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OK, Siestas! It’s time for a pop quiz! We haven’t had one in a while. This quiz is for those of you who read many of the comments from our previous post about the moment or season of your life when you had your biggest “HE IS REAL” revelation. (The post is named “For Real” just so you can be sure you’re reading the comments to the right one.) The question conveyed on the post was about the time when you moved from believing God exists (Hebrews 11:6) to knowing (2 Timothy 1:12).

Here are the instructions for the comments to this post for those who want to participate in our pop quiz: (No other comments besides these please on this one post. This is a test. Grin.)

Write 2 observations you find yourself making based on all the testimonies you read under the post called “For Real.” There is no right or wrong answer. No pass or fail. You’re just simply saying, after reading so many of those comments, these two things seem clear to me. I’m asking for 2 observations. Not 1. Not 3. But 2. (Can you hear the classroom teacher in me coming out to play?) Testimonies are powerful things. We’re meant to be effected by what we read. So, how were you effected?

NOW, here is the very important catch: YOU MAY NOT READ ANYBODY ELSE’S OBSERVATIONS BEFORE YOU WRITE YOURS. In other words, don’t look at the comments to this post until after you’ve written your own answers. These are meant to be your observations and no one else’s. Your reflections. Your take on those testimonies. Not another Siesta’s. You are all great thinkers. Think for yourself.

I absolutely love this community. Go at it, Girls! Students, come forth!



590 Responses to “Pop Quiz!”

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  1. 401
    Crissy Wright says:

    1) Truly… Our God is amazing at how He meets people right where they are, right when they need Him- His omnipresence is overwhelming.
    2) Each woman reading this blog, posting verses, etc has a story. But when it comes down to it, God is the Redeemer of everyone’s story, isn’t He? How I love and adore our God of second (and third) chances!

  2. 402
    Ruined 4 Him says:

    Littleton, CO

    1. God does His most amazing work in the midst of our suffering, pain, grief, loss; He did that for me and He’s done that for the others on this post.

    2. He is who He says He is
    He can do what He says He can do

  3. 403
    Lisa says:

    1. That God is a “just in time” God. Grants us our need at the exact time we need it. That “exact time” sometimes isn’t when we think its time, but its on God’s time.

    2. God will take us through struggles, and not lift us out of them, so that we can KNOW He is real.

  4. 404
    Amanda says:

    #1 Every single one that I read discussed the trials that the person had gone through. The situations and circumstances that God has used to shape and sharpen them were a theme. It wasn’t all gumdrops and “end of the rainbow” kinds of stories. Not only that, after the trials, they were all praising the Lord for the trials!

    #2 God used relationshiops with other people to draw His people closer to Him. It’s all about the relationship!

    • 404.1
      Theresa says:

      I saw these, too but also realized that people prayed and were willing to listen! God is ever so patient, and ever so in tune to our pain, that when we finally reach the “I’m yours” point of a situation, He gives more than we can ever ask or imagine so that He may be glorified! And how He has been glorified in these AMAZING beautiful stories.

  5. 405
    Maureen Chabot says:

    Observation #1: How can anyone question the REALITY of God when so many hearts (thousands) have been touched just within the Siesta sisterhood alone!!

    Observation #2: We have all been in the pit; on His lap; at His feet and dancing in His presence!! We have that in common.

  6. 406
    sandee says:

    observations: 1) faith feeds faith…. when I first read the question…believing in God vs knowing He is real…I thought…hmmmm. not me. I have not experienced the KNOWING…. and then as I read the comments…the faith expresed in this one and that one and another…. my heart thought, oh yea, me too, that one too, yep He did this…their faith expressed reminded me, and fed my faith. 2)I see God in the real grit of life, in what folks shared, … an authentic acknowledgement that life is hard and hard hard things happen and let’s not pretend that God makes it all go away…but a more…in the middle of the crashing waves…HE IS THERE.

    I love this. Those comments should be a book!

  7. 407
    sedoflove says:

    1. He is Faithful
    2.He’s family oriented

    The second one was the one that effected me most. So many people wrote about their families. I come from a rather dysfunctional one, and it took me a long time to learn to love them, but I do. However, I have issues when it comes to family, so that God is my Father and wants me to be a princess, a King’s child, and he has my best interest at heart and He’s faithful and wants to love ne in the way my earthly family cannot, it blows my mind!

    • 407.1
      Koren says:

      Yes, yes, yes…. HE IS FAITHFUL!

      My heart was so touched when I read your comment because soooo many people are from dysfunctional families. For the past 10 years I live with a great deal of pain and suffering and it is very very hard for me to say this but my family (parents/siblings) is NOT around. I have done my very best in the most very diff. of circumstances to bring my boys to Church, now after many years of suffering I am tired and no longer can keep up. My boys continue to go on their own, BUT, I am alone, I find it diff. at times to grasp why my Church family don’t bother with me? Especially my sisters in Christ! I don’t know???
      BUT. DEAR SISTER. You are so right! He is yours and mine (our) Heavenly Father and He KNOWS our hurst, our pain and our lives. HE LOVES YOU!!!
      He loves me too, it still might be a lonely road, but He never leaves us nor forsakes us.
      ((((HUGS))) Blessings & Love

    • 407.2
      April says:

      He does indeed 🙂 Praise His Holy name!!

  8. 408
    Debbie says:

    1. Our God is intensely personal. He is willing to reveal Himself to us in just the way we personally need Him to, so that we can understand He is real, He is present, He is good, and He loves us. Because He is our Creator and our Sustainer, He knows just the means to use (and has all power at His disposal) to connect with us. WOW! I am humbled by His amazing love as I type this.

    2. Often it is our trials that allow us to move to a deeper level of understanding of who God is and move us to a deeper level of connectedness with Him and trust in Him. The interesting thing is that to share His greatness with others (give our testimony) we must often by necessity tell of our great weaknesses or failures. This is true worship… it is not just enough that He increases…but we echo the words of John, “he must increase, but I must decrease” so that God may have all glory.

    Thank you Jesus for your mercy, grace, and love. My source of strength, my source of hope, is CHRIST ALONE!

  9. 409
    Carmen says:

    1) God reveals Himself to us when we most need Him – not when we think we most need Him, but when He knows we most need Him. I’m not sure if that’s because He is actually drawing closer, or we are listening closer.

    2) He uses the faithful to comfort his people, and his love is new every morning.

  10. 410
    glenwood says:

    1-The event is unique to the person-a dream, selling of a home, care of them or a family member, sign of acceptance, etc…
    2-It means something to that person that it might not to me or you.Only they know the full details. Twice God has told me to go or to stay.It was not over anything big either time. One possibly saved my life, the other may have changed the course of my life.

  11. 411
    Tracy says:

    1. God touches our lives where we are and where we need him most.
    2. He knows each and everyone of us personally, by name, and loves us deeply.

  12. 412
    Missi Woods says:

    1) God is a LIVING, MIGHTY & AWESOME GOD!!
    2) He shows up in His perfect timing in big & small details in our lives.

  13. 413
    Sarah W. says:

    #1 God delights in fulfilling and redeeming our deepest needs – an absent father, unconditional love…

    #2 It is very difficult for God to get through to us in good times. He almost always reaches us when we’re desperate. And then fulfills our deepest need.

  14. 414
    Leila Hollingsworth says:

    Mean, cruel, heartless are you, Beth Moore!! Insisting we write before reading anyone else’s musings!! (Hee-hee)

    1. We find God to be most real to us when He’s holding us tightly thru our adversity.

    2. We become most real ourselves when we grasp the reality of who He is. (Perhaps we feel our most secure when He is so real. . . ya know how we siestas like security!)

  15. 415
    LuAnn says:

    I am amazed at the variety of ways our heavenly father reached down and touched his children. In the testimonies I read no two were exactly the same. I’m conviced that this is because our father knows us so intimately that he knows exactly what we will need and what touches us most.

    Many of these testimonies were of God reaching out during tough times. I’m not saying that God caused these tough times but that he uses the toughest times in our lives to allow us to see how desperately we need him. We learn so much more in the valley than on the mountain top. Why must this be so?? Because we are such frail, stubborn humans And he loves us so deeply.

  16. 416
    Sandy says:

    As Melissa told her mama Beth, sitting in the hospital waiting room,

    1)God knows how hard life is for his children down here (this one stuck with me Melissa)

    2)Having Him in our hard lives makes all the difference

  17. 417
    Paula K says:

    Observation #1: The testimonies of others greatly encourage my own faith

    Observation #2: Although some of the “For Real” testimonies of God intervening in the writers’ lives could be (wrongly!) attributed to “natural” circumstances, the believer chose (correctly!) to understand God’s purposeful interaction with her. Because of this, I am asking God to help me see His daily interaction in my life and praising Him for the everyday “For Real” miracles he is performing.

  18. 418
    Carol Z. says:

    #1 – God is REAL!
    #2 – God is SOVEREIGN!

  19. 419
    Nina says:

    After reading several pages of testimonies posted under “For Real” (and crying joyfully all the while) it seems that God becomes real to us when there are two factors in place: 1) We are tested to the “max” and 2) there is NO ONE else to turn to.
    So if you know he’s real, you’ve been tested, and survived to tell (testify), a situation that seems impossible to our earthly minds. During that time, when no one would listen to you cry, again, God would. He loved you all the way through that situation and listened to you every step of the way. Thank you Lord!
    If you aren’t sure yet, hang on tight because your time will come! You’ll find yourself crying out to our Heavenly Father asking for grace, peace, mercy – endurance qualities that only He can provide. And then one day you will realize you are going to be ok, you’ll know that He was your source of strength when you were your weakest. Then you will know HE IS REAL! Praise Jesus!

    I LOVE this passage; I loved this passage before I was saved!

    Isaiah 40:29-31
    He gives strength to the weary
    and increases the power of the weak.
    Even youths grow tired and weary,
    and young men stumble and fall;
    but those who hope in the LORD
    will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

    Fly Siestas, Fly!

  20. 420
    Leslie says:

    Here goes! When we as Christians are in a season where God becomes real to us it typically is a time of struggle or a low point. Observation #1-it’s in these times of despair that God molds and shapes is into who He wants us to be (which is more like HIM)! Observation #2-He never promises us a life of ease, but He does promise to be WITH us always!

  21. 421
    Traci says:

    God loves to love on His daughters!

    I am loved like I am His only child~
    …and through these stories I saw that “so does she…and so does she…and so does she…” 🙂

  22. 422
    Jennifer says:

    1. We often feel alone in our sorrows, but there really are others who have gone through similar circumstances.
    2. God is continually able to take something that was meant for evil or wrong and turn it into something beautiful to work within His kingdom and for His purpose.

  23. 423
    Lee Ann says:

    1. So many come to KNOW God is real during a difficult time in their life.The blessing that can come from suffering, but that we so often question.

    2. God relates to each of us in a very personal and specific way. No one elses relationship with God is going to be exactly like mine. He responds to each of us in a unique way.

  24. 424
    Mary W. says:

    1. God’s presence is most felt and known in the quiet times.
    2. God’s relationship with each of us is personal. He knows us as individuals, and knows us intimately.

  25. 425
    all shall be well says:

    1. God’s timing is always perfect.
    2. God is intimately acquainted with each one of us and shows us in individual, big and small ways, always.


  26. 426
    Laura says:

    Alright, just 2 things, here’s what I’ve learned from others!

    the first point I see over and over through the testimony of my Siestas is James 1:2-4 “Consider it all joy, my brethren (siestas), when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” I saw trials in every single entry I read – and the glorious thing is that on each of these trials is the blessing of at least a little hindsight – it led to joy! It lead to endurance, the trials led to increased faith.

    And the second thing I noticed is the strong recurring testimony to Psalm 30:5 “His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime; weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning.” Our sorrows and trials are but temporary, they don’t last forever – but they precede the SHOUT OF JOY in the morning.

    Thank you to each woman who shared her story of knowing that God is real!

  27. 427
    Tiffany says:

    Thank you for challenging us to think about and state our observations after reading so many incredible testimonies! Quickly, I observed that:

    1. We often hear/see/feel God when we are in troubled circumstances where we are most vulnerable and our guard (i.e. pride, arrogance, tendency to be narcissistic, etc.) is down. We may be in a place of humility or we may be about to become humbled! Either way, God knows we need help getting there so that we may see Him for who He truly is.

    2. God knows us so intimately that He speaks to each of us in such a way that is undeniably Him communicating to the deepest parts of our heart and soul. Often He does so in a way that when explained to others it may not seem logical, rational or even possible and I believe He does this to demonstrate His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.

  28. 428
    KRISTI says:

    1–the connection I feel when singing to Him

    2–His soul stirring observations as I write in my journal and pray

  29. 429
    TheKing'sLittleGirl says:

    1. We feel “closest” to God when we NEED God the most. If only we could live everyday like we couldn’t take our next breath without His strength in us!
    2. The Word is never repetitive. You can’t just read it once and be “done” with the book–it’s ALIVE, it “changes” to meet our very needs at any given moment. It feeds us when we don’t even realize our diets are malnourished.

  30. 430
    oops says:

    Huummm a toughie-
    1. That there were many siesta’s out there that went through some tough or hard stuff when they experienced His ‘realness’ in their lives, already saved but needed to learn and grow. like I did.
    2. Many siesta’s after learning of his ‘realness’ realized they were lost and were gloriously saved. :0)
    3. All of us Siestas after whatever reason for experiencing his ‘realness’ have become much closer to Him, and are trying to walk with Him daily.

  31. 431
    Susan says:

    1. Our God is a very personal God who meets people where their needs ae greatest at that time – sometimes even before they know they have a need.
    2 His revelation of Himself to us speaks directly to the place in our heart that is His- the place that aches for His love and care. His arms of love, wrapped around us, are as real as our earthly fathers.

  32. 432
    Erika says:

    1. What life brings can rock our belief systems. If we don’t believe God is real and worship Him alone, He will cause those things to knock down the idols we have built up causing us to be utterly desparate for Him.

    2. Praise Him! He doesn’t leave us there. He is in the business of redeeming, restoring, and remaking. He does so in a very intimate and personal way causing us to be able to only give Him the credit and glory for the outcome.

  33. 433
    Lynne says:

    1. God is FAITHFUL!
    2. God SPEAKS to us!

  34. 434
    Dawn says:

    Reading through the comments of all the stories and praises is really remarkable. God is so good! What I noticed by reading them was that we sometime hear God when we least expect it and the other was we run from what He is calling us to do. We like our comfortable spots whether they are healthy for us or not.

  35. 435
    Casey Cody says:

    1. God will use whatever it takes to bring us back to Him! And to really see Him!
    2. He meets us where we are at every stage of life.

  36. 436
    Denise Przystawski says:

    Here are my two observations:
    1) This is super obvious but there is no way anyone can say that our God is not real. Nothing will ever shake my faith in a God of the Universe that makes himself known to us in so many ways!
    2) God truly does work everything for the good of those who love Him and seek Him.
    Denise from CT

  37. 437
    Leigh says:

    1. God revealed Himself in a way that was personal to each siesta in a way she knew it was Him, her Savior!
    2. Natural provision was totally wiped out so each siesta was open or seeking the supernatural provision from Him!

    This is also what I have experienced in my own personal experience with Him!

  38. 438
    Gloria Beary says:

    1. They all either believed or prayed – TRUSTED.
    2. They all had WILLING HEARTS and eyes to accept the wonders that God had for them.

  39. 439
    Kathie Mullins says:

    That us Siestas have the desire to know God in a real personal way and share openly so we can see how real life is and God takes us through it.

    I want to open my eyes everyday and say “what are we doing today God”. He needs to be a real love in this relationship I have with Him!

  40. 440
    LuAnn Barton says:

    I noticed, in almost all of the testimonies, how most people were at a place where they had no where else to look but up. During those times God showed Himself to be faithful in a huge way when they trusted Him, gave the situation to Him and believed that He was able to rescue them. Lots of life changing moments from a BIG GOD. Great stories of His faithfulness and they brought me to tears.

  41. 441
    Kathy says:

    I have to revisit this topic during each season of my life. Your post hit me right in the middle of my current challenge.

    I have just returned from my aging mother’s home. I am experiencing a low that is not unique to me. Due to my mother’s dementia she has begun to “rage” and be verbally abusive to me.

    I know her abuse is due to brain damage. However, I experience the “post traumatic stress” for days after each visit.

    Without Christ’s intervention I will not be able to process or walk through this season. I am relying on Christ to bless my mother. She has a great fear that she may not make it to heaven (due to her religious tradition). She has a religious background that teaches the possiblity of losing salvation- Christ’s great scarifice and grace seem to be absent

    Thank you for challenging us on this issue and blessing us through your ministry.

  42. 442

    1. It seems to me that God uses the lonely times, the times when we have no one else to draw us to Himself, most often. When we don’t have a lot of other distractions. He shows us that while fellowship with other believers are important, ultimately it’s got to be about Him and Him alone. He shows us that even when we do need others that He is the one who will supply that need and we can trust Him. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 NIV

    2. He meets us right where we’re at. Whatever we need at that moment, even if we didn’t know that’s what we needed. Some of the testimonies were dealing with huge things, some were dealing with seemingly simple things, but no matter what it is He meets us right where we are in whatever our need is, whether big or small. It’s all the same to Him.

    This was hard to come up with only 2 observations. I don’t know if I communicated those thoughts real clearly. I could have written several of my own blog posts as I read these testimonies with the thoughts rattling around in my head.

  43. 443
    Pat says:

    God often reveals Himself in times of pain, sorrow, suffering, or loneliness.
    His love and revelation of His presence are precise, intimate, personal, powerful and often involve a sense of His physical presence (awareness of Him, feeling like your being hugged, etc).

  44. 444
    Chrissy says:

    When I began to contimplate the vastness of our amazing universe, He became very real. His Glory is amazing and He reveals it through His very creation.

    When I listen to wonderful music by David Crowder Band or Kari Jobe, my heart beats faster out of desperation for Him.

    Finding the truth in the Holy scriptures. Seeing New Testament prophecy fulfilled. Reading about how Jesus Christ fulfilled Old Testament scripture.

    Accepting His healing after a tragedy.

    I love that He is unchanging.

  45. 445
    Marybeth Clark says:

    The first thing I noticed is that God made himself a reality to others during their darkest moments of life.
    The second thing I realized is that a new breath,energy, or strength was given after the Lord revealed himself.

  46. 446
    Lisa says:

    1) God answers prayer!!!!!

    2) God uses the hard things in our lives to draw us closer to Him.

  47. 447
    Marlinda Flynn says:



  48. 448
    Rhonda says:

    #1…it’s so true…when you’re ready to knock on Gods
    door He shows up, every time and cares about every need,
    no matter how big or small…simply amazing!
    if only the whole world could know how much He loves them!!

  49. 449
    HarborMom says:

    1. The difficult moments in life were paired with the true reality of God.

    2. When the reality of God became clear to each person, peace, hope and comfort were present as well – not necessarily answers or happy endings – and God was enough.

  50. 450

    Denise in Albuquerque: 1)The awesome wonder of God’s actual presence in the lives of the Siestas and 2) the joy of remembering my many examples from my own life that have reaffirmed my faith during a long absence of His presence (to God be the glory, great things He has done and continues to do, in His time. Great is Thy faithfulness. His mercies are renewed every morning, each day starts with “brand new grace”. Thank you, Jesus and come quickly Lord!

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