Living Proof Live – Kansas City Recap Video

Good Tuesday afternoon, ladies! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here is our very first LPL recap video of the year captured and created by our very own Rich. Thank you so much for your hard work! It is awesome! And praise the Lord for the way He graced you all in Kansas City this weekend!


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  1. 51
    Barbara says:

    Wow! I cried just watching the video! Thank you Jesus for the power of your word and your wonderful grace!

  2. 52
    Sarah says:

    A HUGE Thank you so much . . . to all who were responsible for putting on this weekend! What a blessing, from worship to teaching, God ministered to me through your work!!! My beloved Grandfather passed away on Thursday and I was thinking of not coming, so I could be with my family. But my Mom told me to go and I’m so glad she did . . . God comforted me through worship! He is our great comfort and strength! As I looked around the sanctuary, I wondered and awed at how great our God is that He can handle all the “stuff” that we brought and that He faithfully ministered to each and every one of us. God bless!!!

    • 52.1
      Jennifer D. says:

      I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. I will be praying for your family! It is wonderful to hear how the Lord ministered to you at the conference!

  3. 53
    Georgia Boone says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! I just love these vimeos!! I so wish you were coming to MI this year……Blessings to you and the team!! I love the song Travis sang…….the Word of God HAS spoken…..loud and clear!!

  4. 54
    Cheryl Layton says:

    Watching this put me right back in my chair there!! What a weekend, inspiring, came away with new courage to face the challenges of my life. The worship was indescribable (did I spell that right?). And the message God-given. Thank you, Beth, for pouring yourself out for others. Thank you, Travis, for leading such awesome worship, gave me goosebumps! And thank you to all who had a part in putting this event together. I know God smiles on all of you!!

  5. 55
    Cheryl Layton says:

    What is the song that Travis sang by himself? I was completely blown away by it but don’t know the name of it or if it is on one of his CDs.

    • 55.1
      mommyof3blessings says:

      Cheryl the song Travis sang by himself is called Forevermore. I LOVE that song too. My husband is a worship pastor and has sung that song a few times.

  6. 56
    Andrea says:

    Beth and Travis and all the LPL staff,

    Thank you just doesn’t seem to capture what my heart is feeling about my experience in Kansas City last weekend. If anything I felt born again, so I think April 14th will for evermore hold a special place in my heart; it will be my second birthday!
    Thanks to everyone for sharing your feelings, I have enjoyed reading them. I love this blog, I feel like I’m reliving my experience, and that is awesome!
    Bless you all 🙂

  7. 57
    Kathy says:

    What a blessing…I had the great honor to bring my 15 year old daughter and while at this age the “eye rolling” is all too common and which she did at the conference, I was so blessed to be able to speak to her face to face as Beth led us at the end of the conference. I know right now it may not “click” but I believe everything comes in God’s time and she will remember those eye rolling moments fondly some day! My heart and spirit always gets fed and renewed when I study with Beth. Thank you SO much for loving God so deeply and sharing the truly “greatest love story” with us all!

  8. 58

    I almost spilled my coffee when you came on the video! I loved seeing your beautiful face in motion! I read your tweets and the profile picture never moves! Hahaha! It’s all a wonder, this internet connection. LOVE LOVE LOVED the recap.
    Blessings Siestas!!!

  9. 59
    Amanda says:

    I was able to attend in Kansas City, and it was the most amazing thing that I have ever been a part of. I have always been totally inspired by Beth and she did it again. I not only got to see her live, but I got to do it with 8 other lovely sisters in Christ. Thank you for coming to Kansas City, and I hope that you will be able to again very soon! Much love.

  10. 60
    Becky says:

    I left there with a God high and haven’t come down yet! My neice went not knowing a thing about Beth and she loved every minute of it. My mind has been working non stop this week at the changes I need to make. Beth, I accept your dare to pray for our husbands to be great men. Thank the young lady that planted that seed for me please. Travis and the whole praise team were AMAZING!!! Thanks to all the KC people you helped and prayed for this event, you did Kc proud. God is so good!!!

  11. 61
    Lynda Rickey says:

    Wow! Looks like you all had a totally awesome weekend. Gave me goosebumps to see all those gals in one place praising Jesus. I can’t wait until you get close enough for an LPL road trip. Until then, I’ll keep praying for all the weekends to come. I love you guys! XO

  12. 62
    Paula says:

    I’m so excited I just have to share this with someone! This posting has been up for a couple of days with no new comments so I’m not even sure if anyone will see this but I want to say it anyway!
    I just had the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation with one of the THEYs in my life. She has sampled the fruit sparingly and carefully for many years without choosing. She’s very skittish (something severe in her background, I think.)
    I was proceeding lovingly and cautiously and she was so much more receptive and open than ever before then SHE ended up asking ME if we could go get coffee sometime and discuss it!!!!

  13. 63
    Angie says:

    What an amazing weekend it was!
    I was privileged and humbled to be an ‘encourager’ and pray with women during the invitation on Saturday morning. I’m still overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit-which is saying a lot for a little Baptist girl 😉

    Thanks for coming to KC!

  14. 64
    Sherry Dodd says:

    Beth, Please pray for my daughter, Angela. It will be her birthday on May 18th when you are here in Boise. I bought her tickets for us to attend. I am so excited about you being here again. It will be my daughters first conference….My prayer request is that she DOES go…She is saved but presently not following God. There is so much that has happened in the past 3 years, it would be hard to get it all in….everything you can imagine, everykind of loss, and then drugs to dull it all. I found her a celebrate recovery place and she is now trying so hard…..please pray…its her 35th birthday – she had evertyhing, now she has nothing, not even her children presently. She has one 2 year old with her that was unexpected while on drugs. She is currently homeless and no job. Please pray for my daughter Angela to attend your conference, to feel the Holy Spirit working in her, and turn her life back to Jesus. Thank you and bless you!!

  15. 65
    Carol Tatman says:

    God is so good! My friend Irene Hurt and i helped with the YOUlead womens ministry training before the LPL and met a young gal that was a joy. She hadnt bought a ticket for Beth Moore because she came with other ladies who couldnt stay. .. but she REALLY wanted to. She decided that if she could find a ticket to buy she would send her ladies back with her vehicle and she would just try to get a ride home…(trusting God for everything if it was His will) She sat with us at the end and asked if we knew of any tickets available. We had just been talking on the way there that our Mo state director WAnda had an extra ticket.. she tried to give it to several waitresses along the way but they couldnt go. We told her we knew of a ticket FOR FREE and she almost cried. THEN we asked where she was from and she said my car is in Columbia– which was on our way home! We told her that we would give her a ride which began the waterworks again. “God is so good!” she kept saying. We exchanged phone numbers so we could find each other the next day. We went to Beth Moore that evening and as we got to the seats saved for VOLUNTEERS we couldnt believe our eyes that we had FRONT ROW SEATS! Better than that… one of the volunteers in our group wasnt using a seat SO we called our little gal and had her sit WITH US! God IS so good… and we got to see God bless her. WE had such an awesome time with her riding to Columbia mo to take her to her car. She is a young mom who has such a heart for ministry to girls and women. I dont know if we will ever see her again, but she did nothing but praise God. … and we did too…

  16. 66
    Lacie Hamlin says:

    My mama and I attended this wonderful, spirit filled weekend together and we were so blessed! Although we only live a mile or so from one another we don’t get much “us” time with jobs and my three little girls. The enemy tried to trip our time up several times but we kept pushing and are so thankful we did! Wow! Travis and praise team – AMAZING! Beth, you have a gift of making us feel like we were sitting in your living room having a cup of coffee. Your message was spirit filled and much needed. I needed that and my fever is still high. Woo-hoo! Praise Jesus! Thank you for coming to Kansas City!

  17. 67

    Good to see the LPL video of Kansas City…and to hear Travis’ song again.

  18. 68
    Kalonni says:

    Would it be possible for someone to post the Prayer/Commissioning from the end of the event?

  19. 69
    Andrea Porter says:

    I was too young to remember how old I was when this happened, but I have never forgotten what I felt that day. I was at church with my mom and I was always captivated by the crucifix hanging behind the altar. Jesus hung there, with a crown of thorns around his head, nails driven through his hands and feet and a wounded side. I couldn’t understand why he was treated so badly. What did he do to deserve this kind of death? I know why now, He did this for me, a sinner. Redeemed by this free gift from God, through Christ Jesus. That day in church, I began feeling a very warm tingle start at the tips of my toes and then continue throughout my whole body, to the very top of my head. It made me feel very special. Thinking back as an adult, I believe I was touched by God that day.
    At the age of 33, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was without hope. I know that God is using me as living proof because when I share my story, it helps people with their own troubles and they can see that God is alive and active in my life. Some people can’t believe I can be so happy while dealing with this chronic illness, but I know why and I tell them, it is my relationship with Jesus. I found my hope again, by seeking Jesus.
    Andrea Porter

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