Letting Go and Welcoming In

Hey, my darling Siestas! I hope your weekend was full of Jesus and that you found refreshment with family and friends. I also hope you were blessed by a lively, Christ-loving body of believers in your local church and that you freely worshiped with them and sought God together with them through the Scriptures. You guys know how strongly we feel about the local church around here. These are days on the Kingdom calendar when we need one another more than ever. (Hebrews 10:24-25) We can’t afford to rationalize that we can link up with other believers on line as a replacement for investing our lives and our spiritual gifts in the local church of God’s leading. I love what we get to do here and believe that it’s real and that it has an important place but it’s not a replacement for a local body of believers. I’m so happy to say that I don’t see many people in this community confused about that. I often hear you refer to your churches with much love and commitment. You bless me so.

That said, God has brought about a huge transition in our lives over the last months. Let me say that in all caps: HUGE. I think the best way I can explain it to you is to post the letter that was inserted in the church bulletin at my home church yesterday and is up on their website. I will pick back up with you briefly at the end of the letter.

Dear HFBC, my beloved church family of so many years,

It is with indescribable gratitude and deep emotion that I say farewell to this body of believers as a fellow member. I asked Pastor Gregg if I could write you a letter rather than speak to you from the platform, not because I mind shedding tears in public but because I wish to spare you my lapse into an ugly cry.

These are exciting days in my family. Nine years ago, Keith walked our oldest daughter, Amanda, down an aisle of this very sanctuary and gave her in marriage to Curtis Jones, a young man with only one life plan: to serve Jesus anywhere, any time. We knew from the start that anything was game. Over the last several years, we’ve watched God prepare Curtis and Amanda to plant a church in another part of Houston. Keith and I will unwaveringly go with them with joy, approval, and glad anticipation.

Not one of us goes without cost, however. For once, I’ll let the others speak for themselves and I’ll stick to what I place on this altar today. I met my life-long mentor here and came to my first realization that human flesh and blood could fall madly in love with Jesus. At her insistence, I taught my first Sunday School class here and didn’t sit down for 23 years. I signed up for a Bible doctrine class taught on the second floor of this church on Sunday nights 26 years ago and was ruined for life for anything other than the pursuit of Christ through Scripture. You dared to take a Christian aerobics teacher with a side ponytail seriously when she pitched her leg warmers for commentaries. You gave me a safe place to keep learning amid a thousand mistakes.

Meanwhile, our marriage has endured for 32 years and, in such large part, over the support we received among godly couples here in this church. Our daughters, Amanda and Melissa, each walked one of these aisles, gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in those very same waters above the choir loft.

As ministry life took us places – both good and hard – that we could not possibly have foreseen, you were my safe harbor. As far as I can recall, Dr. Jimmy Draper is the only one who has ever called me “normal” but the context was something I’ll treasure forever: “Beth, you know the only reason you’ve stayed normal?” No, Sir. I don’t. “You stayed in church.”

And now the tears well up in my eyes and spill over from my heart. How do you thank people for nearly 30 years of love and acceptance and patience and forgiveness and guidance? My best shot at it is this: I may be absent from you on Sunday mornings but you will never be absent from me. You are woven into my soul. I take you with me everywhere I go.

I have the glorious privilege of placing my membership here at HFBC on the altar at the best possible time: when I have never loved this church more. There is not one hint of conflict. Not one iota of friction between my beloved Pastor and me. We have pledged our support and friendship to one another and to one another’s families. He has also graciously invited us to continue to hold our Tuesday night women’s Bible studies here. I’m Pastor Gregg’s fan forever and a staunch supporter of this fine church. Please hear these words, all of you, from the truest and most tender place in my heart:

Thank you for all that you’ve been to me. The gift of you is inestimable. I love you deeply and will press you close to my heart all my days. Pray for us as we pray for you “so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God.” (Ephesians 4:13)


Pastor Gregg and me:

I didn’t know until today that Melissa had snapped this picture of Keith and me up on the platform with Pastor Gregg yesterday during the service. When she walked into my office a few minutes ago and caught me inserting pictures into this article, she said, “Mom! I took one you’ve got to post!” I wish so much that this picture also had Kelly, Pastor Gregg’s wife, in it. I love her dearly and respect her to no end.

These next two pictures represent some of my very biggest losses at HFBC. Make no mistake. We will always be friends because our hearts are tied together forever but I won’t worship right in among them on a myriad of Sundays like I have for years. The first one is the Tate girls. A few of you may remember that I dedicated Get Out of That Pit to Kendall Tate and her family and told their story in the book. I, then, dedicated the GOOTP journal to all four of these wonderful girls.

This is Abigail Davis. I’ve known her (as well as each of the Tate girls) all her life. I told a story about Abigail and her golf lessons toward the very end of the Esther Bible study. I’m nuts about her. The best pictures I have of Abigail and me are in frames on shelves at home but I do have this one in my office. You can see that she is a well-rounded woman-child. A golfer and a dancer. Grin.

Well, you can see that these are days of change around here. I cried many tears yesterday as I said goodbye to a body of believers I have cherished with my whole heart and so much of my life. But, as I met with our church plant core-group of 50 on our knees last night, seeking God desperately to come and do His will in this infant church, I felt His power and pleasure. It is the Lord’s will. I welcome it and embrace it. Bayou City Fellowship will swing open its doors to the public in the Fall but you will not waste a prayer on us now. We have much work to do in the spiritual realm before that day comes.

I praise God that this fellowship of believers will be right here in Houston. When your kids are in ministry, you well know that God could “plant” them anywhere in the world. We are ecstatic that God led Curtis to plant this church right here in this big, fat, wonderful, hot city. Our whole family will be engaged in this crazy adventure, including Colin and Melissa. If you’re wondering about the name, Houston’s nickname is “Bayou City.” We couldn’t believe it hadn’t been snagged as a name for a church in this city yet. Over the coming years we want Houston to be so glad we are here as we stretch out our arms to its aid. Our first outside action as a church has been to gather various articles to give to families that lost all they had in a local apartment fire. As I folded up clothes this morning and put them in a bag and made a plan to run by Walmart, I thought to myself, “Well, old girl, there’s not a lot of time to sit around and mourn. Hop up and get on this love train. There’s a city to serve.”

And it felt right.

One last thing. Last night I looked at all the children of our core group couples and thought, “You are going to get to watch some of these children grow up. Open your heart wide and receive with joy!” I knelt down by about 7 children, one by one, last night and said, “Hi there! I’m Miss Beth and I’m new to this church, too. Would you be my friend?” Most of them said yes. A few of them stared at my big hair.

Jesus, be exalted in this city. Bless HFBC. Bless Bayou City Fellowship. Bless every body of believers with knees to the floor and faces to the sky in Your holy Name. We are wholly dependent upon Your presence.

PS. Amanda is my pastor’s wife. I have to throw my head back and laugh with joy. HOW ABOUT THAT????


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  1. 351
    Tracy L. says:

    Once again you bring me to tears! Prayers covering the “lot of you”. Oh to be one of those 50 at Bayou City Fellowhip Church!

    Tracy L.
    Richlands, NC

  2. 352
    Amanda says:

    Okay, I am just going to be a cry baby with you. I could barely make it through your letter, and I don’t even live in the same state, much less go to your church! The connection you have with HFBC is absolutely beautiful. The thought of leaving my church (of a meager 11 years) is heart wrenching. The new chapter is exciting, but the old one is so hard to end. I pray the relationships hold strong for you (while new ones are being forged), and for comfort for your aching heart as you transition. I pray that you will have extra sweet times with the Spirit as He comforts you as well. I pray that as we learned in the Ruth Bible study you are able to weep forward!! And for multiplied ministry at Bayou City Fellowship (that your efforts produce extra and extra reaping). –Amanda in Arkansas

  3. 353
    Pam says:


    I can’t tell you enough what you mean to me as a Christian woman who struggles sometimes to just stay afloat. The Lord continues to bless you and thru that blessing we your Siestas in Christ will benefit as we always to.

    God Bless to you and your family in this newest journey that the Lord has put in front of you, I’m excited to see where it will go.


  4. 354
    Pat w says:

    Thank You, Miss Beth. MY heart is swollen with so much feeling right now, after having read this letter, There is No greater way to support your son-in-law than to make him Your Pastor. that is so Special to me. I’ve known some pastors as friend!- and I’ve known some friends whom thought themselves ministers.. there is a difference, ya know. and sometimes we can be in big places and its not that we have to leave there with hostility, its just that sometimes god needs us to go to smaller places where we know that its more of god and less of me, making it happen, and i’m just to listen and follow where god leads me to go… does that make sense?., i hope so.. cause i really dont want it to sound other than i feeling it.

    I remember one little church in arizona I was in once, and there one Hopi indian sitting in there just waiting for The one that god would bring to church that day, and it was me..more than halfway across the country from wv, and that blessed my life that day. I hope I never forget who got me there, cause I know better than to think that it me that got me there, but there is where I needed to be, and god knew that.

    I dont have a room and I dont have a ticket and I dont really know if I even have it in me to get there, but it feels that I’d like to be there in louisville this weekend, but will just have to see on that one I guess.

    the truth is We dont know all that god sees waiting for us, but that we are willing to let go of what we cling so tightly too, sometimes, then we are able to open our hands and arms and hearts and minds and eyes and ears- TO what Next god has for us to do, -right?

    • 354.1
      pat w says:

      gotta say too, that news of this sort, though it be bittersweet for you, maybe?, makes me feel that god still working to plant ya with a new season for ya, that’s inspiring to me… just is.

  5. 355
    Stacie says:

    Oh how sad, but how precious! I just read in “Beloved Disciple” this morning John’s words about there being no greater joy than to see your children walking in the Truth. I can see how that is true. What a blessing and a delight to be able to watch the younger generation rise up and take their place in the Kingdom.

    Thank you for sharing. What a blessing you are to me everyday!

  6. 356
    Lindsey says:

    Ohhh!! God bless you all as you continue His work in this new gathering place…I will be praying as you transition! He is there already and will meet all your needs…xoxo

  7. 357
    Kristi Brewer says:

    Welcome to the world of church planting! My husband and I plant churches in the inner city of Raleigh, NC. Sounds like you are off to a good start. We believe in reaching out to a community and meeting their needs first. We focus on children and find if we reach them, we can reach their parents and then plant a church. We would be more than happy to share our ideas with you. Of course we will be praying! You can reach us at [email protected].

    Much love!

  8. 358
    Natalie Johnson says:

    As a pastor’s wife – I wish everyone could learn from this – the proper way to ‘leave’ a church. No finger pointing, no excuses, no blame, just blessing and love. Bless you! And, bless your new church and your pastor’s wife!

  9. 359
    Mary says:

    I will partner in prayer with you in this exciting time! God will do big things!

  10. 360

    I can’t tell you how reading your story seemed oh-so-familiar. What a mixed bag of emotions comes with turning the page from one beautiful season in our lives and entering the unfamiliar next.

    My heart hurts and rejoices with you at the same time.

    I remember when we went to the mission field how hard it was to let go of the people I had served and served with. They were dear and precious to me – a part of my forever family. They still are.

    Like Abram’s call to trust and obey, we just did it. Loving and missing those we were leaving behind; unsure of what my call would look like; my maternal heart in a wrestling match of the Divine kind as I waived goodbye to my freshly turned 19 year old.

    There were a whole lot of emotions going on inside this little southern, missionary girl’s heart and I didn’t have a clue with what to do with them.

    But as you know, the God of where I am is the same God of where I will be. And so with a broken heart and great anticipation, we entered a new season of our lives and we saw God do things we would’ve never seen if we had not trusted and obeyed.

    So, sister, I’m praying God graces you with the ability to be like a trapeze artist and completely let go of the rope of one season of your life in order to fully embrace the next!

    It’ll be an adventure you’ll be glad you didn’t miss!

  11. 361
    Andrea Porter says:

    As my daughter used to say when she was 3,”I am so EXCITING!” To think that YOUR daughter is now your pastor’s wife, tickles me to no end, it is wonderful (grin). I know how hard it is to leave a church you love, as a former Air Force wife, we have left MANY churches, consistently (every 2 years)and have NEVER officially joined a church family. Which makes me have mixed emotions. The churches that were awesome and alive with God’s Word, were so hard to leave, but we had to say goodbye just as we were getting to know people AND remember their names. It is hard for me, because I just want to dive right in and get to know people, but at the same time, you hesitate because you know it will end, sad face :+( However, you, Miss Beth, are getting to move on with people that you dearly love and that is a blessing and I know that this new path God has put you and your loved ones on will be blessed beyond measure. I can’t wait to see LPL in Charlotte, NC next month, with my dear college roommate Leeann. Who was very instrumental in my life, without her and her invitation to join her on our post graduate school, road trip, I would not be married to the man I am today. I am blessed beyond measure. I too have a degree in Political Science and a gradute degree in Public Administration, always like to know that there are other Poli. Sci. graduates out there. By the way LOVED your glasses in the vimeo, thanks for a good laugh. I just love you so much, would like to sit and have a cup of coffee with you and just chat away :o).
    Blessings, Andrea
    Praying for your new adventure and all those involved.

  12. 362
    Laura P. says:

    Hey Beth….. I’m so excited for you and your family!!!! Many changes!!! Will be praying for both your beloved HFBC and for BCF in the days to come!!!!! God Bless you all in your new church home!!!! Can’t wait for the updates to come…… Lori in Mo.

  13. 363
    Leanna says:

    How exciting for all of you. I can’t wait to see what kind of huge things God will do with the next chapter in your lives. I just finished “Beliving God” and am looking forward to what the future holds for me as I believe God for great things too.

  14. 364
    Laura says:

    How exciting! Thanks for sharing the history you’ve had with your church family and now this new adventure. I love the way God works! I’m sure you never dreamed He’d call you to plant a church for Him?? 🙂 Praying for your family and that people would meet God in your new church.

  15. 365
    Dar says:

    You are such an inspiration to me and I’ve been trying so hard to get God’s word in my heart. I’m memorizing my scriptures, but I stopped reading the Bible every day about a month ago. I’m also in the middle of reading Get Out of that Pit. My heart still feels like stone and I’m getting more broken every day. I know it’s my fault. I have not given up and am trying to understand how I got here and how to get out and why I’m the one holding myself back. Tonight I think I might have stumbled on a key. Unredeemable. I can read the truth that I am, but in my heart, I don’t get it, I don’t believe it applies to me. All I’ve ever wanted was to “get it”. 30+ years from my first heart wrenching cry that I knew I was missing something, I find myself in the same place. What’s wrong with me? I will continue to read Getting out of that Pit and then Breaking Free. Is there anyone else who may connect to my fears and how they let Jesus finally claim their heart?

  16. 366
    Darcie Lyon says:

    My own tears are running down on my face as this post is another God moment for me. Letting go and jumping into something new when you are supposed to follow God’s calling. It is God’s calling into my life that brought me to serve as an AmeriCorps member and feeling my life was so insignificant and I am walking next to my husband as he does what he is called to do by God too. Thank you Pastor Jones and Amanda, Beth and Keith and Melissa and Collin for showing me that stepping into our calling as a family is His purpose and so very worth it.

  17. 367


    My heart and prayers go with you all as you take this step of faith and move into God’s “next” for your life. We made a hard ministry move last June (my husband is a UM pastor) to a community that I might not have chosen for myself had it been up to me. That being said, our parsonage is located less than one mile from the cancer treatment center where I would be diagnosed and treated less than two months after our arrival here. And while things haven’t always been “clear” to us about our church ministry in this place, we’ve always had clear understanding regarding the ministry we’ve poured out at the cancer center. It has been my second home, and I am grateful for the “move” that has moved me closer to the heart of Jesus.

    Last Sunday, I was the speaker at the annual cancer survivor’s picnic. I never thought I would be one of them, but I’ve come to realize that we all are survivors (cancer or otherwise); this world is hard place to live a life, but with Jesus, it’s a beautiful grace to behold.

    I’ve chronicled my cancer journey at my blog for anyone who might have a need along these lines.


  18. 368
    TJ Weeden says:

    What a great blog entry. Thank you for sharing the insert that was in your bulletin. So many people leave churches without so much as a goodbye. I am sure ‘the body’ appreciated it. My husband and I, as well as our 5 out of 7 children, are church planting as well. We live in Myrtle Beach, SC. In Dec. of 2010, 30 of us were challenged to fast and pray about what God would have us do after some things happened at our church. Out of those 30, 12 of us heard the call to plant. We started meeting at my house in the mornings. A local church let us come in the evenings for a prayer time. Our mornings stayed small. I guess people still think church is a building. Our evenings grew to about 45 and turned into an evening service. We had Easter service at the beach and about 130 people came. About a month ago, we gained access to a local high school for Sunday mornings. Our first service was held and 350 people came. Now we have smaller services known as leadership development services. A good group of about 90 come. We will hold larger ‘preview services’ once a month. Then, come fall, we will have a full blown launch. In between, we are training, and gathering supplies. It is an amazing journey. Not one that is without a HUGE spiritual battle. Even as I write this, I know it is happening in the heavenly realms. I will be praying for you and your family. What a blessing that you can all be together. One day, I hope that will happen with my two oldest. Sometimes I read your blogs, and cry my beloved head off for hours. But that story is for another time. So many times I have wanted to write you and seek your wisdom. But for now, I just come here and visit, and do my weekly Beth Moore studies. I continue to seek counsel from the True Couselor! You have ministered to this heart more times than I even know! Thank you for your obedience.
    Your sister, even though you don’t know me,

  19. 369
    Debbie says:

    When I scanned down the blog page to get caught up, I saw there was a letter to your church so I hurried back up to the top to read every word–but I knew already….I said to myself…they are going to plant a church! I’m so excited for you all! My husband was a church planter in the Philippines and we spent 15 years of our lives doing just that…..planting churches…often through much warfare…but with so much joy in our hearts as we watched God move–many times in spite of us! We will be praying for you! I’m just giddy with excitement about this!

  20. 370

    well I see He’s up to immeasurably more than you ever thought or imagined..:) aint it grand! This is just precious..

  21. 371
    Laura Beth says:

    What beautiful words to share with your fellow believers and what an exciting time. Excited to see what God has in store for the future! Praying with you.
    Love to you all!

  22. 372
    Ivy Morrison says:

    Wow! My mom called me first to tell me she had seen your blog post and I finally made it on here to read for myself. I am so excited for all of you and the new ministry God is leading your kiddos and the whole family into! I chuckled to myself with the timing (cuz God loves giving you those funny moments) but God JUST moved my husband to take a youth pastor position at a small church this last week. We’ve been youth pastors at a large church north of Houston for 6 years and it’s been the only church my kids have ever known! It’s comforting when you are going through a BIG transition to hear of others traveling the same path – so I’m excited I have fellow pilgrims!! (I just finished your Psalms of Ascent study, lol!!) So like I said – I have fellow pilgrims!! 🙂
    Much love, blessings and prayers,
    Ivy Morrison

  23. 373
    kassie says:

    That is soooo wonderful, Beth I cried tears of joy and sadness with you at the same time- I am kinda in the same spot- I too left a church a while back and have been in, “training” because I know the Lord is preparing me and my family for a “Church Planting” here pretty soon in the furture too. “God of this City” this song keeps going through my heart so much- This city I live in… it’s got a lot of problems, lots of drugs and gang problem- but I still have God’s Holy Spirit leading me, that there is still hope here- That God is still here- reminds me of God telling Elijah He still had people in the place He was sending him. And also Paul, the Lord told Paul not to be afraid because He still had people here- Ps 46:4-5 has been a strong verse for me of late-

    so it is wonderful that I JUST read this post today! and the name of your new church!!

    Blessings to you and yours!! Have a wonderful journey!

  24. 374
    Sue Ferris says:

    I too am the mother of a daughter who married a pastor. And, like you, my husband and I have known since she walked down the aisle to wed her man 3 years ago, that God can call them anywhere in the world to further His kingdom. For now, they (daughter, son-in-love and granddaughter) are only 30 minutes from us. I take each day that they are close by as a gift – not a requirement or a necessity. Father God,

  25. 375
    connie dronet wood says:

    Beth, I SO wish you, Keith, Curtis & Amanda the best with your new venture. Of course you need to go with your children. I know far too well how life can be taken from you far too soon. Enjoy your children to the fullest EVERYDAY!! Would love to hear from you & hope to see you soon. Love, Connie

  26. 376
    Laura C. says:

    I just wanted to say that it is my prayer to God that I have similar feelings toward my new church that I have fallen in love with. This is the first time I have been fully committed to Christ and in such a loving church. I have found it a bit exposing as I am not used to Christian love and I suppose I have grown accustomed to keeping people at arms length. God has taken me in so many new places as He has healed me with this new willing heart. I am joyful over the changes He is making and I pray I will be able to write/or feel the same ways one day as you have expressed in this moving letter to your congregation.

    Congratulations to all that God is walking you and your family through!

  27. 377
    Dana says:

    Hi again – just wondered how Church went yesterday…the Bayou Christian Fellowship. I was praying fervently for you guys. Can’t wait to hear about the first week! Our Church did a Church plant a few miles from our current location and they actually do worship and SS in a movie theatre on Sunday mornings. It’s growing fast, and we are all thrilled!

  28. 378
    Kelly says:

    Oh Beth, I have just recently left a church that I dearly loved as well and I can identify so much. We left without a hint of conflict as well and only because we were moving from the Dallas area to Colorado. We were only there three years but those people are woven into my very being as well. They walked through life with us through dating, engagement, the beginning of our marriage, our first pregnancy and the birth of our first child. Such a blessing! I pray that God eases you through this transition and I must say being born and raised in Houston myself, I am extremely excited to hear about Bayou City Fellowship’s beginning! May God bless you all as you continue to follow and serve Him. Kelly

  29. 379
    Lisa Mende says:

    Beth, I have admired you for years and loved everyone of your Bible Studies I have participated in. I regret I will not be able to participate in the one our summer church is having this summer because I am going to Maria’s Big House of Hope for 11 days in July with ShowHope. It will be sad for me not to be part of my summer friends, as i generally live at my beach house in the summers to be near my family. Reading your letter today reminded me that sometimes God asked us to do things that are hard and not typically what we would choose but is His will. I admire how you wrote the letter to your church and also how you are supporting the new church. Good Luck to you!

  30. 380
    julie rumsey says:

    I got saved not so long ago and I went to the last deeper still and it was so amazing and I just wanted to say that I didn’t know that GOD has me right where he wants me that im here for a reason to sever him now my life has meaning more then it has ever had before. Im so greatful that these women are out there telling the message for young, middle, and older people that its not to late to change your life and that God has a better plan for it.

  31. 381

    Oh Ms. Moore, I can’t believe I am crying as I read this. I just finished reading my Daily Light, and I turned to the back to read the section for “Relocation”. After being born and raised in Mphs, TN for 32 years – my husband accptd a position at a different church in the Midwest. I am 12 hrs from my family, whom I am very close with. I miss them dearly. My heart sometimes aches when I think about them. But this church we have now become apart of feels like home. And more importantly, my Lord and Savior is with me just as much here as he was in Mphs. Only I know him even more so now! He is so precious that way. This letter moved me deeply. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey. I have been apart of starting a church plant, and it is an experience like no other!!!!

  32. 382
    Deborah Mott says:

    THE LORD encourages me through you so very much… gives me hope and joy and the challenge to live in unity and love with the BODY and esp my pastor. Needed this tonight. Thanks so very much! I often have felt more like Hannah with Eli and like her have had to try to convince others that no I am not crazy…. Crazy in love with Jesus ONLY. Should be crazy but by HIS GRACE and HIS CHURCH,have thrived in HIM! Thanks so much again. What a joy to have family sold out to CHRIST! My prayers are with you. Hope to one day meet you in person. HIS PRESENCE IS SO WITH YOU! In Christ, Deb

  33. 383

    Oh, this is fantastic! The Great Adventure of life with the Lord continues on! I am excited for you! Blessings to you all in the new church plant!:) I will pray:):)

  34. 384
    Dawn Corrie says:

    I read this and blubbered all over the place. How exciting and what changes the Lord brings to our lives all the time…this is a big one! I love the name, Miss Beth, and had never heard Houston nicknamed “Bayou City”. Have you considered adding “Christian” to your title? I know you love to see the name of Christ lifted up! Praying for God’s best for you and your family these next few months!!

  35. 385
    Joan says:

    I broke down into tears reading this post. God has my husband and I in a new church plant without our precious daughter, Amanda and her family. I grieve for them to be in church with us. But I know they are planted right where they need to be. My heart now is crying out to my Jesus to allow me to dream His dreams for this church plant and to abide in Him through this journey. Thank you for your post. I so feel the grief of leaving a body of believers to build new relationships … relationships that are new but are familiar because Jesus is the same in all His children. God bless your new church.

  36. 386
    Vicki says:

    This is so great! I pray blessings on you and your new pastor!!
    Much love, Vicki

  37. 387
    Susan Innes says:

    We have moved so many times and I understand this feeling well. Our church home has always been our anchor until God calls to someplace new in the world.
    Father God,
    I am so thankful for HSBC. It is glorifying to see a mature church support a new church. May HSBC be blessed many times over for the blessing it will be to Bayou City! Thank you for Bayou City. I know you have planted this church in an area that needs to see Your light. May Your light shine brightly through each new member You call, and I pray the harvest will be great!
    In Jesus Name,

  38. 388
    Kay says:

    What an exciting and surprising message to read! Proves that God is moving powerfully and can shake things up a bit whenever He decides.

    I read your entry the day it was posted and just minutes after I received word of a job transfer…a very positive move but unexpected. Before I got too deep wallowing in “missing my friends” I read your entry – my move is not nearly as monumental as yours and God has a good plan for me just as he does for your family and this new ministry. Your message was so encouraging, comforting, and affirming even to my different circumstances.

    We unexpectedly became pastor and wife some years back and the way our children have come alongside us in ministry has been a joy and delight. Two wise words for Amanda from the pastors’ wives conference in Nashville two years back – from Leighann McCoy, I believe: waterproof mascara. . . great advice.

    Praying from Ephesians 3 over you and your family:

    for you to know/experience His love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
    And we give all Praise and Honor to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.
    I pray that Almighty God would be immensely glorified in this new church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

    Love you,
    (from Tues night prayer group)

  39. 389
    Debbie says:

    Beth, I actually know a little of what you are feeling – a little sad but much joy and anticipation in your heart. We started with our church plant early 2009 and were renting the basement of a Messianic Jewish Temple by September 2009. My only son is the Executive Director, over seeing our Serve Richmond projects. The teaching pastors are young men who grew up with my children, boys I gave rides home from middle school. My husband and I handle the accounting for the church right now. We are one of about five couples over the age of 40. It is amazing to see how Christ is working through these young couples and how quickly He is blessing and growing this congregation. I will be praying for your new church.

  40. 390
    Deborah, Eden, Tx says:

    but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm. Proverbs 1:33 NIV
    Memorizing God’s Word this year has been a huge challenge!

  41. 391
    Audrey says:

    Oh! The emotions are still fresh! We were just called away from our church of 6 years last year. Our new church is welcoming and we are working together wonderfully, but we still think of our ‘old’ friends often. It seems like when we’re working in a church, we get our lives twisted around with others’ lives so much more quickly, so the pulling apart is that much harder. I will be praying for Curtis & Amanda, Colin & Melissa, Keith and you and the rest of the team. God alone will receive the glory…and you are right, there are a lot of people to serve, and a lot of love to spread around. love for you all, Audrey

  42. 392
    Sherry Smith says:

    Oh Beth as I sit here in tears of sadness and joy for you, a SSMT memory verse came to mind (hahahaha) for you.

    Surely you are living Isaiah 43:19 NIV
    ” See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the waste land.”
    How exciting!!! I am sure Amanda is spinning!

    Love ya…see you in Charlotte NC in July!!!
    Sherry in Marietta GA (bee4real)

  43. 393
    Sheila - Dallas says:

    In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.

    PS. 4:8

  44. 394
    Elena says:

    Praying for the church! And for all of you as you take this journey together and with God.

    Much love!

  45. 395
    Sharon says:

    Hi, Beth

    I am so excited to hear this!! So many times God takes us out of our “comfort zone” so that we might rely on Him alone. My prayers will be with all of you as this new church is planted. I’m looking so forward to hearing updates!!

  46. 396
    Lori McAdams says:

    Lori from Magnolia,TX

    A time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.
    John 4:23

  47. 397
    Sandy says:

    “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed.” says the Lord, who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10 NIV

  48. 398

    Totally awesome…we have helped several churches get started over the past 40 years and it is such an exciting journey! To be sharing it with your daughter and son-in-law is extra special!

  49. 399
    Bonnie Juma says:

    This IS the day the Lord has made–oh what immeasurable joy! Blessings and Grace to all of you as you serve the body of Christ! Bonnie

  50. 400

    You will be missed at HFBC. Even though we have never met, as a member of HFBC, let me tell you God’s work through you is felt througout the congregation. I feel it especially in my Young Married’s group. You have had such an impact on the lives of young wives everywhere, but especially at HFBC. Through your obedience to Christ, I’ve learned to love God’s Word with a passion that will not be extinguished. My husband and I are so excited about Bayou City Church. We live in the area the church will be planted and know the need. A few of our friends are with you on this journey and their excitement is contagious. It fills us with such joy. Blessings to you all.

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