Living Proof Live – Tacoma, WA

Living Proof Live Tacoma 2011 by David Lowe from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.

Special thanks to David Lowe for this great recap video.


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  1. 51
    Brandi says:

    I had prayed all week that Beth would speak to each of the ladies of our group that weekend and boy did HE deliver! Thank you Beth, for being HIS vessel. You are gifted and blessed.

  2. 52
    Emily says:

    As I sit here in the middle of the night, suffering for lack of sleep due to the “bear” mate of mine of 21 years….as he continually snores louder and louder (I can hear him downstairs!) I thought I would check out the blog.
    As I watched the post from your Tacoma event – not only did the song put a much needed smile on my face and a tap in my toe…there was a brief flash of a sign that read “love is patient” – and I know for sure now….I can make it one more night – πŸ™‚
    Only because Jesus spoke loud and clear just to me, right now…..Thank you Jesus !
    and Thank you for posting this!

    • 52.1
      carla says:

      I am with you siesta, my hubby could wake up the world during an explosion. I sympathize with you but we love them don’t we? No answers just with with you…..

  3. 53
    Sharon Jenkins says:

    wow!!! Come on FRESNO!!!!can’t wait amazing video just made me want to be there. Thank you for sharing!

  4. 54
    Kathy G says:

    AWESOME!I wish I could have been there. We need ya’ll to come back to Nashville (TN) soon!

  5. 55
    Laura says:

    Thank you so much! My mother-in-law was there and I don’t live near her, so I couldn’t go with her, but this is a great way to see some of what she saw. Of course, she called me Saturday night and shared what she learned πŸ™‚

  6. 56
    Yanna says:

    Thanks Amanda, Rich, and David! A highlight for me is the LPL Vimeo after an event I get to feel the energy, hear the praise, and see His Glory from my home. πŸ™‚ Two photos brought tears; Beth sitting on the stage and the photo was taken from behind her, so I could see what she sees. Thank You Father for the hungry souls. The other was the one of her sitting on stage again and her face was uplifted and the light was on her, Thank You Father Beth feels Your glory in her soul. Such a blessing! Then I laughed with girlish glee I’m lovin me some new Beth Moore highlights and color! You look f-i-ne (draw out the i please I’m from Tx) Moma Beth. Not a day over 18!! πŸ™‚ Joy to each of you there at LPM!

  7. 57

    Siestas, the coolest thing happened last night as I was laying in bed trying forever and day to go to sleep. Next weekend in Greenville there will be an E-Women of Faith event. I wanted to go, but there just isn’t a spare dime in the budget. No one knew I wanted to go but me and the Lord. My little red light on my phone started flashing and being OCD about it, I had to check it. Someone sent me a note asking me if I wanted to go for free. I am so excited.

    This season of my life has been one in which I am particularly aware of my desperation and need for dependence on the Lord. We really are desperate and dependent and need Him all the time, but sometimes the circumstances of life get our attention and we are more aware of our genuine need for Him. Jesus knows that and He is working and meeting my needs, loving me and caring for me even when I don’t notice.

    Truth be known that even if I was paying attention every moment, His work,love,mercy,grace and provision and all that He is and does is just more than I can possibly take in or even begin to understand. I am so glad His plan for me depends on Him and not me. He Is and there is no one like Him.

    This last year has been hard with many difficult personal and family circumstances. My eyes and my nose have spent a great deal of time looking like red coals of fire. Jesus isn’t sparing me from life, but living it with me. I guess that would be my encouragement to any Siestas reading this. I don’t know the particulars of your needs or desperation, but Jesus does. Not only does He know, but He is working on your behalf whether you notice or not. Sometimes He does something special that is clear to you that He did it, but He is working in your life every other day too even when you can’t see it.

    • 57.1
      Andrea Porter says:

      your post blessed me, I needed to be reminded of the fact that He is working on my behalf. Bless you and keep clinging to Him,our strong tower and refuge.
      Blessings πŸ™‚

    • 57.2
      BJ says:

      Your post really touched me. Thanks for reminding me that, while He may not spare us from the things of this world, He is always there to walk through them with us.

    • 57.3

      THat was so powerful to lay your life’s circumstances out there for us to read. Thank you for reminding me that God’s peace and provision are with me in the circumstances and He is with me in them and through them until we are looking in the rear view mirror at them until the sight of them disappear. May God wipe the tears from your eyes and give you a big hug.

    • 57.4
      Jody Dykes says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. Love the reminder of God’s goodness and love!

    • 57.5
      Laura says:

      Thank you for sharing this. Praising God with you today!

  8. 58
    Sue in Lenoir City, Tn. says:

    Just finished Believing God last night…….
    Woke up to Victory In Jesus this morning….

    LIFE IS GOOD !!!!!!

  9. 59
    Victoria says:

    Cannot wait for Little Rock in April!

    We are so excited to experience God in a new way with you all!!!!

  10. 60
    Pam T says:

    I started watching this video, here in Tennessee, thinking, “why am I watching this, I don’t know any of these women?” and by the end of the video, I realized these are all my sisters and I will one day be with them in eternity!!! Praise God for this brief introduction so I will recognize them when we all get home!

  11. 61
    Erin says:

    Awesome!!!! God is soooo good!!!!1

  12. 62
    Andrea Porter says:

    I am so excited!!!! I will get to worship with LPL in July, in Charlotte, NC with my best bud and Grad school roommate Leeann. We haven’t seen each other in YEARS, what a wonderful event to include in our reunion. I can’t wait to meet her kids and give them a big hug, her husband too. I know that we will be Siestas forever. Praises to the Lord, he is so good to me, Amen.

  13. 63
    Just Me says:

    I would love to see a recap of the So Long Insecurity Simulcast from Woodstock last year. I actually got to attend that one with a good friend.

  14. 64
    Michelle says:

    Can you post the songs that were sung? Awesome!

  15. 65
    Dian Pope says:

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your understanding
    Pr 3:5 NIV

  16. 66
    Amy Embree says:

    This video is AWESOME! One of my all time favorite songs! Beth, thank you for being God’s hands and feet! My husband is in the military and no matter where we are stationed I try to attend a LPL event. My mom joined me for the first time last year in Richmond, VA and was blessed beyond words! Praying I will be able to attend LPL in July in Charlotte, NC with a group of my high school friends, my mom, and my sister.

  17. 67
    Pam McDonald says:

    WOW!!!! I am so looking forward to the Charlotte session this summer. Thank you, Jesus, for Living Proof Live!

  18. 68
    OceanMommy says:

    I love seeing the faces we prayed for over the weekend! So beautiful!!!

    Thank you Lord for doing your thing!


  19. 69

    Love the video. What a great reminder of a wonderful weekend. We all “Tacoma” a word from God. Now a trivial question. We loved the brown top you wore the first night and were wondering where you bought it. Wouldn’t mind getting one ourselves. So many blessings came out of the weekend. Thank you so much. STOP YIELD GO are taking on new meanings. Jeanette

  20. 70
    Dawn says:

    OHHH WOWWWW!!! That has blessings written all over it. I watched and tears just ran down my face. Can”t wait til ya’ll come to North Carolina. Going to make plans to attend and swim in the flow of Jesus!!!

  21. 71
    Becky says:

    Kels, You are wrapped in the sweet embrace of Christ with a tenderness that will never let you go sister! Jesus will speak to the depths of your soul. With Him there is healing!!! At some point in our lives we have all felt the same way you do but sister the Lord is teaching you to walk by faith not by what you see or feel! He’s faithful even when we are unfaithful. Pick up that bible and walk by faith in the knowledge that our Lord and Savior loves you! Kels I will keep you in my prayers sister and if I never meet you in person I will see you on the the other side in glory forever with our Lord!! πŸ™‚

  22. 72
    Kimberly Kyllo says:

    Looking at this video I’m just sitting here with the BIGGEST smile on my face! My bff and I were literally pushed there by the Holy Spirit from the “hey, guess what we are giving 20 tickets away for free” (which I called and fully expected to give my life history and pathetic financial history to only to be asked, “Are you unable to purchase a ticket at this time?” which I replied, “Sadly, yes.” Which she, in an adorable sweet southern drawl replied, “Well then you qualify!” LOL) to last room hotel reserveration, WALKING DISTANCE TO THE DOME, to FRONT ROW SEATS THE ENTIRE TIME! The Lord is SO sweet to me! His attention to detail blows my mind! I must share that the first time I went to see Beth I had NO idea what a “Mega Star” she was! LOL I actually envisioned her and I going out for coffee so that I could ask about a verse that perplexed me. Much to my heartache we arrived at the church….which held…oh, I don’t know…3000 people! After pulling my bottom lip up off the floor I quietly prayed that the Lord would ease my dissappointment and allow me to enjoy Him regardless. I know it won’t surprize you to know that, being as sweet as our good God is, Beth actually quoted the scripture that I wanted to ask her about and explained it!!! Overwhelmed by His love!!! Thank you Lord! So, in His continued goodness He lead us to front row seats this time where we got to sit and beam at our dear mentor and sweet sister…even give the big haired woman a big ol hug! ;)Is God AMAZING OR WHAT!!!!!!!! Still so full from the time in Tacoma, forever engraved in my heart as, “Take Home A Word!” Love, love you Beth and all you Siestas in Siesta Ville!! Thank you for being obedient to Jesus and surrendered to Him. p.s. we even somehow made it in the video…you know us by the HUGE smiles on our faces! PRAISE AND MIGHTY!!

  23. 73

    WOW!! I love it!! You guys had a special Holy Spirit filled, time in the word!! God bless as you spend so many more of those times with other Siesta Sisters and new ones to come to the family!!!

  24. 74
    Shannon says:

    I always love watching these videos. It’s so awesome to see the faces of the people I was praying for. I may not be there in person but I am there in Spirit!!
    I really love how Siesta Mama had her Bible full of “Post-its.”
    Kissimmee, Fl

  25. 75
    Mary Jen says:

    “Jesus saith unto him, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.'”
    John 14:6
    My #6 verse.
    I am trying to select verses that will help me evangelize!

  26. 76
    Amy W. says:

    Beth, this is totally not related to what you posted today but I found this article and immediately thought of you!

    I know how you love IN-N-OUT and as a California girl transplanted to Colorado, I miss those burgers like nothing else! I hope this makes your day!

    love you, Amy in beautiful Colorado

  27. 77
    sherry says:

    ahhh…sweet victory in Jesus! could there be anything better?

  28. 78
    Jody Dykes says:

    The pictures brought back wonderful memories of when you were in Irvine, CA last summer! My best friend and I went and had a wonderful time! Can’t tell you how many times she and I have looked at each other and said, “Ride that Pony Bee!” We want you to come back to southern California! Love you!

  29. 79
    Laura says:

    I’m sitting here with tears on my face just watching this video & I was not even there. What a precious PRECIOUS sight- so many women touched by his glory through this ministry. SO thankful for Living Proof & praying for you guys.

  30. 80

    Ok, I haven’t been able to get on here since the event. I have to know: HOW DO YOU GET TO BE IN THE SIESTA PICTURE??? This is now 2 events I’ve been to (Spokane and Tacoma) and both times I watched fellow Siestas gather for their picture behind black curtains and asked the guards, and got turned away. There’s nothing like telling a big dude in a blue vest excitedly “But I’m a Siesta!!!” and having him look at you like you have your head turned on backwards. Please, someone, help a Siesta out! What have I been missing here???? πŸ™‚

    • 80.1
      April says:

      One thing I can recommend is to watch where to go on the screen and go immediately there after the conference ends. There was a gal there to meet with us and she escorted us behind the curtains. I know how bummed you feel about missing the photo since I missed it in Spokane.
      Blessings to you sister.

  31. 81
    Krista says:

    It’s been a week since that amazing weekend! MY goodness! I so miss LPL and what the Lord revealed to me! Thank you Beth for sharing… thank you for the words of STOP, YIELD, and GO! God is good! Thank you for this ministry! I feel so blessed to have been @ the first LPL for 2011!

  32. 82
    April says:

    Hey Mama Beth,

    My husband Antonio and I decided to go have dinner last friday night at Masa’s after you referred it. ABSOLUTELY delicious and oh that black bean dip YUM,YUM!!! Thankfully we only ordered one masa burrito to split since we got so full on the chips and dip. It was fun to go venture out to a new mexican resteraunt since we usually stay close to home.
    Blessings to you πŸ™‚

  33. 83
    Sondra says:

    I became a siesta late in the challenge, so I’m going to submit a few more memory verses to get caught up with my girlfriends!

    “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father, may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you may know Him better.” ~ Ephesians 1:17 (NIV)

  34. 84
    Sondra says:

    “Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven,Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we areβ€”yet he did not sin. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”~ Hebrews 4:14-16

  35. 85
    Sondra says:

    “Is anything to hard for the Lord?”~ Genesis 18:14

  36. 86
    Beth Rottrup says:

    Beth R
    Liberty Lake WA
    Proverbs 4:23 NIV

    Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

  37. 87
    Melonie, Denver says:

    And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in Him with seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession to the praise of His glory. Ephesians 1:13, 14

  38. 88
    Tammy Bellinger says:

    Does anyone know if there is a simulcast scheduled in the near future? I couldn’t find one on the schedule. Sure hope so! There aren’t any events coming up near me.

  39. 89
    WorthyofLove says:

    Being Nosy…is that Beth’s sister on the front row? She looks so much like Melissa with blond hair!

    Loved the video.

  40. 90
    rebecca says:

    Beth I need the help from siestaville. I Want to call out for prayer. I have a 15 year old niece that has come to me and Told me that she is using drugs with her mom. Her mom and step father is into using and dealing drugs. She is afraid, and Came to me for help. I am a recovering drug addict, only through the grace of god for 10 years I have been clean. The child protect service was call a year ago and they investigated not about drugs but about sexual abuse and left her in the home. Her mom told her that if they came out again that they will have a reason to take her. cause she would hurt her.
    So that puts me in a whole new ball game. I have to play it right. I have her with me for the next 2 or 3 days while her mom is out of town. I don’t have a clue here what I am doing . I need wisdom, and strength to help this baby. I am a single 35 year old woman that has no children and not a clue what I am doing. I know I love this baby girl 15 is such an important age. And I want her safe and wrapped in love . I need her to be lifted up to God almighty, healer of all. Dee Dee is her name. I live in the state of Tennessee I don’t know if anyone knows what kind of laws is out there to protect her from her parent. But I need some wisdom here. I am going to start Monday morning to find out what I can do. But if there is any sister out there that knows any laws to protect her from going back into that My Email is [email protected] And pray and pray hard for us both and this family. It is bad and this is the First step to get my underage niece to safety and 4 out of 7 adults in my family is either dealing or using. We need prayer. To get Satan out of the drivers set. And Jesus behind the wheel. I am asking from the bottom of my Heart. please Pray For us.

  41. 91
    Patti Reavis says:

    I love the song and I know that everyone had an absolutely wonderful time. I love our Beth and wish I could go to every booking she has. Amazingly, she has reached more women that anyone – EVER.

  42. 92

    Hi Beth,

    My name is Valerie Bellamy and live in Salem Oregon. I am a 37 year old wife and mommy of three little boys. Until recently I volunteered as Women’s Pastor at my church for many years. Your Bible Studies and conferences have so encouraged the women I love and serve in the northwest.

    You are among a handful of people who have most profoundly impacted my relationship with Jesus. God has used you to bring about much healing from my past and hope for my future. I love HIM and am very thankful for you!

    My family and I are on a road trip adventure (travel blog: and are camped outside of Houston for the week.

    I missed your conference in Tacoma (though my mom and little sister LOVED every minute of it)due to travel and was disappointed to find there is Tuesday Bible Study in Houston this week.

    I was wondering if I may take you to coffee sometime this week. I know this is a ridiculous request and I am a little embarrassed even to ask. But if I leave Texas without asking, I’ll always wish I had.

    Thank you for reading and maybe even considering this request. I totally understand if it does not work out. Either way, please know that you have a place in my heart and I pray for you often.

    Love, Valerie

    PS..I think I broke the blog rules by posting this request as a blog “comment” and not going through proper channels to communicate with you.I promise not to do it again

    • 92.1
      Beth says:

      Oh, Valerie, I so wish I could. I have no doubt I am missing a tremendous blessing. I am so moved to have a place in your heart and to be prayed for by you. I need it so much. I am honored to pursue the Lord Jesus with you. He is life.

  43. 93
    Kathleen says:

    Was dancing and crying at the same time watching this video. I was not at this event but sure did feel the Holy Spirit move in me the very second I started the video. I love Beth and all my sister’s in siestaville.

  44. 94
    Stephanie says:

    Thanks for posting this video, we learned about Tacoma too late to go, but our Sisterchicks were in Spokane and it was wonderful πŸ™‚

  45. 95
    Lisa Estes says:

    I am so excited that you asked us to share about God being REAL in our lives. At my church we are studying Jesus the One and Only (what a great time of year to go through this Bible Study) We just completed week 8. For the last two sessions at the end of the video we have had what I call “weeping sessions”. It has been beyond anything I can even attempt to explain – I can simply say GOD IS WORKING in our small study group and in our church – it’s spreading. On Sunday morning we had a dear lady who is not even in our Bible Study come forward at the Invitation time just weeping because she felt the Spirit of the Lord so real in our worship!! On a personal note God is revealing himself to me just in the last week – I can see him working in my life and I feel him so close to me at this time in my life – sometimes I even get scared because I don’t want this feeling to end!! God is gracious merciful and SO WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on and on and I don’t feel like I have adequately put into words the feelings of my heart, but He can speak even when my words fail.

  46. 96
    Tammy says:

    Thanks for sharing pics. I will be in Little Rock next month. I’m so pumped right now.

  47. 97
    Sandra says:

    Rebecca, I will be praying for your family, I was quickened in the spirit to pray for your request. God Bless, take care.

  48. 98
    Kelly says:

    How do I know my God is real? Because I am alive and breathing. My testimony would take days to tell, but I will say simply that God would not let me die by my own hand or the hands of others. The enemy could have everything save for my life as he helped me dig the deepest, darkest pit for myself – where I languished until God said “enough”, plucked me out of that pit and planted me firmly in the Kingdom of Light.

    Now, I know He is real. I know that He is as active and involved in the lives of his children as he was in the days of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, but sometimes I need a reminder. I need Him to pick me up, dust me off when I am at the end of myself, wipe the tears from my eyes and show me that He is God, and He has everything covered in ways that I cannot fathom.

    Today is one of those days. Thankfully He is loving, merciful, gracious and giving because I am probably one of His neediest of children. The bonus part? As needy as I am, He will never run out of grace, mercy, love and goodness for me. He longs to be gracious to me – and to you!

  49. 99
    Georgia Boone says:

    Always love the videos!!! You did a great job Dave!!! Seeing the women worship together and pray together, that is what it is all about!!! We are so blessed to be able to gather like that in America and worship so openly and hear the Word of God!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Keep up the good work Beth and team, Travis and team and of course all you Fellow Siesta’s!!!

  50. 100

    Amazing article, cheers, I will visit again now.

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