Missing You! Want to do a few minutes of Q&A?

Hey, Sweet Things! I thought I’d take about an hour’s break from my preparation for a message God is laying on my heart for Gateway’s Pink Impact (isn’t that a fun name?) Thursday night. As you’ll see, I’m sort of a captive audience for you right now.

I am so in the mood to interact with you and I don’t have a ton of time but I’ll try to make the best of what I have! Want to do some Q&A for the next little while? I’ll try my hardest to take the first 20 questions that are best suited for this format. (Mainly it’s a matter of time. The best kinds of questions are those more easily answered in the brief time frame we have. In other words, this is not the time for us to expound on deep theological issues or how to get past childhood trauma. Your questions can be fun or trivial or serious or simply information oriented. If I pass over yours, it was simply a time issue – OR, even more likely, that I just didn’t have an answer. Or MAYBE it’s a surprise I need to save for later.

I’m not a big expert. This is just kind of a lopsided slice of how two friends sitting across a small table at Starbucks might get to know each other a little better.

So, let’s talk if you’d like to! Just so you can picture where I am and what I look like right now:



When you write in, tell me where you are right now. It will help me picture you on the other side of the table.

I’m crazy about you.


For the siesta who asked about the color of lipstick on my coffee cup. I loved that question! Here you go:


The Stila shade is “Petal” and J Lo inspired me to get this shade. It’s a stain and I like it but it sort of tends to smear if I’m not really careful to let it dry completely before I add the gloss. Needs more time to set than other stains I’ve tried.

The gloss/plumper I wear over it and many other stains is Buxom’s (such a stupid, embarrassing name) “Sandy.” It makes everything have kind of a creamy look. I love it.

You guys are such a blast! I wish I could have done more! I’ll try to do a few more in the next 24 hours if possible but, if I can’t, I love you just the same.




133 Responses to “Missing You! Want to do a few minutes of Q&A?”

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  1. 1
    Mindy says:

    I’ve heard you mention using self-tanner. Do you have a favorite brand that doesn’t look too fake or streaky? As I age I’m wanting to achieve the “glow” without the wrinkles:)

    • 1.1
      Beth says:

      I usually use L’Oreal Self Tanning Gel (medium) and I use the spray by the same company to reach my upper back. I do dearly love a tan but browning that skin throughout your twenties, thirties and forties is not a friend to you in your fifties and sixties. At least try to put some good sun screen on your face and neck, young women!

  2. 2
    Shara says:

    Catching up on some favorite blogs after a busy day homeschooling my 4 kiddos! Question- Favorite Fiction Author? That is, if you have time to read fiction!!

    • 2.1
      Beth says:

      I love Christian fiction! AND I love many authors. One of my favorites is Robert Whitlow. One of my favorite fiction books ever is not a classic Christian novel but it has a strong God-theme. The name of it is “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger.

      • Jill Olson says:

        “Pride is the rope God allows us all.” Leif Enger

        Just read Peace Like A River, loved it too.

      • Susan Knowles says:

        Mine, too! I wrote it in on one of your “favorites” blogs a couple years ago. I got “Jesus Calling” from that blog topic and sooo love it! Susan

      • Angela H says:

        That is my all time favorite too-spoiled me for all others!

      • Pamela Payne says:

        That book is so smart and beautifully written. I rewound and listened to certain passages of the audio version so many times. I wanted to know how the author had taken me from one place to another without the knowledge that I was even being moved. I had never experienced that before.

      • shelilah says:

        That’s my favorite book of all time! Can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  3. 3

    I am at my desk at work. (Consider this post a mental health break).

    Q4U: What are your thoughts on fasting as a regular practice? Do you make a weekly practice of it?

    • 3.1
      Beth says:

      Yes, I definitely believe in the place fasting has in the believer’s life. Biblical indeed. Sometimes I fast spontaneously over a situation or prayer need. Pastor Curtis also calls our church to fast and pray at times. As a routine, my staff and I fast briefly each Monday through the lunch hour at LPM and seek God and pray instead. For many years, I fasted from the start to the finish of a Living Proof Live or conference similar to it but several times over the last couple of years my blood sugar dropped so low, I saw stars. It’s so awkward to faint on the platform, especially in heels. Grin. I felt God’s strong leadership to ease up on it and, instead, just not to make food a priority during event hours. I just eat lighter, simpler things just to have the basic need met. I feel His nod over that. Then I eat like a pig at lunch with my team when it’s over.

      • kimberly mason says:

        ha! you make me laugh!! love this post! so sorry i missed it, but loving the questions and responses! πŸ™‚

  4. 4
    Georgina says:

    Hello Ms. Beth,

    What is your happiest childhood memory? What was your favorite subject in school? and what is your favorite book in our Bible? Have a great time at your event, I’ll know you’ll be a blessing to others.

    • 4.1
      Beth says:

      Happiest childhood memories coming immediately to mind: playing Barbies with my sister Gay, playing dress ups with our mom and grandmother’s clip on earrings and necklaces, and playing in our tree house. I love that you asked that! Thank you!

      Favorite subjects: Political Science and English (I majored in the former. Minored in the latter.)

      Oh, mercy! My favorite Book of the Bible?? All depends on the day, the mood, the trouble, the question, the quandary. But I guess if I could only keep one of them, it would be Luke.

      • Rachel says:

        Ahhh! yes, I was at your simulcast back in September when you spoke on who the man Luke was! it was such an amazing blessing to me as my little boys name is Luke and the very reason I named him Luke was because of who Luke(biblical)was seeking the truth of the birth of Jesus and just his heart being there for Paul during those last days!!!
        *PS – you also shared that day a personal story that I could relate to soo deeply that also blessed me and brings me to tears every time I recall it!

  5. 5
    robinmac23 says:

    Favorite drink at Starbucks? I order a non-fat, no-whip, mocha EVERY time πŸ™‚

    • 5.1
      Beth says:

      Grande nonfat extra dry cappuccino is my uncontested drink of choice. Later in the afternoon when I’m in the mood for a dessert, a decaf (or I can’t sleep) sugar free Cinnamon Dolce latte.

      • Jabber Jaws says:

        What is a dry coffee drink? I heard this ordered the othe day and felt too dumb to ask.

        • Beth says:

          Not a dumb question at all. It means that it’s mostly foam. The cup is really, really light. That means the coffee is really, really STRONG. Like two shots of espresso with foam.

  6. 6
    Cindy says:

    I love the color of lipstick on your Starbucks’ cup!! What shade is it?? I am just curious because I am one of those blonde women that for some reason has foil stuck in her hair every 5 weeks or so too!!

    Love you!

  7. 7
    Kelly Fry says:

    Hello Beth Moore…I have never, ever ,ever written anything blogwise or on the net ever in my life. I really have no idea why Im writing this. Like you, I too am a writer.. a very lost one. I was once a called, strong teacher and leader in Gods word, but have been captive for many years now. I know you dont know me, heck, I doubt YOU actually even really read these. Im sure you get a million letters and responses a day. I guess Im just reaching to see if lightning will strike. im just a no one out here in the world who is in desperate need of inspiration. Maybe just writing this will make me feel a little better, maybe not. I have no where to go with the hurricane of calling I am riddled with day in and day out. So many people struggle with wanting to hear God, but what to do when the problem is not hearing him…but trying to get a grip with if you actually want to? I just want some peace. Im no novice..I know where it comes from. I just cant get my soul to budge. This probably sounds like rambling, and it may be..Ive always felt a common ground with you, because CLEARLY he speaks to you just like me, I just dont know what to do with it at this point. I guess I do feel a little better. Thanks for the ear…whoever this is. Sincerely, Kelly Fry

    • 7.1
      Beth says:

      Oh, Darling Sister, yes, I do really read these things. In one way or another, we’ve all been where you are. Maybe not as writers but as mothers or wives or friends or parishioners or students or ministry leaders or servants. It’s so painful but not terminal or permanent. You matter. What you’re called to do matters. And even what you’re going through now will be an investment in your calling. I’d get myself into Psalm 40:1-11 and start memorizing it and start praying it by faith as if what it says was an assurance I could claim. Pray for your sister here, Siestas. Thank you for writing in, Kelly!

      • Ginger says:

        Praying for you Kelly!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Kelly–I’m absolutely praying for you!

      • Sherrie says:

        Praying Kelly. Praying you not only hear his call, but that you will have a desire to do whatever it is and will rely on him to give you the desire, know how and grace to get through the process.

        one piece of His peace.

      • Kelly says:

        Oh my! Having a ho hum day when something just prodded me to check my post from the 24th. WHAT TIMING!! Theres not enough time or room here to fully explain what seeing your response and the responses of the other women have done. Just know that by “coincidence”, I just happen to read the posts as I was contemplating changing my mind about walking through church doors after a 4 year absence. I found the last bible study I had written in my old worn out dusty bible 2 days ago and had decided to discreetly sneek in the back of a Sun Night service in a local church. I almost convinced myself not to until I got online and saw this. I think its a sign at the very least. Thank you Beth and others. Know that the few moments you took had large impact. Blessings, Kelly

    • 7.2
      Ashley Honea says:

      I will pray for you Kelly. I have gone through times when I just plain don’t hear God and then other times, I’ll hear but don’t know what to do with it. I think we all have been there. I love Beth’s idea of memorizing Psalm 40. That’s one of my favorite Psalms. Pray it out loud! Speak it. Love, Ashley

    • 7.3
      Toni says:

      Praying Kelly – big ole Southern hugs to you girlfriend!

    • 7.4
      Pamela Payne says:

      Here are two verses of the Psalm Beth suggested. Such a beautiful picture…
      Psalm 4:7-8 NLT
      Then I said, β€œLook, I have come.
      As is written about me in the Scriptures:
      I take joy in doing your will, my God,
      for your instructions are written on my heart.”

    • 7.5
      Madelin says:

      Sweet Kelly-
      God Bless You. It took real courage to pour out your heart in our blog community. Please know that you are not alone dear one.

      You’ve got a bunch of Siestas joining in prayer extending a gynourmous{{group hug}}. Like Siesta Mama says who amongst us haven’t experienced the pain and frustrations at one time or another.

      Our Siesta Mama has a teaching on Wednesday’s with Beth entitled “When Life Has You Paralyzed”. Excellent!!! I’ve watched numerous times and keep it close when I need a booster.

      New Life Live shared a quote on FB that I love:” I listen to New Life Live, because making the next right step is hard to make alone!

      Siestaville loves you and praying for you.

  8. 8
    Lesley says:

    What is your favorite thing to do with your grandbabies?

    • 8.1
      Beth says:

      Tickle their backs while they’re going to sleep because they put off bedtime by talking a hundred miles an hour. I laughed my head off at Jackson two nights ago with all the beans he was spilling to keep from going to sleep. Annabeth is so sweet at bedtime that it’s nearly painful. She holds her blanket and sucks her sweet little thumb – all with the same hand, then pulls her thumb out and says, “I love you, Bibby.”

      “Oh, Darling, I love you too.”

      • Melanie says:

        Oh, this so reminded me of how my Mom used to do that!!! I just loved falling to sleep with her lying beside me and scratching my back lightly until I fell asleep. What sweet memories!

        • Diane Rogers says:

          Brings back memories of the jealousy I felt for my brother because mom would tickle our backs but I was too ticklish! I’d try to let her but I couldn’t stop laughing!

      • Pamela Payne says:

        There’s simply nothing like it. The explosion of love and wonder and joy takes my breath away.

      • Jeni says:

        I always tickle the inside of their arm. My grandkids plop down beside me and say tickle my arm, Nannie. Sometimes I tease them and say all I am to you is an arm tickler. At night I will tickle their back and you are right, it puts them right to sleep. There is also nothing more precious than when a grandchild spontaneously says “I love you, Nannie”.

  9. 9

    Hey I’m sitting in my easy chair at home, sipping a bottle of water.

    My question is: if you could have dinner with anyone from a historical character, or a character from literature, (besides Jesus Beth, we all want to eat with him), or a famous person from our time, who would it be?

    Heidi McClain

    • 9.1
      Beth says:

      From a Spiritual perspective, Paul. Hands down, if I can’t say Jesus. John the Baptist would be cool too, if he still wears the same outfits.

      From a worldly perspective, the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey. Now, I am NOT recommending the series or shunning the series. Many parts of it are wonderfully fun and some parts of it are shocking (and that’s when you either turn it off or fast forward it, depending upon what your conscience tells you to do, just like you have to do with most TV shows). I’m just answering your question with a little spice. Smile.

      • Amy Beth says:

        “What is a week-end?”

        • Beth says:

          YES!!!! One of my favorite all time lines! Another: “She’s not rude. She’s just wrong.”

          • Sandy Bowers says:

            “What is a week-end?” is my favorite DC line! Here’s another I love: “Sir Richard, life is a game in which the player MUST appear ridiculous.”

            I can’t wait for Season 3. Can you imagine Cora’s mother (Shirley MacLaine) and the Dowager Countess in the same room????

          • Ruth says:

            LOVE that you went here with this question. I want to report that because of your daughter’s tweet some many months ago, I looked up that show and before I knew it, my whole family had watched it through twice in 2 weeks! (And I have all males in this house). And they still quote Maggie Smith on a regular basis πŸ™‚

      • Janet from FL says:

        I love Downton Abbey! My husband likes it too,so we watch it together. If it was a movie, it would probably be rated PG13, so I think adult Christians can watch it. We love historical shows,and this show is rich in real history.

      • Bethany Money Scott says:

        Favorite line: (Sir Richard) “I fear this may be the last time you see me.”
        (Maggie Smith) “Do you promise?”

      • Carrie K says:

        YES!! Love the Dowager Countess character. She’s a hoot!

      • elaine says:

        I hate to even type the words but I just heard that the Dowager Countess will NOT be in Season 3!!! I am heartbroken as she is my absolute favorite. Please say it isn’t so!

  10. 10
    Dawn says:

    I am sitting on my couch in sweatpants after a day of teaching kindergarten πŸ™‚

    What is the best thing that happened to you today?

    What is your favorite color?

    • 10.1
      Beth says:

      After my quiet time this morning, the sun was just coming up and I went outside and sang a hymn to God. LOUD. Even though I am not remotely a singer, I felt like He smiled over it.

      My favorite color? Hmmmmm. I want to say pink because I really love it but I also really like a frosty coral. But then again, I always turn questions about favorite colors into favorite shades of lipstick.

      • Tammy says:

        Beth so so sweet to hear you say that. When I used to teach childrens choir I would ask them all the time….”have you sung a song to God today”. When I’m on stage at my church singing I like to picture myself as a child, with no inhibitions, saying…daddy daddy listen to this!

  11. 11
    Stormy says:

    I am sitting at my kitchen table listening to some worship music.

    For this season in your life right now what is the verse(s) that keeps coming up?

    Mine is Matthew 10:30-31.

    • 11.1
      Beth says:

      I’m in love with 1 and 2 Thessalonians right now. Speaking of worship music, even though you didn’t ask, I love the new Passion CD and Christy Nockels’ new CD. They comprise a lot of my listening right now. And when Jackson and Annabeth are in the car, Psalty the Singing Songbook.

      • Kristi Belt says:

        Do you have access to Pandora radio in your car? Have you tried the Praise Baby station when your grands are in the car? It’s awesome! My 11 month old loves it! He sings and dances along already!!! There are also Praise Baby CDs available if you aren’t a Pandora person!

        • Beth says:

          Hadn’t heard of that! We’d done the Praise Baby CD’s though. Great recommendation for some of these moms of babies, Kristi! Thanks!

        • Kristin A. says:

          Thanks for the tip on Praise Baby on Pandora. Excited to give it a listen with my little ones!

      • Sarah says:

        I grew up with psalty and LOVE HIM!!!!

      • Priscilla Hanson says:

        I love that you keep it old school with the grandkids!! My kids love Patch the Pirate a little old school influence of my own:)

        • Saralyn Fowler says:

          I sooooo loved to do Patch the Pirate with my boys ( now 24 and 27 years old) we also loved the Adventure in Oddessy series….those audios could get us to the beach and back (3 hours each way) I can’t wait for grandkids..I will be a lunatic….snicker/smile….
          And How I love doing my “AnnaBeth” (arms flying legs moving..after she served up Minnie Mouse)…thats my feel good dance after I helped somebody….
          And my latest saying is……”Can somebody say JESUS?” ( every time I feel lie praising Him for something) this from the American Idol Contestant when they picked him to stay in top 24…..
          How I got from Patch to Pirate to Somebody Say JESUS I have no earthly idea but it was fun on the journey….ha

      • Sarah Tolson says:

        Oh my goodness!! I love Psalty.. And even though Charity the Churchmouse was sassy, I so wanted to be her when I was little!

      • Leigh Ann Long says:

        I also LOVE the new Passion CD!!!!! Will replay Christy Nockels singing “You Revive Me” over and over and over on the way to work!! Gonna have to get her CD!

      • alta blake says:

        I love the 2012 Passion CD”)I have been playing it as much as I can…it is wonderful!

      • Dawn B. says:

        ooh, ooh, ooh, Love the Passion CD! was there in January for the real thing!! Took my college Sunday School class. When I can’t sleep at night, turn it on, and go back to sleep! Not because it was bad, but because it brings great peace to my soul!

  12. 12
    CrysHouse says:

    If you could do anything in the world (occupation) other than what you’re doing, what would it be?

    (I’m packing up my desk after a day with students. I’m a high school English teacher.)

    • 12.1
      Beth says:

      I planned and studied toward becoming a lawyer. I also very likely might have taught high school English just like you, Sweet Thing. I have a great respect for what you do. Sophie (Boomama) is a school teacher and I often think what it would be like to be in her classroom. What a teacher she must be. AND YOU! I also think it would be neat to work in a LifeWay bookstore. Grin. I’d love to help people find resources.

      • CrysHouse says:

        I almost went to law school–then I priced law books. Yikes. Wide eyes.

        My mother told me I should be a teacher when I graduated from high school so I studied marketing instead. Funny how we do things like that, right?

  13. 13
    Glynda says:

    Sitting at home feeling kind of blah and needing some serious siesta time ! πŸ™‚
    What is one silly way and one serious way that you get reenergized??

    • 13.1
      Beth says:

      Silly way: I laugh so hard with Melissa and Amanda that we cry and sometimes have to scream and kick our legs and say, “Stop it!” They are the funniest people in my life. They and their wild father. AND JACKSON AND ANNABETH!

      Serious: In the Scriptures telling God I need a word more than my next breath.

      • Anna says:

        I love both of these…. I love to laugh. It is like medicine to my soul.

        And… I need Him. So thankful for His promise and invitation to abide.

  14. 14
    April Jones says:


    I am taking a 10 min. break from 14 hours of training nurses in the hosptial where I work – rewarding job, but whew I’m running like crazy this week!

    Question: I love to read about your relationship with your husband. Any fun road trips planned in the future?


    • 14.1
      Beth says:

      Fun question! Not right now for the first time in a long time. We’re pretty taken with each other out there in our new place in the sticks. (We moved to the country in December if you didn’t know.) We’re still really in the honeymoon phase of this new life together but a road trip is rarely far off.

      • April Jones says:

        I was going to ask about the tree/foliage/etc. growth – sounds like y’all are really having fun out there! We just bought a new house (first one) this month and I am LOVING it! Enjoy!

  15. 15
    Rachel says:

    Hi Beth! I think I’m too late…but just in case:

    If you were to give birth to twin girls right now (LOL!) what would you name them? I’m due in 3 weeks with my 3rd girl and I want some name insight!

    By the way, I’m sitting here about to get up to get my 5 year old ready for her ballet class.

  16. 16
    Debbra says:

    Miss Beth!

    Do you ever randomly pick a lady from a LPM conference to take out to lunch/dinner before you head back home??

    I’m going to be at the Colorado Springs conference in June. I can’t wait!!! I could use a good dose of Jesus:-) Looks like the crowd we took several years ago is not brave enough to hear you again…just me and one other.

    • 16.1
      Beth says:

      What a fun idea about lunch! My mouth is usually so given out by then I’d just have to sit and stare at her and listen but that would be the best way for me to learn.

      I’m a tad sad about what you said about Colorado Springs and the others not braving it again but I guess the last one could have scared some folks off. I spoke on the portion where Jesus calls us to deny ourselves and take up our crosses but HE MADE ME DO IT. Grin. In all seriousness, I am looking so forward to being there and hope that some others brave it. If not, I will see you and your friend!

      • Molly says:

        They could be off doing things GOD has in their lives to do…you never know!

      • Traci says:

        Can I order a copy of the teaching you did in Colorado Springs on Jesus calling us to deny ourselves and take up our crosses??

        I need to brave that one πŸ™‚

        • Lindsee says:

          Hi Traci, your best option is to call the LPM offices and ask for resources to see if this teaching is available. Thank you!

      • SusieArmywife says:

        I was there in CoSp and LOVED the message. (I specially liked the visual aid about the stumbling blocks.) I have since moved from CO, but I went to KC and took my mom with me. Such fun!

      • Sandy Bowers says:

        Hmmmm. I love, love, love Colorado Springs! My 15 year old daughter and I are trying to plan a girls’ getaway this summer. There are no LPL anywhere close to me this year, so maybe we’ll just hop a flight and come out there in June. I’ve yet to attend LPL in person! I’ll have to check it out.

      • Helen in CO says:

        Beth, We were there the last time you went to Colorado Springs and we’ve already got our tickets and hotel reservations for June. We were not scared off! Looking forward to a great weekend! I’ve seen you in person at Glorieta New Mexico; Charlotte, NC; Salt Lake City, UT; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO;
        and in Phoenix, AZ. It’s always great because you have us in the Word! I especially remember in Colorado Springs last time, you had Scriptures flashing on the screen continually and it definitely had an impact on us!

  17. 17
    Dionna says:

    Love your cell phone cover, Beth! Super cute. I’m sitting here in my front office waiting for my husband to bring my girls home from school shortly. πŸ™‚

    Hmm – thinking of a question..thinking…thinking. Okay. What are your 2 favorite things to eat for lunch? Like if you brought something from home or ate at home? I’m re-working how I eat (hit 40 last summer ya know!) and downsizing my portions. Just curious and it’s girly and not a deep question. ha ha

    Hoping to see you in a few weeks at LPL Boise! (Are siestas meeting up with you somewhere?)

    • 17.1
      Beth says:

      Take out, I like Chinese best. Probably Cashew Chicken. I don’t like Mexican Food take out very much. Gets too soggy.

      If I were to bring my lunch from home, I’d want red beans and rice or chicken and dumplings – and my own recipes on both. Smile. Thanks for asking!


      • Shaunessy says:

        I get to see you in Boise as well! YAY! I praised the Lord with you in Spokane and can’t wait to come with my sis and some friends to hear you again. Love this post btw. I saw it a lil late. BOOOO.

  18. 18
    jenn says:

    i’m sitting at my kitchen table in my workout clothes after working my shift at starbucks this morning, coming home to eat lunch, working out in my personal gym (the basement), and i have a followup question to your disclosure that you like a nonfat extra-dry cappuccino. ever tried an espresso macchiato? it’s shots of espresso and marvelous FOAM. i’m a barista and i would recommend you try that. you could even ask them to fill the 8oz cup it should come in to the top with FOAM. love me some good foam.

    one other question: favorite snack food?

  19. 19
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Howdy – you’re having such a fun day, I can tell – and I’m glad to know you’re a Downton Abbey watcher : )

    Q: If you could spend one day, by yourself, in any city in the world (that you’ve already been to) which would it be?

  20. 20
    Ashlie mcdonald says:

    Not to be worldly by any means (I do enjoy film and a rare gander at television), but what is your favorite movie and tv show?

    I love the classics and I also love that you referenced Downton Abbey!

    I am a nanny and the kiddos are napping! Just finished ‘Fire and Water’ out of your James study! Wow!!!

    • 20.1
      Beth says:

      “Remember the Titans” is one of my all time favorite movies. I loved “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.” I like the Bourne movies. OH, and Das Boot. JK on the last one. I just thought I’d sound smart or artistic. Or funny. Keith and I use the term “das boot” a lot but we’ve only seen it in one of our closets.

      • Tanya says:

        Beth, give Das Boot a try. I am not kidding. I watched it when I was a teenager. I couldn’t have gotten through it without my military father explaining some things to me about what was going on, but it is worth watching!

  21. 21
    Stephanie says:

    Just sitting back on the laptop after a LONG day of teaching. If you were stranded in a city for two days…this will be a toughie…and you could only have one “set” of items, which would it be…hair stuff or makeup?

  22. 22

    Hello Beth! My women’s group is just finishing up your James study — love it! What is the best advice you could give a soon to be mother-in-law? My son’s wedding is in June.

    • 22.1
      Beth says:

      I only have sons in-laws but my girl friends with daughters in-laws have learned very real lessons about how important it is to be a friend to and a fan of the wives of their sons. I think the wisest ones would say to refuse to compete with her in any way – even those subtle sneaky ways that we’re not really conscious of. Refuse to be easily wounded and offended and remember that she’s still young. Love her like you wanted your mother in-law to love you.

      • Cathy S. says:

        What great advice. Thanks! My son is getting married in January and while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his fiancee, I was worried about how this sometimes, okay, all the time, busy body, advice giving woman (me) was going to build a relationship with her. God has been giving me grace to keep my lip zipped, smile and remember, it is not all about me!

        • kimberly mason says:

          i am not a mother in law, but i am a daugther in law and my mother in law and i are close – we actually work together, but personality wise we are night and day. i am married to her youngest son. he is one of 3 boys. she is very assertive and strong willed, but like i said we are close. the best thing that ever happened in our relationship was one time when she hurt my feelings and i told her. she told me that she never means to hurt my feelings and bc i really believe her other times since then i am able to overlook and forgive. she never competes with me. she also won’t even come over without calling first and she has a key. she is really respectful of our space. she lives 5 minutes from us! just my two cents! congrats on your almost daughter in law!

          • Many thanks for the timely and thoughtful replies/advice about being a mother-in-law. I am very fortunate that my future DIL is so loving, smart, lovely and generous. My son and our family are so blessed to be growing in this way.

      • moongirl says:

        I forwarded your response to all my girlfriends with boys and my mom too!! My boys are still little (3.5 and 1.5) but I think about this already. I want so bad to do mother-in-law-ing well one day. When we were in pre-marriage counseling before we got married, the pastor doing it with us told us that the hardest familial relationship was the M-I-L/D-I-L relationship! He was so great and gave great tips!

  23. 23
    Lindsee says:

    Hi Diana, we moderate all of the comments. Not all of them get read and moderated right away! We try to get to them as quickly as possible, all while trying to not sit on the computer all day and after hours. So sometimes we don’t get around to it until the next morning! Rest assured, we see them all. Thank you so much for your patience with us!

    • 23.1

      were the questions that Beth didn’t have time to answer just discarded without being posted? Trying not to take it personally that my question wasn’t selected and it would help to know there were others! Blessings…Lina

      • Lindsee says:

        Hi Lina, yes, we went ahead and discarded all of the questions she couldn’t get to, and there was a handful, so no worries. We will certainly do it again!

  24. 24
    Suzi Barnes says:

    Hello Lindsee, Was my comment (just posted this morning 25th) too late? Have a good day.

    • 24.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Suzi! Yes, we are done with the Q&A for now, but no worries, she will certainly do another one in the future. Blessings!

  25. 25
    Lindsee says:

    Hey ladies! Questions are now closed but we’ll do it again soon. We hope you have a great Wednesday!

    • 25.1
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Lindsee,

      I was wondering what is the quickest way to receive a notice that the LPM blog has a new posting? It doesn’t notifying me until several hours later via email that there has been a new blog entry.

      Thanks!! πŸ™‚ Jennifer

      • Lindsee says:

        Hi Jennifer, I can’t think of another way to receive notice of a blog posting other than checking it often. Unfortunately, we have no control over the RSS feed, so some folks get it immediately while others get it a few hours later. But know that we’ll do this again for sure! You’re also welcome to subscribe to the blog in a reader if you would like as well, like google reader or something like that. Blessings!

        • Janet Saxon says:

          I receive an email when there is a new posting. But, I’ve usually already checked anyway by then.

  26. 26
    Diane says:

    I’m sitting on my deck after work relaxing…….I loved your latest Bible Study, Mercy Triumphs. What is THE one biggest lesson from James?

  27. 27
    Nettie Mitchell says:

    My mother used to tell me beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also she used to say beautiful is only skin deep. Ec. 3:11a “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time” The beauty of our outside beauty is not what God looks at. He looks at our heart. I guess my mother was right beauty is only skin deep. Nettie Mitchell

  28. 28
    Kathlene says:


    I live in smalltown, Davenport, WA. We just got done with James. I was so excited about the study, mostly because of the homework. It Made Me Be in the WORD! That’s what I so enjoyed and really, thrilled over. Our group was about 12 ladies, and we all decided to continue with the next study, Ester. Thank you for writing the homework that was heavy on looking in the Bible.

    I found James encouraging as he challenges us to be better, do better and therefore be more worthy of the grace that we have been promised. I found myself acting out small kindnesses to those around me that I would have overlooked before. Even though these were very small acts, it made my heart race to think of how the world could be, if we all. It was thrilling really.

    I also worked on memorizing and am almost through the first chapter, which was my goal to finish.

    It just makes me so excited, I wanted to let you know how you have encouraged us here. Thank you!

  29. 29
    Barbie says:

    I was wondering if you could post the ending exercise text (words) we did with our friends at the end of the Kansas City meeting. I was so blessed by it, but after a couple of days, I had forgotten everything about it!!!

    • 29.1
      Nina says:

      Yes, would love those encouraging words again to speak over friends who were there and some who weren’t! (Don’t want to ruin it for those coming to other LPM Lives in the future, though.

  30. 30
    Radical Abandonment says:

    Will there be a summer study? I was telling my Bible study about past summers. I am hoping for Kelly Minter’s, Nehemiah study. Please annouce soon. We finish James in 2 weeks!

    In the Word.

  31. 31
    Karen says:

    Hi Beth, I love you.

    Karen from Dallas

  32. 32
    Pamela Payne says:

    Dear Beth,
    I’m not exactly responding to this current blog post, but wanted you to know that I am praying for you as you travel to Dallas. Gateway is my sister’s home church, so I will be able to picture her there in the audience and you on the stage.
    This scripture in Ephesians is one I memorized with you and the Siesta’s this year. The message version is my prayer for you over your time at “PINK.” Be blessed in his incredible power and with his incredible love.
    Ephesians 3:14-19 My response is to get down on my knees before the Father, this magnificent Father who parcels out all heaven and earth. I ask him to strengthen you by his Spiritβ€”not a brute strength but a glorious inner strengthβ€”that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite him in. And I ask him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you’ll be able to take in with all followers of Jesus the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God. MSG
    May you travel with his angels…

  33. 33
    Maria says:

    I’m just having fun reading through the comments Beth and even though the Q&A is over, I just wanted to share something with ‘my ladies’. Last week, my baby girl turned four. (When I read about Annabeth, I think of my daughter) My daughter Selah is an absolute crack up. She is a romper little girl and loves everything from Caterpillar tractors to wearing her ballerina dresses.

    To the point…since she was a baby I have sang with her at bedtime and prayed with her. I used to try to coax her to pray, but she wouldn’t want to. I let it be, but we talk often about God, heaven, and how thankful we are for all the things God blesses us with. Yesterday at dinner when it was time to pray, Selah said, “I want to pray”. Good thing I didn’t scream with excitement because she probably would have changed her mind. I couldn’t help but peak at her closed eyes and hands somewhat covering her face as she thanked God for the day, for getting to see a John Deere tractor, and blessed our dinner. Later that night dad put her to bed and when I went to say goodnight she was excited because she had prayed again and asked God to help her little brother who has an ear infection. THANK YOU FATHER!!! It’s so sweet to listen to my little girl. I am thrilled that she wanted to talk with her Father in heaven.

  34. 34

    Oh I’m so excited to get in on this! Right now I’m taking a break from painting bathroom cabinets. (Yuck.)

    My question is, what is the best advice you can give to those of us raising kids in the ages, 9-13? Thanks and Love ya Mama Beth!! πŸ™‚

  35. 35
    Traci Best says:

    All the neccesities of life… The Word, Laptop, Coffee and Hoopy earrings. πŸ˜€ LOL <3 you Beth!

  36. 36
    Katie says:

    This looked like it was so fun! Sorry I missed it. Hope you do it again sometime!!

    Katie in Dallas, TX

  37. 37
    Amy says:

    Hi Beth,

    Just left Pink Impact and wanted to tell you that your message was Fantastic! Thank you for words that were so very very perfect for this day! I hope you are back at Gateway again soon!

  38. 38
    Wade says:

    What a fun site! This was a great read, and I am about to sit here and read all of your blog! You have a great sense of personality!

  39. 39
    Lynn says:

    Hi Beth, it’s Saturday morning and I am looking at my to-do list while scarfing down black coffee — strong enough to stand a spoon in. I don’t guess I have a question for you — just a big hello from the Volunteer State!

  40. 40
    Crickit says:


    I hope that you will get a chance to do this fun Q & A again sometime. It was fun getting to know you better and find out what color lipstick you wear!

    Blessings from one of your Siesta’s!

  41. 41
    Joanne Smith says:

    Hi Sister, Our church (Disciples of Christ in Lexington KY) study group just finishing Mercy Triumphs. Have to say, “Well done, faithful servants,” to you and Melissa. As a retired Presbyterian pastor (of the 1st Pres in Tomball, TX) I was enriched by your well thought-through study and am deeply grateful for the time you chose to give it, God and us. Bless you and thank you. JS

  42. 42
    Heidi says:

    Just now getting to catch up on blog reading and came across the Q&A entries. I just “laaaahve” the picture of you Beth, foils and Starbucks, made me feel at home — foils and Starbucks, and don’t forget the Apple – no question – just a smile from feeling connected
    (Heidi from UNH, NH!! πŸ™‚ )

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