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OK, Siestas! It’s time for a pop quiz! We haven’t had one in a while. This quiz is for those of you who read many of the comments from our previous post about the moment or season of your life when you had your biggest “HE IS REAL” revelation. (The post is named “For Real” just so you can be sure you’re reading the comments to the right one.) The question conveyed on the post was about the time when you moved from believing God exists (Hebrews 11:6) to knowing (2 Timothy 1:12).

Here are the instructions for the comments to this post for those who want to participate in our pop quiz: (No other comments besides these please on this one post. This is a test. Grin.)

Write 2 observations you find yourself making based on all the testimonies you read under the post called “For Real.” There is no right or wrong answer. No pass or fail. You’re just simply saying, after reading so many of those comments, these two things seem clear to me. I’m asking for 2 observations. Not 1. Not 3. But 2. (Can you hear the classroom teacher in me coming out to play?) Testimonies are powerful things. We’re meant to be effected by what we read. So, how were you effected?

NOW, here is the very important catch: YOU MAY NOT READ ANYBODY ELSE’S OBSERVATIONS BEFORE YOU WRITE YOURS. In other words, don’t look at the comments to this post until after you’ve written your own answers. These are meant to be your observations and no one else’s. Your reflections. Your take on those testimonies. Not another Siesta’s. You are all great thinkers. Think for yourself.

I absolutely love this community. Go at it, Girls! Students, come forth!



590 Responses to “Pop Quiz!”

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  1. 201
    dendy says:

    I noticed that 1) For most people God showed up in a very big and real way when people were at their lowest or going thru a difficult time, which is so awesome to me because you would think that one would doubt God the most in times of suffering, but our God tenderly ministers to most of us instead. And 2) I felt strongly connected to so many of your stories. I wanted to comment on almost everyone’s post. I laughed, cried, and shook my head agreeing with so many. I did not share my reason of knowing God is real because I have way too many instances, but my heart was lifted seeing so many people giving praise to our Father for his mercy, love, grace, and tenderness.

  2. 202
    Rebecca says:

    1. God draws us near by being the light we can run to when things get dark/bad.
    2. God is so much bigger than I expect Him to be.

  3. 203

    1. Through all circumstances in mostly every
    comment, God didn’t just show up,
    but He showed off.
    2. From Him showing Himself through this or
    that situation, when the person realized He had
    been there it caused their faith to go deeper.

  4. 204

    The two things that stand out to me are that 1) God doesn’t have to prove Himself to anyone, but He always seems to go above and beyond in the “proving” of Himself to those who love and seek Him. AND, 2) Revelation that resulted in the confidence of KNOWING came through intimate encounter. That is the way it happened in my life and what I read in the comments of others! This is so great, Beth. I LOVE THIS POST!

    I’m definitely LOL at myself. Definitely.

  5. 205
    Tara says:

    1) God is real when our prayers are answered.
    How often the “reality” of God is linked with answered prayer — typically prayer as an answer to potential tragic circumstances. The stories were so similar and incredible about how God “showed up” and saved someone or something … somehow. But I found myself scanning and scanning to find that person whose inside’s burst with GOD IS REAL when there prayer wasn’t answered and when their someone wasn’t saved. I soon found her.

    2) God is real when our prayers are not answered.
    I am desperately trying to find a certain post on the “For Real” comment string so that I could name her, but I can’t find it! Her only child, a 16 year old daughter, was killed in a hunting accident and she buried her on November 30, 2010. I remember those details, I felt like they burned into me when I read it last night. I have thought about her all day. About the amazing faith her words offered in the face of such loss. I pray that God would give me the strength to stand up, confident in His will, when a wave like that came crashing down. And then I saw, as I read, many more women sharing stories with unanswered prayer but without being shaken in their faith or knowledge that our God almighty is very, very real.

    I have never posted on this blog before but I read it faithfully. It never fails to squeeze a big drop of joy out of me. But in all the comments I have read, the woman I reference above has moved me the most. If anyone finds her post or if she herself reads this, please let me know that individual’s name. It would be an honor to grow toward our Lord in being able to pray for her and become more whole in Him.

  6. 206
    Sandi says:

    1. God can not be put in a box, His ways are mysterious
    2. He speaks to us where we are at

  7. 207
    Kathy Fields says:

    1. The reality of knowing God, not just knowing about Him seems to come through adversity
    2. And miracles, but in both He is very personal.

  8. 208
    Royana says:

    My first observation was reading replys to “Esperanza” post. Our “real” God compells us to reach out to those who are seeking or don’t know Him at all. Those lives touched by Jesus share with others what real work He has done in their lives. Giving Him the glory for ALL outcomes.

    Second, it’s very obvious to me that God has revealed Himself to so many in this community during very difficult times. He has shown Himself to be real by His love and concern and mercy!!

  9. 209
    Diane Bailey says:

    1)He is a very creative God who loves helping us see Him in unexpected ways and places.

    2)He is a passionate God, who desires to trade our tears for His treasures.

  10. 210
    Dawn says:

    2 observations …
    … God is so very personal in the way he shows Himself
    to us! He knows us so intimately that He knows what
    ‘language’ to whisper in our ear that will let our
    HEART know He is real and near and He cares.

    … many times a ‘need’ or ‘lack’ or even ‘pain’ is the
    ‘window’ that allows us to truly ‘see’ Him and
    recognize His presence in our life. He is always
    there, in the sunny, happy days and in the dark,
    challenging ones. It’s just that pain has a way
    of sharpening our ‘senses’ so we can see His face
    and feel His loving arms in very special ways.

  11. 211
    Jamey says:

    Two things I notice are:

    God is present even when we don’t recognize Him or feel his presence, but when looking back, we can identify his fingerprints on all parts of our lives, working for good even in the midst of heartbreaking circumstances.

    The love of God is strong enough to change the unchangeable, and he can (and will!) claim his children as his own.

  12. 212
    MMMom says:

    1. God is faithful when we are truly broken and we allow him to do His work.

    2. That am really not “less than” in the testimony department. I haven’t had huge life changing seasons in my life just many daily revelations and “Praise God” moments. I never felt that was a good enough testimony, but it is. Praise God

  13. 213
    Laurie says:

    1.When we are broken, God is REAL to us.It’s when we are broken and in pain,that we finally surrender to HIM. Isn’t that what he wants- a fully surrendered heart? Only then we can SEE God working and we get it! We have to be free of ourselves and the illusion that we have control over anything in our lives.
    2.God uses our pain and experiences as a vessel to help others along so they can see his love through us.

  14. 214
    Kim says:

    1. It seems like it is in the darkest and most painful moments that God becomes the most real…so why do we run from those times of trial so much?
    2. God is always there, it’s us – our understanding enlarged, our eyes opened, our heart that changes!

  15. 215
    Colette says:

    1. That God loves us so much and shows Himself to us in many different ways!
    2. And We love Him so much too!!
    Simple as that!!
    Thank you Jesus! And thank you Beth!! You keep me on my toes and pressing into Him more and more!!

  16. 216
    Katie says:

    1. We serve a God of miracles!
    2. We serve a God full of grace!

  17. 217
    Kelli says:

    1-the most complete joy many have experienced came when they really knew God was who He says He is and new He LOVED them!
    2-that life is difficult but through all things with Christ we can persevere.

  18. 218
    Kristin says:

    1. God works all things together for good.

    2. Most of the God is real to me moments come during the times of desperation.

  19. 219
    valerie (in TX) says:

    Here were the first two things that I seemed to think when reading through some of the comments:

    1) Many, many times people seemed to have a new revelation of God after a time of deep questioning, doubting, or even turning away from Him.
    2) The thing that really struck me, as I’m even in a mini-questioning period of my own, is that so, so many people said, “I don’t know how I knew, I just did.” or “God just spoke to my heart.” or “I just knew He was there in a way I didn’t before.” Things that didn’t really seem concrete or tangible and didn’t really answer the question for me!

    • 219.1
      Ashley says:

      I may have misunderstood what you said, but I think I heard you say that you had trouble with responses that were not concrete. If that’s the case I just want to say that I get that. I have gone through many periods of doubt and questioning, but I also have to say that I have come to a place where that really doesn’t happen anymore. Jesus said he is the good shepherd and His sheep know His voice. There is no “tangible” way to explain that, but it is true. I think when He really speaks to us, we just know it and don’t have to wonder, and often He confirms it through other people or circumstances. I believe that as long as we stay open and teachable, He will continue to pursue us and reveal Himself to us. Keep seeking Him and He will not hide Himself from you.

  20. 220
    Judy says:

    Judy– Anniston, Al.

    1. God reveals Himself when we are experiencing difficult times in our lives and proves Himself faithful.

    2. God reveals Himself when we are hungry for Him and seek Him through His word — peace comes.

  21. 221
    Bobbi says:

    1. When we feel we are at our deepest, darkest moment God is at his best. He uses these times to draw us closer to him.

    2. God still speaks to us. If we can be still and quiet we will hear him.

  22. 222
    moosemama says:

    Two (AND ONLY TWO!!!) observations I noticed:

    1. There is nothing He won’t do to give us the delights of our hearts!

    2. IF we seek Him, He WILL be found!!

  23. 223
    Denise says:

    From the comments I read, I noticed that God intervenes in every day situations. And He answers the cry of our hearts.

  24. 224
    moongirl says:

    It is much too late for this lady to stay up any longer and finish reading through all of the comments, and I’m too slow a reader too, but what I observed when reading through the first couple pages of comments was that a lot of women’s “ah ha” moments came following/during a season of great trial, and for more than I would have thought, their “moments” included a sense of being in God’s arms or being carried by Him! I love how tangibly He allows us to FEEL Him! Wish I had time to keep reading! Night night Beth! I love you dearly!

  25. 225
    Lucy says:

    After reading several and I mean SEVERAL (like hundreds) of comments over the last few days I realized that it does not matter if you have been in the church 100 years or only 1 day; God will find the perfect way to show you He is real. Which leads me to my second observation. His perfect way may range from the loud and thunderous act of a very evident miracle to a soft and gentle reassurance. Regardless which way He does it He succeeds in His proclamation: HE IS REAL.

    “I am the LORD your God; walk in My statutes and keep My ordinances and observe them . . . and they shall be a sign between Me and you, that you may know that I am the LORD your God.” Ezekiel 20:19-20 NASB

  26. 226

    1. God is who He says He is.

    2. God can do what He says He can do.


  27. 227
    Irene says:

    Observation #1: God showed up in a powerful way at a significantly important time to become real to many of the siestas.

    Observation #2: I related to the siesta who said every day she looks at things in nature or manmade and KNOWS God knows every detail about EVERYTHING because it is His creation and He is God!

  28. 228
    Tina Marie says:

    #1 It is easy to believe when God answers prayers in His unique ways toward each of us.

    #2 But knowing that He is real comes when against hope He shows up in ways that delight, amaze and cause us to boast in His goodness despite our circumstances. (I know this because just today I was just gifted an airline pass to visit my daughter and grandson without asking anyone but Him for a way!)

  29. 229
    Ashley says:

    1. The stories are unique and personal to each person, such that they cannot be shaken. It has become their own through experience.

    2. Most people were met in their need…like so many of the people Jesus ministered to while He was here (I.e. the woman at the well, the blind, the sick, etc).

  30. 230
    Sister Lynn says:


    1. We know God’s REALness when He delivers us (or a close loved one) from bondage.

    2. We know God’s REALness when we have a direct experience of KNOWING His love for us.

  31. 231
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    1)So often it’s the north winds of adversity and God’s faithfulness through them that convince us He is real, He is all-powerful, and He is loving.

    @) When we see His faithfulness and love through those painful circumstances, we come to know His heart of love for us personally and fall more in love with Him – longing to live for Him.

  32. 232
    Eva says:

    I printed out all the responses the other day and poured over them. Highlighted some, even!
    My observations
    1- the siestas really, really feel this deeply. They completely believe the reality from the bottom of their hearts.
    2- I’m not in the cool group. I don’t get it. Do I want to? YES! Why do you think I got out my highlighter out? But I don’t. Yet.

    Ok, can I read other peoples now?? 😉

  33. 233
    Joni says:

    These two things seem clear to me:

    1) God loves each and every one of us with an unfailing, unconditional love.

    2) God is more than willing to reveal this love to us when we cry out for Him.

  34. 234
    Sherrie says:

    He is a God of Miracles
    He is the ideal DAD/ABBA all of us want and need.

  35. 235
    Bukola says:

    1. Its how when I feel hopeless n unworthy of his love he is still willin to hold ma hand thru it all.
    2. When he reminds me that he is God in the little things.

  36. 236
    Deanna says:

    I wanted so much to read those comments the other day but the page never would load on my phone and I forgot to go back later so this is the first pop quiz I’ve ever been thankful for because it’s reminded me to go read them!

    I wanted to read them so badly because I just seem to be in such a dry place right now in my own relationship with Christ. I was hoping for encouragement for myself, some reminders of so many times in my own life when He has shown Himself in some jaw-dropping ways. I can look back over the last ten years and see most definitely where the LORD has been working, healing, teaching, restoring in my life. But this current season is so very dry I lose sight of those times. I long for those late nights I used to have when I first began studying through the scriptures as I listened to Beth’s radio show online. I long for those times when He used his Word on my heart like a skilled surgeon uses a scalpel-He was doing some serious surgery!

    And so here I sit on my bed, in the dark, my husband snoring away next to me and as I’ve cried tear after tear reading through those stories. I’m struck by several things:

    1. Despite all that He has done in my life and in my heart, my faith is very small
    2. Times of doubt, questions and uncertainty are common among us all but for the ones who
    Persevere, who may not come up with all the answers, there is a faith that is deeper
    3. God so often seems to use trials and pain to teach us and show us who He is to the extent that we finally, truly “get it” so often I believe He uses those hard and painful things to keep us from just settling with the “norm”. In my own life it’s been the pain and the emptiness it created that has driven me to pursue harder after Him. Otherwise I probably would’ve settled for so much less life.
    4. God is an amazing story writer and He has written some pretty incredible stories on the hearts of each of us really but specifically each of those shared in the comments.

  37. 237
    Tanya says:

    Here’s what came to mind immediately when you asked us to name two things.

    1. God is powerful. Look at all the testimonies of lives He has changed, prayers he has answered, impossible situations He has carried people through.

    2. God can do anything. I need to know this today because my best friend is not a Christian and I have prayed literally thousands of times for her. The testimonies on this blog show that, even if it takes decades, God can do anything, change any life. Nothing is too hard for him. I look forward to Him shaping my precious friend’s life until the victorious day when she commits her life to Him.

  38. 238
    Sammie says:

    I think that one:
    We know that God exists through our own encounters with Him. Meaning that we can meet God!!! He allows us to meet Him in our everyday life!!!
    And second:
    We can know that God exists through what we see Him doing in our lives which shows that He really does care about us!!!
    That is so astounding to me, that He would really care about me and allow me to meet Him right where I’m at!!! Amazing Lord! Thank you!

  39. 239
    Sharon Jenkins says:

    1. God meets us where we’re at never ceasing to amazing me:o)
    2. His Word never fails

  40. 240
    Lisa says:

    My observations:

    1) It is during the difficult, painful experiences of life that we feel the presence of God like never before. Pain pushes us into His arms.

    2)God meets each of us at our place of need. Our circumstances may be unique and different from everyone else’s, but God is powerful enough to meet each one of us exactly where we are and use our weaknesses, fears, and even our failures to glorify Himself and make Himself known.

  41. 241
    aussie monica says:

    Experience with God

    The Word of God.


  42. 242
    Myra says:

    Sometimes God gives an “Aha” moment.
    Sometimes, one day, you just quietly realize you know He is real!!

  43. 243
    Kels says:

    My two observations: 1)He is always always faithful. 2)He longs to meet us where we are. He is amazing!

  44. 244
    Betty says:

    How powerful testimonies of fellow believers are to each of us. We see that 1…Life is hard, we all have times of trials, pain, fear, doubt, whether it be self inflicted or at the hands of others…but…2. God is faithful and never leaves us or forsakes us. He is there waiting for us…..all we have to do is ask for His help.

  45. 245

    Wish I had seen this earlier, because I could tell some stories of AMAZING ways that God has fingerprinted my life with signs and wonders, BUT since I am too late, I will simply comment that my observations are: Although each individual experience is different they are all “personal”. It reminds of the line from “You’ve Got Mail”, my favorite movie, when Meg Ryan comments that no matter what else anything is, “it should begin and end with personal.” Personal experiences transform religion into relationship. My second observation is that they are often connected to times of trial. Trials refine us and show us how illusive a real sense of peace can be without Christ. Christ is never more “REAL” than when he speaks to us in a storm, it seems. Only HE is able to say, “Peace, be still” regardless of whether or not the boat is still rocking.

  46. 246
    Deb says:

    My two biggest observations would be:

    – We can believe in God and even in some ways “know” Him, but He becomes real to us when we have a very personal encounter with Him.

    – Many times that personal encounter with God comes during our most difficult times, when we come to the end of ourselves and realize everything else we’ve been leaning on to sustain us just cannot fill the need/hurt/desperation we have. It is then God reveals Himself to us in a way we might not have experienced or understood, otherwise.

  47. 247
    Anna Mitchell says:

    1. God becomes real to us through the deliverance of a personal storm or season of tragedy.

    2. God can handle everything! Reading one comment after another, I kept thinking- “Man! We keep You busy.” But He is just so able. So many comments were stories of despair and fear- yet God is never shaken…never afraid. It gives me so much peace knowing that my God, the one and true God, can just handle it.

  48. 248
    Emily D says:

    1) The ways God shows himself to us are as varied as we are, from the gentle ‘mundane’ nudging to the miraculous.

    2) Regardless of 1) those who have have had a touch from God KNOW it is from him.

    He amazes me that he loves us and cares for us each so much that he has a specific plan and approach for us individually. What an awesome God we serve!

  49. 249
    Joan says:

    God is close to the broken hearted.
    He makes beauty out of ashes!

  50. 250
    Anne says:

    1. Many times God uses difficult, difficult situations to draw us closer to him.

    2. God is ALWAYS right there.

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