SSMT Roll Call

Siestas! We are less than two weeks away from our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration! In case you realized how much of a mouth full that is, that is why we lovingly refer to it as the SSMTC around here. Grin.

With Christmas, New Years and Passion 2012 behind us, we are looking very forward to the celebration, especially because of how quick it will land on us. Sometime during the next week be looking for a fun FAQ post about the weather, food and all things regarding Houston, but until then, we want to hear from you.

We are anxious to know who completed the scripture memory challenge on this blog EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING TO COME TO THE CELEBRATION. That just means that you have your spiral filled with 20-24 scriptures, posted your verses on the blog, and have hidden the Word in your heart, we want to know who you are.

If this applies to you (and you completed the commitment), we’d love for you to comment and tell us three things:

1) Name:
2) City:
3) Are you coming to the celebration? Yes or No. (Because we want to acknowledge and celebrate you either way!)

Remember, this is for anyone who completed the 2011 scripture memory challenge! When we say there is NO condemnation for those who didn’t finish please hear us loud and clear: there is no condemnation or guilt! We just love a good party here at LPM and want to celebrate with you.

So, even if you have no plans to come to the celebration, but have completed your memory work, let us hear from you!

We love y’all dearly. T-minus 11 days. We cannot wait!

P.S. Some of you have been looking for the SSMT FAQ page, here is the link to help you out.


1,317 Responses to “SSMT Roll Call”

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  1. 151
    Pat says:

    Pat Garren
    Woodstock & Birmingham, Al

    Yes! i”m coming, so excited!!

  2. 152
    alta blake says:

    Alta Lynn Blake
    Sharpsville, In

  3. 153
    Lucy from PA says:

    Lucinda Bomberger
    Watsontown, PA

    No, I will not be attending the celebration. Maybe next time. Will be celebrating here at home though!

  4. 154
    Angela says:


    Amarillo, TX

    Unfortunately, no

  5. 155
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    Linda Peel
    Lexington, KY

  6. 156
    Danielle says:

    Is there going to be a Siesta Scripture Memory Team for 2012? I started reading the blog too late last year to officially join and really want to do the memory work here and with a few local friends… even if there’s not a big party at the end… πŸ˜€

  7. 157
    Cheryl says:

    Cheryl Conroy
    Leesburg, IN

    No, I am unable to attend, but sure hope everyone has a blessed time!

  8. 158
    Rose says:


    Dallas, TX

    YES!! So excited to make it this time!

  9. 159
    Kristi says:

    Lenoir City, TN

    Sadly I won’t be attending

  10. 160
    Holly says:

    Holly Lung
    Boulder, CO
    YES, so excited!!!

  11. 161
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    Rochester, MI

    So Sorry we can’t join in the Siesta celebration but celebrating none-the-less! Incredibly blessed by the year of hiding God’s word in my heart along with my 18 year old daughter AND seeing her quote a couple of them on her college apps!
    Also will celebrate locally with a dear siesta in her 60’s who completed this challenge with an A+++ and has been renewed & transformed by the power of His word!

  12. 162
    Joyce says:

    Joyce Klumper
    Wahpeton ND
    No (sad). I will be praying for you and thinking or you all. SSMT has revolutionized my thought life!

  13. 163
    Nichole says:

    Nichole from Nashville, TN and Yes, I will be there!! Very excited!!

  14. 164
    Elaine Schelhaas says:

    Elaine Schelhaas
    Bismarck, ND
    No, I can’t come, but I’m very thankful for the challenge and all the scripture I’ve memorized this year.

  15. 165

    Joelle Roibal
    Abilene, TX
    YES! WooHoo!

  16. 166
    Elizabeth says:

    Completed the challenge with my mom but can’t travel to Houston for the celebration.

  17. 167
    Rebecca says:

    Rebecca, Portland, TX

    YES! I will be there with bells on with my twin sister and best friend! We are turning the big 3-0 this weekend! So blessed to have a lifelong Christian twin!

    Siestas – please pray for our dear friend and her husband, They just lost there precious 2 yr old baby boy to Leigh’s disease last weekend. We are absolutely heart broken and can’t imagine their pain. Thank you so very much.

  18. 168
    Penny says:

    I couldn’t post all my verses because we moved and our Internet is very hit and miss.
    But the girls and I completed our verses anyway.
    I won’t be coming, so sad.
    Have a blessed time.

  19. 169
    Sally says:

    Columbus, OH
    No, sniff, wish I lived a few states closer.

    • 169.1
      Audrey says:

      Would it help at all to have a travel buddy? I live an hour northwest of Columbus and am flying out of Columbus Friday morning the 20th…thought it was worth a try! Feel free to comment through my blog and I’ll get back in contact with you if it will help πŸ™‚

  20. 170
    sherry says:

    oops…my apologies…I jumped the gun…you mentioned in the post you would giving us Houston info…see I’m just WAY ready to “do this thang”…and by the way, I have surgery the two days after I come home, so I am planning on a havin a good ole spiritual “whooin’ it up”…which I guess includes Mexican too “-)

  21. 171
    Sheryl says:

    Sheryl, PA
    Yes! I am coming with my best friend, Gretchen.

  22. 172
    Amanda May says:


    Olympia, WA

    YES! So thankful that I can come…VERY excited!

  23. 173
    TAmmy says:


    Howells NE

    No, but I will be celebrating with you in spirit and I have already started my spiral for 2012. Thank you for instilling this me Mama Beth.

  24. 174
    Stacy Minor says:

    Big Lake, MN

    Yesiree and cannot wait!

  25. 175
    Lisa Younce says:

    Yes I am coming! Staying at the Embassy Suites and would love to meet up with other Siestas since I’m coming alone this year:)

    • 175.1
      Audrey says:

      Comment through my blog (it’s very behind, but at least it’s safe!) I’m traveling alone and am staying with a few friends at the Omni, but would love to have you join us for meals or anything else!

    • 175.2
      texatlast (formerly texatheart) says:

      I’m coming alone also and staying at the Embassy Suites on Katy Freeway.

  26. 176
    Shiffra says:

    Shiffra, Vicksburg MI

    No, I’m not coming =( But I really wish I could and 2 friends that I completed it with will be getting together to celebrate and I have a group of friends who heard about 2011 and are now joining me to do it for 2012!

  27. 177
    Angela says:

    Pflugerville, TX

    I am SO there!

  28. 178
    Katie says:

    Augusta, Ga
    No πŸ™

  29. 179
    Amber says:

    Amber Wooten
    Warsaw, IN
    No, but so wish I could!

  30. 180
    Connie says:

    Greene, IA


  31. 181
    Brittany says:

    Oh man! I am so excited!!!

    1) Name: Brittany
    2) City: Las Vegas
    3) Are you coming to the celebration? Yes! I can’t wait to meet you gals!

    (I’ll be coming solo so I hope to make some friends)

  32. 182
    Audrey says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!

  33. 183
    Wendy says:

    Vero Beach, FL
    πŸ™ Not able to go – but I sure will be thinking of you all!!

  34. 184
    Pat Wickholm says:

    Pat Wickholm
    Crawfordsville, IN

    No, I can’t be there (boohoohoo!!!) but I will be there in spirit! It was an incredible experience memorizing Scripture with the Siestas!! For accountability, I said my Scripture verses to my daughter on New Year’s Day (and, I can’t believe it, I remembered them all! Now that’s something, with my memory!!)I am doing it again this year, even though it’s not an official year!! I can’t wait to see and learn all that the Lord will teach me this year through His Word!

  35. 185
    Traci says:

    Yes, I finished the 24 verses. And no, I can’t come this time. Glad I was able to though two years ago at the first one. You guys will have a blast!

  36. 186
    Carol says:

    Carol, The Woodlands, TX

    Yes!! Moved here in August, so no excuse not to come. Looking forward to it. I did the Siesta Scripture several years ago too! So special.

  37. 187
    holly smith says:

    Holly Smith
    Monument, CO
    No–but having a small celebration on the 20th with Joanne Heim and a few other sisters, who have been working these scriptures deep into their hearts. God has done amazing things for us–and we are filled with JOY!

  38. 188
    Jan in Tulsa says:

    Jan Tabrizi

    Tulsa, OK

    No, sadly πŸ™

  39. 189
    Judy from Clarks Hill says:

    Judy Grieve
    Clarks Hill South Carolina

    No not attending in person but will be with you all in spirit.
    And I have my first verse for this year, ready to do it all again.

    I have gained so much from this ministry.

    Thanks and Blessings, Judy

  40. 190

    Cara, Highlands Ranch, YES!!

  41. 191
    Mary Jane says:

    Mary Jane
    Troy, Kansas

    Unable to come, but praying that God show up in a mighty way for all you scripture memorizing siestas.

  42. 192
    Patti Walker says:

    1. Patti Walker
    2. Fort Walton Beach, FL
    3. No – sorry can’t be there

  43. 193
    Lisa says:

    Van Buren, AR
    Sending my regrets.

  44. 194
    Rachel says:

    Blairsville, GA
    No, but I will be celebrating from afar in college!

  45. 195
    Alicia Lowery says:

    1. Alicia Lowery

    2. Gulfport, MS

    3. Yes!!! I’m SO excited I can hardly contain myself ;). And I’m bringing two of my best buds who also completed it!! Yay for all of us!!!

  46. 196
    Tina says:

    Cincinnati, OH
    YES! YES! YES! I’ll be there!!!

  47. 197
    Melissa Sweet says:

    Melissa Sweet
    Midland, MI
    Sadly, no πŸ™

  48. 198
    Deanne says:

    Laguna Hills, CA

    No, I will not be able to attend. πŸ™ Thank you for the gift of SSMT! Bless you all and have a blast!

  49. 199
    Kimberly says:


    Amarillo Tx

    No πŸ™ just couldn’t afford it! But my mom and I did it together and it was so rewarding and worth it!

  50. 200

    Sharron Kay Fires
    Possum Kingdom Lake, near Graford, TX
    No, I will be unable to attend because the date conflicted with a long overdue anniversary cruise with my dear husband.
    Praise the Lord, I was able to complete the challenge of all 24 Scripture passages. It changed my life and i’ve already started memorizing for 2012.
    Be blessed dear Siestas and Mama Beth…you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Lindsee…be sure and blog with lots of pictures of the celebration. God bless you all as you celebrate Jesus!

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