but sometimes I just can’t see it and I don’t know what to do.

        My brother told me a few weeks ago (we were just having our Bible chats) that it’s one thing to have faith in God but it is another to trust Him with our life. I was so sure at that moment that I trusted God but now I don’t know.

        I do but my actions are not looking that way.

        Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I really need it.

    • 262.4
      A says:

      Oh sweet girl, I have been in your shoes! I can’t tell you how many times I put on “the face” and said “Everything is great! We’re fine!” all because my husband didn’t want anyone in the church to know we were struggling. FIND YOURSELF A MENTOR IN THE CHURCH! I’m not saying to bash your husband and air all of the dirty laundry. But you do need someone who will listen to you, pray with you, and guide you. I also suggest going to a Christian marriage counselor. And as the Mamma Sista has directed you get in the Word and PRAY PRAY PRAY. Miracles do happen, broken hearts can be made new…That’s what FAITH can do!
      I will be praying for you!

      • S... says:

        Ms. A, thank you!

        I do have a mentor. But I was a bit ashamed to go to her because we help younger couples and they just rave about us. They think we are doing so good and have it all together. Helping others has helped a lot but I was suffering in silence.

        I learned from another seasoned wife never to speak ill of my husband. I think that is another reason I haven’t asked for help. I don’t want to change how someone else looks at him.

        However, I contacted my mentor. As I mentioned, she has been married longer than I have been living. She will probably ask why I waited so long…

        Again, thank you for reaching out to me.

    • 262.5
      Cynthia says:

      Praise God for His timing!!!!!!!!!! Allow your friend to be there for you. Draw close to God. God will be your husband as He works in your husband’s life. Maybe read Hosea? We are praying for you!!

      • S... says:

        Ms. Cynthia, I am so moved with emotion. Once I read your post all of the lessons and reading I’ve done in Hosea have come flooding to memory. Thank you. The Lord is rally using every one of you in my life this weekend.

        Thank you so much for your post.

      • S... says:

        Ms. Cynthia, I am so moved with emotion. Once I read your post all of the lessons and reading I’ve done in Hosea have come flooding to memory. Thank you. The Lord is rally using every one of you in my life this weekend.

    • 262.6
      Vicki says:

      Little Sister, Satan wants nothing more than to rip your marriage apart. I know, I’m also fighting for mine. With everything you are, claim victory – speak victory over your marriage. Rebuke all of Satan’s ploys and ask the angels to rise up on your behalf and protect your home and your husband. Pray that God will give you His eyes. I don’t know your situation, but I will testify that when my husband was acting outside of our marriage and appeared to be successful and confident, God allowed me to see a very broken, hurting, lost person and have compassion to fight for his soul and my rights in my home and marriage. Instead of anger, He gave me mercy. Instead of hate, He gave me love and the strength to pray for my husband and KNOW that Jesus is bigger than my situation.
      I encourage you Little Sisters, to pray continuously, even when you just can’t think of any more to pray. THY WILL be DONE, in Jesus Name! And then take each day moment by moment knowing God is working. It’s not about us – it’s about God’s Glory. Hard stuff – but Truth. Much love and blessings upon you and your husband and your marriage.

      • S... says:

        “Instead of anger, He gave me mercy. Instead of hate, He gave me love and the strength to pray for my husband and KNOW that Jesus is bigger than my situation.”

        I will carry this with me. I keep thinking about God’s mercy but it’s so hard sometimes. I was even coming down on myself for not being more forgiving and merciful. We were talking about keeping record of wrongs… It’s so hard to let go.

        Thank you. I really needed this. I was literally 30 minutes away from telling him I would be leaving. Ms. Beth tweeted the blog and for some reason I decided to read it. My heart was turned by the second paragraph.

        Thank you…

  13. 263
    Iris says:

    opps Come not coma, yes yes I was alert when I typed that just not attentive to my spelling, sheepish sorry to you all.

  14. 264
    Lissy_Lou says:

    Little sister here,
    32 years young (I’m trying a positive spin) & I just desperately need a freaking break! My 20’s were one trial after another & my 30’s haven’t been much better. As a big sister spare me the “answers that sound like Jesus” & just be like Him. Invite me over, help me find a job, hug the stuffin’ out of me, love on me. Don’t tell me it will be okay right now bc I can’t hear that. What I can hear is “I’m here for you” “I’m coming over to pray for you” “Let me take you out for coffee, a movie or lunch” or how about meeting my physical need: gas, $ for rent & bills, food. Don’t just say, DO for crying out loud.
    I love my big sisters but if I hear another trite saying, without the action of love behind it, I’m going to scream.

    • 264.1
      S... says:

      Lissy, I too am a little sister and I can totally relate to you. Sometimes the best way to help is to be quiet and cry with someone. It is also important to ensure the basic needs are met. As the Bible states, saying be warm and not helping me find a coat or shelter is ridiculous.

      So, here’s a hug and, if you would like to chat via email, I can send that to you.

    • 264.2
      yanna westmoreland says:

      Lissy Lou I think your little sister post has a big sister maturity. You are so right we all need big and little to be a church made of the people who are Acts people doing. Nehemiah study chapter 3 working together rebuilding walls of our hearts “next to her”. I hugged a stranger in the grocery store who was at her wits end with three fussing kids fighting over who git to hold grocery cart steering wheel. The look on the kids faces was priceless the relief on hers was worth the should I…I then calmed the kids down gave them a plan for taking turns.

    • 264.3
      Lillian says:

      big sister here. . .I’m sorry that I don’t know where you live and that I can’t come over and bring you dinner right now. But, (and that is the important word, because the truth is following it!), I can pray for you. Lord, please touch the heart of some Big Sister who is close to Lissy_Lou and show her how to help. Lord, open the doors for Lissy_Lou and give her Your Peace–show her Your Power and take care of her needs. We love You, Father, and know You are in control! Amen.

    • 264.4
      Becky says:

      Hi Lissy. I don’t know if anyone replied to you but I felt compelled to reach out to you. I don’t want to ask you personal info but I do want to find out what area you live in? Maybe there’s a church in your area that you can find someone to confide in. Sometimes it just helps to have someone to talk to & unload your “stuff” on. I will listen if you don’t have someone to talk to & of course, I’ll pray for you. Reply if you want to chat & either way, I’ll be praying for you. Your sister in Christ, Becky

    • 264.5
      Cindy Jones says:

      Big Sister says…

      Amen! Know how you feel. When I moved two years ago, my good christian friends let me down big time. I felt like no one cared and all that I had invested in our friendship, church, etc was for nothing. I felt alone and I was angry!

      So all I did was yell at God for a couple of months, yell at my husband, yell at my kids. I thought I was justified in my anger, but it didn’t help at all.

      My new neighbor, a complete stranger, came over with a huge pan of homemade brownies. That same neighbor came and got me when my car broke down, not once or twice but 5 times. She has been a gift from God and taught me so much about how to BE christian.

      I’m about to move again, I’ve only been here two years and I’m scared. My kids will all be in college, I’ve never been without my kids. My husband wii be busy with his work and getting his PhD. I won’t know a soul, again. But this time I’ve learned a few things that I’m going to put into practice.

      You’re right. We talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. I hope things get better for you, wished I were closer. I would make you a huge platter of homemade brownies!

    • 264.6
      Jennifer T says:

      Big Sister Here,
      44 yrs young! Lissy_Lou. Where do you live?

    • 264.7
      Kim says:

      Big Sister Here….Lissy Lou, I don’t know you but I will pray for you. If I was standing next to you I would give you a great big hug. I would tell you that it is okay not to want to hear all the trite comments. I would tell you that God loves you dearly. I would also tell you that God has you engraved on the palm of his hands and your wall (ways) are ever before him Isaiah 49:16. Then I would hug you again.:)

    • 264.8
      Mary says:

      I hear you, Lissy Lou, and applaud your honesty and courage. As your big sister, I wish I could hug the stuffin’ out of you, take you for lunch or fill your car with gas. Since I can’t do that from here, I’m going to pray for you and pray that someone in your life hears your cry for face-to-face comfort.

      My plea to other big sisters: let this brave young woman be the voice for other little sisters who may be dying to ask for a hug, or a helping hand, but whose mouths are silenced by the enemy telling them that they are not worthy, or that no one really cares. WE DO.

    • 264.9
      Linda says:

      My dear, sweet sister, my heart is aching for you. I hear your pain and will pray for you!!!! Do you live anywhere close to me? If I knew you did, I’d take your babies to the park for the day or to my house so you could sleep, clean, shop without little hands, whatever. I’d bring you dinner and make sure that it’s more than enough for one meal. I’d make sure that our church could find a way to help you through the tough times. If we’re not in the same city, can you share enough that someone in your city can hear this and reach out physically to you?

  15. 265
    Sue says:

    Big sister here says to all little sisters please do not give up. Your hope and strength and life is totally in the Lord. He loves you more than we can describe and He is with you no matter what! I am 69 and I have lived through a lot of storms. I can assure you that He has been right be side me all the way. He promised never to leave us! “Because of the LORD’S great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.” (Lamentations 3:22-24 NIV)
    I know each one of you feel bombarded by satan with troubles in your life, but you must take “one day at a time”, and trust that He will give you just what you need to make it through the day. Only God knows what we have to face each day and He will provide everything for us to make it! Stay focused on Him and His Word. Know that He loves you greatly! I am praying for all little sisters that you feel strength from the Lord and His provision. I love you too.

  16. 266
    Julie Jamison says:

    your big sister here.
    Praying for you and your family deeply. you will be in my daily prayer. I Know God has a plan for you hun stay strong carry on and stay in your word. Fill your time with God Good sister who will lift you up, church family that loves you and will pray for you through this. Be in his word and he will show you the way to go. Most of all know all your sisters on here will be praying for you daily. May you be lifted up and feel the love my dear little sister.

  17. 267
    Jennifer says:

    Little Sister here. My husband and I have three beautiful children and both work full time jobs. It is exhausting taking care of children, a home, husband, parents, working a fulltime job, being an active member of church (I am on 7 committees, a deacon, and codirector of our sunday school). We also struggle making ends meet since neither my husband or myself have had a raise in many years due to the economy. I am truly blessed though a little overwhelmed. : )

    • 267.1
      cindy Jones says:

      Big Sister says…

      As the queen of volunteer, committees, soccer mom, football mom, team whatever mom, a bit of advice I wished someone would have given me when I was in my 30’s.

      STOP! Pause…

      Let it go for a while. Let all the volunteer stuff go for a while. Spend time alone with your kids. Spend some quality time alone, not with kids, alone with your husband. There will come a Time, when you will have all the Time in the world to do all those things.

    • 267.2
      Cathy says:

      Big Sister here. Been there done that. Getting off the committees will be hard, but youn need to scale back and focus on your family. The church people may condemn you, you may even have to find a new church where you can sit in the back and worship, but for this season, you have a ministry right there in your own home. Love on your kids, know you are investing in the future. Rest, take care of yourself. For this season, focus on your family. There will be time for committees later on. Sorry to be so blunt, but I wish someone had told me this before I got close to crashing and burning when I was your age and trying to do it all. God loves you for who you are in Him not for what you do. Praying and loving.

    • 267.3
      Patti says:

      Big Sister here. You need to learn to say”NO”. Put your family before all the church business, slow down and breathe girlfriend.

      • Vicki says:

        Big Sister here – please pray about what your true ministry is. Although you may have a passion for church leadership, your kids will grow up SO FAST and before you know it out of the house. At that time, go for it. Get involved as much as you desire in church leadership. But for now, God may be wanting you to say “no” to committees and be served in this season so you can focus on serving your husband and family. And for your marriage’s sake, Keep your husband #2. God #1. Our kids #3. The BEST thing we can do for our children is make time for our husbands! Love their DAD!

    • 267.4
      Charlene says:

      Big Sister here, Try to concentrate on your family and let the others who have less on their plate take on the committees. I love being on church committees and serving anyway I can, but with a very active teenager, who is in a wheelchair, a full time job, house and husband, there was just no way.
      Now I understand my limits and know that I am where God wants me to be. Never did I fool myself and try to be the “superwomen” my sister were struggling with. God loves me when I focus on my home and my daughter, so I have learned to love myself as her mother and his wife. Everything else will just have to be on someones else shoulders. It’s OK not to be “superwomen.”!!!!

  18. 268
    Alexis says:

    Your little sister here: My husband and I live with my father whom is very sick with ALS disease. We have been married a little over two years and my dad has been sick about two years. We move in to help soon after we got married. I take care of my dad, take care of his work, mange my work, and try to get help from my sisters and others. My husband is a lifesaver but it’s all very hard. My dad can not move, but his brain is 100% in tack. Seeing if any older sisters have dealt with something similar and any advice you can share? The future is very unsure and I worry what happens after my dad is not with us since our lives circle around him.

    • 268.1
      Kim Woods says:

      Hello Alexis, I’m a little sister also (35) but I had to respond because my mom had ALS. I understand and I’m so sorry. I pray for your dad’s complete peace and that he feels God’s presence around him.

      It’s been 4 years and I can say now that even though I can’t explain why my mom had to have it, I do know that he was there with her through it and she is healed now!! When my mom got ALS I was not strong in my faith, though I was a christian but I just didn’t know. I didn’t know a lot about God’s word and that I could use His word. I have learned so much since and I would have filled her with scripture all about God’s promises and who He is and how he is going to come back and fix everything. (I’m thankful that she knew it)I would have sang to her and filled her with everything that was from Him. I would have prayed with her. I am happy to know that He was with her always:) So my advice is do all these things and more.

      I did the daniel bible study recently and there was so much in their that I would have loved to know not only for me but for my mom. It was incredible. Also believing God really helped me through some times along with God’s word. You can also listen to some of her teachings on her living proof website. If you haven’t heard any of them they are so encouraging and there are so many topics to choose from. I have spent many nights going to sleep listening to her teachings. Pray that God will lead you to the right book or study. He will lead you. Also speak His word aloud when you are feeling overwhelmed, confused or discouraged. I memorized several that I would speak over and over. I hope this helps.

      Lord I pray for Alexis, her dad and her family. For your peace that passes all our understanding Lord. I pray for encouragement and a stillness inside them Lord. Complete stillness and peace. I pray Lord that you will bring comfort to her dad and people to help them Lord. Bring them lots of help Lord. I pray that Alexis will know how strong she is in you Lord, she is your child and your word says that You will never leave us or forsake us and you are always there. Remind her of that Lord. In jesus name I pray, Amen

      One thing Beth said in the believing God bible study that stuck with me is that God is praying for us the Whole time.

      How lovely, how great is HE.

    • 268.2
      Paige says:

      Big Sister here. Alexis, my dad died of something similar. He did not live with us, but it is a huge burden to take care of someone that dependent. I can tell you it eased my mind to read to him and share my faith. I did not know if he was a believer but I am calm now in knowing that I shared my faith. I pray that he is in the presence of Jesus now and it is so comforting to know that he may be.
      Try to be patient and know that God has put you in a very important place. You are working for His glory. How blessed your family is to have you and your husband to help. I will pray for you right now.

    • 268.3
      Naomi says:

      Hi Alexis: My mother suffered with ALS for five years and she lived with me also for a while. It was hard to see her in that state. It was very hard to take care of her by myself, being married, a full time job and two little babies. The deterioration of her health was too much to bear knowing that her abilities were not the same any longer but her brain was 100% intact like you said. This is a hard, hard thing to go through. I asked God many times to heal her but He chose not to.

      My whole family was in another country, so the responsibility fell on me alone. You can only imagine the weight, but I felt it, so I understand yours.
      God faithfully allowed my dad and a sister to travel here to care for her at my home. These were times that seemed as if I could not bear them, but I did. I experienced the Lord’s faithfulness and provision in so many ways. Be assured little sister that He is working everything out in your life too. You will see the mighty hand of God working out things in your life and those around you in ways you can’t even imagine. Even in your dad as he goes through this difficult time. Ephesians 1:20 says: “In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.” He works out everything the Bible says.

      When things seem out of place and you are losing heart, think of this: “He is working out everything in your life.” One day you will look back to this situation and hold in your hands the gold that was meant for you to have while you were under this trial.

      You can contact me at any time if you need to talk to someone. I will be there to pray with you [email protected] or [email protected].

      • Alexis says:

        Kim, Paige, and Naomi,

        I can not thank you enough for your words of encouragement, they are real and what I need to hear. It is very comforting to hear from each of you. Naomi, I will e-mail you. Thank you for your prayers, please keep them coming. I too with pray for each one of you. I am so grateful for your words of wisdom.


  19. 269
    Nicole says:

    Little Sister here . . . Im in a state of being overwhelmed every second of the day. I have been married for 17 years and a mother to 4 amazing kids. My marriage has never been what I feel God wants it to be. I have alot of fear, insecurity and resentment towards him but want desperately to have what I know God has designed for us. I adore my children yet I seem to walk around yelling, crying and feeling like I want to give up. I am usually so organized and on task and yet lately I cant seem to put together a sentence. I love Jesus with everything in me but I cant seem to open my Bible without crying and wanting to run and hide. Thank you Beth for allowing me to ask for prayer. I feel like I have no one to talk to or maybe Im just scared to say I need help.

    • 269.1
      Julie says:

      Big Sister here…Nicole, we should talk. I was you a few years back. Now, married nearly 21 years. Our four children amaze me EVERY day and my husband totally rocks. But, a few years ago, he didn’t…and my children were an afterthought.

      Look me up via our ministry website Fireside Family Ministries. Praying for you and would welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

    • 269.2
      Amy says:

      Your Big Sister Here, I have such a similar story. Spent most of the years of my marriage and motherhood looking for the nearest Exit. Prayed, prayed, and prayed. But still waiting and hoping for all the cirumstances of my life to change so I would know peace. Finally it was.the LORD saying, “Amy, choose to love them. Choose to love them right where they are, with all their.sin, annoyances, irritating habits, ungratefulness, whining, and even when they don’t back. Just.choose to love them because that is what I have done for you.” Ever since that miraculous moment I make that choice numerous times a day. I now know true peace, with my LORD, and with my crazy mixed up somewhat messed up family.

    • 269.3
      Lillian says:

      Big sister here. . .Lord, please comfort Jessica. You know what she needs, and we’re asking, Father, that You please just give her a sense of Your peace. Lord, touch her heart for You and show her how to get the things done she needs to. Lord, show her the way to a friend who can pray with her. Thank you for Nicole, O, Lord, for how she is working for You. Please give her Your peace. Amen.

    • 269.4
      aussie monica says:

      Hey Nicole, me too! Hang in there, dear sister!

    • 269.5
      Audra says:

      Another little sister here. I could have written this word for word.Nothing encouraging to say except that you’re not alone in this.

  20. 270
    Heather B. says:

    Little sister here…oh gosh, feeling like I’m a few months out of that kind of season that Beth was talking about. I know God has pruned my tree back big time, and now my current struggle is living out who God wants me to be NOW. Did the James study this Spring and it wrecked me for living life the old way. I’m a 33 yr old with 3 kiddos 2-10 and being disciplined to stay in step with Him is a challenge. In constant battle with my spirit and my flesh. I so desperately want to be the best ME he created me to be. (don’t get me started on my comparison issues) Ok I will stop now 🙂 Great post idea Beth, thank you!

  21. 271
    Andrea says:

    Little Sister Here… I’ve been praying for direction in my career for months and feel as though I have no clarity. I desire for a new job and am hopeful that I can make a switch in my career quickly! I know that He has ordained my steps and I just wish I knew where He is leading me next. I am going to begin memorizing Psalm 25 tonight. Thank you so much!

    • 271.1
      Angela says:

      Big Sister here…Andrea,stay steady. God is not an unkind God who wants to leave us in the dark. Sometimes His silence is bidding us to wait on His timing. If you are praying, seeking His face, then continue to wait, while praying and watching. Ask Him to give you wisdom and a peace when the timing is right. He is faithful!

    • 271.2
      Kim says:

      Big Sister Here…The waiting is so hard but so necessary to prepare all who are involved in the job change if that is what God desires. God is working with you at point A and working with others at points B and C to bring his perfect plan together for your life. I have learned over the years when I don’t have God’s clear direction I don’t move. I just keep praying, begging God to open up doors for me to move. The hardest thing to do is be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; Psalm 37:7

  22. 272
    Melanie says:

    Your Little Sister Here,
    I’ve been in a season of hurt for what seems like forever. I’ve been emotionally, verbally, and sexually abused. Trying to cope with the pain, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts for 10 years now. During the past year I’ve had to quit my job to get help for my eating disorder and have been hospitalized for suicide. I can’t bear this hurt anymore. I wish I had never been born and pray for God to take me from this earth. I desperately pursue and long for God with everything I have, but something keeps be from Him. I just want to feel loved and wanted. But every time I search for God, He seems farther away and I feel emptier and more rejected than before. I fear that God doesn’t want me and that I am truly not worthwhile. I need to believe that something can change and I won’t have to keep hurting so intensely for the rest of my life.

    • 272.1
      Taylor says:


      I’m not sure how old you are…. I’m only 26. Not a big sister yet. Yours was one of the few comments I have been able to read, and sister… do not believe the enemy’s lies. You are deeply loved by God EVEN THOUGH, and I do know the feeling, that you don’t feel like it. He loves you so much that He sent His only, only–only–Son, Jesus, to die for you. I know that we know that in our heads, but we must believe it with all of our hearts. He loves you. Look to Him… look to Christ. He is your joy. He is your strength. He is your peace. He is your acceptance by God.

      In ourselves, we will only find despair, sin, not enough faith, lack of joy… but Christ. He is our All in All. He is our Everything. Look to Him. Draw from Him. Read Psalm 25 out loud–and I am too–like Ms. Beth asked us too. And don’t give up. Say to God in Heaven, “I’m only here trying to talk to you because of Jesus.. not because of anything i have in myself”… and by faith, just believing, ask Him to deliver You from all of these troubles based on His Word in Psalm 25 that says He will.

      I love you, sister. And I deeply feel what you are going through because this past year and a half has been very intense in my life… God is able. He is faithful. He will do and be exactly who Ms. Beth is saying… He will be faithful to us, too. We must look away from Him.

      Hebrews 12:2, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, design the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

      Believe that He loves you based on His goodness. Believe that will He has all authority over your life. And believe that He will because He has said it… His Word. He is Truth.

      Your sister,

    • 272.2
      Janel says:

      Little Sister, I hurt for you. I want to see you healed. I know God has it for you. Please believe that from the lips of others even if you aren’t seeing the evidence in your life right now.
      I don’t know your situation other than what you posted, but I want to encourage you – please hang on. I also want to gently suggest to you that you look into a ministry that can help you address the root causes of the things you’re dealing with – the kinds of things Beth taught in Get Out of that Pit. Think of it like a weed (I don’t mean to make a frivolous comparison to your experience, it’s just what comes to mind…) if you just pull the top of the weed, the root is intact and it will grow back. Deal with the root, and you’ve dealt with the whole thing.
      I don’t know where you’re located, but one ministry I know of is Ellel Ministries. Their website can possibly direct you to something in your area. I pray that this will bring you comfort and direction and above all, that you will know that you are loved.

    • 272.3
      Gayle says:

      Big sister here: my heart goes out to everyone. I can say I am so grateful that God meets me where I am and doesn’t let me see the big picture. I am encouraged by Beth’s ‘orders’ to read scripture out loud and memorize. Our church has a pastoral counseling center. They are National Association of Nouthetic Counselors. Trained to use the Word of God to help you grow and move past broken hearts, crushed spirits, abuse, etc. I attended a conference recently and wow!! I am not going thru to be trained to counsel; but one of the objectives is to train the body of Christ to minister to each other with His Word. I am forever changed. I have an appt. with the counselor once a month. The Bible says repeatedly to seek wise counsel. Pray first and then seek out a NANC counselor.

    • 272.4
      Catrina says:

      You are NOT alone!!! Although we’ve never met my heart is burdened for you tonight. I was/am still being abused and I understand TOTALLY. Praying for peace for you tonight and for you to know you aren’t alone and that I love you!!! Hang in there, don’t give up. If we give up, they win. HUGS!

    • 272.5
      Malinn Saxe says:

      Big Sister Here – and my heart specifically broke for you Melanie as I read through so many of these! I was also sexually abused, emotionally abused, struggled with severe anxiety/panic attacks and depression in my early twenties. I totally surrendered my life to the Lord, and in the past 30 + years, I have seen Him peel away each layer of pain, and help me deal with that pain through counseling, grieving the pain, and after years of this – I can honestly say that the Lord brought joy out of the pain. And I won’t give you a cliche’ lie that all will be fine….I still work on recovery, through counseling, Christian support groups, or dear precious sisters in Christ – when I’m struggling. Melanie – I pray that you can get to some good Christian counseling, and allow the Lord to begin peeling the layers one at a time, to be healed! Your sister in Christ – with much love and compassion.

    • 272.6
      Lillian says:

      Big sister here. . .Lord, please touch Melanie’s heart and heal her. Lord, we’re asking for a miracle here, that You will just encompass her in Your arms of love and let her know how much You do love her. Lord, please, watch over Melanie, heal her–Lord, help her. Amen.

      I will continue to pray for you.

    • 272.7
      Joanna B. says:

      My dear sister,
      If you have accepted Christ into your heart, there is NOTHING that can separate you from His love (Romans 8:38,39). If you haven’t accepted Him-do it today!(John 3:16).

      I cannot begin to put into words how I know, I know, I know that God loves you so much. So, so, so much. He wants you more than you can imagine. He has you written on the palms of His hands.(Isaiah 49:15,16).

      In the Bible, God IS love (1 John 4:16)! And Love doesn’t reject you, doesn’t blame you, doesn’t push you away. Please, please get into the Bible and start reading verses about God’s love, look them up in your concordance. Say (aloud!) the verses with your name in them…and memorize them! Jesus died on the cross for you, so that you don’t have to suffer griefs or sorrows! (Isaiah 53:4,5)

      You’ve certainly found the right place for sweet, lovely women to talk to! So many of us are or have been where you are at–you are not alone! My dear sister, I, and many others, will be in prayer for you. 😀 We love you, and Jesus loves you!

    • 272.8
      Teresa says:

      Big Sister Here…I have been right where you are…abuse…self hate…eating disorder…all of it. I can feel your pain through your comment. It resonates in my heart and I wish I could crawl through my screen and tell you there is hope…even when it really seems like there isn’t any. I can tell you that there is freedom from all of this. There is freedom from our past. The formula…it is in the Word of God, through prayer, through connecting with a counselor or mentors that are your accountablity partners. When you go to bed at night put your Bible right next to your bed…before your feet hit the floor in the morning pray and then pick up your Bible and read. Get your head and heart aligned with the truth for the enemy is in constant pursuit of whispering even shouting lies to us. Do this before you get out of bed. The first scripture that I memorized after I came out of treatement for an ED and PTSD was “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admiralbe. Think on things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Philippians 4:8 Every time I begin to think and believe lies I would ask myself is this true? No. Is this honorable? No. Not on my terms but on God’s terms. “You are God’s masterpiece…” Ephesians 2:10. God so adores you. I know that because the Bible tells me. You are not your past. I am not my past. You are a child of God and you belong to Him…you do not belong to the abuse or the eating disorder. I will be praying for you…really I will. Much love to all of the little sisters out there.

    • 272.9
      Vicky says:

      Big Sister here..I’ve been there thru emotional and physical abuse for 3 years. I felt like I was me YOU are loved by are hurting right now and possibly not feeling his love. My family helped me move many states away and get away from the abuse and loved me thru my pain and tears for several years. If you aren’t going to a church try to find one and meet people. Join a bible study and let others help you carry your pain! My verse for you today is one that I keep on an index card hanging in front of my face at work..Psalm 68:19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.” Melanie, daily, every single day God will bear our burdens. I know it’s hard, trust, trust, trust God to do what he says he will do. He loves you dearly..your big sister Vicky

    • 272.10
      Seddy Bear says:

      Although I am a little sister, I just want to tell you this. You are not alone. I don’t mean that in the Jesus is always by your side way (although He is). I mean that in I’ve been there too. I went through an 8 year decent into Hell dealing with the issues you listed. I don’t like cliches and refuse to make promises that I have no control over, but know that you are not alone. It may feel that way, but you are not. And I’ll let you in on a secret. God does not see you the way you see yourself. He wants you and you are more worthwhile to Him than you could ever imagine. Read Romans 8:28. Don’t just know it, hide it in your heart. I don’t know what your process will be like. For me, I just woke up one day, and nothing was better, but I had a deep revelation of Judges 6:12 “The Lord is with you mighty warrior.” Read Judges 6, but personalize it. When you come across the name Gideon, read Melanie instead. Where you see Midian, replace it with the problems you are facing. I can only offer you what happened for me. After I got this deep in me, God helped me climb out of the pit I was in. Talk about being a new creation! That has not stopped the enemy from trying to throw these same things back at me, but I can now stand against him. The word says having done all to stand, stand! I just love to think about Psalm 37:12-13. “The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at the enemy, for He sees his day is coming!” I heard Karen Wheaton share part of her testimony years ago, and I adopted part of her strategy for how she dealt with that time for myself. I (as did she) told God that I could not take vengeance against the people who hurt me, because vengeance is His, but I wanted vengeance against the devil who did this to me, and the way I want my vengeance is for God to send the broken, the hurting, the desolate, etc… people to me so that I may lavish them with the same love of Jesus that was poured out on me when I most needed it. So sister, know that I am here. If you want to talk, you can contact me at [email protected]. With love that is both deep and wide, Sarah

    • 272.11
      Kristi says:

      I know where you are coming from and my heart cries silent tears for you. Abuse, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, hospitalization, I did it all too. I’m 43 now and finally on the right cocktail of meds and faith that I can function much better than before. Do not give up and I say to you, you can make it through this. You are worthwhile, I know God seems so far away but He is there, you just have a bunch of things crowding Him. I know I did. I feel for you and will be praying that you see your worth in God’s eyes. His are the only eyes that matter; don’t listen or hang around others who are depressing or who bring you down. It makes things worse. I know night time can be the hardest time but always remember the sunlight will come again, in your heart and in the morning. Love you dear sister and hang in there, please!

    • 272.12
      Melinda says:

      Fellow little sister Melanie,

      I had to respond to you!

      Holy father l pray for Melanie right now for You to remove ALL of her self doubts about why she is here in this place and time of turmoil. Lord I know there is a great purpose for her life and she is trying so hard to listen that she has lost out in hearing YOU!!! May you remove her feelings of inadequacies and feeling like she is stuck in the valley. Give her the light again and heal her emotional backage so that she can break free of the memories once and for all! In Jesus name I pray for Melanie’s heart to be pulled out of the dark and rebuke Satan attacking her spiritually.
      Big hug from your fellow little sister Melinda

    • 272.13
      Kim says:

      Big Sister Here… My dear sweet Melanie thanks for sharing. God loves you very much. His response to you in Psalms 34:18 is The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Your body may have been violated, your emotions may have been injured but your spirit your innermost being where the spirit of Christ dwells cannot be violated. I Corinthians 6:17 So what defines you most your inner spirit has never been touched, so you can live from the inside out. Be encouraged today my sweet sister.

    • 272.14
      aussie monica says:

      Melanie, God does want you!! He loves you with everlasting love!

    • 272.15
      Cathy says:

      Big sister here. Oh, sweet little sister, I so hear your hurt and pain. One step at a time dear one, one moment at a time. You cannot pull yourself out of this pit, but God can. Look up through your tears, His Hand is there. Read Psalm 139 and then, ask God to help you see the truth. Don’t rely on your feelings, just make a choice to believe and little by little, you will see Him at work in your life. In the meantime, do you have a good Christian counselor that you can go to to work out these issues? Someone who will help you sort through your feelings and hurts? We cannot do it alone, but with God and His servants beside you, you will be victorious and someday look back on this time and see God’s Hand at work in your life. Someday, you will be helping others in this situation. I know it is true. Praying for you dear One.

    • 272.16
      julieP says:

      Big Sister here, Melanie, after reading your post I could not scroll on by and not respond. I would love to just give a hug just for being so brave to share your honest feelings. Can I just say from my perspective you need to know that you are hearing lies and believing them. When our emotions cloud our thinking it is hard to know what is true, so please look to God’s word, there you will find answers that are true. In Romans 8 He says nothing can separate you from His love. Memorize these truths so that when the lies come into your head you have some ammunition to fire back at the enemy. Satan can be relentless,…. but you will find a truth to every false accusation in God’s word, please Believe it, you are so worth it that Jesus died for you

    • 272.17
      Kelly says:

      Big Sister here….Dear little sisters, He loves you so much! He loves you more than you could ever think or imagine!! I am so so sorry for all the heartbreaks and pain that you are and have been going through. My words could never take away the sting of what you are feeling right now. BUT GOD says…Psalm 49:16a “Your name is inscribed on the palms of My hands” Our God loves YOU, and you are so so precious to HIM! There is nothing that separates you from His love, ever! Psalm 139 tells us, that He formed you, and knows you, and that He has precious thoughts toward you! He is so glad you were born, because He created you and loves you! You are worthwhile…you are never ever rejected by Him. Dear sister, opening up your bible, keep searching His words, and let your tears fall over as you read His loving words towards you. Keep pursuing Him, and I promise you, He will meet you just as you are, where ever you are.. Jeremiah 29:13 says if you seek Him, you will find Him. Jeremiah 29:11 also tells us dear sister, that He has plans just for you! He has plans to give you and hope and a future!! Just for you dear one!!! Never give us hope beautiful girl. I know every single one of us has felt times of despair, times of hopelessness, and fear that things can or will ever change. But….HE tells us that He loves us, that there is hope for you, that there is a future planned just for you! Lamentations 3 tells us that through His mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions never fail, they are new every morning, GREAT is His faithfulness! Dear sister….hold on, keep clinging to Him, I promise, He will do a new thing for you! Keep calling on Him, He hears your beautiful voice, from even the lowest pits, He hears you, He will rescue you and pull you out of any pits!!

    • 272.18
      Pam says:

      Big sister here….out of all the post I have read, I couldn’t get past yours. Maybe it’s the familiar feelings I had when I read your post, I felt strongly led to offer you hope. You are loved sister!! I can tell you we serve an awesome God that totally thinks your worthwhile and wants you to believe “something can change.” Having gone through similar circumstances as you described, I sought freedom and found it!! It was a process I must say, a painful one at that, but you can be free! As I was going through the season of my life searching for freedom, Beth’s sister Gay made a profound statement in one of her “installments” that spoke to me and changed my life. This is what she said:
      “I’ve been told that when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go, that THAT is when we become willing to give up the drug (the painKILLER) and step out onto the living water of faith.”
      Although I was not dealing with a “drug,” I applied her words to my circumstance, “when the pain of holding on to the past becomes greater than the fear of letting go, that is when we become willing to let go and take that first step towards freedom.”
      The enemy wants to keep us in our past, he loves nothing better than to torment us with those thoughts and feelings you describe.
      One of the scriptures I memorized was Psalm 118:5, “In my anguish I cried to the Lord and He answered by setting me free.” Hold to that sister–He will see you through.
      I encourage you to find scriptures that reminds you of who you are in Christ–you are a child of the King and he loves you and so do we.
      I am lifting you up in prayer and hoping you will see the pain of holding on is worse than letting go—you can be free sister!!!
      Turn your praise and worship music on, read your Word, and submit to the one who loves you unconditionally.

  23. 273
    Melody says:

    Big Sister here: My heart goes out to all of you little sisters! I was a SAHM for 22 years to 3 little girls “too closely spaced.” I can remember crying to my mom about how hard it was, how I never had a moment to myself, how my husband hunted and fished all the time that he wasn’t at work. Little ones is such an all consuming time. Please remember to take care of yourself! Read a good book, go for a walk, spend time with a loved one. It’s true what they say, “You blink and they’re gone!” I promise you will look back and treasure these years. You can do it!!!!!

    • 273.1
      Ashlie McDonald says:

      perfect advice, big sister! thanks so much. i need to STOP and really just enjoy what God has blessed me with and take some time out to take care of ME once awhile! God bless you!

    • 273.2
      Hope Hardy says:

      I needed this encouragement. I have two girls, 8 and 6, and I homeschool, so I never get a break. Some days are so hard, but I know they have already grown up faster than I could have realized.

  24. 274
    Vera says:

    little sister here… praying for encouragement and strength and freedom from anxiety, and to truly grasp that I am free and loved by our great God.
    I’ve had quite a few hurts from my childhood and as a result it is very hard for me to trust friends and women in general. As my mom has been a source of some hurts, I hope and pray for a older woman of God as a mentor to help me in the faith and to confide in, but trusting and speaking aloud this desire of my heart makes me feel too vulnerable. Please pray for kind women of faith to be there for me, and for me to trust and allow God’s complete healing on the aches from my past.
    I praise Him for my children, husband and the great healing work that He has done in my life, thanks be to God!

  25. 275
    Joyce Watson says:

    Just love your heart, Sister in Christ
    Sometimes the worst pain comes from just a tiny paper cut.
    In life we have pain that cuts through us in the worst way, because we feel it in our hearts and in our deepest part of our being. It takes time to heal and mend those cuts in our lives. Some of us grow up with alot more cuts than others. We feel we didn’t receive the love we wanted so badly. We feel that no one ver noticed us or accepted us as we were. We fee that the worst will happen and its just waiting for us around the corner.
    Jesus understands our pain and He is our Healer. He know how deep the cut is and how much it hurts. He wants to give us the love we need and accepts us as we are. He is our comforter. He is our refuge and strength. He heals the cut. He puts more than a bandaid on you, He will cleanse your wound and make you well again.
    …whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy_meditate on these things. Phillipians 4:8
    Things that are true-not false or unreliable, but genuine and real. God’s Word is true.
    Things that are noble-means honorable or morally attractive, reverance, worthy. He is holy and honorable
    Things that are pure-means free from sin, without fault, high moral character. It describes that which has been so cleansed it is fit to be brought into the presence of God used in his service. Our thought should be clean enough for God
    Things that are lovely-admirable or agreeable to behold or consider, pleasing in character. We should set our minds on kindness, sympathy or forebearance.
    Things that are of good report-mens excellent account of, fit for God. We should watch the words we say and think, so they are fit for God
    If there be any virtue_excellence, being concerned with Godly things or moral goodness. We need to think of the things God has done for us and remember our salvation. Think on things we learn, hear and see in Him.
    Anything praiseworthy-glory to God, adoration from the heart, worth praise to God. We should praise God for everything and not seek man’s praise.
    To meditate-to plan to think deeply We should think about the things of God. Right thinking leads to right living
    I share this with you, because I know how it feels to be in the battle:

    How my heart yearns within me!
    for He is the only one who understands me,
    He knows my anxious thoughts and
    the turmoil that is inside me,
    for I hide nothing from Him.
    I carefully sit in silence,
    listening and hearing His Word,
    desiring to know of His ways
    and seeking to grow in His wisdom
    keeping in prayer day to day.
    How I want to feel His love!
    for I feel like a little child,
    who is just learning to crawl into her Father’s arms,
    clinging on, not wanting to let go__
    crying out and not knowing what to ask for
    in hope for His comfort and peace
    yet, sometimes the storm rages
    and the winds blow in the deepness of a weak heart.
    But, even when the walls are pressing in,
    And I draw near to the Mighty God,
    Holding on to His hand,
    For He alone can give me security and He alone I can rely on
    to calm the battles that whispers in the seas of my mind.
    Redeem me O Lord
    For Your life is the light that shines
    down in the pit and reaches out to rescue me.~joyce

    • 275.1
      Yvonne says:

      Big sister here: I too am and have been tempted toward anger and bitterness. When I feel it taking over I sing this little song:

      Give thanks with a grateful heart.
      Give thanks to the Holy One.
      Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ his Son.
      And now let the rich say I am poor,
      Let the weak say I am strong because of what the Lord has done.
      Give thanks. Give thanks.

      Maybe you can find a song to help you through these times. As my pastor used to tell us: “When you hear Satan on the floorboards, sing.”
      Gratefulness is the cure for anger. I pray the Holy Spiritkerps you strong and moves your heart to joy. Blessings, my love.

    • 275.2
      Amy says:

      Older woman here….that was so on. Thank you for sharing. God is always there even when we feel all alone.

  26. 276
    Christa says:

    Little sister here…

    I’m probably one of the youngest as i am a 21 year old senior in college trying to figure out what in the world God has planned for my life and also trying to figure out what to do with this 3 year long relationship I am in, when yes he will occasionally go to church with me but is in no way a spiritual leader in our relationship. I am struggling with the pressures of everybody asking “what are you going to do after college?” “when are you two getting married?” I just want to run away while I scream I DONT KNOW!! All I know is that I want to do something that will matter. I want God to use me and my business management and marketing major. I apologize if my trials seem stupid and small…

    Need encouragement in trusting that God will show me His will for me and if I need to be with this man or if God has someone else for me……..what if I make the wrong choices???

    • 276.1
      Kay Sims says:

      Don’t apologize!! God doesn’t consider anything “stupid and small”. Nothing is too big for our God! Nothing is impossible for God! You are loved! We believe God can bring anybody through anything. There’s many examples (Moses, Joshua, Rahab, Joseph, David, Peter, Paul to name a few) from the Bible that show us how to love and trust God through our situations.

    • 276.2
      MrsRitz says:

      My husband and I are missionaries on a college campus. Your trials are not stupid or small at all. I counsel little sisters just like you, facing the exact same questions you are facing year after year. I want to very gently encourage you that from reading your post, I believe that you know exactly what you need to do. It won’t be easy; it may even break your heart, but you know what you need to do. If your heart longs to serve the Lord and the young man you are dating does not share that longing, then you need to let him go. I don’t say that flippantly, or without an awareness of how very painful that act will be. But I do say it with conviction.
      As far as your career path goes – God will guide in His timing. Trust Him. Since I graduated from college in 1996, I have been a Speech Therapist, a Social Worker, an Executive Assistant, a Researcher, a Chief Operating Officer, an Executive Director for a nonprofit, and a Missionary. I never could have dreamed the paths that God would escort me down as I approached my graduation day so many years ago. You don’t have to have it all figured out, because you can’t, only God can. Be an example to those who ask you those questions about your future, and encourage them to walk day-by-day too.
      You can do this. Romans 8:28

    • 276.3
      dramamama says:

      Hey, Little Sister – I’m a (sort of) Big Sister here and I don’t have answers for every one of your questions, but I want to tell you what I can from personal experience. I specifically want to answer your question “What if I make the wrong choices?” God WILL show you His plan. If you miss it (like I did) He will show you again. He created you to do good works for Him, in the area He gifted you. He will put the pieces together in His time. It sure sounds to me like your heart is in the right place. PLEASE do not waste your time with fear. I spent years watching everyone around me gleefully embrace their calling, making big plans, while I was at home with my babies, feeling invisible and listening the lie that maybe God didn’t have anything for me. I’m telling you now if that’s what you’re hearing, it’s a lie!
      He is so good! At the right time, He practically held my hand and led me to an open door in the area of my giftings, and pushed me through. He will show you. I don’t believe He wants His girls to be frustrated or fearful of missing it. He is too good a Daddy for that. Blessings to you and blessings on your calling and choices – I pray He will give you wisdom and peace as He leads you to make the right decisions.

    • 276.4
      Sarah says:

      I am a little sister, but I know exactly how you feel, there is so much pressure for us to know what we want to do with our life! I listened to a message at the beginning of this year that has stayed with me, we don’t have to know, we just need to seek Him, spend time in His word! Ask Him to fill your life with the desires that He has placed in your heart! What desire has He placed in your life, what are you passionate about!?!?

      As for your relationship, trust me I am NO expert, I have never even had a boyfriend and I wil
      Be 25 in a month, but if He is not a spiritual leader now, as God has called Him to be the how can you trust Him to be a spiritual leader in your marriage or even family! God designed the man to be a spiritual leader for a reason, don’t settle for any reason!!!!!!!!

      Don’t ever think what you are facing is small, God sees you and your struggles and to Him they are not small! Stay in His Word and run to Him!!!

    • 276.5
      MomPlusKid says:

      Hi there – I am also a little sister (barely) and I want to encourage you to pray and seek God’s guidance with respect to your relationship. I wish I had listened to the voice inside me instead of thinking my boyfriend was “Christian enough” for me to marry him. That was 6 years ago and I am now healing from a divorce and learning to be a single mom to my sweet little boy. There are few things more important than hitching your future to the man God has for you. Be patient. Seek wisdom. Know your value as a Princess of the Most High!

    • 276.6
      karen lipford says:

      if he’s not a spiritual leader now, he won’t become one when you’re married. try taking a break from the relationship and see what God does.
      NO trial is stupid. do not compare your life with someone elses.

    • 276.7
      tiffany Mattson says:

      LOL Oh honey you are not the only one who has been stuck in the “What will I do with myself when” issues. If this young man isn’t willing to walk a Full time Christian devoted walk, and you are, tell him you want to break it off for a while, to see where the Lord leads you.

      Being able to break off will help you refocus on personal studies for school, discovering what you love and not love.Keep focused on Christ and your studies and the rest will fall in place. Continue to stay in prayer and in the Word.
      When I was in my twenties I had two little hispanic friends who one spoke spanish only and the other translated. I saw them one day after not seeing them for a while,and they asked me if I had gotten married or had any kids yet, I said no, they tilted their heads with a sypathetic awwww. It is the same in english as in spanish. who knew?
      What I am trying to say is, DON’T RUSH IT, Those issues will get there eventually if that is what God has planned. study work hard on your future NOW just don’t be fully focused on later, deal with now, and that boyfriend.

    • 276.8
      april says:

      Little sister,
      God told me that I had a choice and He would be with me, whatever I decided. He will be with you too!

    • 276.9
      VHiggins says:

      Your trials are neither stupid nor small dear sister *hug*
      This is a hard time, I know because I was wearing a similar style of shoes not too long ago. I majored in Biblical and Theological Studies, hoping to be in women’s ministry, currently I work as an admin for a dental company and have had no positions of ministry beyond relational and have no prospects to be able to get my masters any time soon. All this to say, even though so much of my future, and even my past, is impossible to grasp, I know that God is, has and will always continue to be at work. Take heart that as much as He has guided you thus far, He will continue to do so! He is at work even as you make decisions that you may not fully understand. All you need to do is keep your heart open and seeking Him and the rest will come, usually one step at a time and rarely ever early.
      Part of me wishes that I could give you a formula, pray such and such read such and such, though those are good things there is no way to make God give you the outline, but there is so much freedom in that very thing! (this coming from a major control freak, currently being broken down) In this time, if you allow Him, He will make deep roots of faith that will serve you and those around you for many years. I found much encouragement in Psalm 36 over these last unpredictable years.
      I am praying for you and all the sisters who must make decisions that they know will effect their futures. Do not ever feel that your worries or concerns are silly sister, God even cares about the dreams that we dismiss offhand as silly, He cares for you so very much, to the very heavens.

    • 276.10
      Nicole says:

      Little sister, closer to big sister but want to send some encouragement and wisdom. I love that you are seeking to know God’s will and want to do something meaningful. God will show you His will and purpose. I encourage you to put Him first and completely and recklessly run after HIM like never before. Read his word, spend time with him and let go all things that hinder us. Marriage is an important decision to make and choosing a partner (allow God to chose) is one that you will want to take your time and be confident in the decision. First priority in a marriage partner: He has to be a man of God. Number one thing. If he doesn’t love God, he won’t/can’t love you the way you deserve or want. Do not yoke up with non-believers. In marriage, the two become one. What he does or not does, affects you. His sin affects you and vice versa.
      In this world of lust and temptation, you want a man of God because he will want to be pure and faithful. He will want to serve the Lord 100%. You want this for your children, you will want this in your marriage. If he doesn’t go to church or is not interested in God, then most likely he is not the one for you.
      Surrender your life to Jesus and ask to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Keep asking and seeking for it as this will be what will guide you in all Truth and seal you for the day of Glory. God bless you.

    • 276.11
      Cassandra says:

      I graduated from college a year ago with big plans to work for the Lord. I was a Youth and Family Ministries major. A year out of school and I still don’t have a job, but I am confident that He will show me the perfect place to be… it’s just taking longer than my peers. Don’t get discouraged. Use this time of uncertainty to get to know Him better. He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has plans for our future- plans of hope, plans to prosper us… they are never plans to harm us. So God has the best planned for you, even when you have no clue what those are yet! Just seek His face and He will be found. It is completely okay for you to tell those people that you don’t know what you are doing after college… it doesn’t always sound great to them after you’ve spent four years studying something, but it’s okay. We are young, we don’t have to have forever figured out.
      As for your boyfriend… I don’t have any experience in relationships so looking to the big sisters here and in your life is very important. But I would say pray for him. Pray for God’s will over your relationship. God will let you know if he is or isn’t the one He has picked for you. Keep Christ in the center of your relationship and things will work out for His glory! Pray that He will become a spiritual leader. Really talk to him about it if it is important for you in the relationship.
      Don’t ever think that your trials are silly or stupid because they aren’t. This is where you are at in life and it is perfectly okay. Almost every single senior in college goes through this. Just don’t worry about the people around you asking a million questions, seek God’s will for you and you will do great and wonderful things for Him. 🙂 I hope this helps.

    • 276.12
      Laura says:

      Little sister I’m not quite a big sister yet buti could be your big sister, let me give you some words of wisdom. I have been married for 6 years now. Met my husband in church we dated for 4 years by the time we got married. Towards the end of our dating relationship/ engagement he slowly quit going to church faithfully. Now he doesn’t go at all it breaks my heart because I’m screaming on the inside LEAD ME, so don’t settle for anything less than Gods best for you. I’m not saying I did but I can see looking back where others saw things I didn’t and because I was so in love I didn’t listen. You want a partner in life a man that will stand for God and lead his family according to Gods word. I think you already know what you should do you just need the courage to do it. Your trials are not small. All out trials matter to God. Now that you’ve shared them with your sisters above all else share them with you God your Abba father who knows you, loves you, and cares for you as His very own. If your boyfriend doesn’t lead now that is not going to change when he is your husband so give him over to God pray pray pray and let God move I your life. Love a 33 year old bug sister

    • 276.13
      Charlene says:

      Big Sister here,

      Been there OK, and was fortunate to have a pastor tell me what no one else ever did.
      He told me “get in the Word, read, study God’s word. Focus on God’s word, the relationship will either follow you into the Word, or fall away from you.” It won’t be up to you to make the decision anymore, let God’s word be there for you.
      My relationship did not follow me……and God kept me safe, and opened my heart to a freedom I had never felt.
      Find a scripture and post in on the fridge, or where ever you are, be brave with it, don’t hide His word. And don’t be afraid of the outcome, that’s where you trust that God is in control! Stay in His Word.

      • Christa says:

        Thank you all so much for all of the encouragement. I wish I had all of you in my life every day to soak up your wisdom. You all have touched my life more than you know! I am DIVING in and surrounding my self in God’s word! Thank you!!!

      • Christa says:

        Big Sisters…I searched and searched for these encouraging comments, because it was 6 months ago! ..I am disapointed that it’s taking me this long to build up the courage but I am writing this to say please pray for me..I have decided to take some time apart from the relationship and its like I can already hear my heart breaking and a part of me dieing. Over the past 6 months I have had many conversations with him about the pressures he puts me under that I feel convicted of and are not what I need to be tempted into doing…you know what i mean….. and about him being a Godly man that wants to go to church because he wants to, not make me call and wake him up and maybe he’ll go. Nothing has changed and I have to do his for me. For my relationship with my Heavenly Father. and while my roommates in college have no Godly wisdom to give and think thats a silly reason. I am thankful I can look back at these comments and be encouraged once more.

        I appreciate them so much & Thanks Beth for doing this…:)

  27. 277
    Liz says:

    Big sister here, sending love your way 🙂

    Have you ever heard someone say, “God never gives us more than we can handle”? Little sisters, that’s NOT TRUE! He often allows us to face things that are WAY beyond our capacity to handle. By ourselves, that is. And so we rely on Him alone.

    My encouragement to you would be this … before you get out of bed, say out loud, “God, I can’t do this on my own today, nor do I want to. It’s all too much, and I know it. YOU are going to need to do it for me and through me.”

    Follow that by thanking Him for everything you can think of to praise Him for. Big things and tiny things. Out loud. Make the enemy sorry he picked on you … because you’re a daughter of the King of Kings.

    Don’t quit. God wins. Love you all!

    • 277.1
      Beth says:

      Sisters, Liz is right about that. Check out 2 Corinthians 1:8-11.

    • 277.2
      lillian says:

      Big sister here. . .YES! It’s never us who can handle things–it’s God! And, He truly can take care of whatever we face, when we give the situation to Him. And, I’ve learned that means giving over complete control to Him.

    • 277.3
      Hope Hardy says:

      I always hate it when people say that about God not giving us more than we can handle. That’s not in the Bible!! People corrupt the verse about not being tempted beyond what we can handle.

    • 277.4
      Erika says:

      Thanks for simple non-preachy loving advice. Sometimes us younger sisters just need a hug and not another “to do” for God. He has paid it all, all to Him I owe sin has left a crimson stain he washes white as snow. I have spent the last year and a half recovering from church ugliness. In the bottom of the rubble there was Christ with no words of advice on how to get over it because I wasn’t supposed to. I am richer for the pain and wiser in the slow slow healing.

  28. 278
    Kay Sims says:

    I recently had the opportunity to go to a Bible study led by Kendra Graham. (Yes, that’s Billy Graham’s granddaughter-in-law through marriage to Will Graham.) This “little sister” in Christ taught this “big sister” a wonderful message. Let me just share some of the highlights here because it is the desire of my heart to encourage you. You are never (did I say NEVER) alone!

    In Joshua 7:11-15, Israel had sinned and Joshua was commanded by God to sanctify the people. After doing a search on sanctifying the people, Kendra was led to the following scripture in Isaiah.

    A Message by Kendra Graham, Feb. 7, 2012.
    Isaiah 40:5-8 (NIV)

    3 A voice of one calling:
    “In the wilderness prepare
    the way for the LORD[a];
    make straight in the desert
    a highway for our God.[b]
    4 Every valley shall be raised up,
    every mountain and hill made low;
    the rough ground shall become level,
    the rugged places a plain.
    5 And the glory of the LORD will be revealed,
    and all people will see it together.
    For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.”
    6 A voice says, “Cry out.”
    And I said, “What shall I cry?”
    “All people are like grass,
    and all their faithfulness is like the flowers of the field.
    7 The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    because the breath of the LORD blows on them.
    Surely the people are grass.
    8 The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    but the word of our God endures forever. ”

    V.3 Prepare the way: Clear out obstacles in my life that are preventing God from doing His work…busyness, arrogance, indifference, guilt…. God has none of those for me. That’s a lie from Satan.
    Make a highway in the desert: God says, Give Me your desert, your affliction, the pieces….Make a place for Me in your barren state.

    V.4 Let every valley be lifted up: In the deep crevices of my soul, I can hide things. Allow God to bring up the stuff that’s hidden and tucked away – my past, present, motives, etc. Show God your story; tell it to Him. He wants to redeem it. There are no rugs in the presence of God to hide things.
    Every mountain and hill will be made low: Let go of pride, strength, abilities, talents, spiritual gifts, and weaknesses. It’s not about what I have to bring at all. Let the rough ground become plain: Move away from things that make me lose my footing and slip and fall – habits, hobbies, friends, addictions, websites, TV, media….God wants to “pave” them. It takes courage.
    The rugged to become broad: Things that can be “steeped” in my life – stubbornness, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc.

    V.5 And the glory of the Lord will be revealed!: Will it be worth it? (YES!!!)

    V.6 A voice says, Cry out!: God wants us to call out. Will I call out or be silent at such a time as this?
    All flesh is like grass: I am lovely to God! Loved! Beautiful! I mean more to Him than His very life.

    V.8 The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    but the word of our God endures forever.

    So, little sisters, I pray that God will minister to you today through His word. I pray that we will “sanctify” ourselves today so that we can see the great and mighty things the Lord can do. Stay focused by spending time in the Word. Let go, Let God! He can handle anything! I recommend you listen to Travis Cottrell’s song “We Long for You”. That’s what I’m hearing over and over again in your posts, little sisters; a longing for God. Hang on. There is a Remedy and His name is Jesus!

  29. 279
    Desiree says:

    Your little sister here is lonely. I have a great husband and a precious 19 month old little boy, but I am lonely. When we got married 4 years ago I left my church where I was connected and joined my new husband’s church. This church in THE meg-y-ish-mega church in our area and I never felt connected. Three years later we returned to my “home” church where we could never break into the established clique of young families. In April, we started visiting another church and at the end of May their small group ministry shut down until school starts back. My husband and I need community in the worst way. We don’t want to join this new church and start serving in ministries, because if we can’t find a small group we’ll try another church.
    I have one friend that I pretty consistently hang out with, but it’s never really been a spiritual friendship. More of, two moms with a child close in age that were introduced by a mutual friend.
    I need a kindred spirit sister. Someone who wants to seek after the Lord as hard as I do. Someone who I can encourage and be encouraged by. My man struggles with this, too, but doesn’t verbalize it as often. To compound matters, I just quit my job so I can be a stay at home mom with my boy…I cut off any connection to the outside world on a daily basis. 🙂
    Siestas, I am blessed. Abundantly and ridiculously so, but my biggest struggle is a deep seeded need for community.

    • 279.1
      Pat says:

      During all the years my children were young, I was a “stay at home” mom. My spiritual growth came through Christian radio. I found solid Bible teaching, programs that promoted and encouraged healthy families, and I didn’t have to leave home. It is not a subsitute for a community church, but it was all I had for many years plus a few close friends to share the Word with me. I don’t know if this would help you but it was how God reached me for many years! Blessings.

    • 279.2
      Ali says:

      Big sister here who has walked that lonely road. Being home with kiddies can be somewhat isolating when you don’t have some peers to lean on. HOWEVER, be encouraged my sister!! What I thought was a lonesome road turned into the exact place where God wanted me to be. Take this time without distraction, ask yourself who you typically turn to when something really good or really bad happens. This could be, as it was for me, a time to realign yourself. Go to God first – go to your husband second. Friendships, I found, we’re being placed before what should’ve been my “go to” all along. Wait this one out, reevaluate and friendships – the kind that really feed your soul will eventually come. For now, keep your eyes on the most important relationships in your life. You’ll find you have a new trust and closeness in Him as well as a new BFF in your husband.

    • 279.3
      S... says:

      Desiree, this may hurt but, you need to stop church hoping and stay put. If you are not moving and you haven’t prayed and are sure the Lord is telling you to leave and go somewhere else that could be your problem.

      Not to sound as if I am chastising you but you are doing yourself more harm than good. The Lord led my husband and I to a sort of mega church that I had wrote off a year prior. When I met the pastor, he said the best way to get connected is to serve. We know a lot of that scary crowd of people now and have been in their homes. I don’t know your situation. You could be doing all of the above.

      I believe far too often we look at church through the eyes of a consumer. We want to know what we can get from the place. I ask, what are you giving? If there aren’t programs in place, start them. Have people over for snacks and Bible study if they are on break for the summer. Start play dates and coffe meetings with other young moms. Create a group. Instead of looking at church as a fast food stand; look at as if it’s family.

      We can’t just up and leave our family (not the state they’re in but divorce from them) every time they failed to make us feel welcome, or cancelled the barbeque that we liked. No, we’re still family and we stick things out. We even start our own barbeques.

      Again, I’m not attacking you but this is a problem that many don’t realize. Church hoping is not good. You can’t get connected in a few months. It takes time and getting to know people. You have to do life with them. That is how you get connected.

    • 279.4
      Martha says:

      big sis here..Desiree…I can remember feeling exactly that way when I was a young mom with three little girls…this may be so obivous and you are probably already doing it.. but, I prayed specifically for God to send my husband and I good, close, Godly friends. And Oh my, here we are some 30 + years later, with wonderful memories of doing church together, raising families together, laughing together, crying together, praying together…ask Him for them.. He will provide!!

    • 279.5
      lillian says:

      Big sister here. . .I pray that God will lead you to a Christian sister who can pray with you and that the two of you can grow together. I pray that you will feel God’s power as you travel this road right now, and that soon, you will be a part, along with your husband, of Christian community.

    • 279.6
      Marrissa says:

      I just posted something very similar to you, right below you. (didn’t read any comments until after I posted)
      I feel the same way as you. Very much in need of community, of a close spiritual friendship. I’ve been praying about it for quite some time now.

    • 279.7
      Angela H says:

      Little sister on the border wandering into big sister territory. I have struggled with this when my oldest daughter was little. MOPS International-look for one in your area. It saved me from isolation and brought me into the “invisible church” of our area-Christians from all different churches. And ladies who don’t just get it, they are living it! Mentors and comrades. He will provide. Keep asking!

  30. 280
    Melissa says:

    Basically been struggling with the fact there have been some internal battles and temptations I’ve been fighting very hard against to please God – and I see others living in direct disobedience to God, saying they love God, and seem to have every blessing going for them. While I am struggling to find a job after graduation, struggling to fight these battles, and sometimes feel like for what? The Lord has been speaking to me in this and I know it’s for something – but that’s been the thing the enemy has been attacking me with lately.

  31. 281
    Melissa says:

    ah forgot to say in my post.. little sister here..

  32. 282
    Courtney says:

    Little Sister here…

    It’s so amazing that this blog came up today. I know God has a great plan for my family, but as we struggle right now, it can be so hard to get through the day.
    I got married last year and the Lord blessed us with a pregnancy the very same night..only one week until we get to meet him. Right now we are struggling financially, but still pay our tithes, even when it means not paying a bill. The stress of worrying about our finances is alot and a life we don’t want to have to pass along to our new baby. Praying for the devil to stay away and let us receive the blessings that I know God has in store for us. I know everything is on God’s time, but the patience can be hard to find some days when you are in the midst of struggle.

  33. 283
    Jaime K says:

    Your little sister here has had a target on her for far too long. Not afraid of being on the front lines of what God has for me to do. But tired of all the beat downs. Grateful for God’s hand, seeing me through every challenge and attack. And at this point, not knowing what’s next and why I have to walk it “alone”. I have yet to meet “my man” and facing life when the enemy has you on his sites is getting harder by the day. I’m thankful for this band of sisters and the encouragement you always provide.

  34. 284
    Leigh says:

    Little sister here… 25 yrs old… And facing some of the most difficult trials of my life.
    My husband and I have been through more in 3 years than most couples go through in 40 years of marriage. (I say that because we have been told that on several occasions). I have had times where I have doubted God because I honestly feel like we cannot go through one more trial. I know that God works everything out for the good. I only hope that one day when we are “out of the pit” we can share our testimony and God use us and our story to give encouragement to other young families. I have greatly struggled with this but little sisters and big sisters we HAVE to have FAITH and know that God WILL bring us through our darkest stages of life.

  35. 285
    Pamela says:

    Big sister here

    What a blessing you are taking care of your precious father. We brought home my dad as he was battleing lung cancer and took care of him. You need to take time for yourself and your sweet husband,drink up GOD’s word, have lunch with a friend, do a bible study. Those things helped me during that time. The Lord is so faithful He will never leave you and He will carry you through this time. His mercies are new every morning and He gives you His strength and power every day.

  36. 286
    Marilyn Yarbrough says:

    Big Sister the words He was there all the time kept going thru my mind as i was reading the blog. if you will keep that thought and know you are not alone. he is as near as your voice to speak his name or pick up the Word an read. read out loud so you can hear. Even with little children you can read the word to them. i am 67 years and hav been thru every storm and hurts the last one being the worse going on for 2 years even now He is still here and i KNOW its going to be worth it all. again the scriptures are life healing plant them deep in your spirit. an AA saying this too shall past is also good the seasons in our life come and go quickly in His time. another lesson is never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, you will be amazed at the people just waiting to help if they know the need.that was a tough lesson for me to learn. God loves you and knows all trust Him.

  37. 287
    flip flops says:

    Big Sister here, just wanted you to know as a big sister sometimes I need encouragement also.
    God, as only He can do, brought a friend back into my life after 20 years. (It was like 20 years had never passed) Well, we have been pouring through the scriptures together. Such an encouragement to me. I pray for you little sisters that God would send a big sister to you, to search out the scriptures with and pray together with. Love you siestas!

  38. 288
    Bretta says:

    Little Sister. Mom of six kids. Married and blessed to be wife of a humble Godly man.
    Would love to be refreshed this next weekend at Living Proof in Austin, tx. My sweet husband said that I could attend but found out this morning it was sold out. Believe God that He can provide.

  39. 289
    Caro says:

    Little sister here… I’m 20 years old and finally reached 6 months sober off of drugs/alcohol for the first time since I was 13. Please pray that I’m able to continue to do this and for the lord to give me strength when times get tough! Thank you and love you all 🙂

  40. 290
    debbie K Summersville, mo says:

    Big Sister here… wow the enemy is overworking in so many lives. I am 57 yrs old little sisters, have raised 4 boys. I have been molested as a young child, stayed in an abusive marriage for 28 yrs. My youngest son went home to be with Jesus at the age of 18, snatched from me in a second. That was almost 9 yrs ago. But I am living proof that my Lord and Savior, can pick you up and carry you through it all!! I praise Him every day that I wake up in this beautiful creation of His!! He has carried me over that mountain, that I could have never crossed alone. And He will bring you through it too, just let Him!! I know how hard it is to trust and to wait upon the Lord. Get in the Word He wants to help you, to be there for you!! The more you study His Word the more you will find Him, and the peace and joy He has waiting for you. I will pray for you and sisters pray for each other and pray for yourselves!!

  41. 291
    Jennifer says:

    Hi again, Beth,

    I’m still of the opinion that there is NO SUCH THING AS A BIG OR LITTLE SISTER! Why are we labeling ourselves this way? No wonder I felt so awful turning 40 last year. I’m officially “old.” Thrilling. I don’t feel much better.

    And why is it that “big” sisters have to be the encouragers for the “little” sisters? Can’t it be the reverse? I’m sure there are many “big” sisters “40 and older” who are experiencing deep worries and hurts but feel they can’t say so because they are expected to be the encouragers instead. No pressure!

    Why can’t we just say, SISTERS, encourage each other, regardless of age, etc. Eliminate the line in the sand, please!!

    But I’m glad sisters of all ages and seasons of life are replying both ways. My heart aches for those who are enduring such awful, heart-rending physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles…I’m deeply hurting in those ways too, yet at the same time, I’m thinking, wow, does my pain top this or that? NO to many cases. I can’t relate to most of them at all.

    So my thoughts go out to all of you. May God hear your cries and your prayers.

    • 291.1
      Beth says:

      Sweet Jennifer, the Scriptures call older women to encourage younger women. That’s what we’re doing in this exercise. That does not make us old. It just means we are older and hopefully a bit wiser. I am fifteen years older than you but, Girlfriend, I don’t consider myself old. Just older. I hope to make you smile with that. Most of what we do here is meant to encourage all of us. This one was targeted to that particular age group because I thought they might need some extra courage. Next time it could be that we reverse the target group. Your close enough to a little sister to consider yourself one in this post so, by all means, do so. Keep the faith, little sister. He loves you so.

      • Jennifer says:


        Thank you for taking the time to personally respond to my thoughts. You’re so busy going through all of these posts and you surprised me greatly.

        I just felt like everyone, regardless of their ages, needs, as you said, “some extra courage.” I know I do – immensely.

        I think I will see myself as a little sister because I’m looked upon as such by those around me. I’m petite and don’t look my age – some may say that’s a good thing – but in some situations where you need to be seen as an adult, I often don’t and it gets so frustrating and hurtful.

        And I should be a little sister since I haven’t even come close to any of the experiences so many of these posts have stated. I’m single, never been married, will never have children…so I have very little advice and encouragement to give. Except for those who feel lonely and down in heart – I can relate.

        As for me keeping the faith, that’s what I am trying to do, but I’m not doing that well with that. Just trying to believe that He loves me is 99% of the battle.

        Thanks again, Beth.

        Blessings to you and your family today and always,

  42. 292
    bethany says:

    Little California sister here….What am I struggling with you ask. Well, in order not to make this an exhaustive list I will put out there the one main thing that I see as an overarching issue in all areas of my life. That is the struggle to believe in and ultimately rest in the belief (as in deep down lived out conviction) that I am important and valid to God. This is wrecking havock all over my life. In almost every relationship. Big sisters, I NEED to believe with everything within me that I am worth something, everything to God. I know that He died for me and that should be the answer to my dilema. But I struggle. This is getting better. I am learning in counseling to accept, love, and value myself. I think as I get better at thinking of myself in a positive perspective, then I will get how God values me.

  43. 293
    Kara says:

    Your little sister here is scared. I’m scared about how I finish my race on this earth. I started I my faith with such strength. Now 18 years into being a Christian I don’t feel as zealous as I once did. I feel a little battered and bruised. I feel temptations I have never felt before. They leave me scratching my head and wondering where did that fire for righteousness go? I’m almost to the place of being on the “older sister” side and I feel old. Tired. It’s sobering.

  44. 294
    Faith says:

    Your little sister here feeling such healing from simply reading both the stories from fellow little sisters and also the encouragement of the big sisters. I’m a young wife and mother. My husband is in ministry and is very well loved and respected. For years I have stayed silent as I watched him become entrenched in a serious addiction. Our pastor now knows but justified it, only furthering my husbands belief that what he’s doing isn’t a big deal. The last year has been one of intense spiritual warfare which most cannot understand. I’ve been scared, frustrated, hurt, and felt very much alone as I fight for my marriage. But the intimate way my God has revealed Himself to me has been something unparalleled. Lonliness is my hardest battle right now as I struggle with wanting to be real with people but because of my husbands position my hands are somewhat tied. He is Enough, but sometimes the opportunity for sharing and connecting with a human being seem like necessity. Thank you for giving me that opportunity tonight. I appreciate you so much, mama Beth.

  45. 295
    Gretchen says:

    Big sister here feels a nudge to pray…

    Father, You are the Alpha and the Omega. You are the One True God who sits upon the throne. You are Omnipotent – there is nothing You can’t do. We choose to bow down before You and say, “You are our God. There is no other. We worship You for You alone are worthy of our praise.” You hold this universe in Your Hand, You made all of it. There is nothing and no one that escapes Your notice. You are more wonderful that our words could ever express. We join with your angels and say, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain.” Oh, Lord, we come to You weary and heavy laden, asking You for rest. Rest from difficulties, from trials, from disappointments, sorrows, and sufferings. Lord, some of our trials are due to disobedience. Help us to choose to walk in Your ways, empower us to honor You with our choices. Some of our difficulties are just that this life is difficult and we thank You that You have overcome this world. Help us to be mindful of that truth, Lord. You win in the end, therefore, we win in the end. It will all be worth it when we see You face to Face. I ask on behalf of every Sister – younger or older – that You would let loose Your power in our lives. That You would explode off the pages of this blog and into our hearts and minds and lives and be so blatantly evident in us, in our circumstances, in our feelings, and in our thoughts that there would be no other explanation other than Your glory. We are being assaulted by the enemy on every side, Father, help us to get UP and to stand firm on Your truth of who You are and who You made us to be. Help us to fight, Lord, to believe You and not the lies of the enemy, of this world, or even our own selves. Father, we are desperate for You, and I would like to ask You to rise up on behalf of each need as our Healer, our Helper, our Counselor, and the Lover of our souls. I also ask You, Father, to give us radical wisdom, discernment, understanding, and knowledge so that we may know what next steps You have for each one of us. And finally, I ask You to be our Comforter and tend to each of our hearts in ways that are most personal to each one. Lord, thank You that You allow us to come and ask for what we need. Thank You that You never treat us as our sins deserve. Thank You that Your ways are always graciousness to us. You really are IT. I pray all these things in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  46. 296
    TMarie says:

    This little sister here needs encouragement because my husband’s career is on the line and my brother’s wife walked out on he and their three children after nearly 15 years.

  47. 297
    Ashley Taylor says:

    Your little sister here: My entire family is being beaten up right now. My little brother’s mind just gave over to severe mental illness and right now there is little hope that he will ever come out of it. He is young and we are struggling with how to help him and what to do next and thinking about long term care for him. My father-in-love’s cancer is back and he is rejecting his BMT. My sister-in-love is pregnant again and doesn’t have many resources to help her. Please cover us all in prayer.

  48. 298
    bethany says:

    One more little thing from this little sister….I’m developing a new dating relationship and it is so confusing at times. Being that I am a little sister who is a bit on the older end, I want to run fast into a romantic relationship with this man but God and everyone around me is saying “take it slow”. Being honest here sisters, I am having trouble taking it slow: emotionally, physically, etc…..all of your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

  49. 299
    Rebecca says:

    You’re little sister here… my season is a new one for me. Going to therapy three times a week to unpack my baggage that I’ve carried since early childhood . (36 here) family that is not believers that is mad I’m bring up the past. So no family around now. Just trying to keep my head above the water and my eyes on my father. Cause he tells me all things work for his good. I feel as i am getting attack in every area.and ever way.  I woke  up just a few mins ago. from a nightmare. I can’t sleep i am being attacked in my dreams ( is this even normal ?)  .with out sleep I am weak. PLEASE tell me I’m not the first for all this.     The enemy is telling  me how far from being a true. Cristian I am. I try not to believe but I know how far I am from being a good person.  Not only dealing with a very abused childhood and drugs it all taught  me how to be a very sinful young adult. trying to forgive and forget. And became who is strong in god. But feel so far away 

  50. 300
    Marissa says:

    Little sister here…definitely feel overwhelmed right now…the bit about getting up and then feeling knocked right down again is so familiar. A battle with obsessive anxiety. The seemingly never-ending onslaught of demands and discouragements that come with my husband’s role in vocational ministry. The welcome but exhausting needs of young children. The endurance-race that is every day and the desperate thirst for joy in the midst of it all. Oh, how I could use some encouraging words!

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