Big Sisters and Little Sisters

I’m really ticked. I just ran into a beloved little sister in the faith on my way to work when I stopped off at a grocery store to grab a few things. She and her family are nearly being eaten alive by the enemy. Honestly, we stood right there in plain sight near the vitamin aisle and ratted on the devil and shook the family tree for some fresh truth. As big tears rolled down those cheeks, she said one thing so emphatically that it seared straight into my bones:

“I was just thinking about you this morning, Beth. And I’ve just gotta know: have you been here?”

Where exactly did she mean by here? In that place where the enemy seems to leave NOTHING untouched. Nothing unmangled by his crushing iron jaw. The scene of the onslaught. Where Satan seems to systematically and patiently and daily and hourly go for you – heart, soul, and body, and for everything and everyone you hold dear, and for all you know – that you know – that you know you believe. That season where you can’t seem to recover because every time you start to get back up, something knocks you down again. That season that you really do begin to believe will absolutely kill you…and, in some respects, it does. It kills the old you. If allowed to, it stones to death the Goliath within every David, one welting throw after another. Welcome to the sifting zone where Satan gets so much leash that he rips to bloody shreds everything he can get his paws on…but what is really real. What is really left behind when we are stripped bare of all our earthly security and fleshly confidence.

Have I been there, my beloved little sister?

Let’s see. How loud can I say this?? I HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOY, HAVE I EVER BEEN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And part of me survived. And part of me died.

And the part of me that died, as painful as it was, needed to.

And when it tries to resurrect it’s ugly, deformed, decayed head, I remind it that it is dead, lest it need another killing. Because I don’t want another killing.

I don’t mean my baffling tendency to sin is dead. I deal with that old nature everyday. I can still – almost out of nowhere – vacillate furiously between self-love and self loathing until I’m so dizzy I could regurgitate. But that joint victim and victimizer in me, that violent inner working nurtured at the breast of deceit and raised in sickness with a bent on self-destruction, took what still appears over many years to be a fair beheading.

YES. I have been there. And it was so awful I still well remember almost to the detail. And this morning I was glad I did because my little sister in the faith – a MIGHTY woman of God – needed to hear it.

I got in that car so mad at the enemy and at this brazen, hateful world that I made a bee-line straight to work and clicked the words “new post.”

Big sisters, our little sisters need some encouragement. They need to know we’ve been where they are. Even if they’re not in a season of hell on earth. Maybe their house just smells like one huge dirty diaper. Maybe they just need a nap. Maybe they need a job. God alone knows exactly and truly what they need from Him but this WE can know they need from us:  encouragement! And, by God (and I mean that), we are going to give it to them.

Here’s what we’re going to do today. You who are 39 and under get to tell us where you could use some encouragement. You who are 40 and older and willing are going to give it to them. Here’s how it’s going to look:

If you are 39 or younger, you’re going to start your comment with “Your little sister here: …”

If you are 40 or older, you’re going to start your comment with “Your big sister here: …”

Here are the ground rules: (I’m going to warn you. When I’m furious, I can get into a bossy frame of mind and I’m there right this second. But, look at it this way. I’m beside myself in your behalf so humor me.)

Little sisters, don’t snow ball with every irritating, annoying, frustrating thing or relationship in your life. Get pretty quickly to the bottom line. I’m thinking about someone I really do love so much and want to encourage and help when at all possible but her emails to me are so long and about so many things going wrong and so many people going awry that by the end of it, all I can do is throw up my hands and say, “I am so overwhelmed, I have no idea where to begin!” Try, as much as you know how to tell us, to articulate what is really wrong. The real bottom line. Also, please look throughout the post for encouragements that may help you and keep in mind that what the big sisters write to one, they extend to all. Don’t be offended if no one speaks directly to you. Every encouragement is meant for every one of you.

Big Sisters, today is for encouraging our little sisters and that’s all. I know you have problems because I’m about your same age and I have a truckload of them. But you and I have lived long enough to know that we’re going to make it and that God IS going to be faithful and He is INDEED going to bring beauty from ashes and He will most certainly, given enough time, work every single detail out for our good and His glory. No complaining from us today. This post is a N0-Whine zone for big sisters. Life and the devil are eating our baby sisters alive. Let’s GET UP in their behalf, encourage them, and draw out our swords and fight for them. As often as you can, make your comment to all of them instead of just in reply to one of them. There will be exceptions, of course, but it’s crucial that we edify them across the board. They could all use it. You can talk to them or pray for them in your comment. Both are so Biblical and so right.

Now, listen, Little Sisters. One more thing from Big Sister with the big mouth. Get your tails in the Word. I mean it. Get your tails in the Word. NO TIME OFF. Read it aloud when you can’t absorb it or concentrate on it. Get yourself some accountability. Call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised and so shall you be saved from your enemies. Every morning.

One last thing. I left my beloved little sister with an assignment this morning and with the accountability to let me know she’s doing it. I’m going to give you little sisters who are feeling devoured the exact same one: memorize Psalm 25. Every word of it. Don’t tell me you can’t. Yes, you can. Get it printed out, laminate it, and memorize it. Say it over and over and over again. Start today. We can cheer you on and we can fight for you but we can’t fight instead of you. This victory is YOURS. The battle is meant to bring plunder directly to your personal life and family line or God wouldn’t have allowed it. Get up and fight.

Psalm 25.

I mean it.

I’m going to be asking you about it.

OK. I’m sorry for the bossy tone but I am so mad on behalf of you, our baby sisters, that I’m bruising this keyboard.

Now get busy, Girls. I have to be out of the office for a little while several times today so if we go a few hours without any comments moderated, have no fear, I’ll get back to it and get your encouragements posted.

I love you.



2,048 Responses to “Big Sisters and Little Sisters”

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  1. 651
    Rebecca says:

    Little sis here…I don’t know what I’m doing anymore and why I’m doing it. I feel lost in a sea of bad memories . To bring all this up in me is not helping… therapy isn’t helping . I should had never pulled these feelings up. I want so bad to stuff these back down. To not feel or deal with the past. It’s the past why can’t it just stay there. Why can’t I stuff it. I’m not this strong. I’m not this person that I wanted to  be. I can’t be the person in god that I need to be and I thought that therapy would help but I can’t face this stuff not all this and I don’t know what to do I feel totally lost without hope. I just don’t know what to do anymore. 

    • 651.1
      BP says:

      Big Sister to Little Sister…
      Not that long ago, I was drowning. I wanted to die. I cried out to the Lord. “WHY would you ever die for me? I am not worthy.” I was consumed by my past sins. I could not forgive myself even though I knew that God had. But because God would NOT let go of my hand, because He would NOT forget me, because He loved me so much and because He continued to whisper into my soul, “Trust ME, that’s all I ask of you”, I am alive and healthy today. Though I was full of fear, I decided to trust Him…when I did NOT want to. I did NOT want to do what He was asking of me. I stepped out on faith. He calls us to fall into His arms of strength and mercy.
      TRUST HIM. He knows your pain. He loves you so much.
      TRUST HIM.

      • Rebecca says:

        thank you BP for the words of encouragement. I hate that you have felt this way but thank you for letting me know that I am not alone. that the feeling is not just me. thank you for your prayers

    • 651.2
      Terry says:

      Big sister to little sister Rebecca:
      Rebecca – I know how hard it is to feel like you are drowning in the bad memories and nothing seems to get them out of your mind. You feel like a bad person, and if you are a Christian, you feel like a poor excuse for a Christian. I’ve been there. I think the very best advice I can give you is to remember one very important fact – the devil is a liar. So…the lie is that you cannot deal with the past and that you will drown if you have to face the pain. This is not will not drown or go crazy. The truth is that God will give you strength to deal with the bad stuff…gradually. You do NOT have to deal with it all at once (another lie). You say you cannot be the person in God that you want to be – that is another lie, straight from the pit, because God says the minute you accepted Jesus, you BECAME a new person. That is in His eyes. You are a new creation, fresh and new and growing. The devil wants you to keep seeing yourself as the old person. You are not! You are FEELING a lot of things. This is soooo normal when dealing with bad stuff from the past. The important thing is not to base your actions and your thoughts on your FEELINGS because they are not trustworthy. Our feelings need to gradually come under the influence of the Holy Spirit – and your feelings will do that – I promise you – if you choose to take those condemning thoughts and call them what they are – lies from the enemy of your soul. Can I encourage you to memormize one short scripture of your choice something that reminds you that any thought that condemns you is a LIE. Perhaps ‘there is no condemnation in Christ’ would be a good one. It takes time to learn to walk by faith rather than our emotions but you can do all things through Christ. And as for the counselling – don’t give up! If you have a good Christian therapist whom you trust…don’t try to rush through the process (or be rushed by anyone). God knows that we cannot bear to face all the yucky stuff at once. In His time and His way He will heal your memories and straighten out your emotions and thinking. He has given you the tools – His word and His Spirit. Make sure you have one or two really solid Christian friends to encourage you and admonish you when you need it. I know you can do this…because I’ve been exactly where you are…and God truly is our Healer. I’ll pray for you…

      • Rebecca says:

        it was as you just read me as a book. the thing that I tell my therapist and my dr’s is that I was to be fixed. I am so so so sick of Satan using my past against me. thank you so much for you prayers. it is nice to hear for a big sister in Christ that knows were i am going through. though I have two older blood sister’s neither are Christian’s and they are not around much since i decided to deal with my past. they don’t understand why I have to bring it up. they don’t understand me wanting to heal. But I want to be whole. thank you so much for your prayers

    • 651.3
      Barb says:

      Middle sis here (not quite up to Big Sis yet-emotionally or spiritually tho I am 59)…Others may have more specific advice but I wanted to share what I have learned (from Ms. Beth & life) about dealing with thoughts I don’t want to think about, which is a combination of several things: 1. Tomorrow really is a new day – even if it takes a few of them, “this too shall pass”! I know that sounds trite, but God is holding you tight right now – you just can’t feel Him at the moment. 2. Try reading the book by Beth: “Get Out of that Pit” – she gives some very good, solid advice for getting out that deep dark hole your thoughts & memories have put you in! 3. Use these memories to turn your attention to our Lord & Savior – instead of letting them take you hostage, take them hostage by letting them be a reminder of something you can Praise the Lord about. Beth’s book explains in more detail. Beth’s book “Breaking Free”, Chapter 12 explains clearly how to take thoughts captive. I believe you could find hope in reading about her experiences. 4. Sweetie, the Lord Jesus is walking step by step with you & it is HE who will give you the strength to get thru this. I pray that you will feel Him next to you and that this time will be powerful because you will come to KNOW Him & His delivering love for you!!! He will lead you thru this. Memorizing the Psalm that Beth suggests as well as Psalm 23 may be very helpful when you can’t turn the other thoughts off – repeat those & believe them, pray those prayers over yourself.
      Praying for you Rebecca!!!

      • Rebecca says:

        thank you for the prayers Breaking Free I just finished it. I have started it 8 years ago and I always end up not finishing it but I have now. I believe that I am going to start the bible study. someday is harder then others. but I sure can feel my big sisters praying for me.

    • 651.4
      Sharoni says:

      Hi! Big sister here….. as I read through so many of these posts and tears poured from my heart and from my eyes I wondered….Father, what can I say…should I say that might really help someone…..or would make a difference? Here’s what I hear:
      “Breathe…..just breathe….”
      And then….. “be still, just sit with Me awhile….. and then breathe again…..”
      As I think back on what a bone-head I was in my 20s, then my 30s, and later my 40s, and now in my 50s I love…..just LOVE being the little grayed lady who can get away with so much sass! But honestly, it’s because I learned that simple is better and that all I have to do is breathe and believe that His love is real and powerful.
      So… we go…..walk your sweet selves in that bathroom and look in the mirror and say, “hello beautiful! You are beautiful, you know! GOD made me this way and it’s so I can share His love with anyone I come in contact with today.” And then get yourself all cute and walk out into the world to face the day with the resolve that you will bless someone else today. We live to be that blessing that somebody who is just a little worse off than us desperately needs. And believe me, there are millions out there in worse shape than you and me. I see them every day. Walk up to that person and smile at them and just say, “may I tell you, GOD bless you?” Walk up behind that young mother standing in line at Chic-fil-A and buy her lunch……smile at that older lady or gentleman and bless them…..hand that homeless person on the street a burger and a drink or just a few dollars….if we had loaves & fishes it would be that which we would give, huh? The main thing here is that our thoughts….our focus should be about love…..just love….and ways to give it away. And you will marvel at the amazing miracles that happen in your own life when you do. All of a sudden our issues seem almost silly…..definitely less than……and we realize that we are here for a purpose….and that is to be loved by an amazing GOD and sharing that love with anyone and everyone around us all the time….everywhere……anywhere ….

      Does this seem simplistic? It is …. but then, so was Jesus….and I think that’s the coolest thing of all! He is an awesome GOD and is just looking for ways to show us…..let Him. Let Him use you to show Himself off…..He made you a beautiful vessel so He could do just that. Just believe it…..after all, isn’t that what our life in Him is all about anyway? Believing?
      Breathe darlings …. breathe.

      His life of love is just “dying” to get out there and shower His goodness all around. 🙂

      In His Arms…. Always….
      Sharoni 🙂

      • Rebecca says:

        it is hard to remember to breath thank you so much for your advice and kind words to me it help me to remember to stop for a moment and be still. life can get so crazy and overwhelming at time.

    • 651.5
      Snowbyrrd says:

      Sweet Girl, I lift you up to the Lord. May he surround you with his loving arms. I pray that you move forward with his guidance walking with you every step of the way. You are precious in his eyes and he loves you dearly. He will take care of you just trust in him. Now go and rest in peace in his presence sweet child of God, for you are truly loved.

      • Rebecca says:

        you bought me to tears and I am so thankful for the prayers that my big sisters are praying. I feel stronger and I know it is because all of the prayers of the big sisters going up to our father. Very thankful for you.

    • 651.6
      Rachel says:

      Dear Little Sis,
      You don’t have to be any kind of person…that is God’s job. A painful past is an opportunity to see where God carried you, where His strength was. See a theme here? It is all about God and He loves you so very much. He will do it ALL!!! I grew up in a home (though my parents were Christian and raised us initially in the church) that the marriage ended in divorce, my mother was an addict as was my sister. I was abandoned emotionally and it was, for a lack of time and space to elaborate more, a very damaging childhood. But God carried me through it. And it is being able to see that which allows me to handle other difficult times. I still don’t always handle them with a lot of grace and trust, but I am quicker to see His hand in all situtations. Please, plug into your church, or find a church, and find women, including older women, to be real with so that you can have a support system. Much love and prayers for you, dear sister!

    • 651.7
      Lynn T. says:

      Big sister here. Re/therapy, sometimes it takes a while for a “breakthrough.” I used to quit therapy every time I began feeling uncomfortable, not realizing I had to walk through the pain to come out on the other side. I also wasn’t completely honest with my therapist. I would quit, wait a while, and start over with someone new. Please give it a while longer.

      • Rebecca says:

        Therapy is the hardest thing ever. I have spend years stuffing feelings . now I am going to have to take years digging it up and working through it the right way. looking at it the right way. I stop going 3 days a week and slowing down its a lot to deal with a lot to think about I pray that I wont quit I just what to be all that I can be for God. I know that the things that I have been through he will use for his good. but I also know I have to heal and forgive before that can happen

  2. 652
    amiebelle says:

    Big sister to little sister:
    For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 2:7. I cannot tell you how many times a day I said this when we were battling the devil in our lives.
    Pour out your needs to God, He already knows them, vocalize it! Let Him minister to you, He loves you so much. When you are on your last nerve, ask him for peace and then bask in it breath it in. Believe in Him and His promises.
    Psalm 103:1-5
    Bless the Lord, O my soul;
    And all that is within me, bless His holy name!
    Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    And forget not all His benefits:
    Who forgives all your iniquities,
    Who heals all your diseases,
    Who redeems your life from destruction,
    Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
    Who satisfies your mouth with good things,
    So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

  3. 653
    Laura says:

    Little sister here…
    Why am I scared to let go of the past? I need to let go in order to move forward, but I can’t seem to completely let go of some things.

    Thank you, Mrs. Beth, for doing this!!

    • 653.1
      connie says:

      it’s scary to move forward. We buy into the belief that we are that person from our past and if anyone knows us we will be judged by who we were. God makes ALL things new and you are a new creation. God has purpose and plans for you that are so amazing but he is asking you to make a choice, stay in the past or move forward to destiny. is it easy…No, will there be accusations, lies spoken to your head by satan..yep BUT GOD…every time the lies come then say to satan it was FINISH/ACOOMPLISHED on the cross and My God has amazing plans for my life and so I AM moving forward to where my God is calling. You can do this. I always write scriptures on the mirrors in my apartment using dry erase markers reminding me the promises of God!

  4. 654
    Ingrid says:

    Hi, your little sister here,
    I write for our church magazine, last month I wrote on the pleasure of time with God in the morning, removing the guilt and just enjoying getting into God’s word. Since that article was published, I have had no end of attacks, sleepless nights; children awake, insomnia, cat going mad outside my bedroom window, the works. Since then I have rarely been able to have my quiet time, and now it’s become a battle not from the enemy, but with me. Please pray for me, that tomorrow I can sleep soundly, wake refreshed and get up!
    thanks Ingrid

    • 654.1
      Andrea says:

      From an older sister…Praying for you, Ingrid! You’ve done a courageous work in writing about spending time with our Lord in His Word. I pray that the enemy of our souls wil loosen his grip on you and your family…and that the Lord will extend His mercy to you In giving you restful sleep.


    • 654.2
      Diane says:

      I am praying for you now. Remember though that when the enemy attacks, he tips his hand. In other words, your morning quiet time must be very important and powerful or he wouldn’t try to interrupt it. I encourage you to do whatever it takes to get back on track with your morning worship. By the way, this is the third time I wrote this. It kept getting deleted, erased, jumbled. Strange, eh?

    • 654.3
      Another Beth says:

      Ha Ha. I always thought cats were an agent of the devil…and here is proof! (Just kidding Cat Lovers)

      Your article had some good advice: remove the guilt and yearn for the Word. Keep doing that…keep trying…laugh at the kids and cats and craziness…and seek Him when and where you can.

      Obviously, you had learned one Lesson and passed it on. Maybe He is teaching YOU something NEW….?

      • Ingrid says:

        Thank you ladies. I’ve never really been in a place to be attacked, as I’ve not been effective before, not that I feel like I am being effective, but clearly God’s using the little I have to offer, He’s good like that.
        We have had some major issues in the night season, more than I have mentioned, it’s tiring. Thank you for your encouragement, boy do I need that. Thank you for praying for me. It’s horrible to be under attack, and being such a novice. I need as many prayers as you are willing to give. Makes me question myself and what I write, which feels really stink and weak. Thank you big sisters, you’re lovely.

  5. 655
    Cambria Herrera says:

    little sister here There are so many comments that I’m ashamed to put this moved me to tears and Psalm 25 resonates so loud with me i’ll go ahead…

    I’m struggling with two things.

    1. Fear of man. (Just to be clear…That is man not men) I’m constantly afraid of what my sisters in Christ think. I’m afraid of what my non-believing friends think. And I’m in a full out battle to hear God’s voice.

    2.Giving God the time to move in my life. I pack and pack and pack my life with my plans, my family, and my friends. like Psalm 25:5 I need to wait all. day. long.

    Prayers and encouragement are appreciated so much that my words cannot express it!

    • 655.1
      Linda says:

      This Big Sister has certainly been there. Hebrews 13:5-6 says “NEVER will I leave you, NEVER will I forsake you. That is why we can say without any doubt or fear the Lord is my helper and I will not be afraid of anything mere man can do to me.” Look to Jesus and stay focused on him. When Peter was in the boat and the Lord called out to him, Peter went to him walking on the water. When he doubted, Peter began sinking. When doubts and fears overtake you, keep looking to and talking to Jesus so He will hold you up not letting you sink. I know in the past I filled my life to the brim, and even more because I was scared to death to leave an empty space that would cause me to examine myself. The truth is Jesus has already examined you and loves you the same. Focusing on others opinions are the devils chains. Believe me, throw them off for freedom in Christ. You will be so much more at peace. Look to him for fulfillment. It is sooo much better than looking to others. Just let it go.

  6. 656
    Kylabeth says:

    Little sister here.. I just happened to come across this blog today and I’m so glad I did! I have an abusive home life and often I’m scared to go home because I don’t know what it may hold. I have been heavily involved in very inappropriate things that are completely degrading to women. I feel SO dirty and used and worthless. I’m afraid I’m beyond forgiveness and I don’t know how I can ever get past my awful mistakes that have left so many scars and the awful memories of my homelife. I feel like me and my family are just beyond help. I have nightmares and can’t sleep most nights and I don’t know who to go to for help. Everything around me is just so chaotic and I just want to be taken care of for once and to be wanted for me and not for something I can give. I really want to change and I want to read a book or try a Bible study or something, but I don’t know where to even start. I’m kinda a beginner at this stuff. I don’t usually admit to these things, but I want to be real and genuine and I need help. I can’t live this way anymore. I feel so hopeless.

    Beth.. Do you really believe that Jesus can save anyone? Even someone who has done some of the worst things imaginable?

    • 656.1
      Marilyn Williams says:

      Dear Kylabeth,
      God can forgive and choose to not remember any sin. After years of doing the unimaginable-He forgave me-to become a teacher, sister, friend, lover of Jesus, loved by Jesus.

      Right now let someone come alongside you-call Beauty for Ashes 1-877-423-2767

      or try, 1-417-581-2181

      or walk into the nearest Salvation Army post, almost every town has one.
      These people love to help others and they will in Christ help you get out of this situation physically so that you can start down the wondrous road of knowing how much the Lord loves and desires to save you.
      May the Lord bless and keep you, make His face to shine upon you and give you peace, strength to call or go-and take that first step into His wonderful light and salvation.

    • 656.2
      BP says:

      Kylabetn, I am weeping as I reply to you. Don’t you dare give up. I don’t know where you are but if I could reach through this computer to give you a hug, I would. YES, Jesus can save anyone and that includes YOU. Do you hear me? That means YOU. It.Does.Not.Matter.What.You.Have.Done!! Period.
      Cry out to Him. Trust Him. Tell Him that you know that you have sinned and you need Him to be your Savior. He will hear you and save you. He loves you. I will be praying for you. I love you too!

    • 656.3
      Cindy says:

      To Little Sister from Little Sister…
      I have a story so similiar to yours. When we are in the deepest pit of our lives…God is deeper still. You can not possibly fall so far as to miss God’s grace and forgiveness. It is for all of us who believe. Much of Jesus’ ministry while He walked this planet was aimed at healing the hearts of women. Read about the woman at the well!
      I grew up in the midst of an abusive father. I was sexually abused by a family member very close to me. I have walked a path like yours, making decisions based on my pain, and letting it define me. And then I came face to face with the real Jesus Christ and He picked me up out of the slimy pit and gave me a firm place to stand (Psalm 40). He showed me what someone is like who comes to Him, hears His Word, and puts it into practice. Amen, Lord Jesus Come heal my sisters heart!

    • 656.4
      Marcy says:

      Jesus makes ALL things new, there is hope for you. I just prayed for you & I hope you soon see your savior rush in and change your life!

    • 656.5
      Loving Little Sis says:


      NO ONE is beyond God’s grace and forgiveness as long as we are willing to ask for it. “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) We all deserve death – no matter what we’ve done, but His sacrifice pays our penalty, all of it. Look at Paul, who called himself the “chief” of sinners (1 Timothy 1). Afterall, he was helping persecute Christians, and God not only saved him but used him to write much of the New Testament.
      Start reading in the book of John. You can learn so much about Jesus and His love for sinners there. Praying you and your family find His peace, forgiveness, and renewal.

    • 656.6
      Angela Young says:

      I am not Beth and I am sure many have already replied to you but I can confidently say Jesus will save anyone who calls upon Him. He created you and He knew what you would do in your lifetime. He also knew that His death on the cross would be the payment for all the sins of the world for ever! All we have to do is accept that payment for ourselves. Put our trust in His sacrifice, it is sufficient. He desires you more than you can imagine, nothing you have done has suprised Him. He is anxiously waiting your response to Him. No one will ever love you more than Jesus does – truly! Ask Him to be your saviour and begin a new life in Him. Here is some scripture that might encourage you. This woman was caught in the act of adultery and you can read for yourself how Jesus dealt with her. May you feel the love of Christ today!

      John 8:1-11
      1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. 2 At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. 3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

      9 At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10 Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

      11 “No one, sir,” she said.

      “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

      Please do seek a faith-based system near you to give you the help and support you will need regarding your abusive home and lifestyle. It will certainly take much effort but Christ wants to be with you all along the way.

    • 656.7
      Jessica says:

      Dear Kylabeth–
      This is a fellow little sister, Jessica. I read your story and feel led to talk to you in a mightily way.
      YES. Yes, yes, yes, Jesus can save anyone! Ask for forgiveness, just ONCE, and He will forgive. Ask Him into your heart, and He will immediately enter in. He WANTS you to ask Him. He WANTS you to be in relationship with Him. He is our groom, and we are His bride! It is beautiful when we have faith.
      Your sins will be forgiven if you simply ask Him, dear friend. I have been to some dark places, and let me tell you, when forgiven, He lifts your burden off of you! You will feel light.
      God will give you the hope you are missing. Endless hope.
      Beth’s book So Long Insecurity is fantastic for recognizing why we have insecurities (and we all do!) and how we can gain security through relationship with God!
      Kylabeth–if you have any further questions or would like to talk anytime, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at: [email protected] .


      P.S. God calls YOU beautiful. And you are. I am reminded of Jason Gray’s lyrics to I Am New–check it out!

      I am not who I was
      I am being remade
      I am new
      I am chosen and holy
      And I’m dearly loved
      I am new

      Too long I have lived
      In the shadows of shame
      Believing that there
      Was no way I could change
      But the one who is making everything new
      Doesn’t see me the way that I do
      He doesn’t see me the way that I do

      Forgiven beloved
      Hidden in Christ
      Made in the image of the Giver of Life
      Righteous and holy
      Reborn and remade
      Accepted and worthy, this is our new name

      This is who we are now!

    • 656.8
      Jerri says:

      Yes, Kaylabeth, God can save anyone and you are that anyone. He died on the cross for you. He took all those things that you hold as “the worst things imaginable” with Him to the cross. We all fall short, we are all sinners and we all need a Savior. God loves you so much Kaylabeth that He sent His Son to die on the cross for you. Kaylabeth, let the past go and but your trust in Jesus.

      Start with the bible and the book of John. Ask Jesus to be Lord of your life.

    • 656.9
      Dee says:

      I’m not Beth but still felt lead to respond. Jesus can save a-n-y-o-n-e who comes to him. ALL sin was paid for on the cross and because of that you can stand before God holy and blameless if you accept Jesus’s gift of salvation. Read this and pay special attention to verses 21 &22

      Colossians 1:15-23
      Christ Is Supreme

      15 Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.
      He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation,[a]
      16 for through him God created everything
      in the heavenly realms and on earth.
      He made the things we can see
      and the things we can’t see—
      such as thrones, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities in the unseen world.
      Everything was created through him and for him.
      17 He existed before anything else,
      and he holds all creation together.
      18 Christ is also the head of the church,
      which is his body.
      He is the beginning,
      supreme over all who rise from the dead.[b]
      So he is first in everything.
      19 For God in all his fullness
      was pleased to live in Christ,
      20 and through him God reconciled
      everything to himself.
      He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth
      by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.
      21 This includes you who were once far away from God. You were his enemies, separated from him by your evil thoughts and actions. 22 Yet now he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault.

      23 But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don’t drift away from the assurance you received when you heard the Good News. The Good News has been preached all over the world, and I, Paul, have been appointed as God’s servant to proclaim it.

    • 656.10
      Sam says:

      To little sister Kylabeth,

      My heart breaks for you and your struggles. I heard God telling me that you needed lifting up and that I should do it if I can, even if we don’t know one another, we are sisters in Christ.

      Here’s the thing, little sis… None of us is good enough. We are not worthy of God and never will be.

      The good news is that through Jesus we are offered unconditional, if undeserved, eternal love and grace to our sin stained souls. See the problem comes when we hold God to human capabilities. We hold grudges, we don’t give grace, we all too often view others through the lens of their past and present. We are not perfect and so we have a hard time praising the perfect love of God.

      God, however, is not human and HE IS PERFECT. Hallelujah! Perfectly forgiving. Perfectly grace giving. Perfectly loving. God’s love has nothing to do with you, or what you have or haven’t done. His perfect love for you depends only on Him, and He never changes.

      So, although things you may do or have done may sadden the Lord or take you further from a relationship with Him, it can never, could never change how he feels for you sister.

      I’ll be praying that you find the strength, through God to change your circumstances and that He leads you in how that might happen.

      Sister, you are loved.

    • 656.11
      Linda says:

      My Dear Sweet Sister, Kylabeth,

      If you are in a place that is endangering you GET OUT. Call social services and ask where you can go to be safe. That’s the first thing.

      The next thing, while second on the list is the most important: YES YES YES Jesus died to save just you. Please believe that. He saw you just where you are and knew you and chose you.

      Get safe, and then get to church. Find one with a recovery ministry. They will be able to help you more.

      I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but you have a huge community of women here in who love you and are pulling for you. Keep us posted…I’ll be watching. Linda

      Sorry, Beth… I know I didn’t follow the rules. But I had to respond to this individually

    • 656.12

      I’m POSITIVE HE can save anyone! He saved me! No matter what you’ve done, HE will forgive you! He loves YOU!!!

      Personally, I found a fabulous Church and went EVERY TIME the doors were open! I chose to hang around the leaders and the people that were there to learn/love/grow in Him. I have been blessed since 1992 (the same Church family). Join a small group of ladies and READ/STUDY HIS WORD!!!! HE WILL CHANGE YOU!!!! Only He has the power!

      I will be praying for you!

    • 656.13
      Penny says:

      Yes, Kylabeth, YES!! God has made you and called you by name! You are HIS TREASURE and HE has great plans for your future! Give your life to Him, and He will restore you! I’m praying for YOU!

    • 656.14
      joni says:

      yes she does! read up on her and you will see her testimony is relatable to yours. go to and search her name. also, you can listen to her at this site.

    • 656.15
      Nancy says:

      Big sister here … Be encouraged in the Lord! While not Beth, I hear your heart cry and so does Jesus! Yes, Jesus can save anyone, including you, and me. He died on the cross for each and everyone of us! None of us are perfect, and we all have done things we are not proud of, and the enemy has used over and over to shame us even after we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. The enemy is known as the “father of lies” and he will try to make you believe Jesus can’t or won’t save you. That is a lie!!! Jesus WILL save you if only you ask Him. In time as God heals our broken hearts, we know who we are in Christ and who Christ is in us, and as we grow closer to HIM, the enemy has less and less power over us as we believe his lies less, and trust God’s Word and HIS love for us. God WILL cleanse you and make you whole!

      • Beth says:

        Oh, my gracious, Sister! (Kylabeth and you all) YES, INDEED! I NOT ONLY BELIEVE JESUS CAN SAVE ANYONE AND EVERYONE, I KNOW THAT HE CAN! That is GRACE and FAITHFULNESS. Lord have mercy, if He can save me and redeem my pit-dwelling past, He can save and redeem anyone. He loves you so!

        • Kylabeth says:

          Ms. Beth,

          I just want you to know that God is using your testimony to change my life. Also, I’ve never had a mama to offer advice and love to me, so seeing you nurture and mother your siestas is so amazing to me! Having you and the other siestas share Christ with me makes my heart hurt a little less. I want to be apart of this community and I think I’m going to read So Long Insecurity! I already love my siesta mama and siestas! Thank you, siesta mama!


    • 656.16
      Christy says:

      Big sis here…

      Sweet Kylabeth, your words tear my heart. I know you addressed your question to Beth, but I have to answer a resounding YES. God is bigger than anything and you have to trust him, to learn to see you and He sees you, his perfect, beautiful child. He created you and He loves you. Please try to find a church around you where you can get connected with people who know the Truth, the only Truth.

      Praying for you, Christy

    • 656.17
      Tammy Bellinger says:

      Big Sister here – Beth definitely believes that Jesus can save anyone. If you listen to her long enough she will share her testimony that she comes out of a live much like yours, abused, degraded, and fallen into sin. Jesus saved her. He can save you. Turn to Him in prayer, and offer up yourself, past, present, and future. Look through some of these other posts, you will see many women who have come from or are still in really difficult situations. We have all made wrong choices many times, yet Jesus forgives us all. He only wants us to trust Him and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. John 3:16 is a great place to start. Read through the gospel of John and see who Jesus constantly reached out to – the sinners, the broken, the hurting people, not the ones who had all together, but the ones who need Him.

      • Christy says:

        Fancy meeting you here in Siestaville, dear sweet friend. Amazed that the Lord had us on here one after another, speaking to the same dear little sis. Love you!

    • 656.18
      amiebelle says:

      Jesus already loves you! I come from an abused childhood. I understand when you can’t love yourself you find it hard to believe anyone can love you. Please find a large church near you and go talk to the minister there. Tell him what you feel and let him minister to you. Also, if you and possible children are in an abusive home ask the minister to help you get away. Let God love you and help make your life right. My heart hurts for you. God loves you so much and wants so much for you to go to Him, confess your sins and become His child. Once you do that He sees you with white all over you, you are forgiven. Please get to a minister to get physical help for you as well as minister to you.

    • 656.19
      aussie monica says:

      Yes! Kylabeth, Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ!

    • 656.20
      Karen K says:

      Kaylabeth, Oh dear one yes!! Yes you can be forgiven. I strongly encourage you to get to know The LORD, Oh I hurt iin my heart for you and have and will continue to raise you up in prayer. Please go to Beth’s site on the community bible study board and find a study preferably “Breaking Free” also find a church with a strong direction for women’s ministry. I fear for you now and sense you may should get the law involved if your life is in jeopardy. I pray right this moment as my hands are on this keyboard that you will receive some comfort, so knowledge of your future and a Devine sense of peace from Jesus that only He can give. Our enemy wants you to think you are beyond cure and that your circumstances will never allow a relationship with Jesus and that is a LIE. Dont believe the lies and talk to the Lord in Heaven to forgive you then let it be. We don’t bring it back up as it is forgiven and walk with His son. I so pray you find a church home and allow the women there to shed some mentoring to you. There is so much healing and I wish I could hug you. In Christ Alone Beloved.

    • 656.21
      Karise says:


      Yes dear one! Jesus can save anyone! Even someone who has done horrible things. I am living proof of that. I was fortunate to be raised in a great home with a loving family…my dad is even a minister. But as an adult, I chose to make so many bad choices and almost lost my husband and kids. God let me come back and it has been full steam ahead ever since.

      As a recovering addict, I spend a lot of time keeping my mind focused where it needs to be. I am a true believer in using Christian music to help keep you on the path you need to be on. Use it. There is so much good stuff out there. It will help you feel less hopeless.

      Please hang in there…I love you. You can overcome your past, your issues, everything! Continue to reach out to find help.

      God bless you!


    • 656.22
      Michele says:

      Dear Little sister. I tell my daughter who turned five just recently that all she needs to do to get her mom’s love up is be born; truth is I loved her since she was in the womb and that will never change. Be born – that’s it! How much more is God’s love for His children, He created us, knows even the very last strand of the hair on our head. He loves you! He is wooing you to know Him or you would not have just bumped into this site when we are all speaking about the mightiness of the God we serve. Listening to Beth’s teachings helped me tremendously, but read scripture – I leave you this for starters – “Luke 1:45 which says “Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” Your God loves you, seek Him on your knees and reading His word and ask Him to reveal Himself to you and I guarantee you He will. Be blessed.

    • 656.23
      Sue S says:

      Kylabeth, I just wanted you to know that Jesus died so ALL sin could be forgiven. I will be praying for you. I am writing your name in my Bible and will be praying for you. I pray that God will show you that he is absolutely real and He promises to never leave you.

      PS I am a big sister and know ideally we should not answer individually, but this post just tugged at my heart.

    • 656.24
      alyssabeth says:

      Little sister here….
      First some words of encouragement for my fellow little sisters: our righteousness is nothing compared to God. Whatever we do we CANNOT measure up, but thank GOD we don’t have to! His blood covers ALL of our sin. He is a holy God and we are sinners, separated by our sin. He has given us a vehicle to touch Him in the blood of Christ. When we begin a relationship with Him, He cleans us. We DON’T HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES. WE CANNOT DO IT OURSELVES. He only asks that we follow Him, that we give Him our dirty yucky selves. He will figure out what to do with us.( The book Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennen Manning discusses this very topic.) And He will use our trials to comfort others, “Praise be to the GOd and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort. Who comforts us in all our troubles so that we may comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” 2 cor 1:3-4.

      Second, I really struggle to be in the Word. It hit me today as I send my son off to children’s camp. He will be expected to do a quiet time, something I rarely do. How can I expect to serve God if I don’t listen to HIs word. I pray, but I do most of the talking when I pray.
      Beth, thank you for this post. We little sisters need our big sisters. We need Godly examples to follow.

    • 656.25
      Vanessa Szanto says:

      Another little sister here, but I just read your post and my heart is aching for you. YES!!! A thousand times over YES Jesus can save you, no matter what you have done. He is longing to take away your brokenness and shame. He died a brutal death on the cross so you wouldn’t have to. You are loved by him. Confess your sins to him and chose to believe in him and He WILL save you.

      1John 1:9 if we confess our sin, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

      Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save, He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.

      Jeremiah 31:3 I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with loving-kindness.

      Mighty savior, help this sister. Rescue her, pour out your love upon her. In Jesus name i pray, amen

    • 656.26
      Ashley says:

      Jesus will save anyone who admits they are sinner and believes He paid the price for that sin on the cross.When we ask Jesus to be our Saviour, we are also asking him to be our Lord which means we will follow Him and obey His Word. He loves you. You have not done ANYTHING He won’t forgive you for. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God can accomplish anything in your life. Praying for you!

    • 656.27
      Tammy says:

      Kylabeth, God can save you! There is nothing too horrible you’ve ever done that he won’t forgive. He will forgive you, just ask him to come into your life and save you. John 3:16 For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, so YOU can have everlasting life. I pray you say a prayer for God to come into your life and accept him as your saviour. Love from one sister to another. A- accept B-believe C-confess

    • 656.28
      Elizabeth says:

      Yes he can. He will, his word is true. He loves you.

    • 656.29
      Amy says:

      YES JESUS CAN and DOES SAVE “ANYONE”!!! Hallelujah for that or we would all be dooomed! Some of the “worst things imaginable” were done by God’s most beloved followers in the Bible. They were forgiven. You can be forgiven. Thank God I have been forgiven. I too have done some of the worst things imaginable. Something I never would have dreamed I could be capable of doing. But I did it. It took me a long time to FEEL forgiven so let me help you….BELIEVE in His forgiveness and forgive yourself. He wipes out sin immediately when you confess it and turn from it. You wipe it out too. Take courage in His love and forgiveness. Believe it, embrace it, don’t beat yourself up for it, and know that you are not alone. All that you’ve been through and done…it isn’t who you are, it’s what has happened. Let Jesus heal it. Let God tell you who you are. He can change your circumstances and bring you through this if you give yourself to Him..DAILY, HOURLY, as often as you need to recommit. Listen to 89.3 on your radio…it helps. Google Joyce Meyer and Charles Stanley. Listen to Beth’s radio messages online. But most importantly – Read the Bible. At my lowest time I stayed in Psalms. David did dreadful things and cried out to God all through Psalms…and was comforted. Pray the Psalms. Put on the full armor of God everyday – Ephesians 6:10 – 18. Pray it out loud as soon as you wake up. I had to and it helped. I’ll be praying for you little sister!!! Don’t give up…Jesus will make it better. There is already a battle being fought for you that is unseen. Take comfort in knowing that all you have to do is choose God’s side and believe Jesus has saved you. He will show you a path out of your circumstances. Just believe it, look for it, pray for it, and thank Him in advance!

    • 656.30

      Kylabeth, sweet sister. My heart is broken after reading your post. I wish I could reach through the monitor and hug you and reassure you that we have all done things that we are ashamed of. Every single one of us needs the cleansing blood of Jesus because we are filthy in comparison to our Heavenly Father.
      I’m sorry that you have an abusive home life and that you’re feeling hopeless. I trust completely that you are experiencing these things so that one day you are able to help someone else because of what you have gone through.
      Please take Beth’s advice and read and memorize Psalm 25. Pray this scripture to God every day. I want to personally promise you one thing: I will be praying this on your behalf for the next few weeks. Your situation may not change overnight but I pray that your heart will find a peace and hope that can only come from believing that God has forgiven you. Sweetie, the enemy wants you to believe that you are the worst thing ever born — this is a lie! God formed you and wants nothing more than for you to turn away from sin and cling to Him.
      Lord, thank you for allowing me to pray for Kylabeth. Thank you for this blog and the way we can share one another’s burdens. Lord, please reveal Your presence to this girl and make Yourself so real to her. Please show her, right this very minute, how much you love her. Set her on the path that You have created for her and give her hope and a desire to draw close to You. Father, thank you for being a Father to the fatherless. I love you so much and praise You for loving me even though I am so unlovable sometimes.
      In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • 656.31
      Emeta says:

      Big sister here to Kylabeth and all sisters who feel they have made such bad choices that there is no hope.  Dear one, Hope is right here, right now in front of you. Jesus is presenting you with a big, beautiful trunk and what is inside…it is completely YOURS. When you open it, you will find the most beautiful garment you could possibly imagine: pure white and Tailor made. Yes, Tailor made just for you. Woven in love and purchased with His blood, Jesus presents you with a brand new garment designed specifically to fit YOU…that is how special you are. It even has a tag in the back that reads “Forgiveness.” Put it on, girls, put it on! Pull it over that head whose thoughts have ventured away from God’s will and played in the enemy’s fields. Touch the fabric with hands that have gripped in fury. Draw it around those shoulders that sag from the weight of the world and grievous choices. Smooth it over the heart that has been broken and trodden. Let it fall to the feet that have taken you where you now wish you had never gone. Now, look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman covered in Jesus’ forgiveness. Stunning! Simply stunning! Open the trunk! Thank Him! Then sincerely ask God to work out the details in your life. He will…His way…His timing. Time to change clothes! Lord Jesus, thank You. I never imagined that I….even I…as wretched as I have been….could truly be stunning! Thanks to YOU! We are praying for you, little sisters…for real!

    • 656.32
      mary jane miller says:

      Dear Precious Little Sister Kylabeth, He is Able! Our God is able to save , heal and deliver no matter the depths of sin and abuse. I know. I’ve been there and now am washed clean by the blood of Jesus. Grab a Bible and start with the gospel of John. You will find a wonderful, merciful Saviour who does not condemn those who come to him. Pay attention to Chpt. 8, the woman caught in the act of adultery and the kindness and compassion of Jesus toward her. He LOVES you!

    • 656.33
      Maureen says:

      Big sister here…Dear sweet precious little sister Kylabeth. I am so sad and monumentally angry at the accuser for adding to your pain by making you feel unworthy!!! Not only CAN Jesus save ANYONE…He lived and died to save YOU!!! He loves you without any strings attached…I know that because He loves me the same way!! I have in my past and often in my present…everything to be “ashamed of” but, “there is tremendous relief in knowing that His love to me is utterly realistic.” I KNOW that Jesus, “based on every point on prior knowledge of the WORST about me” [you], cannot discover ANYTHING that can disillusion Him about me” [you]. (J.I. Packer’s meditation on God’s knowledge of us). This quote has been a lifeline to me little sister!!! Jesus did not die inspite of my (your, our) sin…He died because of it!! Who else on earth could love us that much!!! Please believe that dear Kylabeth!!! He so wants to hold you in His arms, and cradle you!! Yes, if He can save me, He can save anyone…anyone who by faith knows that He came specifically and intentionally for that purpose!! YOU ARE HIS JOY!!!! I wish I could be there to hold you and pray with you and place your sweet face in my hands!!! I trust Jesus to do that for me…and oh so much better than I ever could.

    • 656.34
      colleen says:

      Big sister here. Kylabeth, Jesus can and does save anyone no matter what they have done. Ifyou are truly repentant and confess your sin to Him he will forgive you. Go to the word for confirmation. I also had an issue with this and I went through my bible and looked for scriptures on forgiveness. Then I wrote them on cards and carried them around with me repeating them over and over until I believed them. The freedom that I experienced was amazing.

      For the rest of you little sisters – what I have learned? being a child of God doesn’t mean that all problems will go away or work out the way you would like them to. My husband is still unemployed 2 years later. But what I did learn is trust God to walk with you every step of the way. He will never leave you no matter how awful the circumstances may be. Stay in the Word and write out scriptures that apply to your circumstances and carry them with you reading them over and over.
      God will not fail you, He cannot.

    • 656.35
      Jill says:

      Big sister to Kylabeth – You have been on my heart for two days since reading your post. I was overwhelmed with wanting to tell you so many things so I paused before responding. Other responses have beautifully responded so much of what I wanted to say. But most of all I want to tell you YES. YES Jesus can save anyone – everyone. That is the beauty of his precious gift on the cross. He died to save YOU. Me. All of us. His atoning blood is what washes all the dirt and filth out of our lives. YES Jesus can save you. No matter what you have done. One other thing – we often look to others for our worth. Family, friends, the culture …. our worth is not to be found there. Your worth is not to be found there. Your worth is in being a child of the King. A precious, loved, cherished daughter of your HEAVENLY father who loves you enough to die for you. I am praying for you, Kylabeth, that you will know yourself to be held close by God and feel his love and forgiveness and claim them for your own. Love and blessings to you!

    • 656.36
      Rebecca says:

      little sister to little sister…as i was reading you blog I was thinking she is truly my sister you just told my early life. Everything that you said you was feeling your family and all i have been there. I grew up in a abusive family. I never knew not being abused. if you can think of the abuse then i have probably been there. i am 36 and i am just now trying to deal with it and it is the hardest thing that i have ever done. to work through these things. Beth’s book breaking free do you know sister I bought it and would plan on reading it it took me 8 years to read it and that was locking myself up for a weekend and just getting lost in the words and praying to god. I don’t come from a christian family. At this time i have a sister (39) nephew (25) and neice (15) my sister and nephew are drug dealers and my niece I spend my life saving to get her out of that life cause she ask me to. decided she didn’t want to live with out drugs. and went back to that life. my heart breaks daily for them all. as a recovered addict i can’t be around them so I just pray. From the pit of my being If I in all that i have done can change ( am working at changing) this was my light bulb moment and my other sister might not agree but when i came clean from drugs 11 years ago. I went to church high. I wanted to change and I knew that I could not do it with out god so I went to church as i am and that is what god says to do to come as you are and he will fix it. that is my thing I scream I want to be fixed. I am going to give me my email [email protected] if you want to do a bible study on line with me I am up for it if you are. my not that far in my walk with god. right now i am in theraphy dealing with my past. but sis my heart goes out to you you sound so much like me. I am praying for you. and know that you are loved.

    • 656.37
      Cassie says:

      Precious Kylabeth,

      There is no one in the world that is beyond the grace and forgiveness of the Lord if they choose to confess their sins to Him and repent of their sins. Please know there is so much hope to be found through Christ dying on the cross, love! The Lord sent Christ to die on the cross because He loves you so much that it is unimaginable and He wants to take care of you! He not only wants to, but He CAN and WILL take care of you if you turn to Him! And you can come to Him right here, right now with everything you just wrote to us and everything going on in your precious heart and mind! And get this.. He WANTS to take care of you and he WANTS you to come to Him! God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1) I am sure you have been so hurt and let down by a lot of people, but the Lord has only the best intentions for you! He can uphold and sustain you through this very complicated and painful time in your life. He can be your STRENGTH to pull you through this. He can be your REFUGE to run to when things get so unbarable. Sweetheart, YOU are so LOVED by Him and by the sisters on this site who are praying for you and writing to you, including me!

      I come from a rough home life and I, too, made mistakes that included things that were so degrading to women, but Christ saved me and HE CAN SAVE YOU! It was heartbreaking and scary to work through the things that happened to me and the bad decisions I made in response to things that happened in my life and if I’m going to be completely honest, I still have a ways to go, but I am SO glad I am not where I used to be because of the grace of the Lord. I share that with you hoping that you can see you are not alone in this struggle and IT IS possible to get out of this! All things are possible through Christ who gives you strength! (Philippians 4:13) There is so much joy and peace to be found in the Lord and you can have that joy and peace in Him!

      Go right now and find a church that can take you in and love you if you aren’t yet involved in one. Pray to the Lord and pour your heart out to Him and let Him know everything that is on your heart and mind. Write out a list of everything bothering you and worrying you and then read it off to the Lord if you need to. Also, like many of these other ladies have said, get in the word and stay in the word. The Bible has the answers for everything and every situation including this one. Memorize the verses that you find helpful and in those moments when you are feeling completely hopeless, say those verses to yourself!

      I am praying for you so much, love! I will be continuing to think about you and pray for you throughout the weeks to come. Know that you are so welcome with us siestas here.. I’m a new siesta myself! Hang in there, girl, and DON’T you give up!

      • Kylabeth says:

        I have been at a loss for words and crying so much over all the posts. I don’t really know what to say, but I never thought so many people would offer advice and pray for me when I wrote this. I never thought I would be accepted in a place like this because of my background nor did I expect so many of you to have similar stories! I’ve read all your posts and I can’t thank you enough! I got a Bible and I’m going to read through the verses you all sent me. Also, thank you so much to those of you who sent me your email and who sent hugs my way.. I can always use a hug that is sent from love and care! I’ve decided to go and meet with a pastor (I think he’s Southern Baptist?) to figure out how I can get out of my home and the harmful situations I am in. Thank you so much! I am excited to continue to be apart of this community!

  7. 657
    Warm in Alaska says:

    (Been busy – out-of-town-family here for 10 days! Whoopie! Just seeing this now at 1:28am on Sunday so I’ll make this short).

    Younger Sisters – let the Lord give you a couple of stand-by “tools” to turn to when you are so in the heat of the battle and you can’t think straight — or, when you feel so numb that you can’t trust your emotions. One of these tools for me has been to take 55 minutes and read the entire book of Hebrews outloud.

    It doesn’t matter what my circumstances are – good, bad, hard, horrible, or otherwise – by the time I’m on the last chapter, my inner man is breathing strong again.

    It’s kind of like a trip to the chiropractor for a needed adjustment. By the time I get to Hebrews 13, I have had my “spiritual adjustment” and can face whatever I need to face with my mind right and my heart right.

    Tremble at His word.

  8. 658
    Kristine says:

    Little Sister here… Let me tell you I always appreciate some encouragement, but feel led to echo what Beth shared about being in the Word. I know it’s tough, I know the days get long, but I know that no matter what is going on in your life, there IS time to be in the Word. If you’re in a particularly busy season, leave a Bible in the bathroom. I know it sounds weird, but you end up in there at least once a day. Spend that time reading God’s promises to you – even if only a few verses I know God will bless your efforts.

  9. 659
    Elizabeth says:

    Little Sister Here,
    I am struggling through a time like this as well. A year ago I was enjoying life to the full, now I am wondering what on earth has happened. Everything I thought was healthy about me, is being attacked and ripped apart. The only thing I feel I have left is the free will to choose to follow Christ. My emotions and thoughts are so unpredictable and toxic, I can’t trust a single one. I wonder if I will ever be healthy again. I have 3 children and I am married. I am literally choosing every day to try to be what I think God would want me to be in their lives. I must have become more attatched to my emotions than God, and now I am having to die to them. I hate it. I love to feel, and feel healthy. I pray one day when God has gotten what he wants out of me, that I can be healthy again. Anyone been here?

  10. 660
    Pat Anderson says:

    Thank you, Beth, for this challenge! I’m an older sister. After 30 years of following Christ, and seeing my share of pain (I won’t go into all of it), this I know: this world is not our home. We were never meant to be happy here. We were left here to comfort those who don’t have the comfort we do in Christ. We need to STOP looking “at the things which are seen, but (look) at the things which are not seen (God); for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” (See 2 Corinthians 4:16-18) STOP looking at this world to give you joy — start fixing your gaze on Christ alone. He is the lover of your soul, and the only One who can satisfy. I have to practice this day by day, moment by moment, or I lose heart. You can DO this!! Hangeth thou in there, oh baby (in the words of Kay Arthur)!!! Love from a big sister in Christ, Pat xoxo

  11. 661
    Steph says:

    Big sister here …. Little sisters, here are three things that God has taught me to do on a regular, dare I say DAILY basis, and they have brought me strength, stability and steadfastness that I thought I might never ever have again.

    1) Every morning I get down on my knees and OUT LOUD invite the Holy Spirit to come into my life with His power and to be in control of my thinking, speaking and doing. I pray that He will help me obey when He prompts me to do something. Basically, I hand Him the keys and ask Him to be the driver of my life that day!

    2) I have found it’s important to try as much as possible to just deal with TODAY. I am a worrier – big time! – and my mind jumps ahead constantly. God is teaching me to ask for my “daily bread” from Him … to wait on Him for what I need today, not for tomorrow. I believe this is part of having a sound mind – trusting Him for my tomorrows and living in today.

    3) God’s Word. God’s Word. God’s Word. It’s been said by many, many big sisters already here on this post, but God’s Word is the most powerful tool! Write it out, listen to it, speak it out, pray it. Try your hardest to memorize it, but even if you can’t, post it around your house and meditate on it constantly. I can’t even begin to tell you the ways the Lord has used His Word to give me consistency, strength and depth in my walk with Him and in the battles I’ve faced in this life.

    Beth, thank you for this wonderful post! It seems younger women everywhere are longing for mentors and big sisters in their lives. I’ve seen it here in my home church as well. If anyone knows of an effective way to make this happen in a church body, I would love to hear about it! 🙂

    • 661.1
      Michel says:

      Little Sister here..thank you Steph for your guidance. Although I am in the word daily and I have been asking for the Holy Spirit to fill me, I do not say it out loud and I do not ask him to take over my thinking, speaking and doing. I also struggle with worry about tomorrow. I have felt God pushing me to only ask for “my daily bread” and have found some success I do continue to struggle.

      I am in longing for the mentorship of a Godly Big Sister and have yet to find it in my church. I don’t blame them though. I am sure it will happen at some point. I am at a point in my life where I have woken up from the lie of the “American Dream” and other childhood lies. The promises of Isaiah 61 are my hope. I believe as I walk in obedience and submit each aspect of my life to the authority of God, I will one day have a “crown of beauty from ashes.” He will heal all aspects of my life. The enemy is after me though. If he isn’t outright attacking me is trying to lull me back to sleep. Thank you for taking the time to virtually mentor a little sis who is longing to learn how to follow Christ in victory and claim her crown of beauty. I have a long way to go but a future hope in my heart.

    • 661.2

      I LOVE your post. Thank you for sharing!!!! (I’m a big sister too – but in a little sister valley)

  12. 662
    Maryjo Landwehr says:

    Big sister here. . . . . . .this world is NOT our home. . . I’m praying for all the little sisters AND big sisters out there. . . . . God is so good and faithful, even in the midst of the worst. . . . listening to a Christian music station always helps me feel encouraged, too!

  13. 663
    Dawn says:

    Big sister here…READ the WORD ALOUD! Hearing the sound of your own voice as you read his word is so encouraging and comforting. You are speaking his love. Allow it to fall upon your brokenness and bring healing.

  14. 664
    Conne says:

    Big Sister here. This from Streams in the Desert –
    “I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” Isaiah 48:10
    “Does not the Word come like a soft shower, assuaging the fury of the flame? Yes, is it not an asbestos armor,against which the heat has no power? Let the affliction come-God has CHOSEN me. Poverty, thou mayest stride in at my door; but God is in the house already and He has CHOSEN me. Sickness, thou mayest intrude; but I have a balsam ready – God has CHOSEN me. Whatever befall me in this vale of tears, I know that He has CHOSEN me. Fear not, Christian; Jesus is with thee. In all thy firey trials, His presence is both thy comfort and safety. He will NEVER leave one whom He has chosen for His own. “Fear not, for I am with thee” is His sure word of promise to His chosen ones in “the furnace of affliction.” – C.H. Spurgeon. “The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only the weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls.” – Richter.

    Sisters, reading the posts and praying for you – God will bring you through. Just give your day to Him – give this moment to Him – He is Faithful. “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to Trust and Obey.” A lifelong lesson, but SO rewarding! Love you!

  15. 665
    Debbie says:

    Big sister here …God is trustworthy and faithful. I’ve been married for more than 27 years. Same situation; he’s Catholic and I’m Baptist. However, I go to church and he does not. Over the years I’ve drawn closer to the Lord and the fruit of the Spirit has become more evident in my life. My husband has noticed the difference and loves it. I don’t pester him about going to church with me although he knows he’s welcome any time. In fact, he’s not gone with me once even on Christmas and Easter. I pray for him every day and ask the Lord to prompt me when to speak and when to be silent. I’ve turned my husband over to the Lord, trusting Him. I love my husband and respect him. I believe it’s so important to find things that you can respect about your husband and …tell him.

  16. 666
    Aimee says:

    Little Sister: I feel like this season of life with two small children (3 and 2) at home is amazing yet it takes a toll on me. I rotate countless times through doctors offices with children that have so many random sickness and I can’t keep up it seems and I get so down after spending all of myself to make sure they are taken care of and get better each time. I feel like I ride a spiritual rollar coaster of emotions and I know that when I am down it is me that moved not HIM. I moved across the country so my family is not close by (and I can’t tell you how much I realize that a girl needs her mama no matter how old she gets) and my husband has a demanding job that requires many hours away from us so I start to feel like I am alone and it takes me so much time to get out of that emotion pit. I have a great church family but I struggle to get it and/keep it together for my sanity’s sake and my childrens sake. I guess I need to know how to have better balance…

    • 666.1
      Nancy says:

      Big Sister Here: wow! Some amazing posts here, and I can relate to every single one. Been there.
      So, I think one of the hardest things for women is to learn how to live above emotion and feelings. So, stay in the Word, which will guide you: every day. Every day. AND memorize key verses. Trust me,it will get you through.
      And give thanks. Nothing to be thankful for? How about a God who died for you, big sisters in the faith who love you and are praying for you?
      Finally, learn how to fight! That’s right, learn how to fight for what you know is right and those you love.
      Learn that He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

    • 666.2
      Lynn T. says:

      Big sister here. I am an empty-nester, but I well remember that season of life. I assure you, it WILL pass. It will be easier when the children are in school. But how does that help you now, today? Is there another mom you could trade babysitting with so you can have some time to yourself? Is there a young-moms group or Bible study at your church?

      Are you taking care of yourself by eating healthy meals (no fast food) and getting enough sleep? Can you get some exercise by taking the children on a walk? Even a short period of exercise can make you feel better.

  17. 667
    denise says:

    hard to believe that i fall into the ‘Big’ sister category ~ here goes! i am doing beth’s study of When Godly People Do Ungodly Things and it is SOOOO good and has waken me up to be alert to satan’s attack on those of us who pursue pure intimacy with our heavenly Father! Fortify yourselves with God’s word and his truth about who he says you are and know that ‘ Jesus is your Alpha and your Omega. He has been there from your beginning and will be faithful to you until the end. He longs to frame your pasts and let us see them against the backdrop of His Glory. Never ever forget that our God is a redeemer!’ and don’t stop praying for each other. Hugs to all you little sisters and thank you Beth for these words of wisdom!

  18. 668
    Poorna says:

    Your little sister here…has a home that smells like a dirty diaper. Satan is exploiting unforgiveness in my family. Please pray for my brother-in-law and my father to come to know Jesus through a personal relationship with Him. They go to church and occasionally read the Bible, but their pride and lack of willingness to forgive each other and take the higher road tells me that they do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Otherwise they would realize that they have been forgiven for so much already that their natural reaction to that Truth would be to forgive one another. Please pray Ezekiel 36:26 and Jeremiah 33:6-11 for my family. My sister, mother, and I are all dying to have our family back together. Thank you…

  19. 669
    PopTart says:

    Big sister here with a shot gun approach. I’m going to list several keys I’ve used so maybe some of them will hit y-o-u right where you need it. These tools have kept me afloat through some beyond-crazy years! #1 – Remember, life is in seasons. This current place is a season, it WILL pass. #2 Grace. There is Grace for you in this season. Accept it, believe it. GIVE Grace to others, they need it too. #3 Use The Word – begin outloud scripture quotes with “it is written” just as Jesus did when battling in Matthew 4. #4 Feelings are a God given part of you. Good/bad/indifferent they are real. Don’t spend years trying not to ‘feel’ such-n-such. Feelings are NOT what define you. Your Identity in Christ is what defines you. Knowing that #5 It’s ok to feel what you are feeling right now – Just Don’t Get Stuck There! Feel it, deal with it, and bring your spirit man to bear over your emotions. #6 When praying your arsenal of fav scrips, battling, and you become too weary to pray I use “Mercy Lord” as my prayer with the last few ounces of strength I have. #7 My current lifeline is the Lord’s Prayer. He prompts me to pray it several times throughout the day. #8 When you are too distraught to pray, or you are tormented w/thoughts, I literally open my bible across my pillow and sleep with my head on it. #9 GET your Praise On! Crank up the praise music. This is a season and it will pass. Jah is Faithful!

  20. 670

    Big sister here: I read this message by Holley Gerth this morning and felt compelled to copy/paste. It is anointed.

    When You’re in the Middle of a Struggle
    We talk about our struggles.
    We’re friends, fellow travelers on this journey. She keeps repeating a phrase, “I’m the girl who….”
    It’s the phrase I’ve heard from the lips of hundreds of women. From my own too.
    We face a challenge and redefine ourselves by it.

    Here are some I’ve said:
    I’m the girl who has social anxiety.
    I’m the girl who has depression.
    I’m the girl who can’t have children.

    Those sentences trap us, limit us, make us believe we are our worst moments.
    I clear my throat and whisper quietly into the phone what has set me free…
    “That’s not who you are, friend, it’s where you are right now.”
    She sighs with relief and says the words that are like candy for my ears, “You need to write about this on your blog.” So here we are. Because I need to hear this truth more than once…and maybe you do too.
    Your struggle is not your identity.
    It’s your location at the moment.
    If there were spiritual GPS, we could locate your spot in the desert. Imagine you did so with me and I said, “This place is my identity forever.” You’d shake your head and say, “You’re on your way to the Promised Land! This is just a temporary stop!”
    Then you’d remind me…
    I’m the girl who is God’s daughter.
    I’m the girl with strengths placed within me for a purpose.
    I’m the girl who’s unconditionally loved by Someone who can get me through anything.
    Where we are in life changes.
    Who we are stays the same wherever we may go.
    Where are you today, friend?
    And who are you, really?

    Words of encouragement by Holley Gerth. For more hope and encouragement, visit her blog Heart to Heart with Holley. And to receive Free Devotionals from Holley, Click Here to subscribe by e-mail.

  21. 671
    toni martin says:

    Big Sister here…after reading all the posts and lifting my little sisters to the Lord, my heart continues to squeeze and tears welll up as I think of each one. Through the years (and God has allowed me to collect many, praise Him!), He has given me many stones of remembrance for me to reference as I continue His journey for me on earth….”in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God-John 1:1 and OH! there is power in the Word!! So I echo all the encouragement to get in the Word!!! He is the Word and He is life and breath…but sometimes the demands of life or the pain in your heart preclude long times reading His Word out loud, so…take a deep breath in and consciously think “Jesus in” and on exhalation, “insert your name here, OUT”. Another “quick fix” I have used (and contnue to:)) is repeating “In my weakness, He is strong” over and over and over and over, etc (you get the point)

    In response to a common thread of “trying hard” to “overcome”, I would add this thought (’cause boy have I been there)and suggest that those thoughts have a faulty premise…because we live in the world we often assimilate the world’s approach without even being aware of it. You know, “just try harder and you will “get the math problem”; “just practice more and you will be an Olympic high jumper”…The focus is on our efforts, but God’s way calls us to STOP STRIVING in our own strength and ask HIM to give you the strength to change. For a “doer”, I have had to give myself a mental picture…instead of floundering in the swimming pool with weights tied to my feet and pulling with my arms as hard as I could to keep my head above water, I roll over on my back and envision Him (as the Living Water) keeping me afloat as I rest in HIS strength and power to get me where He wants me.(ps-that doesn’t mean that I do nothing, but that I do as HE directs, relying on Him to be the “gas” to go His direction in His power)

    Ok, just one more…I am Italian and a former cheerleader nick-named “cheerful-tearful” as a teen..(you get the picture)I thought riding the wave of emotion was the only way to live…….until by the grace of God, I was in a study that pointed out that emotions are faulty messengers. YIKES! paradigm change! He is the messenger of TRUTH. He is my plumbline. And, what should have been obvious began to resonate, I have a choice of what or WHOM to believe.

    I wish I could have each of you over for coffee and open the Word together. But He is with you and has something better than human fellowship! Drink deeply from His cup! He will never leave you nor foresake you. Never once will you ever walk alone–that’s His promise, not mine!!!!

    Onward and Upward with Him!!!!!

    • 671.1
      Steph says:

      Wow, Toni, thank you so much for this post. Your words perfectly matched my experience in the past few years. I have had so many conversations with friends about “striving” and “overcoming” and “trying harder” and how this way of thinking makes it all about us. HIS strength moves in on our weakness and HE is the One who has overcome the world. My mentor (88 years old) has a favourite prayer: “Lord, take over!” It’s become my favourite too. Thanks again for the wonderful encouragement to rest in Him and not be derailed by our emotions.

  22. 672
    Little Sister says:

    Little Sister here, There is a cloud of PMS over me that satan really likes. The cloud has been looming for months and it has to stop because it is affecting me in so many areas. I am using scripture and it works! I desperately need to be able to think normal again! The cloud just seems to blur everything. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, Praise the Lord! I would dearly love a big sister to please pray for me and some advice would be a blessing. If anyone is looking to mentor a Siesta I would love it. Thank you 🙂

  23. 673
    Ginny Moore says:

    BIG SISTER here, you are not alone!!!!!!!! Beth is right read your bible, devour it read it out loud study it, it truly makes a difference. God help you in these difficult time. It will get better BUT YOU MUST know God’s word and hang on to it by repeating it as many times a day, hour, minute as need be. YOu will be amazed by how much that will help.
    He is faithful!!!!!!!
    God Bless

  24. 674
    Tina Robison says:

    Big Sister: I want to encourage any of my younger sisters who are walking through a very difficult marriage. I married a wonderful man 33 years ago. We have 5 incredible children. About 12 years into our marriage we hit a very rough time. My husband was extremely unhappy and was looking for fulfillment. He got involved in pornography and things went down hill very fast. I confronted him and still there was not a turn around. Eventually I had to separate from him. We were apart for almost 3 months. It was extremely hard but I knew I was doing the right thing for all of us. God did grip his heart and he repented and even agreed to go into counseling. We spent a number of months in counseling which did begin our journey toward wholeness. I have to be honest with you that our healing did not happen quickly. We struggled to find our way back to mutual love and respect for almost 9 years from the time our counseling began. It was absolutely the hardest work that I have ever been required to do! But I could not walk away from the commitment that I had made before my Lord to love this man until death. GOD HONORED THAT COMMITMENT!!! That is what I don’t want you to miss. Yes, we worked hard, but GOD did the healing. We are stronger in our love toward one another today than I could have ever hoped or even imagined!! Our children have thanked us over and over for not giving up and they now have first hand knowledge that it takes work to make a marriage great, but that God is faithful to give us what we need to keep our commitments!

    If you are in the midnight hour in your own marriage I want to encourage you to keep on working and keep on trusting that God can turn it into something amazing. I know that you are tired. I understand your disillusionment. But please believe me when I tell you that it is worth all of your effort. Our world so desperately needs to see our willingness to keep our commitments and our children deserve for us to give our all to make their homes stable. And you cannot imagine the blessings that are waiting for you and your husband if you continue to fight for each other! I know that it is easier to walk away, but it is not what will bring the greatest glory to God or the greatest fulfillment to you. And an even greater blessing that you will receive as you walk through this dark time is a personal knowledge about God’s faithfulness to provide everything you need!! He is your all and all and you will never have to doubt that again!! Thank Him for the opportunity to become more intimate with Him!

  25. 675
    Kristin says:

    Little sister here, i have been very blessed in my life. I know and can see what God has done. Have a wonderful husband and wonderful children. Ten years ago, i went through a time of more intense prayer and closeness to God. My specific prayers were answered, but Satin came after my health. I think the Lord let Satin sift me to instill in me things like greater faith and endurance. I would not trade these things, for I know that they are earning blessings in heaven…but i am weary from fighting chronic pain and suffering. I have severe RA. It has been constant for ten years. At times when i am weakest in flesh I let fear creep in. My problem is, how do I continue to dig deeper in my relationship with Him, when i am scared of further tests of my faith?? I feel like sometimes I keep the Lord at arms length. I am afraid of losing my husband or children. I know this is Satins lie. In my heart i know God doesnt want me to fear. I try to stay in His word and remind myself of the eternal value of what i am going through and the value of teaching my children that strength in faith in God is better than what this world proclaims is strong….

    • 675.1
      Kristin says:

      Realized i was spelling Satan wrong. Too funny….you know how a word can look wierd when you are typing!

      • Connie says:

        Sweet Kristin
        I have walked a very hard road of medical issues (vertigo that I take medication for every day, car wreck in 2006 which was 5 surgeries in 3 years and a car wreck 8 weeks ago that has put me back in physical therapy) I also had endometriosis that caused me to have a hysterectomy when I was 31. You get to the place where you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. God gave me Romans 8:28 after the first car wreck and I cried out to him that if you are going to walk me through this journey then use it for your glory! 6 years to the date the 2nd wreck happened and I have been receiving Physical therapy from my same team. I am getting to see my physical therapist ask me questions about how I walk through suffering with peace and joy. I see her seeking God and I have a front row seat. God is using me girlie in this. Would I rather be whole and not in pain: Absolutely but he is using the suffering. Ask him my sister to use your pain to minister to others. You will be shocked at who he brings along your path. You will have an authenticity that people are drawn to and have practical advice that they need in that moment. God has allowed you to suffer as he suffered. don’t be blinded in the pain but walk with the hope he has given us through his suffering and death!
        Praying for you!

  26. 676
    Abby says:

    Little Sister here…I am so lonely! Living in a place with no friends, no encouragement, no godly influences…it makes life get really lonely. I want to get involved somewhere but I just dont know where to begin.

    Psalm 25…Wow…this chapter made me cry. Even in my lonliness GOD is with me! He loves me no matter where I have been or where I am.

  27. 677
    Emily says:

    Big Sister here to Rebecca, Laura, Kylibeth, et al:

    A sinful/wounded past is one of the sharpest and most frequently fired fiery darts of the enemy. He contorts the past in such a way to make you forget who you are in Christ and NEUTRALIZE you.

    That’s why I always pray COLOSSIANS 3:1-17, mainly verses 5-14, BEFORE I pray any other spiritual warfare prayers. Why?

    1. Verses 5-11 allow you to confess and repent of just about anything you’ve been up to. You are taking off these filthy, nasty rags you threw on your beautifully cleansed, hidden-in-Christ body, one-by-one, and receiving God’s forgiveness.

    2. Then, you get to proclaim verse 16 that you are “God’s chosen daughter, holy and dearly loved” — WOW! 100% by God’s grace. Plus, you get to put on top-of-line, haute couture clothing, designed by the King of the Universe himself — compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, forebearance and forgiveness — and over all these wonderful things, you get to wrap yourself in Christ’s LOVE, like a velvent cape or warm jacket, which brings the whole outfit together in perfect unity.

    It’s not you, who has to be amazing. It’s Christ IN and ON you– inside and out — who is amazing. Those lying voices have no power over a repentant heart, bathed in Christ’s blood, perfumed by the Holy Spirit, and clothed with his love and goodness. You are HOLY and DEARLY BELOVED, little sisters.

    I also pray EPHESIANS 2:10 as close to daily as I can get, like this: “For I am God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which he prepared in advance for me to do. Lord, help me to do the good works you planned for me today and hopefully not even realize I’m doing them.”

    You are CRAFTED BY GOD for a holy purpose. We, your sisters, stand with you not to let that nasty devil and his minions neutralize your aroma of Christ that Jesus spreads through you wherever you go.

    I stand with your big sisters in faith that this blog will have a life-changing effect on your lives. We love you!

    • 677.1
      Rebecca says:

      this blog and the love that all you woman have showed not only to me but to all the little sister my heart is just overwhelmed. thank you

  28. 678
    Brenna says:

    Your little sister here…My biggest hurt right now is for my husband. He used to have such a strong faith in God and Christ and was instrumental in bringing me back to Him. This year has been an emotional roller coaster for us both as he struggled through a series of hurts and disappointments, a horrible battle with alcoholism and depression and was seriously contemplating suicide. We made it through the storm, but he has walked away from Christ in the process. I pray daily for him and trust that it will all turn out in God’s time, but the waiting is so hard. I feel so helpless.

  29. 679
    Laura says:

    Little sister @ age 39! I am single/never married and waiting on GOD for my husband is so hard! Its hard for those who ask why and there has to be something wrong with you…I’ve heard all the right answers and this season is difficult to just wait on him but that is what I’m doing!

    • 679.1
      Lynn says:

      Big sister here. It is very lonely being single in a world of couples. You are doing exactly right by waiting on God.

  30. 680
    Mairin says:

    Lil sister here: I am just now learning the word of God at the age of 22 and find myself in limbo over trying to cross over from my old life to my new found life in Christ. I have committed my life to the Lord but find it hard to find a support system in my community. Please help 🙂

    • 680.1
      karensk says:

      Hi Mairin,

      It took some time for me to transition from my old life to my new life (and lifestyle) in Christ. I got saved when I was 21, and had to buy some church-y dresses and skirts because all I had were partying/clubbing outfits (back then, we couldn’t wear jeans to church).

      The one thing that helped the most was to intentionally start building a relationship with another Christian. I felt I could learn from her, and she was willing to spend extra time with me. She was very understanding, non-judgmental, godly, and loyal to God and to me as a friend. Over time, I branched out and met her friends from church, too.

      If you can find a place to meet other Christians, like a local church or other Christian gathering (group volunteer projects maybe?), then maybe you could start trying to meet people for coffee or something. I really need one-on-one time to get to know someone well and to let them get to know me. And then still spend time with group activities at the church.

      You are right in recognizing the importance of a support system. It took me about two years to transition from my old lifestyle and social activities to my new one. That was nearly 25 years ago!

      I will be praying for you, for you to not be discouraged while you wait, and for you to find a true friend in Christ very quickly.

      The Lord loves you with all His heart. He doesn’t hold any good thing back from you. You can always turn to Him, in every and any situation, and no matter what’s happened. He is committed to you more than any of us can imagine, and you can rest in that.

      Karen K.

  31. 681
    Kristin says:

    Little Sister here: My husband has been working long hours (in early, home late) for the past few months. His busy time is seasonal, so I know releif is coming in the winter months, but right now things are hard. We have a sweet two year old who keeps me hopping. I love my family. I don’t want to resent this time apart or let the separation grow a dissatisfied spirit inside me. I have been so tempted to take my frustrations out on this hard working man.

  32. 682
    Jana says:

    I am just going to leave an encouragement from the WORD. My own words cannot state it as well as He can. Claim this one Little Sisters!
    “For I know the plans I have for you’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you wil call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your hear.”

  33. 683
    Stacy says:

    My family is devastated right now by someone who has terribly lost his way. He has made decisions that have hurt people who loved him and relationships are, seemingly, forever ruined. I love him dearly and my heart breaks for his future because I know it holds severe consequences and regret.

  34. 684
    Pam Campbell says:

    I just love this idea Beth. Thank you for giving a voice to so much of how we feel. Satan is looking everywhere to bring us down and he is doing a great job sometimes. I am excited to be reading and praying about others who are no different then I. Lord please bless this endeavour !!

  35. 685
    Beth says:

    Little sister here… My husband left me over two years ago with a 2 year old and 6 months pregnant with our 2nd son. He’s still gone and I still stand strong for my marriage and know that God can redeem it. I’m so ready for that to happen. We are legally separated but he still is pursuing divorce. I have two grieving children who see their Daddy weekly but grieve the loss daily and dont understand why things won’t change(my 4 yr old prays and prays and wants an answer), I have lost health insurance, have chronic sinuitus, am struggling to make ends meet daily, and am SO EXHAUSTED from it all. I keep looking UP and knowing he covers it all, but I’m tired and ready for some relief.

    • 685.1
      mary says:

      Oh dear…I know your fear, exhaustion, helplessness. God will fight for you I promise if you seek Him.. Keep your eyes on Him…I will be in prayer for you but in peace I know how at the very moment Gods grace ushers in….Rest in His arms..He will not fail you..Your only constant….. Check out DivorceCare ministry in your area at one of the churhes..A lifeline for you and your children I promise…One of many blessings God will give you.

  36. 686
    crystal says:

    Little sister here: To cut through the chase quick in two words im scared and im wore out. Im tired of fighting the devil I want Satan yo leave me and my family alone. I stay in the word in the in my own way. I don’t go to church anymore because I don’t trust people. Three years ago the best friend I ever had in my life turned her fine christian back on me at a time when that’s the last thing I needed. drugs and alcohol have ravished my families life my husband used to beat and blame me for all his hurts. he stopped drinking for a year and then he started up again. its not a s bad as it used to be but still I wait in fear of his next really mean drunk when he will knock me over a chair or worse again. People haven’t ever done anything except hurt me. I have no use for most of them. Jack Daniels has been a good friend to me in the past and I had stopped myself for quite a while but lately I’ve been slipping and it does feel good to have a few drinks and have your problems go away for a while.

  37. 687
    Kara says:

    Little sister here-
    Married for 2 years- new mom to a 3 month old. Will my husband and I always fight daily? Will I ever stop idolizing my child and really worship God again? Will I ever stop resenting my mother in law? I feel like everything is crumbling and I know I need to cling to God but I don’t even have the desire to do so. When did I become this wretched negative woman? I used to be so happy, so joyful, so in love with Jesus. I don’t want to go through life in survival mode.

  38. 688
    Joni says:

    little siste:, 38 single, with tears streaming down my face. i’ve lost myself and i don’t know where to find her. there was a time i was confident, smart, daring, leading. then life… i used to be in the word consistently, led young women through athletic ministries, i was sure our Lord would bring a husband. i decided on a career change, lots of hard work but knew our Lord had called. landed a new job, with a horrible mentor. i was trying so hard, and so impressionable. one night i was almost suicidal because i felt so stupid. this from a girl with 3 master degrees. the next job was better, but not by much. it’s a dog eat dog world out there. now, my 3rd job and 3rd move in 4 years, i’m in a healthy situation. and i feel myself coming back alive. yet, the doubt haunts me. in my gut, i don’t know if i have it in me to risk again. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve just sat and cried, telling the Lord, “i’m so sorry.” i guess i’m sorry for being me. i used to think i had so much potential. but now, i have no idea how to get there. some days i think i’m on my way, only to be consumed with fear. 2 samuel 22:14.

  39. 689
    Nancy says:

    When Moses found himself at the Red Sea with the enemy behind and the sea in front, God told Moses to stand still and see the salvation/deliverance of the Lord. Many times we find ourselves like Moses and there is nothing we think we can do. While we can’t always see what HE is doing we can trust HIS heart for us and know that somehow HE will part the waters for us and make a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way. “Be still and know that I am God” … HE WILL works things out for us as we focus on HIM and trust in HIS goodness!

  40. 690
    Rhoda Ballard says:

    Your little sister here (and only little for a few more days) has been brought by God to a new city to a new job and is excited as I can be to be here; however, I am single, have no children, and know very few people in the area. I need to meet other members of the body of Christ and have true and lasting friendships to develop!!

  41. 691
    Margie Smallman says:

    Big sister here….. Oh, little sisters, it’s hard to know how to whittle (sp?) down advice for the things that burden you and clog up your minds and steal your joy. We big sisters have walked in many of the “shoes” written about here….so many of you have things which I relate to perfectly well and could sit for hours over coffee and talk them out.

    Cling, my sisters, to the bottom line…..God is faithful whether we can feel it or not. He will not and can not fail us or fail to defend the glory of His own name bestowed upon us. It’s His reputation at stake and that war is already won.

    Life is hard, isn’t it? It’s a tough reality that we’re warned of in scripture. Our enemy is sneaky, vicious and unrelenting but, in your trials, remember that he is NOT the “evil equivalent” to God…..he is a fallen angel that has his terrible end already guaranteed by the resurrection of Christ!! He cannot ignore the supreme name of Jesus Christ.

    Crying out to God for help for our shaky faith is an every day, learn-as-we-go process. He WILL help us, strengthen us, teach us, defend us and provide for us. Time has taught me to wait on His timing as I ask for grace and stamina to persevere through the fog. He is trustworthy. HIS forgiveness covers our past.

    I’ve learned to just tell Him when I don’t know how to rest in His sovereignty, when I don’t know how to pray, when I have a bad track record of fierce faith. I’m learning Him and myself in Him more and more.

    Be encouraged that you are NOT alone in this. “The Lord Himself goes before youand will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.” Deut 31:8

    Praying for you….. and for my fellow big sisters!!

  42. 692
    Pamela McDonald says:

    Big Sister here…..I have to agree with some other big sisters that reading The Word OUT LOUD is so comforting. I have learned that starting my day with prayer and Scripture and even praise music in the background helps me to be able to face each day. Learning to live with the mercy that we are granted for TODAY is so helpful. I am by nature a worrier, so God has done some powerful teaching in my life about this. He is faithful, girls. God will bring you through! Praying for all you sisters.

  43. 693
    Christy says:

    Big sis here:

    Yes, I’ve been there, and it’s hard, and it hurts. But Beth’s advice is so true, get in the Word, and get alone with God, down on your knees, on your face, just spend time alone with Him, the only one who can really do anything to help you. Call on the name of Jesus and He will be with you.

    Psalm 27:13-14
    13 I am still confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
    14 Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.

  44. 694
    Sylvie M says:

    Big sister here. Having been through the fire of Satan’s attacks many times, I testify along with Beth and the other big sister posts, God’s Word is our strong means of attack – the sword of the spirit! Hold it high and wield it in God’s power. For the little sister struggling with dysfunctional family and shame for sexual sin, I am praying for you that God will make a way of escape that He has promised to do for us. Don’t give up. God will provide a way.

  45. 695
    Kasey says:

    Little sister here…

    Does life ever get any easier? I am seriously questioning whether things will ever start to look up. All of my relationships have suddenly fallen apart, my best friend was killed in an accident a year ago this Wednesday…I feel inferior and have such a hard time keeping relationships with girls. They ALWAYS fall apart. I’m scared of being alone and when I find new friends I close my heart off to them and automatically assume they will leave, just like everyone else has. My mother makes me feel like I will never be good enough for her and the standard she sets is so high, I don’t think I’ll ever reach it! I’m scared that this is all there is…

  46. 696
    Kim Anderson says:

    I am a Big Sister – I often say, I’m just another cracked pot trying to tell other cracked pots how to stay full 🙂 God has been good & faithful!! I am also in a season but He has shown so much of Himself, I’ve been amazingly blessed. God has been teaching me to PERSEVERE – it is an acronym I believe He gave me: Pray, Examine (repent), Redemption (He bought ALL of you, it is now His, & He will make it beautiful), Seek Him (stay in His word), Encourage others, Victory (it is ours because the battle is His), Expect Him, Rejoice (we have a lot to be thankful for), and Exalt Him (He is worthy of praise).

    Beth, I THANK YOU, I had just asked the Lord to meet me here – in my anxiety – your post was so encouraging & Psalm 25 is God speaking to my anxious heart – He has this!

  47. 697
    Denise says:

    Big sister here. If you are in an abusive situation, GET HELP NOW. There are places that are there just for you. Don’t hesitate to ask… And DON’t think you are too far gone for God to lift you out and make you CLEAN!!! The one deserving of white is the one who can make you clean. You have to be willing. You are NOT a lost cause. HE knows you by name sweet sister!!!

  48. 698
    Little Sis says:

    Thanks, Beth for posting this – much needed! Choosing to go anonymous on this one. 🙂

    Little siesta here, I have only been married 3 years, and my hubby and I are deeply in love and more so every day (praise God!), but the dynamics we face with our in-laws are overwhelming and downright exhausting. Sometimes, it’s so hard to remember that no matter what our families of origin do/think/say, he and I are on the SAME TEAM, for crying out loud! In the same vein, I have been working hard over the last year (with God, with a counselor, etc.) to overcome generational hurts from my side of the family, and last week, I had a moment where it just seemed like an insurmountable victory. Needing to know that I can be healed and victorious, regardless of whether my family breaks free. Thanks in advance to all you big siestas!

  49. 699
    Deb says:

    Big sista here,
    I have had an interesting year. The word “Awkward” does not describe all the situations I have found myself in.
    If you feel burdened with lifes demands, depressed, addicted to a substance or an emotion…then read this:
    I have learned this year to talk to God about every situation I’m in…even when I am feeling “bad”…or sinning. And He talks back! It’s not ever a punitive response. It’s a quiet impression from my heart…and with what I have learned from the Word. So broaden your spiritual vocabulary with reading the Word…it’s alive and breathing.
    Today I had my attention turned to the geneology of Jesus. There are two of them. One in Mathew describing Joseph’s and one in Luke describing Mary’s. They are both distant cousin’s from David’s line.
    What I noticed was that God used people that all broke the Law in one way or another.
    Abraham lied…”Thou shall not lie”
    Isaac lied
    Jacob dishonored his father by tricking him…”Honor your parent”
    Rahab was a postitue…”Just wrong”
    Tamar tricked her father in law to have sex with her “Adultery”
    David “coveted another man’s wife”
    The point is…God uses the weak so He can lovely show His strength.
    So if you feel weak…God has got His eye on you. You need to get ready by building your spiritual vocabulary. Read and pray because you are the one God wants to use!
    2 Corinthians 12:9
    PS…I take all my infirmaties as a reason for His season…it has taken me out of years of depression.Just remember, if you are a deep thinker…Satan has his workers trying to take you down…but God will take that same deep thinking and turn it up. You will fly high…like an eagle!

  50. 700
    Elizabeth A says:

    Little sister here…
    I am 20 and feel overwhelmed in life. Soo much has happened from having no food, seeing my mum in tears and attempting suicide and rapes. I have been in Christ my whole life and now feel lost. I’m struggling to see God as being good. Every time I try to walk away from Him something holds me back. I love Him really but life just seems soo hard! And I just don’t think it’s worth it anymore!!!

    • 700.1
      connie says:

      Sweet Elizabeth,
      don’t give up. ask God to bring his angels to minister to you and ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom. God has amazing purpose for your life and satan knows that thus the reason he is attacking so hard.There is purpose through your pain, keep asking and keep hoping and keep trusting! Your Jesus died on a cross for you to give you freedom! Praying for you and believing that God will show you the reasons for the pain and the amazing plans he has for your life.

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