LPL Simulcast – Lubbock

Good Morning, Siestas! If you were at the simulcast this weekend here is both the video and the commissioning that many of you have been asking for.

Also, don’t forget to check out yesterdays post below to see who our fifteen winners were of Travis Cottrell’s new CD. Congratulations, ladies!

Living Proof Live Simulcast Lubbock TX from David Lowe on Vimeo.

My Dear Sister
God has chased you down
And called you ALSO
You have a job to do
But you can’t really be you
Until you find a bigger β€œwe”
You were created for good company
But never, ever forget
God never overlooks a single β€œme”
In that great big β€œwe”
Let Jesus be the β€œHe”
In your hermeneutic
Everything He teaches you
Is so that He can reach to you
Give Him open access
To every part of your life
Every struggle
Every temptation
Every aggravation
Every addiction
Every craving
All your caving
Give Him full authority
He’ll give you back your victory
As we go our separate ways
Always remember
That Jesus has passed you the salt
Shake some things up out there
To the greatness of Christ, the Son
Now unto Him who is able
To keep your feet from falling
Be glory and majesty
Power and authority
Forever and ever

We love y’all!


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  1. 1
    Amy says:

    I wasn’t there but I just love this:

    Always remember
    That Jesus has passed you the salt
    Shake some things up out there

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • 1.1
      G.J. says:

      I love this…because my last name is MORTON! πŸ™‚
      Salty Sister is what some of my friends call me!

      • Warm in Alaska says:

        You are so much fun!

        • G.J. says:

          You are too! I love seeing these “long-time” LPM bloggers and the new ones too. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said, “M-O-R-T-O-N” like the salt…


      • Sue Lenoir City, Tn. says:

        Hey G.J., My maiden name was Morton and now I am Campbell like the soup. πŸ™‚

        • G.J. says:

          That is so cute Sue! The first church my husband served on staff all the pastors had food names. There were us Mortons, then we had the Swansons (frozen dinners), & Morrisons (like the cafeterias here in the South).

          Just love it! Thanks for telling me. Of course I just married in to the Morton name. πŸ™‚ My maiden name is Maloy, but I kept my “M.”

          Let’s all keep shaking it up out here and make folks thirsty for Jesus and be salt and light!

  2. 2

    YAY for your first blog post, Lindsee!! πŸ™‚

  3. 3
    Laura says:

    Thanks to all who made this simulast possible! It was a huge blessing to so many and me personally.
    Praise be to God!

  4. 4
    jean hines says:

    Morning Beth
    I attended the simulcast in Rapid City, SD and feel blessed to have shared it with my daughter and other women of faith. It was awesome and thank you!!!!

  5. 5
    Tanya Hoffman says:

    The simulcast was amazing! God is good ALL THE TIME!!!

  6. 6
    Danielle says:

    Morning Ms. Beth! My friend Sally and I drove from Whitesboro, TX to Lubbock to be a part of Saturday’s event! I must say the experience was INCREDIBLE! Lubbock was a great town; very cordial, clean and beautiful!

    God speaks through you in such a powerful way..

    Be blessed!

  7. 7
    Laura K in SD says:

    What sweet memories!! It was great to enjoy right here in South Dakota at our Simulcast location, but the pics from Lubbock and the wonderful song from Travis brought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks for the commissioning statement!


  8. 8
    Tonja says:

    The simulcast was AMAZING! Can’t wait till next year!

  9. 9
    Danielle A. says:

    I really enjoyed that phrase that Jesus has passed us the salt! Just love it!
    The simulcast was amazing! Praise the Lord! πŸ™‚

  10. 10
    G.J. says:

    I don’t know who decides who puts the music to these videos? Rich?

    BUT THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG AND WHEN IT STARTED I BEGAN SINGING! I’ve listened to “Thanks Be To OUR GOD!” forty-eleven times already!

    Love you Beth & company!
    G.J. (Georgian Jan/Gran Jan)

  11. 11
    Gail Jones says:

    Thank you sooo much for posting this for us! Blessings to all at LP.

    Decatur, TX

  12. 12
    Gina Bishop says:

    Beth, I attended your We Also simulcast in Hamilton, OH. Your message is always so uplifting. Thank you for all you do!!! Praise God for those of us that were able to STRAIGHTEN UP, and God be with those that struggle still. Your Sister in Christ, Gina Bishop

  13. 13
    Michele Bone says:

    “Thanks be to our God” That really is enough said, but as I watched this video of pictures, with tears in my eyes, I was so moved and stirred. If I ever doubt that I am on this journey alone, I am encouraged to see all of these women and men, gathered together seeking God whether to grow more and find out their first glimpses of His great power and glory….people are seeking. In this world, where sometimes I am so discouraged by all the evil, GOD IS AT WORK!!!! That is the enemy trying to make me believe that. God is alive and well and He is at work all across this nation and world! I am not in this alone! I loved these pics….so many smiles on faces! I loved the picture of those sweet volunteers loving on ladies with broken or heavy hearts!!!
    Beth, I know that you could have never imagined how many lives God was preparing you to minister to….I can’t imagine what you feel when you look out over those thousands who have gathered to hear a word from the Lord through you…..It amazes me! You are truly a mighty work of God, and obviously humbled by God’s hand on your life! That is so apparent and why you are able to reach so many! May God keep you tight in His hand & bless and protect you and your family!
    Love to all of you Siestas. I am so happy to be a part of this group!

    • 13.1
      Michele Bone says:

      My 15 1/2 yr. old, 14 yr. old & 10 yr. old and I all attended the simulcast and they all took notes and sang. They were touched. My heart was so full that God spoke to them. They loved it and love Beth. My 14 yr. old attended the Charlotte event with me back in July and she leaned over and said, “This is good, but no where near as good as being there” ; ) Of course, we had 5th row end seats there and were thrilled. It was good, but I agree with her not as good as in person, but the NEXT BEST thing!

  14. 14
    Michelle says:

    Thank you Jesus!!! I always ask him to give me 1 big takeaway, and He did. He let me wait until the end to give it to me… guess He wanted to make sure I was listening. This was the most POWERFUL ANNOINTED teaching I have heard!! Beth, thank you for surrendering everything so that we could get a word from God himself. I pray thanksgiving prayers for you because God has used your teaching to remove the dirty dross from my life. You are a treasure not only to the Father but to me as well. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. XOXOXOX

  15. 15
    Kayroni says:

    I shared this amazing day with my mom and I must say the blessings are still falling on us. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this event.

  16. 16
    kathypinkbicyclearkansas says:

    Saturday was awesome! WE were actually late because I had to stop and rescue a young woman from a cow pasture. She had been out there for hours and was very sick, had been drinking, fighting with her husband and she jsut “wondered off”. A long story but I am told by anohter neighbor that she has Lupus and Heart Problems as well. I could not pass her by and leave her in that cow pasture, so I just stopped my car in the middle of the road. She could not talk or stand up but eventually learned one word at a time her name and where she lived. Her name is Selena, please pray for Selena. I would have asked her to come with us but she was very sick and needed help beyond what I could give.

  17. 17
    Sarah says:

    So great to see the live location ladies!!! The simulcast was such a blessing! Praise God for this technology!

  18. 18
    Sheryl Womack says:

    Dear Beth~
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a Travis CD. Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Your New Siesta~

  19. 19
    Brandee says:

    What an amazing weekend! Thank you Beth and Travis and your teams for all you do in serving our God and us. We love you!

  20. 20
    Elizabeth Lipich says:

    Thank you for posting the commissioning today. It was good for me to go back and re-read it…focus on it…pray for people as I read each line. There is so much hurt in so many people today. I sent this out to several precious women today and immediately got responses back about how they needed to read that. Thank you, Beth, for reminding us that God wants access to it ALL. Even the parts we don’t even want to look at. I remember you saying “Your victory is in His authority”. Thank you for making it sooo honest…so humble.

    God surely is sooo very proud of you for your obedience. Thank you for keeping it real.


  21. 21
    Bonnie J. Russell says:

    Dear Beth,

    What a creative way to wrap up the message God gave you!! I am still basking in the Simulcast and probably always will……. I am ‘forever ruined for the ordinary!’ It is my heart’s desire to have your Simulcast in my hometown. My cup is running over and I am drinking from ‘my saucer.’ You are an inspiration to the Body of Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bonnie J. Russell

  22. 22
    Cyan B says:

    I attended the live event in Lubbock. What a blessing. I so appreciated hearing that each and every seat in the stadium was prayed over before the event began. I could feel it. The worship was amazing, and the word from Beth, excellent. I am so glad I went!

  23. 23
    Ingrid Lathrop says:

    Ingrid Lathrop
    FrenchTown, Mt

    I was encouraged by the word “we” as I live out God’s call on my life. Praise Him for letting us clearly understand His ways.

  24. 24
    Sarah Wheat says:

    I wish I could have been there or at one of the simulcast sites! It looked like a truly amazing and life-changing time!! Thank you Beth and everyone at Living Proof for seeking and following God’s call on your life. God has most definitely used you to change my life and who knows how many others!

  25. 25
    Warm in Alaska says:

    (I didn’t get online til last night – so missed sharing my favorite Travis song – which would be Annie’s Song — I love it SO MUCH!! Thanks, John Denver, Travis Cottrell, and most of all Jesus~)

  26. 26
    Joyce Watson says:

    what a powerful song! Thank you God for just being Lord of my life. Praise You for everything! Lord, use me for your glory and honor.

    Let us recognize who You are God
    That nothing can substitue for the love
    You have already given us.
    No earthly treasure could be worth what You have for us Not now and in the future.
    That nothing can bring true happiness,
    Peace and joy into our lives,
    Or take away the pain, sorrows and
    Heartaches of ths world,but You
    That nothing can be better than what
    You have planned for our lives
    Thank you, Lord so much for your love toward us.
    Let us recognize who You are, God
    For Your greatness, powerfulness,
    Your strength, Your character and Your love.
    Let us recognize who You are, God
    In our personal lives, not to ever forget
    that You are our Creator, Provider, Protector,
    And sustainer of Life! ~joyce

  27. 27
    leslie ellington says:


  28. 28
    Julie says:

    “Give Him open access
    To every part of your life
    Every struggle
    Every temptation
    Every aggravation
    Every addiction
    Every craving
    All your caving
    Give Him full authority”

    I am trying Beth, I am trying! Thank you for this word that God was speaking through you to me and I am sure many others. I have been separtated from God now for more than I care to admit. I am so grateful that He has CHASED ME down!!! I ask for prayers that I might be disciplined and obedient to His every word and command and stop living of this world. I have a sin that must be burned out of me and restoration for my life and my marriage. I believe Jesus is able and willing, I just need to have the willingness to follow through and not quit when it gets too hard.

    • 28.1
      Sahar Smith says:

      Good Morning Julie,

      I just want to agree with you in prayer. Dear Jesus, please strengthen Julie to follow after You with everything she has. Empower her by Your Spirit, in her inner man to say “yes” to the things of God and “no” to the things of this world.

      Lord I also ask that You repair and restore those things that Julie has destroyed through her sin. I pray especially for her marriage. In Your name alone Lord Jesus all things are possible. We give You praise and glory forever, amen.

      Bless you my siesta sister,

  29. 29
    Terri Williams says:

    This was my first Beth Moore Conference. And it was a life changing experience for me. WE are in good company..

    Thank you Most Excellent Beth Moore for the experience.

    Terri Williams
    Snyder, Tx

  30. 30
    Sparki2003 says:

    Hi Lindsee, and welcome !

    Thank you so much for posting the commissioning ! I only found out that there was going to be a simulcast nearby my hometown 2 weeks before the event. However, I still needed confirmation from the Lord that He wanted me to go to it since I couldn’t really afford the entrance fee and the gasoline to get there.

    But, He showed me that He did want me to go to it, and once everything fell into place; I got so excited ! He even made a plan for me to spend Friday night with my cousin, who lives 10-15 minutes from the “host church”, which was in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Otherwise, I would have had to drive for an hour or so to get there from my hometown. πŸ™‚ PRAISE YOU, LORD JESUS !

    And, Miss Beth, thank you for allowing His Holy Spirit to work through you in such a special way last Saturday !

    And, yes, I was in “good company”, as I arrived at the site early, just so I wouldn’t get stuck searching for a parking spot. Of course, the last time I attended anything where you,[Miss Beth, would be speaking “live”, it was for one of your Bible studies at HFBC for the “Spring session” in 2004; at my own “new home church”; and parking was absolutely crazy there ! But, it was well worth it ! πŸ™‚

    However, it was in June of 2004 when I felt that the Lord was “calling me” to relocate from Houston back to my home state of Wisconsin, to be closer to my family. And, I am glad that I did just that; for many different reasons……

    Love, in Christ Jesus,

    Jennifer Olmstead
    Janesville, WI

  31. 31
    Pam Smith says:

    What a blessing to share in the Simulcast on Saturday. My daughter and I attended in New Minas, Nova Scotia. It was such a wonderful experience to know that 180,000 ladies across our beautiful world were sharing in that great event. Thank you, Beth for your challenging words and thank you to all who prayed for this event and to all who who were involved in organizing the Simulacasts in all 131 locations. Praise be to God!

  32. 32
    MaryD says:

    THANK YOU, Beth, Travis and all the team. You have truly blessed me!

  33. 33
    Dawn says:

    Thank you for everything that you and your team do. Sat was amazing!

  34. 34
    Tanya Williamson says:

    I can not tell you in words how my heart was filled with the spirit and the love of God. I tried to tell my husband and all I could say “WONDERFUL!If 9,000 women could sing that beautiful for the glory of God can you imagine how the angels in heaven sound! Not to mention the beautiful word Beth bought forth” In a few days I’ll be able to speak of Living Proof better.I have to soak it in.Can you see my surpise when Beth walked out on stage…I thought we were just part of the simulcast!What joy,what blessings,what a beautiful day with my sisters.

  35. 35
    Japhia Scott says:

    AMAZING!!! Talk about a blessing!!! I was at the Simulcast in Ajax, Ontario Canada. Quick question – Wondering if anyone can remind me the name of the closing song we all sang acapella – I was so overcome I could scarcely keep the words flowing as my heart knelt in humble adoration to our GREAT GOD!!!! Prayers were being answered all around me, and His presence was so real!!! I was speechless!! Imagine hearing the voices of such a choir, and the humility of our worship leaders turning all our focus to God! So overcome!!!! Surely we spent our day on Holy Ground!! From beginning to the end …. God!!! “The Word of God was spoken …. I am changed forever!” Amen.

  36. 36
    Bethany says:

    Thank you for posting the commissioning. Now my notes are complete!
    The simulcast was a balm to my hurting soul. I’ve been battling depression for the last year and lately it has been winning. It’s hard to talk about because most of my friends just don’t get depression. So, I’ve pretty much removed myself from my normal “life”. Not a good idea I know but the pain is too deep and the effort to pretend that it does not exist is too difficult. This battle that I’m in has catapulted me into a crisis of belief that I’ve never in 17 years of Christianity encountered; the idea of walking away from it all.
    Anyway Beth, I just wanted to say “thank you” for all that you do. For your transparency and for your heart. I know that no matter what, this community will always be a safe place for a struggling pilgrim.

    P.S. Thanks for the comissioning! I was blessed to say it to my dearest friend and have said it with her for every LPL I’ve been to (with the exception of the SSMT Celebration).

  37. 37
    Polly says:

    Hi Lindsee, I was one of the 180,000 blessed by Saturday’s simulcast. My spirit gauge got fully recharged during the event, along with a new, but already treasured, friend. I’m thrilled to have this commissioning.

  38. 38
    Sandy Bowers says:

    I’m so excited to be a siesta! I’ve just recently discovered this blog and wish I had found it long ago! The simulcast Saturday was everything I hoped it would be and I can’t wait until next year so we can do it again. Many, many thanks to all involved in bringing this event to the 731 host sites! Beth’s message was so inspiring; Travis and the praise team were amazing and the technical department went out of their way to make it seamless (I was the tech team at our site.) I look forward to getting to know you all! Blessings to my new siestas!

  39. 39
    Barbie Halaby says:

    I attended the simulcast in Burke, VA, outside of Washington DC, and it was my first experience with anything “Beth Moore.” What an amazing experience! Not only did it provide me the opportunity for a spirit-filled teaching, but it gave me the chance to get to know some women at my new church. I can’t thank you enough for what you do and for sharing it with so many. I also appreciate the commission statement. I want to keep that handy to reread. Thank you for your humility and your willingness to turn your life over to God’s work. God bless you!

  40. 40
    Radical Abandonment says:

    What a blessing Saturday was! I attended in Colorado. I really enjoyed your passion and clarity in your message.

  41. 41
    Carol says:

    My good friend, Bambi, and I were commissioning partners at the end of the simulcast. We had tears in our eyes as we spoke the words to each other. Afterwards, she said to me, “I feel like we just got married.”
    Giggle time!

  42. 42
    Ann says:

    Beth, the simulcast was so anointed and so powerful. I left there forever changed. Thank you!
    Lindsee, thanks for posting the Commission. I’m going to use it to recap the teaching for my girlfriends who couldn’t be there. πŸ™‚

  43. 43
    Kimberly says:

    I had such a great time last Saturday at the Simulcast. I got to share the powerful ending words with my daughter in law as we stood face to face with tears streaming down our faces. She is from Mexico and this was her first time experiencing a live event. Thank you Beth for a great day filled with good teaching and good laughter.

  44. 44
    Nuvia says:

    Thank you!!! I have forwarded to my sister and her friends in Hawaii!

  45. 45
    Kathy says:

    Thank you, our “good company” met today with an amazing couple from San Antonio, Alan and Eileen Vincent. We are so grateful for your inspiration regarding the importance of a group who provide “good company” and yet we can receive individual transformation. Thank you again and again dear Sister in Christ! PS This couple was instrumental in providing a remarkable mission in Bombay and that light of God continues due to their obedience- I know you have a heart for India.

  46. 46
    Melinda Pulattie says:

    Thank you so much for posting the commissioning! I attended the live event in Lubbock! It was such a blessing and I thank you so much, Beth, for coming!! Thank you for the message and study you gave that day! I, too, have been a woman who just could not “straighten up” and needed Jesus to lay His hands on me! Again, thank you, Beth, for everything you do!

  47. 47

    I attended in Greenwood MS and the morning of all I wanted to do was lay around in my pajamas. WAS I EVER GLAD that I didn’t!

    The first segment spoke so directly to my heart and my situation that I literally felt like a spotlight was shining on me. I was too busy sobbing to care if everyone around me was staring. (It was one of those moments like when you are really upset about something and you’ve held yourself together all day, then you see your Momma and your sister and they look at you with true concern and say, “HOW are you?” And you just totally lose it- ugly cry.)

    When you spoke to writers, my heart stopped for a second. I don’t know if I can even explain how much your words impacted me. I felt like God had heard me. I felt like God was speaking to me. I no longer felt forgotten.

    Writing is so solitary, it’s easy to forget the people who actually read your words. The week before the event I had to gather numbers for my column distribution for a marketing pitch. I had never seen all those numbers in one place before and it was more than I would have thought.

    I had been so narrowly focused on what was right in front of me (namely my computer screen, my husband and three kids) that I had lost sight of the fact that I am writing because God himself called me to do it.

    When you said, ” Your calling is as big as the group of people you invest your life in,” the Lord flashed those numbers in front of me and said, “It’s not just you. WE. We also.”

    Thank you so much for a timely, STRAIGHT from the Throne Room message. Me and my Momma ate Mexican after (Bless God!) and she grinned real big and said, “Salt the whole basket!”

  48. 48
    Stacy says:

    I loved being able to go to Lubbock to attend the event. I loved every minute of the day. Watching the video just now and remembering still the incredible ways God moved that day still makes me in awe of Him and how He moved and touched my heart. The Great I Am! Watching the video made me think of the day I will stand with all my brothers and sisters praising God around the throne what a wonderful sound and sight that will be that special day! Thank you for sharing and loving the King of Kings and having a heart to share Him with everyone. I LOVE YOU!!!! πŸ™‚

  49. 49
    Susan says:

    Thanks so much for posting the commissioning. I never saw a post for the commissioning in Charlotte in July. Can you post that as well or email it to me?

    I am always so blessed by every conference I attend. Thank you for all you do.

    And Beth, I love you, too!

  50. 50
    Susan Roehm says:

    I was at the conference in Lubbock and it was an awesome inspiring time. I just thank God for you and your ministry and what it has inspired in me. Thank you for all that you do.

    I am going to share the commission statement with all the ladies in my bible study class. We started The Inheritance on Tuesday of this week. The first session was great and I am so looking forward to this study.

    Your Sister in Christ.

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